Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Preview for Season 6 of Little People, Big World and Roloff family

We are closing in on the return of Little People, Big World and the Roloff family to TLC on Monday nights. Season 6 begins in less than 3 weeks -- Monday September 6th at 8pm on TLC.

There is a new preview of season 6 for the Fall TV preview. It's always fun to see what will be featured on the show in the episodes. Here at Keeping Up With the Roloffs -- we always try to give fans and followers of the Roloffs a little extra, so we will add some visuals beneath the story and pass along any additional information that has been shared with us.

The conclusion of the dramatic cliff-hanger of Matt's collapse. If you're stricly a LPBW tv viewer and this is your first time on the internet wondering if Matt had a heart attack and died... -- fear not -- Matt lives! You actually saw him after his collapse for the majority of the season since the collapse was actually filmed before almost everything else you saw last season - the Europe trip, the World Dwarf games, Molly's birthday, etc. all that of that happened after the collapse was filmed... Matt has since publicly said his collapse was a dizzy spell caused by Vertigo but all is perfectly fine.

The TV show spin will apparently be that after Matt's "health scare" he has a new motivation and desire to seize the day by living big and being adventurous.

Among the "seize the day" activities Matt embarks upon -- skydiving. Matt and Jeremy went skydiving withe the US Army Golden Knights. The You Tube channel for the USAGK put up a video of it, yet it was removed a few hours after we linked it here. Matt Roloff told his facebook followers that it was his favorite video and would love to share it with his facebook fans, but it was removed for them to fix something....yet it still is not back up...the popular speculated theory is USAGK most likely accidentally jumped the gun by posting the video before the episode actually aired and removed it for contractual reasons -- just speculation though.

Bodybuilding. This (Matt and Jeremy lifting weights) was actually shown as part of the opening credits for Season 5, but was never actually featured in an episode. By the sounds of it, it will be featured in Season 6.

Beekeeping? Bees make their return to Little People, Big World! :-) No word on if they'll be accompanied by Jeremy and Mueller with glass bowls and oven mitts as seen in the famous old episode :-)

Movie making -- Visitors to Roloff Pumpkin season 2009 reported seeing Matt filming a movie.

Matt went camping with "the boys" and some of their friends for Father's day. Matt has said the original camping trip episode with the late Mike Detjen is Matt's favorite episode of LPBW.

Zach contemplates dating (no, not 7 girls at once, haha). More seriously, viewers haven't heard any talk about any of the Roloffs kids dating in a couple of years -- really since Kirsten's disappearance from the show -- she's still friends with Jeremy -- friends of Kirsten say she still considers Jeremy to be her best friend and she says she knows him better than anyone. Jeremy has several girls that he spends considerable time with although apparently not one "girl-friend" -- so we hear.

There was the Zach dating Dani stuff a while ago, which was always more of a plot line for the show, according to friends of Dani. We have heard from people around the Roloffs that suggest there is a reason for the lack of stuff like that on the show now -- there has been a change of direction in the show from the early years - moving away from the really personal stuff to the more contrived and well thought out and planned story lines. It's obviously easier on the Roloffs to do the more contrived stuff than expose their real personal relationships. Obviously they can't come out and say that since it is supposed to be a "reality show" which is why the Roloffs still insist the show is "real and raw". However, observant viewers have spotted the unsaid shift in the show.

Jeremy develops a strong interest in photography. He's often spotted with his beloved Nikon camera -- fortunately for Jer (because of the show although the Roloffs are always defensive about that point) he is able to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world to have great scenery to photograph. Sunrises, sunsets, beaches, oceans, rivers, lakes, stars, sky, tunnels, caves, people, animals and cars -- we hear Jeremy always has his camera ready to go.

In something Matt has been talking about online for sometime, Molly is "running" the online Roloff store when people buy merchandise such as Roloff dirt, autographed pictures or the Roloff sweaters and other clothing. Molly packages it -- just that "shipping" part of it, Molly (and none of the 4 Roloff kids) have any interaction with fans online.

It will be interesting to see how that is presented on the show. On the show in the episodes, they've never (or rarely Amy briefly touched on it when she was shown doing a radio show for her charity event seen on the episode) actually acknowledged the show, that the Roloffs are celebrities who sell their dirt or autographed pictures since they've tried to keep up the image that the Roloffs are still just a normal family like yours.

