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Matt Roloff interview with Radar Online about Divorce Rumors and Gosselins

Matt Roloff did an interview (video) with the celebrity gossip/news site Radar Online. They ask him about the end of the show, the divorce rumors and the Gosselins.

Matt says he is relieved that the show is ending. (If you haven't read already, you can read our article about the end of Little People, Big World and what industry insiders told us about the end of the show and Matt's subsequent comments (basically, we are told Matt's M.O. is spin --

Back to the the Radar Online interview -- Matt laughs off the divorce rumors. He tells them that "Amy and I are still sleeping in the same room, in the same bed, with all the goodies that come with that!"

Matt discusses the heart attack rumors. His explanation is the editing showing his vertigo related dizzy spell combined with footage of him grabbing at his left shoulder. Of course, I think it's worth mentioning that probably the entire episode had something to do with fans getting that impression -- the episode featured Matt talking about his own death, where he wanted to be buried and how his death might come sooner than Amy expects. Then they went back in time, all the way to June of 2009 (most of those scenes were from October 2009) to finish season 5 with the dramatic collapse -- when actually viewers had been seeing Matt that entire season post collapse (the Europe trip, Molly's birthday and driving episodes and the pumpkin season stuff - all came after the collapse was filmed).

He's asked about the Gosselins. Matt talks about why the Roloffs survived reality show stardom and the Gosselins crumbled. He cites age and maturity as the main reason. He says when they met Jon and Kate he liked them very much, but could sense that they had problems.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lowest TV ratings of the season for Little People, Big World and the Roloff family Sept 27th

This weeks episode of Little People, Big World was the lowest rated of Season 6 thus far, hovering right at the 1.0 mark with 1.069 rating.

The lowest rated LPBW episode of Season 5 Part B was a 0.994. At one time, Little People, Big World used to consistently receive ratings in the 2's and then the high 1's. The single episode low for Season 5 Part A was a 1.4 rating. Shortly after our article about that rating at the time, Matt put the word out that ratings were still swell and everything was good for a cable show as long as it was above 1.0 -- which is true to some degree, however it doesn't take into account the higher production costs (the Roloffs salary, travel budget, etc) of a long-running show like LPBW compared to a newer show when the stars are obviously earning less than the stars of an established show for many years like the Roloffs. Then the ratings for Season 5 Part B slipped further, consistently coming in around the 1.1 or 1.3 mark. A couple of months after Season 5 Part B finished airing, TLC announced that they were cancelling LPBW/that Season 6 would be the last.

For those wondering, mostly because it is heavily advertised on TLC during Little People, Big World, TLC's new show "Sister Wives" drew 2.256 million viewers.

Sept 27
LPBW 8pm - Matt's Massacre = 1.069 million viewers

Sept 20
LPBW 8pm - Camp Roloff = 1.142 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Zach Rides On = 1.362 million viewers

Sept 13
LPBW: 8pm - All Talked out = 1.319 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - On The Road with Matt and Zach = 1.614 million viewers

Sept 6
LPBW: 8pm -Little Pain, Little Gain = 1.753 million viewers

LPBW: 8:30pm - Everything Must Go = 1.791 million viewers

Monday, September 27, 2010

Matt Roloff interview about end of Little People, Big World, Jeremy's height and selling the farm

There is a video interview with Matt Roloff from New York.

In this one, Matt is asked why the show is ending. He says the Roloffs have been wanting to end the show and were looking forward to have the cameras gone because they can be a disruption. He says TLC came to them and wanted two more years, but then came back and said they could wrap it up now. Matt claims they were happy about that.

Among other things discussed, the frequently asked question among fans...How tall is Jeremy Roloff? Jeremy and Matt have previously said he's 6 foot. Some people that meet Jeremy in person say that's about right, some say it's not. The interviewer when discussing Zach being and dwarf and Jeremy not having dwarfism, she asks if Jeremy is 5'9? Matt answered "Yeah, Jeremy is 5'10 or something like that."

The host asked Matt if they were selling the ranch (or farm)? She asked like they were really selling it. Matt said they've always talked about it and didn't expect to be there for 20 years. He said they now joke that they're going to need to sell the farm just to get Jeremy and Zach to move out. Matt says that's the big challenge. Jeremy and Zach are too comfortable living on the farm. They have the big house and all their shops and rooms and their friends come and go as they please, Amy keeps the fridge stocked for them and their friends. Matt also said Jeremy has shown some interest in taking over the farm one day.

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541: Little People, Big World September 27

Our guest episode reviewer is Rap541.

Written by Rap541


"Matt's Massacre
Matt feeds his Hollywood dreams and organizes a local cast and crew - including Jeremy - and attempts to make a movie about a spooky pumpkin farm."

God. really?

So Matt wants to outdo "Manos - The Hands of Fate"? I really *pray* he airs this, I really do. :) I mean, wow, this doesn't sound self indulgent in the slightest. I think my biggest question is whether the movie was completed, how much money Matt blew on this particular project, and how, in Matt's mind, this film will somehow help the farm?


New episode

So we star with Matt screaming lights camera action! Apparently one of Matt’s lifelong dreams is to make a slasher film. About a pumpkin farmer. Who kills his customers and uses their bodies to fertilize giant pumpkins. We see someone being filmed as the killer at night.

Not exactly “Ben-Hur”, huh?

Flashback? Edward a local filmmaker comes in. Matt explains the story. A pumpkin farmer growing giant pumpkins and no one knows how and people are mystified. Eh, ok.(I actually pieced together the plot as the show progressed but the story wasn’t actually outlined.)Matt notes he has complete control over the farm, and will film on the farm, and during pumpkin season no less. Of course. That’s convenient.

FYI - TLC? Lil hint here, for your next show since LPBW is already done - if you genuinely want to suggest that a particular time of year is super busy and your star needs to be super attentive to his business during that time - perhaps it’s not wise to show the star pretty much ignoring his business to do a fun play time project.

Apparently there’s a script and now there’s a crew, and a very tight budget. They’re only shooting for two days and Matt’s all “lets go now!”. I bet the local filmmaker would tell a much different tale about this film project.

ONE DAY before filming! There’s a storm coming! Not only will Matt lose money in pumpkin sales but also in filming! I’d care more if we weren’t watching money being thrown down a well. So we have the local acting talent show up and hanging in the garage. Caryn yells at people to get with her to film stuff in the patch. People get yelled at by film crew for wandering in the patch. Caryn is pissed. Matt had no idea. Matt on the Mule notes how chaosy (yeah, that’s apparently a word) it is. Matt notes that the scene being filmed is awesome. He pretty much yells through the whole thing. (Let it not be said I know nothing about filming. I’m snarking on his bossy ways, not that he’s speaking…)

So now its night, and raining. Matt is yelling about where to film. Zach notes that it’s a train wreck. They’re filming a tow truck scene. The music btw in this episode is hilarious. Matt notes how totally sore he is and how he is breaking down. So of course the tow truck doesn’t start! DUNDUNDUN!

Commercial! Sister Wives! American Chopper! More Duggars! Is Michelle knocked up yet? Because really, 19 is such an awkward number.

So now we’re still fixing the truck, and Matt is “fading fast”. So the scene is filmed. But Matt is considering not continuing! It’s a crisis! He’s out of money! Now more filming! There’s only one take! Farmer Joe the Murderer does look evil.
I’m curious if anyone has considered the moral ramifications a Christian making a movie with an obviously Satanic theme… I mean we didn’t’ get a lot of the plot but really, murder with a shovel? The golden boy used as fertilizer for breeding giant, probably evil pumpkins?

ALL THE CASH REGISTERS ARE DOWN! Caryn calls Matt, Matt refuses to give a damn and seems to ignore the crisis. That certainly is one way to run a farm business. Jeremy meanwhile is looking for something suitable to wear as the “arrogant guy“. Amy seems annoyed that Matt’s basically playing during pumpkin season. Molly thinks Matt got in over his head. She also seems annoyed by the project. Now we have a series of scenes of Matt explaining to Jeremy how to act arrogant. As I watch this, I realize how unpleasant it must be to work for Matt.

Filming Jer in hot red pants…. I hope he’s not planning a career in acting. Oh, he’s not terrible, just pretty much exactly what he is, a twenty something guy doing a goofy home movie and hamming it up.

Meanwhile the paying customers are unable to park. Matt notes he’s still filming, but the line is backed up to the freeway. He chooses to film the movie since you know… its just his livelihood and all.

Really, if they have been having the huge crowds for how many years, it really does say something about the general competence of the farm staff that *every year* parking is an issue.

So we’re still in parking hell. Apparently they’ve shut the gates and they’re allowing walk ins. I don’t really see how that solves the problem. So more of the creepy farmer and Jeremy in hotpants. Jeremy hay bales how Matt was probably disappointed in how the movie was going. Jeremy is then hit in the head repeatedly with a shovel by the creepy farmer and then buried. Heh Matt called Jeremy “Jacob”. Matt hay bales how he may not have enough footage!

MONTHS LATER, Matt has the boys wander in. Jeremy is all fuzzy chinned. They watch “the pumpkin movie”. I swear to god the music for this episode is utterly hilarious. I mean, the whole cheesy horror thing is awesome. And was that a wiff of “Torgo’s Theme”?

The farmer has a gun? Matt is screening the movie. Jeremy’s pants are so bright…. I’m blinded by his red buttocks. In fairness to Jeremy, he notes that his acting talent was not right for the movie. I am kinda curious how long it actually runs. Jeremy notes that the ending was good because the beginning set up the ending. Matt drones on and one about turning his vision into reality.

This was an interesting peek into Matt’s psyche.

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Disillusioned - Little People Big World Sept 27

Our next guest reviewer is Disillusioned
Written by Disillusioned

*"Lights, camera, action" starts off this weeks episode as Matt is directing a movie. Whoever that man is walking through the "rain" at the beginning of the show reminded me of the killer in I Know What You Did Last Summer! Very creepy looking to begin with and it already looks like this would be the perfect episode if it were used closer to Halloween.

