Saturday, August 7, 2010

More information about Matt and Jeremy Roloff vacation in the BVIs

When Matt Roloff mentioned on his Facebook Fan Page on July 27th, that he had "a friend" with a big boat just asked him if he wanted to join them to sail around the BVIs for a few days, curious and sometimes - skeptical fans, wondered what was the real story?

Some people are cynical when Matt states that a vacation or a service the Roloffs is a "friend" - a friend is offering a vacation, a friend custom made Zach's bike, a friend wanted to restore his old yellow when people saw that Matt had said a friend with a boat had offered he join them on a vacation, people immediately began to wonder what the real story was.

Was it really a "friend"? Was Matt lying? Is it another TLC freebie vacation? Was it a business trip in the BVI or a vacation? What Roloffs went and why?

Well, we've received an email that explains the story and we will pass along the information to you.

A person who had read our site and the comments wanted to set the record straight and wishes to remain anonymous -- we fully value privacy -- however we do have it on a good authority that this story is indeed legit.

Matt's friend with the big boat? It was a family who are big fans of the show Little People, Big World. They have visited the farm like other regular fans for pumpkin season.

However, they up'd their status when they contributed to Amy's Charity dinner and auction in 2009 by bidding and winning the auction item to have dinner with Amy Roloff and the person from the Top Chef in a cook off in June 2010. You might recall a few items we had about that back in June when Amy and the Top Chef got together. When this family met the Roloffs in their home for the dinner with Amy and the Top Chef, they met the other members of the Roloff family.

The family has a teenage son around Jeremy's age (minus a couple of years) who has some mutual interests -- and again, the family are all big fans of the show/the Roloffs.

This is the family, that offered Matt and Jeremy to join them on the sailing trip around the BVIs (and it was indeed just Matt and Jeremy - and this family). Apparently this family is no stranger to sailing vacations. For the record, we were also told that the Roloffs knew about this trip long before July 27th (Matt stating a friend had "just asked him") we were told that the family had been talking about it with the Roloffs "weeks" before that, but that's not really important.

So that is the real story of how Matt and Jeremy Roloff got the offer "from a friend" to sail in the BVI's. It was fans who had bought the dinner with Amy auction item and had befriended the Roloffs from that point.


Expressed said...

Lucky people. I wish I was rich! Jeremy would be my best friend :)

Dana said...

Thank you for that.

I am hopeful, but not counting on it, that people will recognize how wrong the reputation that some people spew about Jeremy, that he insults or dislikes fans.

Yet what happens? Jeremy, more than any other Roloff kid, continually goes to events and interacts with fans.

Why didn't Zach go? Or Molly or Jacob? They didn't want to deal with fans maybe? They aren't as personable or as welcoming as Jeremy?

If this story is accurate about them being the bid winners of the dinner auction it shows that the Roloffs are down to earth people. They don't have an attitude that they are better. They meet people and are willing to become friends.

I hope they all had a wonderful time.

Brandon said...

Oh give it a rest Dana!

I notice Jeremy doesn't befriend fans that don't have money and aren't giving him a free vacation?

Oh yeah, what a great guy Jeremy is. If you pay for him to go on a vacation, he will be your friend. That's the definition of a true friend! :)

Michelle said...

Didn't they let Zach go? That's not very nice if these people only wanted Jeremy and Matt to go.

Jocelynn said...

I tend to agree with Brandon. If this family wanted to invite the Roloffs to join them, that's their choice. If they all had a good time, good for them.

But let's not overstate what this says about Jeremy and his feelings for fans. He's known to and has been caught many times disrespecting and verbally trashing fans. If someone has money and will dangle a treat in front of him, then Jeremy will be their friend.

Craw said...

Dana, in fairness to Zach and Jacob....they probably weren't invited!

Who would you want to vacation with? People have said it for years. Jeremy would be the most fun to vacation with.

Would you want fun and cool Jeremy? Moody grumpy Zach? Boring Molly? Or bratboy Jake?

