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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541 -- Little People, Big World Sept 13, 2010

Guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong to the person making them (Rap541)

Written by Rap541


Little People, Big World (Season 6)
All Talked Out
Matt and Amy's hectic public speaking schedules take their toll on the family. The Roloffs are used to Matt being gone, but when Amy's travel takes her away for weeks at a time, it throws the family out of whack.

Little People, Big World (Season 6)
On the Road with Matt and Zach
Zach and Matt have their differences - and that's putting it mildly. Matt realizes it's time to reconcile with Zach, so he takes him on a road trip. Will father and son find enough common ground to mend their broken relationship?

Lets see..So Matt's always worked and now Amy does too, so of course the family completely falls apart. After all, Matt shouldn't have to parent! Will the kids pull together at the last minute? Or will Molly and the production staff clean up behind the scenes so we can have the required "and we all pulled together" ending?

Next up - the show is getting canceled so its time to make it look like Zach and Matt get along. Will Matt be a parent? Or will he and the production staff force Zach on a road trip where Zach is a captive audience to Matt's prating about adulthood. Is this *really* coffee? Or Folger's crystals? Who wants to bet "Matt and Zach resolve their differences and pull together"? :)

1st Episode

Oooh active music. Amy and Matt whip cream each other in a frenzy of foreplay. Two adults whip creaming each other, that’s wholesome. Kinda like Sister Wives.

So Matt is doing a school chat on being a little person. Apparently midget is now a bad word again. Matt goes on about his speaking career and Amy’s. Matt rails to the kids about midget being misused. So is he against this word or not? I am pretty certain he is against it…. I wonder if calling him Midget Matt Roloff would offend him?

Amy is meeting with a nice Danish woman to do a speaking engagement and takes them on a tour of the farm. Interestingly jake is driving the mule for the tour. Gosh he’s never helpful, or well behaved except when he is. (I assume there will be some reason for Jeremy’s fans to find a reason to criticize Jake‘s behavior here of course.)Amy has forgotten that Molly is at volleyball and needs a pickup. Amy is all “she’s mad!” Yeah, doesn’t Molly have a car? Or was this all filmed *before* Molly’s sixteenth birthday? Last season? Where she got a car?

Molly and Jake and Amy go to a rally, and for ice cream. This suddenly seems to be winter… Amy hay bales in a kicky new scarf on how its hard to be a working mom. Amy gets a really huge crowd. This is some sort of “save the children” rally from the sounds of it. I kinda like Amy’s talk but I think she’d do better to lose the written speech. Fun though. People seem impressed.

So Matt and Amy both have speaking engagements. Amy notes that Matt doesn’t share, and Matt is all “no you don’t share!”. Really, they can’t both leave the house? Matt of course passively aggressively snits how Amy’s success is a problem because she’s disorganized and not on his schedule. He seems annoyed. They argue over whether Amy can change her plans.

Really where’s the fire? Aren’t Zach and Jeremy 19 years old? Or 20? Seems pretty obvious the big boys aren’t trusted to be alone in the house, doesn’t it? Not even with a camera crew. Mind you, I wouldn’t entrust the home and care of younger siblings to those two either, but it’s a little sad to see it happen on screen. It also goes to how Matt and Amy don’t even try to make the twins have responsibilities.

So Matt’s in San Jose with his friend Rob, Matt now seems to hate travel. Matt is speaking in sort of auditorium. Matt hay bales how he does this all for the family. I assume his point is that Amy does speaking engagements a) to spite his manhood and b) for her own personal gain. He tells the story to the crowd about how he got hired for a job, and then they found out he was lp and he was then perhaps let go because of it several months later. This seems to be his optimism and resiliency speech.

Amy is leaving for two weeks and missing Matt’s birthday so this was pumpkin season? She does her speeches and flies and its all “She works hard for the living!” and “Sisters are Doing It For Themselves!” She tells the crowd that she has no idea if the kids have been fed. On Day 14, Amy is all tired.

Meanwhile in Portland, the kids take Matt to a restaurant. I wonder if it's to avoid the filthy kitchen. Jeremy hay bales how its nice to have family moments. He has no problem with their lifestyle of Mom being away as long as he’s fed and watered, apparently.

Zach notes that Mom is now a career mom and he’s not used to it. No comment from Molly or Jake. Matt hay bales how he encouraged Amy and now he knows that she will learn that he’s right about how she is out of balance. After all, he’s the man! Amy hay bales how its fun but also difficult to be away. I have to say… she doesn’t seem all that “out of balance”.