*Matt looks to be serious with making this movie, which he said would be about 6 minutes long. He has storyboards and everything drawn up! I must admit, I thought it was some kind of joke when I heard about it last year via this blog but tonight I was proven wrong!

*Matt says he wants to finish the film in two days due to a strict budget and the first start filming on the pumpkin patch...during pumpkin season. Will problems arise? We shall find out soon. Well, actually we will find out now because they are having problems with the Roloffs customers getting into the camera views for the movie.

*Maybe those people thought they were being filmed for LPBW and not a freakin movie! The movie is completely filmed on Roloff Farm and all the while Matt is saying "quiet on set" while he is yelling out directions IN THE MIDDLE OF FILMING!!

"It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion" as stated by Zach seems to be a perfect description of whats been shown so far of Matts movie making process.

*Jeremy says Matt hired him to play a part in the movie as an arrogant person demanding to see this huge pumpkin. Ha!! He plays an arrogant person on his own TV show!! What a stretch of the imagination!

*During the filming of his movie, Matt "looses control" of his pumpkin patch as they run out of places to park and the cash registers stop working. Now, my problem with that is: with all the people Matt hires to help run the farm, why is it that if Matt isn't directly involved with everything that goes on, everything goes wrong? That's the question of the day, I think.

*Now the last scene of the movie is upon us and lets be honest, Jeremy does look good in black!! Unfortunately (for some) Jer gets killed at the end of the movie after (getting his way as always?) he gets to see that huge pumpkin. He gets hit over the head with a shovel and Roloffs into a ditch, getting buried. :' (

*Matt brings the kids and some of their friends into his office for a viewing of the film. Jeremy says if they didn't change the way it was put together before, he didn't think he would like it. And a commercial that is!! The final moments reveal that...Molly likes the red pants Jeremy was wearing in the movie and Jer says he wasn't the right person for the part. Everyone ends up saying that they liked how the movie came out...even Jeremy!!! And all is well that ends well!

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed - Little People Big World Sept 27

Our next guest reviewer is Expressed
Written by Expressed

*Before I start, I gotta say what a weird premise for a reality show! Can you imagine telling a friend that you watch LPBW, the reality show and they watch this episode? Yeah that's real life! lol.

*Matt says he's always wanted to film a movie, ever since he was 4 years old (no no, see I can poke fun at Jeremy's catch phrase lines too :)) It's about a couple on a pumpkin farm and the husband is a deranged psycho killer.

*It's convenient that he's filming a movie with a tv crew already there...but wait. He's hired a local film maker. Matt is directing. It's during pumpkin season. Probably not the smartest thing to do. This all happened last year? With the big deal about the county almost shutting down the farm and the stuff about Matt giving controls of the farm for half a day to Jeremy and Zach? But really, Matt was busy for 2 days filming a movie and Caryn runs the thing?

*Matt and the filmmaker have their big meeting about Matt's scary movie.They say tomorrow is filming so it can't rain. But it's supposed to rain. Oh no! I could have predicted that! Every Roloff project in LPBW starts out bad.

*They have hired actors. Caryn yells at Matt about pumpkin business. The movie crew went down to the pumpkin fields with customers to film. They are kind of rude to the visitors. Telling them they can walk here or there and need to sign a release.

*They're shooting a scene of the actress playing the wife. Matt is coming on to the actress as she shoots the scene sleeping in bed. lol.
What room is this? I have no idea? I think there's about 50 rooms in the Roloff mansion that we haven't seen. It's kind of weird if you think about it. They have a reality show filming in their home and we haven't seen like half the house/mansion in 2 years. Maybe if we did the show would have a more real feeling and it wouldn't have got cancelled?

*Zach watches. He doesn't know why Matt thinks he can direct a movie. They film a scene. The husband/farmer tries to start a truck. It doesn't start. Jeremy is watching. Matt says it's all going wrong. They need the truck to start and drive off. Of course it doesn't. Get Jeremy to fix it! I don't think Jeremy did, but someone gets it started and they shoot the I'm relieved! :) I'll say again, what a weird plot for an episode.

*Matt has cast Jeremy in the movie! Yay. Maybe Jeremy can save this episode :) Matt cast Jeremy as the "really arrogant guy".....No jokes Jeremy bashers!!!!!!!!!!! That's kind of opening up a can of worms with that casting...haha.

*Molly says Matt gets in over his head and takes on too much. That's kind of obvious this episode...

*Jeremy the actor! He's doing good in this scene I think. Or has Jeremy been reading lines and acting for 4 years :) Jeremy is the only guy that I'd watch in red pants. :)

*Matt ignores pumpin parking problems because he wants to watch and direct the movie.

*I gotta say I think filming this thing during pumpkin season is a terrible idea. I don't know how long this actually took, but I always think of it this way. If I ever traveled to the Roloff Farms for pumpkin season, I would be totally disappointed if I showed up and didn't see Jeremy because he was busy shooting a movie with Matt. Wasn't the fort building thing last year's pumpkin season too? Or was that the year before? I don't think it's smart to have things that take the Roloffs away from the pumpkin visitors.

*The final scene. Jeremy is acting. Uh oh. Jeremy's acting when he sees a giant pumpkin leaves something to be desired. Haha. But then the crazy husband pumpkin farmer kills Jeremy with a shovel to the head! Jeremy did a great job dying and playing dead!

*Months later, Matt gathers the family and friends into his huge office to watch the movie. I don't like Jeremy's facial hair. Shave Jeremy! Molly comments that she *loves* Jeremy's red pants. Jeremy says yeah that's a weird outfit. That's funny because Jeremy actually does wear those red pants in real life and Jake has the same kind of red pants.

*They all say they like it. Jeremy seemed to really like it and says it was better than he expected. Amy says she liked it but looks pissed.

End of episode. Well, that was kind of a weird episode. Did they do this whole episode as an advertisement for Matt to get this movie picked up? I guess it was kind of fun, the Jeremy parts at least, but the whole plot was kind of out of left field. I would rather see real Roloff stuff instead of them film a movie but I think the days of seeing the Roloffs live real life has sailed away long ago.

TLC: Little People, Big World Extra video clip: Matt and Zach Roloff talk about Saja

TLC has a video of an extra scene not televised during the episode that featured Matt and Zach on a road trip. In the truck, they discuss Saja's passing.

It's a bit surprising to hear how little Zach knew about Saja (if she passed away in Iraq or in the U.S.) considering that many fans were following Saja's plight at the hospital on Facebook pages dedicated to her and the Salman family.

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Television Ratings decline for Little People, Big World and the Roloff family - September 20

Television ratings for the third week of Little People, Big World Season 6, dropped down into the range of most of the episodes from Season 5 Part B (1.1's - 1.3's).

Sept 20
LPBW 8pm - Camp Roloff = 1.142 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Zach Rides On = 1.362 million viewers

Sept 13
LPBW: 8pm - All Talked out = 1.319 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - On The Road with Matt and Zach = 1.614 million viewers

Sept 6
LPBW: 8pm -Little Pain, Little Gain = 1.753 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - Everything Must Go = 1.791 million viewers

And for the Kate Plus 8 followers:

Kate Plus 8: 9pm = 1.614 million viewers

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Video: Roloff family welcomes Make A Wish Foundation

The Roloffs hosted a young a boy through the Make-A-Wish Foundation whose dream it was to come to the Roloff Farm and play soccer.

A Portland TV show filmed the visit and released it on You Tube.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Amy Roloff lends her support to the "Text No More" movement

Amy Roloff and the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation are supporting the movement regarding "Distracted Drivers" to end texting and the use of cell phones while driving.

We would be remiss if we didn't mention that this is an interesting cause for Amy to support, because the Roloffs (Jeremy) have come under some criticism in the past for this issue.

In the episode that has become best known for the "Sneezing is 1/8th of an orgasm" comment, while driving a Uhaul towing Matt's old yellow VW from California back to Roloff Farm, Jeremy was caught texting while driving (one of the pitfalls of a having reality show with in vehicle cameras...). Some viewers criticized him for it.

In what has been Jeremy's only real public question and answer session or interview -- although it was in an environment totally controlled by Matt Roloff - the issue was addressed, with Jeremy accepting blame for "screwing up". He said it was the one time during the long trip that he texted and the editors nailed him by including it.

Jeremy, why were you texting and driving in the recent episode with you driving the Uhaul?

Jeremy's Response: I screwed up. Sometimes the show needs drama. I'm not blaming it on that, but I messed up and they used it. Haha kind of ironic I was driving 36 hours and they used the 1 time I texted.

However, over about a year, Jeremy was again caught texting while driving by some keen viewers, driving home from the ski trip with Matt.

You can support this cause by visiting the link below:

Amy now has a video supporting the campaign.

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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541 - Little People, Big World Sept 20, 2010

Our guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong to the person making them (Rap541)
Written by Rap541


Camp Roloff - Oh look, a camping trip with chaos. A gasoline fire, really? Ever notice that the Roloffs have a lot of accidents due to a complete disregard to safety? And as all people with great marriages do, Matt and Amy vacation separately! Wanna bet there's tension etc but it's all wrapped up with "and we all had a good time"?

Zach Rides On - A Roloff boy getting a job? As a leprechaun? Somehow my spidey sense sees a lecture coming on! And I have a pretty good idea that this resolves with "and Zach learns an important lesson on maintaining his dignity from Ewok Matt".


1st Episode

Camp Roloff

Ok I am doing this while my mom is on the phone. Sorry folks, not hangin up on my mom for a recap. Let me try multitasking.

So they are going camping. Jake wants his phone back. Amy says no. Jake whines but does concede his past phone issues. Amy stands firm.

