Saturday, July 17, 2010

Amy Roloff has a personal trainer and personal tour of Roloff Farm with Matt

A family (a mother and two daughters, probably late teens to early 20s) did the personal tour of Roloff Farms.

She posted on Matt's Fan Facebook wall. They seemed to enjoy it immensely and report that Matt was very friendly and wonderful. Some people will find it interesting that they said Amy was working with her personal trainer. Amy came out to meet them. They have pictures with Amy wearing boxing gloves and Jacob rode with them on the "Mule" for the tour. The "Mule" by the way, is now a giant model. It has three rows of fancy seats (the driver and passenger row, and two rows behind that).

Apparently Jeremy and Zach were not around. The daughters were disappointed they didn't get to meet them. No mention of Molly.

This is the comment the person posted on Matt's Facebook Fan Page:

"Matt, thanks to you and Amy for giving my girls and I a very awesome tour and visit! You are very humble and charming, and Shannon and Serena and I enjoyed every moment of the tour! Too bad the twins did not meet the girls! I will try to send you some photos! I am somewhat of a "dunce" with the computer!"

We should make one thing clear so other fans aren't mislead. This tour that this family went on is the one that costs $300 for up to 3 people for 30 minutes.

I think because fans who have watched the Roloffs for so long feel an attachment to them, as though they are like extended family, and because of Matt's friendly nature on his Facebook Fan page with messages such as "Thank you for being a loyal fan of "Little People Big World". I hope to meet you on the farm one day. " some people really think of the Roloffs as friends and leave comments such as "Matt, I'd love to drop in and have you give me a tour, thanks!" We also have received a number of emails from people asking us that if they drive by the Roloffs Farm, do we think it's possible that the Roloffs would meet them?"

I don't think some people realize that everything is a business to the Roloffs. You can meet the Roloffs for a tour if you arrange it in advance, but they do charge $300 for 30 minutes plus $50 for each additional person. That turns some people off, others like this family apparently, obviously felt that it was worth it.


Craw said...

I feel for the girls! Imagine wanting to meet Jeremy and getting stuck with brat boy Jake instead? I'd be bummed too.

Sheri said...

Thank you. It's nice to hear a positive story from a person that actually met Matt and Amy.

$300 is very reasonable and they have every right to charge it. No one is forced to purchase the "Golden Pass"

Erica said...

If the daughters wanted to meet Jeremy and Zach so bad, I wonder why they didn't request one of them for the tour. That's what the link says.

Personally I think it's ridiculous. $300! They are just people. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

Expressed said...

I don't expect them to invite fans around the farm for free, but I agree the price is distasteful and when Matt talks to people on Facebook, I can see why they don't understand that what Matt really means by "I'd love for you to visit the farm" is "Pay me $300".

But whatever. Like Sheri said, they have the right and people have the right to pay it or not pay it. If you have the money to spend, it sounds cool.

Craw, I agree ;) Jacob is a poor replacement for Jeremy! It would suck to plan something like that or even the regular pumpkin visit and not meet Jeremy.

Susan said...

Personal trainer (rolls eyes).

Charing $300 to meet with people for thirty minutes...that takes gumption just to put that out there. (rolls eyes).

Twins that are rude to girls on a cruise apparently aren't "rich" or "beautiful" and laugh at them afterwards. (rolls eyes)

What happened to the family I liked in the first season?

Sad, very sad.

Dana said...

Matt's the best. Glad to hear a good story too. *Some* people should learn not to run to the internet to bash the Roloffs. I'm glad these were good people.

I feel sorry for them that they missed Jeremy, but I'm sure that's just the way it worked out. They sound like lovely people with manners, unlike some people.

Greg said...

Let me get this straight Dana?

According to you, people can only post about meeting the Roloffs if they have a positive opinion of Matt or Jeremy?

If they have a negative opinion of Jeremy, than they are losers who are lying and have no morals or character?

Sheri, what do you mean by "It's nice to hear a positive story from a person that actually met Matt and Amy."

