Monday, September 20, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541 - Little People, Big World Sept 20, 2010

Our guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong to the person making them (Rap541)
Written by Rap541


Camp Roloff - Oh look, a camping trip with chaos. A gasoline fire, really? Ever notice that the Roloffs have a lot of accidents due to a complete disregard to safety? And as all people with great marriages do, Matt and Amy vacation separately! Wanna bet there's tension etc but it's all wrapped up with "and we all had a good time"?

Zach Rides On - A Roloff boy getting a job? As a leprechaun? Somehow my spidey sense sees a lecture coming on! And I have a pretty good idea that this resolves with "and Zach learns an important lesson on maintaining his dignity from Ewok Matt".


1st Episode

Camp Roloff

Ok I am doing this while my mom is on the phone. Sorry folks, not hangin up on my mom for a recap. Let me try multitasking.

So they are going camping. Jake wants his phone back. Amy says no. Jake whines but does concede his past phone issues. Amy stands firm.

Jeremy and Zach pack things in the car. Including a soccer ball. Molly and Amy are not going, they are off to some seaside thing - Mom is discussing Dad’s new job and our mutual belief that the recession is not over. Mom and I laugh about how President Obama is secretly Adolph Hitler’s bastard child as we are told by Fox News.

Matt hay bales how the other trips fail due to not leaving early. Of course they leave early and there is a traffic jam and they are using the shiny new truck. And the shiny new ATV.

Amy and Molly head off and Mom reminds me about the forms she is mailing for a stock windfall. I think Amy left her camera home. I dunno, Mom was describing how she got these cute pearl earrings at Kohl’s.

There’s snow on the ground and Matt gets the Mule stuck. Mom reminds me again how our pet dog is not likely to survive the winter (she’s been saying this for several years)and there’s a box of goodies coming for me. Yay Mom! Also apparently my five year old niece is eying my inheritance of 1930’s green glass. Now we’re back on how the dog is failing. Sigh. She bought the dog a ramp. To get into the car. And the dog refuses to use it but still wants to go for rides but wants to be lifted into the car. Mom is a sucker for the dog. Riley has a heated bed, and an assortment of Halloween costumes. Did I mention that Riley is not a little dog but an Australian Shepherd? Yes, the Superdog costume was adorable but still.

Meanwhile the men are debating where they should camp. Not in the snow seems to be the plan.

Amy, Molly, and a friend are playing at the beach. Amy forgot her camera, bought a new one, and now her purse and new camera are wet. Amy hay bales but my mom is telling me how she might take the dog on the final walk to the vet, again, and do I want the new Star Trek Hallmark ornament for my birthday….

Ok Mom is off the phone. Jeremy and Mueller are canoeing and Jake is hay baling how it sucks when he is left out of Jeremy’s fun but Zach does fun things with him. Apparently Zach includes Jake more. Zach hay bales that everyone is more mature. So they find a dead tree and Jake goes across a stream on a tree. Zach seems a tad jealous that Jake is able to be like Jeremy.

Now there’s another tree and Jake is going across it and its DANGEROUS. Zach recaps for us how he’s taking Jake “on an adventure” and continuously compares Jake to Jeremy. Jake wishes Jeremy had been there.

Amy has another new camera. Apparently she’s addicted. Oh look, vomit. Amy, get a picture! And please TLC, make sure we HEAR the vomit sounds too. That makes it family friendly.

Matt meanwhile controls the activities and makes the boys chop logs as a competition. Yeah this is dull. And a tad dangerous. Zach gets in and does it although it in the end fails. Jake doesn’t want to do it. Although we don’t see Levi do it either, Matt makes sure to note on camera how Jake didn’t want to because he wouldn’t be good at it.

Yeah, that would make me want to participate. Knowing my dad has already judged me as unable to do it.

Jeremy shows Jake how to show throw a hatchet. Matt makes a big deal over it and how it was a mentoring thing. I notice that it’s apparently only mentoring when Jeremy spends time with Jake… Zach apparently was not mentoring. I mean, didn’t Zach spend the trip mentoring Jake while Jeremy got to play with his friends off camera? And *Jeremy* gets the praise from Matt? Gosh, I wonder why Zach often doesn’t respect his Dad’s opinions.

So sorry. I will watch the first half more closely next week. On the plus side, I am getting homemade cookies and banana bread! And probably a Star Trek ornament I don’t especially want.

Back on the boat, there’s more picture taking. Sarah? Looks like death and Molly jokes that nothing bad happened to her so she had a good time, not like Amy or Sarah.

