Monday, July 19, 2010

Matt Roloff interview with Portland television reporter

Matt did an interview with a local Portland television personality. Here's a quick recap:

*Cliff-hanger- Matt fainted, coincidence he was having pain in his shoulder so he was grabbing his shoulder, then fainted so it made it look like he had a heart attack.

*Roloffs are national celebrities. Started about dwarfism, then a family, challenges in their marriage, challenges with the kids.

* Matt says it's stressful. They're always in the sky flying different places.

*There are times where Matt or Amy or the kids have said enough is enough and they turn off the cameras. Matt says if the kids are really really really bad they'll tell the crew/producer to turn off the camera. They have done that a few times.

*That was as much behind the scenes information that the producers would allow.

*The television interview and camera person tried to shoot the crew shooting Matt, but that's not allowed.

*Matt says they'll probably do it for at least 2 more years.

*Update on the Roloff kids from the tv station:
Zach and Jeremy starting their 2nd year at a local junior college in the fall (PCC). Zach works "almost full time" (at the indoor soccer place) and Jeremy is "really into photography".

Molly is driving, she's going into grade 11.
Jacob is the family fish, loves to swim and is going into the 5th(?) grade this year.






Dana said...

That must have been a mistake about Jacob. He's 13. How many grades did he fail?

I hope Jeremy's detractors heard the part about photography.

Glad to hear the glowing review of Matt from the reporter. Good interview.

Craw said...

Ha! All they can say about Jacob is that he's the family fish. LOL!

Greg said...

I would love to see Matt do an interview with someone that isn't this long time friend, but I think it's become apparent that Matt Roloff is terrified of doing an interview with someone that isn't his long time friend and might actually ask a tough question.

Even Matt's moderator on his old board let it slip once when she was asked why a certain question wasn't answered, that Matt selects all of the questions he wants to answers and avoids what he doesn't want to answer.

I think Matt is very afraid of doing an interview that he isn't in control of with someone that isn't his best friend.

Brandon said...

How can it be real and raw if they stop filming whenever the kids do something "really bad"?

Timothy said...

They were filming for the show, but the producer kept calling Matt to tell him to come to where he was while Matt was talking to the tv reporter.

Did the story line cheat sheet call for Matt's presence? The producer summoning Matt to come hither is not letting life unfold naturally.

Rap541 said...

Dana - I have to be honest, this is exactly the kind of thing that makes me want to point out that Jake is merely following in Jeremy and Zach's footsteps.

Matt never knows from one day to the next how his kids are doing in school. We know from from the show that Jake was in sixth grade last year so you running with "How many grades did he fail?" merely points out how you as an adult just want to run a child down for nothing.

And it makes me want to point out that Jeremy graduated high school at 19. How many grades did Jeremy fail?

Jeremy spent summer in summer school. He failed math.

Jeremy needed Daddy to bribe whim with a car and still failed.

If Jake is failing in school then a) Maybe daddy Matt should do something other than teach his kids how to build forts and b)maybe Daddy Matt of the Failing Sons who can't even change a class without help shouldn't be lauded as a parent who has done a fine job preparing his sons for adulthood. Right now he's got two chimps on the couch.

Oh wait, he has one chimp on the couch. Zach apparently has manned up and gotten a job and Jer-bear is playing with a camera when he's not playing with Mueller.

Interesting that as usual, you laud the twin who is able bodied, 20 years old, and spending his time preciously playing as a widdle baby wid his camera.

lpbw537 said...

im pretty sure jacob is going into 8th or at least 7th...

Rap541 said...

lpbw537 - of course he is going into 7th or 8th. Dana is just into making cruel insinuations about a 13 year old.

I'm guessing it goes over her head that Jake was in second grade when the show started and that was 2004. Oh right, the important thing to do is to publically suggest he's failed three grades.

I also assume that "Swimming" is now horrendous. I mean, Jake does something *active* but the Jeremy fans needs to tear the competition down so...

I'm curious as to when Zach working vs Jeremy playing will turn into how only bad 20 year olds act like adults? Because god knows certain people don't like it when Zach is more mature... but look who is goofing with Mueller and look who has a job?

Julie said...

The part about Jeremy's interest in photography doesn't say much. We've never seen the guy do anything but loaf around the house, so why should I believe that Jeremy's interest consists of anything other than snapping photos of his pals for Myspace?

