Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Roloff cruise video -- Fellow passenger describes cruise and opinion of Jeremy, Zach and Amy Roloff on You Tube

Someone on You Tube that was aboard the Oasis Of The Seas cruise ship with the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation and Zach and Jeremy put a video up with a pictures from the cruise.

In the description the person wrote about their opinion of the cruise. They have a less than stellar opinion of Jeremy and Zach. For people wondering, the passenger does talk about the Haiti part of the trip.

This is the description along with the video:

"These are pictures from the cruise I took the last last week of June 2010. The ship is called Oasis of the Seas and its amazing!

It's like having the best part of cities all over the place on a boat. There is a section that looks like the Boardwalk and Central Park. There is rock climbing and a zip line. An aqua theatre, comedy club, restaurants, shops, ice cream parlor, promenades, pizzerias. It's unbelievable!

This was the first real trip we ever took. Its my parents 20th anniversary later this year. They wanted to do something special for the family, Oasis of the Seas it was!

Amy, Zack and Jeremy Roloff were there too from the show Little People Big World. I had no idea they would be there but I guess they were on a celebrity cruise for Amy, but Jeremy and Zack didn't act like it.

I thought it was cool at first but not for long because I soon realized they are jerks. I talked to Amy once, she was nice. My parents had a long talk with her. They liked her. She seemed cool. A friend of hers Gail, was my favorite. She was a super nice lady.

Jeremy and Zack are not nice. They are jerks. They were nothing like I thought they would be from watching their show. I thought they would be normal and down to earth cool. They are not at all. They are rich snobs that make fun of people, talk behind peoples backs and act like they are so much better.

They had a signing for a couple of hours near the end, the picture at 1:48 is from it, but mostly I saw them around the cruise all the time.

They are so fake. If someone came up to them they would half smile and say hi. Then they walk away and make fun of people. My family was at the table behind them once when they were doing it. By the way, Jeremy is very LOUD when he is being his real self. I also heard them talk by the elevators too.

Almost everytime I saw Jeremy, a brown haired girl he met on the cruise was with him. She is the girl in the picture at 0:38 They were very cozy with each other and giggling like couples do. She is nice looking and she's rich. I heard it was their 24th cruise or something. Trust me, you can tell who lives in the cruise world all the time and who doesn't. That's what the Roloffs flock to, at least Jeremy and Zack. Amy seemed cool.

That's what I have to say about the Roloffs. Amy was nice, but Jeremy and Zack are douchebags. They act like there are two classes. They act like they were born to be apart of the uppity privileged crowd. They obviously forget they weren't and only were on the cruise because normal people think they are down to earth regular working people. I'm not rich and didn't fit in with a lot of the people who do the cruises all the time like Jeremy's girlfriend seems to. Then again I'm not white and Jeremy has said a bunch of racist stuff before so...

Jeremy and Zack act like they are so much better, like they are way up there and other people down there. They hang out with the rich and the beautiful. I think it's a joke how their show is supposed to be about not judging people on looks and appearances and to look inside. They are only interested in hanging out with the rich and the pretty people. They gave me the "oh're nothing and now go away" attitude. Now that I know what they are like I will never watch their fake show again.

Someone was asking me what about the Haiti relief trip? I didn't even know anything about it. Lol. Nobody in my family knew and neither did any of the other people I talked to. We docked in Labadee, Haiti on the beach. It was really nice. Some people did some water sports. I don't know if the Roloffs did something on their own, but the rest of the ship didn't. Whatever they did it couldn't have been for long. We docked in Haiti in the morning and left, I don't know 5 or 6, in the evening.

That's my advice. If you can ever afford to go on the Oasis of the Seas, do it. It was awesome. There is so much to do. It has a whole city on the ship and everything is beautiful. But it is super expensive. Most of the costs to do things aren't included. The service is great, but you're expected to tip huge and after 7 days it adds up. Unless someone in my family wins, the lottery I won't be going on it again! Just try to make sure you don't go with spoiled brats from a fake reality tv show because Jeremy and Zack Roloff are jerks."


Greg said...

Not surprised about any of it.

Craw said...

The person is probably a loser and that's why Jeremy gave the the cold shoulder, lol.

The Roloffs are cool so they chill with other cool people. On a cruise that means good looking and wealthy people.

I compare the you tube comments to the geek at Faith Bible that said Jeremy was obnoxious and stupid.

Jeremy = cool

People that aren't cool = bash him because they aren't.

The Haiti stuff doesn't bother me. They never said they were in Haiti for a month. They went and that's the main thing. Something is better than nothing, right?

Jen said...

Jeremy and Zach should realize that they aren't that cool...

Ashley said...

I'm not too shocked either. That's how I expected them to be.

About the ship, why not just to a the actual cities instead of re-creations on a ship?

The only thing I have to say about the Haiti stop, is I hope the Roloffs are honest about how much or how little of a part it really was.

Jason said...

Jeremy and Zach are brats. They behave like brats. They've been caught online trashing fans and people in general. I wouldn't expect anything less.

It's funny though because with the LPBW fans, the Roloffs don't fit into the high rollers crowd one little bit.

mythoughtis said...

I'm sorry to hear that the twins haven't yet realized that their actions are being watched. That comes with the fame of having a TV show.
Someone needs to explain to them that the person in the elevator might turn out to be your new boss, etc.

And, I am even more sorry that a teenage poster feels the need to attack the teenage author of this clip... because the author dared to have a negative opinion about Jeremy ... whom the author has now met, while the poster has not. I think the author has the opportunity to have a more accurate opinion than the poster.

This goes to show some of the reasons that child stars end up with less than stellar adult lives.

Dana said...

MyThoughtIs, why are you jumping to the conclusion that this girl that rushed to the internet to put up a video to bash Jeremy and Zach is a sweet innocent nice girl? Saying what she said about them are not the actions of a nice person.