The preview states Jacob wants to spend more time with Jeremy and Zach before they move out. And we do hear that Jacob in fact is spending more and more time with Zach and Jeremy -- the game "Fugitive" is one of their favorites which is a "Capture the Flag" type game where they run through town with the other half as the "cops" in vehicles trying to track them down (wikipedia Fugitive for more details if you're in the dark). Although people used to say they thought Zach and especially Jeremy should spend more time with Jacob -- now the opinions we hear are undecided whether it's really a good thing for a 13 year old to be spending so much time with his 20 year old college age brothers and their friends.

However (and as always, form your own opinion - we just pass along what we hear and are informed of) we are actually told things that dispute this storyline. A friend who has been spending time with all the Roloffs kids have told us that actually, Jacob wants Jeremy and Zach to move out

An old picture, Matt with Zach recovering from his leg surgery a few years ago. Matt tries to improve his relationship with both Amy and Zach. In June, Matt and Zach went on a road trip together to Idaho and other places, mainly to benefit the Salman family.

One of the biggest "news" part of the preview -- that we must dispute, states that Jeremy and Zach finally realize it's time to grow up, get jobs and move off the farm.

We are told that has indeed NOT happened with a few caveats. Zach does have his job coaching soccer at the Indoor arena -- however it's fair to say that is not the equivalent of what the preview suggests. Zach and Jeremy's real "job" is still the show and that's what their lives center around -- being television celebrities and goofing for the television cameras. Only in filming though, as neither Jeremy and Zach have any additional responsibilities as public figures or in promotion - Zach and Jeremy (2o) still do not do interviews and do not speak or interact with fans.

You might start to hear something about Jeremy getting "garage space" on the farm, but he is still very much at home, so not much has really changed.

As evidence, a friend of Jeremy's recently described Jer's (and for the most part - Zach was in on most of these too) summer for us. Jeremy's summer as described by a friend:

*Several hikes across Oregon and Washington.
*Exploring caves and tunnels across Oregon
*Fugitive games -- for the record, the friend says Jeremy is a "legendary" fugitive player with "mad skillz"
*Camping for the show for Father's day with Matt, brothers, and buds

*More tunnel exploring at 2am
*Seaside Beach trip
*Early mornings to watch the World Cup at Mad Greek Deli and then at the owners home for the big final games.
*Fly to Florida for Oasis of the Seas cruise -- biggest ship in the world.
*To Nashville for most of the week to party at the LPA con.
*To Pendleton to visit Mueller for a couple of days.
*Wake boarding and surfing.
*Visited Mueller again this time with Zach, Molly and a few friends.

*Sleeping on top of the Tower of Terror with friends
*Day trip to take pictures of sunrise
That's basically Jeremy's summer thus far.

You can decide for yourself if Jeremy has "finally realized it's time grow up, get jobs and move off the farm"...

There you have it, that covers most of the items mentioned in the preview for Season 6 of Little People, Big World, September 6th at 8pm on TLC has the full preview information on their site:

Premieres: September 6

Airs: Mondays at 8pm ET/PT

Network: TLC

Who Is In It? Matt Roloff, Zach Roloff, Amy Roloff, Molly Roloff, Jeremy Roloff

Where We Left Off: Season 6 returns to find Matt Roloff recovering from a serious health scare, and on a new mission to seize the day and live life in a big way. Skydiving, bodybuilding, beekeeping, monster trucking, movie making and camping are just some of the items on the Roloffs’ long list of undertakings. Zach flirts with the notion of dating; Amy attempts to rescue her own health; Jeremy tries his hand at photography; Molly takes over the family store; and Jacob hopes to bond with his brothers before they leave the nest. A gigantic garage sale brings the whole family together, but an attempt to install a life-size Noah’s Ark on the farm divides them. Matt tries to improve his relationship with both Amy and Zach, and the twins finally realize that it’s time to grow up, get jobs and move off the farm.


Jocelynn said...

Thanks Spirits! That was great. I would rather read your stories than watch the shows. It's more interesting. Spiritswander for new producer role! :)

Judy said...

There is no way that after all Matt has done for his family and all his health troubles, that at this stage in his life he should still need to spend any time working to repair his relationship with Amy and Zach.

Shame on them (Amy and Zach). Truly. Especially Zach. Married couples experience ups and downs, but Zach as the son should grow up and appreciate Matt. Jeremy has no trouble. You can see the fun they had together. Matt and Jeremy. Zach is still being a baby when it comes to Matt.

I can believe Jacob wants Jeremy and Zach to move. He's ungrateful and selfish.

