Saturday, July 10, 2010

What is a Little People of America (LPA) conference really like with the Roloffs?

This isn't strictly a Roloff item, however we thought we would pass it along to give Roloff followers and LPBW viewers a chance to see what a LPA conference is really like through the experience of an attendee. It might not be exactly the way the national conferences are portrayed on the television show Little People, Big World.

A little person was actively twittering about her experience at the 2010 LPA conference in Nashville. As you can see she partied with the Roloffs. Here are some of here "conference" related "tweets".

July 3
Sitting in the airport with Kelly & our families waiting for our flight. Eating mcdonalds fries b/c I don't eat during nashville ;) hehehe.

Friggen flight is delayed an hour

In Nashville bitches ! With all my friends <3>

Chillen with zack roloff!

Omg I'm surprised my head isn't cracked open from slamming on the tile floor because I got tackled by the drunk Colin Kraft ! Haha

Dancing the night away with some sexy people

I love the fact everyone is drunk as hell :)

July 4th
Dancing till I die ;)

Lmaooo; Colin the drunkkk asss DJ (; such a funny embarrassment <3>

I'm drunkkk onnnn maRgariTa'ssss !!

At Starbucks in the hotel with the girls, I'm working on 5 hours of sleep - gotta love it!

All eyes on us in the center of the ring just like a circus ;)

Pool time after a long 5 mile walk with everybody <3>

Out to dinner with the group <3>

July 5
Jungle juice is ahhhmazinq

Iu casnmt sweee straifghtr

Going to eat at subway !

first thing I'm eating since yesterday @ 2:00 ha.

At a talent show watching amazing people (:

I love the fact that I'm stuck in an elevator with the whole Roloff family :) going out to dinner with everyone (;

July 6
I think I'm in love xoxo

DAAA day baby! Watching all my friends compete against eachother I'm the happiest I've ever been <3>

Matt Roloff! He's amazing (:

Good game towers, Too bad east coast lost baha (; finally going back to the hotel after watching basketball since 9 in the fricken morning!

Of course when I say I don't want my hair wet there's always someone that throws me in the pool! :(

Ok .. What bar does not have pinacolada's?! Obviously the ones in Nashville don't !

Getting all glammed up for the dance tonight with errrboddyyy! How y'all durn?! (;

I'm a movie star!! According to colin I look like a baby cheetah tonight (;

dancing my ass off!

Ummm so I just danced with Jeremy and Zack Roloff .. And it was not a dream

July 7
Today is the hottest day in Nashville. It's pretty disgusting .. At panera with the girls in air conditioning!

I'm doin me, I'm doin me, I'm living life right now man and this what ima do till its over, till its over, till its far from over

At the danceeee withhhh errrboddddy
I love how my dress was skin tight at graduation & now it's huge on me, I guess I lost weight?! :)

My feet are about to fall off my body.

July 8 I'm a hot mess, I'm having the time of my life, & my night is complete :) party in room 1921

Just took a 5 hour energy haha at banquet with my peepsss ! Wow can't believe that tonight's the last night, this week went by so fast

Dancing forever and pulling an all nighter. 365 days til Cali

July 9

In New Jersey, back to reality :(


Erin said...

I knew it was all about the parties :)

Em said...

I wonder if there are any dwarves(or people that tag along at the LP conventions) that don't drink?

It would probably be a waste of money if you didn't drink.

mythoughtis said...

It's a convention... is anyone surprised? It's where young adult dwarves go to meet other young adult dwarves.... similar to average sized singles frequenting the hot spots on Friday and Saturday night.
I'm sure there are also plenty of family friendly events to participate in.
Do you think all the area bars should close down because the LP convention is in town as compared to any other convention?

Brandon said...

The dance is held in the hotel. I think most of the Roloffs friends (including Jeremy and Zach) are under 21. Maybe not this girl, but by the "everyone is drunk" comment and common sense, I don't think it's a stretch that everyone does drink at these things.

There was an LP comedian that made jokes about what the LP conference is really about.

