Thursday, September 16, 2010

Matt and Jeremy Roloff went skydiving - video

FYI: The U.S Army Golden Knights have put up the video of Matt and Jeremy Roloff skydiving again. They had originally put the video up on August 11th. It was removed shortly after we did this article about it. Matt then told his Facebook followers that he wished they could view his new favorite you tube video, but it was removed while they fix something...

I think the popular belief was that the Golden Knights probably over-stepped their bounds and stepped on TLC's toes by releasing the video of the skydive before the episode aired. However, the episode aired on September 6th, and the video was put back up Sept 14. It appears to be the same video as before.

The video is a more detailed look at Matt and Jeremy's jump than what viewers saw in the episode that aired.

Originally posted August 11th, 2010

Last week was an action-packed week for Matt and Jeremy Roloff. In addition to sailing around the British Virgin Islands and enjoying a number of water sports, both Jeremy and Matt jumped out of a plane!

The US Army Golden Knights have a 9 minute video of Matt and Jeremy skydiving.

For those wondering, you often hear the Roloffs talk about how much they love their producers -- and more recently you might have heard some people refer to "Producer Chris (Cardamone)". If you have wondered who Chris is exactly; when Matt is in the plane, that is the producer Chris filming behind Matt wearing sunglasses.

You'll also see Jeremy's new look - the chin scruff (more and more people are commenting and emailing about Jeremy's look as they see sightings in different areas around the world (Roloffs get around!).


Expressed said...

Way to go Matt and Jeremy! I'd love to do that too.

Dana said...

That's a great video. Matt is an amazing person. How many people in Matt's condition would live life to the fullest and jump out of a plane? Matt lets nothing stop him and is a great example to everyone.

Everyone must appreciate Jeremy's genuine joy and enthusiasm.

Not too long ago some person on here whose name starts with the letter "R and ends in a "P" was arguing that Jeremy is NOT adventurous. I wonder how many airplanes they have jumped out of?!

Ashley said...

That looked cool.

Do they ever let people go alone? I can understand Matt jumping with someone, but I was a little surprised Jeremy also jumped with someone. I thought most people could do their own? I guess you have to be an expert before they let you jump alone?

I vote "Thumbs down" on Jeremy's facial hair. Yuck.

Judy said...

My two favorite Roloffs doing what they do best, enjoying life and pushing their limits of thrill and excitement. I'm glad they got to enjoy that together.

Anonymous said...

Great video, but Jeremy should shave that thing on his chin!

Sheri said...

Matt Roloff is truly an amazing human being. He has so much courage and bravery. He shows everyone how to do it. There is nothing Matt won't do, ski, skydive, you name it.

Jeremy is such a polite fine young man. It's a pleasure to see them both enjoying themselves.

God Bless Matt and Jeremy.

Justin said...

It's cool that Matt did it, even though there wasn't much risk with the expert behind him, but I think it would have been cooler if Jeremy did it himself. Some beginners get trained and do it.

Diane said...

Another fun thing Jeremy gets to do because of the fans. Ungrateful punk.

Pam said...

Matt is the best. Show them how it's done, Matt! :)

Debbie said...

Maybe this was why Jeremy went on the trip with Matt? Except for Amy, I can't see any other Roloff wanting to skydive.

I never realized how prominent Jeremy's chin is. I don't like what he's doing with his facial hair either. Some guys aren't meant to have facial hair. Jeremy is one of them.

Rap541 said...

Dana - At least five times. More actually. I earned airborne wings in the Army in the mid nineties. (and in case there are doubts expressed, I was in ROTC, and the three week Airborne school was offered constantly as a summer time way to get your Airborne wings - I have no idea if this program survived the budget cuts but it was pretty common then)

I've also rapelled down cliffs. And off helicopters.

And I didn't have do a tourist jump.

A tourist jump is where the instructor does all the work, including hauling you out of the airplane. Jeremy was essentially ballast :)

That's about his speed.

And for the record, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane isn't bright.

Dana said...

Rap, can you just go away??

First, you tell how you did it so many times and imply that you're so much better than Jeremy.

Then you say skydiving isn't "bright"...

It is thrilling. It's what people like Jeremy do. He has a lot of company. Matt did it to prove he can do anything average height people can do.

Jeremy jumped the way the majority of people jump. With an instructor. At least he did it! Like it or not, Jeremy is adventurous.

Craw said...

Jeremy and Matt prove once again that they are the coolest Roloffs.

Zach was probably too chicken and Jacob would have found a way to wrap himself in the parachute and crash.

Jer's facial hair isn't THAT bad, but he looks better without it.

Christine said...

Jeremy didn't have a very clean landing. He landed on his ass. That was the only part of the jump that the instructor didn't do for him.

Judy said...

