Saturday, September 11, 2010

CoDA charity Basketball Game in Billings, Montana today (September 11th) with Zach, Jeremy and Matt Roloff

The CoDA charity Basketball game -- Statesmen vs Celebrities will be held today in Billings, Montana.

The STATESMEN Worlds Gold MEDAL winning Dwarf Basketball team
vs Celebrity Basketball Game

Saturday September 11, 2010 6pm tip off
5pm Silent Auction/ doors opens
Montana State University
Tickets $10 per person

Marty Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean/ Scrubs) and Zack Roloff (Little People Big World) are heading to Montana with their team the STATESMEN to take on a team of local celebrities. The Statesmen are the World Gold Medal winning Dwarf basketball team. Money for this event will help raise funds for CoDA (Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy). CoDA is a Charity that Marty started several years back with friend Matt Roloff (Little People Big World). One of their major projects is to get orphan dwarfs adopted.

We will be playing the game starting at 6pm with an autograph line afterwords. Doors open at 5pm and we will be starting our silent auction at this time.

So come see…
Marty Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean/ Scrubs)
Zack Roloff (Little People Big World)
Jeremy Roloff (Little People Big World))
Matt Roloff (Little People Big World)
Scott “Flash” Norton (WCW Pro Wrestler)
Don Reid (former NBA player Pistons/ Magic)

And many more...

Matt Roloff and Marty Klebba have been on the radio promoting the event.

One of Marty's selling lines were "And for all you girls out there, Jeremy and Zach Roloff will be here this weekend. Maybe we will raffle off Jeremy for a weekend."

If you're attending the game and would like to share your experience here with others by writing a brief report about the event and sharing some pictures, along the same lines as Jocelynn so graciously did for the first CoDA celebrity game in April that was held in Michigan, you can contact us at

Jocelynn's report about the event in April is here:


Expressed said...

Marty is smart! Haha (raffling off Jer). I'm surprised Matt hasn't done that yet.

Michelle said...

Why are they doing it in Montana? What the heck is in Montana?

Carol said...

That Jeremy is apparently desirable to young girls is a sad statement about society and girls today.

Himbos rule?

Sheri said...

Carol, enough with your name calling of Jeremy. He should be respected as a fine young Christian man. There are many reasons why he is an attractive "catch" for girls his age.

I don't care if you don't share that view. Show some respect. Jeremy is selflessly giving up his time for charity.

Carol said...

Sheri...too bad.

"Himbo" is an apt description of Jeremy. I beg to differ about all of those desirable things about Jeremy. Such as?? His drive and motivation? That the 20 year old *boy* has never worked a job that Matt hasn't paid him or got for him? That he lives at home and lets Mom wake him up because it's easy? Because he plays all day like he was 10 years younger than he is? I could see how Jeremy could be attractive to a 13 year old girl but not to any young person with some intelligence and world awareness.

Oh I get it. Jeremy is attractive to girls because he walks around without a shirt on...hence the word "Himbo"...

Greg said...

"Jeremy is selflessly giving up his time for charity."

Sheri, don't get on that wagon again. It's a free trip and an excuse to party. That's what they do at (before and after) all those LP things.

David said...

Greg, I partially agree with you. I wonder about all of the Roloff charity projects. It's better than doing nothing, I suppose.

I've never been impressed by celebrities that start a charity or hold charity events where it entails that they party, have fun, do some promotion where they promote their TV show, movie, project. Basically all they do is ask normal fans, the majority of whom probably make a fraction of what they do, The Roloffs or Marty who is a Hollywood actor zipping around Los Angeles in a Corvette. After fans donated their hard earned money, the celebrity then basks in the glory of their big hearted charity work.

I would like to know how much money Marty Klebba, Matt, Jeremy and Zach Roloff donated to CoDA? Who here thinks Jeremy has given even $1 of his own money to CoDA?

You made the good point before about these CoDA games. Marty admitted that donations goes towards helping him pay for plane tickets and hotel rooms for the participants. Are they flying first class? Probably. Are they staying in low budget motels so more of the donated money can go to the cause instead of paying for them to stay in expensive hotels? It does say a lot about how much or how little they actually put into the cause themselves. It's easy to ask other people, people that make much, much less than you make, to give their money so you can publicly get patted on the back for *your* charity work.

coach basketball said...

Thank you very much for sharing this CoDA charity Basketball Game in Billings, Montana today (September 11th) with Zach, Jeremy and Matt Roloff ! I hope everybody had fun playing the game!:)