The girl from the You Tube video met Amy, Jeremy and Zach. She had something positive to say about Amy (and her friend on the charity foundation team), but reported exactly why she thought Jeremy and Zach are jerks. And you attacked her. Despite the fact she met them.

Other people have met Jeremy and also had similar negative stories about him being smug, obnoxious and rude.

Personally, Matt is getting paid $300. He's not stupid. Do you really think he wouldn't be nice and charming to these ladies? He better be for $300.

Didn't Jacob get criticized before for staying at distance during pumpkin season? The Jeremy fans felt it was horrible that he wasn't up close like Jeremy. He met these people and sat with them, but he still gets snarked on.

Rap541 said...

". It's nice to hear a positive story from a person that actually met Matt and Amy."

I would really hope that Matt and Amy were polite to someone who paid 300 dollars to meet them.

Funny how Jake was apparently doing the tour and Jeremy was off playing gets no notice.(Jeremy was probably off doing the important farm business probably like "visiting Mueller" while this tour was going on) Greg makes an interesting point... Here's Jake doing his part to support the family and all people do is heap scorn on him.

Also a nice point that the girl from the cruise did indeed have a nice opinion about Amy. Interesting that while in theory, the Roloffs aren't perfect, anyone who has a negative experience with them is a hatefilled liar who lies.

Funny how dangling a dollar makes Matt turn on the charm and let people invade his private sanctuary.

Judy said...

Well, I for one am glad they had a good time. What is the problem?

And Rap, Greg? Please understand that people are entitled to their opinions. Some people have a higher opinion of Jeremy than they do Jacob. It is perfectly understandable that these girls preferred to meet Jeremy and that other people can understand those feelings.

These girls on the tour have more class than the girl on the cruise that posted the you tube video. These girls didn't start unleashing insults at Jeremy because he wasn't around. I think the girl on the cruise was spiteful because she was jealous Jeremy didn't want to act like a circus animal and entertain her while he was enjoying himself on the cruise.

Rap541 said...

Judy - you're misunderstanding. Jake is getting flack for helping out on a tour. There's no reports he was badly behaved but "the Brat" is castigated merely for standing at Matt's side. He did nothing wrong per anyone's decription except actually attend one of these pricy tours (something Jeremy did not do) and yet.... brat boy Jake is a brat and you feel the need as an adult to point out how you feel he's below Jeremy in worthiness.

And frankly - we have NO idea how these girls actually felt, although there are clues. Their *mother* was thanking Matt - not them, and their mother clearly pointed out that while they had a good time, they had wanted to meet the twins and didn't get to. Which is sorta a complaint - and one I understand if they spent three hundred dollars for a thirty minute tour.

And please explain how everyone has the right to their opinions but anyone who meets Jeremy and Zach and has a less than positive experience is unclassy and spiteful and of course someone who brought on and deserved Jeremy and Zach's public spurning?

Doesn't she have the right to her opinion too? Since she's actually met Jeremy? Oh wait - she's not praising Jeremy so her opinion is a lie, and invalid, because she is a classless jealous ugly liar and should shut her classless jealous ugly liar mouth.

Anyone who meets Jeremy and doesn't like him has no right to say so as they must always be physically ugly, low class, jealous liars. Right?

Expressed said...

Rap, don't take everything so seriously. Yeah, many of us think Jacob is a brat.

He's called a brat because of past reputation :) I don't and I doubt Craw thinks Jacob acted like a brat for the 2 mins he was on this tour or however long he was there. I saw the lady's pictures. Jacob was on the end of the ranger smiling. I don't think he was a brat to them.

It's a figure of speech. Don't take it so seriously, Rap. They wanted to meet Jeremy but instead met..."brat boy" (Craw's words!) because Craw, and myself and a lot of other people think of the word brat when we think of Jacob.

Btw, the girls were very pretty, I think they were Jeremy's age and they were dressed very nicely. I can bet they were disappointed Jeremy wasn't there! But it's not Jeremy's fault he wasn't home at the time.

Rap541 said...