My dad became interested in photography recently, and it takes a lot of work - at least, if you're serious about learning anything. Jeremy has never shown an inkling of that sort of drive or ambition. I'll believe it when I see it. And by 'see it', I mean something other than 5 minutes on the show, whereupon we never hear about the hobby ever again.

(I posted a similar comment earlier, but I think my computer may have eaten it, so I'm trying to repost.)

Dana said...

I said that it must have been a mistake about Jacob being in 5th grade. If he is entering 5th grade, I am asking how come? He must have failed grades? As I said, it must have been a mistake by the television report.

"Oh wait, he has one chimp on the couch. Zach apparently has manned up and gotten a job and Jer-bear is playing with a camera when he's not playing with Mueller."

You show your hatred for Jeremy again and again. Let's be honest. Only a fool or someone with a grudge against Jeremy would interpret a "job" where Zach plays soccer with a bunch of little kids as "manning up".

Jeremy might not getting paid at the moment, but photography is much more mature interest that is capable of having future benefits as it is developing his skills.

Rap541 said...

Zach gets paid for supervising kids.

Jeremy doesn't work at all.

Who is acting more like an adult?

In all seriousness

And what exactly does " How many grades did he fail?" mean if you aren't trying to suggest he did fail?

I mean - why go there at all if you understand the reporter was clearly mistaken?

Oh, right... because you want to imply Jake failed.

Point me to any accomplishments in photography that Jeremy has achieved. Has he entered contests? Gotten pictures published? Been accepted to an art school?

How about anything at all? Other than his taking pictures for his mommy to praise him?

I'd honestly love to see Jeremy actually do something. Please, point me to some actual accomplishments.

Somehow I suspect you'll shut up and go back to suggesting Jake failed three grades (despite the show proving you wrong on that point but its just the Brat, so Jesus loves it when you lie on him,praise Jesus, hate the crap Roloffs!)

Funny how watching the show would tell you that an error was made... but it's more fun to rag on a child, since you like to hate on kids and call yourself Christian for it. Does Jesus love you more for ragging on kids?

Is that it, Dana?

mythoughtis said...

I never took Dana's comments in this thread as being critical of Jake... merely an observation that the thread's post about 5th grade must be inaccurate on someone's part.
I see no reason to assume hate speech on someone's part just because they made a joking comment. Rap, you are growing increasingly stident on occasions when there is no reason to take offense in the first place. There is plenty of reason to take offense on various occasions, but not for Dana's posts on THIS thread. I've gotten to the point where I skip over your posts.

Rap541 said...

Mythoughtis - sorry - but then I ask you - why ask if he failed three grades if you know it was an error?

I certainly am not allowed to joke about how Jeremy is getting a little old to need his mommy to wake him up.....even tho I generally make that remark with humorous intent, I get called out for maligning the poor sweet 20 year old boy as a HATER!

So why is different? Oh right - the crap Roloff is involved so its *funny* to suggest he failed three grades.

Don't like my posts? Thats cool. But I am not shutting up since I see no reason to. I think Dana knows darn well that the reporter made a mistake and just had to get her licks in. Since casual joking about Jeremy IS NOT ALLOWED without people ranting and raving, I see no reason to hesh up.

Sorry you don't like it. But considering I have never seen Dana say a nice thing about Jake, or give Jake any benefit of the doubt (complete with her noting how matt must being lying when he says nice things about Jake because its so clear to all that he's matt's disappointment and she's going to show me Matt's *real* disappointment in Jake) then I see no reason to assume after months of her hatefilled comments that she's suddenly and innocently making a light hearted joke.

Sorry, not buying it. Not even seeing where it could be funny....

Can't wait to use the "I was joking, now you have to shut up!" rule :)

mythoughtis said...

I think it is great that Zach has a job coaching children's soccer.... he is learning skills that will serve him well if he becomes a teacher, or has children of his own someday. If he earns a salary, great, although he gets a TLC paycheck, too. If he is donating his time, then he is giving back to the community.
Surely no one thinks that coaching children is inappropriate for a male to do? or that all male teachers or coaches are less than men for doing so?

I fail to see why we need to belittle Zach's life and job in earn to prove we don't hate Jeremy, or why complimenting Zach means we hate Jeremy. Sibling, twins, etc... they are two separate Adults. They stand or fail on their own. Any parent of two children will tell you one does not have to fail for the other to succeed... and that a parent's job never feels done unless all the children succeed.

