Thursday, August 12, 2010

More on Matt and Jeremy Roloff skydiving with U.S. Army -- Jeremy wants to be a photographer

As frequent visitors to this site will know; the item we passed along yesterday -- the You Tube video from the US Army Golden Knights documenting Jeremy and Matt's skydiving experience was removed a few hours later. As per Matt on his Facebook fan page, he states they are "fixing" something in the video and expects it to be back up shortly.

There was also an article about it, which also has since been removed. However, it is cached on the internet.

Little People, Big World fans and followers have increasingly seen Jeremy carrying around a camera and have heard about his growing interest in photography. In the article Jeremy states his desire to become a photographer. A person with the United States Army Golden Knights suggests the Army would be ideal; noting that the person who jumped alongside Jeremy in order to film his jump.

"I asked Jeremy if he had ever thought about joining the Army and he said,” I want to be a photographer.” I said, you can and what better place. Look at the Soldiers that just jumped with you wearing camera helmets and Sean a former Golden Knights who was documenting his jump, who was now working in my office. They all pursued a photography career field in the Army and it was a life long skill they will always have. Jeremy proudly stood in front of our plane held up his arm showing off his muscles and said, “I am Army Strong.”"

You can read the full article at the link below:


Dana said...

There you have it. I always had faith Jeremy would be successful. Most of all, Matt never doubted for a second that his talented son would eventually find something to pursue.

Even the army is beating down Jeremy's door trying to convince him to join them.

It's wonderful to see a young man with so many interests begin to narrow his interests down into a career.

This is what I was saying a few days ago in response to the people crowing about Molly's college tour and her excellent grades. There are more than one way to be successful in life. Matt never doubted Jeremy. Not for one second.

Greg said...

"Jeremy proudly stood in front of our plane held up his arm showing off his muscles and said, “I am Army Strong."

That is extreme arrogance. Jeremy is a buffoon. The only reason why he was there, the only reason why Jeremy has ever done anything fun in life and the only reason why people cater to him like this is because Daddy Matt has done everything for Jeremy and he's loafing off his family member's dwarfism.

Rap541 said...

"Even the army is beating down Jeremy's door trying to convince him to join them."

Yes, color me shocked that the Golden Knights, the Army's publicity team of jumpers, actually gave a recruitment pitch to someone! :)

I mean, their job isn't in part to promote the Army to young people, at all! And color me shocked that the *Army* thats having staffing problems is recruiting!

It surprises me that people who claim to be media savvy don't understand that the main reason all of the Roloff children get praised by people who are extending them media covered treats is because its really poor form to run down the guest you are getting free advertising from. :)

Dana - in all seriousness, when you (and theoretically Matt) crow about "the school of hard knocks", the reality you're missing is that good grades open doors. Let me explain. If Jeremy had applied himself in school and maintain a B average for four years instead of one semester, he might have had the opportunity to attend a college with a photography program. But fine arts schools do look at grades. It's not the most important part... but its there.

Lil hint - right now if Jeremy joined the Army, his education and level of prepardness would hold him back from those more technical jobs.

Julie said...

Dana - But Jeremy ISN'T successful. I'm not necessarily saying he won't be. Who knows? But your crowing about his being successful is way too premature. What exactly are his successes so far? He hasn't made it as a photographer. He hasn't made it academically. He hasn't made it athletically. He's a lazy 20-year-old milking the family reality show. Maybe he WILL make it as a photographer some day, but let's not count our chickens before they hatch.

And where the heck do you get the impression that the army is beating down Jeremy's door to get him to join? What? Someone merely suggested that Jeremy look into joining the army. That hardly amounts to 'beating down the door.' And really, it's not that hard to join the army anyway. The army is always looking for new recruits; why do you think they're such a heavy presence at a lot of high schools and colleges? Getting into the army is fairly easy, staying in and not washing out of boot camp or whatever is a different story. *I* could join the army if I wanted to. I have my doubts about how I'd fare, though.

I think I questioned your reading comprehension skills before. Your latest comments only throw my question into sharper relief.

Carol said...