Apparently, btw , like “making memories” and “get Zach out of his comfort zone”, “Amy is out of balance” is the phrase that will be repeated ad nauseum.

God is American Chopper still on?

Meanwhile on the farm. Matt says he’s covering for Amy as we get a look at the filthy kitchen and dirty dishes. Matt mutters something with his mouth full and leaves Jake and Levi? To cook burgers. Dishes are left on the dish pile. I point out that the dish pile is clearly not a one day pile but several days accumulation.

Amy walks in. Jeremy is scratching himself on the couch. There’s flies, dirty dishes, what I think is raw meat left out. Amy tells Jake and Jeremy to clean. And Matt proceeds to blame Jake, which is valid except that in fairness, Matt didn’t tell Jake to clean up. Matt mumbled something and walked away from two 12-13 year olds playing at the stove. Matt notes how he was beat. Yeah um… really this is rather jerky on his part.

And before the Matt fans all run, let me explain. The kitchen was filthy. There’s five people at home for 14 days, not counting the camera crew. Amy isn’t the only parent here. You know what? If Matt wanted to be “tired” whenever he wants, he shouldn’t have had children. He’s the responsible adult at home (since Jeremy and Zach can’t be trusted) so if he wants Jake to clean up after himself… He actually has to get some balls, and be a parent and make it clear to his 13 year old son that those who use dishes, wash dishes and then *make sure the dishes get done*. Jake (and Molly, Zach, and Jeremy scratching himself on the couch knowing full well his mom was about to come home to a filthy fly ridden kitchen ) knows that there’s no consequences. Matt didn’t even try. Sorry, not applauding his parenting.

Now Amy is collapsed on the couch from her trip. Matt hay bales that he feels bad that Amy is sick. I kinda doubt that since he basically condoned the entire mess to make the point that his woman should be at home tending the babies. There is cleaning, and sad hay bales from Molly and Zach on how Amy is sick… You know I don’t think she has cancer, kids….

So Matt blames Amy’s sickness on her work. And not the fly ridden kitchen. Molly makes Amy soup. Amy hay bales how she is sick. Mat and Amy playfully argue over her drinking water. Matt is all “we all rallied around Amy!”

What I take away from this is that Matt really isn’t all that happy that Amy has a successful speaking career.


Second episode

Oh look there’s a new truck. Matt is just about drooling over it. Amy notes that they didn’t really need a giant ass truck with a horn. Matt notes it’s cool.

So more arguing over the truck. Jeremy loves it. Amy is frustrated over the truck because well…. Its another vehicle. To add to their MANY vehicles.

Matt is needing this truck for a road trip to pick up a new ATV (a necessity) , to see the Salman family, and to reconnect with Zach. We get a montage of Zach arguing with Matt. Zach doesn’t want to go. Considering how they fight, I can see why.

Amy notes that Zach is blunt, and Matt likes people to kiss his ass and not be blunt. Zach notes they have no commonalities. That’s a big word for a Faith Bible grad. Zach hay bales how he is a mama’s boy. Amy hopes they don’t fight. Amy seems genuinely concerned that this will end with blood. Matt can barely get into the monster truck. I’m sure that will make it a convenient tool on the farm. And we’re off!

Matt hay bales how he needs to break the ice with Zach. Zach seems rather intent on the road. Zach naps while Matt drones on. Matt goes on about sex and doing LP girls. Zach hay bales that dad thinks he’s “weird” because he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Matt notes how he is failing as a parent. I think Matt is rather obsessed with his sons’s sex lives. Really, all kidding aside, I can see why a self conscious guy like Zach doesn’t want to discuss who he’s nailed with his dad on national television.

And I point out that this whole conversation is of course acceptable for all ages....

Wow look at that Mott’s Medley product placement. My head is sore from that two by four…..

So more silent driving. Matt says they are picking up “the mother of all ATVs”. Matt notes how difficult talking to Zach is. Oh now Zach is driving and maybe vomiting? No he pulls over and vomits. Matt laughs at Zach vomiting. Its all so manly.

Jeremy is all sad that Mueller is going off to firefighter camp. Amy notes how Jeremy never speaks to her. Jeremy is all “uhhh…. Ummm…” Such an eloquent poet, this one. Amy seems sad that he isn’t her little boy any more. I point out that we’ve already established that she’s afraid to leave him alone in the house without an adult. A real adult.

