Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jeremy, Zach and Amy Roloff on the Oasis Of The Seas cruise - Pictures

Another passenger that was on the 'Oasis Of The Seas' (the largest cruise ship in the world, in fact we received some email after our items about it from Cruise regulars who informed us that Oasis Of The Seas is the nicest and most luxurious Cruise ship they've ever been on) cruise with Amy, Zach and Jeremy Roloff last week. The passenger posted some pictures and her story on a Celebrity Gossip type group from LiveJournal.


Guess Who I Met While on Vacation?
It's The Little People (Zach was standing on something jsyk)!

Me and my family (It's my sister in the picture) were on the Oasis of The Seas last week and ran into their family. My sister spotted the older brother on the first day but I didn't. Then 2 days later I spotted their family standing next to my table on the pool deck.

NGL these pictures are a bit creeper. I really took them to show my sister just in case she didn't see them. But then I found out that the mom was doing an autograph session on the ship so I figured it was promotional stuff anyway. After taking these pictures my sister decided to go shopping and then we spotted the kids on our way to the store.


As soon as I saw those pictures, I knew what picture would get the most reaction -- site and google search data does not lie....so for all the people who search for "Jeremy Roloff butt or Jeremy Roloff ass" -- posters on Live Journal took to enlarging the picture of Jeremy from behind...

It's a very popular celebrity gossip group Live Journal (which by the way does not accept new members - so you can't comment there if you were so inclined). There's not often Roloff related items there, so how do the celebrity gossip followers react to the Roloffs and something like this? The original poster also posted a spoof of a Heidi Montag photo shoot, so some of the comments are about that.

We thought we would post the comments, because while some might be horrified, disappointed and surprised at the focus on Jeremy's appearance and negative comments about his reputation, from mainting our Roloff site and receiving thousands upon thousands of Roloff inquiries and we really get a gauge for how the public reacts to the Roloffs -- and the reaction to the Roloffs here is actually fairly typical. I think it's natural for a hardcore LPBW fans to think everyone is interested in the Roloffs for dwarfism education. Not always so. As we've said before, everyday some of the most popular Roloff items (and Matt wasn't on the cruise, so he's not discussed on LiveJournal) are "Jeremy's a bigot". "Jeremy's hot". "Jeremy is a jerk". "Jeremy Roloff has a nice ass, Jeremy has a nice butt."

We've decided to pass this along because I don't think some people fully understand the extent of that reaction to the Roloffs and the show and might explain the new opening credits for Season 5 and the motivation behind the producers thinking for all the shirtless Jeremy scenes in Season 5. So If you're interested in just the Roloff reaction. This really is fairly typical. Heavy on the Jeremy content/interest. Zach is often ignored. Jeremy reaction usually either centers on the language controversy/bigoted article or comments about Jeremy's looks and body.

Hey jeremy is getting cute again

i have no idea who these people are but the guy in the middle is hot

Damn, Jeremy's ass. Did you get his #?

pop dat booty

i leaned in for a closer look tbh

he probably called you a rude slur after you walked away.

knowing him, i wouldn't be too surprised.

1). Which one?
2). They're racist

The tall one went on a racist, homophobic rant on MySpace a few years ago.

oh... Not hot anymore.


is the one son legal yet? hot dayum.

yeah they're like almost 20 i think

well the really cute one is like 12 iirc

I like The Little Couple better

Me too, they're way classier


Jeremy is a qt, too bad he's a douche.

jeremy is hot, too bad he seems douchey as hell

Those are some small shorts on the guy in the middle

Jeremy seems like a douche, but I love Zach and Amy!

And I only say he's a douche because I heard he was racist/homophobic.

TBH I fell in love with him after watching the episodes where him and Zach travelled to Europe...

Too bad the hot one's racist and homophobic. womp womp.

I hate them all and that kid is a serious doucheturd


damn this family's always on vaca.

Zach looks like a better version of Taylor Lautner

I just noticed the little boy in the red shirt and thinking he's looking at Jeremy is cracking me the hell up.

The mom is super nice.

hold up, this twink has the audacity to lecture against the use of the word midget but thinks its okay to say n*igger and f*ggot? wow.

Jeremy is sexy

i liked zach on the show he seems like a nice kid

Jeremy looks better from behind

Jeremy's hot. But a douche.

If the tall one wasn't racist/homophobic he could get it.

