Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Amy Roloff lends her support to the "Text No More" movement

Amy Roloff and the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation are supporting the movement regarding "Distracted Drivers" to end texting and the use of cell phones while driving.


We would be remiss if we didn't mention that this is an interesting cause for Amy to support, because the Roloffs (Jeremy) have come under some criticism in the past for this issue.

In the episode that has become best known for the "Sneezing is 1/8th of an orgasm" comment, while driving a Uhaul towing Matt's old yellow VW from California back to Roloff Farm, Jeremy was caught texting while driving (one of the pitfalls of a having reality show with in vehicle cameras...). Some viewers criticized him for it.

In what has been Jeremy's only real public question and answer session or interview -- although it was in an environment totally controlled by Matt Roloff - the issue was addressed, with Jeremy accepting blame for "screwing up". He said it was the one time during the long trip that he texted and the editors nailed him by including it.

Jeremy, why were you texting and driving in the recent episode with you driving the Uhaul?

Jeremy's Response: I screwed up. Sometimes the show needs drama. I'm not blaming it on that, but I messed up and they used it. Haha kind of ironic I was driving 36 hours and they used the 1 time I texted.

However, over about a year, Jeremy was again caught texting while driving by some keen viewers, driving home from the ski trip with Matt.

You can support this cause by visiting the link below:


Amy now has a video supporting the campaign.


Greg said...

Jeremy is is a chip off the old block. He's definitely Matt's son. Neither one has any honesty or integrity. Oh it was only one time and those evil editors got me. But then he continues to do it.

Carol said...

I think it would be best if the Roloffs stop trying to educate the world and worry about their own family. Whether it's using derogatory words to describe minority groups or texting on driving, if they focus on their own family, particularly the JerBear, they will be doing their part to help the world be a better and safer place.

Bob said...

Jeremy is not a nice person, as shown by his racist, homophobic comments when the cameras aren't rolling, and also by his constant lying. He gets that last part from his dad. "Hey, we little people wanna be treated just like everyone else", followed by "Hey, we're little people, let us cut in line at the Eiffel Tower".

Austin said...

Amen Bob. Jeremy is selfish, dangerous and a liar. It was his *only* time and shoot, the cameras caught it, but whoops, he did it again.

Jeremy is a liar, a hypocrite and doesn't care about anyone except himself. It shows up in numerous ways.

Sandie said...

I feel myself becoming more cynical by the minute. Charity work does not mitigate hypocrisy. Bah, humbug.

Susan said...

It's a good cause, I do hesistate to comment because of that, but yes honestly, the fact that viewers know Jeremy is an offender does take something away from Amy's message.

"Being a mother of three children who drive, this issue hits close to home."

Yes, we know! Jeremy does it, lies about it and then does it again.

Amy does have a nice voice for announcements like these.

Jennifer said...

There was an episode when Amy was talking on a phone while driving.