God Matt goes on and on about how Zach isn’t chatty to him. Maybe Zach just isn’t chatty. Zach hay bales how Matt can be irritating. So they pick up the Polaris ATV (PARTY CITY! PARTY CITY IS WHERE THE PRODUCT PLACEMENT IS!) Matt notes that the tricked out ATV is an important investment for the farm as he plays with the flashing lights and calls it “bad”. So now Matt goes on at Zach about how Zach doesn’t like big badass atvs. Matt’s still whining about Zach not talking to him. Matt drones on about how quickly an accident could happen in graphic detail. He’s all “how quickly life can change!”

I find myself wishing he’d watch the road.

I see Juicy Juice is back as a sponsor as well.

So rain at the farm. Jeremy and Amy go… jet boating? Yeah I can see why Jeremy wanted to do Mom’s hang out activity. Jeremy got a treat so Jeremy did it. Jeremy notes that he “made a memory”. I wonder if he’d “make a memory” with mom if she wanted him to go look at interesting churches. I bet no, that would not be enough of a treat. Amy hay bales how she loves having her little boys so dependant.

Meanwhile on the hellish road trip. Now we’re seeing the Salman family. Gosh I still feel bad about Saja but I am glad to see the family over all looking better. Zach and Ali hangs out. Ali does seems to be walking pretty well, which is great. Zach hay bales that Matt helping the Salman family was good. Then they visit Saja’s grave, and it makes me sad. But you know, she’s always smiling in these scenes….

Now Matt says “Lets make some memories”. Do the Roloffs speak outside of catch phrases? Now Matt takes pictures and Zach hay bales how its good. Basically I think we’re supposed to buy that Matt and Zach resolved their differences. Despite absolutely no real interaction?

Oh look, Matt ends the show with “ what memories we made!”… Really? Zach vomiting was amusing but really, you want a memory of that?


Timothy said...

Roloffs always pull together at the last minute! Just like real life. Everything gets wrapped up in 30 minutes and ends on a happy note... :)

Dana said...

I just hope Zach isn't too disrespectful to Matt before they "pull together".

There was none of this on any of Matt's trips with Jeremy.

mythoughtis said...


where's your similar comment about Jeremy's rudeness to his Mother? Zach and Jeremy are typical 20 year old guys... who will only talk to their parents when they feel like it. Hence the silent road trip for Zach, and the refusal to talk to Amy for Jeremy. Both rude.

Rap541 said...

Mythoughtis - good point.

If we're gonna call Zach on the carpet for disrespecting Matt by not speaking, Jeremy grunting and refusing to answer his mother's questions is equally disrespectful.

Dana said...

Matt has never wavered on the word "midget". Obviously the school children listened better than you did to what Matt was saying.

He said it was the way the word is used. Context. What Matt has said is that he would not be offended if someone innocently called him a midget because they don't know the term little person. The point he made to the kids was that it is the way the word is used. If it used to degrade, that is why it is wrong.

You are in a rush to degrade Jeremy (and Zach). Amy and Matt were both going to be away during the school year? Jeremy and Zach are in college and have classes of their own. They can't be expected to tend all of Jacob's needs and get him to and from school. Maybe it doesn't fit with their schedule.

Rap, I hope you read what Matt said recently about unintelligent fans that see Jeremy on the couch for one or two scenes and proceed to call him lazy. He is referring to people like yourself.

You need to put some responsibility on Jacob. You dirty dishes, you clean them. He shouldn't need Matt to stand there and force him to do it. There is no way of you knowing that Matt never told Jacob to clean up. He could have told him it off camera that wasn't included in the edit.

Brandon said...

Awesone Rap, I'm still laughing :)

Marlena said...

Rap, Matt was asking Zach what fans wanted to know. Why doesn't he have a girlfriend? Doesn't he like girls?

It is weird that he's not more girl crazy. Matt is right to ask.

Rap541 said...

Dana - if Matt feels that way about words, why did he *never*have Jeremy James apologize for his degrading language? Where Jeremy was using the n-word and several other racial slurs to degrade people?

Double standard... Midget is wrong, but when it's Matt's kid... well....shhhh

" Amy and Matt were both going to be away during the school year?"

During pumpkin season, yes.

" Jeremy and Zach are in college and have classes of their own"

Zach maybe, but this was last year, last fall, when Jeremy was manfully taking three credit hours and had no job. You do understand that three credit hours means Jeremy was to go to school for three hours a week, right? Zach was taking 9 credit hours as I recall, which I don't really consider an excuse either.