I think her routine went something like "There was also a Jehova Witness convention going on at the same hotel as our LPA convention. Hundreds of drunk midgets were walking around yelling (sorry I forget the punchline). But it's not a stretch to believe it is as this person describes.

The show and the LPA tries to make it sound like it educational. It's a party. That's fine, but call it what it is, a party where most LP's "hook up" and get drunk.

Rap541 said...

mythoughtis -honestly I think its pretty typical of a convention and the Roloffs party hard when they go.... which means I doubt Zach and Jeremy have been drinking sodas and holding prayer meetings while at these cons.

So perhaps they shouldn't get credit for how they, praise God, stand against the wave of popular opinion and don't sully themselves with alcohol and debauchery? Thats all. Lets remove the pedestal and admit we all know Zach and Jeremy were partying, underage drinking and cheerfully misbehaving as most average, not praiseworthy people do.

Its the whole rigamorale around "Jeremy says he doesn't drink, god bless him, and don't dare anyone say they saw him drinking as Jeremy does not lie!" that turns drinking and partying into an isse. He drinks. He has admitted to drinking on his myspace, his friends talk about drinking on facebook, he's buddies with kids who get DUIs and who have substance abuse problems. He's been *filmed* drinking, there are plenty of pictures floating around the 'net of Jeremy James drinking... and yet this post will no doubt get *someone* stating that to say Jeremy drinks is to lie, and is a lie to sully his pure reputation.

Come on. Jeremy and Zach are the product of permissive parenting. And I agree with Brandon - I think its great that the LPA has these cons and I am sure there's an educational element... and I am absolutely positive that its also a huge party with drunken debauchery. I know people who go.

Sheri said...

Rap, enough!

"honestly I think its pretty typical of a convention and the Roloffs party hard when they go.... which means I doubt Zach and Jeremy have been drinking sodas and holding prayer meetings while at these cons."

First, this person on twitter said she was "chillen" with Zach. Then she followed that up a couple of hours later by saying "...everyone is drunk".

She was "chillen" with Zach. Did you see Jeremy's name? You have no grounds to assume Jeremy was getting drunk.

How do you know "Roloffs party hard when they go"?

Craw said...

Not again! Who cares that they drink? So what? Everybody 16-25 drinks if they're cool and fun to be around. That is the truth.

Rap541 said...

Sheri - You've often cited how Zach doesn't do anything unless Jeremy makes him.

You also are exactly who I mean when I cite the pedestal arguement. You have seen Jeremy drink on camera, you have seen his myspace comments where he says he got drunk... but you insist he always speaks the truth, and that he doesn't drink... despite his SAYING HE DOES.

I know the Roloffs party hard because they brag about it, there are pictures of it, and people who have been there report things like Jeremy passed out on the dance floor. Hell, we saw Zach (the less outgoing lump who never does anything, per you unless Jeremy handholds him thru it) fall asleep during a medical exam at a lpa con because he's so tired. Do you think he was all tuckered out cause he was preaching so hard?

Do you think the parties Jeremy likes to g to are parties where he holds a bible and sings how he loves Christ soooooo much? Really? He's dancing for Jesus? Every LPA con, he's there to praise Jesus?

Funny how we NEVER see Jeremy praise Jesus on camera.... more funny how no one ever suggests Jeremy is pure, and virginal, and destined to go to seminary.

Oh, and Sheri - your fellow Christian Craw has noted how cool it is for Jeremy and Zach to drink. Have you anything to say directly to Craw as you have stated you disagree with this view as a Christian?

Or since Craw is defending Jer-bear, are you going to let her say its cool for Jer-bear to drink for Jesus? I mean, Craw says its true... got anything to say *directly* to craw?

Or will you hesh?

I bet you don't say a word directly to Craw :)

Who is right? You BOTH claim to be Christian - Craw loves how cool Jeremy is for drinking! And you insist anyone (EXCEPT CRAW WHERE YOU ARE ALWAYS SILENT) who says Jeremy drinks is a *liar*.