Hey Jer, being a Himbo does not make one "Army strong" :)

"Jeremy proudly stood in front of our plane held up his arm showing off his muscles and said, “I am Army Strong"

Dana, seriously, a lot of people can walk around with an expensive camera snapping pictures. That's why everybody and their uncle has a photography site on the internet. Making a career out of it is a different story.

The Army author of this article was simply promoting/recruiting as part of her job.

Jeremy is given the red carpet treatment everywhere he goes because companies want the free advertizing of a television program, but eventually Jeremy is actually going to have to earn something on his own.

Jeremy has never accomplished anything (period!) on his own without being because of Matt putting something in his lap or the producer of the show arranging it for the Jer Bear.

I hope at some point soon pride will kick in and Jeremy will want to do something totally on his own. Unfortunately the only things Jeremy seems capable of doing is being the Himbo on the show, strolling across the screen shirtless while adding no meaningful commentary and he has been quite successful in being rude and offending people. He can't even take responsibility for what Matt has arranged for him and be trusted to do an interview on his own.

Honestly. Think about it. Think of the number of times Matt, Amy and Jeremy have hyped Jeremy's talents (in about 15 different fields!). He has his parents and television producers who are obviously more friends than anything, working to make Jeremy look like he has something to offer with his amazing talents, but he still has accomplished zilch.

Expressed said...

Good article. I love how excited Jeremy gets. He gets slammed for it by some people, but I like that he is sometimes like a little kid with how excited he gets over things. It's cute. Like Amy said about him when he was rolling in the sand.

Suzanne said...

Matt is amazing. Never let anything stop you from doing things.

Rap541 said...

Julie - you make an awesome point. You know what? Part of what saddens me about Jeremy is that he's a guy with opportunities and he *could* be successful if he applied himself. But he's NOT successful right now because its easier for him to continue on as a manchild for reality tv.

I'd also like to point out that Jeremy is getting crowed over *being eligable to join the US Army*. Remember the pedestal? Jeremy is standing upright, doesn't like to think and isn't obviously mentally challenged. Guess what? That's recruiting gold!

Judy said...

Julie, what is your idea of successful for 20 year old?

I venture to guess that Jeremy, yes Jeremy (and Zach too, their money goes to them, right to them) makes more money right now than most 20 year olds can dream of and he gets to do more fun and exciting things than most people his age could dream of doing.

That could be called success. All while getting in some education at the the same time and being able to work on an interest the could become hiscareer.

Anonymous said...

Should we respect Paris Hilton and Nicole Richey for being famous because of the families they were born to, and getting reality tv shows that pay them to party and have fun?

I don't see any difference here.

Julie said...

Exactly, Anonymous. Money does not automatically make someone successful. Well, except in perhaps the financial sense. I do not consider him successful as a person, and I certainly do not respect him. He earns his money by being a lazy layabout on his family's reality tv show. For someone in Jeremy's position, considering all the opportunities he's had because of this show, I would expect someone his age to be off at a 4-year university. THAT would be my idea of a successful 20-year-old.

Or, if he decided that college wasn't right for him, then a full-time job (and no, being paid to goof around on LPBW doesn't count). Or maybe he could be an entrepreneur. Or he could actually go somewhere and do something with photography, e.g. take photography classes, enter contests, win awards. That would be a success. Etc. There are plenty of opportunities out there.

Plus, your initial comment was "There you have it. I have always had faith that Jeremy would be successful" in response to THIS post in particular, which means that you are connecting his success to this Army and photography talk, which is simply ridiculous. That is what I was responding to. If that's not what you meant, then fine, but your initial sentences were poorly worded in that case.

Jeremy hasn't done anything to earn this money except be a doofus on TV. That to me is not being a success.

Jocelynn said...

Julie, well said as always.

Julie said...

Oh, something else I almost forgot to mention - considering that you and the rest of the fan club constantly like to trumpet what a good Christian Jeremy is, it is a tad hypocritical for to then turn around and use money as a barometer/measure of success. Remember, Jesus wasn't materialistic and he discouraged his followers from being so as well.

"Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." Matthew 19:24

Do you really think God would look at Jeremy as a success?