Must people really try to disparage Jeremy over doing something daring and fun?

Timothy said...

It looks fun. I have to agree with Diane though. It's an expensive thing to do and Jeremy wants again gets paid to do it and gets thanked by the people the ones letting him do it. Yet Jeremy not only has nothing to do with fans, he has been caught several times insulting them. It's time he grows up in that regard.

Jeremy's body is weird. When he doesn't have a shirt on, he's huge and legitimately looks like he gets some "help" to get that muscular. But when he has clothes on and is next to other grown men, he looks so slender.

Rap541 said...

Dana - I believe you're the one doing the whole "Not too long ago some person on here whose name starts with the letter "R and ends in a "P" was arguing that Jeremy is NOT adventurous. I wonder how many airplanes they have jumped out of?!"

I mean, you're clearly speaking about me... am I supposed to bend over and take your petty insults in the ass since you're a Christian?

What's the matter? Get an answer you didn't like?

So let me be honest. I went to Airborne School mostly because I had the opportunity while in college and my advisor thought it would be good for my career (ultimately it wasn't but thats a whole different story) You're the one who asked. If you don't like the answer, too damn bad.

It was three weeks of constantly being yelled at, dropped for push ups, forced runs, and some jumps out of an airplane. The intructor doesn't strap onto you, you have to walk out of that plane all on your own and do it all on your own.

Personally, I didn't like it. However, at least I did it to serve our country, not because I am an over grown child.

Really, you think a) Jeremy couldn't have skydived with an instructor at home, and b) the US Army Golden Knights are in the habit of doing instructor jumps?

No no, Jeremy and Matt got a treat from the show. I'm sure they'll also get a paycheck from the show for this ;)

AFter all, Jeremy was representing for LP awareness, what with being average height and vacationing and doing average height vacation things :)

(and for the record, jumping out an airplane multiple times is indeed one of the *dumber* things I have done)

Julie said...

I've always wanted to go skydiving. And yes, some beginners manage to jump by themselves, but most DO attach themselves to an instructor. I've never had the opportunity to skydive, but if I did, heck yes, I'd insist on being strapped to an instructor. Falling thousands of feet can be terrifying, I want to be right next to someone who knows what he's doing in case something goes wrong. :)

I don't really get slamming Jeremy for skydiving - it's actually very safe provided you do it properly, and I can't blame him for being with an instructor (see above paragraph) - but I don't get praising him either. So he's a thrill-seeker. Big deal. Doesn't make him any less lazy in general. Jeremy is doing something that is fun for him, that's not that surprising. Jeremy always does what is fun for him. Only Jeremy's Fan Club could spin this into something that shows just how awesome and wonderful their idol is.

Shadow said...

I don't think Rap or anyone else has said Jer isn't adventurous. What HAS been said is that he only seems to be adventurous when someone else foots the bill.

I've done a tandem jump - it's the only way to do freefall without going through extensive training. The jump center I used had a ten-jump training program if you wanted to jump solo, but I didn't have a couple grand or the time. Jeremy has plenty of free time, and we know he has the money, so if he wanted to jump solo, he could. But I'm not holding my breath...

I'm sure the Army would be happy to have Jeremy sign up. He could get in all the "free" adventure he wanted, and actually contribute something to society at the same time. Of course, he'd have to get up early every day, make his own bed, and actually do things he didn't want to do. Once again, I'm breathing normally...LOL...

It IS good that Matt did the jump, even if it was all set up for the show. I don't like Matt, but I encourage everyone in the universe to do the things they think are fun. We're all going to die one day, and who wants to die bored?

On the other hand, what's fun for one person isn't fun for another. I'm not about to denigrate anyone who doesn't have jumping out of a plane on their bucket list. Plenty of other adventures in life to be had.

Brandon said...

Video is "removed by the user"...

How many times has this happened Spirits? As soon as something is on this site, poof! It's gone!

I'll assume that the Roloffs/Producer Chris didn't like the Army GoldenKnights putting up the video.

Geesh. Give two people free skydiving and they can't even put up the video. The Roloffs and TLC are too controlling.

Do they really think that people aren't going to watch the show because they know Jeremy and Matt went skydiving?

Oh, I'll answer my own question :) When the time comes, LPBW and the Roloffs will try to trick viewers into thinking that Matt and Jeremy died during the jump!

Lynn said...

I missed the video :(

The pictures look fun though. Thanks Spiritswander. This is the true #1 Roloff site for fans. Thank you!

As you know from most of my comments I am very pro Roloff, but I don't like their Nazi like attitude over information and pictures/video.

If I was a company or an organization, I wouldn't give the Roloff free services. They don't get much return. They can't even promote themselves obviously. On the show they barely get mentioned (as it should be, no one wants to watch an infomercial), but the place should be allowed to promote it themselves.

