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Matt Roloff discusses writing tell all book, childrens books, DUI arrest and criticism of Jeremy

Matt Roloff did an interview with Smashing Interviews Magazine where he discusses a number of issues he doesn't always speak about.

Although some of the questions were the basics that most fans and followers have heard many times, Matt appeared eager to steer the interview in a different direction and opened up on some subjects that he doesn't normally speak about.

He talks about the divorce rumors, stating he's there to say they sleep in the same bedroom and in enjoy their relationship. He does say the other day Amy was talking about an episode and told him she wished he didn't say that about her, and he said the same thing to Amy about what she said about him.

Matt discusses dwarfism and genetics. He's asked about the kids and girlfriends. What we hear is actually consistent to what Matt says about Jeremy (one of the top inquiries about Jeremy always centers around "Jeremy Roloff girlfriend". Matt says Jeremy always has a circle of girls surrounding him, but doesn't have one girlfriend and he enjoys "playing the field". That's pretty much exactly what friends around Hillsboro tell us as well. He says Zach sneaks out on dates once in a while (we can confirm that too!) but Zach is very private about those types of things. Molly doesn't have a boyfriend and Jacob has Taylor, but they like to call her a friend instead of a "girlfriend" because of their age (13).

Matt sings Molly's praises. In general, Molly has always been the least criticized, most praised out of all the Roloffs, although obviously there are always going to be some differing voices, but as a general rule that's true for fan perception. Matt explains that Molly is the rock of the family and has a great relationship with every person in the family. She's the peacemaker.

Matt took the opportunity to talk about this DUI trial when he was asked if he is driving again. Matt discusses the details and says he was never in the bar, he only pulled into the parking lot to drop off one of the show's producers at the time. He's stating that the officer saw him pull out of the parking lot of the bar, saw him driving erratically because he was driving Amy's vehicle and wasn't used to it, and the officer assumed Matt had been in the bar drinking. Matt is now saying that he would have given any test the officer wanted, but the officer said he couldn't give Matt the Breathalyzer without taking him down to the station and Matt refused. Matt also says the case against him fell apart because Matt wanted the officer to give him another test - like a walking test, but the officer said he couldn't because of Matt's dwarfism. Viewers will remember that from the episode in the courtroom. Personally, I have to say that seems ridiculous. Can anyone really imagine Matt with his physical disability, being expected to walk in a straight line? But hey, that's why people have lawyers and that's the legal system -- protocols have to be followed. So the officer screwed up by not forcing Matt to perform some sort of physical walking test.

Moving on, in other subjects, Matt states he's in negotiations to write a cute children's book.

He also mentions wanting to write a behind the scenes "tell-all" type book about the show and what was real and wasn't real.

Personally, the Roloff that I would be most interested in reading a tell-all book would be from Zach, because I believe he is the most honest. As mentioned in our article about the show-ending, people connected to the show insist the things Matt said in the announcement and his subsequent remarks on Facebook were "spin".


Matt also talks about criticism on the blogs. Since there are many fans comments expressing themselves over the years on our site, I'm going to take this chance to defend their point of view and take issue with something Matt said in the interview:

Personally, I feel when Matt talks about fan criticism, he is intentionally overly simplistic about what and why they are saying whatever they are saying. For example Matt cites a criticism of Jeremy and has this to say:

"It’s hard to read critical things about the kids, particularly when they’re not true. I think what happens on blogs and forums is that they’ll say, “Jeremy’s sitting on the couch so he must be lazy.” He may have been sitting on the couch in that scene but then they’d say, “He must always be sitting on the couch.” They hypothesize based on a few snippets and most of the time they have one or two facts straight making their final hypothesis completely wrong. That’s frustrating."

As mentioned, I think when Matt responds to fan criticism, he intentionally simplifies it to make fans out to be dumb dumbs. Yes, in general, I would say that a common criticism of Jeremy among some fans is that he's either "lazy" or a "slacker", etc. However, let's really examine that. It's not because as Matt says, fans saw Jeremy sitting on the couch, for one 15 second scene and the dumb fans assume because they saw it for 15 seconds that all Jeremy ever does is sit on the couch. That is being very simplistic.

The criticism of Jeremy in that regard goes more like this: People see a 20 year old with a lot of opportunity dropped into his lap. He lives at home for reasons that are not financial. He hasn't had a real employer that wasn't his Dad and wasn't TLC/Discovery where he is paid to goof around. He doesn't do any extra promoting or interacting with fans as part of his role on the television show. Through the fall last year, he was attending community college 5 minutes from home only 2 of the 7 day week. Unlike Zach, who has his job at an indoor soccer facility where he coaches soccer and answers to a boss, and unlike some of his friends, Jeremy has no extra job. It's play, play, play. With a lot of the same friends he's been playing with since he was 4 years old. Fans heard Amy on the show saying the same thing -- "One thing I do know is they have a lot of free time on their hands." As mentioned in another item, according to some of Jeremy's friends around Hillsboro, this is what Jeremy has been up to the last few months:

*Several hikes across Oregon and Washington.
*Campfires. Almost every night
*Video games

*Exploring caves and tunnels across Oregon
*Fugitive games -- for the record, the friend says Jeremy is a "legendary" fugitive player with "mad skillz"
*Camping for the show for Father's day with Matt, brothers, and buds
*More tunnel exploring at 2am
*Seaside Beach trip
*Early mornings to watch the World Cup at Mad Greek Deli and then at the owners home for the big final games.

*Took his BMW into get restored
*Flew to Florida for Oasis of the Seas cruise -- biggest ship in the world.
*To Nashville for most of the week to party at the LPA con.
*To Pendleton to visit Mueller for a couple of days.
*Wake boarding and surfing.

*Call up his friends and hang out with the ones who aren't working. Day after day. Night after night.
*Visited Mueller again this time with Zach, Molly and a few friends.
*Sleeping on top of the Tower of Terror with friends
*Day trip to take pictures of sunrise

*Purchased another classic vehicle to play around with.

A person can disagree that that is lazy or suggest that all 20 year olds in Jeremy's position would opt for the same life style of non-stop fun and play if given the choice, but that's why there is the perception of Jeremy as being lazy or a slacker -- because it's hard-pressed to find differences between a typical day for 20 year old Jeremy and a typical day for 13 year old Jacob (with the exception of perhaps some non-PG activities ;-))

So that's why Jeremy was gets called a lazy 20 year old by some people -- because they see someone that plays constantly without responsibility. It's not because dumb fans saw Jeremy sitting on the couch for a 15 second scene and thought he never moves off of there.

You can read the full interview with Matt Roloff here:


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TLC cancelled Little People, Big World; Decision to end the show was TLC's, not the Roloff Family

As most people are aware of by now, Matt Roloff announced on August 26th, 2010 that Season 6 would be the final season of Little People, Big World. Matt has made subsequent Facebook comments declaring his excitement in announcing the news and hinting that there is a spin off show lined up.