Jeremy and Zach pack things in the car. Including a soccer ball. Molly and Amy are not going, they are off to some seaside thing - Mom is discussing Dad’s new job and our mutual belief that the recession is not over. Mom and I laugh about how President Obama is secretly Adolph Hitler’s bastard child as we are told by Fox News.

Matt hay bales how the other trips fail due to not leaving early. Of course they leave early and there is a traffic jam and they are using the shiny new truck. And the shiny new ATV.

Amy and Molly head off and Mom reminds me about the forms she is mailing for a stock windfall. I think Amy left her camera home. I dunno, Mom was describing how she got these cute pearl earrings at Kohl’s.

There’s snow on the ground and Matt gets the Mule stuck. Mom reminds me again how our pet dog is not likely to survive the winter (she’s been saying this for several years)and there’s a box of goodies coming for me. Yay Mom! Also apparently my five year old niece is eying my inheritance of 1930’s green glass. Now we’re back on how the dog is failing. Sigh. She bought the dog a ramp. To get into the car. And the dog refuses to use it but still wants to go for rides but wants to be lifted into the car. Mom is a sucker for the dog. Riley has a heated bed, and an assortment of Halloween costumes. Did I mention that Riley is not a little dog but an Australian Shepherd? Yes, the Superdog costume was adorable but still.

Meanwhile the men are debating where they should camp. Not in the snow seems to be the plan.

Amy, Molly, and a friend are playing at the beach. Amy forgot her camera, bought a new one, and now her purse and new camera are wet. Amy hay bales but my mom is telling me how she might take the dog on the final walk to the vet, again, and do I want the new Star Trek Hallmark ornament for my birthday….

Ok Mom is off the phone. Jeremy and Mueller are canoeing and Jake is hay baling how it sucks when he is left out of Jeremy’s fun but Zach does fun things with him. Apparently Zach includes Jake more. Zach hay bales that everyone is more mature. So they find a dead tree and Jake goes across a stream on a tree. Zach seems a tad jealous that Jake is able to be like Jeremy.

Now there’s another tree and Jake is going across it and its DANGEROUS. Zach recaps for us how he’s taking Jake “on an adventure” and continuously compares Jake to Jeremy. Jake wishes Jeremy had been there.

Amy has another new camera. Apparently she’s addicted. Oh look, vomit. Amy, get a picture! And please TLC, make sure we HEAR the vomit sounds too. That makes it family friendly.

Matt meanwhile controls the activities and makes the boys chop logs as a competition. Yeah this is dull. And a tad dangerous. Zach gets in and does it although it in the end fails. Jake doesn’t want to do it. Although we don’t see Levi do it either, Matt makes sure to note on camera how Jake didn’t want to because he wouldn’t be good at it.

Yeah, that would make me want to participate. Knowing my dad has already judged me as unable to do it.

Jeremy shows Jake how to show throw a hatchet. Matt makes a big deal over it and how it was a mentoring thing. I notice that it’s apparently only mentoring when Jeremy spends time with Jake… Zach apparently was not mentoring. I mean, didn’t Zach spend the trip mentoring Jake while Jeremy got to play with his friends off camera? And *Jeremy* gets the praise from Matt? Gosh, I wonder why Zach often doesn’t respect his Dad’s opinions.

So sorry. I will watch the first half more closely next week. On the plus side, I am getting homemade cookies and banana bread! And probably a Star Trek ornament I don’t especially want.

Back on the boat, there’s more picture taking. Sarah? Looks like death and Molly jokes that nothing bad happened to her so she had a good time, not like Amy or Sarah.

Matt recaps how the whole thing kinda sorta blew but *they made memories!* So it all wrapped up nicely. Wasn’t there supposed to be a fire?


Next ep

Zach gets a call about a job. It’s a fundraiser and he gets 500 bucks for four hours but he’s gotta dress like a leprechaun. Molly notes that anyone can dress up like a leprechaun but little people fit the role better.

Matt seems very pro leprechaun and thinks its easy money. But Matt says it’s a personal choice. Zach thinks its degrading. Matt is pro putting food on the table and doing what‘s necessary. Zach is bothered that only little people are asked to play elves etc which isn’t entirely true. I must admit, I once was paid to be Santa’s elf helper and I am 5’6. I do see his point, but I would have to ask what the nature of the fundraiser was before I’d consider dressing Zach like a leprechaun to be degrading.

Amy tells him there’s things to do other than dressing up. Zach is having car trouble and needs the money. Apparently the Previa is dying. Its in the PCC parking lot, broken down. Yeah, I don’t normally agree with Matt, but yeah, if its breaking all the time, its time to ask yourself how much you really want to spend..

So Jeremy and Zach head over to the Previa and try to fix it. Jeremy jumps the battery and hay bales how emotionally attached he is to the Previa as well.

Zach doesn’t take the leprechaun job and we’re done with the message of the show, which was basically danced around and sorta avoided. Not surprised. Now Matt is pleased that Zach wants a job. Zach is against retail and wants to coach. He talks to Matt and Matt is all “hey maybe you could move out too” and notes how he was 18 and living on his own. Gosh, someone better tell Matt how in this day and age. Zach hay bales about how he wants to be self sufficient.

Amy and Zach go car shopping. Zach notes how things cost money and life is expensive. Amy gives Zach the “cars cost money and that means you have to work” lecture. She also gets all “you’re lp and you need to worry about that.” She has a point but she is a bit droning and the editing helps give that impression. Zach likes being high up. Who doesn’t? They look at cars and debate visibility. They seem to be shopping for a new car. Zach wants another Previa…. I don’t think they make them anymore. I will probably feel this way when my Saturn gives out.

Why isn’t Jeremy looking for a job?

More car shopping. They try a SUV. Zach hay bales how image isn’t important but being able to see is. He drives the SUV. It’s a nice brand new car. Amy hay bales about the price. They both seem shocked by the price of the cars.

Zach tries for a coaching job but has no luck. (at first). He looks for jobs on line in his filthy room while Rocky sleeps. He really hates retail but also seems to find most jobs boring. So he goes to Sports Authority… which is retail but ok. Also tries Fred Meyer. The manager seems nice. She mentions security work for Zach and the service deli. Zach is worried about finding a job to support the new car.

Call me crazy, but why not look at a used car? I mean, no one has even mentioned the rather reasonable and logical idea of just… buying a used car. I mean, if we’re going to play into this fantasy that Zach needs to work and can’t afford a car and isn’t paid by the show, why not go to the next step and suggest he get a used car? New cars are for suckers anyway.

Oh look the Previa is having issues. But Zach is off to talk to Todd and Todd wants to give Zach a full time job. Todd seems to like Zach so yay! Zach now seems more worried about doing a good job. His job does seem less soccer and more work so good for him. There seems to be some weird time issue here as though more time has passed than we see. Zach fondly reminiscences on crashing the Previa and how it means so much to him.

This must be a boy thing.

So Jeremy questions selling the Previa. Zach seems anxious to move out and buy a car. Jeremy agrees but wants the Previa to stay. Now everyone goes on about how losing the Previa is losing their memories of their childhood. Jeremy is all about “live life… a little meaningly” and Zach sadly goes on about Previa and growing up some more.

You’d think their dog was dying or something….

Episode Roloff Review by Disillusioned - Little People, Big World Sept 20, 2010

Our next guest episode reviewer is Disillusioned. All opinions and statements made belong to the person making them (Disillusioned)
Written by Disillusioned

Dana, Dana, Dana!! Dont be so surprised that I'm talking directly to you. What-did you think I was going to let your comment on my review last week go unnoticed? Well if you did, then you gotta 'nother thing coming! You see, this isn't about trying to justify what I said about Jeremy last week to you. Oh no!! There is no use for any of that nonsense because it would only lead to more mindless nonsense with me telling you why I wrote what I wrote and you trying to tell what I really meant by writing it, which of course, you can't simply because only I know how I intend something to sound and your response, in turn, is only YOUR interpretation of what I am writing. There is nothing more and nothing less to that subject.

And oh how so contradictory were some of your statements last week saying stuff like how this blog is so biased against one person (Jeremy) because some of us write the Revelations on him. Um...excuse me for a minute before I choke to death with laughter!!

Just because two reviewers periodically may say things about Jeremy that you don't like doesnt make this site biased...unless, of course, you are...which you seem to be in stating (I'm reading in between the lines of your comments last week) that if there were more pro Jeremy reviewers, this blog would be so totally equal man and be oh so cheery with lemon drops and gum drops (oh what a blog that would be!!! C'mon, sing it with me Roloff Cult!! :-D)

Yeah...contradictory to say the least. In all seriousness though, in a complete 180, I do wanna thank you for at least speaking your mind and sharing your thoughts. I do appreciate it and I assure you that I pass no judgment on you. The ironic thing is is that I honestly just came across something as I was writing this and I wanted to share it with you and the rest of the Roloff Cult: "Do not repay evil for evil, but take thought for what is noble in the sight of all." (Ephesians 4:29-5:1)

*The show basically starts with Jacob complaining about not having his phone for their camping trip. He says Matt and Amy don't like him always having his phone because he texts too much but he says he only wants it so he can listen to music while camping.

*That's innocent enough isnt it? By the way, he has a friend with him so he really wouldn't be on it that much would he? For heavens sake, let the guy have his way for once!!

*Matt says that when Jake is mad you have to move heaven and earth to get him back in a good mood so he says that since Jake is often left out, they decided to at least let him bring a friend along to camp with him. FINALLY JACOB GETS A LITTLE JUSTICE!! ;-)

*So as they are driving towards the campsite, Jeremy is being a complete backseat driver trying to tell Matt where to go. Oh that Jeremy is quite the talker now isn't he? Suddenly they are hit with a roadblock!...snow? Hmm...camping in the winter? I guess is perfect for some, I dont know.

