Monday, September 6, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Litted People, Big World Sept 6

Our next guest reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

Season 6 is here! The same opening. Yay! Shirtless Jer. With new clips thrown in.

*I'll jump over the opening scene since it was the video clip that was on here a day or two ago. My two cents? That must have been restaged for the cameras. I know people are saying it's because the family saw Matt fall so many times they're used to it...but I'm not buying. They were way too relaxed and even cheery and smiley (Amy) for them to have just walked in on Matt unconscious on the floor.

*Matt goes to the doctor to get his vertigo checked out. Matt tells the doctor that he doesn't think he blacked out. I don't know, maybe he really doesn't know, but that's different than Amy's "Matt was unconscious". Matt talks about how he always lived a full life and people told him he'd be dead by 30 with the way he lives. I don't care if you don't like Matt, but you gotta hand it to Matt. He does live a daring life and doesn't let anything hold him back. Compare Matt and Zach? I wonder if Zach (never wants to try anything) will have regrets one day?

*Matt gets the results...drumroll please...the vertigo was an inner ear problem that made him dizzy. The doctor tells Matt he's at risk for a heart attack. 4.7 is the at risk mark, Matt is 4.9.

* Amy gets a personal trainer. I don't think Amy looks bad! They weigh her and test her....and inform her that she's clinically obese? Say what????? No way. This must be normal for dwarfs. Amy doesn't look any heavier than other LP women I've seen. Amy takes the obese news hard.

*The first glance of Jeremy this season (not counting the opening scene that was actually a year and a half ago!). Playing video games. For a total of one second. We need way more Jer on this show!

*Amy tells Molly that's she's obese, Molly has my exact reaction. Molly doesn't believe it and thinks it must be common for dwarfs.

*This leads into a lengthy commentary about butts! Big butts. Amy's and Zach's butts. Jeremy describes Zach's butt as having a "cherry" butt. Hold on! A discussion of butts and not one comment of the best of them all? Jeremy of course!!! Jeremy describing Zach's butt is the closest they've come to talking about Jeremy's amazing ass on the show :) Yeah yeah, this is shallow and embarrassing but it has to be said.

*Matt sees a physical therapist, he goes into detail about being tortured as child, they basically tried to straighten his body out with force. He says he was in this thing for 23 hours a day? Uh, that sounds a little much...Matt sounds bitter, but who can really blame him? I'd be bitter too if I went through all of that.

*Amy's working with her personal trainer. I still think she looks good! Obese? Get out! Oh, now Amy is throwing up. Nice, just what every woman wants. To be filmed throwing up on national television! Amy pushes on through. She looks in pain and falls to the ground. Here comes the kids to rescue her! Jeremy (shirtless!) driving the mule with Molly and Zach. No close ups on Jeremy. Darn!

*More Amy working out later, now she loves it and is a pro. This is the happy montage. Even Matt is getting into the exercise stuff by swimming. Jeremy shirtless sighting! By the pool! Again, no close ups!

*Matt is getting ready to go sky diving. Jeremy shirtless again! I think they're teasing! I just saw 3 scenes in a row with Jeremy shirtless and the camera was on him for less than 2 seconds total!

*As Matt leaves he tells Amy that he'll try not kill her boy, Jeremy. Ha, like there was any worry of that.

*Zach tells the camera that he doesn't want to skydive. Surprise surprise. Zach doesn't want to do something. Shocking! Jeremy does. Shocking! I think it's cool Matt was up for it. I would skydive if I didn't have to pay for it. Ah, to be given the Roloff treatment :)

*Jeremy and Matt are at the skydiving place. I've already seen it, but I don't like Jeremy's facial hair. Shave Jeremy! He looks much better without it. Way better without it.

*Matt talks about how terrified he is. He didn't look that terrified in the Amy video. Btw, anyone want to bet that now that the episode aired, the Army video will come back up after "fixing" that thing Matt said was the reason for them taking it down? Haha.

*Matt gets ready to jump and talks like he's about to die. He lives! Jeremy lives! They both love it and say it's amazing and want to do it again. The guy that jumped with Matt did a great job on the landing.

