Saturday, July 24, 2010

Video of Amy Roloff in Haiti

The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation put up a brief video on their You Tube account, showing them in Haiti. Amy, Zach and Jeremy, along with a couple of members of Amy's charity team docked in Haiti for a day during their Oasis of the Seas cruise. In the video you can see Amy talking to the kids and giving out some items. Zach is recording it on a video camera they use to show bits of vacations and travel when the Little People, Big World crew isn't actually there with them.


Jocelynn said...

It always surprises me how upbeat the kids look in situations like that.

Christine said...

I see Zach, but was Jeremy in the video? Why did the twins even go if it mainly Amy?

Just for the cruise I guess.

Expressed said...

I think it's good they did something although I agree that we should keep it in perspective. They went there on the biggest cruise ship in the world and had fun for a whole week on the ship so I wouldn't go too overboard, but the joy from the Haitian kids is nice to see.

Christine, Jeremy is off to the (our left) side at 12 seconds mark.

Dana said...

It's more help than most people give. They are spreading the love of Christ to those in need.

God bless Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Lisa and Gayle.

Who cares that they enjoyed a nice cruise beforehand? How would it have helped those kids if they had paddled to Haiti in a canoe and ate canned beans and the way to and from?

You don't need to live in poverty yourself to help those in need.

The Chosen One said...

Dana, what you post above is approaching blasphemy!

Dana said "Who cares that they enjoyed a nice cruise beforehand? How would it have helped those kids if they had paddled to Haiti in a canoe and ate canned beans and the way to and from? "

Did Jesus travel from town to town by chauffeured chariot? Did He eat only the best and lavish meals provided by the best chefs of the time? The only boat He traveled on was a 25ft fishing boat that wasn't far from being an overgrown canoe.

Jesus did not live in a rich house with servants. He did not spend the majority of His time cavorting with the rich while occasionally throwing in a few hours charity work on the side with cameras rolling.

Mother Teresa is an example of someone who lived a Christ like life and spread His love with her work with the needy and poor. To even suggest the Roloffs are role models of Christianity with their photo op so called charity work is asinine and insulting to real Christians.

"People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs." 1 Timothy 6:9-10

Carol said...

Chosen One, I've come to enjoy your posts and I agree with your thoughts. When you first started posting I thought you were just a troll creation, but whatever your motivation, you now make very good points.

Pamela said...

That's a nice video. Amy is good with kids.

The Chosen One said...

Thank you Carol.

My only motivation is calling out pseudo-Christians. Those who promote un-Christian like behavior under the banner of Jesus Christ.

Rap541 said...

"Who cares that they enjoyed a nice cruise beforehand? How would it have helped those kids if they had paddled to Haiti in a canoe and ate canned beans and the way to and from?"

The money saved on the trip could have been used to buy new school books?

Or food?

Since you're asking - yes, it would have helped the children of Haiti a lot if the money earmarked for a seven day luxary cruise had instead been donated, and it would have helped if three people had flown in and spent seven days rebuilding a school or an orphanage.

I actually don't begrudge the Roloffs the cruise in that I think it was booked before the haitian earthquake... but lets not act as though there were no other options.

Of course Jeremy wouldn't have gone if it wasn't fun for him....

Funny, I didn't see him in this video.

Expressed said...

Actually Jeremy is in the video, Rap. He's off to the side. Look on the left about 12 seconds in.

Rap541 said...

I'll take your word, Expressed - but I didn't spot him.

mythoughtis said...

So, if Amy and the twins aren't willing to live as Mother Teresa did, then they should do NOTHING?. Every little bit helps. I won't deny them the right to spend their money as they see fit, without apology. I'm just glad they help some... more than I have at any rate.
And, to those that do live as Mother Teresa, Thank you. There's a special place for you in heaven.

Greg said...

What I find deceiving or shady about it is how they're portraying it. It wasn't a cruise for Haiti.

I notice on Amy's charity sites the only time they updated about the cruise was about Haiti. Making it seem like it was all about Haiti.

I hope when they include it on the show they also show and mention that they lived like Kings and Queens in excess and frolicked on the beaches for the 7 days on their "mission".

If they do then all is cool as far as I'm concerned. But I have a feeling it's going to be like the Roloffs online reporting of the events. Leave out the lavish pleasure part that consumed the large majority of the whole week and make a few hours seem like the whole purpose and more than it was.

David said...

Exactly right, Greg. Well said. I'm amazed some people can't see through it.

Their next book could be called "How to take luxury vacations and still pass it off as charity."

Nobody denies them their right to spend their money on their trip to Hawaii a month or two ago. That's because they didn't try to portray themselves (on that trip) as charity missionarries.

Shadow said...

They handed out plastic toy-style sunglasses and a few backpacks that looked like they were provided from leftover stock by some company. Yes, something is better than nothing, but let's not make this out to be the "widow's mite" by any means. Oh, and Amy read a book in English to kids who speak French/Creole. And then they returned to the luxury ship mighty pleased with themselves. Sad...