*Meanwhile Amy, Molly and one of Molly's friends are shown, after a commercial, at the beach flying kites. Soon Amy starts trying to build a sandcastle and forgets that her purse is laying on the sand near the water with high tide coming in. Wouldn't you know it, a wave washes up and soaks Amy's purse, damaging her camera and phone! Oh no!...I totally didnt see that coming! Oh wait...yes I did.

*Back with the boys now and Jer and his friends go boating and leave Jake out like always. Matt says Jake is too young to hang with the older boys and Jake looks and sounds disappointed. :' (

*Zach stays around though to create some memories with Jacob and his friend Levi. Jake says that him and Zach are pretty cool now and don't argue or fight anymore...or as much as they used to. Zach says he wants to show Jake some adventures so he doesn't turn into a "city boy." Good point Zach!

*Jacob, Levi and Zach come upon a roaring rapids and Jake tries to cross it on a log
with Zach and Levi trying to talk him out of it.

*Jake starts to crawl on the log and then BAM!!...a commercial! Does he fall in or what!? Come on TLC, dont do that!

*Back from commercial Zach says Jake is a "Jeremy Roloff in the making" because he's on the middle of a log in the middle of a rapids. Jake successfully gets across and states that he wishes Jeremy was there to see him do that? By the way, why is it that Jacob is the only person that really expresses love for each family member more than anyone else? I like that about him.

*While deepsea fishing, Molly catches two fish at the same time! No way!! I've never even done that before! WAY TO GO MOLLY!!

*At the end Jer finally spends time with Jake and Levi, teaching them how to throw hatchets. Hey...those are memories too! Jake seems innocent enough just wanting to impress and get the approval of his older brother. All younger brothers try that so Jake...your not alone and don't EVER feel that you are buddy!!


2nd Episode

*A radio station calls Zach and offers him a job for 4 hours and $500 to walk around a track with some kids for a fundraiser but the catch is they want him to dress as a leprechaun. Zach has a hard time deciding and asks Matt and Amy (separately) what they think about it and both basically say that it is up to him. Zach ponders somemore and states that he could use the money. So does that mean he will do it? Stay tuned...

*Zach's van breaks down in the PCC parking lot so he gets Jeremy to help out. They go to PCC and Jer helps to jump the van to get it started. That trusty ol' Jeremy can fix anything, can't he!?

*Zach decides to not take the leprechaun job and asks Matt to help him find a job. Zach talks of how expensive it is to live on your own. Now Oregon the minimum wage is $8.50 and the state I live in its $7.25. So you tell me what state would be better or easier to live in? It's not a hard choice for me!

*Amy and Zach go to a local car dealership to find Zach a new car since his old one is getting...well...old! He says he wants something like the old van because he is obviously emotionally attached to it but he test drives a new car and likes it. Amy brings up the price of it..ugh!! Not again. You have been on TV for 6 freaking years now!! YOU HAVE THE MONEY so move on with yourself lady!

*Zach goes "job hunting" at various retail stores (which he said earlier in the show that he didn't want to do for a job) asking the managers if they were hiring. He finally gets the call from the Indoor Goals crew and gets the job of a lifetime being a soccer coach. He is shown doing ever job in the place! He seems to be a good worker. Zach should work with me!!

*At the end of the episode Zach puts his van up for sale which looked to be $3500 and starts reflecting on all the memories he's had with it.

*Jeremy and Mueller say they don't want Zach to sell it and thinks it's a travesty. the very end of the episode Jer writes $85,000 on the window? Yeah right Jeremy!!!

Episode Roloff Review by Expressed - Little People, Big World Sept 20, 2010

Our next guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong to the person making them (Expressed)
Written by Expressed

1st Episode:

*It's another camping trip for the guys. Uhoh. Off to a good start. Jake is whining and being a brat. Sorry Jake fans. The kid is a B-R-A-T! He's whining about wanting to take his phone. Amy and Jake say that the phone is a problem because of his texting out of control habit. He's sulking. Wanna bet he ended up taking it even if they don't show it?

*Mueller and Jeremy pack the truck. Zach tries and fails to pack a soccer ball into a about just leaving the soccer ball loose in the truck or something...

*Jake is in a bad mood! Matt voice overs about what terror Jake is. I think he's totally right and is going soft explaining it. Matt is worried Jake will ruin the trip because he's so difficult when he's in a bad mood. Matt tries to be all cutesy talking to Jake as their leaving but he is full of "brattitude"! Jake has all the eye roll expressions going as Matt asks him to help him pack to get ready. What an attitude!

*The trips looks like it is Matt, Jer, Zach, Jake, Jake's friend Levi, Mueller, Scott and Matt's friend Ronnie.

*They're in Matt's spur of the moment heavy duty truck. This kind of makes the next episode about Zach buying a new vehicle kinda laughable considering this truck was bought with the same amount of concern as regular buy bread.
They left early because Matt explains how the last camping trip started terribly because they got there in the dark. They will get there early this time. Cue the drama! Oh no! A traffic jam!

*Molly, Amy and and Molly's friend Sarah head to the beach and a fishing trip. These flashes of their trip last all of about 5 seconds each. I won't keep updating it. This is it. Sarah throws up. Thanks TLC. 3 weeks in a row. Like someone said, they might want to rename the show "The Barfing Roloffs and friends". First, Amy, then Zach and now Sarah. Amy left her camera at home. She bought a new one. Probably the most expensive one. Then she left her purse on the sand and the tide soaked the camera and her phone. She said they were both ruined, but I'm sure people like the Roloffs will have it replaced for free because they're celebrities! Molly says it was a nice trip because nothing bad happened to her (Amy's camera and phone got ruined, Sarah got sea-sick).

*The main plot. The guys! Yay!

*They had up the mountain to camp. Oh no! Snow. They didn't check the weather report. They aren't prepared to camp in the snow. Up ahead the roads are covered with snow. Matt calls an impromptu meeting to discuss change of plans. Scott! Hmm. Scott and Jeremy sure do look super built standing side by side. I can see why there are steroid rumors about them.

*Matt takes a Mule up the hill but it gets stuck. Shallow but true observation time. There's an excellent shot of Jer's ass from behind pushing the mule :)

*Dramatic voice overs. They have no idea where they will sleep! They might be stranded! This sounds familiar! Jer and Zach in Germany not having any place to sleep! I know!!!! Go to the nearest diner. Their waitress will be the mayor's daughter and the mayor will take you in, Matt! All problems solved! :)

*Phew! They aren't standed afterall. They come up with the great plan to camp below where the snow starts. Good thinking, guys.

*But oh no, they need to set up camp in the dark again. The trip is off to the bad start. Yes I know...every Roloff trip in the history of LPBW gets off to a bad start. lol. But in the end, there is the happy ending complete with Matt's speech.

*Jeremy predicts that no one will say it's not fun. Hold on to that thought Jer. There are a lot of whiners on this trip! :)

* Zach almost burns his face off by lighting a gasoline fire.

*Jeremy decides to take the canoe and go off exploring with Mueller and Scott. Cue the brat. Jake wants to go with Jeremy.

*Jake is whining about wanting to go with Jeremy. What about Jake's friend Levi? Anyone else feel sorry for that kid. Does Jake ever ask him what he wants to do?

*Matt says Zach decided to stay back with Jake and Levi. Jake barnbites that his relationship with Zach is better and they don't fight as much anymore. Zach says they're both maturing so they don't beat on each other anymore. I don't know if I totally believe it. Beware of LPBW happy endings!

*Zach, Levi and Jake go running through the woods. Jake is daring. Apparently. He climbs on a log to get across water. They are making this look like he will fall to his death if he falls. Drama much? This is interesting actually. Zach's commentary that is. I think Zach has issues. Zach keeps on saying Jacob Roloff is another Jeremy Roloff in the making, that Jake is doing the same thing Jer does. Zach says once Jake can keep up with Jeremy (and if Jer lets him), Zach knows Jake will ditch him for Jer. I think Zach has some issues about that.

*Jake scales across the log. We get the drama commentary from Zach about how because Jake is bigger than he is, if Jake falls, Zach is screwed because he can't rescue him....uh Zach...psst. we know you have a camera guy, a sound guy and the producer with you! I think they'd help! But we'll pretend like it really is Zach, Jake and Levi alone in the woods and it is SCARY!

*Anyone else notice Jake has his initials in his belt or whatever?

*Zach says Jake is definitely another Jeremy Roloff in the making. Jake, the kid who is never happy, isn't happy. He's whining that he wishes Jeremy was there to see him get across the log like a beast. Y'know, sometimes I feel for Zach. Jake really doesn't give a crap that Zach was there. I think Zach knows that and that's why Zach has issues with knowing Jake will ditch him when he's able to hang with Jeremy.

*They have a contest to see who can smash a log the fastest. At least it's not a killing animals contest! I hear the DBUT do that a lot! This time, it's smashing logs. Mueller takes forever....Scott is a beast. Then Jeremy, I thought Jeremy was going to win, but I think Scott had the best time. Zach tries and has fun. This is a change for Zach but they don't mention that.
Jake is still being a sulky brat. Matt says Jake doesn't want to try anything because he's afraid he won't be good at it. Jake only wants to play if he thinks he can win.

*I sense a happy ending coming! I do!

*Happy ending time! Jeremy teaches Jake how to throw a hatchet. Matt voice overs how it warms his heart to see big brother Jeremy teaching little brother Jake how to do things because that's what brothers are for. To be honest, Jake still doesn't look happy. This is a lot like the fort episode. Jake and Jeremy tension, but it ends with a happy scene of Jeremy teaching Jake and we get our LPBW happy ending.

*It's not complete without Matt's closing speech. It wasn't a smooth trip, the snow derailed their plans and they needed to set up in the dark and Jake whined about Jeremy going off with Mueller and Scott, but when all was said and done, it was a great trip because they made memories that will last a life time. They close posing for a photo that Matt posted on his Facebook. Thanks Matt!


2nd Episode.

