Sunday, August 22, 2010

2nd Annual Amy Roloff Charity Dinner and Golf Event has begun

The 2nd annual Amy Roloff Charity Dinner and golf event has started. This years event benefits Shriners Hospital of Portland and The Special Olympics. Amy is hosting one of the hosts from the E! channel, Jason Kennedy who will help at her event. He tweeted that Amy gave him a tour of their house and it's "huge".


Brandon said...

You know you have a huge house when a guy that is always around celebs says you're house is huge...

Lynn said...

Is the rest of the family supporting this event since it brings up the controversial issue of Matt's past with Shriners?

Erica said...

Why wouldn't the kids support it? All they do anyway is show up for an evening and have dinner and smile.

Rap541 said...

Why wouldn't they?

I mean, you're not suggesting that Matt wants his children to refuse to support their mother's charity work in order to show that his feelings are the most important out of anyone's in the family, right?

I like to think that whatever Matt's issues are with Shriner's Hospitals, he wouldn't put his children in the position of having to choose between being on his side or Amy's side in a dispute.

I'm curious to see if I am expecting too much.

Dana said...

Sadly, given that Matt is against it because he is deeply hurt by Shriners, I am sure Zach is whole heartedly supporting it. He is nasty like that when it comes to Matt. I don't understand it. He will regret treating Matt like this one day when it's too late.

This is another reason why Amy should have simply respected her husband's wishes and chose one of thousands of other charities to support.

She probably guilted Jeremy into helping, again, like he did last year because that's what Jeremy does, help his family. It is a very unfair position to put Jeremy in when he knows that Matt is against it.

Matt has one loyal child and that is Jeremy.

Dana said...

"I like to think that whatever Matt's issues are with Shriner's Hospitals, he wouldn't put his children in the position of having to choose between being on his side or Amy's side in a dispute."

It is Amy that put the kids in that position by going ahead with Shriners against Matt's wishes.

Dana said...

Ha! Amy deserves that for going against Matt's wishes. Jeremy didn't support it. Neither did Zach or Jacob who spent time with matt.

Rap541 said...

Dana - assuming you're right, that Amy is "going against Matt's wishes" (we don't actually know since Matt certainly has not said "I do not support Amy's foundation doing anything for Shriner's Hospital") - Matt could still be the bigger person and not make his children choose sides.

A real man wouldn't do that to his children.

And frankly, Dana, your assigning Jeremy the "He's just being guilted" role... Under your theory here, if Jeremy was a real man, wouldn't he be standing at Daddy's side, telling Mom he does not support her?

What kind of a son abandons his crippled father merely to please his mother? How can Jeremy be called loyal to Matt if he in any way supports Amy in this endeavor?

And in fairness, last year Amy's charity was not supporting Shriner's Hospital so suggesting Jeremy was somehow being treated unfairly due to Matt's issues with Shriner's is rather amusing considering it wasn't an issue.

I thought Jeremy enjoyed giving, and didn't need to be guilted into it?

Back to the point - If you geniunely believe that Amy is intentionally trying to hurt Matt by supporting Shriner's Hospital, my point to you is that a real father in that position would not make his children choose which side to be on.

And since we don't know that Matt is being cruelly mistreated and his children are disloyal (except Jeremy who can help out mom and not stand at daddy's side because even tho he is clearly assisting his mom despite his dad's views, he's somehow standing at Daddy Matt's side, against mom) perhaps you shouldn't be negatively assasinating Zach's character in public for something he may not have even done?

I mean really, Dana. Do you think Matt likes your negative comments about his son?

Anonymous said...

Wow... you're actually delighted that Matt turned his children against their mother?

Over a charity event?

You're not a very nice person.

Dana said...

Amy deserves it for not respecting Matt's wishes. I don't know what she was thinking by supporting something that was a very dark part of her husband's past. She could have easily chose another charity. I am glad the kids apparently weren't there.

It makes me wonder about Molly because Matt didn't mention her, but he made a point of mentioning that although Jeremy didn't go to the movies, he was at youth group. I think Matt posted that for a reason. To show that they were not at Amy's event.

He didn't give Molly's whereabouts, it wouldn't surprise me if Molly betrayed Matt again.

Dana said...

Jeremy didn't support Amy's event. He was supporting God instead by attending a church youth group.

I don't know what you're talking about. Exactly, Matt was not against Amy's beneficiares of her event last year. Jeremy helped out more than any of the other kids. What is your point? As usual, you don't have one.

This year Amy went against Matt's wishes by supporting Shriners. Matt is on record saying he does not support Amy's decision to give to Shriners. Now we find out that apparently Jeremy (and Zach and Jacob and Matt of course) made other plans at the time of Amy's event.

Judy said...

I also support Matt's decision not to attend. I'm glad Zach went with Matt.

Amy should question herself why she needed to make it ugly and choose the one organization Matt did not want.

