Monday, July 19, 2010

Matt Roloff on the cover of 'Celebrity Parents' Magazine

Matt Roloff is on the cover of the new issue of Celebrity Parents Magazine.

The preview reads:

Our next cover of Celebrity Parents will feature none other than Matt Roloff! The star of TLC's hit show Little People, Big World spoke exclusively with us about his marriage, his family, and why being a parent is the most important thing to him. Check out Matt in the next issue of Celebrity Parents, out this Friday!

You can visit their website for more infomation:


Sheri said...

I'm glad to see Matt getting his due. He is a great man, a great father and serves as a fantastic example for many father's around the country and the world.

Carol said...

I'll admit that I don't understand the concept of a 'Celebrity Parent' magazine? To learn from them? I don't think I want to learn the parenting secrets from either Brad and Angelina or Matt and Amy.

Greg said...

Is this a joke?

"why being a parent is the most important thing to him."

His own son Zach said "The most important thing to my dad is his own reputation".

Now of course Matt would probably say I'm stupid for believing the lies the Roloffs tell on their fake show, but if it's good enough for the Roloffs to say on the show and they insist the show is real, then I can quote it back

Dana said...

I agree Sheri. No parent is perfect, but Matt is pretty darned good. His relationship with Jeremy and the way Jeremy has turned out says a lot about Matt's parenting skills. Jeremy is the one that is the most like Matt.

I would love to read the whole article.

Julie said...

If the way that Jeremy has turned out is supposed to say a lot about Matt's parenting skills, then I'm afraid I don't think that much of Matt's parenting skills.

Rap541 said...

Carol the really amusing thing is the um....the way Matt is whoring himself. Really, he's in an *online* "magazine" which, read between the lines, is a website updated once a week.

He is being "recognized" in a magazine that if you watch the "covers" streaming by, also recognizes the stellar parenting of two of the Housewives of NYC (Bethanny and Alex of the two little brats) Jeff Jarrett the pro wrestler, and one of the voice guys from that christian show Family Guy.

I find it *hilarious* that Matt is being interviewed in a "magazine" (aka basically a blog like this one) that holds Alex and Simon and Bethenny and people who make their living voicing sex jokes on the same level as Matt Roloff :)

It's *hilarious*. Oh gosh I pray they ask Matt how he motivated the twins to *barely* graduate by on at least one occasion, bribing ptecious perfect "the most like matt" Jeremy with a new car if the big boy got a C.

And if I recall, that stellar parenting moment resulted in precious perfect Jer-bear getting a car DESPITE not making the grades Daddy Matt wanted :)

Matt's boys needing mommy and sissy to take them to register sure shows how Matt motivated them for education. I tear up when big boy Jer doesn't know enough to bring ID and doesn't know his own social security number at nineteen and Zachiepoo can't spell the state he lives in without help. Matt's fantastic parenting really paid off and I imagine parents all around the world want their boys to be as incapable and infantile as Jeremy and Zach displayed.

(oh hey, do the big boys ever go anywhere without mommy and daddy or the producer daddy Chris to tend their baby butts?"

Lynn C said...

Isn't it a magazine, hence the cover? Where is the article? Do you have to subscribe to read it?

The Roloffs are good parents. The kids have good morals, they don't get into any real trouble. Jeremy and Zach are in community college, like a lot of young people deciding what to do with their lives.

Tom said...

Am I the only one that thinks that Matt isn't as proud of Jeremy as people think he is?

Discard what Matt says publicly and think about what he really thinks because everyone that has read on Matt knows he will always blow smoke publicly.

I think Matt can see how it is. He sees how unmotivated Jeremy is. He sees all the opportunity Jeremy has (mainly because of Matt). They may or may not have similar personalities, but Jeremy doesn't have any of the physical or social obstacles Matt had to deal with.

Consider 4 years ago Matt was talking Wharton for Jeremy. Now he's in community college, still doesn't know what he wants to do and still living at home. Matt has been talking about Jeremy and Zach leaving "soon" for several years.

If Matt was honest (and he's not! At least not in public) I don't think Jeremy makes him as proud as people think.

mythoughtis said...

Jacob is older than 5th grade. He's 13.

Shadow said...

Dana and I agree!!!!!!

"...the way Jeremy has turned out says a lot about Matt's parenting skills..."

Anonymous said...

Grow up!! Its a show!!! They could clean the house and be thankful for there blessings!!
Zack grow up and stop making little people look bad. Jeremy Get a job!! Amy get help!!