Aww, damn. Jeremy is more of a douchebag than I thought he was. Shame on you, Jeremy. Shame on you and your plump, squeezable ass.

Wonderful. Too bad the cute kid is a douche.

Huge crush on Jeremy.

The kid in the grey looks kinda hot.

Gah, I love fit guys in those short shorts. Then again, most of my guy friends play rugby, so it's not weird to me anymore.

Dude, love them!!! Zach has been getting way cuter lately. And finally getting some damn confidence!

I love all of them except Matt has been such a douche lately. He annoys me.

was the older brother's boxers hanging out of his shorts? lol

I always thought Jeremy was cute


Diane said...

LOL! Jeremy deserves what he gets.

Expressed said...

Thank you Spirits!

Some people don't seem to believe me, maybe they'll believe you. lol.

The biggest reason why people watch LPBW is for Jeremy. If he wasn't on it, it would have been canceled years ago. It's not hard to get that opinion if you ever read around on the internet about Little People Big World.

And the last picture of Jeremy's buut is amazing. lol. Good job by that girl taking the pictures :) It would have been better if he wasn't wearing dark shorts, but I'm not complaining. lol

Em said...

I've always felt embarrassed to admit it, but that's my reaction too.

As a person, I wanted to like Jeremy, but the more I watched the more I read, the more I heard, my instincts tell me that Jeremy is a jerk.

But he is very good looking and yeah I do blush when I say it, but it's the truth, Jeremy has a nice looking ass. It must be dwarfism genes ;)

Dana said...

This is horrible and disgusting. It's a very sad comment on the immoral people that exist.

The Roloffs put their life on display to help people with dwarfism and to educate society.

Not for Jeremy to be thought of as a piece of meat by disgusting perverts and not for Jeremy to be insulted by people.

It's a sad case of how humans take advantage of the kindness of Christians. If this girl had any respect and morals, she would have removed her posting after seeing the direction of the comments.

Jeremy was nice enough to pose with her and she allows what follows to happen. For Jeremy to be discussed like he's a piece of meat and for his reputation to be slandered.

Judging from someone of those avatars, I think some of those people on Live Journal are gays. That would explain why they are disrespecting Jeremy. They know Jeremy doesn't approve of them.

Erica said...

Great pictures.

I actually think Zach is looking a LOT more attractive these days. His haircut looks good and his hair looks lighter.

Jenna said...

Is that a camera man in the picture from a distance below the picture of only Amy? Or just someone on the cruise with a camera of their own?

From Matt's Facebook post asking if Jeremy was using missing the crew and how the hand-held camera recording was going I thought the crew wasn't on Amy's cruise.

natalie said...

i'm not surprised at the reaction to jeremy.

Brandon said...

Dana, if you sell your privacy for money by doing a reality show for six seasons, people are going to comment on them and no one controls what people will think.

Jeremy has Jeremy to blame for people thinking he's a bigot and a jerk. He's the one who used bigoted words and never apologized or said he was wrong. He's the one that trashed his own fans.

Jeremy made his own reputation.

Sheri said...


I am so angry that I wasn't even going to comment, but thank you for your message. You said what I was going to say.

People should be ashamed for how they talk about Jeremy James Roloff.

The boy is a polite Christian young man that lives for Jesus Christ and follows the rules and laws according to the Bible - that includes despising homosexuality.

What does he get in return for his work in educating society and dwarfism awareness and his charitable work in Haite? He gets insulted and has immoral sexual comments said about him.

He deserves better. Matt did not agree to LPBW to have people call his prized son a bigot and have people sexualize him. He is a young man of Christ that should be spoken about with respect.

This is indeed a sad statement on society.

Carol said...

Ha. I love it.

To the Jeremy fan brigade:

It's not complicated. Jeremy plays a Himbo on the show. Often the only time he is seen in an episode is to stroll in front of the camera shirtless and tight jeans. He's almost a parody of the "pool boy" stereotypes. He doesn't have anything intelligent or meaningful to say. He walks by to show off his body.

Of course people are not going to respect that and only comment on his appearance accordingly. That's what happens when you act like a Himbo on a reality television show.

He has behaved like a jerk. People call him a jerk? Like someone else said, Jeremy made his bed. He can lie in it.

Judy said...

Poor Jeremy.

He did nothing to deserve these comments.

The girl that Jeremy and Zach were so nice to that they took time out of their vacation to have their picture taken with her could have influenced the comments by talking about how nice Jeremy was.