Michelle said...

Was tonight the dinner or the golf? Maybe they didn't go because they don't golf?

Deb said...

Score another one for Matt over Amy.

Mary said...

Wow, I never thought Amy would be vilified for helping charity.

Matt AND the kids should be ashamed of themselves. It's one, two days out of the entire year and they can't be bothered to show up and support it?

They suck. Amy is the only decent one of the bunch. And maybe Molly.

Diane said...

I agree Mary.

More than half the family didn't even show up for their Mother's and wife's charity dinner? That's terrible. Talk about dysfunction.

The Roloffs are so greedy and selfish. If they had paid them I bet all the Roloffs would have been there.

Anonymous said...

You people are so hilarious and petty (YES YOU ALL ARE)'s pretty simple. Amy is trying to help kids, families, and parents in need of medical care. All the conjecture is so funny about the family. Maybe Amy just wanted to help people in need and you guys are picking sides. It is really really sad all of you spend this much time trying to dissect intent and blame. Really you should find something that equates to a life if you can as you all are really really pathetic people. The bottom line regardless of personal feelings or whatever side you sick people fall to is that Amy is raising money to help kids and families. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Hope the nasty blog posts make you feel better about yourselves but I doubt it will cause if it would you probably would never post here again. Let your stupidity flourish.

Brandon said...

In fairness, Anon 3:25AM...Matt made it an issue when he made it known that he didn't approve of Amy choosing Shriners to benefit from her Golf and Dinner Benefit this year.

Mary said...

Yeah Anonymous, you are blaming people for noticing that at least 4 Roloff family members couldn't be bothered to stick around and support Amy's big night?

I agree with you that Amy did a good thing in helping those less fortunate, but we are talking about it because the Roloffs did not present a strong united front and a family that supports each other. Four of them thought it was more important to do other things like go to youth group and see a movie. They are to blame. Shame on them.

I could not fathom at that age, my mother having a charity in her name, once a year she has her benefit and me not show up to support it.

I lost a lot of respect for Matt, Jeremy, Zach and Jacob for this stunt. They are selfish.

Rap541 said...

Dana - tried reading what you wrote.

You're crowing with delight over the fracturing of a family and that Matt "won" in making the kids pick sides. You too, Judy. You're applauding Matt intentionally turning the children away from their mom because she "didn't mind him".*

My point - a *real* father wouldn't make his kids pick sides. A real father wouldn't want to hurt his wife by making every event all about his needs.

*This is made more hilarious by the fact that the Special Olympics is also being sponsored.

** Also hilarious in that I was attempting to suggest Matt be the mature one and people are applauding his acting like a petulant fve year old who takes his toys away when he doesn't get his way. Yay Matt for proving its always all about Matt :) I won't make the mistake of assuming Matt isn't an arrested five year old anymore.

Julie said...

Hey, I think that BOTH Matt and Amy suck.

Amy sucks because she really *could* have chosen any other charity that helps children, so why focus on the one that her husband had such deep-rooted issues with? And please do not regurgitate the reason of, "She chose Shriner's because it's a wonderful charity!" I've already addressed my issues with that line of logic before.

And Matt sucks because any decent father would have put his own personal issues aside for the sake of the kids. If I had been Matt, as miffed as I might be at Amy, I'd have made sure my kids were there. Actually, I'd have insisted on it.

I was fortunate enough to have parents who, although they frequently disagreed with each other, made sure to not put their own kids in the middle of their disagreements. It's very important to present a stable united front to one's children instead of making them feel like they have to choose between one or the other.

Rap541 said...

"He didn't give Molly's whereabouts, it wouldn't surprise me if Molly betrayed Matt again."

That little Roloff bitch! How dare she *suport her mom*!

Molly must hate her dad, huh Dana?

How *awful*! How unchristian!

Maybe someone should head over to Matt's facebook and explain to Matt how hsi bitchdaughter is a betrayer? I mean, Matt needs to hear how Molly doesn't deserve to be a Roloff, right?

Right Dana? Molly is a betrayer and unchristian? Matt should punish her, as he has punished Amy, correct? Molly deserves to be spurned publically for supporting the Special Olympics and Shriners Hospital as these charities are the tools of Satan and Matt proudly stands against the hate Molly helps spread....

Thats what we should all take away from this, right?

Molly is a hateful disloyal bitch and Matt as a father has the right to treat her like trash?

Jocelynn said...

I think to be fair everyone should wait until the whole event is over and everybody knows how involved the kids were or weren't in it.

It's a 2 day event correct? Does anyone even know for sure what part they did last night?

I was going to hold out some room that maybe the kids attended a portion of it and then went to the movies, but I agree that's unlikely given the tweets and the timing of it

Dana said...