I am figuring that her attitude was the problem, not theirs. Especially since she included Jeremy in her attack. I could understand how Zach could be interpreted as being unfriendly, but Jeremy is a personalbe person. If he didn't like her and had unkind comments to make, I will give Jeremy the benefit of the doubt.

Both you and this girl needs to learn not to judge the Roloffs.

Judy said...


I'm disappointed in your opinion after your post on the LPA issue.

Why do you automatically assume that this girl on youtube was in the right? Perhaps she is rude. When someone calls a celebrity a jerk, how come we never think for a moment that perhaps the real jerk is the person posting?

She sounds to me like she has an inferiority complex and is jealous that Jeremy didn't want to talk to her.

Jeremy and Zach are under no obligation to spend their leisure time with someone that wants to talk to them. They have a right to pick and choose who they want to spend their time with. If Jeremy wants to spend it with a pretty girl he met, Jeremy has that right.

It is very common and human nature to discuss your true feelings for a person or situation with friends or family at a table over lunch or a coffee. Are you telling me you have never talked about someone with your friends or family? If a waiter or waitress was rude to you, when she walks away, you have never spoke about her to your spouse or friend? You have never said an unkind word about someone you have seen in public to your spouse or friend?

Jeremy and Zach are on television star. They still have a right to be human as we all are.

Brandon said...

Jeremy and Zach have a history of talking badly about fans and people in general.

It is too bad they haven't learned anything about having respect for people.

Lynn C said...

I think Amy needs to take some responsibility. She was on the cruise. She is their mother. She raised them. If they are rude, who does it fall on? Amy.

Matt is good with people. In fact, even during the whole dark days of the "Jeremy comment scandal" it was proven that Jeremy said Matt was instructing him and Zach to be respectful to strangers.

Matt was doing his part.

I do agree with Judy though. I'm not ready to hang the twins based on this video report.

Rap541 said...

Yes anyone who has a negative opinion of Jeremy is trasy and rude. Jeremy (not necessarily Zach) is ALWAYS perfect and ALWAYS noteworthy.

Any time someone has a negative experience with *Jeremy* it is ALWAYS the fault of the other person as *Jeremy* is ALWAYS PERFECT.

Anyone who ever says Jeremy was rude or less than PERFECT is always LYING and ALWAYS has some sort of personality disorder AS JEREMY IS ALWAYS PERFECT IN ANY SITUATION AND NEVER EVER IS AT FAULT EVER.



That's what I am getting anyway. Jeremy is as Perfect and Faultless as Jesus Christ. Christians? Is Jeremy really Jesus on Earth? Because he certainly seems pretty faultless per your protests?

Timothy said...

Judy, have you stopped to consider that perhaps the Roloff twins gravitate towards other privileged people because that's what the twins are? It's unfair to attack the you tube girl because she had a negative opinion.

The behavior she describes unfortunately is common for youth celebrities and it's not stranger to Jeremy and Zach Roloff.

Jeremy's infamous quote was "They suck the unsuckable", referring to his own fans.

Rap541 said...

Lynn, Matt and Amy are parents. Matt was the parent who made the public statement about "one of the children". If he wanted *Jeremy* who was clearly at fault at that time, to learn a lesson, he would have said *Jeremy*. Blaming *just* Amy for *both* parents faults is a cop out. Either Matt is a full time parent or he isn't... and since you're deeming him not responsible when Jeremy is bad... then *Amy* should get some of the praise for Jeremy as opposed to the whole "Matt raised Jeremy and Jeremy is Jesus walkingh on Earth, Praise Matt for his awesome parenting" .

Matt is a very disengaged parent. I find it hilarious that on the first trip Jer-Bear goes on as an adult without Daddy Matt, suddenly *amy* is to blame for her ADULT SON'S behavior.

Yet Matt isn't responsible as a parent at all for jake as Jake has apparently been an adult man and responsible for his behavior since he was three per Craw the Christian.

When exactly will *Jeremy* who is already *TWENTY YEARS OLD* be responsible for how *JEREMY* is percieved? Since he is a baby boy who Amy should have been managing and controlling as he's not mentally capable of being responsible for how he acts at age 20 on a cruise?

That was everyone's point, right? Jeremy at *twenty* is not mentally compentant and Amy is at fault for his behavior as he's mentally incapable of being an adult?

No, I am sure jer's fan's aren't suggesting he's too mentally challenged for Amy to let him be alone... yet I dont follow how he's a responsible adult yet his *mommy* is to blame for how a *not mentally challenged* adult son is rude.

Lynn? Do you believe Jeremy is too mentally challenged to function without an adult aide? Is that it?

tay said...

want to make a bet that the girl is fat and ugly?

poor jeremy. can you really imagine all the beasts that think they can be his friend just because they watch him on tv?

Shelly said...

In my opinion, I put the blame squarely on Jeremy and Zach.

Parents can only do so much. Jeremy and Zach are 20 and should know how to act and how to be decent. If they can't, it is on them.

Particularly since Amy is reported to have been friendlhy and people across the country consistently report that Amy is friendly and down to earth. The same can't be said for the twins. That is their problem. Matt and Amy shouldn't be blamed.

I think Jacob is headed down the same road as the twins. Hopefully Molly is the one kid that will understand something about how to treat people because the Roloff boys don't know anything about it..

Anonymous said...

Zach his kinda shy... maybe not saying much or engaging in conversation isnt really being a jerk??

Em said...

I'm saddened, but not surprised.

I don't think Zach is really that shy anymore. Maybe Jeremy and Mueller have rubbed off on Zach in a bad way?

Certainly Jeremy's reported behavior isn't anything new.

Timothy said...

Anon at 12:20am, the Youtuber said Jeremy and Zach were chummy with the rich pretty girl. Did you see the movie Titanic? I know exactly what the Youtuber is referring to.

Zach didn't appear to be shy around her.

Sheri said...

This is outrageous how willing and eager people are to tear down the Roloff family.