Rap541 said...

Agreed. Nicely said as always, julie.

BeckyM said...

That is perhaps the most naive and stupidest quote I've seen yet by Matt.

Irregardless, the Army does not promise any vocation when you enter. Jeremy's chance of being a photographer in the Army is less likely then him becoming a mechanic or lowly infantryman going door to door searching for bombs and weapons (the latter being far more needed).

Oh brother...

Judy said...

Becky, what quote by Matt?

I believe Jeremy has a bright future no matter what his naysayers have to say.

I'll also make the point that it is perfectly normal (and healthy) for a kid to have different interests and have many different chosen professions. Pro Athlete,'s very common. Eventually (hopefully) most people find the one that stands out. That's the direction they head. From everything I have heard and read and seen, it sounds like Jeremy has grabbed a hold of photography. I don't think it will be a passing interest or a pie in the sky dream.

If Matt, a person who was the target of ridicule and laughter and immense physical pain and disabilities, could become a famous millionaire, own a farm with stables of equipment and old cars, than heck yes, it is very possible that Jeremy can and will find a career by following his love for photography.

We would all be naive if we didn't acknowledge that Jeremy has a headstart in that regard because he's surrounded by be people (their crew, executivesm producers) who are bound to have knowledge and connections and wise advice for Jeremy. That is no slight against Jeremy either. Networking and knowing the right people is a big part of life.

Jeremy is in good standing, in my opinion.

BeckyM said...

@ Judy - it's in RED. The entire information is stupid and silly. Matt obviously knows nothing about the military - joining it or participating in it.

1.) Photographers are not in high demand in the Army. Men and Women who can go on the ground and fight are. What do you think Jeremy will be doing?

2.) Faced with the reality of a country that has been at war for over a decade, recommending the Military as a Career Move for my son would be the last thing I would do.

3.) When joining the military you are not GIVEN A CAREER CHOICE - that is totally not true. The military decides what you will be doing - you don't "train" for the career you pick.

4.) Without a degree, and right now Jeremy does not have one, means he would NOT be an officer. Again, Jeremy and Matt are living in la-la land to think that he would be doing anything other then carrying a pack, hiking for days on end, and cleaning toilets.

Yes, I have a son, 16. Yes, I have family members who have served and continue to serve - mostly the Army. One as an officer for over 20 years; one as an infantryman. Yes, I have family members who have been in both Afghanistan and Irag, and thankfully came home.

Matt is an idiot and his naive, upbeat, RED quote in the above shows how disconnected he is from what is going on with our men and women who serve.

Rap541 said...

In fairness, we have no indication that photography won't be like soccer, or flying, or mechanics.

Judy - I ask this seriously. What have you heard, and read, and seen, that makes you think photography is different for Jeremy than soccer/flying/restoring cars/yacht captaining/cowboy? Believe me - I'd like to give him credit for making an effort with photography and doing something other than taking pictures and letting his friends and family coo over them.

I'd also easily point out a significant difference between Matt and Jeremy (Dana, Sheri, listen up - I'm about to say something nice about Matt).

Matt, love him, dislike him, whatever, is a busy little worker ant. He's got a lot of drive. I've read Matt's first book. You know what he was doing at Jeremy's age? Working. Making a lot of money (and doing coke and booze but it *was* the eighties)

I don't see that drive in Jeremy (or in Zach, or in Jake, maybe Molly a little) and for all the talk of Jeremy's many opportunities....He's living at home, doesn't have a job, and flits from fun to fun. Matt, again love him or hate him, didn't sit on his couch and let Daddy Ron buy him treats at this age. It does make a difference

Judy said...

Becky, that was the author of the article, Donna Dixon (?) with the Army.

Jocelynn said...

Rap, good point about the differences between Matt and Jeremy. Amy said the same thing a couple of years ago. She didn't see the drive and determination in Jeremy that Matt had.

Judy said...

I recall Matt HIMSELF mentioning the similarities between him and Jeremy several times.

Matt obviously disagree with both of you, Rap and Jocelynn.

Jocelynn, Amy said what? Three years ago? Jeremy has found his love in photography apparently. There is no reason to think he will drop it tomorrow.

