Saturday, July 3, 2010

Amy Roloff Charity cruise is over, Roloff family roll into Nashville

Amy, Zach, and Jeremy Roloff along with members of Amy's charity Foundation team had dinner with the Captain on the 'Oasis Of The Seas'

The Roloffs whirlwind summer of travel plans have moved into its next stage.

Amy, Zach and Jeremy Roloff have finished the Amy Roloff Celebrity cruise aboard the "World's Largest Cruise Ship" 'Oasis of The Seas'. The cruise included a stop in Haiti, so they put the stop to good use -- they delivered some supplies and took donations that go towards orphanages in Haiti.

Oasis Of The Seas - The home of the Amy Roloff Celebrity Cruise where Amy, Zach and Jeremy have spent the last week enjoying themselves.

Amy's charity foundation sent out this parting message:

"Thank you to Royal Caribbean “Oasis of the Seas” and passengers for donating to kids in Haiti!
Amy, Zack and Jeremy Roloff along with the ARCF team greeted passengers from 11:30 to 1:00 on Royal Caribbean’s “Oasis of the Seas” Friday July 3rd. The focus was to share the experience of Monday June 28th when Amy, Zack and Jeremy along with the ARCF team visited “Friends of the Orphans” Angels of Light program in Port Au Prince Haiti. Donations were also collected and will be sent back to “Friends of the Orphans”. Look for photos in the future and please donate!
These kids need our help!"

These are the Roloffs, so when there is fun to be had, Amy, Jeremy and Zach are on the move to the next fun-filled destination...Nashville for the much anticipated 2010 Little People of America conference. Like Jeremy before her, Molly will be bringing some of her friends to enjoy the LPA conference and Nashville.


Greg said...

Just an average life, I relate to then. Yeah yeah yeah.

I'm still put off by how they twisted the Haiti thing. It sounds like it was 1 day of a 7 day luxury cruise. Because of the way they've announced it (notice the only time Amy or "her people") posted about it was the one day they were in Haiti. Yeah, better not to post while they're partying it up the biggest cruise ship in the world.

I don't care that they had fun for a week on another free vacation. That's what they do. But seeing clueless people say things like "Great job Amy, Jeremy and Zach, I'm praying for you in Haiti, is something I don't like. It was a friggin luxury cruise. They aren't missionaries on the ground living in a tent.

If the Roloffs were really about giving like they like to pretend, why don't they save the money to bring AVERAGE heigh friends of Molly and Jeremy to the LITTLE PEOPLE conference to selflessly give to some of those LP kids that I've heard about whose life long dream has been to attend a LPA conference but can't afford it?

Re: the "tweet" from "Amy's people". I wonder do the Roloffs ever give any of their own money. For the record, I feel the same way about celebrities and sports organizations and athletes. They ask normal people (although the cruise was obviously for the wealthy) to donate, they take the credit, but the celebrities and athletes with millions - do they ever give out of their own pocket? Or is their form of giving is to ask normal people to give money to them so they can make the golden hand off to the charity and take the credit?

Donald said...

The Roloffs make me sick. They're all about vacations and freebies.

How they think they in any way embody the lifestyle Jesus taught is a mystery to me.

BeckyM said...

How much money raised for charity?

Charity events I've participated in can't wait to broadcast how much $$ they raised. Still waiting...

Judy said...

Look at that lovely picture. Jeremy looks very mature and sophisticated. It deserves to be mentioned after the recent pictures and discussion about Jacob. Amy should be very proud.

Janelle said...

Love the Roloffs. Glad to see them having a good time. Jeremy does look very handsome and happy at that table.

Dana said...

Knowing Jeremy, he might have been chatting the captain's ear off because it is an interest of his.

Zach looks like he might have been being moody, while Amy and Jeremy don't look out of place at all. They both look great. Amy must be proud she has Jeremy for dinners like that.

The Roloffs spread the love of Christ to those less fortunate by giving while having a bit of fun at the same time. That's the way to do it.

Judy, I agree. Yet again, it would be nice if Jake could take after Jeremy. Could you imagine him at that table? Perhaps that's a reason why the twins went instead of Molly and Jacob as originally planned.

Jeremy knows how to dress and act for his age in the appropriate situation. The best part is he appreciates the chance God has gave him to give.

Expressed said...

Jer looks great. It's a much nicer suit than his banquet or graduation suit.

All of these people are lucky to get to party with Jeremy Roloff :)

mythoughtis said...

Zach (and the guy next to him) look like they were staring upward toward the phtographer, and probably into ceiling lights. How can you tell emotion from his expression when that is going on?