There have already been differing reports about whose decision it was to end the show.

E online states TLC decided to "pull the plug" on the show.


Other sites such as TV Squad are going by Matt's own comments on his Facebook Fan Page noting that Matt seems to indicate it was the Roloffs decision, although he provided no reason:


"According to statements made by Matt on his and the 'Little People, Big World' Facebook pages, the decision to end the show may have come from him and not TLC, though Roloff gave no reason for ending the show."

It is worth mentioning that as recently as July, Matt said they planned to do the show for "at least 2 more years" (at the 3:40 mark in this interview with the Portland TV station KOIN).


The news on August 26th that this is the last season suggests this is a change from the what the Roloffs were expecting ("at least 2 more years" -- Matt Roloff, July 2010).

So that is what Matt had to say in his annoucement about Season 6 being the final season for LPBW.

However, we are being told a very different version of what happened by people within the industry connected to the show. This is what we are told that everyone within the industry -- there are obviously hundreds of people connected and working for the show, and this is what we are told they all know to be what really happened as it relates to the show coming to an end:

TLC cancelled the show Little People, Big World; the decision to pull the plug and not continue beyond the current Season 6 was entirely and totally the decision of TLC and not the Roloffs. Out of respect to the Roloffs for their longevity -- over 5 years and 200 episodes -- TLC extended the courtesy of allowing Matt Roloff to break the news and spin it how he pleased. It is uncommon for a television network to allow the star of the show release news such as this, usually they just send a basic press release, but TLC was being gracious and extending respect to the Roloffs as appreciation for their many years by allowing Matt to phrase it how he wanted and to break the news.

There is also no spin off show in the plans at the moment, we are told. Matt has been hinting about a spin off show and people have speculated for many years that twins Jeremy and Zach Roloff might get a spin off show centering around them living on their own with some of their close friends. We are told that is incorrect. There are no plans for that. The spin-off talk is still what it has been for several years. Nothing more than the producer that is closest to the Roloffs as a friend, kicking around the idea of 'Hey wouldn't it be great to do a show about Jeremy, Zach and their friends?' type of thing. However, that's as far as it goes -- we are being told. It takes a lot more for a show to become a reality than a producer having an idea. As for Matt immediately hinting and teasing about spin off shows on his Facebook Fan page? We are told that it is Matt Roloffs M.O. to throw ideas out there in the hopes that someone will take them up on it.

Contrary to the talk for many years, there is no spin-off show set up centering around Jeremy and Zach Roloff and some of their close friends often seen on the show.

That is what we are told really happened and this is what people connected to the show know how it played out. Obviously there are hundreds and hundreds of people employed and connected to show and this is common knowledge to people within the industry and with the show.

So the bare bones/straight to the point announcement could have simply been - TLC decided to cancel the show/not continue beyond Season 6. There is no spin off show. End of announcement.

We are told everything about the announcement released by Matt and Matt's subsequent comments are all Matt "spin". Again, TLC extended the courtesy of allowing the Roloffs to release the news how the Roloffs wanted.

The fact is ratings have been falling for Little People, Big World. It once consistently raked in ratings in the 2's. Season 5 Part A scored a lot of ratings in the range of 1.7, 1.8. When an episode in Season 5A had a rating of 1.4, we mentioned that was well below what is usual and expected for LPBW. At the time, through his website, Matt insisted ratings were great and stated that they were in good shape as long as it's over 1 million (1.0). However, Part B of Season 5 then continued to see ratings dip even further.


There was an episode that failed to attract over the 1.0 mark, and other episodes consistenly hovered around 1.1's and 1.2's. The finale featuring the cliffhanger ending of "Matt's collapse" did generate the highest rating of Season 5B at a 2.085 -- however TLC did catch some flack for what some people saw as a cheap trick and publicity stunt by playing on people's emotions by making some trusting viewers think that Matt had some serious health crisis -- when Matt has since stated it was only a dizzy spell caused by vertigo and although they ended the season with that, it was actually filmed well before almost everything else viewers saw during Season 5B:




The fact is the ratings had dropped for LPBW standards. It was still okay for a cable show and still beats some other TLC shows most weeks. However, it should be taken into account that it's more expensive to produce than some of the other and newer shows that also hover around the 1.0 mark in ratings. Obviously after having such a long and impressive run, the Roloffs salary is understandably higher than stars of some newer shows. You could look at it using a general sporting analogy. If a baseball player hits 50 home runs, the team pays the player $20 million. If in the next season, that player hits 20 home runs, is the team going to be happy? No. Is 20 Home Runs still the same or better than some other players? Yes. However, they aren't going to be happy because of what it is costing them, they are paying the player to hit 50 home runs. If that player is going to hit 20 home runs now, they might as well cut that player and get someone cheaper and only spend what is usual for a 20 home run player. It's the same concept with LPBW dropping down around the 1.0 and 1.1 mark in the ratings.

Our sources also tell us that TLC had to dramatically slash the Roloffs travel budget for Season 6.

Friends of the Roloffs have already begun making public comments to Matt congratulating the Roloffs on "your decision". A person claiming to be a friend of the Roloffs is also adamantly posting that it was the Roloffs decision along with these details:


Our sources connected to TLC/producers/industry insiders read those comments on our site and simply say it is not true -- it is "spin" and "BS".

Amy Roloff made a statement to Entertainment Tonight. Her words were more to the point and lacked the same "spin" as Matt's subsequent comments. Amy states it was a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" and "As this chapter in my life comes to a close..."


"I truly feel blessed for all these wonderful years," she added. "'Little People, Big World' has been a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that has enriched my life, Matt's life and our kid's lives. As this chapter in my life comes to a close, I look forward to the many opportunities and new experiences that are yet to come and will still diligently continue my efforts with my charity the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation."

Obviously when there are two versions of what happened, individuals are going to believe what they want. People have heard and are reading Matt's version and we feel we owe it to people to allow them a chance to hear what we are told -- that people connected to the show/TLC/Production company are saying it was TLC's decision to pull the plug and there is no spin off show as we speak -- and Matt's whole tone of comments on his Facebook Fan Page comments regarding the end of the show is "spin".

Our site has always been about attempting to pass along the real story -- the truth as we know it; whatever that might be -- to fans and followers of the Roloffs. And that is what we have been told is the real story.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Matt Roloff announces that this is the Final Season of Little People, Big World

Matt Roloff released another newsletter; this time with breaking news: it is entitled: Matt Confirms the Final Season of LPBW - Thanks Fans - the email was sent by Matt's assistant Caryn. However, the letter ends with "Stay tuned .... The series is ending for now.... But it's definitely not over!"

