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Episode Roloff Review by Expressed - Little People, Big World Sept 20, 2010

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Written by Expressed

1st Episode:

*It's another camping trip for the guys. Uhoh. Off to a good start. Jake is whining and being a brat. Sorry Jake fans. The kid is a B-R-A-T! He's whining about wanting to take his phone. Amy and Jake say that the phone is a problem because of his texting out of control habit. He's sulking. Wanna bet he ended up taking it even if they don't show it?

*Mueller and Jeremy pack the truck. Zach tries and fails to pack a soccer ball into a about just leaving the soccer ball loose in the truck or something...

*Jake is in a bad mood! Matt voice overs about what terror Jake is. I think he's totally right and is going soft explaining it. Matt is worried Jake will ruin the trip because he's so difficult when he's in a bad mood. Matt tries to be all cutesy talking to Jake as their leaving but he is full of "brattitude"! Jake has all the eye roll expressions going as Matt asks him to help him pack to get ready. What an attitude!

*The trips looks like it is Matt, Jer, Zach, Jake, Jake's friend Levi, Mueller, Scott and Matt's friend Ronnie.

*They're in Matt's spur of the moment heavy duty truck. This kind of makes the next episode about Zach buying a new vehicle kinda laughable considering this truck was bought with the same amount of concern as regular buy bread.
They left early because Matt explains how the last camping trip started terribly because they got there in the dark. They will get there early this time. Cue the drama! Oh no! A traffic jam!

*Molly, Amy and and Molly's friend Sarah head to the beach and a fishing trip. These flashes of their trip last all of about 5 seconds each. I won't keep updating it. This is it. Sarah throws up. Thanks TLC. 3 weeks in a row. Like someone said, they might want to rename the show "The Barfing Roloffs and friends". First, Amy, then Zach and now Sarah. Amy left her camera at home. She bought a new one. Probably the most expensive one. Then she left her purse on the sand and the tide soaked the camera and her phone. She said they were both ruined, but I'm sure people like the Roloffs will have it replaced for free because they're celebrities! Molly says it was a nice trip because nothing bad happened to her (Amy's camera and phone got ruined, Sarah got sea-sick).

*The main plot. The guys! Yay!

*They had up the mountain to camp. Oh no! Snow. They didn't check the weather report. They aren't prepared to camp in the snow. Up ahead the roads are covered with snow. Matt calls an impromptu meeting to discuss change of plans. Scott! Hmm. Scott and Jeremy sure do look super built standing side by side. I can see why there are steroid rumors about them.

*Matt takes a Mule up the hill but it gets stuck. Shallow but true observation time. There's an excellent shot of Jer's ass from behind pushing the mule :)

*Dramatic voice overs. They have no idea where they will sleep! They might be stranded! This sounds familiar! Jer and Zach in Germany not having any place to sleep! I know!!!! Go to the nearest diner. Their waitress will be the mayor's daughter and the mayor will take you in, Matt! All problems solved! :)

*Phew! They aren't standed afterall. They come up with the great plan to camp below where the snow starts. Good thinking, guys.

*But oh no, they need to set up camp in the dark again. The trip is off to the bad start. Yes I know...every Roloff trip in the history of LPBW gets off to a bad start. lol. But in the end, there is the happy ending complete with Matt's speech.

*Jeremy predicts that no one will say it's not fun. Hold on to that thought Jer. There are a lot of whiners on this trip! :)

* Zach almost burns his face off by lighting a gasoline fire.

*Jeremy decides to take the canoe and go off exploring with Mueller and Scott. Cue the brat. Jake wants to go with Jeremy.

*Jake is whining about wanting to go with Jeremy. What about Jake's friend Levi? Anyone else feel sorry for that kid. Does Jake ever ask him what he wants to do?

*Matt says Zach decided to stay back with Jake and Levi. Jake barnbites that his relationship with Zach is better and they don't fight as much anymore. Zach says they're both maturing so they don't beat on each other anymore. I don't know if I totally believe it. Beware of LPBW happy endings!

*Zach, Levi and Jake go running through the woods. Jake is daring. Apparently. He climbs on a log to get across water. They are making this look like he will fall to his death if he falls. Drama much? This is interesting actually. Zach's commentary that is. I think Zach has issues. Zach keeps on saying Jacob Roloff is another Jeremy Roloff in the making, that Jake is doing the same thing Jer does. Zach says once Jake can keep up with Jeremy (and if Jer lets him), Zach knows Jake will ditch him for Jer. I think Zach has some issues about that.

*Jake scales across the log. We get the drama commentary from Zach about how because Jake is bigger than he is, if Jake falls, Zach is screwed because he can't rescue him....uh Zach...psst. we know you have a camera guy, a sound guy and the producer with you! I think they'd help! But we'll pretend like it really is Zach, Jake and Levi alone in the woods and it is SCARY!

*Anyone else notice Jake has his initials in his belt or whatever?

*Zach says Jake is definitely another Jeremy Roloff in the making. Jake, the kid who is never happy, isn't happy. He's whining that he wishes Jeremy was there to see him get across the log like a beast. Y'know, sometimes I feel for Zach. Jake really doesn't give a crap that Zach was there. I think Zach knows that and that's why Zach has issues with knowing Jake will ditch him when he's able to hang with Jeremy.

*They have a contest to see who can smash a log the fastest. At least it's not a killing animals contest! I hear the DBUT do that a lot! This time, it's smashing logs. Mueller takes forever....Scott is a beast. Then Jeremy, I thought Jeremy was going to win, but I think Scott had the best time. Zach tries and has fun. This is a change for Zach but they don't mention that.
Jake is still being a sulky brat. Matt says Jake doesn't want to try anything because he's afraid he won't be good at it. Jake only wants to play if he thinks he can win.

