Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Roloff family Newsletter from Matt -- August 2010

Matt Roloff and his staff sent out a newsletter today dated August 2010.

And just because our visitors have come to expect some Spirtswander commentary on Matt's Newsletter and to point out any discrepancies from what Matt says compared to the version of events that we hear -- Matt isn't saying too much here update wise so there's not too much to dispute or to agree about for that matter.

The one part that I'd clarify is about Jeremy and Zach.

"Jeremy and Zach have enjoyed re-connecting with their good friends again after their first year out of high school. Their favorite summer past time has been telling stories after dark around the campfire about crazy college life, new jobs and of course, "girls", sometimes till the wee hours of the morning. "

We'll leave it up to you if you believe that Jeremy and Zach's favorite past time as they head towards 21 years of age is telling stories after dark...but we will point out that there isn't much "re-connecting" with their good friends to do other than when Jeremy and Zach return from a vacation. Most of their good friends go to PCC with them...the only one of their good friends that was at a 4 year college or University and moved away was Scott LeSage, who we hear spent most of the summer still there (in Corvallis, Oregon). So there is not a whole lot of "catching up" to do since they still see most of their good friends all year round anyhow and their first year out of high school has basically been an extension of high school (with a lighter course load in college).

Probably the biggest change for the Roloffs or at least Jeremy, was this. As a friend of Jeremy's Jacob Mueller (who of course, most fans know as Jeremy's best friend - they are almost inseparable), told us; Mueller moved to eastern Oregon for the summer to prepare for a fire-fighting job but spent most of the summer waiting to be needed -- Jeremy visited him a few times when he wasn't traveling himself (Oasis of the Seas luxury cruise, Nashville LPA and BVI yacht/skydiving vacation). Zach and Molly also joined Jeremy to visit Mueller. I'm not sure that would qualify as the type of reconnecting that Matt implies.

There probably could have been a few more details of interest to fans that isn't touched on in Matt's newsletter, but as I think most fans have figured out, there is a lot the Roloffs don't share for a variety of reasons.

Other players in the Indoor Soccer center that plays against Zach and Jeremy's team in the adult league have told us that Zach has suffered a couple of concussions playing. One, apparently from a rather violent collision with a big guy on the opposing team. However, as everyone knows when it comes to Zach, nothing can stop or deter Zach from his love of soccer and playing. Injury schm-injury! Zach always plays again.

Regardless of that, here is Matt's newsletter sent to all email subscribers:

How exciting..........!

We are thrilled to announce that our "NEW" Roloff Family website is ready for launch! Being on our email list makes YOU very important to us and we appreciate you being a loyal fan & friend. Be some of the first visitors to preview our new website when you click the link at the end of this newsletter!

We hope you were able to catch our 200th episode of Little People Big World (that aired last May).... Five seasons and 6 years later and still, we remain committed to allow the filming of our lives and adventures so that we can share them with you.

Thank you again for joining us on this one of a kind journey... we hope you will enjoy our new season of episodes that will premiere September 6th.

So.....what is new here at Roloff Farms? Summertime, of course!

To me that means warm sunny days followed by beautiful sunsets, time around the pool with the smell of BBQ in the air and long productive days....

In usual fashion, Amy, the kids and I are busy bees. But, it does seem that we inevitably end up enjoying lunch or an impromptu dinner gathered around the patio table and sharing our summer tales.

Jeremy and Zach have enjoyed re-connecting with their good friends again after their first year out of high school. Their favorite summer past time has been telling stories after dark around the campfire about crazy college life, new jobs and of course, "girls", sometimes till the wee hours of the morning.

Molly, has spread her wings and become something of a social butterfly these past few months... even between her active volleyball schedule and job running the on-line store she can surely be found planning something fun with her many girlfriends.

Now Jacob, I have to admit, has probably been the busiest! I don't' think he's let a moment of fun go by. From camping, swimming, biking and everything else in between...I never see him in one spot for long!

That leaves Amy and me.....

Have you already clicked on and read all the exciting news on the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation (ARCF) http://amyroloffcharityfoundation.org/. If you have, then you know what Amy's been up too! Her 2nd Annual ARCF Dinner and Golf Tournament "Starry Night, Summer's Day" is just around the corner. With special guests, entertainment, and auction items, the evening is sure to meet her goal of offering "A little help for a Big World".... !