Jocelynn, Sunday evening was the dinner and auction. That is why Jason Kennedy was there. To help with the auction. That was the part of the event that Jeremy worked so hard last year to help prepare when it was on the farm. This year the kids didn't even sit the through the dinner and auction if Matt's Facebook update about the movies were accurate. It sounds like they didn't even go to the golf course for the dinner and auction at all. If that's the case, it sounds like a boycott and that is a good thing because it supported Shriners.

One of the tweets read:

"thanks so much for helping out with the Amy Roloff dinner and auction tonight"

If the kids were supporting Amy, that is the portion of the event they would have attended. I saw a fan that bought tickets say her family would be having "dinner with the Roloffs".

It's the actual golfing that is supposed to go today (Monday) that the kids might not have taken part in, but Jeremy and Zach did last year when Amy didn't stab Matt in the back by supporting Shriners.

Rap, you are ridiculous once again. Posting on this site does not mean you have to email Matt your feelings instead of posting here.

Matt is a proud father, as he should be in public and will always attempt to make it sound like he is proud of all his kids. He would be foolish to publicly on Facebook express the pain and hurt he must feel when his kids (except for Jeremy) are disloyal to him and disrespect him. I respect Matt for that. I don't respect Zach, Molly and Jacob when they blatantly disrespect their father who has given them so much.

You can have your own opinion. I say you aren't very intelligent and don't understand Matt Roloff if you can't figure out that Matt only has one loyal kid that treats him with respect and that of course is Jeremy.

Molly did betray Matt when she rallied together with Zach in attempt to ruin Matt's BVI vacation. They did that to try to hurt Matt. Zach even admitted it. Molly chose her side and she chose to betray Matt. You are the one calling her vulgar names. I am using descriptions that are appropriate for the actions she displayed.

Having said that, I am glad that Zach went to the movies with Matt instead of supporting the event that did not have Matt's blessing because of Shriners. I was wrong about that and I was am glad to have been wrong about that.

Christine said...

I think it's terrible that the rest of the family weren't there. Poor Amy. It takes time and effort to put that on and she is doing it to help others.

Jocelynn, Dana is correct. Here is the time table from Amy's Charity site:

August 22nd - Dinner and Auction

5pm - Reception and Silent Auction

6pm Dinner and Program Begins
Dinner Seats $100 person or $175 per couple.
$1000 Table Sponsor - Table of 8 includes promotion.

August 23rd - Golf Tournament

12pm Check in begins

1pm Shotgun start
Awards Dinner immediately following tournament

There is another dinner today for the awards after, but yesterday was the big dinner and auction that people were paying (donating) towards.

I suppose it was possible that the kids went to the golf club, had dinner for an hour and then skipped out to go to the movies and youth group, but it seems unlikely. I think Matt's Facebook posting was last evening and I don't think it was logical that they would go to the dinner and run away after just a little bit. That is the kind of thing you either attend or don't attend.

As I post this it is 2pm eastern.

Matt's facebook post "Off to see the Stallone film with Jacob and Zachary. Jeremy at Youth Group (implying that he's already there). was "15 hours ago according to Facebook. That would place it at 11pm, then the 3 hour time difference, that would mean it was 8pm.

It is possible the kids were there for the dinner but unlikely. The dinner didn't even start until 6pm and those types of events are notorious for starting late. I think the kids part of it would be the meeting and greeting afterwards.

I don't think they could have showed up at 6pm and then have been out of there by 8pm.

Rap541 said...

Dana - but you do think Molly is a disloyal bitch that Matt should punish, correct? She is a bad child correct? Matt should punish her for not standing at his side?

I mean - your point is that Molly is BAD and Matt should treat her as the disloyal one.

And Matt as a *father*, as THE father, deserves his children's loyalty *against his wife* no matter how petty he might be?

Don't think your little campaign against Molly the Bitch hasn't been noted. She's well behaved, does well in school, and reasonably attractive... therefore she makes Jeremy look bad so suddenly she hates her dad and is disloyal and you are calling her a bad kid for...

What is it Molly is doing? Oh yeah, helping her mom support a charity for burn victims and poor kids who can't afford medical care. God, Molly is such an unchristian monster!

(PS - who wants to bet we get a funfilled episode of LPBW showing all four kids helping out? And Amy praising them? :))

I really love how matt is a great husband for dividing his family and making jhis kids pick sides. He's a real man :)

Rap541 said...

Julie btw - I happen to agree with you with one caveat that no one has been willing to acknowledge.

This charity foundation has a board of directors. The board votes on what charities to support. Did it ever occur to anyone that Amy got outvoted and couldn't override the board?

Amy quit the DAAA to support her husband, is she supposed to quit her foundation too?

That said - I think I have been clear that my issue is that - Amy right or wrong - Matt could choose to be the better person and not make this about himself.

