Saturday, August 21, 2010

Amy Roloff Interview - Living the Dream Moms

Amy Roloff did an interview for a radio show: "Living the Dream Moms" -- which is available on a Podcast. You can listen to it here (the link is on the right in the sidebar):

As with most of the interviews the Roloffs choose to do -- the interviewers don't appear to be familiar with the Roloffs at all. Asking if it is correct that they live on a farm, how many kids they have, how many have dwarfism, etc.

Amy's part begins around 22 minutes in and goes for about 25 minutes. Amy is the guest after the "sexy mom" ...We will recap (the Amy interview!) for you.

*The hosts give Amy the basic introduction.

*The interview takes place at 7:00am in the west coast; the hosts remark that it's early for Amy. Amy says she is preparing herself because it is only a few more weeks until she has to get all of her kids up for school again.

*Does she watch the shows? Amy states that sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't. The part that is the most interesting to her is listening to her kids during the interviews (also known as barn-bites or hay-bales). She doesn't sit in on the interviews so it's interesting for her to see what the kids say. She often finds herself saying 'I had no idea Jeremy really thinks that.' So that can be a surprise to her, although the kids are definitely careful about what they say during those interviews, Amy says it can provide some insight. The hosts and Amy discuss how there are many things parents don't talk to their kids about or things kids don't feel comfortable discussing with their parents.

*The hosts give another overview for people that don't know who Amy is or haven't seen the show, she has dwarfism.

*When Amy tells them how many kids she has she says there are the twins and Molly and then Jacob. "All teenagers." (for the record, Jeremy and Zach are 20, will be 21 next May) Amy states "I often tell my 3 kids, you guys did not do your job at all in helping me handle your younger brother Jacob. He's my teenager. I'm like...oh my, eee....he's a great boy, but he's definitely a teenager!"

*Then they talk about how Amy's charity foundation. Amy says one of the great parts about it for her is that her kids have been able to go with her on certain things in support of the charity foundation and it shows them how fortunate they are with the places they've traveled to and the people they've been able to meet.

*The interviewers ask if her oldest boys are starting college. Amy answers that Jeremy and Zach are going to the local community college -- "Hopefully after this year they maybe they'll head on over to a university or a bigger college.

*Amy talks about living on a farm, their great location. She loves it -- they are 20 minutes from Portland, an hour from the beach, an hour from Mount Hood to ski. It's a great place to raise kids.

*The hosts said Amy wears many different hats, mom, they ask her if she runs a farm? Amy says they have a farm and a pumpkin patch -- "My...Matthew really pretty much handles the farm and we all help out. There is the pumpkin patch, fall time, they don't get into the whole Halloween thing, but more the Harvest part. They have lots of visitors. She says they used to get a lot of people before too, but obviously with the show, now they probably have quadrupole the number of people. Amy says they probably have over 20,000 people coming to their farm in October now.

*She is asked if Matt had a farming background? Amy says no, they didn't know what they were doing, didn't have any experience, they just kind of manage. Matt is a creative, he likes to get a lot of people and tell them what to do. They used to have peaches, now they have pumpkins. Pumpkins are a more LP friendly crop.

*They talk about how they got the show. Amy explains that a lot of people after watching the show and seeing Matt's personality think that he pushed the show but that is so far from the truth, it was a producer that approached them because they had been involved in the LPA and had been in some other publications. Amy thought it would be six episodes long and here they are in their sixth season.

*Amy said the kids are starting to grow up, the boys are 20 years old, she's starting to get that empty nest thing, "haven't thought about me lately", but she wants to continue helping people.

*More talk about her charity foundation. She was afraid when she started it that people would think another celebrity with a charity foundation. She says people that know her know that she's not like that. The heart of her foundation is kids, families and people with disabilities. She wanted to help the DAAA and needed to start her own foundation because it couldn't fall under their non-profit number.

*This year her golf tournament and auction benefits the Special Olympics and Shriners hospital. She knows that a lot of parents that have kids with dwarfism have been helped by Shriners because of their financial status and the cost. Shriners have been going through some tough times lately so she wanted to help. Amy is glad she has been able to incorporate her own kids at their age so they realize how fortunate they have been.

*Her charity event is August 22nd and 23rd (this Sunday and Monday). She explains that you could still go to her charity website and click on donate and enter into the helicopter golf ball drop to win a prize.