Audrey said...

Who do people think they are to judge Jeremy so harshly?

What happened to treating others like you want to be treated?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy does have a nice ass. Gotta give him that.

Anonymous said...

He does look better from the back. That's the truth.

Ela said...

Personally I think Zach looks more attractive in the posed picture than Jeremy.

Justin said...

Of course people comment on his looks and don't respect him.

What else is there to comment on? What is there to respect about Jeremy?

Shadow said...

Hey, you know, I think in that first picture, Zach really looks like he's having fun and enjoying the interaction. Jeremy looks pretty annoyed, like "Who is this person and why do I have to pose for a picture?" Obviously Zach is a happy guy who's having a wonderful time on the cruise, while Jeremy is being a pouty pooper who doesn't want to be bothered. Too bad Jeremy can't take a cue from Zach and enjoy these kinds of interactions...

Nancy said...

I'm seriously asking.

What is that white piece of clothing under Jeremy's shorts on his left leg?

Boxer shorts?

He is wearing short tight blue shorts and long white tight boxer shorts?

Can the young people tell me, is this a popular style?

abby said...

people should leave jeremy alone and stop being mean to him.

who cares if he doesn't like fans when he talks to his friends? who doesn't talk about ppl with their friends?

Janet said...

Amy doesn't look thrilled to have her picture taken.

Zach does look a lot better than he does on the show or the old episodes.

Jeremy does have a nice butt. I don't think his face is all that attractive.

Jeremy deserves all the insults about being a douche bag. He is.

It's more than just the slurs too.

Rap541 said...

"Who do people think they are to judge Jeremy so harshly?"

Blacks, homosexuals, mexicans, Jews, Asians? Who were hurt by Jeremy's hatespeech that he has never spoken of (remember he hid behind Daddy Matt?)

ohnotheydidn't isn't a *CLOSED* livejournal community, but it is moderated. If you want to defend Jer's honor, its not impossible.

Just be aware that free speech isn't just for white christians....

Ashley said...

Rap, I agree about Jeremy and people's right to comment, but I have a Live Journal account and can't post. You have to be a member. For a while they weren't accepting members. Now it says you need to be approved. I tried and never was accepted. I don't know why, just never heard and still don't have posting privileges.

Sheri said...

Jeremy is criticized, ridiculed and disrespected because he is a Christian.

This is why Christians everywhere thank the Roloffs for putting themselves out there because Christians in the media are treated unfairly. There are many people that lack morals and refuse to give Jeremy the respect he deserves.

Dana said...

Shadow, I know you aren't serious. You're just trolling because the other picture showed Jeremy enjoying himself and Zach wasn't smiling.

Jeremy is smiling (he shouldn't after what she has done with his generosity) and Zach looks more pleasant than in the other picture, but not more so than Jeremy. Jeremy just isn't showing teeth.

Rap541 said...

Now personally, I don't really care how Jeremy likes to dress....

But I am curious, does Jesus approve of shorts so tight and small, one's underwear is apparently larger than one's outerwear? I mean... maybe a little bit of modesty might have prevented his ass and undies being on display?

Personally I am waiting for Matt to try and throw a hissy at livejournal....

Sheri - Jeremy was criticized because he made racist comments. That he is a Christian just reflects poorly on Christians but having thumbed thru the comments, Jeremy is getting negative comments about being a racist and a homophobe.

Not that he loves Jesus. I highly recommend people check the link out as Sheri is not being truthful when she states Jeremy is being attacked due to his religious convictions.

Ashley - yeah, sorry, my bad. I think, with ohnotheydidn't now being on the front log in page they must be taking it a break from adding n00bs like us :)

Judy said...

Rap, Jeremy does not look slutty in those pictures. It's not Jeremy's fault that

A) the girl took the pictures from behind
B) People are choosing to comment on his backside.

I didn't notice the white part until someone mentioned it. I think it's strange too. Could it perhaps be that the blue shorts are Jeremy's swimming trunks and the white thing are his undershorts? When I was growing up, guys just wore swimming trunks, but my kids and their friends tell me that it's very common today for guys to wear boxers underneath their swimming trunks. Maybe that's what Jeremy was doing?

Regardless, although I think it's strange that there is clothing underneath his shorts, he does not look as sloppy and as slutty as Jacob did in that episode with his jeans were litteraly below his butt.

