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Episode Roloff Review by Disillusioned - Little People, Big World Sept 20, 2010

Our next guest episode reviewer is Disillusioned. All opinions and statements made belong to the person making them (Disillusioned)
Written by Disillusioned

Dana, Dana, Dana!! Dont be so surprised that I'm talking directly to you. What-did you think I was going to let your comment on my review last week go unnoticed? Well if you did, then you gotta 'nother thing coming! You see, this isn't about trying to justify what I said about Jeremy last week to you. Oh no!! There is no use for any of that nonsense because it would only lead to more mindless nonsense with me telling you why I wrote what I wrote and you trying to tell what I really meant by writing it, which of course, you can't simply because only I know how I intend something to sound and your response, in turn, is only YOUR interpretation of what I am writing. There is nothing more and nothing less to that subject.

And oh how so contradictory were some of your statements last week saying stuff like how this blog is so biased against one person (Jeremy) because some of us write the Revelations on him. Um...excuse me for a minute before I choke to death with laughter!!

Just because two reviewers periodically may say things about Jeremy that you don't like doesnt make this site biased...unless, of course, you are...which you seem to be in stating (I'm reading in between the lines of your comments last week) that if there were more pro Jeremy reviewers, this blog would be so totally equal man and be oh so cheery with lemon drops and gum drops (oh what a blog that would be!!! C'mon, sing it with me Roloff Cult!! :-D)

Yeah...contradictory to say the least. In all seriousness though, in a complete 180, I do wanna thank you for at least speaking your mind and sharing your thoughts. I do appreciate it and I assure you that I pass no judgment on you. The ironic thing is is that I honestly just came across something as I was writing this and I wanted to share it with you and the rest of the Roloff Cult: "Do not repay evil for evil, but take thought for what is noble in the sight of all." (Ephesians 4:29-5:1)

*The show basically starts with Jacob complaining about not having his phone for their camping trip. He says Matt and Amy don't like him always having his phone because he texts too much but he says he only wants it so he can listen to music while camping.

*That's innocent enough isnt it? By the way, he has a friend with him so he really wouldn't be on it that much would he? For heavens sake, let the guy have his way for once!!

*Matt says that when Jake is mad you have to move heaven and earth to get him back in a good mood so he says that since Jake is often left out, they decided to at least let him bring a friend along to camp with him. FINALLY JACOB GETS A LITTLE JUSTICE!! ;-)

*So as they are driving towards the campsite, Jeremy is being a complete backseat driver trying to tell Matt where to go. Oh that Jeremy is quite the talker now isn't he? Suddenly they are hit with a roadblock!...snow? Hmm...camping in the winter? I guess is perfect for some, I dont know.

*Meanwhile Amy, Molly and one of Molly's friends are shown, after a commercial, at the beach flying kites. Soon Amy starts trying to build a sandcastle and forgets that her purse is laying on the sand near the water with high tide coming in. Wouldn't you know it, a wave washes up and soaks Amy's purse, damaging her camera and phone! Oh no!...I totally didnt see that coming! Oh wait...yes I did.

*Back with the boys now and Jer and his friends go boating and leave Jake out like always. Matt says Jake is too young to hang with the older boys and Jake looks and sounds disappointed. :' (

*Zach stays around though to create some memories with Jacob and his friend Levi. Jake says that him and Zach are pretty cool now and don't argue or fight anymore...or as much as they used to. Zach says he wants to show Jake some adventures so he doesn't turn into a "city boy." Good point Zach!

*Jacob, Levi and Zach come upon a roaring rapids and Jake tries to cross it on a log
with Zach and Levi trying to talk him out of it.

*Jake starts to crawl on the log and then BAM!!...a commercial! Does he fall in or what!? Come on TLC, dont do that!

*Back from commercial Zach says Jake is a "Jeremy Roloff in the making" because he's on the middle of a log in the middle of a rapids. Jake successfully gets across and states that he wishes Jeremy was there to see him do that? By the way, why is it that Jacob is the only person that really expresses love for each family member more than anyone else? I like that about him.

*While deepsea fishing, Molly catches two fish at the same time! No way!! I've never even done that before! WAY TO GO MOLLY!!

*At the end Jer finally spends time with Jake and Levi, teaching them how to throw hatchets. Hey...those are memories too! Jake seems innocent enough just wanting to impress and get the approval of his older brother. All younger brothers try that so Jake...your not alone and don't EVER feel that you are buddy!!


2nd Episode

*A radio station calls Zach and offers him a job for 4 hours and $500 to walk around a track with some kids for a fundraiser but the catch is they want him to dress as a leprechaun. Zach has a hard time deciding and asks Matt and Amy (separately) what they think about it and both basically say that it is up to him. Zach ponders somemore and states that he could use the money. So does that mean he will do it? Stay tuned...