*A radio station apparently called Zach and offered him $500 for 4 hours to dress up as a Leprechaun. This is all perfectly set up to film as Zach marches into Matt's office to talk to him about it. I'm surprised. Matt is all for it. Matt gets intense when he warns people not to judge dwarfs that dress up as characters because he has lots of friends and that's how they put food on the table. Zach says he's not judging. I think Zach feels the same way Jen Montzingo does about this. He doesn't like to dress up as a character and have people laugh at him. Amy sort of sounds like she's against it, but says it's up to Zach.

*The Previa isn't working! Zach, Jer and the DBU love the Previa more than life itself. Zach says he's been putting a lot of money into it because it's breaking down a lot. But they're rich so hey.

*The Previa is standed at PCC. Jeremy comes to Zach's rescue. There is a nice plug for Jeremy's automotive skills. Zach says it's nice to have Jeremy come and fix it for him.

*Zach turned down the Leprechaun job. He still wants to get a job. Zach says they still want to stay kids and play all day.....isn't that what they're still doing to this day? lol. By the summer activities Spirits posted about for Jeremy it sounds like it. Go Jer!

*Zach says he wants to be out on his own. Yeah right! I don't think he thought this through or it was on that weeks story line cheat sheet.

*Zach goes out to look at a new car with Amy, but Zach doesn't want a new car. He wants the Previa. Zach is being a baby. At the dealership Zach shoots down everything because it's not a 1997 Previa and nothing will ever match the Previa. Poor Zach, he can afford to buy a new car, but is attached to the old Previa. My heart aches for him....

*He tries one out and likes it. It's $30, 000 something, another is $42,000. Zach and Amy leave.

*Zach and Rocky talk about jobs. Talking to Rocky is a nice way of letting Zach talk to the camera without acknowledging it. Zach interviews at Fred Meyer. The boss is super nice to him.
Zach talks to Todd at the Indoor soccer place.

*Zach gets the soccer job. He's says it's real money. Uhhhh.....compared to TLC?? Yeah right. Oh right, we're not supposed to think about that again. I'll pretend like Zach and Jeremy aren't getting paid for LPBW...

*Zach is all emotional about giving up the Previa. He says Matt will help with the payments. Well thats a surprise...

*Zach tells Jeremy "Then we will get an apartment". Interesting. When they finally move, I think they'll move together.

*Jeremy doesn't want Zach to sell the Prev. It's Jeremy's turn to be all emotional. The Prev is their childhood and giving up the Prev means losing their childhood and then and only then when the Prev is gone, will they move onto the adult stage of their lives. Jeremy and Zach remember all the good times they had in the Previa, the camping trips, all the drinking they did in the backseat...oh, now this is LPBW family friendly, lol.

Btw, apparently the Previa is still kicking so Jer and Zach haven't parted ways with childhood just yet! :)

End of episode

Overall I liked these episodes. Best of the season. I like the stuff about the kids the most. It was more Zach than Jeremy, but it's more Jeremy than we have been getting for the last couple of seasons.



Previews for the next few episodes of Little People, Big World

We'll edit this item where we focused on one particular episode preview; to include others. Starting on September 27th, TLC will revert to what they did for part of Season 5 -- only one new episode a week at 8pm. The 8:30 time slot will be a repeat.

Tonight, September 20th

Sep 20, 8:00 pm

(30 minutes) Little People, Big World (Season 6)
Camp Roloff
The Roloff boys go camping with their buddies, but mishaps with a snow-in and a gasoline fire throw their trip into chaos. Meanwhile, the Roloff ladies hit the Oregon coast and battle broken cameras and seasickness.

Sep 20, 8:30 pm

(30 minutes) Little People, Big World (Season 6)
Zach Rides On
Now 20 years old, Zach struggles with issues like getting a job and buying a car. When he is presented with an offer to portray a leprechaun, it causes him to address his dwarfism in new ways. It's a stressful time as Zach makes important decisions.

Sep 27, 8:00 pm
(30 minutes)
Little People, Big World (Season 6)
Matt's Massacre
Matt feeds his Hollywood dreams and organizes a local cast and crew - including Jeremy - and attempts to make a movie about a spooky pumpkin farm.

Oct 4
Matt's Way or the Highway - Little People, Big World
Matt's micromanaging gets on Amy and Jeremy's last nerve.


Oct 4th
Little People, Big World (Season 6)
Micromanager Matt

When Matt tries to "help" Jeremy and Amy on a couple of their projects, he's met with a mountain of resistance.

Oct 19th

Rocky's Last Stand

No description


For the third week of Little People, Big World, Season 6 -- there is an interesting subject in the previews. As LPBW fans know, the TLC previews can often be misleading, however, there is a subject raised that is actually somewhat new ground for Little People, Big World. This is the preview:

Sep 20, 8:30 pm

Me Little People, Big World (Season 6)
Zach Rides On

Now 20 years old, Zach struggles with issues like getting a job and buying a car. When he is presented with an offer to portray a leprechaun, it causes him to address his dwarfism in new ways. It's a stressful time as Zach makes important decisions.

Of course, Little People, Big World has been rightfully applauded for how they have helped changed perceptions of people with dwarfism and I think it's fair to say that most viewers don't even see Matt, Amy and Zach as 'Little People', they just see them as people and your opinions of them are based on the same things that your opinions on any person is based upon.

However, in doing so (combined with the Roloffs 'celebrity factor', which obviously changed how people react to them and the treatment they receive), sometimes they haven't been able to address issues that do face people in the LP community. The issue of course is 'Little People as entertainment'. We did an item the Apprentice controversy last year.

So Zach apparently got offered a role to portray a Leprechaun? What do you think about this issue? Right or wrong? Do you feel that it's not a big deal? I think we can guess was the final outcome of Zach's dilemma, but for argument sake, now that Little People, Big World is ending, how would you feel if all of a sudden Zach did start accepting LP "dwarf" entertainment roles" and portrayed an "oompa loompa" or a leprechaun or an elf or any of the other 'dwarf' sideshow entertainmaint roles?

Zach's very good friend, Jen Montzingo, wrote about this exact subject on her blog and made a You Tube video about her own experience after accepting a job at a celebrity birthday party with the likes of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, where she was hired to portray on oompa loompa and her thoughts on it. I don't know if this weighed into Zach's decision, but Jen's thoughts on this subject were very honest, raw and insightful.

Zach's friend, Jen Montzingo shared her thoughts about what it's like be be 'dwarf entertainment'; Zach was asked to portray a leprechaun.

You can visit's Zach's good friend, Jen Montzingo's blog:

"I did this video blog a couple weeks ago and it has taken me a bit to post it. It’s such a topic close to my heart that I wanted to make sure it was just right before I shared it with you. If I am anything, I must be honest, both with my successes and my failures, my strengths and my growth edges. I am human. This is just the first reflection of several.

Yes, I did Katy Perry’s Birthday Party as “dwarf entertainment”–with Taylor Swift, Perez Hilton and Julianne Hough. I have to be honest."

"I realize the entertainment world is not curing the world of cancer, it's entertainment, but I want to tell you if you think it's glamorous to 'party with celebrities' -- they're not looking at you as people, they're not thinking "She's cool; let's be friends" -- you're basically being laughed at, you're just an object, a commodity.

I just don't think little people have gotten far enough and advanced enough and respected enough as human beings to be able to put ourselves back there. I think a lot of African Americans would say the same thing, I think a lot of people in the gay community would say the same thing. I don't think we've gotten there yet, so I don't think we want to take ourselves out and but ourselves back 50 years.

And I did it. I'm embarrassed of myself. I judge no one else, I'm embarrassed that I did it. I did something I said I would never do. The feeling that you get from going against something that is in your heart for your life, it's not worth it. None of that money that I received from that contract makes me feel better, because I did something I said I would never do.

There's no judgement here, we all have our own paths to follow, we all have our own steps to get through our lives, but for me it was humiliating and degrading. I never want to do it again and I learned my lesson hard. None of those people that were there cared who I was or what I offer the world or the fact that I did anything in my life, they were just "oh, oompa loompa, stand there and look cute'..."

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Matt Roloff to speak at Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center September 26

We received some promotion material and information to pass along to our readers from the organizers of an upcoming event featuring Matt Roloff:

Overcoming Adversity: Surviving as a Little Person in a Big World

On Sunday, September 26 at 1:00 p.m., the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center will host Matt Roloff—patriarch of the Roloff Family on TLC's reality series Little People, Big World—for a special discussion about his advocacy for the rights of little people and how he has surpassed challenges in his life. Tickets are required for this event and can be reserved by calling 847-967-4889.

This program is presented to complement the Museum’s current traveling exhibition, Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race, which examines how individuals in professions traditionally charged with healing and public good used science to help legitimize Nazi policies. It looks at the Nazi regime’s use of Eugenics theory to define, persecute and murder individuals and people of “inferior” races – Jews, Roma (Gypsies), homosexuals, the disabled, the mentally ill and other minorities, including little people – in order to “scientifically” build a German society in which the fittest “Aryans” could thrive.

Anyone that is interested in attending can visit this link for an easy way to purchase tickets (Tickets are $20) to this event:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Matt and Jeremy Roloff went skydiving - video

FYI: The U.S Army Golden Knights have put up the video of Matt and Jeremy Roloff skydiving again. They had originally put the video up on August 11th. It was removed shortly after we did this article about it. Matt then told his Facebook followers that he wished they could view his new favorite you tube video, but it was removed while they fix something...

I think the popular belief was that the Golden Knights probably over-stepped their bounds and stepped on TLC's toes by releasing the video of the skydive before the episode aired. However, the episode aired on September 6th, and the video was put back up Sept 14. It appears to be the same video as before.

The video is a more detailed look at Matt and Jeremy's jump than what viewers saw in the episode that aired.