I think it is great that Jeremy enjoys photography, regardless of whether he makes it a profession or just a hobby.

for the record, I don't play soccer, I don' t coach children's sports, and I don't have any photography skills either. Doesn't mean I have something againt those that do.

Dana said...

Mythoughtis, thank you. It's nice to see that there are some people who are rational.

I'm an not very fond of Jacob and have stated my opinions why. However my comment on the article was not an attempt to belittle. It was stated in the television report that Jacob is entering 5th grade. There are two options. Either the reporter was mistaken. That is what I suspect. The other option is she was accurate, in which case, why is he only in 5th grade? How many grades must he have failed to only be in 5th grade? It is one of those options. I said it was likely it was inaccurate reporting by the television station. Rap makes an issue of everything.

My comments about Zach's soccer job was in response to Rap's claims that it was an example of Zach "manning up" in an attempt to put Jeremy down.

I encourage Zach to coach soccer if that's what he wants to do. However in my opinion, it is not a real job. It is something he is doing because he likes it. That's good, but it's not ammo to use to say Zach has a job and Jeremy doesn't.

Zach is spending time at an interest (soccer).
Jeremy is spending time at an interest (photography). It is wrong to commend Zach for "manning up" and getting a job while disparaging Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

But Zach does have a job while Jeremy doesn't.

They're both twenty and one works part time ("almost fulltime" is a bit like being almost pregnant) and since its Zach... coaching children at soccer is "just an interest".

No. Zach works. It may not be much of a job, but instead of fiddling around playing soccer on club teams and with his buddies, Zach is teaching little kids how to play and getting a paycheck from someone other than his daddy.

Jeremy has spent his summer vacationing, and hiking, and wakeboarding, and visiting Mueller. Jeremy is not working even part time. They're both adults and one is showing some maturity, and since it isn't Jeremy, I believe you said only a fool would interprete Zach's job as a job...

Zach has a job but it makes Jeremy look bad so Jeremy fans insist its not a job. How sweet.

And Dana you can insist all you want - but if you thought an error was made, why didn't you say "I think an error was made" instead of "Did he fail three grades?"

Would you have said it if the news reporter said Jeremy was entering 10th grade? "He's nineteen... did he fail three grades?"

Dana said...

Jeremy's summer sounds like a typical summer for a young college student waiting to start classes in the fall (except for the cruise to help children in Haiti).

Zach is doing the soccer thing because it's a hobby. Jeremy's hobby is photography. It's irrelevant that one is paid and one isn't.

"And Dana you can insist all you want - but if you thought an error was made, why didn't you say "I think an error was made" instead of "Did he fail three grades?"

Rap, Mythought understood what I was saying. I can't help you if you don't read or comprehend my posts. This is the last thing I will say about that. I will quote myself from my original post.

"That must have been a mistake about Jacob. He's 13..." As I said, repeatedly now, there were two options. A mistake by the reporter as I suspected or it was accurate in which case, how many grades must he have failed for it to be accurate? Mythought and other intelligent people understood what I was saying.

Timothy said...

I have no doubt Jeremy and Zach went along for the fun, but I think it was good for them, even if they didn't do much (or anything) and even if it was for a short amount of time.

The Roloff kids (still at 20) are so sheltered and spoiled, that the more things that force them to see the world, appreciate how fortunate they are and have empathy for others is a good thing.

Although it is sadly ironic that according to the You Tube video from the other passenger, on the "Cruise for Haiti" Jeremy and Zach were reported to be acting like privileged snobs and only friendly to the very wealthy and pretty.

Maybe they didn't learn any lessons, but I can't blame Amy for trying.

Rap541 said...

Dana - there's a recession on, and you think its typical for a college student to not work in the summer?

Its a job. Zach works. Jeremy doesn't. Sorry, you can play the game all you want - guess what? One of the twins has a job where he doesn't work for Daddy and managed to get a job doing something he enjoys. Zach is turning his hobby into money. He's going out in the world (albeit not a lot but certainly more than Jeremy) without a buddy, or a parent and actually earning money from his hobby. And you equate that with "a hobby" and call it "irrelevant" because it makes Jeremy look bad. Yes, it is relevant that Zach is getting paid to work, while Jeremy plays.

I'm curious... were you aware that Jeremy, out of the pack of friends is the only one who isn't working this summer?