Expressed - Jeremy acts and speaks like a racist. Thats based on past reputation. Don't complain. I'm just commenting on his rep and things that are true facts. He may not actually be calling someone a "n-word" right now, but he did, and thats his past reputation and many of us think he's a racist bigot. So don't take it so serious since he's been caught saying bigoted remarks and myself and other people thing "racist bigot" when we think of Jeremy.

See my point? Do you like the turnabout? Because if its fair for Jake, its fair for Jeremy and I better not hear different from you. You want to call Jake a brat and smile? Go ahead. Jeremy is a racist bigot based on his past reputation :)

Expressed said...

You can have your opinion Rap :)

You think Jeremy is a racist bigot? Fine. I don't.

You don't think Jake is a brat? Fine. I do! :)

We're cool then! :)

Rap541 said...

I trust you'll be defending everyone who says jeremy is a bigot then and will have a problem with "You're a moron for thinking Jeremy is a racist"

I mean all opinions are valid so its unfair for people to be attacked, so you will have a problem with it, correct?

Or are personal attacks just dandy when directed at the haters but bless us, poor moronic Craw needs to be free to call anyone who disagrees with "jake is a brat at all times and hating him is Jesus's will"?

I'd like clarification because pro-Jeremy fans periodically play the "Any negative opinion of Jeremy is from a jealous lying hater" but when pressed on their own opinions, they whine how they are being attacked.

Expressed - is everyone who has a negative opinion of Jeremy a jealous, physically ugly, hater who lies? And if not, why are they constantly attacked with namecalling instead of getting "Well, you're free to have that opinion"?

mythoughtis said...

The Roloffs make it well known what they charge for this Golden Pass tour. No one is forced to take it, I'm sure some of the the money goes towards gas and upkeep on that mule, etc. I see no problem with it. If they wanted the tour given by a SPECIFIC Roloff, they should have checked into it when making the reservations. Otherwise, the got what was advertised... time with a couple of the Roloffs. I see no problem with the Roloff's doing this.

Jocelynn said...

I think the tour price is very tacky. They can do what they want, but I can not like it.

If they were going to charge that much, it's too bad they don't use that opportunity to raise money for their charity, either Amy's or CoDA.

Expressed said...

Rap, I wish you'd learn that people can disagree. I see no need to argue with you.

Some people dislike Jeremy. Some people dislike Jake. Some people like Jeremy. Some people like Jake.

Rap541 said...

Expressed - I wish you would learn that people who don't like jeremy aren't always physically ugly jealous haters who are lying.

The fact that you don't have a problem with someone being derided as physically ugly for not liking how Jeremy acts says more about you than you may realize.

Rap541 said...

Oh and for the record, I have never called anyone who plays the "jake is a brat" game a physically ugly jealous liar who lies because they were so obviously spurned. I don't know many of the "Jeremy Jesus" crowd who can say the same.

AussieMum said...

I'm shocked at Amy having a 'personal trainer'.

Has this show gone to the Roloffs heads or what!!

$300 for 30 mins?? I suppose they don't want any 'poor' people on their property. I mean they are celebrities and all. Ha ha. Pathetic.

Expressed said...

Rap, I try very hard to keep the peace with you for Spirits sake since we're both reviewers, but seriously...whatever.

There are many people that have opinions on the Roloffs. You get ridiculous when you're like this. You seem to demand that everyone angrily react to every post that you don't like and if they don't yell at the person that means they agree and feel the same. It's ridiculous. Seriously.

The only person that has all my same opinions about each of the Roloffs on every subject is ME! I happen to agree with Craw's general opinion that Jake is a brat and that Jeremy is a good fun (and hot!) guy. That's where it ends. I'm not responsible for everything Craw or Sheri or anyone else says.

Carol said...

Aussie, I couldn't agree more.

They've become shallow. I expected it from some of the Roloffs, but held out hope for Amy and Zach.

Peronal trainers, personal cooks, professional housekeepers, charing $300 to profit from their celebrity (that they claimed they aren't!). Jer and Zach apparently think they belong in the presence of the rich and pretty.

They've changed so much.

Jan said...

Why does Amy need a personal trainer? Has she become that materialistic?

She's not a professional athlete and she's not dangerously overweight.

