Saturday, August 7, 2010

Molly Roloff visited George Fox University

Molly Roloff has begun touring colleges and universities. In September, Molly will start her junior year of high school.

Little People, Big World viewers will remember Jeremy and Zach going on tours of several colleges in their senior year of high school, before eventually enrolling at PCC.

Molly visited George Fox University, which is a Christian university in Newberg, Oregon.

George Fox representatives say Molly is visiting several schools and it will be apart of a future episode.

The article states George Fox students have seen other Roloffs on campus last year. One of the friends sometimes seen on the show (Brendan) is at George Fox as well as a few other of their former Faith Bible classmates. The article also mentions that students say Roloffs have been spotted at a camp that is part of the George Fox ministry.

We also heard from people at George Fox last year at different times that said both Jeremy and Zach had visited their friends. Jeremy was also seen visiting friends at Oregon State and Zach and Jeremy at Portland State University, again visiting friends.

The Newberg Graphic has the story:

'Little People, Big World' stars visit GFU
Reality TV — Molly Roloff considering George Fox for fall 2012
By: Amanda Newman Published: 8/7/2010 8:40:13 AM

"George Fox University had a visit last week from a group with a big reputation, though mostly small statures.

Members of the Roloff family, stars of the TLC reality television show “Little People, Big World,” toured the school July 30 and met with admissions counselors.

The show, based on the family’s farm in North Plains, features Matt and Amy Roloff and their four children, 20-year-old fraternal twins Zach and Jeremy, Molly, 16, and Jacob, 13. Matt, Amy and Zach are little people, just a few inches taller than 4 feet, while the other three children are at least average height.

Amy, Zach and Molly Roloff visited George Fox with a television crew last week as Molly narrowed down the schools she is considering for the future “(She) is considering George Fox, not for next year, but for a future year,” said Ryan Dougherty, GFU director of undergraduate admissions.

Molly is entering her junior year at Faith Bible Christian School.

Dougherty said Molly hasn’t decided yet what school to attend and was touring several schools, which will likely appear in an episode about four months from now.

“We’re just working with (her) like any other student,” he said. “We get a lot of students who come through and don’t end up going here.”

Although Dougherty said last week’s visit was GFU’s “first encounter” with the Roloffs, it wasn’t necessarily their first time on the campus. Students reported seeing one of the Roloffs, possibly Zach, on campus at the end of the last school year. Zach and Jeremy both attended Portland Community College last year, but one of their high school friends, Brendon Johnson, is a student at George Fox.

Members of the Roloff family have also been spotted in recent years at Camp Tilikum, a ministry of GFU."

You can visit the Newberg Graphic for the full article and their pictures.


Michelle said...

Good for Molly. It must have been a bit embarrassing for Zach.

Judy said...

George Fox has an excellent reputation as a Christian learning institution.

I don't care who gets upset at my next statement, because it is my opinion! :) That Jacob sticks in my craw (sorry Craw!). Look at that arrogant swagger he has.

He doesn't need to stand with his arm on Molly's shoulder. It's disrespectful to both Molly and the George Fox speaker.

The other Roloffs, with the possible except of Zach, at least know how to act respectable in public. Jacob doesn't or refuses to act like it.

Susan said...

At least the Roloffs will have one kid in university! :) She's a year ahead of Jeremy and Zach. That's not surprising

Dana said...

Susan, I'll remind you that Zach and Jeremy visited colleges too.

If this is the path Molly chooses to go, that's fine. I am pleased she is looking at Christian univerisities.

However I hope people don't start using this article to put Jeremy and Zach down. As Matt has said several times over the past couple of years, there are different ways in which to pursue happiness and be successful.

Zach doesn't seem to have much going on except coaching children's soccer, but Jeremy has an array of interests and by all accounts is a talented photographer. People are different and there isn't just one way to pursue your goals.

Molly gets better grades than Jeremy, but grades aren't everything in life, as Matt is proof of.

Rap541 said...

Where has Jeremy sold his photographic work? What contests has he won? Where is his work displayed?

Jeremy on the pedestal again - do we have any evidence that anyone other than Jeremy's mommy and daddy and best friends think he's talented?