Rap541 said...

Judi, Dana, Are you seriously comparing a picture of 20 year old Jeremy at a formal dinner with Jake at 13 on a camping trip and expect to be taken seriously?


I would HOPE (and have been proven wrong with Jer-Bear showing up in cutoffs at events where he was 19 and old enough to know better) that Jeremy at *20* could dress appropriately for a formal occasion.

And I seriously wonder what issue you are are having at a 13 year old's picture on a camping trip.

Really? Jeremy smiles and Zach smiles and "jeremy is of course intellectually looking to the future! (and lil hint, ship captains need to figure out how to wakey wakey without mommy) and Zach is of course "moody"?"


And Dana, Judi - are you seriously suggesting that cruising is more age appropriate for Jake and Molly?

And that you really think Jeremy and Zach didn't take advantage of the lower drinking age on cruise ships?

Dana said...

Zach clearly does not look as happy or as grateful as Jeremy (or Amy) does. Does it really come as any surprise to you. That is their M.O.

Jeremy is pleasant and personable. Zach is moody.

LisaAnn said...

Jeremy is much more mature than Zach. Jeremy is comfortable socializing with the adults while Zach is better suited to playing with Jacob and Molly.

Jeremy does look very sharp. Amy looks stunning. Zach is the only one that looks out of place at the table.

Rap541 said...

Dana - and you can tell that from a *picture*? That Jeremy was focused on the future? And Zach was moping?

Zach seems to be smiling... are you claiming psychic powers now, Dana?

And I noticed you nicely avoided the whole "Jeremy wore cut offs and ignord his mommy chastising him at 19 but lets all have Jake shot for wearing shorts on a camping trip since he's the devil child!"

LisaAnn - were you on the trip or are yuou judging Zach and Jeremy's verbal skills on this trip based on a picture with no sound attached?

And why does Zach look "out of place"?He seems nicely dressed and smiling. What is offensive abot his appearence? (other than Jeremy needs to be built up so lets tear down Zach)

Both Zach and Jeremy seem nicely attired and smiling. I want to know what Zach is doing to look "out of place"

Other than not being Jeremy.

LisaAnn said...

Zach doesn't look like he is smiling.

If I were Amy, I would feel proud to introduce Jeremy as my son. He is nicely dressed and mature. I wouldn't be as comfortable with Zach.

Craw said...

What is wrong with some people. Rap? MyThought?

Zach looks miserable, like the miserable moody moper he always is on trips.

Jeremy looks like he's having the time of his life. The lucky girl beside him looks thrilled to be sitting with Jeremy.

Is it so not PC to admit that Jeremy looks 100x better than Zach and is a better person to have dinner with?

PCness sucks.

Judy said...

Dana, I think as the boys or at least Jeremy has matured, Amy has grown to appreciate Jeremy more and to have more pride for what he brings to her as her son. She is proud called to call him hers.

Rap, MT, you're welcome to have your own opinion. If would rather have dinner with Zach than Jeremy, that is your choice, but I know who I would rather be in the company of for an evening and it's not Zach.

Rap, I've seen who Jacob has acted out in public for dinner. Amy is wise to have Jeremy at the table for a formal dinner with the captain.

Zach needs to stop using his dwarfism as an excuse to be awkward because he doesn't like to be out of his "comfort zone".

Rap541 said...

Again Judy - are you seriously comparing a 13 yar old to 20 year old on behavior? Really? You expect children to be adults?

I trust I will never hear "He's young/a child/a boy" ever again as a defense for Jeremy. Since he is 20 and his 13 year old brother is expected to act as a mature adult.

And trust me - I *will* remind you of this conversation when Jer-Bear is getting "wakies" from his momma for college/work in the next season. :)

Since his 13 year old brother is an adult man... I expect Jeremy James Jesus to show his maturity as a man always.... Since he is complemented for outdoing his 13 year old adult brother as an equal.....

Gosh I wonder how jer-bear would fare compared to 20 year old *men* his age? I mean... going on a cruise with mommy, paid for by mommy is really putting him head and shoulders above all other 20 year old men...

AussieMum said...

OMG....the way some people comment it's as if they know Zach and Jeremy personally.

LisaAnn-how old are you? You sound like a 13 yr old schoolgirl to say Amy would'nt be proud to introduce Zach to people on the ship! That is extremely low and I'm sure if Amy EVER read that comment she would be equally disgusted.

Dana said...