Jeremy looks normal in those pictures. He looks like a 20 year old on a cruise enjoying the sun and warm weather.

I also don't think it is correct to say "Jeremy's ass is on display" in those pictures. People are choosing to focus on it. That's not Jeremy's fault. He's wearing shorts and shirt. It's different than the 13 year old Jacob pictures.

Sheri said...

Few are honest enough to admit the reason they disparage Matt and Jeremy Roloff is because they resent that they are respected Christians that love Jesus Christ.

It is however the underlying reason why people take shots at Jeremy. That and jealousy.

AussieMum said...

Sheri-"There are many people that lack morals and refuse to give Jeremy the respect he deserves."

Those many people you speak of who lack morals, and Jeremy would get along like a house on fire.

Connie said...

Rap541, what do you mean you're waiting for Matt to throw a hissy at Live Journal?

Rap541 said...

Yes, the photo being taken from behind makes his shorts appear shorter. Its all "editing" that makes everyone comment...

Everyone commenting on how short Jer's shorts are and on his displayed buttocks are doing do because they were "tricked" by the photo and of course secretly understnd Jeremy was attired modestly?

Nice that you as a Christian are allowed to call a 13 year old in a photo with his grandparents "slutty" but are criticizing people for noticing a 20 year old in shorts.

I wonder, why don't you have the brass to head to Matt's facebook and ask Matt why he as a Christian parent allows his minor 13 year old to wilfully wear "slutshorts"? I mean, it does indeed reflect on Matt that he allows Jake to strut as a slut for the camera....

Sheri - so in fact you are a mind reader?

Or are you just lying about the comments since I still haven't found anyone running Jeremy down for his faith? I mean, it's pretty obvious you're lying. No one is mocking Jer for his love of Jesus.

Judy said...

Rap, please don't lie about what I say.

I did not say Jacob was slutty in the camping trip photo with Ron and Peg. This is what I said:

"Those jeans are way too tight for a 13 year old Christian boy? Why can't he dress normally? His friend is dressed normally."

The words "He looks slutty" was used to describe his appearance in the episode when his pants were around his thighs.

Regardless, that doesn't have anything to do with these pictures. Jeremy is not dressed inappropriately in this picture. Even if Jacob was dressed this way, I would not feel it was inappropriate and there is the obvious age difference.

Jeremy is wearing a shirt and soccer shorts. The picture was taken from behind. It is the people commenting that zoomed in on his butt and proceeded to talk about it. None of that is Jeremy's doing.

Rap541 said...

You need to apologize for lying, too, Judy.

This is from your actual post in *this* thread.

"Regardless, although I think it's strange that there is clothing underneath his shorts, he does not look as sloppy and as slutty as Jacob did in that episode with his jeans were litteraly below his butt. "

Let me ask to clarify - do you think you weren't calling Jake slutty when you said "he does not look as sloppy and *slutty* as Jacob did"?

Really? Because I don't understand how you weren't calling a 13 year old "slutty" in that referenced quote.

And I will concede - you called jake "slutty" when he was 12, not 13, which really doesn't make you look like a nicer person... And I am still wondering why you don't have the balls to say "Matt I don't like how your 12-13 year old son dresses like a slut".

I am not shocked that shorts too small to contain one's undies and a wifebeater *isn't* slutty :)

mythoughtis said...

and the comments here are different than the comments on other site? In what way? We're no better than they are.

Judy said...

You're playing games Rap. Your first post referenced Jacob on a camping trip with his parents. I merely said ""Those jeans are way too tight for a 13 year old Christian boy? Why can't he dress normally? His friend is dressed normally."

This comment:
""Regardless, although I think it's strange that there is clothing underneath his shorts, he does not look as sloppy and as slutty as Jacob did in that episode with his jeans were litteraly below his butt."

was in regards to the scene on the show last year...not the camping trip with Ron and Peg.

A wifebeater? I'm not up on the lingo!

I'll repeat, Jeremy does not looked dressed inappropriately in these pictures. He can't help that the girl took the pictures from behind and some people zoomed in and are talking about his butt.

Jocelynn said...

I don't really think anyone should feel shame for posting their opinions.

Respect is earned. Reputations come from how people perceive you.

If the Roloffs had checked out of LPBW after the first or second season, I suspect they would have been well thought of and respected.

They didn't. And they haven't always acted decently in public. There have been many hypocrisies, double standards and lies that have turned people negative.