Hey, I thought Jeremy was the brilliant photographer destined for international fame and fortune. Why wasn't he taking the video?

Rap541 said...

"So, if Amy and the twins aren't willing to live as Mother Teresa did, then they should do NOTHING?. "

Not at all. But lets not act as though they did spend a week, or even a day as Mother Theresa did.

They took a day trip to the needy and thats nice. They didn't have to. Good for them.

I personally ran a 5k to garner donations for breast cancer research. Good for me.

Lets keep some perspective on how difficult it was for the three Roloffs to hand out supplies for a few hours and then head back to the luxary cruise.

Didn't Madonna personally donate 100k to Haiti? And Sean Penn? Are they servants of Christ too?

BeckyM said...

@Chosen One - I LOVE your posts. I can tell you know what you are talking about and call out folks who are just mouthing the talk and not walking the walk.

It's been noted in several newsstories, that Haiti was DISCOURAGING casual visitors due to the horrible living conditions not being able to support gawkers. I have to ask myself why a CRUISE ship stopped there at all?? How much strain did that put upon these nation?

The entire thing is completely ridiculous and is nothing about Christian charity but about photo-ops and tooting your own horn.

Greg said...

Good points Becky, but I have to say I do think Amy has a good heart and does want to help in some little way.

I just think the amount of credit they take for it equals what they actually do or reflects (the little) amount of time they actually spend there. I also think they have learned how to shift the focus from a pleasure vacation to a charity act and I think that is dishonest.

I don't think Jeremy and Zach do or really care about any charity act and I think they went around strictly for the luxury cruise so hearing naive fans say "Thank you Amy, Jeremy and Zach for helping and giving" does annoy me.

Btw, someone mentioned Sean Penn? I believe he is an example of a celebrity that actually does get involved. I believe he is on the ground in Haiti. During Katrina, he went out in his own boat to rescue people and animals and help try and salvage stuff.

BeckyM said...

@Greg - I actually like Amy the best of the Roloffs. Of all of them, I could see her functioning in a normal job, with normal people.

My issue about this charity is that I do not see in any or form that the trip was about Haiti. Haiti was a blip on the radar and sounds like not much was raised or given.

I think the kids there need something more then a few backpacks.

The Chosen One said...

Nice to see that the majority of folks here see through the smokescreen.

Rap ran 5K for cancer research. Maybe we should start a few web sites praising his/her efforts as a leader in breast cancer fund raising. Perhaps a Facebook page that praises Rap, filled with pictures of him/her shaking hands with breast cancer patients? We can then send Rap on a week long luxury cruise around the Caribbean, with a 3 hour stop at a Dominican cancer clinic and bill it as the Rap Beats Cancer charity tour. Hopefully Rap goes easy on the cocktails the evening before the clinic visit, we'd hate to see her/him hungover and not at his/her best for the cameras.

Greg said "Good points Becky, but I have to say I do think Amy has a good heart and does want to help in some little way."

Greg, the world is full of people with good intentions. Intentions and actions are two different things. In this case, the actions undermine the intentions, which now turns into deception.

"These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren."

Proverbs 6:16-19

Enjoy another blessed Sunday with friends and family everyone.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone else noticed it, but I sure did!

Okay, I gained a different perspective after watching the episode of Amy, her associates of her charity, and two kids go on a cruise, a very large luxury cruiseliner to a poverty stricken country that had a devastating earthquake that has now caused numerous deaths and many more suffering from infection.

I was upset because volunteers are going to Haiti and are enduring many of the same things that the citizens of Haiti are...I felt that the money from her organization was shown to be misappropriated at least that is how TLC made it appear.

I thought is what a slap in the face. I am not sure if the cruise was a gift for her, her kids and her associates, if it was donated,if she used her own income or if they used donated money from the charity...All I saw was her taking a luxury cruise ship to a devastated part of Haiti to ensure that her donated items were shipped and received. After all of the traveling to get there they only stayed for a total of three hours in Port au Prince. Yes, all of the recipients of the supplies were smiling and seemed happy, but then again they did not see Amy or her associates drinking from champagne glasses on a luxurious cruise ship at the end now did they?! She should have obtained a volunteer organization there to make sure the supplies got there, have them take pictures to show that they were given to the people who needed it...Don't make an excuse to spend thousands of dollars of god knows who's money to go there on a luxury cruise ship, and then pat yourself on the back as a martyr. The cruise was the intention the entire time, Amy just seemed to find a way to get her donated money to pay for it and write it off.

One more thing, what is up with money being spent on the luxury resort at Sun River for "Team building excercises"?! I wonder who's money covered the bill for that vacation?

I think someone needs to investigate her charity and her books.

I used to love, love, love this show until I saw those two episodes and now I am not a fan at all and now I am just down right irritated.

Excuses can be made, but the truth was seen on TV in front of millions...many people will say you don't know the full story, I may not, but I got a pretty dang good idea as I watched it for myself on national television.

BeckyM said...

I know this is old news but an interesting interview with Sean Penn and his opinion about celebrities coming to help Haiti (for one day etc...)