What happened to the Amy Roloff that used to say she hoped her kids never got into modeling because she didn't want to them doing something so materialistic and lacking in substance?

Now they're all about looks, and expensive possessions and traveling in first class.

She has lost her way.

I think Jacob is going to be a disaster. It might come as a shock to Matt and Amy, but they aren't done parenting. He's only 13. At least Jeremy and Zach had the Amy that had good values until they were about 16 or 17. Jacob has the parents that have delluded by the fame and money.

Natalie said...

A personal trainer contradicts everything Amy used to say. She used to say that things like impressing people with a spotless house weren't important and it's the time you spend with people and impacting people's lives that matter (I agree with her one hundred percent!)

Now she's one of those people that spends her time trying to impress people with materialistic things like having a very fit body.

I'm not totally surprised, because as the show has went on, I could see Amy's personal appearance changing, going more "Hollywood", more time on make up and all that.

Is it any surprise that there are stories about Jeremy and Zach being shallow?

Rap541 said...

Expressed - I merely expect people to stand by their stated values.

That's why I have a problem with the "Tee hee we're just joking about Jake, can't you take a joke?" when the same "joke" about Jeremy earns me a "YOU GODLESS HATEFILLED LIAR YOU'RE DEFILING JEREMY".

Its never just a joke then (even when sometimes it clearly is) and you never seem to have a problem *then* with jokes being overreacted to. When *jeremy* is the target, then suddenly there's no such thing as just joking, and you're not having any problem with people being called hatefilled liars over a joke... or the truth for that matter.

Put Jake on the whipping pole and you're all "tee hee good christian fun with the brat" and put Jeremy there, and you're up in arms. Did it ever occur to you that I'd let some of the brat remarks go if I wasn't viciously namecalled for pointing out things that even you agree are true about Jeremy?

Maybe I should try the "we're just joking" about Jeremy the Racist Bigot next time it comes up. And if I do, I expect you to *have the same defense for me* that you give your buddies when they decide its just cutesy cool cool christian to call Jake a slut.

Expressed said...

There you go, expecting people to react and respond to what you want them to. You don't control what other people post and care to respond to!

This is for fun. I post because I like it. I'll respond when I want, to whom I want, about whatever I want.

Most rational people understand that when you agree with someone, you are agreeing with whatever you are agreeing on (in this case, Craw's 'ah, what a let down, instead of Jeremy they got brat boy Jake'), not everything that person has ever said. You clearly don't get that.

I'm not going to continue to respond to you about this because I don't think other people are interested in your ridiculous assertions, demanding that people respond to what you want, expecting them to interpret things the way you do and holding people accountable for what other people say.

Roxanne said...

I'm surprised Amy has a personal trainer too.

mythoughtis said...

Amy makes lots of personal appearances these days, and is on TV. Maybe, she, like every other woman I know, including me, just wants to look nice. After all, people on this board seem to place high value on physical appearances.. especially commenting on dwarf characteristics. Maybe she can't go to the fitness club and get anything done due to FANS... maybe it is more productive to have a physical trainer. She earns the money she spends, so I say let her spend it. After all, if she doesn't, Matt will.

Jocelynn said...

I think having a personal trainer signifies a mindset. A mindset that I didn't think the Roloffs had when the show began and I like it then.

I haven't seen many comments here from people commenting on dwarf characteristics. I didn't agree with the observation, but some people said Zach wasn't smiling in the picture at dinner on the cruise. That's not really a lot of people commenting on dwarf characteristics.

I thought Amy looked good (and normal) when the show began.

IMO, it is a sign (one of many) that she's being sucked into that Hollywood glamor mindset.

Em said...

My Thought, I've hardly seen any comments on the physical appearance of based on dwarf characteristics. Television Without Pity is a different story.

In fact, I've seen a lot of comments here from people that have said they think Zach is getting attractive.

Just because people say someone looks bad in a particular picture, doesn't mean they are picking on dwarf characteristics. People have said Jacob and Jeremy have looked unflattering in some pictures too.

Rap541 said...

Expressed - I hold you accountable when you judge me and others for behaviors that you ignore when its Jeremy "being joked about".