Originally posted August 11th, 2010

Last week was an action-packed week for Matt and Jeremy Roloff. In addition to sailing around the British Virgin Islands and enjoying a number of water sports, both Jeremy and Matt jumped out of a plane!

The US Army Golden Knights have a 9 minute video of Matt and Jeremy skydiving.

For those wondering, you often hear the Roloffs talk about how much they love their producers -- and more recently you might have heard some people refer to "Producer Chris (Cardamone)". If you have wondered who Chris is exactly; when Matt is in the plane, that is the producer Chris filming behind Matt wearing sunglasses.

You'll also see Jeremy's new look - the chin scruff (more and more people are commenting and emailing about Jeremy's look as they see sightings in different areas around the world (Roloffs get around!).

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Amy Roloff interview about parenting

Amy Roloff did another interview, this time about parenting.

Some of the questions and answers:

What do you wish you had known about becoming a parent?

It’s great to be an at-home mom and be so involved, but I forgot about me during all that time. I always put myself last on the ladder, and there comes a point when you have to think about what you like and what you want, especially when your kids are out of the house. I wish I would’ve taken a bit more time establishing friendships and trying to figure out areas I really wanted to be involved in. Family always comes first, but forgetting about yourself isn’t a healthy thing, either.

Your son, Zachary, is a little person like you, while his twin, Jeremy, is average-sized. What’s been the hardest part of that situation?

Playing soccer. He works very hard to be the best player he can be on that field, because he knows he has to. He knows he has to work hard just to be the minimum or for people to think he can be on the team. It’s frustrating for him when he sees his brother. Sometimes he looks at average people like, “What are you complaining about? Put a little effort into it and you can have the world!” But he has to convince people who automatically assume he can’t do anything, which gets frustrating.

How does being on reality TV affect what goes on in your house?

Of course, it’s going to affect the dynamics and what’s happening in the family, like any other big event. But one area that is affected is discipline. Sometimes when you want to discipline your kid, you think, “I know what I’m doing, but are people going to get it when they watch the show?” But it’s about what’s best for our kids, so if necessary, sometimes I’ll ask to take five. What I need to explain to my kids is more important than what they get on tape.

TV may have also affected my relationship with Matt. We may not take as much time together, but once we realized that, we addressed it. One thing I do worry about the most is friendship. How are the kids going to have friends, and are those kids’ parents going to be okay with them being filmed? My philosophy has been that the TV follows us, we do not follow them, meaning we don’t stop our lives because we have a film crew in our lives.

You can read the full interview here:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Television Ratings for Little People, Big World - Sept 13, 2010

In this weeks television ratings for LPBW there was a bit of a difference between the two episodes, although the 8:30pm episode does usually receive a slightly higher ratings. As expected, ratings did drop from the premiere week.

Sept 13
LPBW: 8pm - All Talked out = 1.319 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - On The Road with Matt and Zach = 1.614 million viewers

Sept 6
LPBW: 8pm -Little Pain, Little Gain = 1.753 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - Everything Must Go = 1.791 million viewers

And for those that want to monitor Kate Gosselin's show.....

Kate Plus 8 - 9pm - 1.415 million viewers

We also receive inquiries about TLC's 19 Kids and counting

Tuesday: 19 Kids and Counting - 9pm - 1.699 million viewers

Monday, September 13, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Disillusioned: Little People, Big World: Sept 13, 2010

Our next guest reviewer is Disillusioned. All opinions and statements made belong to the person making them (Disillusioned).


Written by Disillusioned before I start on this weeks reviews, I just kinda wanna mention something that I have been needlessly thinking about the past couple of days. What I would like to know is how long did Matt know about the show getting cancelled before he made the announcement via his Facebook page? I mean, I know that TLC most likely didnt just approach Matt and the rest of the family one day out of the blue clear sky to say "Oh hey, by the way, your little show is done. Why? Because we are cancelling it and thats all there is to that." But I was wondering about that because if I remember correctly (which, of course, I do!! Haha) Matt made an announcement, again via Facebook that suddenly the Golden Pass farm tours were being suspended (unless already booked) due to "over booking" just a week or two before saying that this was going to be the final season of LPBW.

Also, just a couple of days ago actually, I went to the families website and randomly click on items in their shop. I noticed that when I clicked on the picture that you can have the Roloffs autograph, it said that it was unavailable and the weird thing about this was that it was recently available for people to buy. So yeah...that on top of the suspension of the Golden Pass tours has gotten me thinking that they are both related to the show being cancelled. I mean, honestly I dont know so I'm just saying but it would be great if someone could shed some light on that. BUT if those things are related to the shows cancellation, I bet the next thing to become "unavailable" is Matts Facebook page. Afterall, Matt has posted several times saying in the past couple of months that "Facebook" wants him to prove that its really him or the page will be taken down. I think though that after two or more months of "Facebook" warning Matt would have already resulted in the deletion of his profile.

So heres to you Matt: thanks for those subtle hints that your Facebook page will become the next unavailable thing to us, the members of the Roloff Cult. Damned those "Facebook" people!!


*Amy and Matt start this week by eating whipped cream out of a spray can. She gives Matt a whipped cream Sanchez!! (haha!)

*Matt is shown giving a speech to a group of kids talking about the word "midget" and how bad it is to use it. Good for Matt for trying to educate the youth of the nation on how to treat people with respect. Maybe one day one of those kids will rise up and change this world!

*Amy goes to Portland to give a speech at a rally and brings Molly and Jacob with her. The speech was too scripted. Gotta lighten it up Amy. Dont go word by word off the page. When you do that it doesnt feel genuine.

*By the way...this episode is good promotion for Amys and Matts speaking career!

*Matt once again talks about how outta shape he is and how it takes a toll on him when he does his speaking tours but wait...wasn't last weeks episode all about him getting into shape? Hmm...bad contrast there huh?

*Amy goes on a speaking bli....whoops!! I fell asleep because this was a complete snooze fest.

*Jacob gives Matt some kisses during a birthday celebration for Matt. So if Jeremy is Matts favorite, why is it that Jacob is the only one that is ever shown giving love to Matt by kissing him? Someone answer that please!!

*Wait...hold on. Now Jacob and a friend help Matt cook hamburgers. Again, where is Jeremy helping out his dad? Come on Jeremy defenders, I'm talking AT you!

*By the way, this episode is supposed to be about how out of sync the family is when Amy is gone but they all seemingly acted their usual way and the house looked like it always does. There wasn't anything majorly different.


2nd Episode

*I am currently eating dinner during this episode so I'm not paying a whole lotta attention to it but we'll see what I can do with it.

*Matt gets a "new" HUGE truck. I say "new" because we all know that he most likely already had it. It kinda reminded me of the truck Mike used to drive, only on steriods.

*A flashback to the first season or two shows Matt arguing with Zach and Matt talks about how he use to run away from home. Yeah Matt...good job. Way to say, "yeah man...when I disagreed with my parents I would just run away." That actually sounds a lotta bit like something my sister did when she was younger!! No joke!

*I think this whole idea of Matt not getting along with Zach is waayy too dramatisized. Every father and son have their disagreements so it's not a real big deal here. There is totally too much scrutiny placed on their relationship just for entertainment purposes...which really isnt entertaining at all.

*Some sex talk. Anybody noticed how much adult content is being featured on the show?
Last week it was all about butts and now this week its about sex. Hmm...?

*Zach throws up after drinking a milkshake. YAY!! Thats good to see and hear while I'm eating dinner! Thanks Roloffs!! :-|

*Jeremy is shown not wanting to talk. What!? Are you serious!? Thats the first time in LPBW history and I for one am super stoked that he didnt speak!

*As Matt is driving he talks about what would happen if another car suddenly swerved into their lane and crashed head on into them. He ponders what it would be like to be all bloodied and laying on the side of the road waiting for 911 to respond. Now Matt, didn't you have something similar to that happen to Jacob with the trebuchet? Maybe you should think about that and how unfun that was before saying something so ignorant.

*Amy and Jeremy go speed boating. Wasn't that a long time ago as part of Amy's first charity event?

*The long awaited reunion with the Salman family ends the show.

*It was very nice to see them again and I must say that I hope that God continues to bless them as they continue through their own personal journey.

You know...we complain a lot about the seemingly trivial things in our own lives and we forget about the fact that there are a bagillion other people in this world who have and who are currently going through much worse predicaments than we are and the Salman family is all the proof of that. So much love to all of the members of the Salman family. If any of them are reading this for some reason, please remember what I always say... TO TRULY SEE WELL YOU MUST HAVE FAITH!

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World Sept 13, 2010

Our next guest reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong to the person making them (Expressed)

Written by Expressed

*We open with Matt and Amy playing around in the kitchen with whip cream. Anybody else getting the feeling they were given a memo to tune down the marriage conflict with fluffy whipped cream type scenes like this?

*Matt talks to kids at schools again. It's been a long time since we've seen that. He talks about why midget is a bad word. I think it's a good for him to talk about and explain rather than just saying it's bad. He does a good job and the kids seemed to like him.

*Amy's giving a tour of the farm to people who are booking her to speak at an international university. During their visit, she takes a call from Molly. Um, Amy you might have wanted to take the call away from your employers, haha. She forgot pick Molly up from volleyball. Jake asks if Molly is mad. Amy says yes. Her employers laugh. Amy got the job! I guess the ladies from the Netherlands figure as long as it's not Amy's job to pick girls up from volleyball, all will be well! :)

*More weird timing and editing stuff. Amy says she felt bad about forgetting to pick Molly up for volleyball so she's taking Molly and Jake to a rally for children. And for ice cream. Didn't the meeting with the Netherland ladies happen in warm weather? This invisible children rally was before Christmas. Now when I watch I always try to figure out when things were actually filmed. I don't think fans are supposed to think like that but I can't help it!

*Amy's office is very surprise there. Matt and Amy argue about both booking speaking engagements that overlap. They try not to both be away at the same, Jeremy and Zach are 19 (when this was filmed)...and there's a whole production team there...