I feel bad for the kids. Matt's making it crystal clear that he's the most important person to Matt. I hearken back to Matt making Zach's surgery about how much Matt suffered, matt showing up late for his sons graduation because Matt doesn't like to wait for anything, Matt remarking he didn't think spending time with his family in Ireland was "a good use of his time".

In a lot of ways, Matt is a very small, petty man, and I honestly think this has less to do with Matt's childhood issues with Shriners (seek therepy, Matt, if you really are this bitter) and more to do with Amy being successful at something.

Judy said...

Dana, well said.

Lynn said...

It's Amy's charity. Most of her Charity members are her friends. Amy has the say on what organization to support.

Shadow said...

"it sounds like a boycott and that is a good thing"

So boycotts against Amy are "good", but boycotts against Matt are "bad." You are one strange lady...your world is so full of contradictions. :> But that's okay - it's clear you post the way you do just to try to rile people up.

Sorry to disappoint you, D (and your minions)! I don't actually care enough about the Roloffs to be offended or excited by your posts. It's just a hoot to read them, though...

Rap541 said...

Lynn - the charity has a board of directors. Amy is a board member.. and Amy's pet charity DAAA was the pet charity last year.

You don't know how the Shriners Hospital was chosen, none of us do... so assume Amy is a hateful bitch choosing Shriners solely to viciously spite her gentle giving husband seems a bit much.

I must say, the pure delight the Christian crowd finds in Matt bitterly dividing his family over the wrongs of his childhood shocks me. I find it sad.

Shouldn't Matt be turning his anger to Jesus and praying? Matt could choose to be the better person...

I'm also kinda curious, does this mean Matt is still telling the truth when he says his marriage is fine and TLC plays up the discord and he and Amy are very happy? Because if the Christian crowd is correct... Matt and Amy clearly have a serious rift here...

Someone explain how Matt isn't lying :)

Lynn said...

Well, it is Amy's charity. She has the final say. Obviously her board will listen to Amy.

I understand why Amy chose Shriners. Her theme this year was children. Shriners treat children. Some of Amy's friends in the dwarfism community have kids at Shriners presently or in the past. I understand why she chose Shriners, but I don't agree with it because Matt's feelings should have trumped the other reasons.

Married couples have disagreements. You can't honestly believe all married couples agree about everything or don't have high tension issues between them?

Dana said...

Whatever you say Shadow. You have proven yourself to be anti Matt and anti Jeremy at every corner.

Yes, I believe something as *crazy* as a wife should not raise funds for an entity that has hurt her husband and that he has unresolved issues with.

Hate to break it to you, but that is not controversial thinking. Most people would agree that it would be wrong for a wife to do what Amy did when she chose Shriners.

Amy put a dark cloud over her charity event when she ignored Matt's wishes and feelings.

When parents are divided it does put the kids in the middle. Amy could have avoided it by simply choosing another charity.

Dana said...

There is no comparison between the emotional impact of the BVI trip and the issue with Shriners.

Shriners is a deep dark part of Matt's past and no one has any right to judge the horrors that Matt endured as child.

The BVI spat does not compare. That was about Amy being selfish. She scheduled a speaking engagment during March break and she was didn't want to miss out on a vacation. Something she would do a few months later anyways.

You can't compare Matt's issue with Shriners to Amy not wanting any of the family to vacation without her.

Shadow said...

"Most people would agree"
"There is no comparison"

Only in your world, D, only in your world...

Rap541 said...

Lynn - Do you understand that just because Amy started the charity, she isn't allowed to be the final say on everything it does? Thats why charities need a board.

That's why Matt does not get veto power over everything CODA does. Amy in ARCF, and Matt in CODA, are probably the dynamic forces behind the charity and therefore their opinions hold respect and sway... but they can't override the board of directors unless they get the votes.

Now, I freely state... I don't know that Amy was outvoted... but none of us know what goes on in private meetings do we?

Julie said...

Oh, Rap, I wasn't aware of that. Shows you how much I know about charities! *rolls eyes* Anyway, I do think that Amy most likely has a LOT of influence in which causes the charity supports, and personally I highly doubt that she was arguing against Shriner's because of Matt*, but in light of what you say, it would be unfair of me to assume that she is responsible for the charity choosing to support Shriner's this year.

* I say this because I think Matt and Amy are very inconsiderate of each other in general, at least from what we've seen on the show. Of course, this is just speculation on my part, I don't know for sure whether Amy decided for or agaainst Shriner's.

Rap541 said...

Julie - I agree. Keep in mind, I do not assign Amy the role of "being completely mature" in this marriage. My argument on this is -if people geniunely believe Amy intentionally chose Shriners (and the Special Olympics) to piss Matt off... That Matt responds in kind by turning the situation into a "prove you love me most" trial for the kids isn't really a charming and cute moment for Matt.

Amy acting badly (which we don't actually have evidence of) is not a reason for Matt to act badly.

Jolie said...