I'm waiting for you to treat Craw as you treat other *liars*... but I bet you won't direct one comment to Craw.... :)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say that the Roloffs have lost their way. The first two seasons of this show there was a good family operating within the lord's teachings, however, I fear that due to the fame, money, and alcohol. This family is doom to the pits of hell. The lord gave them this opportunity to be good and spread the lord's message to America: instead all we see is Matt wasting money, drinking and driving, Amy and Matt unconcern about her children's lack of direction in life, Have you ever seen an episode where the family went to church to worship the lord? It is a sin to use the lord's message to make yourself famous. I can go on and on, I am ashamed these people keep calling themselves Christian. Well, I am one and the Roloffs lost their way. Hell, I begin to doubt that they were ever that religious to begin with. Shame Shame Shame

Jackie said...

Well, at least we know they are nice to drunk little people, but that was never the issue, was it?

Sheri said...

Rap, you cannot go ahead and make statements that you don't know are facts. You do not have the right to sully the reputation of Jeremy James Roloff simply because you don't like him.

You admitted a long time ago that your dislike of Jeremy comes from the fact that you have a sinful homosexual brother and you felt "hurt" when it became clear that Jeremy did not approve of homosexuality and was mocking it with his friends. That does not give you the right to sully his reputation.

There are a lot of people I disagree with. I'll address who I want, when I want. Have you ever heard me agree with Craw? It is your level of disrespect for Matt and Jeremy that makes you stand out. While I feel that Craw is misguided she does not post insults about Jeremy.

"I know the Roloffs party hard because they brag about it, there are pictures of it, and people who have been there report things like Jeremy passed out on the dance floor"

You know this how? Where is the proof?

"Hell, we saw Zach (the less outgoing lump who never does anything, per you unless Jeremy handholds him thru it) fall asleep during a medical exam at a lpa con because he's so tired. Do you think he was all tuckered out cause he was preaching so hard?"

Oh give me a break. It is a group of young people getting together for one of the few times in the year. They stay up late. Young people are known to stay up late. To assume that involves alcohol is ignorant. Are you seriously suggesting that Zach fell asleep during that medical exam because he was drunk and not that he was tired because he was a teenager that had stayed up all night talking to his friends?

What is your definition of passing out? Alcohol I assume. Or are you trying to make Jeremy sound use by the implication that comes with "pass out". A person call fall asleep during an all nighter and have nothing to do with alcohol.

You also need to understand that like Jeremy said, it is common for young people to drink. They are not the Roloffs. They are not Jeremy. Jeremy can't control the behavior of people whom he is friendly with at these conventions.

They hold the LPA conventions to provide support, fun and hope for little people. Judging by this person's report that she is was "the happiest I've ever been, it worked. Matt, Jeremy and Zach were apart of that. Do I approve that this person's good time involved drinking too much alcohol? No, I don't. However the Roloffs aren't there to judge.

Sheri said...

Martin, if you were truly a Christian, you would not judge people who have stood up in this anti-Christian media and have declared themselves Christian in their books and online and (regardless of Rap's claims to the contrary) on the television show, through their prayers before meals, private Christian school and religious youth groups.

Martin, shame on you Martin for judging the Roloffs.

Rap541 said...

As I strongly *strongly* suspected Sheri takes no issue with Craw's declarations that Jeremy does drink and that makes Jeremy cool for Jesus. As long as "Jeremy DRINK AND I LOVE IT AND I LOVE JEREMY!" then we can say whatever we want? After all thats what Craw says all the time...

Actually, that makes one Sheri a *hypocrit* who won't take an ally in the "we love Jeremy" crowd to task over *lying about Jeremy*.