For several years, every season until the most recent one actually (season 6), Matt always would hint that the Roloff family were ready to end the show and would walk away. It should be mentioned these usually came during contract negotiations and every year it would of course result in the Roloffs signing for another season. This pattern happened after Season 2 for Season 3 and then again for Season 4, and yet again for Season 5.

However, when the Roloffs announced that they were doing Season 6, suddenly Matt Roloff changed his tune as it relates to the future of the show. He began saying that they were planning on doing the show very many many more years. He has talked about how after this year he expects Jeremy and Zach to go to a 4 year college and stated that the cameras would follow them there.

Television ratings for Little People, Big World - Season 5B had fallen significantly by LPBW standards although it was still in the same ballpark as many other cable and TLC shows. Season 5B recorded several ratings in the 1.1 range. In previous seasons, 1.8's, 2.1's were common place.

As for Matt's Facebook hints; as most people know, there has been talk about a spin-off show centering around Jeremy, Zach and perhaps some of their friends. Some of the close friends have confirmed that producers had been throwing around that idea for several years.

On his Facebook page, Matt recently posted about how proud he was that Zach and Jeremy are making and inking their own deals -- some speculated this was referring to something show related with TLC. Although, some friends of Jeremy have said that they don't pay much attention to Matt's fan page, but guessed that it could have been referring to the fact that Jeremy recently purchased another old classic vehicle.

Matt also is dropping hints and teasing on his Facebook page about his newsletter anouncement:

Matt Roloff = Our family meetings always yield the most interesting results. New deals.. spin-offs?? what could that be? :)))) I love life's twists and turns.

Matt Roloff = I'm soooooo excited... I hate waiting for press releases to get approved by everyone... Just say it. :))))

And the newsletter:

August 26, 2010

Breaking News from The Roloff Family....
August, 2010

After an unprecedented 6 seasons and 229 primetime episodes shown around the world, the Roloff family and TLC are announcing the Final season of Little People, Big, World.

"We are very proud of what we have accomplished on behalf of Little People and ALL people of difference. We are honored by TLC's courage to educate people and break down barriers and stereotypes. We now look forward to sharing and continuing our adventurous life and lessons in the future" said Matt Roloff.

"The show has been an amazing and unforgettable experience for our entire family. Over the past 5 years we have shared the most rewarding journey that will forever be in our hearts. We are gearing up to begin new and exciting adventures as a family and we look forward to starting the next chapter of the Roloffs." We will always be grateful to our TLC family, and most of all, our fans."

In addition to above, we would also like to express our gratitude to our wonderful production company, Gay Rosenthal Productions, Inc.

We couldn't have done it without the unshakable support of our Executive Producers and, particularly the day-to-day efforts of our on site film crews and field producers.

Amy and I want to thank our families who gave us support during this crazy adventure. We also want to thank each and every person we met along the way who helped contribute to our successes.

Although saying goodbye is always bittersweet... the excitement of what lies just ahead keeps us focused and inspired.

Stay tuned .... The series is ending for now.... But it's definitely not over!


Here is the TLC Press Release. It is somewhat of a plug for Season 6 which begins on Sept 6, 2010.


All-new episodes premiere September 6 at 8/7c

LOS ANGELES, CA — One of television’s favorite families prepares to say goodbye as TLC confirms that the previously announced upcoming sixth season of the hit series LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD will be the series finale. For more than 200 episodes, the Roloffs – parents Matt and Amy, both little people, and their kids Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob – have welcomed viewers to share their daily lives from their pumpkin farm in Oregon. Since it began airing in 2006, an average of 74 million P2+ viewers each year tuned in to LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD to watch the family’s adventures.
“Through LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD, the Roloffs have touched the hearts and enlightened the minds of millions of people worldwide,” said Eileen O’Neill, President & GM, TLC. “Its groundbreaking premiere introduced us all to the realities of being a little person, and we thank Matt & Amy and their family for their courage and willingness to share their lives.”

“The show has been an amazing and unforgettable experience for our entire family,” said Matt & Amy Roloff. “Over the past 5 years we have shared the most rewarding journey that will forever be in our hearts. We are gearing up to begin new and exciting adventures as a family and we look forward to starting the next chapter of the Roloffs. We will always be grateful to our TLC family, and most of all, our fans.”

Season six follows one of the most dramatic seasons of LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD ever – including a spring finale cliffhanger of Matt Roloff collapsing in his home office – leaving his family and fans concerned for his wellbeing. The premiere episode picks up right there, as the incident causes Matt to question his health and inspires both Matt and Amy, in typically different ways – Amy starts working with a personal trainer, while Matt takes a big risk by skydiving with Jeremy.

The season also finds Matt starting to think about the future of the farm while Amy focuses on giving back through her charity foundation. And, as the twins turn 20, they evaluate what to do next with their lives – do they have the drive and desire to move off the farm and make it on their own?

LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD is produced for TLC by Gay Rosenthal Productions. Executive producers are Gay Rosenthal, Paul Barrosse, Joseph Freed, Nicholas Caprio, and Jeffrey L. Weaver.

About TLC

TLC’s innovative docu-series and reality-based programming include favorites Kate Plus 8, Little People, Big World, What Not to Wear, 19 Kids and Counting, Say Yes to the Dress, and LA Ink. TLC added to its menu of programming with Cake Boss and continues to expand into the food genre. TLC’s daytime lineup includes the Emmy Award-winning A Baby Story. The channel is available in more than 99 million homes in the US, nearly 8 million homes in Canada and through the website at www.tlc.com. TLC is part of Discovery Communications (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK), the world’s number one nonfiction media company reaching more than 1.5 billion cumulative subscribers in over 170 countries.

Edit: You can read our article about the decision on what people are saying about Matt's announcement:


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Amy Roloff Charity Foundation and Matt Roloff insight -- Snub or Support?

All reader comments are welcome (well, within in reason...), but sometimes particular comments generate a lot of attention-- sometimes the information passed along in comments can be very interesting and insightful.

We decided to feature some of the comments that a poster named Jolie made in response to our item about Amy Roloffs 2nd Annual Dinner and Auction Event. You can read the original item and comments here:


Below are the comments from a reader going by the screen name Jolie -- who stated that she has intimate knowledge of the Roloffs and the dynamics as it relates to Amy's charity foundation and Matt's involvement or lack of involvement, Matt's reasons for his feelings about Shriners and the topic of Matt and Amy pitting the kids against one another. Other reader comments were focusing on the fact that Matt was posting on his Facebook Fan Page about going to the movies with the kids while the Amy Roloff Dinner and Auction event was taking place and people that thought the kids should have been at Amy's event. Some people were interpreting it as Matt snubbing Amy's charity event.