One would think that Jeremy and Zach as *men* would want to step a little and take some of the burden off their folks. Clearly at 19, they weren't willing.

"They can't be expected to tend all of Jacob's needs and get him to and from school. "

I don't see them offering to try. And really, if they can't manage to *help out the family that feeds and clothes them and pays for their school* a tiny bit... they aren't exactly grateful for their lifestyle now are they? How *awful* for their parents to expect a tiny bit of help.

"Rap, I hope you read what Matt said recently about unintelligent fans that see Jeremy on the couch for one or two scenes and proceed to call him lazy"

I'd agree with you if this was clearly a scene where we could tell that Amy indeed, walked into a filthy kitchen and then called for Jeremy (who didn't come) and Jake, (who did) to come pick up the mess. The big boys Zachie and Jer-bear were there all two weeks Mama was away. And the pile of dirty dishes made it clear that NONE of the kids (including the two grown men who don't have jobs and can't be expected to give their parents a modicum of help) did a lick of work.

Also - the fact that there was a mountain of dishes and crap everywhere means Matt didn't do jack, Dana. Isn't he a *man*? Why is he letting Jake not clean if he's the dad? Why is the place a complete pigsty if Matt is the parent in charge and *jeremy* respects him?

Did you consider that?

Jake is reaching the age where he needs to mind. But he's still a child and he had a dad in the house who let things slide. SInce we can and do see Matt yell at Zach and vice versa, don't you think it would have been great ratings if Matt told Jake to clean up, Jake did nothing, and then Matt yelled at him?

Judy said...

Rap, since you asked, I said to my husband tonight as we were watching the show that I am grateful our kids are not as ill-mannered as Jacob. I have had my kids have been in the company of people I work with. They know what is appropriate behavior.

Jacob looked bored. He had his feet extended on steering wheel of the ATV machine while Amy was chatting with the Dutch women. Maybe I shouldn't complain since the bar for Jacob is so low. This is a kid that looked bored during Mike's funeral.

Rap541 said...

Judy - what is the proper mannerly way to ride an ATV?

And did you notice how Jeremy wasn't there helping his dad? Doesn't he respect his father? He's Jeremy, always ready to stand at Matt's side... unless he's bored on the couch with flies buzzing in the kitchen. I guess that was Jeremy respecting his dad's home huh?

Guess Jer didn't step up. Again.

Oh and look, he won't even speak to his mom unless he gets to do something fun! Judy - do you praise your son for grunting at you and not cleaning up after himself?

Would you trust your nineteen year old son to be alone in the house? Because Matt and Amy don't trust their 19 year old adult sons.

Rap541 said...

Marlena - in all seriousness - does Zach strike you as someone who would discuss who he was interested in with his dad? His pushy dad who would then invite the girl to the house for a specially thrown party?

What ladies has Jeremy laid lately? I don't see Jeremy sitting in the haybale discussing who he's been dating. Why is that? Isn't that "weird" too? Why is odd for Zach to not want to discuss what he likes in women on camera... but no demands are made of Jeremy to sit down with his dad and detail out for the camera what he likes in women?

See the double standard?

Dana said...

"if Matt feels that way about words, why did he *never*have Jeremy James apologize for his degrading language"

Rap, are you not reading? It is context. That was Matt's point about the word "midget". It is how the word is used. Jeremy did not use any of the words he used to degrade, they were jokes with his friends.

Why do you think Jeremy only took 3 hours of classes? You don't know that. All you know is that he took classes on Monday and Wednesday and dropped a Saturday class. You don't know how long he was in school for on Monday and Wednesday or if that even changed after they filmed what they used for that episode.

You don't understand how those scenes are edited together. There is no way for you to know if Amy really called Jeremy at the exact time they showed him on the couch. All you saw was Jeremy sitting on the couch. It was played with the sound of Amy calling to him. You put 2+2 together, but you don't know if it was pieced together like that, because that is what the editors do.

Rap541 said...

"That Beaner place called Mexico"

"Pretty sweet just like a nigger"

"Not to be a gay bragging faggot but I raped their defenses"


Dana - what context is the word "kike" used to where it's friendly fun?

Dana - Unless Jeremy lied on camera, he said he was taking two classes and had to drop one, the writing class. having looked at PCC's website, he was taking a math class which at PCC are three credit hours. Unless PCC is significantly different than all other US colleges, three credit hours is three hours of class room instruction.

If he was taking his one class on monday and wednesday, that means he had a typical hour and a half class.