People aren't required to say "Those Roloffs are trailblazers for LP issues". If the things Jeremy has done has made people have the opinion that he is a "jerk" or has bigoted attitudes, they are entitled to their opinion.

Likewise, if the only thing they feel worthwhile to comment about Jeremy is his body, they can do that too. That is something that the show and Jeremy himself has promoted. The producer, something Weaver if IIRC, even talked about Jeremy's body. I'm not surprised people comment on it.

Em said...

MyThought, I think Spirit's point in the write up is that people like Expressed, Noell and myself (although people have been pretty nice to me, maybe it's because I admit I'm embarrassed ;) are mocked or disputed when they say people watch for Jeremy's attractiveness or that that is the reason why the show gets attention.

I think the point is that the reaction LPBW gets and the Jeremy appeal and reputation is widespread.

Rap541 said...

So you were calling a 12 year old slutty. I mean, are you denying that? Thanks for the distinction, you were calling a preteen child slutty, not a teenager.

Again... you're proud of yourself? As an adult?

Mythoughtis makes a *great* point. But Ipoint out that at last check, Jeremy is getting negative comments because of his hatespeech and racist comments... Not because he is a Christian.

Rap541 said...

Em -what I hope Jeremy catches, in all honesty, is the number of people commenting how much less attractive he is when they know about how he acts. Perhaps it will make him reconsider how he speaks about other people. I hope so.

Jexter said...

rednecks ...

Julie said...

Ha, I saw that post. I'm a member of that particular livejournal community.

Don't feel sorry for Jeremy at all. He's said plenty of unkind things about other people. Turnabout is fair play.

Shadow said...

Dana, not trolling. I just figured my interpretation of this photograph was equally as valid as your interpretation of the earlier photograph. Unless, of course, you have irrefutable, immutable proof of your assertions...(crickets chirping)...Thought not.

Em said...

Hi Julie, can I ask how did you become a member of that community? Were you a member for several years or recently? Like Ashley and Rap said, I too tried to join but membership is like a black hole, lol. I attempt to join and never hear back. I don't even get a rejection message, lol. Ashley said that's what happened to her too.

I like that the LJ group doesn't make excuses for Jeremy or justify it like some people always do here.

I agree with you. Turnabout IS fair play. When Jeremy gets criticized some people feel sorry for him, but they forget how unkind he has been and is.

I still remember the story when a girl from Puerto Rico created a fan page for Jeremy on Myspace. She sent him a friend request and comments like his family was her idol and stuff like that.

Jeremy and his friends were so mean. They openly ridiculed the girl below her comment right where she would see it. Jeremy and his friends said things like "what a freak", "did you see what she looks like? lol", check out her profile picture, OMG!"

There is no doubt in my mind that Jeremy is a jerk and not a nice person in "real life".

He just happens to be good looking with a nice butt ;)

Jeremy and his friends were complete douchebags and were so mean spirited.

David said...

Julie, welcome. Well said.

Judy said...

Rap, you cannot honestly think that from that picture Jeremy is trying to "show off his ass".

He is dressed normal for a 20 year old on a cruise in a hot climate.

Again it is not Jeremy's fault that the picture was taken from behind and people are choosing to comment on it.

Cassie said...

What is with the high remarks towards "Jeremy" James Roloft "ass"! That just it! he does not have a "ass" it is "staight" and "flat" like a "pancake" like I said what "ass"! look at it, look at it real good and you all will see what I am talking about no "ass".

abby said...

Cassie, you are so wrong!

Like him or hate him, Jeremy has an amazing ass. Why do you think everyone talks about it? Here, on you tube, on Facebook, on live journal, everyone talks about Jeremy's great ass.

I don't know what you're looking at but Jeremy's ass is not flat. It's very...defined. It's very...shapely and like someone said, squeezable, LOL.

I really think it's because dwarfs have large butts (I'm not being funny either, Zach and other dwarfs have talked about it, that's just the way they are). I think because both Jeremy's parents are dwarfs, he got the dwarf genes that emphasis his ass.

Maybe the only thing that is confusing about the picture is like Expressed said. He's wearing dark blue shorts and it makes it hard to see all the nicely shaped and rounded curves.

I've seen a lot of guys and Jeremy seriously has the best ass.

Katie said...

Cassie your nuts. Stop being a hater. Jeremy has the best ass. Nuff said.