It was generating a lot of response and email talk, so we thought he would highlight it by giving the comments their own item for people that visit the site, but might now always read all the comments. Also included are comments from another poster disputing what was said.

As always, you're encouraged to form your own opinions on the information and views that are presented and decided what you believe to be accurate.

Jolie Said:
August 23, 2010 8:35 PM

"It angers me on how most of the speculation on the Roloff family has been so far off base from what I know of them. I am not going to say that the Roloff family doesn’t fight or argue or even that they aren’t competitive with each other, they do and they are. What I will say is that they are not malice or spiteful against each other. Matt has not pitted the kids against Amy or vice versa.

Matt’s position on the Shriners Hospital isn’t just about his childhood experience, but mostly because of his time as president of LPA learning of the experiences of other little people families who had dealings with Shriners. A little person has unique medical needs and considerations, not every hospital or doctor is equipped to handle those needs or considerations. LPA has a medical advisory board that is familiar with various medical facilities and provide information and resources to little people who need to get the proper care specific to little people issues. There are many doctors and hospitals who specialize in giving excellent care to little people, who have excelled and come highly recommended by LPA, Shriner’s is not one of them. Amy and her Board did make a questionable choice in having the Shriners as a charity partner, but it was not out to spite Matt. I am sure there are regrets, but Amy is a woman of her word and she will pull off a successful event in which the Shriners will be grateful recipients of her hard work and good name.

And the kids didn’t boycott her event, what a silly conclusion. Those kids love their mother and they support her, and they love their dad and they support him. The kids supported Amy and her event as they were asked to. They are there for her in any way she requests. Amy did not require them to be there by her side every moment of the day.

And anybody who knows Matt, knows that when he shows up to any event, his big personality can shift the focus, so out of respect and also by request, he lays low, period.


Z to the Zee said...

I don't know how well you know the Roloffs, but if you knew them really well and were honest, you would know that the Roloffs are not the happy cozy family portrait you portray.

Matt and Amy do compete with each other for the affection of the kids. Amy doesn't have a great relationship with Jeremy, at least not as close as she would like. This pains Amy greatly because she knows Matt is winning the war for Jeremy. He rarely does anything with Amy that he isn't required to, but he is there for Matt. They do compete for the kids affection.


Jolie said...

Appearances by Amy Roloff, Jason Kennedy and John English. NOT dinner with the Roloff’s. Everyone here is so caught up with speculating about what Amy asked of her kids at this event. All speculation based on your narrow perceptions of what you think Amy would want. What Amy wants and what you think she should want are not the same. She is very satisfied with her event and she is not disappointed by her children. She does not see her kids as commodities to be auctioned off, even for charity. This was not an event with tickets sold so young ladies could meet Jeremy, or have dinner with Zach. Amy put together an impressive group of wonderful celebrities and fun entertainment. Her children were not part of that package. Keep in mind that Amy is very busy with her charity fundraising all year. This may be a big event, but she is doing many events all the time and the kids are involved, helping her on those when ever and how ever they can. In your eyes this may look like the pinnacle of her year, but for the kids it is not. Like I said, she was not disappointed in her kids and how much they helped her in any way.

Regarding Matt’s involvement in Amy’s charity? Very simple, Amy is her own woman and wants to build something entirely on her own. If you knew Amy, you would know that at the end of the day she does not want there to be room for Matt to be able to stake claim for any of the success of the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation. Matt is a take charge kind of guy, that is just who he is and if Amy let him get too involved she knows that is a slippery slope. He has offered to help many times and except for a few email blasts to his newsletter list, she has declined and asked him to take a step back. She wants to look at her creation and know with certainty that it is totally hers and hers alone. I think she can do that, but if Matt were to be involved there would be that nagging question, not only in her mind, but in the mind of her fans. Matt understands this and honors her requests. He is very proud of her, her charity and what she has been able to do with it.

And as for the comments by Z, I never painted a “cozy family portrait” Amy and Matt have a typical marriage, and by that I mean it has its issues and rough spots. But it also has mutual love and respect. What I did say was that Matt and Amy are not pitting the kids against one another. They do vie for affection and jockey for position, but it is never with the intention of taking away from the other or out of meanness. This is not a “war” and the kids do not have to choose a side. Amy is not disappointed with her relationship with Jeremy. She loves him very much and is very proud of the man he is becoming. Both her boys are growing up and like so many parents when your kids become adults it is hard when you are no longer the center of their world. She knows that her position with her children is solid and unshakable and that it is evolving. She is well loved by her children and so is Matt.


Z to the Zee said...

I never said, suggested or implied that Amy doesn't love Jeremy or isn't proud of him (Amy would be proud of her kids if they were 35 and still living in their bedrooms with no job). Amy loves her kids. They are her world. That is why she is hurt by her relationship with Jeremy. There is more tension there than most people know about.

When Jeremy isn't happy about something or with someone, his way of dealing with it is to cut them out by ignoring them and not spending time with them. I'm sure you must know how rare it is for Amy to spend time with Jeremy (when he doesn't have to). It is deliberate on Jeremy's behalf and Amy is aware of it and that's why it hurts her because it's not the relationship she has with her other kids.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

2nd Annual Amy Roloff Charity Dinner and Golf Event has begun

The 2nd annual Amy Roloff Charity Dinner and golf event has started. This years event benefits Shriners Hospital of Portland and The Special Olympics. Amy is hosting one of the hosts from the E! channel, Jason Kennedy who will help at her event. He tweeted that Amy gave him a tour of their house and it's "huge".


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Amy Roloff Interview - Living the Dream Moms

Amy Roloff did an interview for a radio show: "Living the Dream Moms" -- which is available on a Podcast. You can listen to it here (the link is on the right in the sidebar):


As with most of the interviews the Roloffs choose to do -- the interviewers don't appear to be familiar with the Roloffs at all. Asking if it is correct that they live on a farm, how many kids they have, how many have dwarfism, etc.

Amy's part begins around 22 minutes in and goes for about 25 minutes. Amy is the guest after the "sexy mom" ...We will recap (the Amy interview!) for you.

*The hosts give Amy the basic introduction.

*The interview takes place at 7:00am in the west coast; the hosts remark that it's early for Amy. Amy says she is preparing herself because it is only a few more weeks until she has to get all of her kids up for school again.

*Does she watch the shows? Amy states that sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't. The part that is the most interesting to her is listening to her kids during the interviews (also known as barn-bites or hay-bales). She doesn't sit in on the interviews so it's interesting for her to see what the kids say. She often finds herself saying 'I had no idea Jeremy really thinks that.' So that can be a surprise to her, although the kids are definitely careful about what they say during those interviews, Amy says it can provide some insight. The hosts and Amy discuss how there are many things parents don't talk to their kids about or things kids don't feel comfortable discussing with their parents.