Matt recaps how the whole thing kinda sorta blew but *they made memories!* So it all wrapped up nicely. Wasn’t there supposed to be a fire?


Next ep

Zach gets a call about a job. It’s a fundraiser and he gets 500 bucks for four hours but he’s gotta dress like a leprechaun. Molly notes that anyone can dress up like a leprechaun but little people fit the role better.

Matt seems very pro leprechaun and thinks its easy money. But Matt says it’s a personal choice. Zach thinks its degrading. Matt is pro putting food on the table and doing what‘s necessary. Zach is bothered that only little people are asked to play elves etc which isn’t entirely true. I must admit, I once was paid to be Santa’s elf helper and I am 5’6. I do see his point, but I would have to ask what the nature of the fundraiser was before I’d consider dressing Zach like a leprechaun to be degrading.

Amy tells him there’s things to do other than dressing up. Zach is having car trouble and needs the money. Apparently the Previa is dying. Its in the PCC parking lot, broken down. Yeah, I don’t normally agree with Matt, but yeah, if its breaking all the time, its time to ask yourself how much you really want to spend..

So Jeremy and Zach head over to the Previa and try to fix it. Jeremy jumps the battery and hay bales how emotionally attached he is to the Previa as well.

Zach doesn’t take the leprechaun job and we’re done with the message of the show, which was basically danced around and sorta avoided. Not surprised. Now Matt is pleased that Zach wants a job. Zach is against retail and wants to coach. He talks to Matt and Matt is all “hey maybe you could move out too” and notes how he was 18 and living on his own. Gosh, someone better tell Matt how in this day and age. Zach hay bales about how he wants to be self sufficient.

Amy and Zach go car shopping. Zach notes how things cost money and life is expensive. Amy gives Zach the “cars cost money and that means you have to work” lecture. She also gets all “you’re lp and you need to worry about that.” She has a point but she is a bit droning and the editing helps give that impression. Zach likes being high up. Who doesn’t? They look at cars and debate visibility. They seem to be shopping for a new car. Zach wants another Previa…. I don’t think they make them anymore. I will probably feel this way when my Saturn gives out.

Why isn’t Jeremy looking for a job?

More car shopping. They try a SUV. Zach hay bales how image isn’t important but being able to see is. He drives the SUV. It’s a nice brand new car. Amy hay bales about the price. They both seem shocked by the price of the cars.

Zach tries for a coaching job but has no luck. (at first). He looks for jobs on line in his filthy room while Rocky sleeps. He really hates retail but also seems to find most jobs boring. So he goes to Sports Authority… which is retail but ok. Also tries Fred Meyer. The manager seems nice. She mentions security work for Zach and the service deli. Zach is worried about finding a job to support the new car.

Call me crazy, but why not look at a used car? I mean, no one has even mentioned the rather reasonable and logical idea of just… buying a used car. I mean, if we’re going to play into this fantasy that Zach needs to work and can’t afford a car and isn’t paid by the show, why not go to the next step and suggest he get a used car? New cars are for suckers anyway.

Oh look the Previa is having issues. But Zach is off to talk to Todd and Todd wants to give Zach a full time job. Todd seems to like Zach so yay! Zach now seems more worried about doing a good job. His job does seem less soccer and more work so good for him. There seems to be some weird time issue here as though more time has passed than we see. Zach fondly reminiscences on crashing the Previa and how it means so much to him.

This must be a boy thing.

So Jeremy questions selling the Previa. Zach seems anxious to move out and buy a car. Jeremy agrees but wants the Previa to stay. Now everyone goes on about how losing the Previa is losing their memories of their childhood. Jeremy is all about “live life… a little meaningly” and Zach sadly goes on about Previa and growing up some more.

You’d think their dog was dying or something….


Dana said...

Rap, you rush to criticize, it makes you look so foolish.

I believe this is the Father's day camping trip Matt posted about on Facebook. Another rendetion of the "guy" trip they took with Mike from the first season. That's why Amy and Molly did something on their own.

"A Roloff boy getting a job? As a leprechaun? Somehow my spidey sense sees a lecture coming on! And I have a pretty good idea that this resolves with "and Zach learns an important lesson on maintaining his dignity from Ewok Matt"."

That is a low blow, even for you. It is a serious issue. Considering all that Matt has done for the LP awareness to bring respect and dignity to LP, Matt deserves more respect than to be referenced like that by you.

Rap541 said...

I'm sorry - Matt wasn't an Ewok? Pretty certain he's said he was.

And Matt and Amy didn't vacation seperately? Sure sounds like they did....

And you don't realize the bumpers aren't meant to be anything more than humerous guesses?

