Monday, August 2, 2010

Statesmen Charity Basketball game for CoDA featuring Zach, Jeremy and Matt Roloff scheduled in Montana for Sept 11

There is going to be another CoDA charity basketball game featuring "The Statesmen" vs a Celebrity team. This one will be held September 11th in Montana at Montana State University.

The first game was held in April at Martin Klebba's old high school in Troy, Michigan.

Once again, it looks like the Roloff contingent will be the same as in Michigan -- Zach (obviously), Jeremy and Matt.

CoDA Charity Basketball Game ~ Montana

Time September 11 · 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Worlds Gold Melding winning Dwarf Basketball team vs Celebrity Basketball Game
...Saturday September 11, 2010 6pm tip off
5pm Silent Auction/ doors opens
Montana State University
Tickets $10 per person

Marty Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean/ Scrubs) and Zack Roloff (Little People Big World) are heading to Montana with their team the STATESMEN to take on a team of local celebrities. The Statesmen are the World Gold Medal winning Dwarf basketball team. Money for this event will help raise funds for CoDA (Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy). CoDA is a Charity that Marty started several years back with friend Matt Roloff (Little People Big World). One of their major projects is to get orphan dwarfs adopted.

We will be playing the game starting at 6pm with an autograph line afterwords. Doors open at 5pm and we will be starting our silent auction at this time.

So come see…
Marty Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean/ Scrubs)
Zack Roloff (Little People Big World)
Jeremy Roloff (Little People Big World))
Matt Roloff (Little People Big World)
Scott “Flash” Norton (WCW Pro Wrestler)
And many more

If you want to get a feel for what the first even was like, you can a review of the first game in Michigan back in April here:


Erica said...

I live in Montana!

Dana said...

I know that some people won't give credit where credit is due, but I think it's great that Jeremy is so giving of his time that he is willing to be apart of these events.

CoDA is Matt's foundation and the Statesmen is Zach's and Marty's team. Jeremy doesn't need to fly around the country to raise money for these charities but he does. Good on all the Roloffs and Marty.

Jocelynn said...

Well, since this one is in Montana and not Michigan, I won't be attending again.

If anyone out there lives close is reading this and deciding whether it's worth it to head over there, overall I would say that the first game/event made for a fun day and it is raising money for a good cause. It beat spent the day shopping or whatever I would have done instead and made more fun by sharing my story with Spirits and all the people that see this site.

Like I said in my review of the first event, my advice (which probably isn't wanted!) for Colin and the organizers and even the Roloffs and the Statesmen players...cater more to the fans. They are the ones giving their money and taking time out of their day, in some cases traveling fair distances to attend. Be more social and interactive with the public.

Instead of being huddled up in private quarters before the game, mingle with the people supporting your charity and cause. Since this next event is a University setting, hopefully it will be better organized for autographs after the event than the high school, but overall, I would tell the people involved to be more focused on making sure the public enjoys themselves and they are reall there to see and interact with them. Don't be so stuck up in avoiding the people and please, please - keep family and friends away from the public's time with the team/celebrities! :)

Jocelynn said...

Dana, I don't disagree that it's nice that they ALL participate, but having overheard some of the guys and organizers talk at the Michigan event...don't make it sound like they are sacrificing. They managed to squeeze in some good party time the night before and from the talk I heard, after the event (much like the LPA gatherings I suspect!). They get a free flight to somewhere, meet their friends, have fun with them, put in a couple of hours playing a basketball game, do the public persona thing for an hour after the event for the autographs and then party afterwards before leaving. Nothing wrong with that, but I wouldn't be annoiting sainthood on the Roloffs for simply attending.

Dana said...

Jocelynn, they are raising money for charity, taking time out of their schedule. They don't need to do that. Don't make it sound like they have something to be guilty about that they also spend some time with their friends that they don't see very much throughout the year.

Jeremy is not associated in any way with the CoDA foundation. He does need to fly to Montana (or Michigan), but he does. You even had the nerve to criticism Jeremy in your report attempting to paint him as the bad guy because kids were seeking autographs at the wrong time.