And frankly - you're falling for the editing of the Roloffs lives. Really, Jeremy spent a day in haiti. (as did Zach but Zach is never lauded for anything you don't like him). A *day*. Better than nothing... but please stop and consider... the big boy isn't working this summer... if he's so into charity* and giving.... perhaps he could be doing charity work? More than one day? Instead of goofing around all summer?

*Personally I don't think anyone is *required* to do charity work but I see Jeremy lauded again and again for his sacrifice of one day out of a luxary cruise... I find it surprising that if Jeremy is so into this, why isn't he using some of his free time for charity work? Seems like there's plenty of charites in the Portland area that he could lending a hand to since he's all about helping and has so much free time?

Christine said...

Actually Rap, I think Zach does the soccer coaching with Keith? He does have a friend with him, but I get your point.

Rap541 said...

Christine, point taken. And to be up front - I have no idea if the guy at the soccer facility is a friend of the Roloffs. On the other hand, Zach can't be doing too badly if he's still working there after the cameras have left.

mythoughtis said...

I don't care if either Zach or Jeremy work over the summer. They have a job... it's called LPBW, media, autograph, speaking and other events, etc.
For them to have a JOB outside of that means either the employer has to be OK with TLC filming it,or TLC has to be OK with the boys not being available to film.

My son is 18,and either couldn't or didn't find a job this summer... so he enrolled at summer term at the local community college. He's probably considered lazier than the Roloff twins by all of you since he doesn't even have a paycheck from TLC coming in.
Not all 18 year olds are ready for adult responsibilities yet. Reality is a lot different than wishes.

Brandon said...

Bull. Jeremy and Zach don't have media responsibilities. Radio interviews? None? Print interviews none? Local TV appearances? None. Even online interviews and press? None.

They were on The Oprah Show two or three years ago with the whole family and Good Morning America shot 2 minute segment at the farm. That's all the press Jeremy and Zach have done for the show. Ok, add in the TLC photo shoot, once a year? No reasonable person would say that is "media responsibilities". You can argue that Matt and Amy have media duties. Jeremy and Zach at 20, don't do any of that and don't do public speaking.

They get paid for the show, but it is not a real job. They get paid for sitting on the couch, going to school dances and tanning on sunny beaches.

It's completely possible for them to actually work. Also, I think we all know what filming is really like. When you say the employer would have to be okay with TLC filming don't honestly think TLC cameras show up at 9am on the Roloff doorstop and follows them like a shadow, do you? Because that's not how it happens. I bet if they actually had a real job, the cameras *might* show them there once.

It is fair to say Jeremy and Zach don't have a real job.

...and Jeremy and Zach are now 20...even Amy admitted they had nothing but spare time. Then they had about 6 months when the cameras were gone. No job either, but as Rap said, at least Zach is doing something other than be available to play with his friends like Jeremy.

Susan said...

Well said, Brandon. Good points. In my opinion, it's excuse making to pretend like they have a full plate (or virtually any) responsibilities. If the things we have heard before on the internet, through interviews and even quotes on the show, except for special circumstances, the Roloff kids aren't even required to be available for filming. They can leave. I recall hearing Roloffs say that it seems like Jeremy was off with friends and not around the cameras much.

My concern for them and what should have been the concern of Matt and Amy is that their kids developed strong character and work ethic.

Four years ago I recall Amy making our very point. She wanted her kids to be real people living oridary lives and become good productive adults. She did not want them being "TV stars", because what are you left with when TV leaves?

I know the answer to that! Twenty year old slugs that don't even know what it's like to need to drag themselves out of bed to get themselves to work on time and have never worked a job where the Boss wasn't named "Dad" or TLC, where they basically answer to Mom and Dad.

I do separate Zach and Jeremy. It might not be a high paying job and it might be something he enjoys, but see my above point. If Zach's employer at the soccer facility has kept him around for months, I figure he has learned that in the real world you need to make it to work on time and how to take instructions and work for a boss.

Greg said...

I can't believe the excuses some people make for the Roloff, men.

They deserved to be called lazy and it's totally warranted.

It sounds like Jeremy's summer has been all about hiking, camping, relaxing on a the world's biggest cruise ship with rich folks, partying in Nashville, more playing in the woods with friends and another trip to the BVI's.

I don't believe at any point Jeremy needs to turn down an invitation of fun from one of his friends because he doesn't have responsibilities. The only reason why he would turn something down is because he has something more fun planned. They are 20 year olds that live like 8 year olds.