We know what Jeremy is like. If she didn't like him or she gave him a reason not to reach out to her, then she is at fault, not Jeremy James Roloff.

Jeremy and Zach are not property of other passengers or fans. They don't need to smile and wave at everyone. They wanted to enjoy themselves with their new Christian friend. This girl should have had the decency to allow them to carry on with their friend and with each other without trying to tarnish their reputation

Diane said...

Yes Sheri we do know what Jeremy is like. He insults people, he makes fun of people! He's been caught at it before.

Rap541 said...

"If she didn't like him or she gave him a reason not to reach out to her, then she is at fault, not Jeremy James Roloff."

Heheheh really? Jeremy is so wonderful, people who don't like him are at fault? Hahaha! And yet he's *not perfect*?

Thats one hell of a pedestal you have Jeremy on.

aponce16 said...

He is absolutely right!

Anonymous said...

He is also a bigot, a racist and a homophobic jerk.

I don't understand all the morons like Dana, Sheri, etc... that keep ignoring the Roloffs misgivings and blame the person that complains about them. My freaking God, open your stupid eyes and see what staring you in the face. The Roloffs think they are better than all of us, they think they are rich, they think they are better that us. Well, they hang around with the rich and the pretty now but those rich and pretty people will drop them like a hot potato as soon as the show is canceled and the TLC money and fame stops rolling in.
I am hearing that LPBW is on its last legs. It jumped the shark with that little stunt about Matt's vertigo fall. TLC is also very aware of the extremely bad postings that are being written about them HERE and on the site.
When I was told that I was so happy I was like a little boy waiting to open my Christmas presents. Matt is going to have to find areal job and lets see how long they can keep the farm after TLC leaves. I am told they can't pay they county taxes alone with what they make selling pumpkins.
These people are in real trouble and they don't even know it. (except for Matt. He is not stupid. But he has an inferiority complex.)
So, Dana, and company, Tic Toc Tic Toc

Thanks to the fact that, this people are after all minor (and I have to make a point of fact here... these are MINOR celebrities okay, not stars. You see stars learn to be actors and actresses. They got scripts that they have to memorize to play act their characters on TV or film. The roloffs are just reality tv scum. Like those jerks of Jersey Shore. So give me a break about them being celebrities. PLEEESE.)

Going back to my point. Since these losers are minor celebrities, after TLC leaves we will be updated on their disaster lives by the good people of radaronline, The Smoking gun, and the local news. When their million and a half dollar farm gets foreclosed we will know about it.
I bet, since they are Tea party republicans, they will blame the lost on Barack Obama's Presidency. They aren't ever personally responsible for anything they do or fail to do. Is always somebody else's fault, right Dana?
That is always going to be your answer to everything. Jeremy raped me, but it was my fault, I was too seductive and he couldn't control himself. Jeremy robed that bank, but it was their fault for having so much money in the vault. Hey, Jeremy was arrested with a DUI, but it was the bartender who made him drunk. Also the cop should be looking for real criminals, not my sweetheart Jer-Ber.

You Dana, Sheri, and company are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

How many of these type of stories do you defenders have to hear before it sinks in that there is probably a lot of truth in them? There's way too many to dismiss.

And to the person who claims this kid on the cruise was "fat and ugly," you've got a LOT of growing up to do. Being fat and plain is no reason to treat someone rudely.

A lot of you people aren't even bright enough to be on "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader." You're more at the kindergarten level.

mythoughtis said...

The article does not say anything about the rich white girl,,,, other than she is a rich white girl with brown hair, and has been on 24 cruises. How do you get the idea that the rich white girl is Christian out of that?

Why is is it OK for Jeremy and Zach to make comments about other people behind their back, in other's hearing, and not ok for the author of this article to do the same?

C1rca said...

this girl writes about her cruise experience and her opinion on the roloff twins. Shes a rude mean girl because she didnt like they way the twins acted, what a bitch.

but when the twins are caught on myspace, offending different races and gays, its all in good fun and nothing meant by it?

um ok. hypocrites much?

Sheri said...

"How do you get the idea that the rich white girl is Christian out of that?"

Because I know Jeremy James Roloff. He would not spend a considerable amount of his time with a person that was not Christian. She is Christian. 100%.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much if anything they did for the "poor Haitians," which is how this was originally touted. It should be easy to verify, and if not much was done AND this luxury trip was charged off to that suspicious "charity" of hers, they should be reported to the appropriate state and federal authorities for FRAUD

Anonymous said...

Sheri, either you are a troll, and idiot or mentally sick person living in a fantasy world.

Anonymous said...

I know that girl with Jeremy, they're friends and shes for sure 150% Christian and actually very sweet.

I spoke to her a few times on board. Yes shes been on quite a few cruises but does not act "stuck up" at all.

Anonymous said...

Gee, you know him? How did Spiritwander miss having you go out there and interview him?????

I strongly suspect how you "know" him is from the pictures you printed off the net that you hung on your cellar room wall that "talk" to you.

Sheri said...

Thank you, Anonymous at 2:01. There was never any doubt. Some people just don't understand what the Roloffs are about.

Jason said...

Anyone that believes the Roloffs fake image from the show is a moron.

How many real stories to people need to hear about Jeremy acting like spoiled brat with a massive ego that likes to insult and ridicule people he thinks is beneath him?

Too bad that Zach has turned out like that too.

Tom said...

Well, I gotta say, the girl that looked like Jeremy's girlfriend is hot :)

Jeremy, to me, does seem like a douch bag, dumb, thinks he's awesome, a liar and all that, but it's typical with these teen idol type celebrity guys.

Of course they're going to flock to the hot girls, but their fans are the fat ugly girls that start to get upset when they realize that Mr Perfect (aka Jeremy) won't give them the time of day because they're into the hot girls.

Zee to the Z said...

I wonder if the girl he was always with on the cruise realizes that Jeremy has a girl like that every place he goes? He has tons of girls scattered across Oregon who he leads on and whose hearts are all a flutter when the Jer Bear decides to give them some attention, on his whim.