Good for Matt for jumping and I'm glad that Jeremy apparently had lots of fun, but I don't like the control aspect of the Roloffs and the LPBW producers.

tay said...

spiritswander shouldn't have put the video on here. It's the mark of death!

it went the way of smugmug grad party pics and the soup video and the rockstar pictures and everything else!

its sooo obvious the roloffs and tlc watch this site and as soon as something comes on they bitch to whoever put it up and if they can, they force the person/people to take it town. bullies!

i think everyone should boycot the skydive episode now!

Natalie said...

Can someone tell me what Matt and Jeremy said in the video? Arggggh! I missed it too! I need to start checking this site hourly! Waiting too long to check is a mistake!

Boo on them for removing it.

David said...

The Roloffs/Discovery have more power than the US Army. It's getting bad! :)

DJ said...

What happened???? Where's the video?

Diane said...

The Roloffs/TLC's arrogance deserves for the fans to stop caring.

Kayla said...

That sucks the video is gone. The army guys were very nice.

The Roloffs don't know how lucky they are to be given all this free stuff and then get paid to do it!

Alek said...

I went skydiving. What Jeremy said is totally right. The most incredible part is being onthe edge of the plane just as you're getting ready to jump.

Christine said...

I'm sure it was fun but it pisses me off that Jeremy does all this fun stuff and is such a stuck up snob and behind your back insulting jerk!

If I got to do all the stuff Jeremy does just because I have relatives with dwarfism and have a show because of it I would be so grateful to everyone. Jerk!

I think it's cool Matt jumped though.

Susan said...

Remember when they used to pretend like Matt was afraid of heights? Just another fake plotline.

I echo someof the earlier comments about this site. Thank you Spirtswander for all you do. This truly is the People's Roloff site!

Lana said...

Congratulations Matt and Jeremy!. I remember Zach once told Matt he will send a picture of Jeremy skydiving. Matt was there and did it himself!

AussieMum said...

Forgot about that one Susan. Yeh, looks like another lie regarding a Roloff for the show. Matt really looks petrified about heights in these shots.

Greg said...

Good memory Susan. I remember those now that you mention it. The first time they used it as a plot for the show as the zip line in Hawaii. Matt "I won't go! I'm afraid of heights". Dad you gotta go! You're the dad! Dad is afraid of heights."

The second time was during the grand canyon visit. He said he was freaking out walking around the lookout spots because he was so petrified of heights.

Like Susan said, Matt looks realllllly scared jumping out of a plane [/sarcasm off]

kk said...

Cool pics. Wish the vid was still up. Go Jer. Matt is cool.

Jan said...

It's neat Matt jumped. Jeremy was excited. Nice. But he looks awful with the facial hair.

Maria said...

I think it's great Matt jumped despite his physical limitations. This is why Jeremy is Matt's favorite kid. If Matt didn't have any physical obstacles he would be like Jeremy enjoying doing this stuff all the time.

I don't understand why the roloffs are so secretive and videos disappear. LPBW isn't a mystery whodunnit is it?

Sheri said...

From Matt's Facebook page

Errrrrr. I was going to show you all my most favorite new video on YouTube ...but they took it down to fix something on it.. errrr arggg. I'll share it soon as it is back on-line. As anyone who know's me.. I'm petrified of heights... Can't even be 8 ft feet up with out freaking out.. Wait until you see the fear in my face. I'm a white as my wedding day.

Matt had nothing to do with the removal of the video and it will be coming back.

Some people owe the Roloffs an apology.

Also, Jeremy remarked in the video that Matt looked petrified when he was about to jump. Matt says the same thing.

Who do you think would know? Matt and Jeremy or people watching a video?

Greg said...

What possibily would they need to "fix" on the video? Edit something out? Put something in?

This is the Roloff family and LPBW! Real and Raw! Oh wait. Edit, edit, remove, delete, edit.

Rap541 said...

Oh Sheri - really, Matt also said on twitter that he was losing all the profits of pumpkin season because of the evil county demands and then on the show had a successful profitable season.

Which was true? I mean *Matt* said two things that are the exact opposite. Tell us how he didn't lie, and therefore didn't make any profit, but also had a profitable season. :)

Its well known that the Roloff clan, who aren't internet savvy and never use the net (Remember how Matt said that several times?) pretty constantly remove such tidbits.

How about Matt apologizing for the *years* of lies how he just never had time for the internet when in fact, his story is now that TLC was contractually obligating him to not participate in online venues?

Justify his lies, Sheri. :) I know you will find a way to call lying Christian... again.

Sheri said...

Matt never said "I am losing all the profits of pumpkin season to county demands". He never said pumpkin season wasn't successful. He told of how they threatened to shut them down on the eve of opening and lamented how the Government always has their hands in our pockets. He is absolutely right. He never said he didn't make any money from pumpkin season.