Which, if Sheri is to be believed, then yes, Craw is lying about Jeremy... and Sheri won't say boo since if you love Jeremy, you can say "Jeremy uses booze and all kids do it and Jesus thinks its cool and I love Jeremy"


1. The Roloffs brag about partying. Are they lying?

2. Many of the comments referenced alcohol. Is everyone lying?

3. People who attend LPA cons report the alcohol infused atmosphere at the con. Are ALL of these people lying?

4. Multiple people have reported the story of Jeremy passed out on the dance floor at a con. Are they ALL lying?

5. There are many pictures of the Roloff twins clearly consuming alcohol floating around the net. Are all the photos doctored?

6. When in Europe, who was the first to order beer? Jeremy. Did he drink it like a newbie? No.

7.Jeremy and Zach are both friends with kids who cheerfully discuss drinking (and other things). One of their friends clearly had a serious drug and alcohol problem. Yes, they can and will be judged by their friends. After all, if you consider someone "better" for being in Jeremy's circle then you too, are judging someone by the friends and their behavior.

8. People have reported hanging with the Faith Bible crowd and that it is a group that parties with booze. That's the twins friends there. Kids who party with alcohol.

9. We have Jeremy's actual words on Myspace that he drinks. We have photos of Jeremy drinking. We have actual TLC footage of Jeremy drinking (and I have always been amused by the response to that, to be honest.)

I also note for the class that Sheri judges *me* for having a brother who in her eyes, sins. Although I do not sin, Sheri has found me guilty by association.... which is very amusing considering her "Jeremy is not to be judged by the people around him but one gay brother and YOU ARE EVIL BY ASSOCIATION...".

Sheri - are you stating for the record that anyone who saw Jeremy and Zach drinking alcohol at the Nashville LPA con is lying?

Was Jeremy preaching Jesus's love? Something we have *never* seen him do on camera, btw?

Rap541 said...

Btw Sheri - isn't it wrong of you to judge anyone?

I mean, you do understand the irony of "Martin, *shame on you* for judging the Roloffs"?

You're *publically judging* and *publically shaming* Martin... for publically judging the Roloffs?

Now if I recall, you *should be turning your hate on Martin to Jesus* as you have advised me.

Funny that. Everyone *else* needs to shut up and pray to Jesus for daring to have negative thoughts but *Sheri the Christian* gets to publically shame and judge and most notibly, does not have to sit silent and pray to Jesus to stop her hate.

The hypocracy is interesting.... funny how this works, huh? Sheri - care to explain how Jesus is ok with your prideful judgement of others?

Expressed said...

The Jeremy doesn't drink stuff is the worst stuff they've ever said. They should have never said that.

That is the only reason why people act like it is scandulous when Jeremy is at a party where everyone is drunk.

I like the Roloffs too! Most of the time, the line cutting and some the obvious staged stuff did annoy me, but basically I like them.

Anonymous said...

Being versed in morals by Sheri is akin to taking cooking lessons from Jeffrey Dahmer.

Anonymous said...

Sheri, I remember seeing the Roloffs praying before eating during the first few seasons. I don't ever remember seeing them doing that in recent times. For Christ sake admit it. Remember, the truth shall make you free. The Roloffs are greedy, manipulative, shallow, alcoholics (Matt, the twins and their friends), lazy, narcissistic, and deceitful, hypocritical, etc...
Sheri, Remember the Seven Deadly Sins from the Bible. The the list consists of wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. I say they got all but gluttony. These douchebags are going strait to hell.
TLC have to cancel that show. It promotes bad behavior.

Sheri you are putting the Roloffs in a pedestal. You spend your time attacking their critics. Ignoring the facts. I mean, people that ignore facts and reality are kinda cuckoo. So, you are either crazy or you are being paid by TLC or the Roloffs to keep protecting their reputation on the net. I suspect you are a paid supporter.
So, How much does it cost to buy your soul? You are a paid mouth piece.
Shame on the Roloffs.

Mike said...

