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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541 - Little People, Big World Sept 6th, 2010

Our next guest reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong to the person making them ( Rap541).

Written by Rap541

Pre Show:

So my review will be late as I am attending Dragoncon this year and won't be home until Tuesday but lets have a look at the previews shall we?

Matt's worried about his health? Didn't he need back surgery "within six months" like... years ago? And how much recovery does one need from vertigo? Especially considering we know Matt was traipsing around Switzerland with Jeremy while the team he was managing was playing at the World Dwarf Games? Amy obese? She seems fine but...

Oh, here's a spinoff opportunity. Roloff Hoarding! Who wants to bet Matt wants to sell everyone's stuff, and sets up the sale without consulting anyone, and then wonders why everyone is annoyed? And who wants to bet the kids do next to nothing since Amy will fight Matt over it and then right at the end, the sale is a complete success?

Lets watch and see :)


Yay! I am back from Dragoncon! Oh I met Marty, and Brandon? I got you an autograph! Let Spirit know how to put me in touch with you :D

So we get a recap of Matt’s fake heart attack. And really, I know Matt is now blaming the “stacking” of scenes to where he was shown repeatedly clutching his arm, but honestly, I think the reason people thought he was dying last season wasn’t the arm clutching - though in fairness it helped, but the running monologue of how Matt thought he would soon be dead and Amy wouldn’t miss him and he wanted his ashes in specific places. They like to say on Twop, they can’t edit what you don’t say… just something to think about there, Matt.

Interesting to note, I actually spotted a crew guy. Also, this still seems really staged. As in, I think it happened, and then was restaged. The reactions of everyone, including the crew, are odd considering there’s an unconscious man on the floor.

Oh credits are slightly different. Not huge changes.

So we’re still on Matt on the floor. Amy calls it a major collapse. She notes he was unconscious. We get a few more minutes of the collapse scene where Matt comes around and Amy hay bales how worried she was. I have to be honest, I am finding it hard to believe an ambulance wasn’t called because really….

Matt hay bales how it was vertigo. In the scene Amy notes its good he didn’t hit his head during his extended collapse on the floor. In fairness she seems more concerned in this scene but still. Amy hay bales how Matt is living the “eat badly, have high stress, no exercise lifestyle” as she leads him off to bed. No one even suggests “hey, you were unconscious on the ground for no apparent reason, maybe now is a good time to go to the hospital”.

Now we have Matt heading to the doctor sometime later, while he voices over that he’s concerned about his health. Matt muses on whether this is yet another dwarfism issue. It’s not - average height people have vertigo all of the time. However what I find interesting is that there’s really no way to peg when this doctor visit occurred. In fact in this doctor interview he refers to the serious collapse happening “one time at the peak of how bad it was” which suggests this visit was some time later. This isn’t terribly important except that while we’re getting an entire episode about Matt’s serious health concerns, he was unconscious, he didn’t go to the hospital, and he didn’t see a doctor right away. Urgent care will see you pretty quick, so will the ER. The doctor asks doctor questions and Matt interestingly says he was not unconscious. As the doctor runs tests, Matt hay bales how he’s just incredible and living two lives by the age of 20 and is so incredibly fantastic.

The doctor returns and says its not a tumor. Hee. She describes vertigo. Matt also describes vertigo. Matt hay bales about how his test results are serious and its life or death as he’s now at risk for a heart attack.

Amy meets with a personal trainer. She does the dunk test for body fat. I am not surprised she comes up as obese. She seems really shaken by the results. Like horrified. She talks to the camera about how fat she is and then hay bales about it as well.

So Amy arrives and announces that she is obese to Molly. Clinically obese. Molly notes that it seems common among dwarfs. Molly hay bales about how achon dwarfs have butts. Now we get an extended discussion of dwarf butts and how adorable it is.

Matt goes to the physical therapist for stretching. He describes some sort of traction when he was fifteen which is what he considers to be part of the problem. He hay bales how awful it was and how he quit therapy at that point. He says they shouldn’t have experimented on him. I feel for him, but I really have to ask some questions. Where were his parents when he was being used as an experimental test subject? (he says he was fifteen at one point, not old enough to sign off on these things) What *was* his level of mobility before the surgeries? And what is the opinion of medical professionals concerning his case? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s pretty obvious Matt has a condition that causes him pain and is degenerative and he had a lot of painful surgeries. At the same time, he also says he doesn’t know or remember how many surgeries were done or what they were for. So, forgive me, but perhaps Matt’s memory of evil doctors being allowed to experiment on him for no reason other than because they could and he was there to be victimized isn’t necessarily what happened.