I don't think there is anything wrong with Jeremy's summer. It's summer. He's 20, not 50. He can still have fun.

Brandon said...

I'm not surprised the preview is lying and trying to make it sound like Jeremy and Zach are actually growing up and not the lazy disrespectful slackers coasting off the coattails of the reality show Matt lined up for them.

That's what happens when TLC and the Roloffs are allowed to put out their own press release. Matt must know that it makes him and Amy look like crap parents now that people are noticing Jeremy and Zach are 20 and still live like most 10 year olds. Solution? Lie and say they're growing up. But they aren't! Some people will believe it because they believe anything the Roloffs and TLC puts on the show but there are a lot of stupid naive people.

Julie said...

"A friend who has been spending time with all the Roloffs kids have told us that actually, Jacob wants Jeremy and Zach to move out"

Oh, spiritswander, are you trying to bait the Jeremy Fan Club yet again into saying that Jacob is the spawn of Satan? ;)

Rap541 said...

Judy - Jeremy is twenty and even his handicapped brother found work this summer. So Jeremy went cruising, and partied and goofed off.

SO lets all kiss his ass for his responsibility, right? Jer-Bear was sooo responsible and adult with his not working a lick!


Right Judy? You're a loving Christian, right? Matt loves it when you publically call out his CRAP boys, right? Because Matt WANTS the fans to HATE Jake and Zach for not being Jeremy.


Matt is such a loving man for wanting his fans to hate on three of his four kids as you suggest, Judy! Lets all praise Judy for her hating on the crap Roloffs! May they all die as Judy and Matt wants, as they are crap and not worthy!

Now, before you get all "thats not what I meant...." then what emotion do you want people to have for Matt's "not jeremy" children? Because honestly Judy... deep down, I really don't get the vibe you're kidding around, and I really would love to know what Matt Roloff thinks of your comments about Zach the Whiner, Jake the Brat, and Molly the Disloyal Bitch who should go to community college rather than do better than JEREMY JESUS!

Because really, I doubt the answer would be "I'd like to thank Judy for her blessed comments about the crap children I will now disown as they should be hated as Judy wants".

Judy said...

Rap, I will ignore you. You have shown multiple times that you are incapable of following rational comments.

I am disappointed that Zach has not grown up and matured to the point where Matt needs to "mend" fences when he should be thanking God for having such a wonderful father that has provided him with so much.

Perhaps Matt's bonding mission will prove to be successful and Zach will mature and learn to appreciate Matt like Jeremy does, but it is disappointing that it came to a point where Matt needed to try and repair his relationship with Zach. Zach should be ashamed of himself. He should talk to people who did have bad fathers.

Rap541 said...

Judy - I ask seriously.

Would you be pleased if I said I agree with you?

That Matt has three bad children and one good son, and therefore is an excellent parent as he has parented ONE good child?

And do you seriously think *Matt* thinks *you* are correct, and being a decent Christian, when you pick apart his three "bad" children?

I can think of at least five incidents where *Matt* was clearly hurtful to his family to the point where any reasonable person would say he should do some fence mending.

1. Intentionally and purposefully scheduling a vacation that Amy couldn't attend and then publically noting how stupid his kids were being to give up a trip to show loyalty to their mom.

2. Intentionally deciding he desperately needed to go on a vacation in Hawaii without his family, leaving his wife alone on Mother's day, with her twin sons celebrating their birthday.

3. Intentionally arriving late to his twin sons graduation and noting for the camera that he had no regrets at all.

4. Openly stating he intended to take Zach's team to Ireland, demanding his way until Amy was forced to resign from the DAAA, and then grinning as he ran off and abandoned the team because his committment to Zach and screwing over Amy to "take the team to Ireland" was not as important as playing with Jeremy.

5. Openly stating to the camera that spending extra time with his family was "not a good use of his time.".

If I have learned anything about little people, it's that they're jerks just like the rest of us. Matt is no saint and suggesting that his every fart is a blessed event that his children should kiss his butt for - except Jeremy, who as his favorite gets to goof on the couch and be praised for nothing - gets extremely ridiculous as we get example after example of Matt hardly acting like the blessed martyr on the mount you declare him to be.

Rap541 said...

And don't think I don't notice how you've refused to comment on whether or not we're supposed to be praising Jeremy as a responsible mature young man for goofing off and playing while you deride Zach for his part time job. :)

Spiritswander said...

Hi Julie,

Nope, no agenda :-) Just passing along what we are told.