It sounds like this family just had the money to make it happen. Good for them. I'm glad to see Jeremy's cool personality basically win a vacation over his brothers and Molly.

Rap541 said...

I'm curious how many of us would not be pleasant to someone offering a free trip to the British Virgin Islands.

Kinda goes to my point that Matt would be *my* best pal if I paid him, now doesn't it?

After all... you don't see Matt and Jeremy hanging with any of the boardies who btw occasionally bemoan the fact that they don't have the funds to make it to the farm....

How to meet a Roloff? Dangle a dollar.

Sheri said...

Are they Christian? I know the answer to that :)

Anon40 said...

I know them. The Mackenzie family are really nice people. They have a family member with a developmental disability. That's why they were drawn to the Roloffs show about people with disabilities deserving respect and living great lives.

They support the Special Olympics and are avid supporters of this movement.

Anon40 said...

Sheri, yes they are Christian and love God.

Brandon said...

Anon40, It's good to hear that they have some sense of awareness, but it is twistedly ironic that they would invite Matt and Jeremy (especially Jeremy) if they support those qualities. Do I really need to talk about Jeremy's language again? The Roloffs reaction to it? How words don't hurt (except for the M-word). How people are too sensitive? How people were just being mean haters to criticize Jeremy for using offensive language to just about every minority group except for people with dwarfism and Christians?

It is ironic. I genuinely hope something rubbed off on Jeremy, but I seriously doubt it. He got offered a free gift of fun, took it and now is back to re-join his band of buds, the idiot jerks that insult everyone.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the Mackenzie family feels about Jeremy's good pals refering to Zach as "looking Downy"

MR Boardie said...

Actually Rap you are wrong (as usual). Matt gave "ScagJockey" a special tour of the farm after she told him she was a loyal boardie. Matt also added her to his personal friends on Facebook.

You're speaking out of your butt, again, Rap.

Rap541 said...

Isn't Scag one of the boardies that gets called a kissbutt? :)

Mikia said...

I saw Jeremy! He has goatee on his chin. He looks terrible with it!

I also think he takes something for his body. His body muscles look way too big to not be using something. but I don't know that for fact. I do know he has lots of hair on his chin and it looks terrible!

Greg said...

"I wonder how the Mackenzie family feels about Jeremy's good pals refering to Zach as "looking Downy""

I thought the same thing. They probably had no idea. Jeremy and Matt pulled another one over them. Suckers.

Timothy said...

Michelle, I'll guess that Zach wasn't interested. He could have his soccer coaching job (he's already missed part of the summer, I wouldn't be happy if I had hired him), but sailing with Matt, Jeremy and fans doesn't sound like something Zach would jump at.

Jeremy is always up for anything that is fun for him that is on someone else's dime.

Lynn C said...

So Matt was not lying about it being a friend with a boat.

David said...

"For the record, we were also told that the Roloffs knew about this trip long before July 27th (Matt stating a friend had "just asked him") we were told that the family had been talking about it with the Roloffs "weeks" before that, but that's not really important."


Oh I disagree. It shows that Matt goes out of his way to lie publicly.

Greg said...

Anonymous 12:05, it wasn't just Jeremy's friends, it was Jeremy too.

Fitting that it was Matt and Jeremy on this trip. Jeremy has learned well from Matt how to lie and trick people into getting stuff from them by putting on an act and by pretending to be something you're not.

James said...

Jeremy is such a scumbag
Lets get this straight.

He trashes fans and calls them losers. But then he gets a vacation from some of those "loser" fans.

Jeremy and his way cool friends ridicule and make fun of mentally challenged people but...Jeremy gets a free vacation given to him by a family that has a mentally challenged loved one because they were unaware that Jeremy is part of the problem they fight against.

There is a special place in Hell reserved for people that deceive and trick people like Jeremy has done so well.

Brandon said...