The most underrated (bad choice of words), least talked about thing about the real Jeremy Roloff? He's a 'playa'.

Janelle said...

Jeremy and Zach are have no respect. They bite the hands that feeds them. Big headed pseudo celebrities.

They'll be in for a surprise when the show finally ends.

Then what will they be? By that time? 22 year olds living at home with no jobs that play all day like children?

Too bad they haven't learned to treat people nicely.

Megan said...

I think Amy is a nice person, but she and Matt did a bad job raising Jeremy and Zach. Proof right there. It's in how you treat others.

Expressed said...

Anonymous, great picture! :) Lucky girl :) It is cute.

Expressed said...

What? Hey Spirits? What happened to the picture anonymous posted of Jeremy and the girl on the cruise? It was cute :) Did you delete it? Why!?

Chris said...

The girl in the picture leaning on Jeremy's shoulder and holding the wine glass is hot :)

So much for the Jeremy is gay Despite the weird obsession he has with Mueller...

Spiritswander said...

Hi Expressed,

Yes, I deleted it.

Sorry, we know people love pictures and we all enjoy sharing with fans and followers of the Roloffs, however, the person that posted the picture on her photo account emailed indicating that she didn't intend for the pictures of her and Jeremy to be seen...and I agreed to remove a previous picture because I am nice like that :)

Having another link to her account with that and the other picture available would contradict my personal contact with her that stated her desire not to have the pictures seen publicly and my agreement to respect her wishes.

Expressed said...

Oh ok. Thanks for the explanation Spirits. But that sucks! :( It was a cute picture!

Tom said...

She is a better looking person (and apparently a lot richer!) than Jeremy.

I bet if Jeremy wasn't on television and the celebrity in a celebrity cruise, the hot girl wouldn't have paid any attention to him.

Hey I'm a guy but Jeremy is NOT that good looking! He's not the ugliest guy ever, but if he was a normal Joe, a girl like that wouldn't have spent anytime with him on the ship...she would have been like Jeremy was to the girl that posted the YouTube video report.

The Chosen One said...

The reports leaking back from this cruise are very disturbing. It absolutely DISGUSTS me that a once highly held and esteemed family in Christian circles have chosen money and carnal pleasures instead of choosing Jesus Christ.

Anyone who holds this family up as an example of Christian values must be plagued by demons themselves.

Please repent Roloffs before it is too late!!!

Christine said...

Jeremy has been acting like he's better than people his whole life. Not a shock that he's that way now.

Expressed said...

The Chosen One, haha, what reports?

Instead of choosing Jesus Christ? Yeah the girl from you tube said Jeremy wasn't very welcoming to her and that's too bad, but not really a surprise. Do people that the Roloffs really love people that would like to meet them? They just say for the PR game, I kind of wish it was different, but whatever, it doesn't affect me.

But so what the you tube girl didn't like Jeremy, how does that mean he's not choosing Jesus Christ??

Like I said, what reports? That he hung out with a pretty girl? That's what you think is "very disturbing?" lol.

Roxanne said...

I hope any girl that meets Jeremy, rich or poor, knows they'll always be a distant second play to Jacob Mueller in Jeremy land. A lot of girls know what that's like but I think everyone would agree that Jeremy and Mueller take it to a whole other level. ;)

Angela said...

Karma will get Jeremy and Zach. The way they treat other people will eventually come back to bit them in the ass.

s said...

me and my friends just hung out with jeremy and mueller in pendleton the other night :)

jeremy's girl on the cruise has nothing on us :)

ps. jeremy and mueller are definately not gay. hahahaha. trust me on that :)

nokatashi said...

lol I'd teach them a lesson in a second.

the only thing they have is money because zach doesn't know what the do every time he gets in a situation, he's too shy, doesnt know how to dress and please I bet hes still a virgin

Jeremy just one word: himbo! most of the time he doesnt know how to dress, though hes rich he will always be a country/farm boy. "you can't change a farm boy to a hollywood star" ;)

The Chosen One said...

Expressed, when someone who is part author of a book that promotes Christian values chooses to contradict their written beliefs (and what is expected from them from Jesus' teachings), it is an affront to God!!!

Jeremy clearly states he does not imbibe in alcohol or drugs in this book, yet he does the opposite in real life. Jeremy speaks of kindness in writing, but is mean spirited and mocking at others in reality, directly or indirectly. There are now some stories of sexual improprieties surfacing. Judging from his behavior I suspect these stories to be true.

Matthew 5:29-30
"If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. For it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body be thrown into hell. And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. For it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body go into hell."

Jeremy would've been in a whole heap of trouble in Saint Matthew's time :)

ceem said...

what are you implying about them not being gay? haha

and does anyone know where this picture of jeremy with the hot girl is? or am i just missing it

Expressed said...

Ceem, I agree about S' comment and that's actually exactly how I thought Jeremy and Mueller would be like. I think that's the real reason why Jeremy has been single for so long. He's not gay. I think that "rumor" is ridiculous considering a lot of people think Jeremy's a bigot to gay people because he's made it clear that he doesn't like homosexuality, but not to get on that again!

I think he's been single so long because when he hangs out with Mueller and his other friends he they can meet up with girls wherever and show that they aren't gay, lol.

Expressed said...

Oh and Ceem, read Spirits' own comment a few comments up.

Someone posted the picture in the comments here but Spirits deleted because apparently the "hot girl" (haha) asked that the pictures not be posted.

I didn't even realize it, but after I saw her picture and the one that was deleted, she was the same girl in the picture in Spirits article about the Cruise being over and the Roloffs on their way to Nashville. The picture around the big table with the Captain? She was the girl in between Jeremy and the Captain (good company!), but when I went to look at the picture now, it's gone.

The picture here was of the girl and Jeremy, sitting down, her head was leaning on Jeremy's shoulder, she was holding a glass of wine and they looked really cozy and cute :)

Janet said...