They are giving of their time. You should not be criticizing anything associated with the event.

Rap541 said...

Dana - why do you only mention Jeremy?

Zach isn't associated with CoDA. Neither is Scott Norton. Yet you demand Jeremy's butt be kissed for getting a free vacation (because Jeremy will not be paying for anything) and a fun time playing a game.... when you pointedly ignore all the other people associated with the game.

Why do you only mention Jeremy when clearly there are two other people (and likely a lot more) who are "taking time out of their schedule". And when Jeremy and Zach's schedule is "sitting around the farm playing and attending an occasional class", the person who really deserves to be held up is Scott "Flash" Norton, who btw is not a little person wrestler but in fact is someone simply giving their time while actually holding a real job.

Jocelynn sums it up well. I think its nice as well but it is Jeremy and Zach playing with their friends, enjoying a free trip.

Now point me to the charity events Jeremy participates in where he doesn't get a free trip and his "charity work" isn't Jer-Bear playing with his pals.

Oh, and Dana - its duly noted that you only want Jeremy praised. Its Zach's team so Zach *isn't* giving. Matt and Marty are *dwarfs* and therefore not giving. And Scott Norton - someone geniunely not in any way associated with CoDA... well, he needs to kiss Jer-Bear's ass as ONLY JEREMY deserves the kudos here. ONLY Jeremy *gives*. His *sacrifice* of play time to... play, dear god, if only he was Catholic, he'd be Saint Jer-Bear of the Nature Walk lickety split since Jeremy is the most giving special boy (not a man, Jeremy is a *christian boy* forever!) Jesus ever made and he's Jesus's Special Gift to us all.

Right? Because it's very telling how you ignore all the other participants as you run to annoint Jeremy on his pedestal. He doesn't work, he doesn't go to school very much, and he is likely contractually required by TLC to attend this game for filming. Oh, and since he's NOT working, and living off his dad, he's also somewhat obligated to occasionally do something for Dad.

I'd like to see Jeremy, in a interview by himself (aka without daddy or mommy in the room) being asked by non TLC staff about his views on doing charitable work. I'd LOVE to see that. But we won't... Daddy Matt doesn't trust his 20 year old son to speak for himself...

Dana said...

Because Jeremy is the person that gets his reputation constantly slandered and run down. I will point out the positive aspects of Jeremy's life that he should be commended for.

I did include "all the Roloffs and Marty" in my post. Perhaps you missed that? I did single out Jeremy because he has detractors such as yourself who are always quick to villify him. The Statesmen are Zach's team and as a dwarf, CoDA is a dwarf related charity.

I mentioned Jeremy and not Scott Norton because this is a Roloff site. No disrespect to Mr. Norton, I am not a wrestling fan and only know who he is from the descriptions and reports and pictures from the other basketball game. I agree with you, it is very nice that he attends. My guess is that he's a Christian. The Roloffs are the subjects here. That is why they are the focus, not the others attending.

I salute and have the utmost respect for Matt and Marty for what they've done with CoDA. You as usual Rap, attempt to make things ugly. Matt and Marty's association with CoDA events are commendable, but they are also understandable because it is their charity. Just like Amy and her ARCF. Of course Amy is going to be at her events. However Jeremy doesn't need to support dwarf related charity events of his family members. He does so because he is a good caring person in the name Christ.

I agree with you on one point. Jeremy is doing this to support his dad (and Amy's events, to support his mom). He doesn't need to do that.

Where is Molly? Where is Jacob? I don't see Ms. Molly events? Matt can't physically play, but he is there. How come Molly and Jacob aren't giving of their time as Jeremy does? I also don't recall seeing Molly and Jacob helping prepare for Amy's Golf tournament and dinner on the farm last year like we all saw Jeremy helping.

I will give them the benefit of the doubt and be open that there scheduling conflicts and they always have something else to do, so I won't criticize them, however I will indeed praise the one average sized Roloff kid who cares enough and such a giving spirit that he supports dwarf related charity events and his family organized events.