Should clarify though. I don't think the friend meant Jacob wants them to move because he hates them. Of course not. I think it's more along the lines of a typical kid mindset. He wants to use their stuff and maybe move into their room/have free reign to use it anytime he wants and still thinks they will hang around the farm all the time even after they move.

Of course it makes for a better heart-warming family television theme to talk about how Jacob will dearly miss his brothers rather than have him say 'I wish they'd get out now so I can get their stuff!' :-) And in fairness, Jacob's apparent feelings could be brotherly bravado of not wanting to sound mushy and sweet. However, since we were told that Jake apparently is telling their friends that he wants them out, we thought we would pass that along.

Kathleen said...

I can't wait for the new season. I missed the show.

I hope the twins do start to grow up. I agree Jeremy is more mature than Zach.

David said...

Thank you Spiritswander for the real version.

Looks like we will be seeing a heavy dose of Matt this season.

Katie said...

"Jeremy has several girls that he spends considerable time with although apparently not one "girl-friend""

It's called being a player!

Julie said...

Heh, spiritswander, I know. I was just kiddin ya. :P

Rap541 said...

I wonder if one of the deals Jeremy and Zach have "inked" is to be on A&E's Hoarders.

Because their room certainly looks like a hoarder room.

They're twenty. Jeremy is literally scratching himself as he sits on a pile of crap, surrounded by piles of crap. Gosh, its not like Jeremy had a job this summer... Someone explain how living like a hoarder makes Jeremy a shining example? :)

Greg said...

More referring to the "story line cheat sheets".

Does anyone really think Matt gets all these idea to "seize the day" on his own just for the fun of it? All stemming from his (at best) minor dizzy spell, at worst, staged "health crisis".

The script in Season 6 is going to be Matt on the verge of death and living out his bucket list. IT's such a scripted story line.

Throw in a bunch of stuff that ends with making the kids end up smelling like roses and you have a season of Little People Big World version 2010.

Giles said...

The Molly bit is part of the LPBW/Matt Roloff spin, just as much as the other kids.

Does anyone honestly think Molly is slaving away in the "online store" for hours upon hours a day? Does anyone think she is giving up fun to "work"?

It's time the kid gloves start to come off with regards to Molly. She is falling into the same trap as what did Zach and Jeremy in.

They were allowed to be pampered spoiled celebrities living off their fame learning no responsibilities or work ethic.

Molly is not a wee little girl anymore. In less than a month she will be 17 years old.

Making Molly sound like she is hard at work *running* the online store is as much bogus Matt Roloff bluster as the stuff he spews about Jeremy and Zach.

The only thing I think Molly has going for her over her brothers is gets better grades. The popular thinking that Molly is wonderful Roloff is more wishful thinking on the fans part. She is just as spoiled and as lazy as Jeremy and Zach if you don't fall for these spin sessions.

That's what happens when you put kids that you're raising on television shows and teach them that they are so special that people will pay money to shake their hand and so forth. The kids can't help but become spoiled little brats that think life is about having other people line up free vacations and hand them perks just because they are so special.

The average 17 year old girl that I know is more impressive than Molly Roloff because most of the 17 year old girls I know are learning, developing and displaying work ethic, being polite and learning that in life you have to sometimes choose work over fun.

Expressed said...

Great article piece Spirits!

I don't know what to think actually. It doesn't sound like there will be a lot of Jeremy but it's hard to tell from that.

But it sounds to me like it's headed down the same feeling of fake that last season had, unfortunately.

As I was writing the reviews, I couldn't help but think "this sounds SOOOO scripted and staged". I hope I don't get that feeling again.

It's much more interesting to hear Spirits' insider tips! Ha! :)

Yeah I've noticed the lack of personal stuff about Jeremy and the kids. I totally believe the stuff about Jeremy hanging around tons of girls. Lets face it. He is a good looking, rich, semi-famous 20 year old guy. I think he just wants to "have fun" with girls and probably thinks why tie himself down to one girl when he can go this way and call up any girl he knows or meets and "hang out"...

I agree that last part it typical LPBW preview stuff. They haven't got jobs and moved out, but all they have to do is say it or write it and some people will believe it.

I don't think Zach got his soccer job because he realized it's time to get a job (and who are we kidding, their job is with Discovery, that's who they get their paycheck from!). I think he got the soccer job because he likes soccer and wanted to coach, he needs to start off by coaching kids. I don't believe Zach got the job to be responsible or to make (extra) money. He did it for the soccer.