Chosen One, well said.

It's hard to believe Jeremy is even really Christian with all of his hypocritical and unkind behavior, but unfortunately there are many misguided Christians like Jeremy.

Danielle said...

Oh! That makes sense. It is the same girl. I was on that cruise. Jeremy and Zach played soccer with my cousins every night. Jeremy would leave early a lot with amber though.

I met her.

They were always together and holding hands i thought they were a couple. It was very cute to watch.

She is VERY VERY pretty those pictures do no justice. :)

And Jeremy was always nice when he came around with her. I never got the impression that he was a jerk at all. who knows

Jen said...

That is exactly what Jeremy is like. Degrading people, making fun of people, acting like he's better. Too bad Zach seems to be falling into it too.

Rap541 said...

"Because I know Jeremy James Roloff. "

When did you meet him? Are you claiming to be one of the Roloff family friends? If someone asked Matt about you, would he snap his fingers and say "Oh sure, Sheri! She's over here for dinner all the time."

Do you talk to Jeremy on the phone, Sheri? Since you *know* him?

You do understand that watching him on tv doesn't make him your friend in real life, right? Lies make Jesus cry, Sheri.

Also you're incorrect. (or lying, and since you know Jeremy, thats the more likely case) Jeremy is still good friends with Sarah the atheist so he does indeed hang wth people who aren't 100% Christian.

BeckyM said...

Hm just a thought but if this was a cruise for charity, then why didn't Amy mention this to this girl's parents? If this was a charity fundraiser, why weren't tables marked as such for guests etc...?

And really if Jeremy and Zach were there to support a charity, then they had an obligation to be nice, even to the non-white, fat and ugly girls.

Jeremy and Zach are no longer children. They are responsible for their own behavior, good or bad. Yes, I agree both Amy and Matt were poor parents but now it's time for J&Z to take their lumps for what they do.

PS Rap, unfortunately I'm married and have two children but you would definitely be the man for me if I was available! "Lies make Jesus cry" - HILARIOUS!

David said...

It's been clear for some time that Jeremy and Zach have the attitude that they are special and entitled. The described behavior has been on going in different forms for years and years.

Re: The girl with Jeremy on the cruise? As a father with a daughter, I hope this girl and any girl Jeremy meets on his "adventures" are well aware of how Jeremy operates.

The conversation Jeremy and Matt had around the time Jeremy was putting Kirsten out to pasture was very enlightening on Jeremy's mindset. I beleve the exact quote was "Girls will always be around for me" and Matt's advice was for Jeremy to be a stud and not pick a girl until he was old because that's the only time a man needs a woman, to take of him.

I can imagine what Jeremy is like in this situation. The girl is an amazing girl, the most amazing girl Jeremy has EVER met, a girl Jeremy was dreamed of ever since he was 4 years old. The memories they made were the most amazing memories he has ever made, memories he has dreamed of having since he was 4 years old.

That is until the next weekend when Jeremy is meeting the next most amazing girl he has ever met and had dreamed of since he was 4 years old.

To Jeremy girls are replaceable. That's fine as long as the girls he is whispering his sweet nothings to understand that.

I also wonder if this girl is aware of the awkward Mueller situation. Mueller comes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th in Jeremy's mind.

Sheri said...

Rap, I do not owe you or anyone an explanation.

I do know the heart of Jeremy James Roloff and I know that Jesus comes first. That told me that if he was spending all of his time with a young woman on the cruise, that she was Christian. I was one hundred percent correct.

Sarah is a different set of circumstances. Jeremy met her at church. Around the time that she was rejecting God and giving her sould to Satan, Jeremy dumped her.

She still was in love with Jeremy and wanted to continue the relationship even if it was as friends. Because Jeremy is a nice person that tries to share the love of Christ, he has not totally ignored her and remained friends.

He did not meet Sarah as an Atheist. If she was, Jeremy would never have pursued that relationship, his first real girlfriend. He met her at Church thinking she loved God. When she rejected God, Jeremy distanced himself from her. She wants to remain friends. Jeremy is a nice person and accepts. End of story.

As I said, I knew as soon as I heard that the girl Jeremy was spending time with must be a devoted Christian or else Jeremy would not have chosen to spend time with her.

Kayla said...

Changing subjects...I have to say the picture of them signing is an awful picture! lol.

I've seen pictures where it was not a flattering picture of one of them, but not all three.

They look like the person just pulled out a machine gun ;)

The Chosen One said...

Sheri (quote) "I do know the heart of Jeremy James Roloff and I know that Jesus comes first."

Clearly your demons have taken over your common sense.

MONEY is what comes first in the heart of Jeremy James Roloff. That is CLEAR for all to see.

Lest I remind you my child of the perils of worshiping a false god....I suggest you pray with the following verse in mind.

"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I The Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate Me; And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love Me, and keep My Commandments" (Exodus 20:4-6)

Anonymous said...

Not only does Jesus cry at your taking His name in vain, he's also vomiting profusely.

Stop giving Christians a bad name. You are not a good representation of my faith.

This one's for Sherri

Rap541 said...

Sheri - in other words, you've never Jeremy. I agree, you don't owe anyone an explanation but you *are* claiming special knowledge of Jeremy James. I'm sorry, but having caught you in numerous falsehoods, your word as a Christian means VERY little to me. You say you know Jeremy. Got proof? And no your word isn't enough, and btw, how exactly does Jesus approve of Jeremy continuing a relationship, even a friendship, with a tool of Satan?

I also notice as usual that you as a Christian, quite literally have said anyone who doesn't like Jeremy is wrong....Does Jeremy tell you this on his phone calls to you? SInce you know him, and know his heart....

Hand on the Bible Sheri - Have you ever physically met Jeremy? Spoken to him?

Or is this one of those "I'm a Christian so everyone shut up since my being Christian makes everything I say true, regardless of actual facts"?

Rap541 said...