James, I agree basically. That's the part that pisses me off too. Let Jeremy get all his treats and goodies from people who would be proud and agree with the "real Jeremy" and not the act that Jeremy is on the show and in the image they present.

It's same as Matt and Amy getting paid by "social justice" groups when they oppose basically everything on the agenda of the people that pay them except for the dwarfism issue.

Judy said...

I don't know why Jeremy is being villified?

A family that were fans of the show contributed to Amy's charity. They became friends with the Roloffs and asked them to come along. I will guess that Jeremy was invited because of his interests and his personality. They all had a good time?

What is there to be negative about?

Craw, VERY good point :)

Timothy said...

I agree with others. This is nothing to commend Jeremy always Jeremy does whatever is in the best interest and whatever if fun for Jeremy.

I don't think I've ever seen or heard of Jeremy doing something completely kind or selfless for someone else when there wasn't something in it for Jeremy. There is an infamous track record of Jeremy bad-mouthing fans. He's nice to your face if you are actually giving him something tangiable. Nothing to commend there.

Rap541 said...

"Why didn't Zach go? Or Molly or Jacob? They didn't want to deal with fans maybe? They aren't as personable or as welcoming as Jeremy? "

Btw Dana, until the Mackenzie family says "We didn't invite Zach, Molly, and Jacob because we don't like how they deal with fans and aren't welcoming" you're basically maligning Matt's children.

Mackenzie Family? Did you not invite Molly, Jake, And Zach on the BVI trip because they are crap Roloffs who didn't treat you well and who weren't welcoming? Because thats what *Matt and Jeremy's* fans are saying and I seriously would like to know if Dana was right, if the three *other* Roloff children didn't attend because *The Mackenzie family feels Zach, Molly, and Jake are bad, disloyal, disrespectful and mean to fans* as Dana says you think they are.

Personally, I suspect it has more to do with schedules and prior commitments but Dana has made it clear on behalf of the Christian set that the *Christian* fans feel the Mackenzie family excluded Zach,Molly, and Jake because of how hateful the three are and I would like to know if that is the truth.

Mackenzie Family, are you on board with Dana's opinion?

Dana said...

As usual, you twist things, Rap. I in fact believe this nice family did invite the other kids but only Jeremy is fan-friendly enough to be willing to vacation with them

"Why didn't Zach go? Or Molly or Jacob? They didn't want to deal with fans maybe? They aren't as personable or as welcoming as Jeremy?"

Judy said...

Dana, my advice is to ignore Rap. Everyone should be able to tell that Rap posts only to harass people that have a favorable opinion of Jeremy and Matt.

Rap541 said...

Dana - I am very curious to see if the Mackenzie family agrees with your negative opinion. After all, you are stating your christian opinion that they weren't fan friendly and *chose* not to go since they don't like fans like the Mackenzie family to the point that they would wilfully choose to not go on a fancy vacation with them. Thats the ONLY reason you're running Zach,Molly and Jake down, right? They hate fans so much they'd refuse to go?

Judy- are you done slamming a 13 year old for a picture? I mean, you are an adult slamming a kid over a picture that you have no context for, you are so loving and Christian to hate on Matt's crap son. God will bless you and Matt will as well for your charming negative opinion of Matt's seed that you don't have the courage to say on Matt's facebook directly :). You're quite the Christian soldier, attacking a 13 year old ;)

I wonder what the Mackenzie family thinks of you? :)

Rap541 said...

Postcript - The irony was that just today I was telling someone that it would suck but I would have to eat crow if Jeremy's life changing decision was to spend a semester working in Haiti because I would totally respect that sort of life changing decision.

Who wants to bet Jer-bear is heading to Haiti by himself to do good in september? ;)

Nancy said...

Jeremy would not be so adventurous and the world traveller if people didn't pay his way all the time.

Isn't it time he grows up and starts earning things himself?

Greg said...

Nancy, it's the only way Jeremy knows.

Daddy, TLC, fans - Jeremy at 20 still depends one everyone else to provide him with everything.

P-town said...