*The hosts give another overview for people that don't know who Amy is or haven't seen the show, she has dwarfism.

*When Amy tells them how many kids she has she says there are the twins and Molly and then Jacob. "All teenagers." (for the record, Jeremy and Zach are 20, will be 21 next May) Amy states "I often tell my 3 kids, you guys did not do your job at all in helping me handle your younger brother Jacob. He's my teenager. I'm like...oh my, eee....he's a great boy, but he's definitely a teenager!"

*Then they talk about how Amy's charity foundation. Amy says one of the great parts about it for her is that her kids have been able to go with her on certain things in support of the charity foundation and it shows them how fortunate they are with the places they've traveled to and the people they've been able to meet.

*The interviewers ask if her oldest boys are starting college. Amy answers that Jeremy and Zach are going to the local community college -- "Hopefully after this year they maybe they'll head on over to a university or a bigger college.

*Amy talks about living on a farm, their great location. She loves it -- they are 20 minutes from Portland, an hour from the beach, an hour from Mount Hood to ski. It's a great place to raise kids.

*The hosts said Amy wears many different hats, mom, they ask her if she runs a farm? Amy says they have a farm and a pumpkin patch -- "My...Matthew really pretty much handles the farm and we all help out. There is the pumpkin patch, fall time, they don't get into the whole Halloween thing, but more the Harvest part. They have lots of visitors. She says they used to get a lot of people before too, but obviously with the show, now they probably have quadrupole the number of people. Amy says they probably have over 20,000 people coming to their farm in October now.

*She is asked if Matt had a farming background? Amy says no, they didn't know what they were doing, didn't have any experience, they just kind of manage. Matt is a creative, he likes to get a lot of people and tell them what to do. They used to have peaches, now they have pumpkins. Pumpkins are a more LP friendly crop.

*They talk about how they got the show. Amy explains that a lot of people after watching the show and seeing Matt's personality think that he pushed the show but that is so far from the truth, it was a producer that approached them because they had been involved in the LPA and had been in some other publications. Amy thought it would be six episodes long and here they are in their sixth season.

*Amy said the kids are starting to grow up, the boys are 20 years old, she's starting to get that empty nest thing, "haven't thought about me lately", but she wants to continue helping people.

*More talk about her charity foundation. She was afraid when she started it that people would think another celebrity with a charity foundation. She says people that know her know that she's not like that. The heart of her foundation is kids, families and people with disabilities. She wanted to help the DAAA and needed to start her own foundation because it couldn't fall under their non-profit number.

*This year her golf tournament and auction benefits the Special Olympics and Shriners hospital. She knows that a lot of parents that have kids with dwarfism have been helped by Shriners because of their financial status and the cost. Shriners have been going through some tough times lately so she wanted to help. Amy is glad she has been able to incorporate her own kids at their age so they realize how fortunate they have been.

*Her charity event is August 22nd and 23rd (this Sunday and Monday). She explains that you could still go to her charity website and click on donate and enter into the helicopter golf ball drop to win a prize.

*The hosts ask if she forgets about the cameras filming...Amy answers that in the first couple of seasons she didn't know what was happening she was just so busy being a mom and taking the kids to school and soccer. The last few years they've had the same producer who is a great guy and the same crew, the sound and camera crew have been the same. They know everything about her, but she doesn't know much about them. She likes their relationship and does sometimes forget that they are there. Amy states that she and Matt aren't there to say that they're perfect, "we are LP for crying out loud" they are just trying to do the best they can. She thinks people think the appeal was watching these crazy LPs, but now that went away and people watch because it's relatable that the parents fight and the kids do crazy stuff.

*One of the interviewers says she thought she saw something about Zach driving crazy in one of the episodes and asks if Amy talked to him about that? Amy said LP and vehicle... they go crazy with speed because they can when they're driving. She kind of said she might have said something to him about that but hey they have a mom that likes to drive crazy too.

*They talk about golf. A lot. The hosts and Amy exchange stories about learning golf and their golf games. It goes on for a few minutes just about golf. Amy says she didn't play sports as a kid. She thinks that as a LP if they make a mistake it sticks with them longer. She says even as a mom, she felt that and worried about what would be say and if they would think she was a terrible mom that couldn't handle her kids, but eventually realized it doesn't matter what people say.

*Can Amy imagine her life without the show? Amy says she knows the show won't last forever, but the change that she'll miss is the people she works with. She will miss the crew.

*They talk about her charity foundation website and mention that they have a charity page on Facebook too.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Preview for Season 6 of Little People, Big World and Roloff family

We are closing in on the return of Little People, Big World and the Roloff family to TLC on Monday nights. Season 6 begins in less than 3 weeks -- Monday September 6th at 8pm on TLC.

There is a new preview of season 6 for the Fall TV preview. It's always fun to see what will be featured on the show in the episodes. Here at Keeping Up With the Roloffs -- we always try to give fans and followers of the Roloffs a little extra, so we will add some visuals beneath the story and pass along any additional information that has been shared with us.

The conclusion of the dramatic cliff-hanger of Matt's collapse. If you're stricly a LPBW tv viewer and this is your first time on the internet wondering if Matt had a heart attack and died... -- fear not -- Matt lives! You actually saw him after his collapse for the majority of the season since the collapse was actually filmed before almost everything else you saw last season - the Europe trip, the World Dwarf games, Molly's birthday, etc. all that of that happened after the collapse was filmed... Matt has since publicly said his collapse was a dizzy spell caused by Vertigo but all is perfectly fine.

The TV show spin will apparently be that after Matt's "health scare" he has a new motivation and desire to seize the day by living big and being adventurous.

Among the "seize the day" activities Matt embarks upon -- skydiving. Matt and Jeremy went skydiving withe the US Army Golden Knights. The You Tube channel for the USAGK put up a video of it, yet it was removed a few hours after we linked it here. Matt Roloff told his facebook followers that it was his favorite video and would love to share it with his facebook fans, but it was removed for them to fix something....yet it still is not back up...the popular speculated theory is USAGK most likely accidentally jumped the gun by posting the video before the episode actually aired and removed it for contractual reasons -- just speculation though.

Bodybuilding. This (Matt and Jeremy lifting weights) was actually shown as part of the opening credits for Season 5, but was never actually featured in an episode. By the sounds of it, it will be featured in Season 6.

Beekeeping? Bees make their return to Little People, Big World! :-) No word on if they'll be accompanied by Jeremy and Mueller with glass bowls and oven mitts as seen in the famous old episode :-)

Movie making -- Visitors to Roloff Pumpkin season 2009 reported seeing Matt filming a movie.

Matt went camping with "the boys" and some of their friends for Father's day. Matt has said the original camping trip episode with the late Mike Detjen is Matt's favorite episode of LPBW.