It angers me on how most of the speculation on the Roloff family has been so far off base from what I know of them. I am not going to say that the Roloff family doesn’t fight or argue or even that they aren’t competitive with each other, they do and they are. What I will say is that they are not malice or spiteful against each other. Matt has not pitted the kids against Amy or vice versa. Matt’s position on the Shriners Hospital isn’t just about his childhood experience, but mostly because of his time as president of LPA learning of the experiences of other little people families who had dealings with Shriners. A little person has unique medical needs and considerations, not every hospital or doctor is equipped to handle those needs or considerations. LPA has a medical advisory board that is familiar with various medical facilities and provide information and resources to little people who need to get the proper care specific to little people issues. There are many doctors and hospitals who specialize in giving excellent care to little people, who have excelled and come highly recommended by LPA, Shriner’s is not one of them. Amy and her Board did make a questionable choice in having the Shriners as a charity partner, but it was not out to spite Matt. I am sure there are regrets, but Amy is a woman of her word and she will pull off a successful event in which the Shriners will be grateful recipients of her hard work and good name. And the kids didn’t boycott her event, what a silly conclusion. Those kids love their mother and they support her, and they love their dad and they support him. The kids supported Amy and her event as they were asked to. They are there for her in any way she requests. Amy did not require them to be there by her side every moment of the day. And anybody who knows Matt, knows that when he shows up to any event, his big personality can shift the focus, so out of respect and also by request, he lays low, period.

Anonymous said...

It is crazy how some of you seem to have the Roloff's lives on charts, graphs, timelines, and spreadsheets as if they were under surveillance for a crime or something. When do you have the time to live your own lives? Really is it that important to you??? Really????

Monica said...

Jolie, thank you for explaining. That sounds rational.

Mary said...

I disagree about the kids and Amy's event Jolie.

If you're a friend, perhaps Amy is trying to save face and hide her hurt, but I honestly don't believe that Amy wouldn not care if the kids supported her event. It's not like she has this every week. It is once a year. It has her name attached to it. It is her event. When she is using her celebrity to help raise money for her foundation it does help to have the kids there.

Read the other posts about internet postings. People pay $125 for a seat because they are excited to have dinner with "The Roloffs". Teenage girls are excited to meet Jeremy.

I honestly do NOT believe Amy would tell the kids "I don't care if you're there, it's like any other day, go to the movie instead".

When I start believing that's how Amy really feels I will buy some swamp land in Florida.

David said...

Jolie, that does sound like good information, thank you.

But viewers have seen Matt and Amy pit the kids against each other. Multiple times.

Z to the Zee said...


I don't know how well you know the Roloffs, but if you knew them really well and were honest, you would know that the Roloffs are not the happy cozy family portrait you portray.

Matt and Amy do compete with each other for the affection of the kids. Amy doesn't have a great relationship with Jeremy, at least not as close as she would like. This pains Amy greatly because she knows Matt is winning the war for Jeremy. He rarely does anything with Amy that he isn't required to, but he is there for Matt. They do compete for the kids affection.

Ellen said...

Wow, I'm appalled that anyone would criticize Amy. She is thinking about other people and helping other people.

The Roloffs, especially Matt and Jeremy, do so many things for themselves. Matt's speciality is how to make a buck and to hell with morals or doing the right thing.

Amy is giving to other people even if it isn't her own money. She is spending time and effort to help others. She is setting a good example for everyone including her kids. I think it's sad if the kids didn't know the right thing to do was to support Amy's dinner. It shouldn't take Amy twisting their arms and telling them they have to.

Dana said...

Jolie, you are correct about some of what you said. Matt is far from the only person that has a poor opinion and bad experiences with Shriners.

Of course the kids love both parents.

Where you are mistaken is about Matt and the kids lack of involvement in Amy's charity event after she made the poor decision to partner with Shriners.

Just because they have a television show, Matt is under no obligation to share his most inner deep feelings and voice personal and hurtful family tension.

However, anyone that is intelligent and understands Matt can see the signals he sends out.

You are right about Matt's strong personality and charisma taking center stage when he attends an event, but you are naive or selling a story if you believe Matt's lack of support for Amy's event was out of respect for Amy.

He was hurt by her decision to ignore his feelings and partner with Shriners.

Matt didn't just not show up for her event. He ignored it. Amy's event is now over and done with. Matt was posting on his facebook to his nearly 20,000 fans and did not say one word about Amy's charity event that was going on at the exact same time.

You honestly believe Matt wasn't boycotting it? That's ridiculous. Read between the lines. Matt didn't say one word about it, but during the event his communication with nearly 20,000 fans was to state that he was at the movies with Zach and Jacob and he even went to the trouble of explaining where Jeremy was...and it wasn't at Amy's dinner. Jolie, why do you think Matt added that Jeremy was at youth group? He could have said he went to the movie with Zach and Jacob. Why did he explain where Jeremy was? He did it to show that Jeremy did not betray him and was not supporting Amy's Shriners event.