So Matt stretches. Amy hay bales how Matt is different from her. Amy trains and hay bales how she has always been self conscious of how she looks. In fairness, aren’t we all? Deep down I mean? I wonder if Amy realizes that average height women feel the same way. Oh look, Amy is vomiting and her trainer is just about applauding. So he’s *that* kind of trainer. Hee hee. He’s all “NIIIICE”.

More training. Amy collapsed, crying on the grass. The kids watch. Now we basically have an 80’s film sports montage. Eye of the Tiger plays as Matt swims and Amy runs. Matt wants to do some crazy physical challenge. Again, interesting time note - this is an entire year after Matt’s collapse but there’s no hint at all as to the time frame in the show.

Zach showing some good sense says he would never go sky diving. I would say, having done it, that its not a crazy physical challenge, just risky. Personally I didn’t like it, but then I hate to fly. I mean, I was on the plane to Atlanta introducing myself to the flight attendant as “I’m going to be the passenger that periodically asks you if that sound is normal and is the pilot sober”. (The flight attendant, amusingly, came by after a bout of turbulence and said “Don’t worry, we straightened out once I got him a beer”).

Anyway, Amy seems annoyed with Matt’s lifestyle choices. She hay bales about how he’s in no shape to jump out of an aircraft. Her argument is that he’ll die of a heart attack. Actually, Amy does look thinner in this.

So as is typical for all jumpers, Matt and Jeremy’s first jump will be with the elite US Army Golden Knights. I mean that’s a typical thing for a regular family. (And hey, did the Golden Knights really get all that much of a direct mention in this? And did that footage that needed to be “edited” ever get put back on line?)

Jeremy notes he is excited. The lil beard is sorta amusing.

And they jump. There’s really not a lot to recap here. Looked cool. Jeremy smacked his tail bone. Oh a mention of the Golden Knights right at the end.

2nd Ep

So we get an extended view of the pig sty. Zach can’t find his keys. He’s wearing a RockStar t-shirt. I’d really love to know what RockStar feels about their lack of product placement.

I also note that its very easy to tell which rooms of the house that the housekeeper cleans.. Out of no where Matt yells out about the sock phenomena whereby he never has matching socks. Everyone else notes they have the same problem. I bet it is ghosts doing this. Lets call the Scoobie Squad! Anyway Matt and Amy have a surprisingly affectionate moment. Over the socks. Amy cheerfully calls it BS.

Matt is still harping on the socks. He hay bales about how the real problem is that the house is completely disorganized and of course it is all Amy’s fault as she is a slattern. Matt of course presents himself as the problem solver. He decides to have a garage sale. In all honesty, I really don’t see that helping all that much. We are treated to several lovely scenes of the messy house.

Matt of course does not want to plan the garage sale, he wants it down in a week. Jeremy helps with the computer stuff and rolls his eyes noting that it will be “more work for Jer”. Poor baby.

Next up, Matt riding the Mule, will all the kids but Jeremy Jesus Who Is Always Behind Matt, and hay bales about decluttering. He’s touring one of the storage areas talking about selling a door, a stove… This isn’t the house at all, which makes me wonder why it’s all Amy’s fault. Camerino notes that its all his. Matt goes on and on about how he throws stuff out and buys new. He calls Amy a hoarder. He notes that Amy’s basement is an entire sale in itself (as opposed to his barn loaded up with items Camerino says are his that he’s apparently been storing or “hoarding” for some time).

Amy gets weepy over her VHS tapes. She does seem to have fond memories of every item. She makes a joke about a picture of her and Matt being taken when they still liked each other. She has a lot of stuff in the basement but it does seem to mostly be in plastic crates. Not the heaps of crap everywhere in the rest of the house which makes me think she doesn’t go down there very often.

Now we’re at the laundry room. Molly seems annoyed with Mom’s hoarding. The laundry room seems very very full of clothes and plastic bins. Molly interviews outside her bedroom door and I am amused to see that it appears to be as messy as the boys. She notes that her mother throws away nothing. Amy continues to get sentimental over every item and notes that as an older person, she has more memories than Molly. There’s stuff everywhere. Molly hides in her messy room.