My mom and dad think I am a talented jazz musician.... I assure you the reality is much different.

Nice to see Molly getting run down again. Yay negative fans! Molly, you should drop out like your dad did! You should respect your dad and Jeremy and fail, and go to community college! Matt's way is the best way, you disloyal crap Roloff! Grades don't matter compared to Jeremy's blessing!

I bet Matt loves that you hate on Molly, Dana :) I mean, he loves having his crap children slammed.

Oh, and Judy? Kudos for your negative, hateful post! I bet Matt grins with joy over your slamming his crap son. After all, he respects your opinion and loves negative comments on his crap children and really only wants four clones of Jeremy.... I mean, a good father only loves the favorite and enjoys random strangers slamming his crap children. Go Judy! Maybe you should post on Matt's facebook on how arrogantly disrespectful Jake is in this photo?

After all, you wouldn't want Matt to not realize what a crap son he has? :) Matt loves negative remarks about his kids from strangers on blogs, you know ;)

Lynn said...

Judy, I couldn't have said it better myself about Jacob. He has perfected the art of displaying attitude and disrespect. It's hard to believe he's Jeremy's brother.

As for Molly, she still has a while to decide, but good to see what is out there.

Timothy said...

I'm disappointed it's a Christian university, although I realize this isn't her final decision.

Molly should escape the Christian bubble. It's necessary for someone that comes from a sheltered high school like Faith Bible.

Jericho said...

"He doesn't need to stand with his arm on Molly's shoulder. It's disrespectful to both Molly and the George Fox speaker."

That is disrespectful? He's standing with his arm on his sister's shoulder. This is a walking tour of a college campus not a formal dinner. I find the girl with the Daisy Dukes cut to her crotch disrespectful, but Jake with his arm on his sister's shoulder? You people are way too critical.

Anonymous said...

Well at least they won't have to worry about her mind being contaminated by reason logic common sense or science.

From what I understand about 95% of these "Christian" universities are little more than pricey University Of Phoenix style diploma mills that employers don't take very seriously because of their often questionable curriculum's and religious study requirements.

Julie said...

LOL. Judy, I find it impossible to even get annoyed with you and the rest of Jeremy's Fan Club now, because you are all just way too ridiculous.

Rap541 said...

Timothy - I disagree a little in that I think George Fox University would be a nice transition for Molly.

It is a Christian university based on the beliefs of the Quakers. I'm not going to quote their entire mission statement or statement of faith... but try this.

" “All people are created in God’s image. Therefore, George Fox University represents the ethnic, socio-economic, cultural, and gender diversity of the broader Kingdom of God. We provide opportunities for students to dialogue about issues of diversity and to live and study in diverse communities.”

They seem strict but inclusive. Their statement of faith is not a bludgeoning tool (check out Corbin College in comparison) Which is what I would expect for a university based on Quaker beliefs. Its also a pretty large school, and academically challenging. Its not the worst place Molly could pick.

Shadow said...

I hope against hope that Amy is encouraging Molly to look at colleges outside Oregon, even if it means (gasp!) she wouldn't be available for filming the series on as regular a basis. Matt obviously wants to keep everybody "down home on the farm" so he can keep the money rolling in from loonies who are willing to fork over hard-earned cash to "see a Roloff," but I'm hoping and cheering for Molly to escape.

mythoughtis said...

I've been on several walking tours of colleges.. They are not formal in any way, and no ones cares if a younger brother is leaning on his sister.... unless she does. She's old enough to say so. I'm glad to see that Molly will be allowed to go to a university, rewarding her for great grades. I don't want to see her limited to community college as she is much more mature (a girl thing) than either of her older brothers. Now, before you start, don't take that as a comment on the Roloff boys in particular, but more of a comment on teenage boys in general.

Why must some posters take a thread about Molly, and turn it to expectations that she must behave exactly the same as her siblings, and she must be limited to exactly the same life experiences as her siblings? The 4 siblings are unique individuals, who must be treated as such. And we DO NOT have to insult three to build up one. Regardless of which one you choose to build up at the expense of the others.

Anonymous said...

How the hell will Molly be a "junior in college" this year? I thought she would either be a sophmore or junior in highschool? No way she skipped three grades... did she?