*I sense a happy ending coming! I do!

*Happy ending time! Jeremy teaches Jake how to throw a hatchet. Matt voice overs how it warms his heart to see big brother Jeremy teaching little brother Jake how to do things because that's what brothers are for. To be honest, Jake still doesn't look happy. This is a lot like the fort episode. Jake and Jeremy tension, but it ends with a happy scene of Jeremy teaching Jake and we get our LPBW happy ending.

*It's not complete without Matt's closing speech. It wasn't a smooth trip, the snow derailed their plans and they needed to set up in the dark and Jake whined about Jeremy going off with Mueller and Scott, but when all was said and done, it was a great trip because they made memories that will last a life time. They close posing for a photo that Matt posted on his Facebook. Thanks Matt!


2nd Episode.

*A radio station apparently called Zach and offered him $500 for 4 hours to dress up as a Leprechaun. This is all perfectly set up to film as Zach marches into Matt's office to talk to him about it. I'm surprised. Matt is all for it. Matt gets intense when he warns people not to judge dwarfs that dress up as characters because he has lots of friends and that's how they put food on the table. Zach says he's not judging. I think Zach feels the same way Jen Montzingo does about this. He doesn't like to dress up as a character and have people laugh at him. Amy sort of sounds like she's against it, but says it's up to Zach.

*The Previa isn't working! Zach, Jer and the DBU love the Previa more than life itself. Zach says he's been putting a lot of money into it because it's breaking down a lot. But they're rich so hey.

*The Previa is standed at PCC. Jeremy comes to Zach's rescue. There is a nice plug for Jeremy's automotive skills. Zach says it's nice to have Jeremy come and fix it for him.

*Zach turned down the Leprechaun job. He still wants to get a job. Zach says they still want to stay kids and play all day.....isn't that what they're still doing to this day? lol. By the summer activities Spirits posted about for Jeremy it sounds like it. Go Jer!

*Zach says he wants to be out on his own. Yeah right! I don't think he thought this through or it was on that weeks story line cheat sheet.

*Zach goes out to look at a new car with Amy, but Zach doesn't want a new car. He wants the Previa. Zach is being a baby. At the dealership Zach shoots down everything because it's not a 1997 Previa and nothing will ever match the Previa. Poor Zach, he can afford to buy a new car, but is attached to the old Previa. My heart aches for him....

*He tries one out and likes it. It's $30, 000 something, another is $42,000. Zach and Amy leave.

*Zach and Rocky talk about jobs. Talking to Rocky is a nice way of letting Zach talk to the camera without acknowledging it. Zach interviews at Fred Meyer. The boss is super nice to him.
Zach talks to Todd at the Indoor soccer place.

*Zach gets the soccer job. He's says it's real money. Uhhhh.....compared to TLC?? Yeah right. Oh right, we're not supposed to think about that again. I'll pretend like Zach and Jeremy aren't getting paid for LPBW...

*Zach is all emotional about giving up the Previa. He says Matt will help with the payments. Well thats a surprise...

*Zach tells Jeremy "Then we will get an apartment". Interesting. When they finally move, I think they'll move together.

*Jeremy doesn't want Zach to sell the Prev. It's Jeremy's turn to be all emotional. The Prev is their childhood and giving up the Prev means losing their childhood and then and only then when the Prev is gone, will they move onto the adult stage of their lives. Jeremy and Zach remember all the good times they had in the Previa, the camping trips, all the drinking they did in the backseat...oh, now this is LPBW family friendly, lol.

Btw, apparently the Previa is still kicking so Jer and Zach haven't parted ways with childhood just yet! :)

End of episode

Overall I liked these episodes. Best of the season. I like the stuff about the kids the most. It was more Zach than Jeremy, but it's more Jeremy than we have been getting for the last couple of seasons.




Timothy said...

Matt is so biased. Where was his speech about what a great brother Zach was to Jacob? No, Matt reserves that speech for the Golden Boy Jeremy who excluded Jacob once already on the campting trip.

Carol said...

I was impressed that Zach is working in different areas at the soccer club instead of just coaching kids (if that wasn't all done for the show). It will be good experience in different aspects for Zach. God knows the Roloff kids need a lot of catching up in those areas.

Louise said...

Are Jeremy and his friend Mueller gay for each other? I don't ask that to be funny. I don't know everything about them. Did I miss something? Are they really gay? Those two young men don't appear to have girlfriends. They are never out of each others sight.

Ela said...

Jeremy needs to lose those brown coveralls. He looks awful in them.

Anonymous said...

Louise- Mueller did have a girlfriend up until not too long ago.

Christine said...

Louise, no they aren't gay, but people wonder because there are so weirdly dependent on each other it's weird for 20 year old guys, even if they are best friends.

My guess is Mueller's girlfriend dumped him because of the weird Jeremy relationship. Could any girl imagine being in a relationship when you know that you'll always come way behind Jeremy?

ppeak said...

Louise, I agree with Christine about Mueller--that said you do have a point. They both ping my gaydar, and my gaydar is pretty good. Maybe it's how they edit the show, I don't know, but when I watch him on TV, I always come away with, "jeez, Matt is going to have a heart attack when Jeremy comes out of the closet and moves to Portland with his boyfriend."

Ashley said...

I thought it was funny/stupid when the ATV got stuck in the snow, they were trying to push it out. I understand Matt sitting in the drivers seat to drive it out, but when they flash to the back of the guys pushing it, Jacob and Levi are sitting in the backseat.

They must be what, 100 pounds each or more? Way to add more weight to your work!