Amy runs up the stuff filled stairs. Rocky is on Jake’s bed looking very gray at the muzzle. Poor fella.

Jake’s room, like Zach and Jeremy’s, and Molly’s, is loaded up with crap everywhere in plastic bins. He’s using a lap top on a clean space on the floor. There’s candy wrappers everywhere. Amy, instead of being a parent, cajoles Jake into helping with the garage sale by attempting to bribe him. Basically she offers to clean his closet…. Really Amy? My mom would have grounded me until the room was clean and you have three older kids living in filth as indicators that this sort of discipline doesn’t work….

They do seem sweet though. Jake notes that if if he ignores his mom, she’ll basically forget and leave him alone. Yeah, that’s about right. Also fairly insightful on his part. Amy playfully slaps him in the face and runs off giggling. Yeah, this is how to raise kids.

Sven wanders in. He and Amy discuss the sale and Sven is worried/annoyed about the three day time frame. They look at the open shack that is filled with furniture. Sven notes that most people garage sale for knickknacks, which I don’t entirely agree with but he has a point. He notes that one item, the stove, is filthy, and that I do agree with, and he thinks its unlikely to sell. They have a LOT of furniture items.

Amy calls it a cleansing. Sven mocks Amy’s bible collection and tries to get her to sell some toys. Amy says no, that they are boy toys, and Sven is amused at her word choice. For the first time ever we see a shelf of books in the Roloff home. In the basement. There’s also a sad box labeled “college info” down there. Again I note that the basement seems much more organized and neat than the children’s bedrooms.

Amy hay bales how attached she is to all her stuff. Sven takes things and Amy takes them back. Matt meanwhile has decided to dump all the work on Amy for the garage sale he earlier insisted that he wanted to do. He’s leaving for three days and notes to the camera that he has low expectations of what will happen while he is gone. You know, Matt, if the garage sale is so important, perhaps you should do it yourself, and make the time to organize it, instead of deciding to do it, giving everyone a week, and then bailing on all the work and whining passive aggressively on how it won’t get done to your standards. After all, I am guessing three days earlier when the “in one week” decision was made, that Matt had some idea that he was going away on a three day trip…

Amy notes that this is Matt’s MO. Sven seems aware of the issue as well. Jeremy and Mueller and Zach clean things. They note that its mostly trash. Zach numbly spray hoses a card board box. Zach whines about how cleaning sucks.

Oddly in the middle of this episode, suddenly it’s the twins birthday. Amy gives them Bluetooth stuff.

Is this their 19th or 20th birthday? And I think Molly got one too. Amy says its their 20th. Amy is nonplussed that the twins are morons who can’t function as adults and use their cell phones. She voices over on how incapable they are.

Ah yes, there’s work to be done so the twins need wakey wakey. After all, they are 20 year old boys who need play! The twins still seem to live in a pigsty. Oh jeez Sven has to wake the twins up? I can’t wait until the Wondertwins have to work for someone other than Daddy Matt’s lackeys and realize that they gotta be big boys and get up all by themselves instead of having Daddy’s lackeys do everything for them.

Jeremy notes how he was not in the mood to work on Daddy Matt’s garage sale. That’s right, Jeremy Jesus did not say “I am always ready to help my beloved father in all things”. He said he wasn’t in the mood. In fact Sven seems to be the one doing all the work (and I consider supervising the wonder twins on needing wakey ups a chore). Sven is very excited to find old Tonka trucks. Amy is still twitching in horror over giving up her VHS tapes. Sven notes that Matt has abandoned the project and he anticipates a lot of drama.

Cue the thunder.

Amy seems surprised that it’s raining in Oregon.

Matt returns and looks about the set up. He notes that he is wondering if Amy could possibly have managed. Yeah, after all Matt would have done a much better job but somehow managed to schedule his garage sale for when he was away…. So all he has to do is bitch and moan. Nice. He bitches and moans about what got accomplished. He is annoyed that *his* things are being put out for sale. Sven is annoyed.

Amy notes that Matt is basically acting the way he chides them for. Amy is amused that the family is ALL hoarders. I’m wondering if they will get their spin off to TLC’s Hoarder show after all.

Amy makes a cake for the twins 20th birthday. Amy notes they are slackers who may never leave the house. Oddly she doesn’t actually say this to the twins, who could benefit from hearing it. Jeremy wants everyone to just eat the cake off the cake plate like a bunch of animals as “a 20 year old thing”. He’s the mannerly one, isn’t he?