Onto the 2nd Episode


*The show the house trying to make it look messy. Hm. Since we know they have a professional housekeeper it's nothing compared to what it was before. I never cared anyway.

*They're looking for socks. Matt says no family loses more socks than the Roloffs. Amy says that's wrong. I agree with Amy. It's not just the Roloffs, Matt! :) Jeremy is wearing different socks. Maybe that's the reason why Jeremy goes barefoot so much. Either that or Jeremy knows about all those weird foot fettish people that obsess of Jeremy's feet and he's getting them going on purpose. Haha

*Matt said all the Roloffs basically have the same size feet and that's why socks go missing. What? I find that hard to believe, but I don't know. Does he mean just the LPs and the tall people? Or does he mean Zach and Jeremy wear the same socks? Hm. I never thought of that before. It should be easy for Jeremy.

*Matt and Jeremy are doing something with the computer looking up stuff about garage sales. Jeremy says it means work for him. Next scene is Matt starting to clean out, not with Jeremy, but Camerino. I guessed that.

*Amy's going through her stuff. She says she was in a movie, but you only saw the back of her head. What was it? Willow?

*Amy picks up a picture of her and Matt, she says that was back when they still liked each other. Oh no! More comments that lead to stupid marriage drama talk.

*Amy's determined to sell her stuff to prove she's not a hoarder like Matt said. Molly's frustrated with Amy because she doesn't want to throw stuff out. Most of it is stuff from the kids childhood and her golf shoes...considering she only started golfing last year it's probably not a good idea to sell those...

*Amy is attacking Jake in his room! Haha. Wow. I'm not a clean freak, but wow oh wow. Jakes room looks...unspeakable! Jake's room makes Jer and Zach's room look clean! Jake hopes Amy will forget that she told him to clean. Amy is joking around as she leaves, but she slaps him and looks like she slapped him hard, haha. Ok, hands up if you're one of the many people that always thought Jake needed to be slapped? I guess that will need to suffice :)

*Amy cleaning with Sven. Amy finds old toys. She says they are boy toys for school, Sven catches the wording. Haha. She meant toys for boys.

*Matt is off on travel. Jeremy and Mueller clean up. Mueller's first sighting of the season. I think that will happen many times this season like always! Zach sits and talks about how unmotivated he is to clean. Mueller and Jer yell at him to help clean.

*It's the twins birthday. I honestly can't remember the timing of the garage sale. I thought it was more June-ish than May, but I don't know so I'll digress.

*Amy gets Jeremy and Zach a blue tooth device. The manage to do this without drawing attention to Jeremy's little texting while driving problem :)

*Amy slams Jeremy and Zach! She says most 20 year olds are living on their own (setting up a story line for later in the season...) and Jeremy and Zach can't even get their blue tooths working. That's kinda harsh. Who is good at that stuff when you first get it?

*They big garage sale day is almost there. Sven came over to get it ready. Jeremy isn't the mood. Speaking of moods, anyone else feel deja vu? The second season plot? Matt goes away on a travel speaking engagement. Leaves the twins in charge of getting the farm ready for a big corporate event. They don't want to work. They are rushed and voice over about how they don't know if they'll get it done in time for the big day and be ready when Matt gets back? Exact same scenario except Sven is play the Mike role. :(

*Matt isn't impressed because the farm area is unsafe for people. He doesn't like that they put all his stuff out. That's what happens when you're not around for something like a garage sale.

*Twins 20th birthday. More setting up the plot for later on in the season. Amy says she's beginning to think Jeremy and Zach will never leave home. I don't believe that's how Amy feels. I think Amy wants them to stay at home forever. Jeremy says the 20 year old thing to do with a cake is to pass the cake, not the plates? Ew. I've never heard of that actually. What does he mean? Eat directly from the cake or everyone get their own? Well, I guess that isn't that bad.