Mikia, I saw Jeremy about two weeks ago in a diner in Eastern Oregon. I almost didn't even recognize him. I only knew it was him because Zach was with him and he's hard to miss.

Jeremy looked like a mess. I would be shocked if he wasn't hungover when I saw him. If there was a picture of "hungover" in the dictionary it would have been Jeremy. Not shaving made him look like a bum. He reminded me of how someone looks in their mug shot on their way into a rehab center.

Julie said...

P-town, clearly you are either 1) lying or 2) must get your eyes checked. Jeremy would never be hungover in public! He's way too much of a godly Christian for that. Why do you hate God and the Roloffs so much?

;) (You know I'm just kidding.)

Dana said...

Julie, why would you be so foolish to be anonymous posters on the internet who slander people with fame?

A lot of people don't like Jeremy. He is a prime target to be lied about.

Judy said...

Why are people so quick to believe the worst about Jeremy? I highly doubt he would be hungover in public. Even if you believe he drinks, do you honestly think about some of the more high profile things that have happened, he would walk around in public hungover or drunk?

What would he be doing in Eastern Oregon anyway? If "P-town" refers to Portland, Portland is not "Eastern Oregon"...

Rap541 said...

Of course it might refer to Pendleton, where Mueller is spending his summer, and I have it on good authority that Jeremy was visiting his best bud with Molly in tow two weeks ago....

Judy, Dana - Mueller is in Eastern Oregon. With his job. And Jer-Bear has been visiting. So perhaps you should stop and think JUST a little before you throw public "YOU'RE LYING!!!" hissy fits because as usual.... you're wrong. :)

Dana said...

Are you accusing Molly of being drunk too or just Jeremy? Do you really think Jeremy drinks himself into hangovers in front of his little sister? Some people really do think Jeremy is a monster, don't they? Ridiculous.

Rap541 said...

I'm accusing Jeremy of being in Pendleton two weeks ago looking like a scruffy bum in a diner :)

Because he was visiting his buddy. Dana - you're the one accusing *Molly* of being drunk on this blog.

Dana hates Molly so much she *runs* to accuse Molly of being drunk! I didn't say ONE WORD ABOUT MOLLY DRINKING! DANA RAISED THAT ISSUE!

Dana, you're TWISTING what I said! :)


All I was doing was pointing out that your *PUBLIC ACCUSATION AT P-TOWN OF LYING* was incorrect as Jeremy and Molly were visiting Mueller in Pendleton two weeks ago and suddenly YOU'RE ASKING ABOUT MOLLY BEING DRUNK? What's that about, Dana? Hoping Matt will see you dissing his crap daughter and give you a free tour? Yay Dana! Hating on Molly makes you one of the *positive* people, huh? :)

I mean, I certainly said NOTHING about Molly being drunk so I really hope you don't continue to PUBLICALLY LIE :)

I'd like an apology but since you're one of *those* Christians, I expect you'll just whine how you weren't calling people liars when the evidence is plain to see. You never disapoint me with how low you;ll go to to lick Jeremy's butt. :)

I wonder what Jeremy thinks of your public accusations against Molly :)

Dana said...

This proves that you're nothing but a troll Rap. I'll take Judy's advice and ignore you.

Rap541 said...

Not surprised :)

Dana publically suggests Molly was drunk and I am the troll, really? :)

Come on Dana, why would you publically suggest Molly was drunk?

I certainly didn't. My post is right there. All I said was that Jeremy was in Pendleton two weeks ago with Molly, visiting Mueller. Therefore P-town could *easily* have seen Jeremy in Eastern Oregon. I made no postive or negative comment about Jeremy looking hungover (I have an opinion but *I* was trying not to go there) and yet.... suddenly you're publically wondering if *Molly* was drunk?

What's that about Dana? First you call Matt's daughter disloyal, and now she's a drunk?

Oh right - tearing down Molly makes Jeremy look better and sure enough, Dana runs to tear down one of the crap Roloffs. Dana, I seriously wonder what Matt thinks of his loyal fans suggesting his daughter was drinking in Pendleton with his son.