"I'd like to see Jeremy, in a interview by himself (aka without daddy or mommy in the room) being asked by non TLC staff about his views on doing charitable work. I'd LOVE to see that. But we won't... Daddy Matt doesn't trust his 20 year old son to speak for himself..."

Indulge me. Why would you like to see that? Jeremy lets his actions do the talking.

Matt is the Roloff family spokesperson. You can either accept that Matt and Amy handles the media responsibilities or you can attempt to disparage Jeremy and Zach because they choose not to seek the spotlight and publicity. If Jeremy sought out interviews you would probably accuse him of being an ego-maniac attention seeker.

Craw said...

Dana, that's a great point about Molly and Jake. It makes me wonder why Molly has this goody2shoes reputation? There aren't many Molly bashers but there are a ton Jeremy bashers? But who helps with the charity stuff? Jeremy. Who doesn't? Molly.

Rap541 said...

Dana - please point me to the co-ed charity basketball teams and events Jeremy has participated in?

And please point me to the charity basketball celebrity games Jeremy did when he was thirteen?

Oh right Bitch Molly isn't Jeremy so she's a hateful skank who hates Christ. And god knows Molly wasn't at her mother's side, attending her gold events ON THE SHOW THAT HORRIBLE UNCHRISTIAN BITCH WHO WILL NEVER BE AS DECENT AS JEREMY WHO MOANED AND WHINED HOW BORED HE WAS TO HELP MOM'S CHARITY. I mean... those scenes of Molly with Amy at the gold club were clearly cut and paste edited lies, right Dana? Because Molly is a hatefilled piece of scum, one of Matt's shame children?

Some parent Matt is, with one "good" child and three "shame" children.

Considering how conservative Christian Matt is supposed to be.... I find it rather amazing you feel he's wrong to not allow his 17 year daughter to play as the only girl and stay at a hotel in a room by herself surrounded by celeb sports stars and 20ish guys. And gosh, Spetember is just when she has school... she and Jake should just do as Jeremy did and barely pass. After all... being like Jeremy means barely being literate and Jesus likes his followers to be barely literate!

"I mentioned Jeremy and not Scott Norton because this is a Roloff site"

So he's unworthy of praise even though he's clearly giving up more lucrative time than an unemployed 20 year old? Oh right... Spiritswander? Is there a rule about people not being able to comment on non Roloffs?

Duly noted that the dwarfs aren't going to be praised as much as they are dwarfs supporting a dwarf charity - I get your point, Dana - they aren't as worthy. that just makes your omission of Scott Norton more glaring.

" Why would you like to see that? Jeremy lets his actions do the talking."

His hours long tour of Haiti (coupled with a seven day luxary cruise)? His goofing off with friends at basketball games? He's surely on the cross martyring himself with suffering, isn't he? With his actions? Especially his actions where he sat on his butt and whined how thirsty and bored he was to help mom with her charity. God his suffering on the golf course is very similar to mother theresa....

Dana - like it or not - Jeremy isn't a child. He's twenty. And his daddy insist Jeremy be a child and forbids him to speak *for himself*. Daddy Matt knows Jeremy can't be trusted to speak for himself. Its very very obvious and if Jeremy is content to be Baby Jer-bear, thats fine, but lets not call it mature and responsible. Jeremy finds it easier to be a child. thats why he's playing all summer, and why he barely took a class last year. He wanted to play... and when he does some charity work that isn't *playing games* or *getting treats to attend* then he will be doing something praiseworthy.

It is duly noted that you are now attacking Molly for not being Jeremy. I wonder how Matt feels about negative people deeming three of his four children "Matt's shame".

Anonymous said...

What kind of School does Zach and Jeremy go to sense they are always going places during the course of the year? And even more why does Jeremy always travel with Matt and Zach when it concerns their dwarfism! Does Matt and Zach not realize when Jeremy tags along with them the focus always end up being all on Jeremy and not on the them. Why can't they tell him to stay home every once in a while and just let it be about them the Little people for a change. In my opinion Jeremy should not go,starting with this trip to Montana he is a twenty year old man he should act like one instead of acting like a teen Jacob don't even follow or for that matter does not beg Matt to go with him or Zach. As far as I am concern Jacob is more mature than Jeremy. .