It’s the day of the garage sale and Amy is making the slackers breakfast. She also notes that she got stuck with all the work despite it not even being her project. Amy sells stuff. Matt sends people to Amy for prices and condescending notes how he knew Amy would have a hard time but that it was good for her. Nice.

There’s a sales montage. Then some haggling over a chipper. Sven yells at Amy’s haggling. Jeremy thinks its awful that she sold it for 30 but Amy notes that Jeremy didn’t offer his expertise until after the sale.

And they made sixteen hundred dollars. Amy seems to have gotten some sort of spiritual joy out of the whole business. They got rid of two thirds of the stuff that made it out to the sale. I suspect we won’t see an appreciably neater house though. Matt hay bales how hard it was and how proud he was of Amy for not sucking the way he assumed she would.

You know, honestly, both of these episodes were pretty dull.


Allen James said...

I’ll take your bet Rap. Your posts are so predictably wrong so I think I’ve got some pretty good odds. But I know you wouldn’t admit it if you were wrong. Case in point, now that we all know the timing of the Vertigo and the Europe trip. Everyone should feel bad for accusing Matt for showing up late and not joining the family for their entire 3 week romp. It appears it was his health that held him back. Maybe more care should be taken before jumping to conclusions and making wild speculations. Then again, you could be hired by the network to keep the controversy flowing? Thanks Sweetie, hope you had fun at Dragon-Con.

Brandon said...

Hey Rap, I saw CODA's Facebook posting a couple of days ago that Marty was having fun at Dragoncon! Are you buddies with Marty? Maybe he can hook you up with Matt cuz we all know Matt loves you! :)

Rap541 said...

Oh Allen, did it ever occur to you that the little "previews" that Spirit asks us to do are not supposed to be well, entirely accurate?

I mean, let me explain the purpose of them. We do the little "gosh I wonder what will happen in the new episode blurbs" mostly so people can start posting about the new episode before we get the review up. So, in fact... its not actually meant to be accurate, its meant to be an amusing guess. And usually it's Expressed who does them, I just felt guilty about being on vacation. I find it amusing that a)you think the "what will happen" bumpers that I rarely do are reason to slam me, and b)I notice you don't seem to have a problem with Expressed's bumpers (she's the one who normally remembers to do the preview part) being as inaccurate in prediction. That makes your agenda here rather clear :)

I am gonna take a tack from Matt's boardies and ask you this - you sure seem to invest a lot of time reading my reviews that you don't seem to like, what's that all about?

Finally, thanks to Itunes and my new Ipad :) - I can pull up the episode where the family went to Europe and can confirm that Matt made no mention of being troubled by vertigo which was why he was leaving later. Sorry Allen, perhaps Matt said it and it was edited out... perhaps he should whine on his Facebook again on how the show makes him look bad?

You know, the show he is a producer for and gets a paycheck for?

Wait... Why wasn't Matt's vertigo mentioned? After all, Matt says the show is real and raw and honestly portrays his life.... yet he was apparently seriously debilitated and thats NOT a significant storyline?

Someone explain to me how not mentioning he was too sick from vertigo in June to fly to Europe (which is what you're suggesting, Allen) is a real and raw, honest presentation of Matt's life?

To where people who watch the show and assume Matt just wanted "Matt Time" - as he clearly states in Viva La Roloffs, which also has no mention of the vertigo?

Em said...

Nice review Rap. Nice Screen caps!

It was their 20th birthday. Last year was their 19th. Remember that was their "quiet" birthday when Amy made them a cake when Matt left for Hawaii. They were having the cake talking about Zach shooting Jake in the face with the air soft gun.

I am LOL at Molly's expression in the picture of Jeremy freaking out in excitement because he blew the candles out before Zach.

Rap541 said...

Em, don't thank me, thank Spirit!

Well, spirit only does them when I am late.... hmmmm maybe I should go to more cons :)

Expressed said...

Rap, good review :)

Hey I'm lodging a favoritism complaint! Where are the screen caps for me and Disillusioned??? So unfair!! Rap is obviously the "Golden Boy", what Jeremy is to Matt! j/k

Rap541 said...

Expressed, Spirit loves us all the same.

Hey would you like to see the pictures Spirit and I took while we were on vacay in the BVIs? :)

Carol said...