Haven't you even mentioned Jeremy's expensive camera, Rap? I don't think Jeremy would invest in something unless he fully engaged in it.

Julie said...

"Haven't you even mentioned Jeremy's expensive camera, Rap? I don't think Jeremy would invest in something unless he fully engaged in it. "

Er, no, that is not true. There are plenty of rich people who buy expensive toys and then don't do diddly squat with them. It's not unheard of. It's not even unusual. You know why? Because they're rich. The Roloffs have money, they can afford to buy an expensive camera for Jeremy even though he's may not make the most of it.

Rap541 said...

Matt also says a lot of nice things about Jake that are not considered to be true by you. So why should "Matt Himself" saying x,y, and z be a valid comment for Jeremy when its implicitely understood that Matt's comments on his children are suspect?

You can't have it both ways.

Jake has a very similar expensive camera, Judy. I think both Jeremy and Jake have expensive cameras because their parents have the money to indulge their whims. The kids all have expensive soccer jerseys too... guess that means Jeremy is fully invested in playing pro soccer?

Oh wait, what it really means is that he owns nice things.

Julie said...

Argh. Dumb typos. :(

Rap541 said...

Btw I don't expect the hateful Christians who call everyone liars to have the decency to apologize (Jesus died on the cross so that they can sin and sin and grin after all) but the scruffy Jeremy shots do indicate that P-town - everyone remember? The *hating liar that the Christian crowd namecalled for the love of Jesus and Jeremy? Wasn't actually lying about seeing Jeremy looking unshaven.

So lets see. We know Jeremy *was* in Eastern Oregon so thats true. We know he hasn't been shaving... sure makes me more inclined to think P-town wasn't making anything up at all. What with all the independant evidence....

Or will this be like the drinking in Europe? Sheri still insists ol Jeremy had ONE beer - despite the show itself "lying" and showing two seperate occasions of jeremy drinking (that "one" beer was drunk in Scotland and in Germany...) and despite multiple liars stating they saw Jeremy drinking in *ireland* with the soccer team....

Anonymous said...

" I always had faith Jeremy would be successful. Most of all, Matt never doubted for a second that his talented son would eventually find something to pursue."


He did a tandem jump as a civilian, with his father, on a vacation.

He didn't join the Army, or the Golden Knights.

He didn't learn a skill.

His severely handicapped father did the same jump.

He was vacationing and did a skydive. While on vacation. It isn't a job, and it does not appear to be something he'll pursue professionally.

What did he show talent for, what success did he have and what is he pursuing?

All I see is a kid playing, not a young man looking to his future.

Carol said...

CONGRATULATIONS JEREMY! Your Himbo role on the reality tv show got you a job hocking grease! Your fan club was right! You have much to be proud of!

P.S. Try not to get the grease on your video game controller or on your bed. It's hard for your mom (or the housekeeper daddy hired) to wash out for you.

Em said...

Maybe this was Jeremy's big life changing decision Matt was talking about in the BVIs?

He decided to sell grease and any other product or company that offers money and free supplies :)

Shadow said...

I did a tandem skydive with just an ordinary civilian jump instructor to celebrate a birthday and landed ON MY FEET. I'm a skilled paratrooper!!

I exhibited (AND SOLD) my photography at several venues, WITHOUT taking a photography class or having a $1000+ camera. I'm a world-renowed photographer with mad skills!!!

I drove myself and took public transit alone all around Scotland and Germany as a 21-year-old without a camera crew to guide me, and I planned my itinerary all by myself by reading maps and books. I am a genius world traveler!!!!!

I built a treehouse all by myself WITHOUT MY DAD TELLING ME HOW TO PUT IT TOGETHER. I am a qualified contruction engineer!!!!!!

I attended a FOUR-YEAR college ON SCHOLARSHIP and graduated in 3 years. I'm a Rhodes Scholar!!!!!!

Wow, I never knew how talented I was! I need to update my resume! LOL...

Shadow said...

I changed my mind - Jer could definitely be a Golden Knight...

Brandon said...

LOL Shadow. That's a good one :)