Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amy Roloff interview regarding end of Little People, Big World, divorce and Matt

There is a very interesting and refreshing new interview with Amy Roloff that can be found on this site:


As long time fans and followers of the Roloffs know all too well, interviews with the Roloffs often don't pan out (many times, through no fault of the Roloffs). Often time it fails to provide any new or insightful information. The majority of interviews the Roloffs have done with more mainstream media outlets and blogs and websites that focus on a particular subject (such as parenting) are often disappointing because the interviewer(s) barely are aware of the basics about the Roloffs, often needing to ask Matt or Amy *if* they live on a farm or how many kids they have and how many have dwarfism. Other times, Matt Roloff engineers his own interviews where he selects and hand picks what questions he wants to answer. On other occasions, Matt's staff has censored and edited his answers when they felt Matt might be getting himself into trouble by having too strong of an opinion on certain subjects (Shriners).

So there is a very refreshing interview and subsequent article about a person's interview with Amy Roloff. Unlike a lot of Roloff interviews, she does know a thing or two about the Roloffs and knows the history of what the Roloffs have said in the past. She also interviewed Matt several months ago http://www.xoxojes.com/2010/04/chat-with-matt-roloff-farm-kids-and-all.html and has some interesting personal observations on the differences between Matt's answers and Amy's. Her interview with Matt was actually the interview that Matt talked about how there was no end in sight for the show and suggested that the LPBW cameras would follow Jeremy and Zach to a 4 year college.

In addition to asking about the much rumored divorce talk, perhaps the most interesting part of this is that she confronts Amy about what Matt has said in the past. It's interesting to hear Amy explain what Matt does.

"When I talked to Matt 5 months ago he said there was no way that the show was ending even though I pointed out that his two oldest were going to be heading off into the world "Matt is very optimistic and likes to allude that optimism in things" said Amy in response to me telling her about Matt and my conversation. Amy said that her two oldest boys heading out was definitely a deciding factor into them cancelling the show. "It wasn't a shock for the family. Our family dynamics are changing...""

She also was asked about the spin-offs that Matt was hinting about. Amy pretty much confirms what we reported that we were told from industry and TLC insiders about that. It was TLC's decision to cancel the show and there is no spin-off lined up.


"She said that TLC had approached them with the idea of Season 6 being their last and they thought it was a good idea...There were also some rumours going around that there was going to be some kind of spin off show. "I think that Matt may have touted some of that. And then it went all berserk on the internet. You know, if there is a spin off show I am unaware of it." said Amy. So basically....Matt hopes that there will be a spin off show, but there isn't one. Sorry fans."

She touches on the issue of the Roloffs selling the farm, which is a subject that seems to be popping up more and more:

"Also, for all of you like myself that have the Roloff farm on your bucket list, they don't see the farm shutting down any time soon. "We have had the farm long before TV came along...I am sure we will keep the farm a little bit longer, at least until Jacob is up and grown..." said Amy."

She asked Amy what the kids feel about the show ending:

"I asked her how the ending of the show was going to effect her kids. The vibe I got from her was the two oldest boys were pretty much done with the whole thing, Molly (who is kind of mute on the show) had no real opinions and Jake, well she says Jake "he is definitely my teenager, he is not my most talkative child. He doesn't necessary express himself." Is someone turning emo? I am just going to throw it out there that the older boys are probably pumped beyond reason that their dad's plan of having TV cameras follow them to college didn't come to reality. As I said, some things should be experienced off camera."

Personally, I have to disagree a little bit about Jeremy and Zach's feelings. I think the fact that they now get paid directly themselves (it didn't happen until Season 5, though) and not just into the family corporation, changes their thoughts on doing the show.

And then the much inquired divorce issue:

"Are you and Matt heading down the road for divorce:

"Matt and I are not going through anything that is so unique and so different from any other couple at this stage in their life. As they find their kids getting older, stretching their wings, moving out, thinking about college, and all this other stuff that you finally look at each other and think, Who are you? I don't really like what you're doing now. I mean we are going through growing pains, Matt and I, and we're trying to figure that out. But I'm sure we'll be fine. We don't have plans of doing any of that, divorce or whatever, but um, we're working it out and I think things will be good." said Amy.