Hi there. For all you nutcases who think you can judge what happens at a convention with 2000 - 3000 attendees by what one person is posting on Twitter, you need to get your head straight. I've been to several of these conferences, and can tell you that like any other group of people who's association is tenuous at best, they come from ALL walks of life. There are prayer meetings and makeout sessions, parent workshops and singles meetups. There are more classroom sessions than you can possibly attend in a week, and both scheduled and unscheduled social events. People are here, literally, from all over the globe, and their goals are as varied as their place of origin. Those of you commenting on here who claim to be Christian should be ashamed of yourselves - both for being so judgemental and for assuming that you can know what any one person is doing from what somebody else says.

I've met and had pictures taken with the Roloffs before - that doesn't mean they're hanging out and socializing with me, even if they're in the same room. I've gotten intoxicated at the dances before, and seen people who will have nothing to do with that part of the conference.

"Judge not, lest ye also be judged". Sound familiar? If not, maybe you should log out and go read the book you claim to live by.

Brandon said...

Mike, I don't know what you are objecting to?

That most people think the LPA conferences are drunken brigade of parties and hookups?

Oh, I'm sure there are a few people there that stay away from the drinking, but I think it's fair to say the majority of LP are going for the drinking.

That's not unusual when a group of people get together in hotel. Average sized people do that too for sure. But I think it's fair to say that's a large part of it.

As for the Roloffs at the conferences, Rap laid it out nicely. I would have to be a moron with no knowledge of anything I have seen and read and heard about them and their friends at the LPA conferences to believe the Roloffs are not part of the crowd that go to get blitzed.

You may be right. There are some people that attend who aren't there to get drunk. But those people sure aren't in the Roloffs (at least Jeremy and Zach's) circle of friends.

Diane said...

Seriously Mike what are you saying? That the Roloffs are not getting drunk at these things?

If that's what you're saying I totally disagree with you.

It's as ridiculous as the people that believe Jeremy's friends in Hillsboro don't drink or smoke up.

Heather said...

I've stayed in a hotel with them and can tell you for a fact that the twins' LP friends over-indulge in alcohol.

mythoughtis said...

I could care less if Matt and Amy get drunk at these events... as long as they don't drive while impaired.
If underage drinking is going on, the drinkers, the parents (including Matt and Amy), the LPA group and the hotel itself should all be held responsible.
Beyond that, I really don't have a problem with drinking at a convention,,,, having done it myself as a self supporting adult.

Brandon said...

MT, are you misunderstanding? I don't think anyone has a "problem" with LP adults getting hammered at these conferences.

But reality is reality. That's what happens. It's when people like Mike object that that's what happens at these things or people like Sheri that deny that the Roloff twins and their friends are partaking in the drunkeness that keeps myself and others from making the point that it is what happens.

David said...

The show LPBW has done numerous episodes about the Little People of America conferences. They do not portray this image. If the show was real and true, they would.

When it becomes obvious what occurs instead of the image that they try to sell, people will and have a right to make the point that it does appear to be a week of getting blasted.

Rap541 said...

I am totally open to someone showing picture or video evidence of Jeremy at a LPA prayer session, participating. Or how about someone twittering on how Jeremy was declaring his love of Jesus?

MT - the objection to the twins drinking, for me, has always been the kneejerk "You're lying if you say Jeremy drinks! Jeremy is a Christian and says he does not drink and Jeremy speaks only the truth" reaction.

Is it unusual for 20 year olds (or 16 to 20 year olds) to drink underage? Not at all, and it's very obvious that the Roloff twins are not *strangers* to this practice.

It's only an issue right now because Sheri et al like to play the "HOW DARE YOU SULLY THE REPUTATION OF THIS FINE CHRISTIAN BOY!!!" game.

No one would care in the slightest if the Roloffs (and their fans)were honest about the twins being typical kids. I'm certain, based on a variety of sources, that the twins got totally hammered at the LPA con - and that Matt and Amy are well aware of that activity and took no pains to see to it that the underage drinking didn't happen.

mythoughtis said...

MIke is saying that yes, the Roloffs drink, and yes, they are part of the LPA crowd that drinks.
And, that is also LPA attendees who are there for classes, etc.

I'm saying I'm not surprised about it, don't care about it... except for those (Roloffs pr others) who allow underage drinking to be going on there.