Rap, Your reviews make the show ten times more enjoyable.

I echo your sentiments about Amy's parenting of Jake. It was easy to get caught up in the sweetness of it...then it's like, hey, that was really crappy parenting!

"Jeremy wants everyone to just eat the cake off the cake plate like a bunch of animals as “a 20 year old thing”. He’s the mannerly one, isn’t he?"

For sure.

Em, agreed about Molly's glance at the JerBear. I get the impression Molly is not as impressed with Jeremy as his fan club. She's either said it or given the "You're an idiot" look several times to Jeremy.

Maria said...

Yeah, why do they block out Rockstar? Why do the kids wear Rockstar stuff all the time anyway?

Expressed said...

Maria, they where it because they were given a ton of free stuff. The Roloffs and Mueller wear the Duggan and Duggan free shirts a lot too. Jeremy is wearing that in the Bluetooth scenes.

I don't know why Rockstar is snubbed. I think it's because they were pissed that they talked to Spirits. It could just be an advertising thing. They think Rockstar should pay if the Roloffs are going to be walking banners for it and they won't pay more (they did give them freebies!) but I think it's snub because in that episode they didn't say the name once. I'd feel majorly screwed if I was with the Rockstar company. They gave the Roloffs (Amy's charity) a mini motorcycle and life time supply of the drink and the clothes and they don't even get their name said on the show.

I'm surprised sponsors continue to give the Roloffs stuff with that kind of treatment.

BeckyM said...

Vertigo was the diagnosis last season on The Rachel Zoe Project.

Just me but if you have it, I really, really doubt you would be jumping out of an airplane. Do a medical search for it and you'll see why.

Judy B said...

Rap, this is Judy from our past go rounds. I noticed another Judy posting so I am claiming Judy B.

I find your opinions to be very biased against Matt and Jeremy.

Why do you express anger and ridicule towards Jeremy, but go lite on Zach and Jacob?

My first impression of the garage sale episode was how lazy Zach was. You mentioned it, but didn't harp on it like you do with Jeremy. I don't know why so many people dislike Jeremy and Mueller. Every time I see them together they are working hard. They needed to keep telling Zach to do something.

I agree, Amy should have been more authoratative with Jacob, but it falls on him. He's disrespect and lazy. He better make room for the chip on his shoulder. The nerve of that kid to tell a camera man that he would ignore his mother until she stopped. He doesn't deserve *kudos* for being insightful. It's something a brat would say.

I didn't understand why Amy is on the push about the twins moving out. It must be a future story line. 20 is not that old to be living at home going to college in this day and age.

Rap541 said...

Judy - I clearly mock Zach for being a dumbass. And I clearly state that Jake is as filthy as Zach and Jeremy. I clearly include both twins in the needing a wakeup call and in needing help to wipe themselves. Heck, I even made a point of noting how messy Molly was, just to be fair.

The reason Jake gets kudos (which was rather sarcastic but as usual it goes over your head when it's not praise for Jeremy) is because he's completly right. Is he being a brat? Oh yes. Is he doing anything different than say, Jeremy banging up a mercedes and walking away, hoping no one will notice so he'll get away with it with no confrontation?

No, not really. Well, in a way yes, in that jeremy has never been able to articulate how he manipulates his parents.

Personally, I wish people would make up their minds about how rich the Roloffs are. In a regular middle class family, I would not find it unusual for the twins to live at home. But I am told again and again the Roloffs are rich. Therefore the twins aren't living at home out of monetary concerns. We've seen yet another example of the twins not being responsible enough to wake up on their own for work. Oh and hey, how dare Jeremy say he's not interested in working on Matt's garage sale project? How *dare* he whine about how it will be work for him? How *dare* he not smile and say "I do as my father says as I love and respect my father always and always do as I am told with a smile"?

How about Judy? How *dare* Jeremy disrespect his father and complain about work? Why aren't you up in arms over his lazy little attitude? Oh right.... If Jake said he wasn't in the mood to work on Dad's project of the day, you'd rip him a new one... but when it's Jeremy whining... Bless the boy for wanting to be a boy playing!

How about it?

Jim Beem said...

I really think Sven added a lot to the garage sale episode. He is quite a character! I really enjoyed the episodes.

Jocelynn said...

Jim, I'm sure Sven is probably nice guy in real life, but in my opinion, I always get the feeling that he's putting on an act for the camera. I like people on the show that seem more natural. Sven seems more like he's playing a comic relief character, just my opinion.