*Zach's van breaks down in the PCC parking lot so he gets Jeremy to help out. They go to PCC and Jer helps to jump the van to get it started. That trusty ol' Jeremy can fix anything, can't he!?

*Zach decides to not take the leprechaun job and asks Matt to help him find a job. Zach talks of how expensive it is to live on your own. Now Oregon the minimum wage is $8.50 and the state I live in its $7.25. So you tell me what state would be better or easier to live in? It's not a hard choice for me!

*Amy and Zach go to a local car dealership to find Zach a new car since his old one is getting...well...old! He says he wants something like the old van because he is obviously emotionally attached to it but he test drives a new car and likes it. Amy brings up the price of it..ugh!! Not again. You have been on TV for 6 freaking years now!! YOU HAVE THE MONEY so move on with yourself lady!

*Zach goes "job hunting" at various retail stores (which he said earlier in the show that he didn't want to do for a job) asking the managers if they were hiring. He finally gets the call from the Indoor Goals crew and gets the job of a lifetime being a soccer coach. He is shown doing ever job in the place! He seems to be a good worker. Zach should work with me!!

*At the end of the episode Zach puts his van up for sale which looked to be $3500 and starts reflecting on all the memories he's had with it.

*Jeremy and Mueller say they don't want Zach to sell it and thinks it's a travesty. the very end of the episode Jer writes $85,000 on the window? Yeah right Jeremy!!!


Craw said...

I didn't think it was possible for anyone to defend bratboy like that. Congratulations Disillusioned?

They didn't let him bring the phone because they know Jacob is a liar. He wouldn't have only used it for music. You guess he wouldn't have used it because Levi was there? When has that stopped Jacob before? He's a terrible friend. He has slammed the door in Levi's face before when he went crying and running away from Amy in old episodes.

Are you crazy? Jacob is the only one that expresses affection for the family? That's not expressing affection. It is WHINING! All Jacob did that whole episode was mope and whine about big bad Jeremy not letting him go with him.

They didn't go camping in the winter either. It was the summer. When you go high on mountains there is still snow even in the spring and summer if you go high enough.

Jeremy and Mueller were joking about the $85,000 selling price because they don't want to sell it. It was a good joke. That's Jeremy style.

Leah said...

I think they were right not to let Jacob bring his phone. It's rude for kids to sit there texting other friends when they have a friend along with them (which he would have done.)

I think Zach interviewing at the ?grocery store? looked really staged. The lady looked really uncomfortable with the cameras too.

Brandon said...

I hate how Jacob so obviously worships Jeremy. He should remember who spends time with him and who doesn't.

It's like, oh Zach's here, but who cares, I want to be with cool Jeremy!

I wasn't overly impressed by Jacob.

I feel for Zach and this show. While Jeremy comes and goes as he pleases, flexing his muscles and getting your hot comment for it, Zach is the one that gets stuck doing the more difficult and less fun filming.

Judy B said...

BRattitude is a great description of Jacob. Whoever came up with that deserves a reward.

I don't understand what anyone sees in that kid. From the first time he appears on screen in an episode to the last, it is non stop attitude. Amy should not put up with the way Jacob cuts her off when she is telling him no.

I wanted to wipe that scowl off his face while Matt was asking him to help him roll the bottom of his pant leg down. That kid is so ungrateful for all the opportunity he has.

I am glad she stood firm. He does not need a phone. A camping trip is a time for bonding. He had a friend with him in the car. They must know that he has texting issues.

As for Jacob idolizing Jeremy, it's better than him wanting to be like Zach. However, it's fairly typical. Between Jeremy and Zach, Jeremy is the cool brother. The fun brother. The one that isn't out as often is not always the one that a younger brother worships.

I think it's typical brotherly relationships. Most 20 year olds wouldn't want their 13 year old brother hanging onto to their leg at every turn, but it's normal for him to want that. I do think Zach is jealous that he sees the writing on the wall. Jacob wants to be Jeremy jr. Zach knows if Jacob ever stops being an annoyance to Jeremy, Jacob will drop Zach in a flash.

Katie said...

Matt said they should all go out in the canoe taking turns and he would watch. It was Mueller that said he wanted it to be "me, Scott, Jer and Zach".

Did Jacob not go at all (taking turns is what Matt suggested) or was that left out of the edit?

Greg said...

Katie, I don't think so. Matt said "Jeremy took off on a canoe trip with his buddies."

I noticed the happy ending hatchet throwing between Jeremy and Jacob happened on the last day, most likely right before they packed up. I wonder how that went. Producer: Lets get Jeremy doing something with Jacob. Jeremy: throw the hatched against the tree. Jacob: It didn't work. Jer: Try 2 hands. Jacob: Tries and fails. Jacob tries again and it sticks. Producer. We got it, back to packing up.