Zach contemplates dating (no, not 7 girls at once, haha). More seriously, viewers haven't heard any talk about any of the Roloffs kids dating in a couple of years -- really since Kirsten's disappearance from the show -- she's still friends with Jeremy -- friends of Kirsten say she still considers Jeremy to be her best friend and she says she knows him better than anyone. Jeremy has several girls that he spends considerable time with although apparently not one "girl-friend" -- so we hear.

There was the Zach dating Dani stuff a while ago, which was always more of a plot line for the show, according to friends of Dani. We have heard from people around the Roloffs that suggest there is a reason for the lack of stuff like that on the show now -- there has been a change of direction in the show from the early years - moving away from the really personal stuff to the more contrived and well thought out and planned story lines. It's obviously easier on the Roloffs to do the more contrived stuff than expose their real personal relationships. Obviously they can't come out and say that since it is supposed to be a "reality show" which is why the Roloffs still insist the show is "real and raw". However, observant viewers have spotted the unsaid shift in the show.

Jeremy develops a strong interest in photography. He's often spotted with his beloved Nikon camera -- fortunately for Jer (because of the show although the Roloffs are always defensive about that point) he is able to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world to have great scenery to photograph. Sunrises, sunsets, beaches, oceans, rivers, lakes, stars, sky, tunnels, caves, people, animals and cars -- we hear Jeremy always has his camera ready to go.

In something Matt has been talking about online for sometime, Molly is "running" the online Roloff store when people buy merchandise such as Roloff dirt, autographed pictures or the Roloff sweaters and other clothing. Molly packages it -- just that "shipping" part of it, Molly (and none of the 4 Roloff kids) have any interaction with fans online.

It will be interesting to see how that is presented on the show. On the show in the episodes, they've never (or rarely Amy briefly touched on it when she was shown doing a radio show for her charity event seen on the episode) actually acknowledged the show, that the Roloffs are celebrities who sell their dirt or autographed pictures since they've tried to keep up the image that the Roloffs are still just a normal family like yours.

The preview states Jacob wants to spend more time with Jeremy and Zach before they move out. And we do hear that Jacob in fact is spending more and more time with Zach and Jeremy -- the game "Fugitive" is one of their favorites which is a "Capture the Flag" type game where they run through town with the other half as the "cops" in vehicles trying to track them down (wikipedia Fugitive for more details if you're in the dark). Although people used to say they thought Zach and especially Jeremy should spend more time with Jacob -- now the opinions we hear are undecided whether it's really a good thing for a 13 year old to be spending so much time with his 20 year old college age brothers and their friends.

However (and as always, form your own opinion - we just pass along what we hear and are informed of) we are actually told things that dispute this storyline. A friend who has been spending time with all the Roloffs kids have told us that actually, Jacob wants Jeremy and Zach to move out

An old picture, Matt with Zach recovering from his leg surgery a few years ago. Matt tries to improve his relationship with both Amy and Zach. In June, Matt and Zach went on a road trip together to Idaho and other places, mainly to benefit the Salman family.

One of the biggest "news" part of the preview -- that we must dispute, states that Jeremy and Zach finally realize it's time to grow up, get jobs and move off the farm.

We are told that has indeed NOT happened with a few caveats. Zach does have his job coaching soccer at the Indoor arena -- however it's fair to say that is not the equivalent of what the preview suggests. Zach and Jeremy's real "job" is still the show and that's what their lives center around -- being television celebrities and goofing for the television cameras. Only in filming though, as neither Jeremy and Zach have any additional responsibilities as public figures or in promotion - Zach and Jeremy (2o) still do not do interviews and do not speak or interact with fans.

You might start to hear something about Jeremy getting "garage space" on the farm, but he is still very much at home, so not much has really changed.

As evidence, a friend of Jeremy's recently described Jer's (and for the most part - Zach was in on most of these too) summer for us. Jeremy's summer as described by a friend:

*Several hikes across Oregon and Washington.
*Exploring caves and tunnels across Oregon
*Fugitive games -- for the record, the friend says Jeremy is a "legendary" fugitive player with "mad skillz"
*Camping for the show for Father's day with Matt, brothers, and buds

*More tunnel exploring at 2am
*Seaside Beach trip
*Early mornings to watch the World Cup at Mad Greek Deli and then at the owners home for the big final games.
*Fly to Florida for Oasis of the Seas cruise -- biggest ship in the world.
*To Nashville for most of the week to party at the LPA con.
*To Pendleton to visit Mueller for a couple of days.
*Wake boarding and surfing.
*Visited Mueller again this time with Zach, Molly and a few friends.

*Sleeping on top of the Tower of Terror with friends
*Day trip to take pictures of sunrise
That's basically Jeremy's summer thus far.

You can decide for yourself if Jeremy has "finally realized it's time grow up, get jobs and move off the farm"...

There you have it, that covers most of the items mentioned in the preview for Season 6 of Little People, Big World, September 6th at 8pm on TLC

Channelguidemag.com has the full preview information on their site:


Premieres: September 6

Airs: Mondays at 8pm ET/PT

Network: TLC

Who Is In It? Matt Roloff, Zach Roloff, Amy Roloff, Molly Roloff, Jeremy Roloff

Where We Left Off: Season 6 returns to find Matt Roloff recovering from a serious health scare, and on a new mission to seize the day and live life in a big way. Skydiving, bodybuilding, beekeeping, monster trucking, movie making and camping are just some of the items on the Roloffs’ long list of undertakings. Zach flirts with the notion of dating; Amy attempts to rescue her own health; Jeremy tries his hand at photography; Molly takes over the family store; and Jacob hopes to bond with his brothers before they leave the nest. A gigantic garage sale brings the whole family together, but an attempt to install a life-size Noah’s Ark on the farm divides them. Matt tries to improve his relationship with both Amy and Zach, and the twins finally realize that it’s time to grow up, get jobs and move off the farm.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Roloff family Newsletter from Matt -- August 2010

Matt Roloff and his staff sent out a newsletter today dated August 2010.

And just because our visitors have come to expect some Spirtswander commentary on Matt's Newsletter and to point out any discrepancies from what Matt says compared to the version of events that we hear -- Matt isn't saying too much here update wise so there's not too much to dispute or to agree about for that matter.

The one part that I'd clarify is about Jeremy and Zach.

"Jeremy and Zach have enjoyed re-connecting with their good friends again after their first year out of high school. Their favorite summer past time has been telling stories after dark around the campfire about crazy college life, new jobs and of course, "girls", sometimes till the wee hours of the morning. "

We'll leave it up to you if you believe that Jeremy and Zach's favorite past time as they head towards 21 years of age is telling stories after dark...but we will point out that there isn't much "re-connecting" with their good friends to do other than when Jeremy and Zach return from a vacation. Most of their good friends go to PCC with them...the only one of their good friends that was at a 4 year college or University and moved away was Scott LeSage, who we hear spent most of the summer still there (in Corvallis, Oregon). So there is not a whole lot of "catching up" to do since they still see most of their good friends all year round anyhow and their first year out of high school has basically been an extension of high school (with a lighter course load in college).