And the interviewer's final thoughts after interviewing both Matt and Amy:

"I really enjoyed talking with Amy. That woman cuts to the chase, no bullshit. Matt presented everything to me wrapped in cotton candy and gum drops, but Amy was definitely for real. If I was to ask Matt the divorce question he probably would have said something like, "We are renewing our vows next month.""

Follow the link before to read the full article and interview with Amy. It's definitely worth a read:



Peter said...

I just read both articles. Spirit. I'm not getting your analysis at all. Matt's working on projects (probably with jeremy) that Amy's not involved in. So what's wrong?

Shadow said...

Amy and Zach have always been the most likely to speak the plain truth when interviewed. I loved the interviewer's comments about the differences between interviewing Matt and Amy...lol...

Anonymous1 said...

That was an unprofessional interview with a touch of nasty thrown in. How odd!

Brandon said...

Awesome interview and comments! She should interview Matt again. lol. She was right about everything.

I love, repeat love, Amy nicely admitting that Matt is a liar. He says things that aren't true :))

Seriously Matt seems to think nothing of lying to people.

Peter, you can't be serious? You think Amy's son Jeremy has a spinoff show signed, but Amy, his mother, doesn't know about it??

"if there is a spin off show I am unaware of it."

Maria said...

Amy is way more honest than Matt. Loved the story.

Greg said...

Someone was actually honest about the Roloffs after interview them? That's a first. Good to see. That blog author was being honest about Matt, not unprofessional.

Jocelynn said...

I thought xoxojes did a very good job. She said what people think.

Peter, I disagree. They were talking about spinoff shows. Let us say you are right. Jeremy and Matt have another tv show planned after LPBW ends. Amy is asked about Roloff spinoff shows. I would expect her to say something other than "if there is a spinoff show, I'm not aware of it". I know Matt and Amy keep their charity activities separate from each others, but a new tv show?? With one of the kids?? Amy doesn't know about it? What married couple has the husband and one of the kids get a tv show and the wife doesn't know anything about it? Either that or Amy was lying and I don't think Amy would do that.

If the project you're talking about is Matt and Jeremy's grease deal, that is not a spinoff tv show.

Dana said...

What is wrong with people, the interview included? Did she listen to the same answers I've read?

Amy essentially answered the divorce garbage the same way Matt has addressed it several times. I think the author was irresponsible to say Amy didn't deny divorce. Yes she did. Read what she said. Maybe if I separate her sentences it will make it more clear.

1. Matt and I are not going through anything that is so unique and so different from any other couple at this stage in their life.

2.I mean we are going through growing pains, Matt and I, and we're trying to figure that out.

3. But I'm sure we'll be fine.

4.We don't have plans of doing any of that, divorce or whatever

5.we're working it out and I think things will be good.

If someone gets anything out of that implies divorce, then they are looking to create trouble where there is none.

It was very rude of her to make the sarcastic comment about what Matt would say if she had asked him. He has been asked. He answered the same way Amy did. They are normal people going through changes, but they remain committed to each other.

Peter is right. If Matt and Jeremy are working on something, but Amy isn't involved, that explains it. I hope they are. They are the most creative, most personable Roloffs. A combined project is bound to be successful. Businesses and producers should be rushing towards Matt and Jeremy if they are smart.

That girl should be ashamed of herself for being so disrespectful towards Matt. Does she consider herself a Christian? Matt gave her some of his very precious time and the way she thanked him was to say negative things about his answers.

Xanadu said...

Gee Dana, what are you going to do when this show ends? Maybe you could camp out on the road by the Roloff property.

Please don't pass judgement (the Bible tells you not to do so...and you claim to be Christian?) on others. IMO, you're not very Christian.

Rap541 said...

I'm more amused that xoxojo confirms the reality that Matt was telling people he was doing the show for two more years several months after, per Matt's version of how the cancellation went down, he and the family told TLC in Nov of 2009 that they wanted out....

Can one of Matt's fans twist themselves into a knot explaining how Matt wasn't lying? :)

Anonymous said...

Xanadu, why are you attacking Dana for her opinion? She is right on!

Shadow said...

Anon - pick a screen name. It's not rocket science. Spirits has asked nicely, and provided instructions on how to do it.

Xanadu is disgreeing with Dana's opinion. S/he is allowed to do that, unless it's on Matt's site, lol. We can argue all day about the "polite" way to disagree with someone, but that cuts both ways. Dana has said plenty of rude things about me and others. What was that quote? Oh, yeah...people who live in glass houses...