Jocelynn said...

6:47...I'm not the biggest Jeremy fan (just ask Dana!) but I have to defend Jeremy here.

The appeal of these celebrity fundraisers is for the public to see and meet the people they see on tv and in movies. The more Roloffs there the better.

I think it's obvious that Jeremy has an appeal, especially with teenage girls.

I was there at the event in Michigan and Jeremy's introduction applause was mostly screaming girls.

However I was surprised that in my opinion, both Matt and Zach got a louder reaction when they were introduced. Zach's was probably the loudest if my memory serves me correctly.

I agree with you about the LPA conferences and I think you make a good point. But the celebrity charity events are different.

They go to community college in Portland. I don't think it starts until mid to late September.

The event in Michigan was on a Friday, but they flew there on the Thursday. I don't think they even had classes on Thursday. They didn't take a full course load.

I sometimes wonder if Zach and Jeremy's being in college is more so the show can pretend like they are normal kids going to college rather than needing to come right out and say they are 20 year olds whose career is to be a reality tv star.

Shadow said...

I think the point about school and September was meant to explain why Molly and Jake would not be participating. School in Oregon starts the week of Labor Day. Probably not the best idea to yank your kids out of school when it's just started to fly off for a long weekend, even for charity.

Zach and Jeremy don't have the same restrictions, as PCC doesn't usually start fall classes until somewhat later in the month. Assuming, of course, that Jeremy has figured out how to work the online registration system by now, and not sign up for Saturday classes...or at least gets Molly to help him with it. Also assuming he's even taking any classes...

Rap541 said...

Shadow, don't forget the real issue. BitchMolly Who Is EVIL apparently isn't going because she hates charity and is a *crap roloff*. Also probably unchristian as well.

See, Dana and Craw don't like it when Jeremy comes up short so its now time to attack Molly.

So there's really no point in pointing out factual things like:

1. Yeah, school is in session.
2. Molly and Jake are expected to take on the responsibilities of 20 year olds as Zach and Jeremy never participated in charity shindigs until they were high school graduates.
3. Hard to believe, but really? Molly spending the night in a hotel with an all male team and all male athletic guests is appropriate to people? *My mom and dad* sure as hell wouldn't have allowed me to do that at 17, even if it was for Mother Theresa.

But see, Molly makes Jeremy look bad since she was raised in the same home and isn't a slack jawed halfwit who wanders about goalless, so now she's CrappyBadHatesHerDad Molly and the Christian crowd will no doubt soon accuse her of smiling too much/not enough.

After all, Jer-Bear is the only good one.

Again, I really wonder how Matt feels about his fans out right stating only Jeremy (the nitwit who has no job and barely got into community college) is Matt's only accomplishment?

Seems kinda negative, doesn't it? Hmmm.

*Oh for the record, truthfully, not a huge fan of Molly... I just find it hilarious that its incredibly obvious that she's the apple of Matt's eye and Matt's fans are running to make sure she's taken down as a hateful uncharitable little bitch.

Melissa said...

Rap, Why aren't you a fan of Molly's? What is wrong with Molly?

Dana said...

Only a fool would believe that you need to participate in a celebrity charity event to contribute to raising funds for the organization. There was a basketball player at the other game that was the guest referee because his NBA contract forbids him from participating in other games. Matt can't play, but served as a guest "coach". We know how much coaching he did. It is their presence as the celebrity that contributes to the success. Molly could have been the "celebrity co-coach". But that would be taking a flight to another state and smiling for autographs and posing for pictures like Jeremy was willing to do to support charity. Molly and Jacob must have had better things to do, both times. I'm fine with that, however Jeremy deserves a pat on the back for his contributions and charity efforts.

Molly and Jacob could have left their friends at home for a couple of days and contributed to the charity fundraiser. They didn't. Jeremy did. That's why he deserves to be complimented for his giving spirit.