He didn't lie then and he's not lying now. You have some nerve to accuse Matt Roloff of being a liar, just as you accuse Jeremy James Roloff of being a liar based on nothing but hearsay and rumors.

Rap541 said...

Did you read his twitter?

""Yay! They let us open.... after we paid all our profits in advance to strong arm beaurocrats.. We are no officially open"

SO Matt the truthful said he paid all the profits to the government... how could he have made money IF HE'S TELLING THE TRUTH?

Tell me Sheri - tell me how Matt saying two opposite things means both are true :) I want to hear you insist again that its not lying :)

Matt was telling the truth when he said he just didn't use the internet and neither did his family, oh wait, really TLC told us not to? Which is true?

Jeremy said at 16 years of age that he does not drink as it does not please god, and also he stole dad's vodka and almost burned down the barn.

Tell us all again how Jeremy was telling that truth, that he both doesn't drink, and does! :)

*Lil hint - its not hearsay or rumor if its from Matt's twitter, and Jeremy's book and myspace :)

Rap541 said...

PS We'll all just ignore how Matt lied about the government trying to shut him down the DAY before pumpkin season opened.

"*"Washington County OR wants to shut down our Pumpkin Business due to some behind-the-times building regulations errrrrr"
Oct 1st"

A) Its clearly depicted on the show as happening about a week before which makes these panicky twitters all the more suspect

B) Building regulations don't just come out of no where.

Sheri said...

Rap, you're lack of reading comprehension ability is scary.

By "all" Matt obviously meant the required fees the county was demanding. If you want to open some sort of business but first have to obtain a license, if that costs $1000. In order to open, I would tell my friends that I had to pay all my profits to get it first. It means he paid the total amount they were demanding in advance with the profits he had yet to make. He did not mean he didn't make any money off pumpkin season.

You couldn't figure that out on your own?

Jeremy made his comment in their wonderful book Little Family, Big Values (values that you don't have). You cite things like Jeremy's legal drinking of one beer on camera in Europe two years after he made his comment. That is not lying. You also cite teenage internet banter. It was obviously Jeremy and his friend joking with each other trying to sound cool for their friends. I hope you don't always take teenage internet comments to each other as though it is evidence in a court of law.

Z to the Zee said...

Sheri, I'm stunned that there are people like yourself that actually believe Jeremy's image act, that he is a clean living Christian.


It couldn't be further from the truth. If you knew any of the people like I do that Jeremy has and still does hang out with, you would know how ridiculous of an idea that is.

Rap541 said...

Sheri - actually I find your reading comprehension scary :) "They let us open.... after we paid all our profits in advance to strong arm beaurocrats." You seriously think "all" - in this context means fees? Why would Matt use the word profits at all? "They let us open.... after we paid 'The government fees' our profits in advance to strong arm beaurocrats." The word "all" clearly does not mean "government fees" in this context. Matt is pretty clearly whining on how unfair it was that he had to pay the fees, which then eats into all the profits (hmm) that he will now not be earning. Since the season was profitable, he lied.

Oh, and he also lied that this drama took place at last minute.

Jeremy made his comment on myspace at about the same time he was declaring himself drink free for god. Explain how lying about stealing dad's vodka isn't a lie. That's your point right? Jeremy lied about it to look cool. So its not a lie. Right? There's a clause somewhere in the bible that lying about getting drunk is ok if it makes you look cool to your friends?

Also - it was actually at least two beers on the show, and multiple beers at the parties in Ireland that there are photos of Jeremy drinking.

I also have it on good authority he and his little cruise friend weren't teetotalling and he was boozing in various places this summer. Its not a crime to me. I just think he shouldn't be praised for not drinking the demon drink if he is.

Considering the number of teens who have gotten into trouble over their internet remarks, including Jeremy "Mike Detjen is pretty sweet, just like a (N-word)" Roloff, you might want to reconsider

Anonymous said...

Roloffs are so self indulgent.

Greg said...

It's the same video. They didn't fix anything. Matt caught in another lie.

BeckyM said...

For those that have jumped out of airplanes... think you could do it if you really had vertigo?

Personally, the fear of heights, vertigo collaspe was all fake because in no way shape or form do I believe you could have it and jump out of an airplane without vomiting or fainting.

baxter said...

I agree BeckyM. However, some people lack the ability for critical thought and just can't deduce this. Facts as well, are meaningless to them.

Bob said...

Removed while they "fix something". Matt Roloff lying again. He has been pretty much exposed a serial liar by now. Don't know how Amy puts up with it. Then again she's a borderline hoarder and a slob who keeps a terrible house. Gross food all over Jacob's floor that she rolled around in like a pig. Ewwwww.