Along with adding some NEW upcoming & very cool additions to the farm... (Tune In...) I've been working hard on my charity too! CoDA http://www.dwarfadvocates.com/ with help from a local grant is ecstatic to unveil its new "Bikes for Dwarfs" program. This innovative program will help little people get custom bicycles so that they can join their friends and family in living a healthy & active life. CoDA has also been fortunate enough to provide financial assistance for adoptions and college scholarships.

And....be sure to check out CoDA's Dwarf Basketball fundraiser coming up this month featuring Zach, Marty Klebba and the entire STATESMEN team, as they will rally the evening away against local celebrities.

As I close, I'm gazing out the window and can see that the pumpkin vines in the field have already begun to flower, the corn stalks are growing taller each day and so, you know what that means... PUMPKIN SEASON is just around the corner. It's not too early to plan an autumn trip to Oregon and be sure to include a stop to come and visit us here at the farm.

Hoping that your life is full and that you enjoy each moment & embrace all that our good Lord has offered.

All The Best,



(some people are reporting that the above link to the Roloff family website doesn't work for them or that they see the top of the page, but it freezes up and they can't go anywhere from there)


Carol said...

Oh brother, Matt makes everything their family seem like the Cleavers.

Give it up Matt. Not everybody are brainless zombies that take you at your every word.

Sheri said...

Great letter. Thanks Matt. Best to Matt and all the Roloffs as well.

I hope everyone noticed his mention of the Lord.

Greg said...

He wants to make it sound like Jeremy and Zach are actually doing something. But they aren't.

Reconnecting, haha. All they do is play 24/7.

Craw said...

Haha, I like the dramatic lead in to Jacob and then you find out he hasn't really done anything special.

Wow, he swims in the pool, rides his bike and has went camping with everybody. WootWoot. Way to go Jacob!

Grace said...

I don't get it. Except for the over the top PG version of the 20 year old sons, it all is basic stuff.

What is so interesting about this family? Why in the world would anyone pay money to have them speak to you?

Jocelynn said...

Matt's newsletters used to be so much better about 4 years ago when they were more personal.

I'm sorry to hear about Zach, Spirits! That doesn't sound good. You don't want to fool around with head injuries.

Rap541 said...

And Jeremy telling stories with his buddies was so impressive, Craw?

I mean, he goofed off all summer. Woot woot... way to act like Jake, Jeremy. :)

Except Jeremy is twenty so playing like his little brother is somehow cool?

I mean, can someone explain what Matt described Jeremy doing in the newsletter that doesn't make Jeremy sound like an overly dependan 12 year old who goofed off all summer?

Agree on the farce of reconnecting with friends. They see their high school chums that they have known since kindergarten all of the time since they all go to PCC together. Another example of Matt stretching the truth.

Dana said...

I thought it was a nice letter. Short and sweet. I understand that Matt doesn't want to share all their details. Some is personal and some will be dealt with on the show.

I don't think Matt was misleading about the twins. They do have campfires with friends. They are good Christians that value God, family and friends. Their activities reflect that.

Spiritswander, if that is accurate about Zach and the injuries, then I think some credit should go to Jeremy. Whether people want to admit or not, having Zach on the team is a disadvantage. Jeremy went through this in high school and now for indoor for recreational fun. He allows Zach to play on the team even though he may be a hinderance. That is a loving brother who supports his family.

tay said...

so out of the 3 roloff brothers jeremy is the only one that doesn't get hurt and hasn't got a concussion. jeremy is just better at things.

Cheryl said...

Thanks, I like the Roloffs.

Brandon said...

Well said Spirits. I agree with Rap too.

Matt is stretching the truth to make it sounds like Jeremy and Zach are more typical and that them and their friends are out discovering the world and reuniting for the summer. No they aren't. They live at home, take a few class at community colleges 5 minutes from home and play with their kindergarten buddies like they have for the last 15 years of their lives.

William said...

Does anyone else find it odd that Matt Roloff is the only person that speaks? Ever?

I listened to an interview Amy Roloff did with a radio station the other day. She only spoke about her upcoming charity tournament. She didn't say one word about the family, the kids, the show or her life.

Jeremy and Zach, who are adults, never speak. If all the kids were 12, it would make more sense for Matt to be Mr. Spokesperson. I think it's strange that it's still like that when Jeremy and Zach are 20 year old college students.

DJ said...

The Roloffs are so FAKE!

Rap541 said...

Dana - do you have any idea how little you know?

If Zach pays a fee to the league, Zach can play. Jeremy, as a fellow player is *not the decision maker* for the team. He isn't *allowing* Zach to play - if they both pay their league fees, they get to play.