You could bounce quarters off it!

Rap541 said...

Judy - you seriously think he wasn't?

I mean, did his shorts need to be that short because of "a hot climate"?

I can see other people in the photo who seem to be managing pretty well without their clothes being quite so revealing.

Its no one's fault when anyone takes an unflattering picture, and I trust that means you include ALL the Roloffs in that...but I am certain you will continue to slam the Whiner, The Bitch, and the Slut at every opporunity while insisting poor widdle JerBear shouldn't be criticized.

Judy said...

That is correct Rap. I seriously don't think Jeremy was trying to "show off his ass".

Rap541 said...

Abby- a correction of fact.

Fine ass or flat ass (I've never been impressed but Jer's butt isn't "strike you blind" ugly either) his butt has nothing to do with dwarfism.

He (and Molly and Jake) did NOT inherit any dwarfism from Amy. Only Zach did. Amy's form of dwarfism is genetically dominant. If Jeremy got his butt from Amy's dwarf genes, he would also be a dwarf.

Matt's form of dwarfism is recessive. While all four children carry the gene, they didn't inherit physical dwarf traits from Matt. Whatever the cause of Jeremy's ass - dwarf genes had nothing to do with it.

Rap541 said...

Judy - so you will or wont include all the Roloff children in your "if someone takes an unflattering photo posts it, its unkind to comment"?

Interesting that you're advocating immodest dress when it's Jeremy... and are all finger pointing and shouting "EVERYONE LOOK AT THE SLUT!" when its not Jeremy....

abby said...

Rap, hi thanks. I'm not arguing, but I'm confused then.

It doesn't make sense that he (or Molly or Jake) doesn't have physical traits from Amy or Matt.

I don't think it's all or nothing. He doesn't have their dwarfism, so he doesn't have any of their traits? I don't think that sounds right.

Jake clearly takes after Matt. He has the same kind of face. Matt's baby pictures look a lot like Jake's.

I've noticed Jeremy and Amy having the same type chin or nose. Even Jeremy and Zach looked a like in some ways when they were younger.

Are you saying that it's not possible for Jeremy to have Amy's eyes or nose or chin because he does not have achon dwarfism?

I think a child of a dwarf can still have their physical appearance and that includes their butt.

Craw said...

Abby, ignore Rap. She doesn't know what she's talking about and always talks out of her butt!

Of course Jeremy has Matt and Amy's genes. They made him!

Cassie said...

I am not wrong for that either "Abby" I Know what I am taking about! and I know what I am "seeing". I am not nuts "Katie" "JerBear" does not have no "Ass" it is "sraight","round" and like I said like a "Pancake" I am about the same height and size as "Jerbear". I have more "ass" than "him," and I am a "female" you all who are and might be having "dreams" and or "wet dreams" over his so called well "defined" "round" shape "ass" get over it! and stop saying "Jeremy" has something that he does not have! He might have something in the "front" but it sure ain't in the back. Maybe you all need to start looking towards the front of him to see what is up "there" in the "front" if he even has anything "there".Like I said get over it and move on please already. No "ass" no "ass". "Jeremy" has no "ass"!

Rap541 said...

Abb - not exactly. If he gets his ass from them, its due to their non dwarf genes - they do have non dwarf genes. Jeremy for example, looks very much like Amy's brother so his butt prolly was inherited from her side.... but the distinctive "dwarf butt" Amy was talking about, a characteristic of achon dwarfism, is something Jeremy does not have because he would have to be an achon dwarf and he's not.

Zach has the stubby arms and legs and dwarf butt, and bulbous head because of the dwarfism gene Amy passed to him. That he has similar eyes to Amy has nothing to do with *dwarf* genes.

Likewise Jeremy, in my opinion, resembles Amy's side of the family due to genes, but he has no classic achon features because Amy did not pass that gene to him. He *would* be a dwarf like Zach. You don't get all the genes of both parents. The achondroplasia gene is dominant. If Amy gave it to Jeremy, he would be a little person. She didn't. His butt has nothing to do wih Amy's dwarfism.

Rap541 said...

Craw - try not to be more ignorant than necessary.

Oh wait, let me say it in Craw speak.

You're a stupid moron. Its easy to mock you because you're wilfully stupid and ignorantly proud of your stupid comments.