*The argument gets more intense. Amy thinks Matt wants her to still be the mom that disciplines the kids (since when??? haha) and stays home with the kids. Matt says Amy is trying to balance her speaking career and being mom, but she is out of balance. Amy says she's not out of balance...

*Random thought. 15 minutes in and no Jeremy. Next episode is about Zach and Matt. What is with the lack of Jeremy in the last 3 seasons? Jeremy hasn't been the main subject of an episode since the first episodes in season 5b when Zach and Jeremy went to Europe. Even Molly has got episodes about her since then!

*Matt is with his friend Rob in San Jose for a speaking engagement. Rob seems like a nice guy. Matt tells a story about an employer that hired him not knowing he was a little person. Matt says he was fired a few weeks later and that was the reason. I like Matt, but there is always 2 sides to every story (except when one side is a producer and star of a reality tv show!!!! lol). I wonder what the employer would have said about this. I wonder if this is the one that Matt had the lawsuit against for discrimination.

*Amy's giving her speech, I guess in the Netherlands? Her crowd looks bigger than Matt's in San Jose.

*Fashion note. I think Amy is trying to be stylish. She's wearing a fancy scarf in her barn bite interview.

*Matt is out having dinner for his birthday with the kids. So a quick search shows Matt's bday is October 7th. Yeah that makes sense, I think I remember that Amy was away from some of pumpkin season. Matt takes a phone call from Amy. It doesn't sound like it was very exciting.

*Matt talks again about how Amy is out of balance with her work and her job as a mom. Zach thinks Amy's role is changing and she's not the mom they're used to but he thinks it's cool she's doing the speaking thing.

*Matt cooks a burger with Jake. I couldn't figure out the point of the scene, but fear not. I got schooled! It will come into play later. wink wink. Drama!

*Amy is back from her long trip away for 2 weeks. It looks like Zach picked her up. Amy is home. Jeremy raises his eyebrow. It's kind of cute, but I gotta say I hate those facial expression moments they put in the show because it's obviously not done for whatever they're making it look like it was for.

*Amy is pissed. Like really pissed. The house is a mess. The kitchen is a mess. Hold on!!! Thought #1. Was the housekeeper off this week?? We know they have a housekeeper for the kitchen and main rooms. Either the housekeeper sucks and they fired her or this was staged for drama.
Thought #2. Since when did Amy care about having a clean house??? They're all acting like Amy is Mrs. Clean and she's horrified the place got dirty while she was away

*Amy is barking at everyone. Jeremy sighting again! He's on the couch! Amy tells him to do dishes. Jeremy gets up, but I don't know where he's going. Probably to call the housekeeper. haha.

*Did you stay with me about the burger scene? Here it comes! Amy is pissed that the pan isn't clean. She yells at Matt. Matt yells at Jacob! This seems to be the family dynamics. Amy gets mad at Matt. Matt blames Jacob. He told Jake to clean it. Amy is blaming Matt for not being the parent and making sure it was clean It's kind of funny to watch. But again, why is Amy so grouchy about this? There's no difference when she's at home...and again, where is that housekeeper?? If you're not in on the scoop, both Matt and Amy admitted in interviews that the Roloffs (because they are mega rich!) have hired a housekeeper to clean the more "public" area of the house...aka the rooms they actually film in, basically the kitchen and the main living room area.

*Amy looks sick on the couch. That's because she is sick. Getting so pissy about the mess made her sick. Matt wants the kids to pitch in and clean to help her. Oh I guess what is coming next! The happy ending! lol. The kids jump to action and wander around the kitchen as the editors probably edit out the housekeeper. lol.

*Matt gives a final speech about how they don't like to see Amy sick, but it was a good chance for the family to rally together (except for Jeremy and Zach who are nowhere to be found!). Phew. We have our happy ending.

2nd Episode

*Jeremy pulls up in a truck. Wow, what do you know. The Roloffs got another vehicle! Crazy. How many is that now? Seriously I think they're over 15 now. You know you're rolling in money when you bring home a giant brand new flashy truck like that and it's not even a subject of discussion! lol. Amy's like, oh another vehicle. I don't know much about trucks, but I know most guys I know would love a truck like that and for the Roloffs it's not even a highlight of an entire day. I don't care that the Roloffs are rich, good for them, but in times like this I do think of the quotes from Amy about how you can only have so much stuff and that's why she does her charity stuff. Yeah Amy I agree! When the family treats buying a truck like that like most families treat buying milk, you know you might have too much "stuff" and be a little too spoiled. I got an idea. How about the Roloffs sell one of their 15 vehicles and donate the profits to CoDA and the ARFC or the Salman family? Ok, I'll shut up now. Back to the show...

*Amy asks why they got the truck? Jeremy says because they needed a big truck. Amy laughs and says Jeremy is just like Matt. Yep!

*Matt and Zach are heading out to Idaho and pick up another vehicle, a giant ATV thing! Seriously I don't really care about this stuff, but Roloff family? This is getting kind of obscene the way they're throwing their wealth in everyone's faces buying vehicles like it's a weekly grocery item.

*Matt says the trip will be a good chance for him and Zach to repair their bad relationship. Cue a bunch of clips of Zach yelling at Matt.

*Zach doesn't want to go on a road trip. Well, we're off to a great start! But I sense we will get a happy ending by the time the closing credits come up! :)

*Amy talks about how Matt and Zach hate each other,,,er,,, don't see "eye to eye". This is summer by the way. Zach is already pissy about how will start the trip driving.

*Matt talks about how it's hard to talk to Zach....silence. Matt wants to talk about sex. Where's Jeremy for this conversation? lol. Zach doesn't want to talk. Matt asks if he likes LP girls. Zach says not so much...Matt asks about other girls, Zach kind of says yes...Zach barn bites that to Matt it's weird that Zach doesn't have a girlfriend and has never had a girlfriend. I can tell Zach is more annoyed about this then he is sounding. I think this is a deep issue. Zach asks us (in the barn bite!) why does Matt ask him if he has a girlfriend when he knows he doesn't. Because Matt wants to be able to say it's weird and harass Zach for being weird. I so think this is a big issue. I think I might be starting to agree with the people that for a long time said Matt is paranoid that one of his boys are gay. That kind of what the elephant in the room about this seems to be. I don't think Zach's gay, but Matt is paranoid about Zach not having a girlfriend and it seriously pisses Zach off because he knows Matt thinks he is "weird". I think "weird" is a code word for "gay".

*Matt says Zach should get married. Zach goes to sleep....Matt voice overs about how the trip is going bad....never fear! Every Roloff trip, starts out bad but we always get a happy ending!

*Zach drinks a milkshake. Then barfs. Matt laughs. Wonderful. They show extensive footage of Zach vomiting. Last week it was Amy, this week Zach. They should rename the show to "Little People, Big Barfing". Nice.

*Amy and Jeremy! I guess they are trying to show that Amy and Jeremy have the same dynamic going on as Matt and Zach. Amy says she tries to talk to Jeremy, but he never wants to talk. She's asking him about Mueller's firefighting job. Jeremy pauses. I don't know if he's trying not to answer, drawing a blank or if he's just depressed. I think he might be depressed that Mueller was leaving for the summer. If Amy wants to know what's going on in Jeremy's life, she should read Spiritswander more! We all could have told Amy about what Mueller was doing! haha. Amy is sad because she wants Jeremy to offer to take her out somewhere so they can have time together. It sad. But never fear! Happy ending is coming!

*Zach and Matt pick up a giant ATV. I mean giant ATV. It looks like a hummer! See my rant about the Roloffs being excessive in their expensive toys. I'm sorry but it's a fact that Roloffs were much easier to like when they weren't so rich and buying vehicles like it's nothing. I'm almost getting the feeling they are all about showing off how rich they are so maybe they can impress their rich friends. This episode just seems to much of that.

*Matt tries to get Zach to talk. He fails. He talks about how they could get into an accident and die. I know Matt, talk to Zach about how much you hate Spirit! :)

*Jeremy and Amy! What do you know! Amy gets her wish. She's going on water ride thing and Jeremy volunteered to join her. The camera crew was coming too! Gee that wasn't set up to gear towards the happy ending. It looks like fun. Jer gets wet. Amy loves spending time with Jeremy. That plotline finishes with the happy ending. Amy and Jeremy spend time together. Amy is happy :)

*Zach and Matt visit the Salman family. It's sad. They talk about Saja's death :( They visit their home. Zach actually seems pretty good with the family, esp. Ali. Ali seems to like Zach. I don't think they were there long. When they were getting ready to leave Ali asked where they were going, Matt told him they had to leave. It's kind of sad. Zach and Matt go to Saja's grave site. Matt tries to talk to Zach about heavier subjects, but again Zach doesn't want to talk.

*Zach in a perfect reading voice tells us that he likes what Matt did for the Salman family.

*Zach concludes that nothing really bad happened on the trip, so it was a good trip. Matt agrees it was a good trip even though they didn't talk much but it was good to spend time together. Zach adds that some fathers and sons won't even sit in a car yeah, that gives that plot line the nice happy ending. Phew, another trip that looked like it would be failure, magically gets worked out and is a success by the ending credits :)

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541 -- Little People, Big World Sept 13, 2010

Guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong to the person making them (Rap541)

Written by Rap541


Little People, Big World (Season 6)
All Talked Out
Matt and Amy's hectic public speaking schedules take their toll on the family. The Roloffs are used to Matt being gone, but when Amy's travel takes her away for weeks at a time, it throws the family out of whack.

Little People, Big World (Season 6)
On the Road with Matt and Zach
Zach and Matt have their differences - and that's putting it mildly. Matt realizes it's time to reconcile with Zach, so he takes him on a road trip. Will father and son find enough common ground to mend their broken relationship?