Probably the biggest change for the Roloffs or at least Jeremy, was this. As a friend of Jeremy's Jacob Mueller (who of course, most fans know as Jeremy's best friend - they are almost inseparable), told us; Mueller moved to eastern Oregon for the summer to prepare for a fire-fighting job but spent most of the summer waiting to be needed -- Jeremy visited him a few times when he wasn't traveling himself (Oasis of the Seas luxury cruise, Nashville LPA and BVI yacht/skydiving vacation). Zach and Molly also joined Jeremy to visit Mueller. I'm not sure that would qualify as the type of reconnecting that Matt implies.

There probably could have been a few more details of interest to fans that isn't touched on in Matt's newsletter, but as I think most fans have figured out, there is a lot the Roloffs don't share for a variety of reasons.

Other players in the Indoor Soccer center that plays against Zach and Jeremy's team in the adult league have told us that Zach has suffered a couple of concussions playing. One, apparently from a rather violent collision with a big guy on the opposing team. However, as everyone knows when it comes to Zach, nothing can stop or deter Zach from his love of soccer and playing. Injury schm-injury! Zach always plays again.

Regardless of that, here is Matt's newsletter sent to all email subscribers:

How exciting..........!

We are thrilled to announce that our "NEW" Roloff Family website is ready for launch! Being on our email list makes YOU very important to us and we appreciate you being a loyal fan & friend. Be some of the first visitors to preview our new website when you click the link at the end of this newsletter!

We hope you were able to catch our 200th episode of Little People Big World (that aired last May).... Five seasons and 6 years later and still, we remain committed to allow the filming of our lives and adventures so that we can share them with you.

Thank you again for joining us on this one of a kind journey... we hope you will enjoy our new season of episodes that will premiere September 6th.

So.....what is new here at Roloff Farms? Summertime, of course!

To me that means warm sunny days followed by beautiful sunsets, time around the pool with the smell of BBQ in the air and long productive days....

In usual fashion, Amy, the kids and I are busy bees. But, it does seem that we inevitably end up enjoying lunch or an impromptu dinner gathered around the patio table and sharing our summer tales.

Jeremy and Zach have enjoyed re-connecting with their good friends again after their first year out of high school. Their favorite summer past time has been telling stories after dark around the campfire about crazy college life, new jobs and of course, "girls", sometimes till the wee hours of the morning.

Molly, has spread her wings and become something of a social butterfly these past few months... even between her active volleyball schedule and job running the on-line store she can surely be found planning something fun with her many girlfriends.

Now Jacob, I have to admit, has probably been the busiest! I don't' think he's let a moment of fun go by. From camping, swimming, biking and everything else in between...I never see him in one spot for long!

That leaves Amy and me.....

Have you already clicked on and read all the exciting news on the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation (ARCF) http://amyroloffcharityfoundation.org/. If you have, then you know what Amy's been up too! Her 2nd Annual ARCF Dinner and Golf Tournament "Starry Night, Summer's Day" is just around the corner. With special guests, entertainment, and auction items, the evening is sure to meet her goal of offering "A little help for a Big World".... !

Along with adding some NEW upcoming & very cool additions to the farm... (Tune In...) I've been working hard on my charity too! CoDA http://www.dwarfadvocates.com/ with help from a local grant is ecstatic to unveil its new "Bikes for Dwarfs" program. This innovative program will help little people get custom bicycles so that they can join their friends and family in living a healthy & active life. CoDA has also been fortunate enough to provide financial assistance for adoptions and college scholarships.

And....be sure to check out CoDA's Dwarf Basketball fundraiser coming up this month featuring Zach, Marty Klebba and the entire STATESMEN team, as they will rally the evening away against local celebrities.

As I close, I'm gazing out the window and can see that the pumpkin vines in the field have already begun to flower, the corn stalks are growing taller each day and so, you know what that means... PUMPKIN SEASON is just around the corner. It's not too early to plan an autumn trip to Oregon and be sure to include a stop to come and visit us here at the farm.

Hoping that your life is full and that you enjoy each moment & embrace all that our good Lord has offered.

All The Best,



(some people are reporting that the above link to the Roloff family website doesn't work for them or that they see the top of the page, but it freezes up and they can't go anywhere from there)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Matt and Jeremy Roloff BVI trip - Mackenzie Family

Just a little more about the people that took Matt and Jeremy Roloff on their yacht through the BVIs.

If you didn't read our original article for the background story, check this out:


This was brought to our attention so we're passing it on for any guitar fans out there and if you're curious about the BVI trip and who the mystery family was that offered the trip to Matt and Jeremy.

The son in the family that hosted Matt and Jeremy, who we hear spent most of the trip hanging out with Jeremy, is a guitar player/singer and has a You Tube video. He's pretty good! Really good actually, in my non-expert musical opinion :-) Perhaps in a few years the Roloffs will be the ones saying "Hey, I once went on a vacation with that (famous) guy!"

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More on Matt and Jeremy Roloff skydiving with U.S. Army -- Jeremy wants to be a photographer

As frequent visitors to this site will know; the item we passed along yesterday -- the You Tube video from the US Army Golden Knights documenting Jeremy and Matt's skydiving experience was removed a few hours later. As per Matt on his Facebook fan page, he states they are "fixing" something in the video and expects it to be back up shortly.

There was also an article about it, which also has since been removed. However, it is cached on the internet.

Little People, Big World fans and followers have increasingly seen Jeremy carrying around a camera and have heard about his growing interest in photography. In the article Jeremy states his desire to become a photographer. A person with the United States Army Golden Knights suggests the Army would be ideal; noting that the person who jumped alongside Jeremy in order to film his jump.

"I asked Jeremy if he had ever thought about joining the Army and he said,” I want to be a photographer.” I said, you can and what better place. Look at the Soldiers that just jumped with you wearing camera helmets and Sean a former Golden Knights who was documenting his jump, who was now working in my office. They all pursued a photography career field in the Army and it was a life long skill they will always have. Jeremy proudly stood in front of our plane held up his arm showing off his muscles and said, “I am Army Strong.”"

You can read the full article at the link below:


Saturday, August 7, 2010

More information about Matt and Jeremy Roloff vacation in the BVIs

When Matt Roloff mentioned on his Facebook Fan Page on July 27th, that he had "a friend" with a big boat just asked him if he wanted to join them to sail around the BVIs for a few days, curious and sometimes - skeptical fans, wondered what was the real story?