Everytime I see Sven, I think he's replacing the Mike void for the Roloffs. I miss Mike. :(

Brandon said...

Rap, you're the best!!! :))) I trust Marty filled you in on the partying he did with Jeremy in Belfast?? Spill it!

You're reviews are always a great read. I liked that you had more time to write about it. Love the pictures too. LOL> I agree with the others. The best picture of the bunch is Molly's facial expression in response to Jeremy's cake antics.

"You know, honestly, both of these episodes were pretty dull."

Me too. I think it's because they have no new ideas. The same producers have been using the same formula and the same plots for 5 seasons. Matt announces a project. They try to get the kids to pitch in. There is bickering. Oh noes! Will they get it done in time? Cue the commercial and dramatic music. Who would have thunk it?? It's a success! Matt ends the episode with his speech for the 4535654th time when he says he is proud of the entire family.

Next week previews is Amy is traveling more and the kids need to fend for themselves, cook and clean (ignoring the personal chef and the hired housekeeper...) on their own. I swear I've seen that plot about 4 times already.

Rap541 said...

Hee hee

I am seriously not kidding about the autograph, I just cant figure out how to get it scanned.

Marty was very pleasant for the ten seconds I spoke with him.

And Luke Perry was supernice! We chatted for a bit on his show Jeremiah, which I adore. Brent Spiner was also super cool, and the Stargate, Star Trek, and BSG actors who attended were very gracious.

I had snacks in the Hilton exec lounge with the cute guy from Warehouse 13 and saw Scott Bakula. I highly recommend staying on the exec level at the Hilton for Dragon*con - lots of easy interaction with the guests. But you know, the best part was hanging with friends at the Georgia Aquarium (highly recommend btw) and doing the fan panels for Stargate. Just good times, everyone geeking out and having fun. Dragon*con doesn't have the swag of Comiccon, but its not as commercial either. I mean, I was cheerfully invited into a Werewolf: The Apocolypse game in the lounge.... good times.

The episodes just reinforce how the twins are sloppy and lazy and how there's no parenting by either Amy or Matt. I'm continually surprised that Molly isn't wilder than she is.

Brandon said...

Scan it Rap :) Scanning is easy. Don't pull a "Jeremy Roloff".

Allen James said...

Oh Rap, your such a touchy gal. Why jump on me with all your claws sharpened? I was just messin' with ya. Keep the code or surrender the booty!
Glad you had fun at DCon

Rap541 said...

Oh Allen, if I thought you were playing, I'd fool with ya.

But yer intentions be rather obvious, ye scurvy dog! :)

Shadow said...

Hey, Talk Like a Pirate Day isn't until Sept 19th! And a couple of guys from Oregon started that, y'know... (No, Dana, it wasn't Matt and Jer).

M said...

Hey everyone it's M! I've been MIA for a bit but I'm trying to be better. It's "the end" so I better be! Haha

I love the review like always rap. :)
Your humor is just so awesome. 98% of the time I'm thinking the same while watching the show. Haha
I love the screen caps Spirit! I love the one with zach and his not locking his car qoute. I remember thinking well there goes the prev. I'm calling te next crisis zachs car is stolen! I'd watch that.. Would be way better then the stuff their doing now.

Enough of the same crap. Our house is messy! I'm to busy traveling on tlc dime, watching tv, playing video games and driving our many cars(including classics, bmw and Mercedes) to clean it myself. Wahh buy my junk I've bought with the money I get paid from you watching the show(the few remaining). Don't talk to me though I'm to good for that. How many times can Matt not die?!?! Seriously? Is he a cat with 9 lives?

Jocelynn said...

Rap, I'm glad to hear you had a good time. Did you meet Lee Arenberg? Was he with Marty there? The Dragoncon you went to is obviously different than the basketball game I went to, probably because of their experience at things like that compared to the rest of the Statesmen and people playing in the game, but Marty and Lee were the nicest to talk to at the game I went to in April.

Rap541 said...

I found Marty very pleasant. At Dragoncon, the Hollywood guests are in "The Walk of Fame" when they aren't doing panels so its relatively easy to just walk up to someone's table. I don't think Lee was there... I didn't look for Lee and Marty was next to the trek actors and I was distracted by that.... But Marty was quite nice for the ten seconds I spoke to him ;)

Anonymous said...

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