I don't know what kind of perverted mind one must have, but it is not dangerous for Molly to stay in a hotel with her father, brothers and their friends. Some people have sick minds.

Rap541 said...

Dana - Molly knows everyone who will be there?

She hangs with Scott Norton?

And I notice you don't address the age issue at all since it undermines your arguement. Jeremy and Zach never did celebrity charity moments in different states until they were 19. Now Molly is bad for doing as Jeremy did at 17?

Dana - what celebrity events did Jeremy partake of when he was 17?

Come on. You've made the comparison.

in fact I think the long running arguement was that Jeremy was a boy and his childhood was more important than charity. But Molly? Little bitch, clearly she's a mature adult at 17 while Jeremy was a boy who needed play time and lived without responsibilities.

And of course, Jeremy did all those celebrity events at 13, didn't he Dana? Wasn't he out there? At 14? 15? 16? 17? 18? Oh wait... Jer didn't step up until he was 19... and Jake better man up, huh?

Jake is 13 and he needs to act as Jeremy in all ways and that means taking on responsibilities that Jeremy didn't have to.... Poor Jer needed to be a *boy* but Molly and Jake? They are 13 and 17 and they are adults.

I love that you think Molly and Jake are adults like Jeremy and should sacrifice their childhoods while Jeremy is 20 and too much of a boy loving Christ to get a job.

Only a fool compares children to adults. Jeremy was not doing these events at 13 and 17, and you're tirading against his brother and sister for taking the same priveledge of childhood he took.

Melissa - I don't *dislike* Molly. I don't especially like her either. She seems like a nice kid but we really don't see much of her.

I just think its wrong to bash Molly for not going to an all male celebrity sport event for charity simply because Jeremy *is* going. Jeremy is 20. Molly is 17 and has school, and while she seems to be a responsible girl, I can honestly see her parents not wanting her to attend this event simply because she's a girl and she has school.

The unfairness is that I never saw Jeremy manfully insisting he do charity work at 17 (or at 13) and I saw plenty of people defending Jeremy for NOT taking on those adult responsibility because he was "a boy", "a child" and "too young to give up his childhood". Why are Molly and Jake being vilified for acting the way Jeremy did when he was their age? Oh right - haters wanna hate.

On a total aside, I really *love* the assumption Dana and Craw have made here, that Molly and Jake *have chosen* not to participate. I have it on good authority that yes, indeed, the Roloff parents do occasionally say no to the two younger kids.

I guess its more fun to run with "Molly hates Christ, Molly hates Jeremy, Molly hates doing good work" than to consider the possibility that Matt and Amy just don't want their 17 year old daughter hanging around a hotel with a bunch of sport jocks.

Melissa said...

Rap, I was just wondering why you don't especially like Molly? What's not to like?

Rap541 said...

Melissa, really - its not a *dislike* issue. I just don't feel strongly like or dislike with her. She seems like a nice enough kid. Possibly I look at it from a "would we have been pals in high school" perspective and ultimately the answer would be "probably not" since we don't share any interests. There's an actor I really enjoy, and I met him once, and he was super nice and we chatted, and I walked away with the feeling "he's really nice but if he lived next door, we probably wouldn't be best pals, just aquaintences". Doesn't make him a bad person, or someone I dislike....

BeckyM said...

I don't watch this show a lot, but one reason I don't like Molly is two scenes I did see: 1.) pumpkin season when she couldn't get her lazy butt out of bed until forced too and then her sulky attitude throughout the day; and 2.) her mom taking her out for a day on a birthday and the sulky attitude.

I don't think Molly is all that by any means. The only two things in her favor are: 1.) she gets good grades (unlike her loser brothers) and 2.) she keeps herself off camera as much as possible which hopefully means she has a more normal adult life.

Molly fan? nope.

Craw said...

Wow Becky. I agree with you for the first time ever. About Molly.

Molly is ok but her goodytwoshoes thing is annoying and undeserved. I remember the pumpkin season thing. The stupid part is people blamed Becky for being mean to her. lol. Because Becky told her to get up, stop watching tv and get down to the pumpkin stuff because she was late.