Hey, they're *both* underage, you know. I wonder if Matt feels you're being positive about his family....

I find it interesting that you're suggesting Molly was a drunk out of no where... but I am a troll for telling the truth, that Jer-Bear was in Pendleton two weeks ago.

Explain how you lying is Christian? I don't understand how Jesus Christ approves.

Dana said...

Rap, I will explain just to make you look like the ridiculous troll you are.

Jeremy is being accused of being drunk and hungover in public. You added that Molly was with him.

My point is that anonymous people will always slander celebrities on the internet. It is foolish to believe them like Julie implied and others.

Jeremy is the victim of this the most. You suggested that Molly was with Jeremy. I asked if Molly was being accused of being drunk? It's because people are set on slandering Jeremy.

You also try to twist your position. What Judy and I are upset about is that an anonymous internet poster can accuse Jeremy of being drunk and people will believe them. That's not saying Jeremy was in a diner "looking like a bum" which is all you're committing to. The accusation that we are upset about was that Jeremy was hungover and that people would so easily believe it. Do you believe Jeremy was hungover in a diner because an anonymous internet poster said so or do you not believe it? If you don't believe it, then you actually agree with Judy and I. If you do believe it, then you prove my point and you are a fool.

Julie said...

LOL, Dana. Oh, please. You might want to brush up on your reading comprehension skills. I never said that I believed P-town. I don't either believe or disbelieve him/her. What I am doing, however, is making fun of Jeremy's Fan Club - you know, the group that instantly dismisses any criticism of Jeremy because it's un-Christian and Jeremy is a good Christian boy and he would never do anything bad, ever! Because he is a good Christian boy, don't you know. And anybody who criticizes Jeremy is in league with Satan.

mythoughtis said...

as to Matt and Jeremy going and not all of them...maybe there is limited room on the boat? Maybe there were other commitments? Maybe it was the fact that their son is friends with Jeremy, and then Matt was going to be in the relative neighborhood, so they invited him to stay also. I really don't care. These friends can invite as many or as few as they want. None of my business.

Why should Jacob at 13, and Molly at 17, be invited to every single event/trip that Jeremy, 20, is invited to? Why should Zach and Jeremy be joined at the hip, either?

As for the eastern Oregon sighting, I'm sure this will all catch up with Jeremy sooner or later. Always does.

Rap541 said...

Oh Dana :)

P-Town said this:
"I saw Jeremy about two weeks ago in a diner in Eastern Oregon. I almost didn't even recognize him. I only knew it was him because Zach was with him and he's hard to miss.

Jeremy looked like a mess. I would be shocked if he wasn't hungover when I saw him. If there was a picture of "hungover" in the dictionary it would have been Jeremy. Not shaving made him look like a bum. He reminded me of how someone looks in their mug shot on their way into a rehab center."

P_Town never actually said that Jeremy *was drunk in public* - The closest P-Town came was saying that he/she would be surprised if Jeremy wasn't hungover because he/she wouldn't have recognized him because of the not shaving/looking scruffy issue.

Julie made a joke about it.

You then implied P-Town was a liar.

"A lot of people don't like Jeremy. He is a prime target to be lied about."

Your buddy Judy got on the bandwagon with:

"What would he be doing in Eastern Oregon anyway? If "P-town" refers to Portland, Portland is not "Eastern Oregon"..."

Also implying that P-Town was lying about seeing Jeremy in Eastern Oregon. Now let me sum up so far - P-Town says they saw Jeremy hungover in a diner in Eastern Oregon and two people called P-Town a liar and their evidence was "Why would Jeremy be in Eastern Oregon two weeks ago"

As it happens, I know Jeremy and Molly (and Zach and possibly a DBU) were visiting Pendleton (in eastern oregon) two weeks ago as Mueller is staying there for the summer. Since you and Judy are publically attacking P-town as a *liar* and your only evidence of lies is "why would Jeremy be in Eastern Oregon".... well, in fact, Jeremy has had much reason to be in Eastern Oregon. He's been visiting Mueller. What bothers me is that you'll just call P-Town a liar without even considering what might be true.