Amy's dwarfism is a dominant gene. Jeremy did not get his butt from her *dwarf* gene. If Jeremy had Amy's dwarf gene, he absolutely would be a dwarf and you certainly would look down on him as not hot since you're a superficial numbwit who doesn't about anything but looks.

Matt's dwarfism is recessive. Jeremy likely does carry Matt's dwarfism gene... but that gene is not expressed because both Amy and Matt would have to have it in order for Jeremy to display any dyotrophic dwarf traits. That means again, he would be a little person and you, being a shallow ignorant person, would not like him.

While his buttocks certainly come from his family's genes, his buttocks are not the result of any *dwarfism* genes and you're stupid if you think so.

But you *are* stupid so I am sure you will argue that Jeremy has a "dwarf ass".

abby said...

Rap, thanks for explaining. I understand now.

Cassie, it is a matter of opinion...but you are wrong!!!! Dead wrong!!!

I'll upload and post a picture later and post it in a comment here.

Jeremy has the most amazing ass. It is anything but "flat" . The picture shows the curves and how well definied it is. There are other guys in the picture. It's not possible to not be struck by how Jeremy's ass stands out compared to the other guys in the picture.

"Jerbear" might be an asshole of a person, but he has an amazing ass!!!

Anita said...

People are so disrespectful.

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. Didn't mothers teach their kids this? Jeremy deserves more respect.

It's fine to like his physical attributes but also respect him as a person with a heart and soul and feelings who has his eyes focused on God.

Cassie said...

"Anita" "Anita" "Anita" How about this! If you don't like what "topic" we are "talking" about how about you get off of this topic of conversation that we are having on "Jeremy" so called having a nice "round" well "defined" which he does not have "Abby", but he does have a "flat" "pancake" "ass". Llike I have stated before. So "Anita" like I have also said at the begining get the hell off the topic and leave us all alone. If other's want to debate the "ass less" "Jeremy James Roloff" on him having a "ass" or not that is our topic for discussion so see your "ass" "Anita" out of it! Thank You and have a nice night "Anita".

Anonymous said...

Yes, because God just loves a convenient Christian, right?

God turns a blind eye to someone having random sex with many young girls as long as they publish a book extolling His virtues?

Some people here are unbelievably shallow and blinded by physical appearances. I hope you dress lightly....it's pretty hot where you're heading.

Dana said...

3:54Am..."God turns a blind eye to someone having random sex with many young girls as long as they publish a book extolling His virtues?"

What are you lying about now? You're alledging that Jeremy is having sex with many girls? How do you know this? Or are you just attempting to discredit him like others have done?

Rap541 said...

I think the anon is alluding to the idea that the Roloffs talk the talk but don't actually walk the walk.

Its very easy to be a good Christian when all you have to do is say "I love Jesus".

Saying "I accept Christ as my savior" doesn't mean Christ hands you a free pass to commit whatever form of debauchery you want. Unfortunately a number of people posting here seem to be of the opinion that accepting Christ means you can just run off, committ sins, say "sorry Jesus!" and continue to commit sins.

Dana, are you alledging Jeremy is a virgin who gave his virginity to his daddy to protect until he's married?

Because really, I have not gotten the impression at all that Matt considers it important for the lads to "keep pure". In the skiing episode, I believe he told Jeremy to plow as many girls as possible before settling down like an old goat....

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures

abby said...

Ok Cassie, you asked for it. I'll be the Johnny Cochran and you'll be the Christopher Darden of the Jeremy ass arguement and I'll make you look foolish ;)



Look at that thing! Anybody but "Cassie" want to say that "Jeremy" has a "flat ass" or "no ass"??

His ass is perfect. It is perfectly rounded. His buttocks are perfected well defined. His ass is perfectly proportioned.

The most amazing ass ever and it belongs to Jeremy James Roloff

ppeak said...

So true, Abby.

And Jeremy knows this.

He and his friends scour the internet, reading what we write, especially on this site.

My Gram asked if Jeremy is still rummaging through Molly's closet? I told her I think so.

Everything is tight on him, especially those shorts. I know a lot of people don't like it, but I do, and I'm sure Jacob Mueller loves it.

Shadow said...