Some people are cynical when Matt states that a vacation or a service the Roloffs is a "friend" - a friend is offering a vacation, a friend custom made Zach's bike, a friend wanted to restore his old yellow VW...so when people saw that Matt had said a friend with a boat had offered he join them on a vacation, people immediately began to wonder what the real story was.

Was it really a "friend"? Was Matt lying? Is it another TLC freebie vacation? Was it a business trip in the BVI or a vacation? What Roloffs went and why?

Well, we've received an email that explains the story and we will pass along the information to you.

A person who had read our site and the comments wanted to set the record straight and wishes to remain anonymous -- we fully value privacy -- however we do have it on a good authority that this story is indeed legit.

Matt's friend with the big boat? It was a family who are big fans of the show Little People, Big World. They have visited the farm like other regular fans for pumpkin season.

However, they up'd their status when they contributed to Amy's Charity dinner and auction in 2009 by bidding and winning the auction item to have dinner with Amy Roloff and the person from the Top Chef in a cook off in June 2010. You might recall a few items we had about that back in June when Amy and the Top Chef got together. When this family met the Roloffs in their home for the dinner with Amy and the Top Chef, they met the other members of the Roloff family.

The family has a teenage son around Jeremy's age (minus a couple of years) who has some mutual interests -- and again, the family are all big fans of the show/the Roloffs.

This is the family, that offered Matt and Jeremy to join them on the sailing trip around the BVIs (and it was indeed just Matt and Jeremy - and this family). Apparently this family is no stranger to sailing vacations. For the record, we were also told that the Roloffs knew about this trip long before July 27th (Matt stating a friend had "just asked him") we were told that the family had been talking about it with the Roloffs "weeks" before that, but that's not really important.

So that is the real story of how Matt and Jeremy Roloff got the offer "from a friend" to sail in the BVI's. It was fans who had bought the dinner with Amy auction item and had befriended the Roloffs from that point.

Molly Roloff visited George Fox University

Molly Roloff has begun touring colleges and universities. In September, Molly will start her junior year of high school.

Little People, Big World viewers will remember Jeremy and Zach going on tours of several colleges in their senior year of high school, before eventually enrolling at PCC.

Molly visited George Fox University, which is a Christian university in Newberg, Oregon.


George Fox representatives say Molly is visiting several schools and it will be apart of a future episode.

The article states George Fox students have seen other Roloffs on campus last year. One of the friends sometimes seen on the show (Brendan) is at George Fox as well as a few other of their former Faith Bible classmates. The article also mentions that students say Roloffs have been spotted at a camp that is part of the George Fox ministry.

We also heard from people at George Fox last year at different times that said both Jeremy and Zach had visited their friends. Jeremy was also seen visiting friends at Oregon State and Zach and Jeremy at Portland State University, again visiting friends.

The Newberg Graphic has the story:


'Little People, Big World' stars visit GFU
Reality TV — Molly Roloff considering George Fox for fall 2012
By: Amanda Newman Published: 8/7/2010 8:40:13 AM

"George Fox University had a visit last week from a group with a big reputation, though mostly small statures.

Members of the Roloff family, stars of the TLC reality television show “Little People, Big World,” toured the school July 30 and met with admissions counselors.

The show, based on the family’s farm in North Plains, features Matt and Amy Roloff and their four children, 20-year-old fraternal twins Zach and Jeremy, Molly, 16, and Jacob, 13. Matt, Amy and Zach are little people, just a few inches taller than 4 feet, while the other three children are at least average height.

Amy, Zach and Molly Roloff visited George Fox with a television crew last week as Molly narrowed down the schools she is considering for the future “(She) is considering George Fox, not for next year, but for a future year,” said Ryan Dougherty, GFU director of undergraduate admissions.

Molly is entering her junior year at Faith Bible Christian School.

Dougherty said Molly hasn’t decided yet what school to attend and was touring several schools, which will likely appear in an episode about four months from now.

“We’re just working with (her) like any other student,” he said. “We get a lot of students who come through and don’t end up going here.”

Although Dougherty said last week’s visit was GFU’s “first encounter” with the Roloffs, it wasn’t necessarily their first time on the campus. Students reported seeing one of the Roloffs, possibly Zach, on campus at the end of the last school year. Zach and Jeremy both attended Portland Community College last year, but one of their high school friends, Brendon Johnson, is a student at George Fox.

Members of the Roloff family have also been spotted in recent years at Camp Tilikum, a ministry of GFU."

You can visit the Newberg Graphic for the full article and their pictures.


Friday, August 6, 2010

New episodes of Little People, Big World - One month away

One month away from new episodes of Little People, Big World on TLC -- Sept 6th, 2010

As always in the "off-season" for the Roloffs and Little People, Big World, we get emails and inquiries from fans wondering if the show has been cancelled or when the show is coming back to TLC.

So this seems like an appropriate date to mention that Little People, Big World is scheduled to return for Season 6 (which is currently being filmed)will return in exactly one month -- September 6th.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Statesmen Charity Basketball game for CoDA featuring Zach, Jeremy and Matt Roloff scheduled in Montana for Sept 11

There is going to be another CoDA charity basketball game featuring "The Statesmen" vs a Celebrity team. This one will be held September 11th in Montana at Montana State University.

The first game was held in April at Martin Klebba's old high school in Troy, Michigan.

Once again, it looks like the Roloff contingent will be the same as in Michigan -- Zach (obviously), Jeremy and Matt.

CoDA Charity Basketball Game ~ Montana

Time September 11 · 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Worlds Gold Melding winning Dwarf Basketball team vs Celebrity Basketball Game
...Saturday September 11, 2010 6pm tip off
5pm Silent Auction/ doors opens
Montana State University
Tickets $10 per person

Marty Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean/ Scrubs) and Zack Roloff (Little People Big World) are heading to Montana with their team the STATESMEN to take on a team of local celebrities. The Statesmen are the World Gold Medal winning Dwarf basketball team. Money for this event will help raise funds for CoDA (Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy). CoDA is a Charity that Marty started several years back with friend Matt Roloff (Little People Big World). One of their major projects is to get orphan dwarfs adopted.

We will be playing the game starting at 6pm with an autograph line afterwords. Doors open at 5pm and we will be starting our silent auction at this time.

So come see…
Marty Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean/ Scrubs)
Zack Roloff (Little People Big World)
Jeremy Roloff (Little People Big World))
Matt Roloff (Little People Big World)
Scott “Flash” Norton (WCW Pro Wrestler)
And many more


If you want to get a feel for what the first even was like, you can a review of the first game in Michigan back in April here:


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Amy Roloff and friends did a 5K walk to raise awareness for colon cancer

For the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation, Amy Roloff, Lisa Dixon and Gayle Meyer participated in a 5K walk in Portland. The walk was to raise awareness about colon cancer.