Lets see..So Matt's always worked and now Amy does too, so of course the family completely falls apart. After all, Matt shouldn't have to parent! Will the kids pull together at the last minute? Or will Molly and the production staff clean up behind the scenes so we can have the required "and we all pulled together" ending?

Next up - the show is getting canceled so its time to make it look like Zach and Matt get along. Will Matt be a parent? Or will he and the production staff force Zach on a road trip where Zach is a captive audience to Matt's prating about adulthood. Is this *really* coffee? Or Folger's crystals? Who wants to bet "Matt and Zach resolve their differences and pull together"? :)

1st Episode

Oooh active music. Amy and Matt whip cream each other in a frenzy of foreplay. Two adults whip creaming each other, that’s wholesome. Kinda like Sister Wives.

So Matt is doing a school chat on being a little person. Apparently midget is now a bad word again. Matt goes on about his speaking career and Amy’s. Matt rails to the kids about midget being misused. So is he against this word or not? I am pretty certain he is against it…. I wonder if calling him Midget Matt Roloff would offend him?

Amy is meeting with a nice Danish woman to do a speaking engagement and takes them on a tour of the farm. Interestingly jake is driving the mule for the tour. Gosh he’s never helpful, or well behaved except when he is. (I assume there will be some reason for Jeremy’s fans to find a reason to criticize Jake‘s behavior here of course.)Amy has forgotten that Molly is at volleyball and needs a pickup. Amy is all “she’s mad!” Yeah, doesn’t Molly have a car? Or was this all filmed *before* Molly’s sixteenth birthday? Last season? Where she got a car?

Molly and Jake and Amy go to a rally, and for ice cream. This suddenly seems to be winter… Amy hay bales in a kicky new scarf on how its hard to be a working mom. Amy gets a really huge crowd. This is some sort of “save the children” rally from the sounds of it. I kinda like Amy’s talk but I think she’d do better to lose the written speech. Fun though. People seem impressed.

So Matt and Amy both have speaking engagements. Amy notes that Matt doesn’t share, and Matt is all “no you don’t share!”. Really, they can’t both leave the house? Matt of course passively aggressively snits how Amy’s success is a problem because she’s disorganized and not on his schedule. He seems annoyed. They argue over whether Amy can change her plans.

Really where’s the fire? Aren’t Zach and Jeremy 19 years old? Or 20? Seems pretty obvious the big boys aren’t trusted to be alone in the house, doesn’t it? Not even with a camera crew. Mind you, I wouldn’t entrust the home and care of younger siblings to those two either, but it’s a little sad to see it happen on screen. It also goes to how Matt and Amy don’t even try to make the twins have responsibilities.

So Matt’s in San Jose with his friend Rob, Matt now seems to hate travel. Matt is speaking in sort of auditorium. Matt hay bales how he does this all for the family. I assume his point is that Amy does speaking engagements a) to spite his manhood and b) for her own personal gain. He tells the story to the crowd about how he got hired for a job, and then they found out he was lp and he was then perhaps let go because of it several months later. This seems to be his optimism and resiliency speech.

Amy is leaving for two weeks and missing Matt’s birthday so this was pumpkin season? She does her speeches and flies and its all “She works hard for the living!” and “Sisters are Doing It For Themselves!” She tells the crowd that she has no idea if the kids have been fed. On Day 14, Amy is all tired.

Meanwhile in Portland, the kids take Matt to a restaurant. I wonder if it's to avoid the filthy kitchen. Jeremy hay bales how its nice to have family moments. He has no problem with their lifestyle of Mom being away as long as he’s fed and watered, apparently.

Zach notes that Mom is now a career mom and he’s not used to it. No comment from Molly or Jake. Matt hay bales how he encouraged Amy and now he knows that she will learn that he’s right about how she is out of balance. After all, he’s the man! Amy hay bales how its fun but also difficult to be away. I have to say… she doesn’t seem all that “out of balance”.

Apparently, btw , like “making memories” and “get Zach out of his comfort zone”, “Amy is out of balance” is the phrase that will be repeated ad nauseum.

God is American Chopper still on?

Meanwhile on the farm. Matt says he’s covering for Amy as we get a look at the filthy kitchen and dirty dishes. Matt mutters something with his mouth full and leaves Jake and Levi? To cook burgers. Dishes are left on the dish pile. I point out that the dish pile is clearly not a one day pile but several days accumulation.

Amy walks in. Jeremy is scratching himself on the couch. There’s flies, dirty dishes, what I think is raw meat left out. Amy tells Jake and Jeremy to clean. And Matt proceeds to blame Jake, which is valid except that in fairness, Matt didn’t tell Jake to clean up. Matt mumbled something and walked away from two 12-13 year olds playing at the stove. Matt notes how he was beat. Yeah um… really this is rather jerky on his part.

And before the Matt fans all run, let me explain. The kitchen was filthy. There’s five people at home for 14 days, not counting the camera crew. Amy isn’t the only parent here. You know what? If Matt wanted to be “tired” whenever he wants, he shouldn’t have had children. He’s the responsible adult at home (since Jeremy and Zach can’t be trusted) so if he wants Jake to clean up after himself… He actually has to get some balls, and be a parent and make it clear to his 13 year old son that those who use dishes, wash dishes and then *make sure the dishes get done*. Jake (and Molly, Zach, and Jeremy scratching himself on the couch knowing full well his mom was about to come home to a filthy fly ridden kitchen ) knows that there’s no consequences. Matt didn’t even try. Sorry, not applauding his parenting.

Now Amy is collapsed on the couch from her trip. Matt hay bales that he feels bad that Amy is sick. I kinda doubt that since he basically condoned the entire mess to make the point that his woman should be at home tending the babies. There is cleaning, and sad hay bales from Molly and Zach on how Amy is sick… You know I don’t think she has cancer, kids….

So Matt blames Amy’s sickness on her work. And not the fly ridden kitchen. Molly makes Amy soup. Amy hay bales how she is sick. Mat and Amy playfully argue over her drinking water. Matt is all “we all rallied around Amy!”

What I take away from this is that Matt really isn’t all that happy that Amy has a successful speaking career.


Second episode

Oh look there’s a new truck. Matt is just about drooling over it. Amy notes that they didn’t really need a giant ass truck with a horn. Matt notes it’s cool.

So more arguing over the truck. Jeremy loves it. Amy is frustrated over the truck because well…. Its another vehicle. To add to their MANY vehicles.

Matt is needing this truck for a road trip to pick up a new ATV (a necessity) , to see the Salman family, and to reconnect with Zach. We get a montage of Zach arguing with Matt. Zach doesn’t want to go. Considering how they fight, I can see why.

Amy notes that Zach is blunt, and Matt likes people to kiss his ass and not be blunt. Zach notes they have no commonalities. That’s a big word for a Faith Bible grad. Zach hay bales how he is a mama’s boy. Amy hopes they don’t fight. Amy seems genuinely concerned that this will end with blood. Matt can barely get into the monster truck. I’m sure that will make it a convenient tool on the farm. And we’re off!

Matt hay bales how he needs to break the ice with Zach. Zach seems rather intent on the road. Zach naps while Matt drones on. Matt goes on about sex and doing LP girls. Zach hay bales that dad thinks he’s “weird” because he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Matt notes how he is failing as a parent. I think Matt is rather obsessed with his sons’s sex lives. Really, all kidding aside, I can see why a self conscious guy like Zach doesn’t want to discuss who he’s nailed with his dad on national television.

And I point out that this whole conversation is of course acceptable for all ages....

Wow look at that Mott’s Medley product placement. My head is sore from that two by four…..

So more silent driving. Matt says they are picking up “the mother of all ATVs”. Matt notes how difficult talking to Zach is. Oh now Zach is driving and maybe vomiting? No he pulls over and vomits. Matt laughs at Zach vomiting. Its all so manly.

Jeremy is all sad that Mueller is going off to firefighter camp. Amy notes how Jeremy never speaks to her. Jeremy is all “uhhh…. Ummm…” Such an eloquent poet, this one. Amy seems sad that he isn’t her little boy any more. I point out that we’ve already established that she’s afraid to leave him alone in the house without an adult. A real adult.

God Matt goes on and on about how Zach isn’t chatty to him. Maybe Zach just isn’t chatty. Zach hay bales how Matt can be irritating. So they pick up the Polaris ATV (PARTY CITY! PARTY CITY IS WHERE THE PRODUCT PLACEMENT IS!) Matt notes that the tricked out ATV is an important investment for the farm as he plays with the flashing lights and calls it “bad”. So now Matt goes on at Zach about how Zach doesn’t like big badass atvs. Matt’s still whining about Zach not talking to him. Matt drones on about how quickly an accident could happen in graphic detail. He’s all “how quickly life can change!”

I find myself wishing he’d watch the road.

I see Juicy Juice is back as a sponsor as well.

So rain at the farm. Jeremy and Amy go… jet boating? Yeah I can see why Jeremy wanted to do Mom’s hang out activity. Jeremy got a treat so Jeremy did it. Jeremy notes that he “made a memory”. I wonder if he’d “make a memory” with mom if she wanted him to go look at interesting churches. I bet no, that would not be enough of a treat. Amy hay bales how she loves having her little boys so dependant.

Meanwhile on the hellish road trip. Now we’re seeing the Salman family. Gosh I still feel bad about Saja but I am glad to see the family over all looking better. Zach and Ali hangs out. Ali does seems to be walking pretty well, which is great. Zach hay bales that Matt helping the Salman family was good. Then they visit Saja’s grave, and it makes me sad. But you know, she’s always smiling in these scenes….

Now Matt says “Lets make some memories”. Do the Roloffs speak outside of catch phrases? Now Matt takes pictures and Zach hay bales how its good. Basically I think we’re supposed to buy that Matt and Zach resolved their differences. Despite absolutely no real interaction?

Oh look, Matt ends the show with “ what memories we made!”… Really? Zach vomiting was amusing but really, you want a memory of that?