As far as I'm concerned, if Molly is treading on the lazy and spoiled territory. She's 17 in a few months. Plenty of 17 year olds are doing something productive.

Diane said...

Great posts Brandon and Greg.

For media with the show and responsibilities? I would be more willing to personally give Jeremy and Zach a pass if they did that, but they don't!

Matt does. Amy does. Jeremy and Zach play. They don't do any of that because it's more fun for them to play. That's living like a little child, not an adult.

Rap541 said...

My son is 18,and either couldn't or didn't find a job this summer... so he enrolled at summer term at the local community college. He's probably considered lazier than the Roloff twins by all of you since he doesn't even have a paycheck from TLC coming in."

Not at all. He's doing something *constructive* with his free time rather than loll on the couch.

Now lets see some evidence that Jeremy went looking for a job for the summer and couldn't get one. Zach has a job, so does Mueller, and Scott, and Bryan, and they're all hampered by similar backgrounds. Did Jeremy even try? Or is it more fun to have all summer for play?

Of course its more fun to cruise with mommy, and play with friends (when they can get time off) and then maybe head down to the BVIs and play with Daddy.... now someone explain how Jeremy goofing his time away on hiking, and cruising, and having all night parties with friends means he's a responsible mature young man?

Because I am already appalled that Zach's part time job gets relegated to "He's just playing like the little baby whiner he is" while Jeremy - who can't be bothered to find a job where he can play - is mature and responsible for wandering about with a camera on expensive trips.

Brandon makes an excellent point about the nature of Jeremy's work for TLC. Does Jeremy do any public appearences where he isn't bribed with a 7 day vacation to someplace cool? Has Jeremy ever done ANY publicity for the show by himself? He's not a toddler. Does he do any interviews without his daddy or mommy? No (and he hasn't done an interview in years)

His "job" for TLC doesn't require him to do anything responsible. He's being paid to live as a dependent child at home, not work (since the big boy needs to be free to dirt bike or head to the BVIs or party on cruise ships) and to basically sit around his dirty bedroom and create filmable drama.

I wouldn't be so vocal if I wasn't told how sleeping in till 3pm, partying in the woods until all hours, not working at all and living at home makes Jeremy mature and responsible and I better respect his maturity and responsibility!

Honestly, what am I supposed to be respecting? He's a spoiled child, getting paid to be spoiled. He's different from Paris Hilton how? Oh right...he's "creating awareness for LPs!" by playing with average height friends and dint of being related to LPs.

Now. someone explain to me how Jeremy - who is not a spokesperson for the LPA, and is not a volunteer in any LP organization, and is not actively participating in LPA fundraising - is doing anything for LP awareness other than.... living with his lp family?

Anything at all? Anything that isn't what a normal brother/son would do in a non lp family?

BeckyM said...

Most of this summer, my 16 year old son has played video games. Since he doesn't get an allowance, I just let nature take it's course. It wasn't long before he was whining about being bored and needing money.

He spent a week at his grandparents digging out a new French drain ditch along their garage (by himself, grandad is too old and only supervises). Then spent another week ripping out drywall and doing construction on his great-grandmother's house beside an older cousin entering construction. Worked the week like a dog.

He's back now to playing video games, but as I've always suspected, he can WORK! and works HARD but there has to be a motivation, in his case money.

He knows that next summer we expect a summer job - if he wants to have his own business that is okay with us but he will need to be earning money to pay for his own car, insurance, hanging out with friends etc...

Now in Jeremy's case, and really with all the Roloff kids, there is no reason to work. And their parents will really do a palm slap when those "boys" are 35 and still not working. Still sleeping in filthy rooms. Still having mommy and hired help do their laundry.

Still can't get a girlfriend who wants someone with a sub-par education, no ambition and a "nice" butt. Nice butts' are a dime a dozen.

Mary said...

Matt does not know or care about Jacob. he does care about Jeremy> Jeremy can carry and matts luggage if they go away. Jeremy is Matt's Manservent. Matt does not car about his kids. Zack is working part time.
Please Jeremy could barely grauduate from high school. Not sure of the statnards that school has as we all know Zack or Jeremy was failing all his subjects but mysteriously graduated the day before cermoniones. I wonder how much Amy donated to the school for that. We know Amy was there as Matt was busy could not be bothered.