You can whine all you want about editing - why was the sink full of dirty dishes if Jeremy was helping out and cleaning? Come on Dana... if Jeremy was cleaning all the two weeks, why was the kitchen a pigsty with a full dishwasher of dirty dishes and a full sink of dirty dishes?

And please explain the context of "That beaner place called Mexico" that isn't degrading?

Shadow said...

I am SOOOOOOO glad this show is ending.

Altho the recaps are fun to read...but Matt has gotten to the point where he irritates me even if I just read about him. ANOTHER vehicle? Well, two, actually. That they "need" like they need a hole in the head. Which is what it seems like Matt has.

And trying to get Zach to let him in on his sex life? Ewww...I know he and Jer had a great time making demeaning remarks about women on the way to the ski slope. I guess that's what *real* men do. It must really frustrate Matt that Zach has no intention of joining the "manly man club" in degrading discussions of how many they "bagged" and how they played the field.

Christine said...

Shadow, I completely agree about Zach vs Matt and Jeremy. Matt and Jeremy have a very degrading attitude towards women that most people seem to let slide. I think they are far worse in person than ever makes it on the show.

Erica said...

What did Jeremy say that demeans women?

Christine said...

Erica, Jeremy has said a lot of things. Most of the time in conversations with Matt. In addition to comments about stupid women drivers and not letting Kirsten drive the mule, the things that bother me are more things like Jeremy saying he doesn't like to bring dates to dances because that way he can leave the dance with 5 different girls.

Then there was the ski trip Shadow talked about. Jeremy and Matt said girls are a dime a dozen and they'll always be around. Girls exist for Matt and Jeremy to have fun with them, but don't settle down until the man is old and needs a woman to take care of him.

They are sexist pigs!

Lynn C said...

Rap, you might have a point if sex and girls was the only subject Matt attempted to engage Zach in. It wasn't. He tried everything. Zach wouldn't cooperate.

I didn't see the same out of Jeremy. Amy asked him about one subject. Mueller's job. She didn't start 10 different conversations with him only to be shot down.

I think Jeremy treats Amy much better than Zach treats Matt.

Rap541 said...

"I didn't see the same out of Jeremy. Amy asked him about one subject. Mueller's job. She didn't start 10 different conversations with him only to be shot down."

I respectfully make the editing arguement, Lynn. If its valid to suggest Jeremy was edited to look like he was lazy and scratching himself on the couch but was in fact Matt's manful helper while Amy was away (something we didn't see at all) then its just as reasonable that we didn't see twenty minutes of Amy trying to engagement Jeremy on different topics due to editing. Since the focus was on the road trip.

You agree thats a valid arguement? Or does the "editing" arguement only apply when it impacts Jeremy *positively*?

Brandon said...

Rap, also what about the fact that everybody is ignoring what Amy said? She didn't say Jeremy didn't answer her this one time. She was meaning this is something that happens often.

baxter said...

So, Dana, you think "Kike" is used in "friendly fun?" As a Jew I find you AND that word highly insulting.

Who are his friends, the KKK?

Trucker said...

Again, children live what they learn. These kids have never been required to clean up after themselves. Amy and Matt have no standards as to keeping the home clean. Matt freaks out about it every now and then, but there exsists no example for the kids to follow. Amy is a slob...the whole family are slobs.

And actually, if your over 18 year old kids are still at home, parent's have every right to enlist their help for whatever may be need to do at home...including tending to their little brother! If their "schedules" are to hectic, maybe they should live on their own.

My. My! Someone really loves Jer-Ber! AIM HIGH!!!!

Mira said...

I can't believe they talk to 20 year old adults about how their life is affected by their mom not being at home. Anyone see the problem? Hello? What didn't they interview Jacob? The child.

Sheri said...

Matt was right about Amy being out of balance. Her focus should be on being a mother. Lord knows Jacob needs it.

David said...

Baxter, Jeremy and his friends also made comments about "sleazy jews". That's the real Roloff kids and their friends that they say are "great kids". That's the Roloff kids when it's not produced as family loving entertainment. They didn't even have the moral values to apologize.

mythoughtis said...

1. Matt has a personal assistant... note PERSONAL assistant... and also plenty of money. Pretty sure that if needed, he can arrange for someone to get the kids to school and back. Heck, Sven could do it.