*The hosts ask if she forgets about the cameras filming...Amy answers that in the first couple of seasons she didn't know what was happening she was just so busy being a mom and taking the kids to school and soccer. The last few years they've had the same producer who is a great guy and the same crew, the sound and camera crew have been the same. They know everything about her, but she doesn't know much about them. She likes their relationship and does sometimes forget that they are there. Amy states that she and Matt aren't there to say that they're perfect, "we are LP for crying out loud" they are just trying to do the best they can. She thinks people think the appeal was watching these crazy LPs, but now that went away and people watch because it's relatable that the parents fight and the kids do crazy stuff.

*One of the interviewers says she thought she saw something about Zach driving crazy in one of the episodes and asks if Amy talked to him about that? Amy said LP and vehicle... they go crazy with speed because they can when they're driving. She kind of said she might have said something to him about that but hey they have a mom that likes to drive crazy too.

*They talk about golf. A lot. The hosts and Amy exchange stories about learning golf and their golf games. It goes on for a few minutes just about golf. Amy says she didn't play sports as a kid. She thinks that as a LP if they make a mistake it sticks with them longer. She says even as a mom, she felt that and worried about what would be say and if they would think she was a terrible mom that couldn't handle her kids, but eventually realized it doesn't matter what people say.

*Can Amy imagine her life without the show? Amy says she knows the show won't last forever, but the change that she'll miss is the people she works with. She will miss the crew.

*They talk about her charity foundation website and mention that they have a charity page on Facebook too.


Greg said...

"As with most of the interviews the Roloffs choose to do -- the interviewers don't appear to be familiar with the Roloffs at all. Asking if it is correct that they live on a farm, how many kids they have, how many have dwarfism, etc."

That's because Matt and Amy, but I put it more on Matt because he is the one that boasts about how brave he is, is petrified of doing an interview with people that know more than the fact he has dwarfism or has 4 kids and lives on a farm. Matt welcomes interviews like this because he could tell them that yes his twin sons are succeeding at the Wharton School of Business and his interviewer would be none the wiser.

It's obvious to me that the Roloffs are scared to death of being asked questions that they don't control and things more in depth than "Do you live on a farm?"

Judy said...

The part I take from that is very telling way she talks about Jacob. The kid is a little hellion. If you can't pick that up from the way she talks about him, then I conclude that you just aren't a very adept person.

Susan said...

Amy doesn't realize that the show isn't relatable anymore to the average person because it's all about the lifestyle of the rich and famous and vacations.

I do like that Amy is committed to helping charities out.

David said...

The worst thing the TLC did was keeping that producer that Amy loves in place for so long.

There is a direct correlation between the show going in the gutter and the producing team that the Roloffs love as friends.

Jocelynn said...

Judy, I don't always agree with you, but I did notice the same thing when Amy was speaking about Jake. I think he must do A LOT more than they EVER put on the show. She has no reason to lie and make him sound like he is the devil child, but that's the impression she gives off even if she tries to soften it at the end with "He's a great boy".

I have a real suggestion for Matt and Amy. Maybe he wouldn't be such a handful if you both didn't consider yourselves "empty nesters"...

Jocelynn said...

Btw, did it stick out to anyone else that Amy seemed to stop herself from saying "My husband"? It sounded to me like she caught herself and changed it to "Matthew runs the farm". It stuck out to me.

Dana said...

Judy, Jocelynn, good observations. Yes I noticed it too. If you're a smart person you can pick up on these things if you understand people. Matt has done the same thing when talking about Jacob. They couch it with words like "He's a great kid", but you hear the exasperation in their voices.

Amy used to be unfair when she spoke about Jeremy when the show was beginning, but she never spoke of Jeremy like she does of Jacob now. He's the family problem and they all know it. In 7th Heaven they needed to send Mary away to live with their military relatives to straighten Mary out because she was a troubled child. I think Jacob is heading that way. They obviously protect him from showing him at his worst on the show. Matt has said things they've done raising the other three kids worked for them, but don't work for Jacob, they've both said Jacob is their most challenging kid and now Amy singles Jacob out even to the point of joking that it's the fault of the other three for not helping control him.

I agree it would have made for a better interview if the interviewers had more facts. I would like to know more about how Jeremy is progressing with his photography. I think Amy could have mentioned that in the interview.

Brandon said...

I think what Amy (and all the Roloffs) will really miss is the money and the attention. I wish they would just stop pretending like they do the show for reasons other than that.

It's all about the money and getting material possesions for themselves. Just admit it already.

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn - I've been saying that for years. Really, we've had two years of Amy and Matt both declaring how they're done parenting and are ready to move on to the next stage where they don't have kids. Because the *twins* are graduating high school.