Jeremy was down there working for pumpkin season like always? But who gets bashed? Jeremy. Who gets called lazy? Jeremy.

BeckyM said...

Don't give me a bouquet... all the kids are lazy, spoiled brats in my book.

Anonymous said...

"Former WCW Pro Wrestler Scott Norton".

World Championship Wrestling has been out of business for ten years so this guy is hardly a celebrity anymore (not that he was ever that good of a wrestler in the first place).

If they wanted a more current wrestling guest they should have invited the wrestling leprechaun Hornswoggle.

But aside from that this is really just another free trip for Matt @ Co since this will almost certainly be filmed for TV so again the old adage of the best charity is the one that benefits you is proven true yet again by them.

Greg said...

Spiritswander, I don't think you should continue to promote these CODA "charity" games.

Personally, I will not support it. This is what Marty Klebba said himself

"We have a tax id # in the link. You can write a check or do Paypal. No amount is to SMALL ;). Having to fly in and house alot of the CoDA team and The Statesmen is hard for me. PLease feel free to help me. Leave a little note saying you donated because of me."

If I donate to CODA my money will go to Marty so he can pay for the flights and hotel rooms for millionaire Matt, Jeremy and Zach Roloff and the wealthy Manuels (Bill doesn't seem like he's hurting for $ either) so they can catch up and use the gig as a social event.

That's the problem with a lot of charities. Your money doesn't go directly to the people you think it will.

With this bit of information, I hope the Jeremy fan club will be quiet. Marty (or more accurate, people that donate to CODA) are paying for the Roloff plane tickets and hotel rooms? The Roloffs and other Statesmen don't even pay their own way to support CODA? Typical. They ask other people to give their money, but they won't even pay their own way?

I won't give my money to that. The Roloffs can party with their LP friends on someone elses dime, not mine.

Also, I gotta wonder. Do you think the Roloffs and other Statesmen are flying coach and staying in Super 8's to save on cost since they are taking from CODA donations or are they flying first class, staying in the nicest hotels and getting limos everywhere?

Fan of CoDA said...

Don't always believe what you read. The Rollofs did pay their own way and they did not pay for their hotels they were donated by a sponsor. Matt might be president of CoDA but he founded it with Marty. Jeremy, Zach, Scott Norton, Lee Arenberg and everyone who participates volunteer their time cause they are passionate about the cause. This is why they fly all over the US to be apart of it. There are more games in the works for 2012... Denver, Detroit, Vegas, and Atlanta. They are trying to have the games be web cast so everyone can watch all over the world. Thanks for your support and understand that charities are made up of volunteers, sponsors and supporters.

Heather M said...

@Fan of CoDA, that's not true.

"The Rollofs did pay their own way and they did not pay for their hotels they were donated by a sponsor."

They didn't even stay at the same hotel. It wasn't donated by a sponsor. I know that because I was in Michigan in April 2010 for a meeting that had nothing to do with CoDA. Much to my surprise, I saw the Roloffs, Marty, Lee and some of the others there when my sister and I arrived to check in. Marty, an organizer, the wrestler, were greeting them when I first saw them and then they were all in the bar.

Marty, Lee Arenber, the wrestler and the other organizer people left for another hotel. It seemed to be only the Roloffs and the Manuel twins staying at the same hotel I was at. I know that because the Manuels were on the same floor as I was. One of them were drunk and was wondering around at 3am in the morning banging against doors because he couldn't remember what room was his.

I have to be honest and say when I saw Jeremy and Zach ( I saw them a few times, they did not appear to be drunk. Matt was in the bar.

My point was a hotel didn't donate the rooms because they didn't even stay at the same hotel.

I don't know what you're taking issue at what was said. They are flying around because it is a free party with their friends. They aren't paying. They get to see their friends and party.

I think the only the people that should be applauded are the people like Jocelynn that posted that actually paid her money to donate it to charity. Not celebrities that don't give themselves and only do it for a free party trip.