You don't understand Matt Roloff if you don't think he did that deliberately. He was right to do so and the kids made the choice to not support Amy's event because they knew she was wrong for disrespecting Matt.

Anonalicious said...

Matt never says anything about Amy's charity.

Except, after a few years, he finally has given her equal billing on the family website.

David said...

I fully support Amy on this. Anytime a Roloff does something where the main motivation is not to increase their own income so they can buy yet another material toy, it should be seen as a good thing.

That aside, actually Dana makes a great point. Any individual that attempts to portray this as one big happy family unit that loves and supports each other is either very naive or has a PR agenda.

Even conceding that there is some validity to the likelihood that Amy did not want Matt present because of his "big persona", think about what is really happening and relate it to REAL people and real couples and real families.

First, it is twisted when you think about the fact that in a supposedly happy marriage that one a big night like this the wife would not want her husband anywhere near the event, but lets ignore that big elephant in the room.

I could not even imagine being in Matt's position and writing on my website, during arguably the biggest night of the year for my wife, and not even mentioning that tonight was the big night for her. Think about that. It's twisted. It's warped.

I agree with Dana about why Matt wrote about the movies with the kids. Everything Matt says and doesn't say publicly is carefully calculated. He knows exactly what he's doing. You can not like Matt, but he didn't get where he is by being dumb. He's smart and is deliberate about what he does and doesn't do.

If it is true that the kids did not attend or even if they cut out early (unlikely that they would attend for 20 minutes and then leave)then it is a sad statement about those kids how selfish they are. They have no sense of the right thing.

My mother worked for a large company. When she organized a retirement party for one of the top longtime executives, I was expected to attend because it was something my mother had worked on for months and months and it was proper for me as the son to attend on her big night. I was not even a celebrity. Yes, it does matter and the celebrity presence of the kids would help on Amy's big dinner event. Think of all the media and interviews Amy does throughout the year for her foundation and this is the biggest night of the year for her. And the kids don't know or can't be expected to show up, support it and sit through the whole thing?

It's a very sad statement on kids and the dysfunction in that family.

Michelle said...

Thanks Jolie. That sounds like a good explanation for why Matt doesn't support Shriners.

Rap541 said...

"Shriners is a deep dark part of Matt's past and no one has any right to judge the horrors that Matt endured as child." - Dana

"I've had to put a lot of the things that happened to me into context, realizing that it was the sixties, and the medical community - including the charitable organizations such as Shriners - had much to learn about handling patients and their families. I believe that the people at Shriners - the administration, the doctors, the nurses, amd the rest of the staff - did what they thought would work best for the children in that situation. Unfortunately, the policies in place were being implemented by fallible human beings who had limited resources, and sometimes the results weren't what the families of the children would have wanted." - Matt Roloff - Against Tall Odds, pg. 45

I'm sure certain people aren't going to like the point I am about to make, but here goes.

Matt Roloff has had several large opportunities to go after Shriner's Hospitals if he geniunely believes he had a horrible, torture filled childhood.

He doesn't discuss Shriner's Hospital on the show.

He doesn't, as far as I know, discuss the horrors of Shriner's Hospitals at his public speaking events.

In his *book* - a venue that is an excellent platform to reach people and explain one's position... I have to be honest with you, there's not a lot of stuff that didn't sound like, unfortunately, typical hospital policies that were pretty standard across the board (and FYI, per Matt, he was not exclusively treated in Shriners Hospitals, there were some private hospitals and he does not in the book suggest these were better experiences). There's also not a lot of well... dark aspects. And there's the above quote, where Matt acknowledges that people weren't hurting him as a child because they just got their jollies that way, that they geniunely wanted to help a sick kid.

If Matt geniunely has so much anger and rage over Shriner's Hospital... why isn't he doing something about it? I tell you, don't take my word for it, pick up a copy of his book and see for yourself. For someone who can't stand the idea of his wife doing a charity dinner for his hated nemesis... when he has the stage and the opportunity to tell the public exactly why Shriners is so bad, he's hardly "so mad he could spit". In fact, in his book, he seems to have a very mature take on the situation.

So really, something doesn't jibe. And I repeat what I said earlier, if he's still so venomous over what appear to have been necessary surgeries, maybe instead of railing against a charity that since the 1960's significantly changed its policies, Matt should talk to a therepist.

Rap541 said...

Btw is anyone else laughing over how Dana says she knows Matt and Amy better than someone who actually seems to know both in real life?

Heaven forbid Matt NOT be throwing a childish boycott and intentionally turning his children against their mom, huh?

Hard to be believe the one time I try to assume Matt is acting mature, he's being thrown a parade by his fans for - if Dana is correct - using Amy's charity event as a way to callously and PUBLICALLY show the world how little he respects his wife's accomplishments.