Considering the number of times both Matt and Amy have done this, I suspect its not editing. The twins are out of high school, so Matt and Amy are done as parents. How nice for Molly and Jake. Also hey Amy, parenting is your job, not your kids, and considering the fact that you're moaning about how you STILL have to get Jer-Bear and Zackie up for school (and considering at least one incident where Jeremy did nothing as Zach shot his brother in the face in a high state of temper and you did *nothing*) perhaps Jake's behavior is occuring precisely because your three older children are raising him.

Hey Judy - remember when Jeremy was 14 and Amy was telling her hairstylist she didn't want Jake to be like Jeremy at that age? And Jeremy liked to smart off to his mom and was an irresponsible boob? So you do believe we get to judge Jeremy forever based on his behavior on camera as a teen? Because he was a hellion. I mean, if the way Amy talks is of course truthful, you're agreed, right? And she wasn't "being too hard on him" because "she didn't respect how he was like matt"? Correct?

I mean those are the excuses that get trotted out over Amy's "badmouthing" Jeremy. So you must not agree that she was badmouthing Jeremy at that age, if you think she's being entirely honest and upfront about Jake at the same age?

Or is this a case where "If its bad about Jeremy, Amy was lying and badmouthing him because she's hateful but if it's bad about Jake, Amy speaks only truth?" :)

Rap541 said...

Oh look, Dana proves my point. If Amy says Jeremy is a handful, or pouting, she's "unfair"...

And um... citing 7th Heaven? Really? Have you seen the crazy storylines?

Jocelynn said...

Rap, yes that's it exactly about Matt and Amy being done with parenting. They say it off the show. It can't be editing.

I haven't went through it, but I know that some mothers do get emotional when their first child (or in this case twins) finishes high school and goes to college, but I don't think it's normal to talk about "Empty Nest" syndrome when you still have a 13 year old. The way Matt and Amy talk, I would think that JAKE is in his senior year of high school. He hasn't even started 8th grade!

Rap, this is what I think about what Amy said as it relates to Jeremy and Jake.

True, I recall Amy being negative about Jeremy when he was younger, much more than she has been in the last two years.

But here is way I am agreeing with Judy. I notice Amy is singling Jacob out in ways that she doesn't with Jeremy. If Jeremy was a hellion at the same age, I think Amy would have remembered that and would be citing that now when she talks about Jake being more than she can handle.

I think Amy would be saying "Jake is just like Jer, but I got through this stage with Jer". But she's not. She talks like she has never experiened a kid that is this hard to raise. My opinion anyway of what I take from what I hear Amy (and Matt) say.

Julie said...

I do think that Jake is probably the most challenging child in terms of personality, to say the least. That to me seems obvious just based on the show - of course, the show is edited to the high heavens, right, Matt? *snerk*

Anyway, just because Jake is the most challenging child does not mean that he is the worst child. Jeremy being this amiable goof does not mean that he is teh awesome, either. You know, I was always a lot, uh, brattier than my brother when we were growing up. He was always the one who got along well with other people and I was the one getting into trouble for mouthing off and having issues with authority. At the same time, my brother was a lazy butt and even my mom says she thinks the reason my brother was more 'personable' is because he was just willing to go along with whatever anyone says. That is, he wasn't someone who liked to rock the boat or had strong convictions. So, my brother had a good personality, but a weak character. I was the opposite.

I'm not saying that this is necessarily the case for Jake, because he's only 14 and it's too soon to see how he'll turn out. Maybe he really will just be a punk. But, speaking as someone who often exasperated my parents more than my sibling did, and yet turned out to be more successful than said sibling... who knows.

William said...

For the sake of safety, keep the Roloffs off the road!!!!

Seriously. Between Matt's DUII arrests, Jeremy's texting while driving habit as well as his aggressive driving (a Uhaul!), and Zach and Amy's need for speed and reckless driving, it's amazing they haven't killed somebody on the road.

Molly is the only hope. I don't even want to think what Jacob will be like as a driver.

JimW said...

William, are you perfect? Matt was NOT guilty of the second DUI charge. He made a mistake 7 years ago and served his punishment.

How many other millions of people are guilty of texting or using a cell phone like Jeremy did? I believe Jeremy said he was wrong to do it. Lay off.

If Zach and Amy haven't got into an accident yet, they probably aren't as bad as they are portrayed. Watch the morning traffic and you'll see people speeding.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Zach and Amy drive too fast. I think Molly is the best driver in the family, but maybe Jacob will be too. He drives those carts on the farm pretty good.