Sandie said...

Ewok Matt. Priceless.

Bob said...

Matt has said before that both he and Amy were Ewoks.

Violette said...

Are the twins still in college? I haven't seen anything in these first 2 episodes of the season about it.

mythoughtis said...

Actually, I think Matt was an Ewok. he said in the episode tonight that he had dressed in costume before for stature challenged roles.

But, Rap, there was no lecture from Matt or Amy. I thought they were great in letting Zach make up his own mind. And, there was no right or wrong decision to make... just what Zach felt was right for him.

As for separate vacations... camping in a tent is not my thing either... I'd do the same split the Roloffs did.

Casey said...

Really? We don't need legnthy recaps of what your mother is saying on the phone... It confused me at first.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Casey.

Actually, Obama is most likely the bastard son of Frank Davis, perhaps Malcolm X. Regardless of who his father is, he's still a bastard.

Rap, you've proved something I've always said: Women aren't nearly as good at multi-tasking as they claim. All you accomplish is half-assed attempts at multiple tasks.

Next time leave the politics to grownups.

Shadow said...

Yeah, the day a Fred Meyer manager says to a walk-in-off-the-street kid dressed in a soccer shirt, "Oh, let's go to my office and talk about job openings," is the day I'll believe there is no "script" for the show. What a hoot! Wonder how much TLC paid Fred Meyer for that photo op?

Thanks for watching the whole thing, reviewers - I don't have the stomach for it any more...that three minutes was all I could take, and even that only happened because I was channel flipping.

And yes, Matt was an Ewok, complete with a cutesy little wooden crutch...

Judy B said...

Rap, I agree with the others. Regardless of how much I disagree with your opinions, what is with the detailed recap of your telephone conversation with your mother? It is supposed to be a review of the episode. I think your reviewing duty has went to your head.

NJC said...

Fun review Rap thanks! I guess some people like reading the same thing over and over in 3 different reviews. Personally I like it when you guys add some personality and mix it up a lil. Keep doing what you're doing. Can't wait for your next mom update.

Rap541 said...

Thanks NJC - I think some people don't realize that I really mean it when I say I am not hanging up on my mom over watching Little People Big World. It was that or well... "Sorry - was on the phone" and starting with Jeremy canoing.

Judy, Casey, Anon? Step up and show me how its done. :)

Anonymous said...

The Roloffs are boring. Rap isn't.

Julie said...

You know, it's one thing to disagree with the recapper's opinion, e.g. "Rap, I disagree with your comments about Jeremy, blah blah blah," but it's stupid to complain about HOW the recaps are written. Remember, Rap, Disillusioned and Expressed are doing this on a purely voluntary basis. If it bothers you that much, then you can always volunteer to write a few recaps yourself.

Sometimes I think it's silly that expressed (sorry, expressed! you know I like you) spends so much time in her recaps talking about Jeremy's physical features. But to each her own. I wouldn't want her to stop writing like that, because it keeps things interesting. It's like her own little touch on the recaps that makes it unique, which I enjoy. I think that all three of our recappers do a great job, even though I often disagree with what they have to say.

kris said...

Rap I adore your point of view and your recaps but the relay of irrelevant, unrelated discussions you were having with your mum was not appreciated. Please don't do that again.

Brandon said...

Read this somewhere else but wanted to quote it because it is so true. It's exactly how I felt.

"It's obvious to me that this family worships Jeremy.

I totally agree that Jake acted like a little whiner because Jeremy didn't invite him to go canoeing.

Then, when he climbed across the fallen tree, he said he wished Jeremy had been there to see him (didn't matter that Zach was there, praising and encouraging him).

Then, Zach said (while watching Jake on the fallen tree) "That's another Jeremy Roloff"...or something like that.

Then, Zach said Jake is content to spend time with him now, but when Jake gets old enough to tag along with Jeremy, he'll leave Zach behind in a heartbeat.

Then, saddest of all was the comment by Matt at the end of the show. Jeremy had thrown Jake a bone by "teaching" him how to throw an ax, and Matt said "It was nice to see ONE of my older boys spending time with Jake..."

Zach had spent a lot of time with Jake trying to console him about the canoeing, but Matt sure didn't mention that!

Jeremy has been handed vehicles by Matt and Amy, with no mention of his paying for them or getting a job. When Zach needs a vehicle, there's much discussion about how he's going to make the payments and he should get a job.

The double standard is a little sickening."

M said...

Seriously Levi standing right behind Jacob throwing his little ax things with Jeremy really freaks me out! I kept thinking he was going to get hit in the face with one.