*Lots of garge sale stuff of Amy and Matt selling stuff for $5 and $20. They either had A LOT of stuff or there was selective editing when showing them talk about prices...stay tuned for the total profit! Amy negotiates some chipper equipment with some guy. Jeremy isn't impressed. Amy is annoyed Jeremy is annoyed because she didn't know anything about it but Jeremy didn't jump in. Gotta side with Amy on that one.

*Anybody else notice how they are blurring out everything Rockstar? It's some bin, but they blurred it out? Rockstar must be majorly pissed. The show totally snubbed them. They gave the Roloffs like a lifetime supply of the stuff, outfitted all of the Roloff kids and their friends in Rockstar shirts and hats and gave them bins of something...and to say thanks the show blurs everything Rockstar out? I wouldn't be happy if I was with Rockstar. Is this their way of getting revenge on the Rockstar people because the guy did the interview with Spirits? If so, the Roloffs and the show are way too bitter about that kind of stuff! I think Rockstar should demand all their hats and shirts back. Hand it over Mueller and Jeremy (and be filming it so we'll see Jeremy shirtless! :)

*The results are in from the garage sale! It's a success! Surprise surprise! $1600. Wow. I wish I had $1600 worth of junk laying around. You know you're rich when...

*Matt wraps the episode up by giving his nice speech about being proud of the entire family for coming together and making it successful.

End of episodes.


Em said...

Expressed, I'm with you on the butt talk haha (blushes). That was the perfect point to talk about Jeremy's. They could have got into the whole discussion about if Jeremy's butt is because of dwarf genes or not. I think Jeremy and Zach share a physical trait!

Van said...

Why was there a Canadian flag in Jacob's room? Did anyone else see it?

mythoughtis said...

I thought Amy was a little overboard about wanting the twins to move out because they turned 20. Amy and Matt told the kids they had to go to community college first before they went elsewhere. Most college students attending community college directly from high school live at home, mine does. Hopefully, he'll go on to a 4 year school far enough from home to live on campus. Once he's out of college, then I want him to move out. In that order. I don't see why the twins should be any different in that regard. Did they drop out of college? If so, then they should move out. I think this is all a set-up because they were hoping the twins would get a spin-off TV show.

Jocelynn said...

My thought, I think the issue with most kids moving out is financial. Most kids attending community college for money financial reasons live at home because they can't afford to pay rent somewhere. That's not an issue for the Roloffs. They do it because they continue to live like 14 year olds letting Mom do everything for them and playing all day.

Shadow said...

Amy and Matt told the kids they had to go to community college first before they went elsewhere.

Where in the world did you get this notion? The twins are in CC because their grades and test scores were too low for a 4-year college. Also, even had they qualified, I suspect they had to be readily available for the show, and the CC schedule was flexible enough and the classes easy enough to allow that. Attending an actual 4-year college, even a local one, would have required a minimum number of credits per semester, and a required enrollment in actual academic classes like mathematics and English.

Greg said...

MT, I thought the same thing about why they are pushing the stuff about Jeremy and Zach moving out. It's trying to get a spinoff show.

Who is producing this? The producer that is apparently pitching the Jer/Zach spinoff idea in the first place? You can see them setting this up and they'll carry this "story" all through this season.

mythoughtis said...

Yes, I understand the twins have money. However, since the reason that they had to go to community college was due to poor grades and lack of maturity.... I seriously doubt they should be considered mature enough to move out and continue to attend community college.

As I said, my son is attending community college, then off to 4 year school living on campus, and THEN moving out. I see that as a natural progression in maturity. If he were mature enough to move out, he'd have been mature enough to go directly to a 4 year school, and we'd have made the finances work. I believe it is the same with the twins.

Rap541 said...

Nice review as always, expressed. I assumed you were in heaven over the whole nice ass thing :)

Expressed said...

Rap, actually it was disappointing because Jer wasn't the subject! It was the perfect time for them to talk about it finally :)

Julie said...

Hey Expressed, just want to tell you that I enjoy your reviews! Of course I don't always agree with what you have to say (especially regarding Jeremy, haha), but it's interesting to read things from a different perspective.