Becky - as I understand the cruise chronology, Amy was intending to do some DAAA/AMCF stuff on the cruise and it was origanally marketed that way, but it was clearly not the entire focus of the trip. Then the Haitian earthquake occured, and many cruise lines tacked on "and we're dropping of relief supplies" so that their cruisers didn't feel like monsters or get vilified for vacationing three feet away from dying children. While I am sure that it will be presented differently, the reality is that Amy's mission to Haiti was all of one day and ended on the cruise ship with a party and was not some sort of shipwide forced cruise activity.

Which, I don't have a problem with as long as its not spun into "The Roloffs led a mission of hope". I think its very nice and a good thing they took some time out of their luxary cruise to tour Haiti and give out supplies. They could have easily spent the day at the beach.

On the other hand, it was a day tour of a seven day trip and I strongly suspect that they literally did nothing but tour Haiti. If this is presented on the show, they will be getting paid (as yet it seems unclear whether this will be on the show, but rest assured, if its an episode, the Roloffs do indeed get a pay check)

I'm sorry but if the twins will only be nice to attractive people then the twins are shallow adults. And Becky - I must admit, the lies line is from Rod and Tod Flanders from the Simpsons :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Chosen One for calling out these so-called "Christians" that convolute the teachings of our Lord Jesus to rationalize their prejudices, hatred, etc.

Jocelynn said...

Wow Rap, I think that was the best message I've ever read on the internet about the Roloffs. Very nicely put.

I have to objectively say, I like your posts so much more when you present yourself as much calmer as oppose to some of your exchanges with Sheri and Dana and Craw and the likes. You make wonderful points and state it so well when you do it like you did at 7:10am.

BeckyM said...

Ah Rap - it's the thought that counts... :) You would fit right in around here.

On my fridge: It's not God I have a problem with; it's His fan club.

The best Christians are those who live their creed; the worse are the ones who go about tooting their horn about their beliefs (which in my experience) means they are not living it.

Greg said...

Everyone should read Rap's comment at 7:10. Bravo!

You said it best in your 2nd and 3rd paragraphs.

We all know how the Roloffs are going to and already are presenting it. Take a look at Matt's facebook post about it or Amy's charity facebook page and the comments. People are thanking Amy, Jeremy and Zach for going on a mission trip.

It's ridiculous. They spent all but of a few hours when they toured Haiti of a seven day cruise living like royalty and having nothing but fun. I have a real problem with them presenting it like they are saints that should be thanked.

You're right about the order of events. Click on my name. That's the promo video Amy made in Feb. There is not one word about Haiti.

The Chosen One said...

True charity requires no fanfare and praise.

1 Corinthians 13:4 "Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up"

Debra said...

I wonder if Jeremy and Zach would have been as bad as they are as people if there was never any show or if they had got out after the first season. Sad to see the people they've become.

AussieMum said...

Money changes people that's for sure.

I can't wait for the show to end to see what happens to the Roloffs. But unfortunately when it ends so will the gossip.

Brandon said...

AussieMum, that's how I feel too. I want it to all be over to find out what happens to the Roloffs without it.

But like you said, unfortunately when the show ends, so will the talk.

Except for Matt I'm sure, I think he will keep his name out there and give updates on the family, straight from Matt, Matt's version of everything! :) Jeremy will have been elected President of some distant country and so on :)

Debra, I wondered too. I don't think there is any doubt the family is worse off for having the show. Not based on money and fun, but as people. For a while it looked like the one good thing was that Zach gained more confidence, but unfortunately, obviously that confidence has transfered over to privileged arrogance.

By all accounts, Jeremy was always a self centered egotistical kid. Some people are just like that. He might have turned out like he has, but he might have matured. I think the show enhanced the bad parts that were already there.

Roxanne said...

Scary thought, imagine how much worse Jeremy would have been if Mueller had been with him...

Laura said...

How is the person rude and mean spirited when they are complimentary to Amy and her friends/charity staff?

It's not hard for me to believe that Jeremy and Zach were like that. There has been many different stories, more about Jeremy than Zach, that indicate that Jeremy is like that when he's not on camera.

Julia T said...

To BeckyM:
Just to let you know On any cruise ship its the captain that chooses who he wants to sit at his table with him.

The fact that the girl was sitting on the capts. Left hand side means she is the captians guest not the Roloffs which explains a lot. (number of cruises, money, etc.)

Im sure shes relaited to the captain in some way. No random guest would be sitting at his table let alone next to him

Greg said...

Julia, I didn't know the cruise ship protocol re: The Captain's date, but that pretty much confirms what the girl that made the You Tube video said.

Who do Jeremy and Zach run to? It's telling. They do have a right to hang out with who the want, but to be rude to the girl from the video, that says a lot about them.

The fact the girl was the captain's guest and they probably know him or he knows her and that suggests the number of cruises she has been on is exactly what the girl from youtube said.

Like some other people have said, I have to wonder if they the girl and Jeremy were always in each others company, I have to wonder if she realizes Jeremy is apparently like that with a different girl every week? Who knows? If she is on cruises all the time, maybe she's the same way, but Jeremy does strike me as the type of guy that would mislead a girl.

I remember seeing pictures from an LPA conference a couple of years ago. Jeremy had a girl that he was with for most of it too...then I never saw her again.

I also have to wonder if a girl that meets Jeremy, just Jeremy and family, is aware of the Mueller factor? He must talk about him all of the time. If he doesn't, it would be a shock for a girl to then see Jeremy again when he's with Mueller and realize that Jer can barely survive a day without talking to Mueller!

Heather said...


When you saw Jeremy with the girl, I'm wondering, did Jeremy wear "normal" clothes or some of the more outrageous things he's known for on the show? Super tight jeans/cutoffs, pink and bright yellow shirts, the fancy hat?

Chris said...

Heather, I'm guessing since Jeremy was with a hot girl he was probably shirtless most of the time...hehe.

Roxanne said...