As for Dana's assertion as to the meaning of what Amy said...
"We don't have plans of doing any of that, divorce or whatever...We're working it out and I think things will be good."

Not having "plans" is not a flat denial. "I think" is not a firm assertion. Leaves plenty of room for interpretation.

I suspect that for now, Mat and Amy have agreed to co-exist. Maybe they *are* working on their marriage/relationship behind the scenes (which then puts into doubt the whole "reality" nature of the show, but I digress...). I'm guessing that with the opportunities that have opened up for Amy, it's easier to live pretty much separate lives while remaining legally married. Certainly financially it makes more sense to remain married, and as long as neither of them is interested in another relationship at the moment, it's a lot more convenient. Lots of couples stay married just because it's easier than getting divorced.

I don't really care what they decide to do. Since the show is ending, it's certainly not relevant to the "storyline" any more, so the producers might as well find something else to focus on. Unless they *need* Amy and Matt to divorce so they can start a spinoff with Matt and Jer called "Two Boiz on Da Prowl." Y'know, per the conversation they had on the way to the ski slope about chasin' the lay-dees and not gettin' tied down 'n all dat. Hey, if it happens, remember you heard it here first!

Em said...

Shadow, I'm literally laughing out loud at your suggestion for the Matt and Jeremy show!

Anonymous said...

Shadow, I didn't ask for a lecture from you. Let Xanadu speak for him/herself.

Shadow said...

I don't recall asking you if you wanted a lecture. You wanna participate here, you kinda get what you get. LOL...

Xanadu said...

Hey Anonymous...I can say what I darned well like as long as it doesn't violate Spirit's rules here.

I guess you agree with some around here that want to ban anyone who isn't in awe of the Roloffs, however, you people start screeching a good one if someone suggests the same for YOU. I guess you only believe in free speech as long as one agrees with you and I bet you're one of those Teabaggers too...just like your disillusioned friend Dana,.

BTW debating the likes of people such as you and her are tantamount to talking to a dining room table (credit to Barney Frank here). I mean no insult to dining room tables, btw.

Carol said...

XOXOJes wasn't unprofessional. She was honest. Matt told her something that was totally different than what happened and she asked Amy about it as she should have.

I was glad to see what she wrote. I much prefer that to people that interview the Roloffs and then attempt to be their best friends. *That's* unprofessional...kind of like television producers and crew that become best friends with their subjects...

Rap541 said...

Yeah, I really don't understand why Matt's fans are giving him a free pass on yanking their chains.

Did he *have to* say the show was going on for at least two more years in May?

Morally, knowing he had in Novemeber of 2009 already told TLC (this is all per Matt) that he and the family didn't even want to do ANY season six let alone two more years.... How is that not a lie?

And before anyone runs to claim "TLC made Matt say X"... no, its very very easy for Matt to not put time frames on his comments and still make it sound like the show is not being canceled.

Maybe something like "Oh we plan to do the show as long as we find it enjoyable to do" as opposed to "two more years at least" or "really, we already told TLC we wanted to be done in November 2009".

Honestly - this more than anything tells me that Spirit clearly has a valid source and indeed, TLC made the decision, and not the Roloffs. The contract was signed in May (if we believe *Matt's* timeline that they said they were done in Nov 2009, and it took five months of negotiation) and Matt, knowing he signed a 2 year contract, tells an interviewer that the show is on for two more years.... not realizing TLC was going to fulfill the minimum number of episodes and not the max. It seems odd that Matt was telling people in interviews he intended to do the show for two more years when he supposedly wanted out as soon as possible....

I still don't understand why the Roloff family felt forced to sign a new contract when they were done in November 2009 and *no longer wanted to do the show at that time*.

Why does the religion of the viewer matter, Dana? Or are you suggesting Matt is too precious, religiously speaking, for mere mortals to dare suggest he not be perfect?

And really, if matt's time is so precious, shouldn't he avoid all interviews and give his precious time only to Jeremy? I don't see anyone *forcing* Matt Roloff to give his precious last few moments of life away...

AussieMum said...

Kate plus 8 is next to be cancelled. Can hardly watch any episodes on Youtube anymore just like what happened to LPBW. O well, another one bites the dust!