I'm saying separate out your concerns.... are you upset that Christians drink (many do)? are you upset the Roloffs drink (they've never said they don't)? are you upset drinking is going on at the LPA convention (it's a CONVENTION)? or are you upset that the Roloffs and other seem to condone underage drinking (this is the one that upsets me, too)?

Sheri is not my problem... I can't control what the other posters say.

Rap541 said...

It bothers me when Christians drink when they play the take-a-drink, "Sorry Jesus!", take-a-drink "Jesus loves and forgives me" game.

Accepting Christ's forgiveness is not a reason to run out and sin. The Roloffs and some posters. seem to be of the opinion that Christ washes away one's sins... so one doesn't even have to try to live within normal boundaries. Take the rather obvious underage drinking. I don't care that its at a convention. Jeremy and Zach are not 21. Neither are any number of the dwarfs. I think its impossible for the LPA to police the underage drinking... But I think if people expects me to geniunely respect Matt and Amy's parenting... then I don't expect them to be condoning the behavior, or just throwing up their hands with "well, its a convention".

They don't get to recieve credit as parents teaching their kids wholesomee values if they are condoning underage drinking and drunken partying.

The irony, I suppose, is that I'd respect Matt and Amy more if they would acknowledge that they don't have a problem with the kids having alcohol (or smoking, another vice) even though they are underage.

But instead of honesty, we get ghostwritten books where Jeremy is purported to say that he does not drink as it does not please God.... Which he gets applauded for despite how its a lie. And we get Matt waxing poetically on how his adult sons and their adults friends are building bonfires and particpating in innocent rated G activities... despite consistent reports that the twins are in fact, typical young adults into drinking and sex.

It's hypocritical to be lauded for one's honesty while portraying a lie. If the Roloffs want to get respect as holyrollers who stand tall against temptation... they actually have to try. And instead its all talk, and Matt and Amy have never said one word on camera about the alcohol infused atmosphere of an LPA con and expressed concerns about how the kids resist temptation. I see no indication that they have a problem with the kids partying down. So lets stop giving them credit for it until they actually make a stand.

AussieMum said...

Remember people, it's an image and only that. TLC would never show the Roloffs drinking or being 'real' as I think if they did some people would be in total shock and tune out.

I agree....Sheri is being paid for sure. No one is that idiotic.

The Chosen One said...

Casual premarital sex and copious amounts of alcohol and drugs. More debauchery from the Roloff boys.

They are angering God with their behavior :(

Sheri said...

Lies. The only thing that there is proof of is Jeremy sipping a beer legally while in Europe. The other stories are just that. Stories. Not facts.

Rap has reached new lows in trying to sully Jeremy's reputation. Do you honestly expect anyone to believe your stories of Jeremy passing out on the dance floor like he's some kind of alcoholic wild party animal? You have absolutely no proof that Jeremy has ever been passed out. You never do.

Rap541 said...

"Do you honestly expect anyone to believe your stories of Jeremy passing out on the dance floor like he's some kind of alcoholic wild party animal? You have absolutely no proof that Jeremy has ever been passed out. You never do. "

I'm going to refer you back to my post above for the evidence.

Jeremy himself on Myspace said he was drinking underage. Is he lying?

The passed out on the dance floor at the LPA con has been described by several different people. Is everyone lying?

People in Europe reported Jeremy partying down (not "taking a sip of one beer" - and btw you're LYING and TLC footage backs me up - Jeremy wasn't *sipping* and in fact had more than one beer on camera) Are all of these people lying?

The irony really is that the person making this into an issue is you, Sheri. Check out the tone of comments. No one thinks Jeremy or Zach should be boiled in oil for partying.

They simply shouldn't be held up as kids who *don't* drink underage.

And instead of screaming "Lies!" shouldn't you be turning your hate to Jesus and praying? Yet again, do as Sheri says and gently sit silent and pray instead of commenting, but *sheri* gets to spew her hate out... Hypocrit.