Expressed said...

The part with Matt and Jeremy working out sounds promising though! :)

Justin said...

The whole series has become so fake and the Roloffs have all become about money and themselves.

Just look at their new website. It's disgusting. Talk about getting big heads. It's all about patting themselves on the back. The whole website is basically gadgets saying "Give me money!"

Anonymous said...

In general, I don't think it's right to denegrate Zach for finding a job doing what he loves. It doesn't make it any less of a job. Nowadays, a lot of people say that if you wouldn't do your job for free (because you love it), then you're probably not in the right profession for you. Would you put down any of the FIFA coaches who were former players? Would you say that they're living out a fantasy that's not really a job because they have pretty much just stayed with soccer all their lives? I would venture to guess that no one would. Also, everyone was a kid once, so you should know that we are all human and it's almost impossible to practically worship either of your parents. Relationships are made on two sides, so Zach and Amy shouldn't be expected to just adore Matt and have Matt do nothing. It's great that Matt wants to work on the relationships in his family. Again, relationships are made between at least two people, so no one person is at fault. Also, how many of you wanted to stay a kid for just a little bit longer. I'm sure that not everyone got a full-time job and went to school full-time, as some of you seem to suggest. True, Jeremy could try to work or take more classes, but look at the Roloffs realistically. Many of you seem to think that they should all be perfect little angels. I think part of the reason they may do their show is to reveal that, for the most part, they are an average family. Everyone has faults, and no one is perfect. Some of you people need to get that through your heads. It is almost as if some of you expect to be watching perfect human beings on TV. I know your suggestions seem well-intended, but no one can be perfect. If you want to know a perfect person, then go to church.

Brandon said...

I get tired of this "no one is perfect" crap.

First, I don't think it's even a fair statement. Matt goes to great lengths to make his family seem like the perfect Cleaver family. The kids are sweet successful kids listening to their Gospel music.

Then there's Jeremy pretending he's the sweet choir boy that would not taste alcohol as it disappoints God.

I think the Roloffs like to pretend to be pretty close to perfect because it pays well.

But what do people criticize them for? For being hypocrites? That's fair. You don't have to be perfect to not be a hypocrite. And if you do make mistakes, you can apologize for them. Something Roloffs don't do.

People call Jeremy and zach lazy and they are mooching off a reality show by being unmotivated bums. How is that not true? I do agree with you about Zach. At least he is working and has boss that isn't his dad and not something dad arranged for him.

They are 20. Jeremy doesn't work. He plays all day long every day. Even Amy said that on the show. He had nothing but free time. It is fair to call Jeremy lazy and an unmotivated slacker that is coasting through life off his parents and brother's dwarfism.

Jocelynn said...

I agree, Brandon. Part of what I think make the Roloffs fake and why the show has gone downhill is because despite the drama that is usually very easy to spot because it seems planted and staged, things usually always ends on a happy positive note.

People talk about how the Roloffs say they aren't perfect, but do we ever hear about any of the normal problems parents have with teenagers? Drinking? Pot? Getting into trouble? Nasty language? We know the Roloff kids (namely Jeremy) have done some of these things. Heck, Jeremy and Zach had a friend die. Jeremy had an article calling him a bigot in a publication that is in every supermarket in America. Nothing about that on the show or from the Roloffs in interviews. Instead the show portrays the kids as innocent sweet kids that play fort in the woods and tell ghost stories with their parents around a campfire.

I think that is being fake and is pretending that they're perfect. On the internet, listen to Matt. When is the last time Matt said something about one of his kids that made them sound imperfect? He brags that they're the greatest kids ever and is always making them sound like they are accomplishing great things even if they aren't.

Russ said...

Is Jeremy taking steroids?

David said...

Well, according to Matt everything is editing when it is negative. Believing Matt, then the whole plot about Matt deciding to improve his shakey relationship with Zach and Amy is a lie because according to Matt things like that (believing there is a problem) are always fake editing and only fools would believe their "real", "good bad and the ugly" reality show.

Wendy said...

I don't know why people think Jeremy is doing steroids. I have a son. He might not look quite as buff as Jeremy, but he is close. I think Jeremy's build and the change in his body from a skinny teenager is normal for most young men his age. Kids are hitting the gym more and more these days.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling Jeremy is using steroids. Diet and exercise alone will not give him a body like that especially in a short amount of time.

Anon2 said...

there is no way jeremy is on steroids. you should see how big some of the kids his age are. he's just got a good build is all.