You have yet to explain where "Molly was drunk" came from. You, Dana, brought that to the table, and I suspect you brought it to run Molly down. As usual.

People tend to believe that a 20 year old with little supervision and a lot of money, and permissive parents who have winked at alcohol consumption before (do you really think Jeremy was dry down in the BVIs?) could indeed look hungover in public?

And I have seen some pictures. If he wasn't hungover, I'd be surprised. Oh, and for the record, while I consider it a technically wrong act, the man isn't a saint, he's a twenty year old hanging with other 20somethings on a camping trip and got drunk? I don't think Jeremy is a teetotaller, I think he's a normal 20 year old who drinks. It only turns into a big deal because his fans like yourself have a problem with it... because it means the Golden Boy isn't so Golden.

Julie said...

Also, re: Jeremy being accused of being drunk in public. Uh, no. To quote an exchange from the movie School of Rock:

Jack Black: Today I have a hangover. Who can tell me what that means?
Student: It means you're drunk?
Jack Black: No, it means I was drunk YESTERDAY.

So Jeremy isn't being accused of getting drunk in public, lol.

I personally don't think it's a big deal to have a hangover in public. I've dealt with hungover coworkers before. It's a huge difference from being drunk in public. Jeremy may be underage, but only by one year. Big friggin' deal. I've found the drinking age in America to be largely arbitrary anyway. As long as Jeremy isn't an alcoholic (which I doubt) or driving drunk, then whatever. Let him drink. It's not a mark against his character, IMO.

The only reason I made that comment was to highlight how his fangirls make such a huge freakin deal over the issue themselves. Most of us who aren't Jeremy fans are saying, "Yeah whatever...he drinks, so what? He's a 20-year-old guy, of course he drinks." The Jeremy fangirls are the ones acting like the drinking 'accusations' are some slur against Jeremy's moral Christian fiber.

Brandon said...

Julie, I agree with you, but only in part.

Is a 20 year old drinking uncommon? Hell no? Do I think it's horrible or means someone is a bad person? No.

You're right about why it's an issue. That's why I talk about it whenever it's obvious that Jeremy has been drinking.

Where I disagree is that I don't put it all on the Jeremy fans. I put it on Jeremy himself, and Matt and the show.

I put it on Jeremy because of his now infamous quote that he doesn't drink or do "bad" things like all those other bad teens, but he doesn't do it because he has faith in God and he only does things that please God.

With that, Jeremy is putting himself on the pedestal, above all those "bad teens" and his statement indicates that he is saying God thinks it is wrong to drink. Some Christians do feel this way. I have Christian neighbors who are strongly opposed to it. When their 18 year old daughter started to smoke, they were furious. They made her walk around the block to have a cigarette because they did not want drinking or smoking anywhere around their home. That's the type of thing Jeremy is getting at with his quote in the book.

I've heard enough about Jeremy's public act, he does the whole act, the sweet Christian boy, I wouldn't drink, I'm just a good kid.

Considering all that, yeah, I definitely think it's a mark against Jeremy's character and his "Christian moral fiber". It makes him a liar, a hypocrite, he uses God for personal financial and material gain and he makes a joke of his "faith in God". I totally think it's a slight against his character.

If Jeremy had never got into this 'Me and my friends are great kids. We don't drink because we love God! We only do things that please God! I'm not a bad kid like all those other teens. Nope, it's because I live for God!'...but that's what Jeremy has done. If he hadn't done that, then I would agree that it's not a big deal.

When he's proven to be a liar and he has been proven to be a liar about this, it is a huge mark against Jeremy's character as a person.

I put it on Jeremy, not just his Christian naive (but so annoying!)fans that believe Jeremy's lies about how he doesn't drink and it's because he wants to please God.