Danielle (or anyone on the cruise ship) was there any sign of the camera crew on board? Matt's Facebook said "Jer, how's the handheld camcording coming along?" Were they recording a lot?

I'm curious to see if they make mention of the girl on the show. I'll bet not.

Last year one of the producers admitted they are selling Jeremy as a sex symbol (hence the shirtless opening credits!). I think the same as managers of teen idols want the guy to be single so more girls will fall in love is something LPBW might do.

Also, to be honest, both Sarah and Kirsten were more normal looking. I think when most people think of a girlfriend for Jeremy they thought she would look more along the lines of this girl on the cruise. I don't think the show would really like people thinking Jeremy dates models on his world luxury cruises.

Vicky said...

I wonder what Zach does when Jeremy is having his "romances" while on vacation? It must get demoralizing for Zach.

But it sounds like they are both jerks, so my symapathy for either one of them wanes..

Jason said...

Vicky, my parents used to take me on vacation with my cousin, he was 3 years older than me and girls thought he was good looking. He would always meet a girl where ever we went. I would tag along. Sometimes the girl was nice and it was fine hanging out with them and I knew when to leave, haha. I imagine that's what it's like for Zach in those situations. Friends with the person too, but I don't hear any of the other cruise passengers saying it looked Zach was dating this girl...

So the third wheel basically. Just like back home when Jeremy is with the love his life...Jacob Mueller! haha.

Dana said...

Give it up Jason. These gay insinuations about Jeremy and Jacob Mueller are ridiculous. Most of you call them bigots against gays because they've made it known that they don't approve of homosexuals and they like to mock them.

You try to then slander them by these immature gay implications.

Jason said...

Dana, seriously as it happens, I don't think Jeremy and Mueller are gay, but you have to admit that it's helluva weird.

The dependency factor. I'm all for having best friends, but even girls aren't as attached to their friends as Jeremy and Mueller. Best friends since kindergarten and now at 20, Jeremy still can't bear to be apart. They are always together. Everyone including Zach, hell even Jeremy has admitted it. The rare times they've been apart, they reunite by running and jumping into each others arms!

I bet this stint that Mueller is away at the fire fighting thing is the longest they've ever been apart. Poor Jeremy is probably in therapy. Want to bet he has visited Mueller just about every weekend?

Their relationship is weird. Surely everyone can see that. They act like they are nine years old. It would be a culture shock to a girl that isn't used to that dynamic in Jeremy's life.

Dana said...

Jason, I think you and many others are very jealous of the deep friendship Jeremy and Mueller have and that is why people attempt to make it ugly. They should be commended for being best friends for so long. Life is about loving God, family and friends. That's what Jeremy does. Jeremy and Mueller worship Jesus together. The only reason why so many fans don't like him is because they mocked homosexuals together and made it clear they thought they were a joke. I admit it was immature, but they were teenagers. Ever since that point, some fans have had it in for Mueller. Then there is the hatred factor against Jeremy. He cares deeply for Mueller so people that hate Jeremy bash Mueller. There are some sad and pathetic people.

Anonymous said...

"Jeremy and Mueller worship Jesus together."

Is that what we're calling it now? ;)

Danielle said...

No there was no camera crew. From what Ive heard she didnt seem to want to be apart of any of it.

And she was just as "normal" as im assuming sarah and kirsten are. When i talked to her she was very smart and down to earth

And i dont think they left zach out. There were times jeremy and her would show up alone but most of the time zach was always around.

Roxanne said...

Danielle, thank you.

Oh, by normal, I meant in "looks". It's very shallow, but I mean there are the "wow she's hot!" comments. I think that's what people expected Jeremy's other girlfriends to look like. A lot of people think Jeremy was good looking. It's like the stereotype of the good looking star High School Quarterback image. People expect his girlfriend to look like the soon to be model. Sarah and Kirsten didn't fit into the mold. They looked more like an average girl. Sarah had glasses and didn't seem to be into a lot of make up, Kirsten was a little bit overweight. People were surpised that Jeremy's girlfriends haven't been the "dropdead gorgeous, wow, look how hot she is" types. That's all I meant.

valerie said...

About the cruise on Oasis...First, thank you Spiritswander for removing the pictures as MY DAUGHTER - THE HOT GIRL requested. These and many others were personal and never intended to be trashed by people like the know, I am the mother of the "dark haired girl" with Jeremy... guess what? None of us EVER heard of the Roloffs. To this day, have never seen the show and won't After meeting them, it would be like reading a good book then seeing a very bad movie about the book. Amy, Jeremy and Zach were all very nice, fun and normal.

Brandon said...

Valerie, you are entitled to your opinion,but from the point of view of "the people above", your daughter is the "hot girl" and based on what everyone has said, you are wealthy enough to be "cruse regulars" and for your daughter to be the special "date" of the captain.

People aren't "trashing" the Roloffs (really just Jeremy and Zach, since apparently Amy is decent enough to treat everybody well, something Jer and Zach haven't learned) for how they treat pretty, wealthy and the upper echelon of the cruise ship.

Apparently if your daughter wasn't pretty and you weren't wealthy, you might not have thought Jeremy and Zach were so nice and fun and normal.

That's why they are being "trashed".

Rap541 said...

I'd suggest, Valerie, that you might want to discuss with your daughter how she should manage her privacy settings on social network sites if you are bothered by her publically posted pictures now circulating the net.

If her photos are private, then perhaps she shouldn't post them in public.

valerie said...

Ok. I didn't want to get involved with this but you are wrong. There was 11 of us traveling and, yes, the Captain is my friend. My whole family sat with him one night and, my daughter was his special guest at his request on this other night. To her, the Roloffs were just people at the table. Both Jeremy and Zach spent most of the week with us and we all found them to be wonderful people. I am not rich ... You are assuming alot. Anyway, I wish the Roloff family well and hope to stay in touch. Keep your mind open...

Dana said...

Thank you for posting the truth, Valerie. Some of us do believe you and know that the Roloffs are good Christian people.

Brandon said...