I never see you policing anyone's behavior but mine. Yes, I am gonna call you on that. Yes, if you get on my case for taking a remark too seriously about Jake *because you don't like that behavior* then I expect you to have a problem when someone goes on a tirade over how Jeremy Jesus must never be sullied even in jest.

If its the *behavior*, then yes, you should have a problem with everyone doing it. But you don't have a problem when someone gets their butt chewed for teasing about Jeremy.

You want me to shut up and let the "he's a brat and I hate him oh can't you take a JOKE?" remarks pass... then I expect you to demand the Jeremy fans ALSO let "jokes" pass.

If you don't understand the hypocrisy of telling one side to shut up and allow the jokes while tolerating the anger and overreacton in the other side, I can't help you.

Julie said...

I dread how Jacob is going to turn out. I feel sorry for him...he's been on this show since he was 8 or 9, and he's being forced to go through his awkward puberty years on screen. I don't know about the rest of you, but I was a disaster in my middle school years.

Jeremy and Zach are useless lazy layabouts. I don't feel sorry for them because they are adults.

(My sympathy for Jake will probably run out by the time he's an adult as well.)

Brandon said...

Julie, well said. You sum up my feelings about Jacob. I feel sorry for him because as Matt or Amy have said, he has basically spent his whole life that he can remember living this "life" of a reality tv. Where's the sense of what's normal? At least the other kids has that because they were older.

Also, if you pay close attention, you can see how he is idolizing his older brothers, especially Jeremy.

I think us viewers missed the boat a couple of seasons ago. Most people said he was ignored. It seems like his time with the twins and their college buddies is on the rise now that Amy and Matt have decided "the kids are older" and they don't need to be parents. Wasn't one of Matt's posts about the kids having people crawling everywhere for a party on a weekday during school? Even if it wasn't, my point is Matt and Amy are both away too much being "Matt and Amy Roloff of Little People Big World fame" and Jacob is left hanging out with bad examples in Jeremy and Zach and their college friends. Thank goodness for Molly, but she's 16 and I'm sure some of her group aren't the best to be raising a 13 year old either.

Sympathy for him aside, it's not going to matter how it happened, he's going to start being judged for his behavior because yeah, 13 and 14 is old enough to know right from wrong and how to act.

Your comment about Jeremy and Zach is on the money. What is sad is that I think a couple of years ago, Amy genuinely didn't want the show over taking their lives and interfering with how they would be and their decision if there wasn't a show.

Spins aside, that has happened. It's kind of sad to watch the old episodes. I watched a clip from the 16th birthday episode. Matt said to Amy at the beach house that "the twins are growing up and soon they'll be gone". Every vacation they've taken since Hawaii originally has included the comment "this might be our last real vacation as family because Jeremy and Zach will soon be gone".

Now Jeremy and Zach are 20 and basically nothing has changed. They're lazy with no direction because they know they get paid for being lazy on camera and laying around the house.

But hey, if when they decide to head home from the non stop play time with friends that make up their lives today, they could always get on these tours and get some of the $300 because isn't a great life lesson for all normal people that you can make money because people are so awe struck from tv fame that they'll pay you to talk to them for a few minutes?

Woman in Love said...

I don't understand why having a personal trainor makes Amy "shallow" (and all the other things she was called). Many people have personal trainors and many of them aren't rich! My friend, of moderate income, has a personal trainor come to the house a couple of times a month to make sure she's excersizing and doing the workouts correctly. Amy is overweight and an LP and may want to get into better shape so she becomes healthier & live a longer, less pain filled life.

Does anyone begrudge her that???

As to the 300.00 price tag for a tour ~ well, yes I think it's horrible BUT if they weren't to charge such a high amount they might well be constantly invaded by people wanting to tour their land, home, outhouse, barn and "visit" with them. Do I think Matt is after money more than just about anything? Yes. And I always have. Otherwise, there would have been no show. But in this instance the money does protect them from wanderers by just stopping in for a visit any time day or night.