Dana - Matt himself has made a point of how he was a big "player" at the LPA conferences and in high school, and he left no doubt at the LPA conference a couple of years ago when he was practically forcing Zach to go out there and get it on with the ladies that he would be thrilled to see Zach "getting some." That, combined with his sex chat with Jerry on the way to the ski slope, makes it pretty obvious that Mr. Roloff has no problem whatsoever with premarital sex, and the more, the better. At least for the boys - I suspect in typical sexist fashion, he would be horrified to think that his princess was engaging in similar behavior at the same age that he was inviting young girls in to "wake" Zach up in his bed while Zach was wearing nothing but a t-shirt and underwear. Wonder if their mothers knew and approved of Matt's pimping? Wonder how many "We need to talk" conversations went on in households around the country after that show aired? Wonder if you would be comfortable if it was a daughter of yours that showed up in that scene for all America to watch?

Cassie said...

"Abby" you are just waisting your "time" showing off the "pictures" which you did not want me to see and saying "Jeremy" James Roloff has a "ass" he does not have one so you need to move on with your life and stop trying to debate the issue of "Jeremey" "Ass" less James Roloff "ass" less "ass" move on. I am sure moving on. Good Day "Abby" and Goodbye "Cassie"

abby said...

Cassie, you're in denial. The pictures don't lie, but obviously you're one of those stubborn people that can't admit when they're wrong even when it is staring you in the face.

ppeak, very good point. Jeremy must know what people say about him and his ass...and likes it and that's why he's still wearing clothes that show it off so well.

mythoughtis said...

what a topic.

Jeremy appears to be wearing board trunks.. I think that is the white mesh that you see at the bottom of the shorts. I see nothing wrong with the shorts.... he's on a cruise ship, totally appropriate.

Amy doesn't appear to be miffed about a picture, but is probably perturbed about not being able to get where she is going due to all the photos... can you imagine the crowd they must deal with every step they take?

And, finally, can everyone please re-read every comment on this thread.... is there really any reason to be arguing over the shape of Jeremy's derriere?

Ashley said...

MyThought, I don't think the white is part of his shorts. Look at the first picture that Zach and Jeremy posed with the Live Journal girl (or her sister). You can't see the white trim on his left leg, but you can on the right.

If it was part of the shorts, you'd see it on both legs. I think it's boxers shorts. It's fine, but I think that's what it is.

Not everything needs to be serious. People can comment about something fun/funny/enjoyable if they want. With anything based on personal preference and appearance, people are going to have different opinions. My mom thinks Mel Gibson is good looking and I think he's as ugly as hell!

Ashley said...

And imo, Amy does look annoyed. Like "Oh God, someone's taking a picture!"

Erin said...

There is nothing wrong with talking about a celebrities appearance, including their butt (it's part of the body).

People think about it. Failing to comment doesn't mean that people aren't thinking about it. People do react to physical appearance. Why be fake?

Places like this site where there are other people that know the Roloffs are the places to talk about what you want.

Like Ashley said, not everything needs to be deep and serious. Some people need to learn to have some fun and relax.

Giles said...

I don't understand the desire of some people to make the Roloffs into victims regarding public recognition and acknowledgement.

Boo hoo hoo. Amy *might* be annoyed because someone was snapping pictures as she was walking around on her cruise? Jeremy and Zach have people snap pictures of them while they're chilling around town (on the cruiseliner)?

They are not janitors trying to their job and constantly being interrupted. They are on a once in a lifetime luxury cruise. For free. They might have even been paid for it. All because they are celebrities and people recognize them.

They get zero sympathy from me if they are annoyed when the public recognizes them and treats them accordingly. Are you kidding? They should be thanking the people who recognize them for putting their butts (nice and rounded or not!) on the cruise in the first place.

If they don't like being recognized, they could have stopped signing the TLC contracts, but they don't. No sympathy for them. They choose to be public recognizable figures. Being recognized and having people approach comes with the territory.

Once again, they had the privilege of sailing around on the world reknowned Oasis Of The Seas. All because people know who they are. I hope people didn't hesitate to approach them.

universal said...

Jeremy is known as a douchebag jerk and a bigot, with a cute butt.

Jeremy should be so proud of himself. Matt too. Isn't that what everybody would want their son known for?

Julie said...

Hi Em. Sorry, I was away from this blog for a few days so I didn't see your question until now. Anyway, to answer your question, I've been a member of ONTD for a few years now. I don't really remember how long it's been...since 2006, at the very least. I think. Probably even earlier than that, lol. It's possible that they've cracked down on membership recently, IIRC they've had some trouble with Internet trolls since it is one of the largest LJ communities, if not THE largest.