Valerie, I'm not criticizing you or making you feel guilty for being wealthy or however whatever you want to call it.

Both the girl in the You Tube video and a couple of the people posting comments here said your daughter told them or they heard it was her 20th something cruise. Maybe you don't consider that rich from the people you might associate with, but it is something "rich" people do for us regular folks. I've never been on a cruise and my parents have been on two cruises their entire lives (and not the biggest ship in the world either).

Again, I'm not making you feel guilty for having money, merely saying that the reason why Jeremy and Zach are being trashed has nothing to do with the way they treated you, it's how they treated the people who aren't the Captain's friends, etc.

valerie said...

Brandon, we live in Florida and cruising is like camping in some ways. Floridians know when to cruise and have no travel expenses! That considered, Jeremy and Zach did not know anything about us nor we them. My family simply met their family and we all liked eachother plain and simple. Jeremy and Zach can have many girlfriends..unfortunately, gossip will follow. But, I tell you that the kids I met were good kids. Maybe because they knew they didn't have to Put on an act for us. Take care..

BeckyM said...

Hm still begs the question why this person had such a different reaction then another person who met Jer and Zach on the same cruise...

Greg said...

Becky, I don't doubt either story. It sounds like Valerie and her daughter became Jeremy's and Zach's in crowd for the week.

We know from past experience Jeremy treats his in crowd very differently than how he treats other people and this isn't the first time he's been heard ridiculing and insulting people that he thinks is less than him somehow.

I'm sure that if the Roloffs take a liking to a person, that they would be fine to be with and I don't doubt Valerie's opinion. Her daughter is young and pretty and for whatever reason, they were special enough to be dining with the Captain. I can believe the Roloffs were nice to them, just like I think Jeremy and Zach are nice to their rich and spoiled Faith Bible classmates.

But if you're not in the Roloffs in-crowd? I totally believe what the You Tube person said and her account of how they are.

BeckyM said...

Yes Greg I agree. I think Jer especially, and most likely Zach, will run with those they think are special... but when it comes to interacting with your average person, their ability to be polite fails them.

Amanda said...

I think it's pretty pathetic on Jeremy and Zach's part that they seem to have a disdain for people that watch the show and treat people that have know idea who they are much better.

Do these jerks realize they would never have set foot on the cruise if everyone was like Valerie and never had cared to watch their show? But who are Jeremy and Zach jerks to? And it's not just this story either like Greg said.

If Jeremy and Zach need to put on an act when people know who they are from watching the show, whose fault is that? They are the ones that sign up to do a show that is obviously fake if they need to put on an act when people are familiar with them.

Anonymous said...

How to see Roloff

Rap541 said...

... Dangle a dollar?

or a free vacation?

Hell if I wanted to blow 300 dollars on something stupid, Matt would kiss my ass on a guided tour of his farm regardless of my being "a hater".

That amuses the hell out of me. ;)

Craw said...

Rap, so? You can do that kind of thing with any famous ppl. Pay them to send you an autograph picture and they'll write nice things.

If you don't like them and are paying them $300, who is getting the last laugh?

It's like pumpkin season. Are ppl really stupid enough to think the Roloffs like everyone? They are nice because they are making the bank for it. They'll smile and count their pot of Gold later. lol.

It doesn't bother me.

Rap541 said...

Craw - this might be hard for you to understand..... but not everyone in the world thinks doing anything for a buck is noble.

The very idea that 300 dollars makes me Matt's buddy for a day says what sort of person Matt is.... and how much he'd stand on principle.

And I don't know many famous people who actually offer tours of their property....

It doesn't bother me at all, Craw. It gives me great incite into what's important to Matt Roloff. He can rail about negativity all he wants... but he'll smile and kiss my ass for 300 dollars.

Lynn C said...

Rap, I don't know where you're going with that...

It's like would you sell a piano for $10,000 to a person that hates pianos? What?

The tour is designed for big fans that want to meet the Roloffs and see the farm up close. That's who they expect to pay for those tours.

If there is a market for it and I don't know if there is, Matt has a right to grant it and decide on the price.

Using it to say you hate Matt and would get a tour if you wanted is way off base. It's a reasonable expectation that the people buying the tours are people that like the Roloffs.

Rap541 said...


My point? Matt would smile and take my three hundred dollars and treat me pleasantly. It doesn't matter that I love him or I hate him (I do niether actually)

Matt wouldn't care... as long as he gets three hundred dollars. And for three hundred dollars, he'd let me invade his home sanctuary and he'd smile and shake my hand. :)

Its called selling out for money. Matt would treat me like royalty, no matter how insulting he finds my comments... if I give him three hundred dollars.

Its pretty cheap to make him dance.

Expressed said...

If Matt knew it was you on the tour, he would send his pal the porcipine after you! :)

But I agree with Lynn about this. You aren't going to spend $300 if you don't like Matt, so I don't see the point.

Also, I don't think Matt takes crap. Anybody going on the tours would be extra nice to Matt, that's why he's nice in return. If someone gave him attitude, I am sure Matt would return it and make the point of thanking you for letting him take your $300 to spend on his wonderful farm.

And what does "How to Meet a Roloff" have to do with the cruise anyway? Did the person mean on the cruise?

Obviously by being pretty, sitting at the Captain's table, and never watch their show! :)

I kind of agree with Amanda like that. The Roloffs tell people to please watch their show and live the life because of it. You watch the show because you like them. Then you meet them and if they know you watch the show they don't want to have anything to do with you.

I believe that is how they react to people that say they love them from the show. It is kind of sad and sucks if you think about it like that. I would be better not to support them at all and Jeremy might want to hang out then :)

Lacey said...

It doesn't surprise me that Jeremy and Zach are rude to people.

Does everyone forget that Matt needed to tell Jeremy to please be nice to fans? Jeremy blew him off and went onto say adoring fans sucked the unsuckable and were losers.

Mia said...

Jeremy is a stuck up jerk.