Jeremy is interested in ships. I think he probably did chat the captain up, just like he took the time to get a lesson from the captain on the private yacht in the Bahamas.

Jeremy appears to be Jeremy in the picture. That means he is happy and appreciative of where he is. He's soaking it up and enjoying what God has blessed him with and the people around him.

Zach appears to be Zach. Moody. We've seen this scene over and over on many trips.

Rap541 said...

Lisaann - you made the point that "Zach looks out of place at the table".

Expand on that. Look at the picture, and give viable reasons as to why "Zach looks out of place".

Other than "I like Jeremy so lets bitch about his brother".

And since I am sure various people will throw hissy fits - what LisaAnn said is *quantifiable and able to be proved". Jeremy was fitting in and Zach was not. If it's not a purely emotional reaction, there will be proveable indicators that Zach was "out of place".

This isn't an "opinion". If someone can look at a photo and declare "Jeremy is asking the captain for career tips and Zach is out of place" then I want to know what *makes that a fact*.

Here's what I see. A group of people smiling and having a good time.

If there's a reason to be putting Jeremy on a pedestal in this picture, and a reason to be publically deriding Zach in this picture, I expect that the people praising Jeremy and running Zach down will be able to provide facts from this picture to prove their positive and negative comments.

And *I* have not said anything negative aboutJeremy *based on how he appears in this picture* so I expect people making nasty comments to provide facts for their nasty comments.

Right now - with the level of fact involved, I could easilysay "Jeremy looks like he just raped a load of haitian girls for candy!" and I have as much fact as "Zach looks like he was moody".

Is everyone ok with BOTH of my statements? Or would I be required to provide some back up?

Craw said...

Get over yourself Rap. It's opinions. You hate Jeremy. A lot of people like Jeremy.

Zach is moody.
Jake is a brat.
Jeremy is the best Roloff kid.
That's the opinion of most people.

You think Zach looks like he's happy in this picture? Jeremy looks happy. Zach looks at worst, miserable, at best he looks uncomfortable.

There is the entire LPBW series and stuff we've all read about them and from them that people should know Jeremy is a better person to be around in vacations like that with new people. Zach even admits it!

Rap541 said...

Craw - I see your response is that I am free to say "Jeremy looks like he raped a bunch of haitian girls, my opinion is he is grinning over his rapining!"

Since fact isn't an issue. If that's my *opinion* then I expect no one to say I shouldn't say it... since no one is required to prove anything when its *opinion*.


And yes, Zach looks fine and happy in this picture - he's smiling. So does Jeremy. A pictue where both are smilng doesnt give me "Jeremy was clearly chatting up the captain as he is super interested in being a ship captain".

That assumes facts not in evidence.

Craw said...

Rap, you're stupid. It's a picture. It's an opinion. Zach is not smiling. Zach is moody. Jeremy is happy and having a good time. Nuff said.

Rap541 said...

Craw - it is a picture. All I am asking for is factual evidence based on this picture of a group of people (including Zach) smiling at a table that Jeremy is expanding his horizons, intellectually challenging himself with a deep discussion with the captain on maritime matters while Zach is clearly hating the entire situation.

If you are getting that from this photo, then you can provide facts to back it up.

Oh and I assume being Christian means you get to call everyone and anyone insulting words, say "sorry jesus" and continue with the behavior but in fact I recall that namecalling insults was actually not ok here... or with Jesus, but I understand you only follow the commandments that are "cool".

mythoughtis said...

I think a few of you need to go back and consider the premise for this show LPBW... the point is to show the differences ans similarities between LP and average size people.
The only thing that can be seen from this picture when comparing Zach and Jeremy is the normal physical differences between LP and average size people... that includes the way they look in dress clothing, and their facial expressions. I think you should all be ashamed of yourselves for assuming Zach looks moody... he is smiling as best as he can with his facial structure. You've got nothing to say he is moody here other than the fact that he is, in general, more emotional than Jeremy

Anonymous said...

Craw, you're the one being stupid.

Julie said...

Once again, it's rather pathetic that the Jeremy brigade feels the need to tear Zach and Jake down in order to build Jeremy up. If Jeremy is really the Awesome McAwesomesons person you make him out to be, I would think that you wouldn't need to constantly insult a 13-year-old child to make him look good.

And for the record, I don't even LIKE Zach or Jake. Zach IMO is a lazy useless layabout. Jake is bratty. But you people - aka Jeremy's fanclub - have taken to criticizing everything they do in order to make your boy look better, and it's sad and pathetic.