2. The carefully edited show highlighted the fact that Matt and Zach are not communicating, and Jeremy and Amy are not communicating. Amy's voice-over acknowledged that Jeremy and her have not been communicating well for a period of time. I find that interesting in that the show has gone overboard for some time showing Matt and Zach's disconnect, but this is the first time that they've chosen to highlight Jeremy and Amy. I hadn't realized there was a problem there, but my guess is that Jeremy is listening to Matt bash Amy and taking it all to heart, and vice-versa for Zach.

3. Zach does not need or want to discuss his sex life with his Dad and especially on a reality show that families watch. The ski trip episode was a little (no pun intended)
offensive in that regard.

4. How about we call turnabout fair play... Matt has plenty of money, it's time for his focus to be on being a father... JACOB could sure use it.

Jocelynn said...

Good point about Amy and Jeremy, Mythoughtis. I've wondered for a while if there was more of a problem between Jeremy and Amy than they ever depicted on the show ever since I saw Zach refer to Jeremy and Amy fighting like Zach fights with his dad. Zach is usually honest and right about family dynamics.

Jeremy's own quote about Amy and his relationship was interesting.

"My and mom and I are both extremely busy people and we're also extremely opposite people so we don't naturally get along extremely well, so we don't naturally hang out extremely often."

I didn't know that Amy and Jeremy were "extremely opposite" people. I thought they had a lot more in common. Out of all the Roloffs, I think they seem the most active or adventurous. Whenever there is an activity to do on a trip, Amy and Jeremy are usually the ones that want to try it the most. But apparently they are extreme opposites.

By the way, if Jeremy is extremely busy with no real job and barely any school or no school (part of it was summer), I'd hate to see him when he actually has some responsibilities. Welcome to real life might take a while...but it will eventually happen. Then he will see what "busy" is.

Jocelynn said...

In the Jeremy/Amy discussion, I have to give some credit to Z to the Zee that hinted about Amy and Jeremy's relationship not being good long before this episode aired.

Judy said...

I realize everyone has a right to their opinion, but I'm tired of seeing people week after week blaming Matt for Jacob's bad attitude and how he is turning out.

Has anyone ever heard of personal responsibilities. You were probably all those liberals that sympathized with the Menendez brothers for killing their parents and blamed the parents.

Matt was apparently away working, supporting the family while the twins were Jacob's age now. Jeremy turned out fine, didn't he?

Some people make it sound like they lock Jacob in the basement and no one feeds him. Both Matt and Amy spend time with him. He's not a neglected kid, just a kid with a bad attitude.

Brandon said...

Uh Judy, how do you figure Jeremy turned out fine?

He is a 20 year old with no real job, has never had a job that Matt didn't get for him, he lives at home for reasons that aren't financial and even worse than just living at home, he does nothing for himself at home. Jeremy plays all day like he was still a 12 year old. He is known for being rude and insulting people and has had an article about him naming him as bigoted to basically everyone that isn't a white christian or a dwarf.

That is turning out fine?

mythoughtis said...

Amy and Jeremy are the most adventurous... but leaving that personality trait out... Zach seems most like Amy, Jeremy seems most like Matt. Jeremy is all blue sky, don't bother me with details, that's boring. Zach is more interested in the details (remember the Civil War short film), and puts some thought into the activity, and how it affects others. He won't be a millionaire, but he will be a good provider for a family someday. Jeremy could be a millionaire, but he could lose it all on a card game, too.

Does that Make Zach all good, and Jeremy all bad... NO. It just means they are very different, and will have very differnt grown-up lives.

And, I was not heaping it all on Matt with my comment about being a father... I was responding to the comment about Amy being a mother. Just because Any has been the stay at home Mom does not mean that Matt shouldn't step up to the plate now that she is not. Just becauses she WAS a stay at home Mom does not mean she SHOULDNT be a working Mom now. I hate gender stereotyping.

Rap541 said...

"Matt was apparently away working, supporting the family while the twins were Jacob's age now. Jeremy turned out fine, didn't he?"

If you genuinely believe this is true, then you realize you just made it very clear that Amy raised Jeremy and (if you believe he is a great kid) then Amy should be the one complemented on what an awesome kid he is, right? And not Matt the absentee parent?

How about it Judy?

Is Amy the one who deserves the credit or Matt? And keep in mind, you've made the point that Matt was away while Jeremy was young... not me.

baxter said...

Now, now, you have to forgive Judy for those gender-specific remarks and 1950's thinking.

Since you are so big on "personal responsibility," how is Jeremy being personally responsible; by living off his parents' and TLC's largesse? Isn't that what you people decry as "socialism?"

Just another neo-conservative hypocrite.