Personally I hope Jolie is right. And I strongly suspect we're see video proof of the kids cheerfully helping their mom out with her charity.

Brandon said...

Rap, is it a full moon? I'm agreeing with Dana and disagreeing with. Well, more to the point, I agree with David.

I'm not on side with Dana about Amy being horrible for benefiting Shriners. But I agree with them about Matt's lack of support.

It isn't odd to you that Matt was posting about how he was going to the movies with the kids during Amy's event? You don't think Amy would have appreciated the kids at her event?

It is strange and I do think Amy wanted the kids there.

I think Matt did it on purpose.

I don't agree with Jolie that they're a happy bunch that support each other...but the kids weren't at the dinner and Matt is tweeting about Sylvester Stallone during the Amy Roloff Charity Dinner that she had worked so hard to organize for several months.

Jolie said...

Appearances by Amy Roloff, Jason Kennedy and John English. NOT dinner with the Roloff’s. Everyone here is so caught up with speculating about what Amy asked of her kids at this event. All speculation based on your narrow perceptions of what you think Amy would want. What Amy wants and what you think she should want are not the same. She is very satisfied with her event and she is not disappointed by her children. She does not see her kids as commodities to be auctioned off, even for charity. This was not an event with tickets sold so young ladies could meet Jeremy, or have dinner with Zach. Amy put together an impressive group of wonderful celebrities and fun entertainment. Her children were not part of that package. Keep in mind that Amy is very busy with her charity fundraising all year. This may be a big event, but she is doing many events all the time and the kids are involved, helping her on those when ever and how ever they can. In your eyes this may look like the pinnacle of her year, but for the kids it is not. Like I said, she was not disappointed in her kids and how much they helped her in any way.

Regarding Matt’s involvement in Amy’s charity? Very simple, Amy is her own woman and wants to build something entirely on her own. If you knew Amy, you would know that at the end of the day she does not want there to be room for Matt to be able to stake claim for any of the success of the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation. Matt is a take charge kind of guy, that is just who he is and if Amy let him get too involved she knows that is a slippery slope. He has offered to help many times and except for a few email blasts to his newsletter list, she has declined and asked him to take a step back. She wants to look at her creation and know with certainty that it is totally hers and hers alone. I think she can do that, but if Matt were to be involved there would be that nagging question, not only in her mind, but in the mind of her fans. Matt understands this and honors her requests. He is very proud of her, her charity and what she has been able to do with it.

And as for the comments by Z, I never painted a “cozy family portrait” Amy and Matt have a typical marriage, and by that I mean it has its issues and rough spots. But it also has mutual love and respect. What I did say was that Matt and Amy are not pitting the kids against one another. They do vie for affection and jockey for position, but it is never with the intention of taking away from the other or out of meanness. This is not a “war” and the kids do not have to choose a side. Amy is not disappointed with her relationship with Jeremy. She loves him very much and is very proud of the man he is becoming. Both her boys are growing up and like so many parents when your kids become adults it is hard when you are no longer the center of their world. She knows that her position with her children is solid and unshakable and that it is evolving. She is well loved by her children and so is Matt.

Kristi said...

Rap, I heard Matt Roloff speak maybe two years ago, and he didn't miss the opportunity then to express his anger about his Shriners experiences.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - I think the actual truth is closer to Matt being a spiteful jerk and the kids appeasing Dad in order to let Mom not worry about Dad making a scene/letting his personality overwhelm the event.

I lean towards David's arguement, I do. As it happens, I'm geniunely trying to give Matt the benefit of the doubt. Believe it or not, I don't actually want Matt to be a selfish ass who makes every activity all about him and can't stand the idea of his wife being successful to the point he's acting badly.

Personally, I wasn't impressed with Matt's little hissyfits last year over Amy's charity dinner. I think he doesn't like Amy being successful, and I think "Shriners" are an excuse he's using to act even more petulant. What I think (and honestly hope I am wrong about) is that the kids are spending time with Daddy Matt to keep him appeased so Amy doesn't have him running around her event having temper at people. (that Zach went somewhere with Matt is the clue on that)

Expressed said...

Very insightful, Jolie. Thanks. That all sounds logical.

Except I do think it's strange that the kids weren't at her charity dinner (I'm assuming they weren't based on Matt's "movie" post and that no one has corrected that assumption).

Brandon said...

"She does not see her kids as commodities to be auctioned off, even for charity. This was not an event with tickets sold so young ladies could meet Jeremy, or have dinner with Zach. Amy put together an impressive group of wonderful celebrities and fun entertainment. Her children were not part of that package. "

I disagree with that. Last years event was promoted the same way except the dinner and auction portion was at Roloff Farms. But the kids were there.