Most of the people here taking issue with your comments aren't Zach or Jake fans either, I'd wager. We're just tired of you all constantly bashing them to puff up Jeremy. Maybe that should be a clue as to how abrasive and thick you guys are coming across.

Judy said...


In my opinion, your comments on the comments of others here are not warranted.

No one is making fun of Zach's dwarfism. I feel you're the one who is missing the point of the show if you're implying that Zach is not capable of being as pleasant and as happy as Jeremy. Look no further than Matt.

Zach is perfectly capable of smiling and looking happy. He looked happy when he was talking about soccer in Europe, meeting the soccer players and watching the German team practice.

We have all seen how Jeremy and Zach act on vacations. The picture is in keeping with what we have already seen. Jeremy looks to be in good spirits and having a good time. Zach does not look as happy and does not seem to be enjoying himself as much of Jeremy.

Those are personality issues, not dwarfism issues.

mythoughtis said...

We are discussing a simple picture, a frozen moment in time. How many of you have pictures of yourself at a happy occasion where you were not smiling from ear to ear.... maybe you were wearing a neutral expresssion, maybe light was in your eyes, maybe you were tired.

yes, to you Amy and Jeremy's expresssion was that of estatic joy, while Zach's were not.
BIG DEAL. Unless every single picture you have of yourself or a family member on vacawtion shows all smiles from ear to ear... then you or someone else must be moody, immmature, whiny, etc.
It's just a picture... unless you were at this table or within earshot of this table, you have no idea what the true mood was of anyone at the table.
And, for the record, I like all 4 of the children in the family... for who they are at this current stage of their lives. I just don't see the need to bash two to build the other two up.

Expressed said...

MT, haven't you already admitted that you don't like Jeremy and Matt?

I think it's unusual to like members of the familiy equally.

Anonymous said...

Dana, I am sick of how you keep blessing the Roloffs and saying things like "enjoy the gifs God has given them" and so on... well, if I remember correctly, being rich would disqualify you to enter into heaven. I know that you love the Roloff to dead but these people are leaches. They use the fact that since ancient times, midgets have been a part of most royal courts... but just because they are so funny looking. They know this and use it to gain power, money and fame.

Dana said...

Anon @ 6:51 you are a troll and a very sad person that needs to put the Roloffs down by inappropriate name calling and immature insults.

The Roloffs are a Christian family. I know for a fact that Jeremy in particular does regularly thank God for blessing him and he gives his glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Angry Andrew said...

I'm sick of these fakes and all of their bloody vacations while pretending like they're doing charity or educational work.

They are completely selfish and spoiled.

Another vacation. God, when will they get bored of it?

And what are they doing for it? Jeremy, Molly and Jacob aren't even dwarves! I give Molly and Jacob a pass because the parents can drag them whereever but Jeremy is pathetic leech.

Do something with your life ON YOUR OWN!!!

mythoughtis said...

no, Expressed, what I have said is that YOU have a crush on him, and that You post inappropriately for a public forum about him.

I said I like all fours kids for where they are for the ages they are at... .but it doesn't mean that I think any of them are perfect.. since none of them are.. But, then, I have 18 year old and 29 year old sons, so just maybe I have a clue about the behaviors of 20 year old boys. Jeremy and Zach are both different, and have different strengths/weaknesses. I think Zach is the more mature of the two, but I think both are normal 20 year olds.

As for opinion of Matt, He's not one of the 4 kids I mentioned, is he?

My goodness,everyone, maybe if you all quit trying to argue whether or not ANY of the Roloffs are Christian enougth for you, or are perfect enough for you, you might realize they are just people... who have a reality show... that we all watch. They are no better or worse than anyone else, we just know more about them than other people we've never met.

Anonymous said...

" I know for a fact that Jeremy in particular does regularly thank God for blessing him and he gives his glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

Got any proof?

AussieMum said...

Dana...can you elaborate on knowing for a fact that Jeremy regulary thanks God for blessing him. Hold on.....I think he should thank his parents for signing a contract with TLC for their show and making millions off their fans. I don't think God has anything to do with Jeremy's blessings, that's for sure.

What kind of God to you pray to Dana?
One that loves money?

Rap541 said...

"Anon @ 6:51 you are a troll and a very sad person that needs to put the Roloffs down by inappropriate name calling and immature insults."

So was Jeremy inappropriate and immature when he was putting down blacks, jews, asians, and homosexuals?

Or did Jesus give him a hi-five for "being a good Christian boy"?

Anonymous said...

Well said Rap541

Anonymous said...

Those ship pictures are NOT the Oasis of the seas..