Good lord, in your rush to kiss Jeremy's butt for nothing, do you ever put any logic into it?

Poor Martyr Jeremy, cursed to give up his soccer career (that never was) to be with his hinderence brother.... Really?

What next? Will Jeremy "give up his photographic genious abilities to be at Matt's side at Autozone, shilling grease"?

Michelle said...

Is Matt's new website only compatable with Macs?

Dana said...

Jeremy could ask to be on a different team. He could switch teams. He could form a team of his own. Instead, he chooses to be a teammate of his brother, despite being at a disadvantage. That is admirable.

Sandie said...

When I was looking thru the "new" site, I noticed the section regarding Amy; she is prominantly described as "heroic". That bugs me. It is very admirable that she uses her time promoting her charity, but....heroic??

Rap541 said...

That's simply how family should act, Dana.

And btw - Jeremy doesn't "allow" Zach to play on *his* team... Jeremy and Zach pay to play on a league team. Jeremy doesn't get to choose whether Zach plays... so you shouldn't be according him credit for deigning to allow his disadvantaged brother to play. Seriously, you have no idea what a nasty jerk you make Jeremy out to be... no decent brother would ever be happy with what you've said... SOmeone who geniunely loves their sibling doesn't even stop to think about things like competative advantage.

For the record, as long as Zach pays his fees and is unconcerned about getting hurt, he can play on a league soccer, with or without his brother Jeremy *allowing him*. Geesh.

Michelle - I haven't had any problems and I use IBM based comps.

Susan said...

Sandie, you summed up my thoughts too.

One thing I have learned is that Roloffs are not shy about patting themselves on the back.

On their own website, they describe Amy as heroic and Matt as inspirational. That rubbed me that wrong way too.

Carol said...

Anyone else think it's hilarious that in Jeremy's bio section of Matt's site they use the line that "Since the age of 4, Jeremy has dreamed of..."

I wonder if they're in on the joke everybody makes about that.

No matter what Jeremy does, it's the most amazing thing and he has of course dreamed of it since he was 4 years old :)

Shadow said...

Of course, it may well be that ZACH allows goof-off Jeremy to play on HIS team. Since Jer-Bear is so busy visiting with Daddy and Mueller, I bet he's missed quite a few games. Quite a hindrance to have a player on your team you can't depend on.

But Dana's simply the troll that she likes to accuse everyone else of being, so I just enjoy her posts for the nonsense they are. Always good for a laugh, anyway...

Kim said...

I think the show was better when the Roloffs were more willing to be personal.

Now it's a cookie cutter image.

Laura said...

It's nice that Matt still sounds out the newsletter to his fans.

Julie said...

Telling stories around the campfire...I'm sure. Admittedly that's something that I enjoy, but I am *very* different from Jeremy and Zach.

Cathelitou said...

I don't really like their new web site. Did you saw the biography section. It only tell a little and if you want more, you have to buy Matt's book. It's all about Money and marketing now! I prefer the roloff in the past when they were down to earth!

Jocelynn said...

Chatelitou, well said. I knew it was a bad sign when they started the whole idea of charging people hundreds of dollars to basically shake their head and talk to people. Yes they can do that if people will pay, but it's shows where their heads are at.

They are all about making money anyway they possibly can. I think it's distasteful.

Timothy said...

The part that annoys me the most is at the beginning.

Matt is still on about it...

"We remain committed to allow the filming of our lives and adventures so that we can share them with you."

I literally want to vomit. Oh, those wonderful giving Roloffs. They remain "committed" to making hundreds of thousands of dollars and allowing themselves to be given free perks and treated to free vacations. But they remain committed to that all for the good of the world!

The Roloffs are a bunch of self-asorbed people.

I would seriously be ashamed if I were one of their family members.

Rap541 said...

We hope you were able to catch our 200th episode of Little People Big World (that aired last May).... Five seasons and 6 years later and still, we remain committed to allow the filming of our lives and adventures so that we can share them with you.

Btw, is anyone else amused by this statement being made in Aug 2010, when Matt is NOW saying the family wanted out in November 2009?

Kinda like how Matt wanted out in November 2009 but in May was telling people in interviews he thought the show would run at least two more years?*

*Two years btw is the length of time of the contract signed and if TLC *wanted*, the Roloffs would indeed be legally required to film eighty episodes of LPBW.

If TLC *wanted* being key.