Amy knows, like Matt knows about Pumpkin season, the attraction for anything is the Roloffs themselves. Just like the "tweeters" excited about meeting the Roloffs, that's the main reason why some people go the event.

Amy might not have sold tickets so young ladies could meet Jeremy, but she came close last year, except not with Jeremy, with Zach.

I recall one of the auction items was to attend a soccer game in a private box with Zach. The family that submitted the winning bid said they did it for her daughter so she could bring 10 of her friends and meet Zach Roloff.

By the way, I don't think there is anything wrong with it. It is for charity, they are celebrities and if the presence of her family makes her event more successful, the better. But that's kind of distracting from the point. She doesn't need to auction the kids off, but it's reasonable to expect kids to attend their parent's Charity Dinner, once a year.

I can't fathom that Amy honestly did NOT want her kids there at the dinner.

Cathy said...

"If you knew Amy, you would know that at the end of the day she does not want there to be room for Matt to be able to stake claim for any of the success of the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation."

That makes sense. I used to wonder why Matt never talked about Amy's charity.

Greg said...

I doubt Amy would admit it even to a personal friend, but I think Amy is worried or bothered that Jeremy is closer to Matt than her.

I don't think they have a normal marriage at all. You can't convince me that all married couples of 20+ years act like Matt and Amy and just always happen to take separate vacations. They never do anything together with few exceptions other than stuff that is obviously for filming purposes.

Because of that I think Amy wants the kids on her side. She was happy when Zach and Molly pulled out of the BVI trip. I think it bothers her that Jeremy went and continues to be Matt's buddy.

Amy wants to be the number one figure in her kids life and I think it bothers her that Matt has the edge with Jeremy.

Z to the Zee said...


I never said, suggested or implied that Amy doesn't love Jeremy or isn't proud of him (Amy would be proud of her kids if they were 35 and still living in their bedrooms with no job). Amy loves her kids. They are her world. That is why she is hurt by her relationship with Jeremy. There is more tension there than most people know about.

When Jeremy isn't happy about something or with someone, his way of dealing with it is to cut them out by ignoring them and not spending time with them. I'm sure you must know how rare it is for Amy to spend time with Jeremy (when he doesn't have to). It is deliberate on Jeremy's behalf and Amy is aware of it and that's why it hurts her because it's not the relationship she has with her other kids.

Jason said...

Z, I don't know why they would bother competing for Jeremy's affection. It's easy.

Jeremy likes whomever gives him stuff. If Amy sends him on a cruise, he's there "for her". If Matt arranges for them to go on a vacation in the BVIs and sky diving, Jeremy is there "for him".

Anonymous said...

Z. You are right about one thing. With Amy going through metapause and being a constant bitch has strained her relationship with Jeremy more than the other kids. The reasons for this are complex. Matt understands what's she going through and is trying to ride the storm.

Anonymous said...

I know both Matt and Amy and Jolie is exactly right. Her name must be Lisa, Gail , Lori or Eric

Expressed said...

As a member of the Jeremy fan club :) I gotta say, I don't get this talk about Amy and Jeremy having problems.

I don't believe it. Not anymore. When the show started Amy was very hard on Jeremy, but she has got much, much better.

Jeremy is 20 and pretty much does what he wants now. Amy is busy with her charity and her speaking engagements, I don't think there would be many disagreements or anything to cause a bad relationship.

Brandon said...

Expressed,that's because Amy stopped parenting. Amy's downfall as a parent is that she wanted to be the kids friends instead of a parent.

I agree with whoever said the way to win Jeremy's heart for the hour is to give him a treat, you will be his favorite person until the next person gives him a treat.

I think Jolie's description of why Amy wants Matt to not be involved is solid and spot on...but I still think there is more than just that. The event was already going on, Matt could have said something other than he was going to the movies with the kids and pretending like it wasn't the night of Amy's event.

Sheri said...

Excellent messages, Jolie. Thank you. It's nice to see someone talking facts and the real deal instead of hearsay and rumors like people usually do about the Roloffs.

I agree that Amy made a regrettable decision in choosing Shriners, but Matt and Amy are mature people and wonderful parents to those kids.

Anonymous said...

Well said Jolie! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Jolie is the most logical person I have ever read on this forum.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jolie. It's nice to read comments from an adult for a change.

Rap541 said...

Well... if Jolie is to be believed... then indeed, Matt didn't have such a problem with the charity event. And the kids didn't stand at his side against their mean mother who chose something that disrespected Matt... so Matt taking Zach and Jake to a movie while Molly stayed home and Jeremy went to a youth group meeting is not "Amy getting what she deserved for disrespecting Matt"...

Correct? Jolie? Your point was that Matt really didn't have a significant problem and therefore the children didn't have to pick sides... which means.... people who were crowing over how Matt gave his wife a well earned public snub were incorrect?

So Matt really didn't have a problem with this event? Or did he?