Justin said...

I hate to break it to the Jeremy fans that think this episode proved that Jeremy is a genius car mechanic, but all he did was put jumper cables on's not that difficult...

Rasmar said...

I might be in the minority but the only Roloff son that I like is Zach. Molly is the best of the whole lot, but out of the boys, I like Zach.

Jeremy is stupid and obnoxious and way overrated by all members of the family and members of this site. Jacob is plain obnoxious. Zach at least is honest. He has a sense of family. He has humor and some humility.

Diane said...

Jacob needs to get over Jeremy. Jeremy is a jerk to everyone. Fans and brothers. People need to lose the hero worship for him.

Michelle said...

I think Jacob had his phone on the trip. When he was going across the log, I could see the outline of an object that looked like a phone in his back pocket.

Mike P. said...

At Craw et. al.: "Bratboy"? Yeah, right.

Jacob's a good kid who worships his older brother (recall his full-speed run to embrace him in Rome--and notice also Jeremy's indifference). He also worships Mueller (review his interactions with Mueller on the riverboat trip). Nothing bratty about that. In fact, it's completely normal; kids seek role models and Jake's absent father and smothering mother don't do it.

(I do think Jeremy's distance is also normal.)

As for "moving Heaven and Earth" to get Jake into a good mood, maybe if Matt quit discounting Jake's thoughts and desires, quit treating them as if they weren't important, quit trying to cajole him in place of giving him consideration, Jake (who is still a kid) would not feel so beside the point in his family.

Whatever is "wrong" with Jake has not developed in a vacuum. Of them all, I'll only miss Jake and Molly.

Changing the subject, why is there a puking scen in every episode this season?

Shadow said...

Jake wants to be with Jeremy precisely because Jeremy ignores him and leaves him behind. Whatever you can't do always seems cooler than what you're doing, to a 13-yr-old.

As for that hatchet thing, someone told me this morning that they were throwing at a live tree. I HOPE they were on private property, and not in a state campground destroying public property. And even if it was private land, what kind of unconscious idiot throws a hatchet at a live tree? Multiple times? Oh, yeah, that kind. Never mind...

Casey said...

Shadow, I think you're just looking for something to complain about. Wow, they threw something at a tree. I promise you the tree is okay. It doesn't make them idiots. It's ridiculous the things people on this site will find to criticize to the last detail.

Shadow said...

Casey, you're entitled to your opinion. Whatever. But PLEASE DON'T COME TO OREGON. One of the reasons I live in the Pacific Northwest is because a lot of people here actually *respect* nature and don't find its mindless destruction to be entertaining. As for promising me the tree is okay? Uh, no, it's not. The damage caused by Jer and his buds opens that tree up to a whole host of issues.

BTW, here's the official policy from the Oregon Parks & Recreation department: Plant life and natural resources may not be picked, cut, removed or mutilated.

Jer has plenty of trees on Daddy's farm he can destroy - I would prefer he leave the ones on PUBLIC property alone so that the rest of us can enjoy them. But of course, he doesn't care, because "the rest of us" don't count. That behavior is just one more example of that indifference to everybody else that yes, annoys me. That's MY opinion.

Susan said...

"But of course, he doesn't care, because "the rest of us" don't count. That behavior is just one more example of that indifference to everybody else that yes, annoys me."

Shadow, well said.

That sums up Jeremy's thought process. It reminds me when he was getting his driver's license. He didn't know what organ donation was. Amy told him she thought it was a good thing. Jeremy's only response was a negative "But they are MY organs." It is a personal choice, but considering his ignorance, his automatic response was exactly I would expect from such a selfish person as Jeremy.

Andrea said...

I think there is something wrong with Jacob. I've never seen a kid that looks more miserable. Nothing makes that kid happy!

If that's not how he is in real life and just the way they portray him on the show then I don't know why they would do that to a kid his age.

But from watching the show, Jacob is never happy. I don't believe it's because he's the youngest and left out. He's NEVER happy! Even when his family is spending time with him and being nice.

I don't like Jacob's infatuation with Jeremy either. Has he heard Jeremy and Matt talk long enough that he think Jeremy walks on water?

Complaining that brother Jeremy is not there to watch him when brother Zach took him on the darned exploring mission through the woods is bad bad manners.

abstractdaisy said...

Shadow. I thought the exact same thing when the hatchets where being thrown at the tree and actually rewound my DVR to watch the scene again. Unfortunately I think the Roloff family is uneducated in the truest sense of the word regarding the fact that they ARE NOT the end all be all elite celebrities of Oregon. I watch the show strictly to see what they'll buy, spend or otherwise waste. In this episode it was unfortunately Oregon's natural resources.