Give it some thought ~ how much would you charge for 30 minutes of your life to be scheduled and meted out to strangers? How much would you charge to have others scheduling you time?

Greg said...

Woman in Love, they don't need to allow people to wander onto their property at all. People come to the gate, see that the Farm is not open and they drive away.

One of the main problems I have with it is that it once again contradicts the Roloffs public statements and makes them liars.

They insist that they are not celebrities, that they don't like being "celebrities".

I'd like to see the Roloffs come clean. They love being celebrities. The love the fame and the attention. Jeremy and Zach's career is being celebrities and they do it all for the money. But do the Roloffs admit that? It's a big fat NO! Instead they say don't want to be celebrities and they aren't doing the show for the money, they're just trying to help little people.

No, that's not true. They're all about the money, just admit it and this shows that they are about milking every last part of being a celebrity.

They do the show for the money and the fame. That's fine. But they should be honest for once and admit it! Instead because of how they pretend in public statements that they don't want to be celebs and the only did the show to educate society about dwarfism and not for the money, people actually thank them for doing the show.

You can't get much more into embracing and capitalizing on your celebrity than charging $300 (they actually RAISED the price from $250!) for 30 minutes.

Rap541 said...

I'd say realistically they don't *have to* offer tours at all. Someone shows up late at night demanding a tour... call the cops. Trust me - that will discourage people from trying to access the farm in the off season.

Personally I am curious how many of these tours have actually been done.

Jocelynn said...

As I understand it, the large majority of people visiting Oregon that are fans of the show, drive up to the gate or the Roloff Farms "Pumpkin Season Closed" sign. They take a picture by the sign and they leave.

Jocelynn said...

Rap, I can't imagine that it's a lot. Most people that care about the Roloffs seem to be tourists. $300 is a lot to drop for 30 mins. I'm sure some people think it would be neat, but $300 is a lot of money.

Dawn Skye said...

I can only speak for myself, but I don't like the personal trainers and all the focus on possessions and materialism that has now become the priority of the Roloffs.

I'm not surprised to see that I'm not the only viewer that feels that way.

It's all about the type of person the show originally attracted. The show was about breaking down stereotypes, teaching people that regardless of what you perceive as differences, you might have more in common with a "minority" than you may think.

The Roloffs appeal to me and a lot of other people is that they were like the rest of us. Not big on glamor and luxury. It was rushing kids to soccer practice in a minivan and throwing a quick meal together for the kids. It wasn't materialistic.

Personally, I was surprised and disappointed when was revealed about the Roloffs views on other minority groups. That's why I was drawn into the Roloffs. That's the type of person I am. I am for equality for all.

I'm disappointed to have witnessed the developments over the last couple of years. The mansion, the never ending stream of cars and classic trucks, the personal chefs and housekeepers and personal trainers.

What's coming up next season? Molly goes in for plastic surgery?

There are plenty of shows like that on television, but I don't watch them. That's why I liked Little People Big World season 1 and 2.

lpbw537 said...

When talking about Jacob I agree with the whole bat concept but...i dont think the show can be fully blamed for the way he has turned out (or at least for now).
Yes, Jake is facing those awkward puberty years on camera but so did Molly and look how she acts?

Julie said...

lpbw537, yes, but Molly seems to be quite different (in terms of inherent nature/personality) compared to Jacob (and Zach and Jeremy, lol). Everybody is different. I think that Jacob would have been more challenging than Molly no matter what - and that is NOT meant as a slam on him. He's the youngest, often overlooked (whereas Molly is the only girl), pushed around by his older siblings, etc.

It's similar to what's going on with Kate Gosselin and her kids. You have Mady and Cara, who are twins. People keep saying what an AWFUL TERRIBLE CHILD Mady is and how she's the spawn of Satan. But I just feel sorry for her. It's clear that the cameras haven't been good for her. Cara is a lot more easygoing in terms of temperament, so the cameras haven't affected her as much.

Similarly, I was always a more challenging child compared to my brother. Less docile, more resistant to authority, introverted, etc. If my parents had insisted on constantly parading me around on camera during my most awkward years, I could see myself acting out in anger and frustration as a result.