Julie said...

Ah, Brandon, you're right. I had forgotten about that quote of his. In that case, it's not the drinking itself that is an issue IMO, but the hypocrisy involved.

Julie said...

(As a side note, I myself actually never did drink alcohol as a teen, and still don't. I'm in my mid-twenties now, btw. I don't think it makes me a better person in any way, shape, or form. Alcohol just isn't my thing.)

Emily said...

I keep seeing people talk about how bad it is that other people hate Jeremy or Jacob Roloff? That's nothing.

It's crazy sick how so many people hate on Justin Bieber. He's only 16. Read the comments to this video of someone throwing something at him. People are saying give them an award and too bad it wasn't a brick.

Heres something to think about. I have it on good authority (a certain girl that is dating Jacob and loves Justin Bieber!) that both Jeremy and Jacob Roloff hate on Justin Bieber.

Makes Roloff fans complaining about either jeremy or Jacob being "hated" on look ridiculous. Their friends hate on Justin too and so do their adult friends, like the guy that ran the charity basketball game event.

Maybe Matt should tell his own kids to stop hating on people!!!

Ashley said...

Emily I think it's kind of off topic here, but I have thought the same thing. I've seen some Roloffs and Roloff friends on anti-Justin Bieber groups and things that make fun of him.

But when it's about them and they are the celebrities then they whine about negative people and the "haters". The Roloffs really are hyopocrites.

Sheri said...

Even if what you say is true about Jeremy and Jake Roloff disliking Justing Bieber there is no basis of comparison between that and some of what we see against, especially, Jeremy James Roloff.

For starters when someone is as a big fad like Justin Bieber it invites teasing.

It's completely normal and healthy for teenage boys to join in on the teasing of a teen idol who makes millions because of 14 year old girls think he is cute. It's part of society. It's not even personal. Ten years before Justin Bieber it was the Backstreet Boys. Before them it was New Kids on the Block. Before them it was David Cassidy and The Monkeys.

The other difference is Justin Bieber actively seeks to be a celebrity in exchange for making millions. The Roloffs aren't in it to be celebrities. They do what they do to educate society and make life easier for Little People everywhere and future generations.

They do not deserve the hate when they are doing a servce. Don't compare that to the teasing that Justin Beiber gets from teen males.

You have no right to get on your high horse and use something as harmless of Jake and Jeremy allegedly teasing Justin Bieber to call them hypocrites and scold Matt Roloff.

Craw said...

Haha, I think I gained some respect for Jacob if he really hates Justin Bieber. lol. Justin is a gay moron.

Rap541 said...

Actually Jeremy does indeed actively seek to be a celebrity now, Sheri. He's 20. No matter that Daddy Matt "speaks for the family", legally Matt doesn't have that control anymore. Jeremy has had to wilfully choose to be on the show since he turned 18 and he does.

Also can we stop calling being a reality show whore a public service? Jeremy isn't doing the show for charity, and neither is any Roloff.

Jeremy doesn't speak for LPs. He's not an advocate for LPs. His "good work" for LPs is that he lives with his LP relatives... so in other words, he was born. Jeremy's idea of educating people about LP awareness seems to start with partying and end with letting his friends spit on his lp brother at a birthday party.

Aside of not refusing to live with his lp relatives, what exactly does Jeremy, as an average height sibling who does not do speeches for awareness, actually do to promote LP awareness? That isn't the same thing that all average height siblings in lp families do?

And just to make the point again, Jeremy chooses to do the show and isn't a minor child so lets stop saying he has no choice but to be on the show. He does, and he gets paid so lets also stop calling it charity.

Shadow said...

"The Roloffs aren't in it to be celebrities."


Whew, thanks! I needed that! Great start to my morning!

Rap541 said...

Shadow, kinda like Kate Gosselin's "Being on Dancing with the STars is the ONLY WAY I CAN FEED MY KIDS!!!"

Shadow said...

Rap - True dat!