Monday, September 6, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Disillusioned - Little People Big World Sept 6

We are pleased to welcome Disillusioned to our group of guest episode reviewers. People always enjoy hearing what others think of the episodes they watched and we feature all different points of view, so we're pleased to welcome Disillusioned's reviews.

All opinions and statements made belong to the person making them (Disillusioned).

Written by Disillusioned

Ladies and gentlemen, the time is NOW for you to rise up and join me in welcoming this family back to Monday nights! Appearing in the sixth and final season of LPBW please welcome Matthew, Amy, Jeremy, Zachary, Molly and Jacob...the Roloff family. WELCOME TO THE SHOW!

*This season starts where last season ended, with Matts collapse. I must say that the last episode of last season made me laugh a little bit. Not because of Matts collapse but because it was unprecedented proof that the show does indeed have storylines. Through the whole episode Matt was talking about how his health is failing and how he believes hes going to die early in life and no one believes him. Then boom...he collapsed and some people thought that he died. Why? Because Matt himself implanted that seed in peoples mind through the whole episode! So all the backlash that happened after that episode aired was only the result of Matt Roloffs own doing. Come on people, afterall, thats simple psychology and its really just that simple.

*As a brief aside, I kinda like the new beginning of this seasons shows simply because it shows more of the kids, unlike all the previous seasons.

*So Matt says that it was indeed vertigo that made him collapse and he goes to the doctor to have himself check out. The only thing that I got out of this segment was that Dr. Kemp (Matts doctor) taught me what the symptoms of vertigo are. The rest of the segment was a complete yawner! Haha!

*Amy says that due to Matts collapse, she wanted to get herself checked out. Now why does it take a serious incident to happen before people want to take care of their bodies? Anyways, she goes to the doctor and they tell her she is clinically obese. Now whats interesting about what follows is that outside in the parking lot, Amy talks directly to the camera man which kinda acknowledges the show on the show and should be considered a golden nugget because it doesnt happen very often.

*So Amy goes home and tells Molly what the doctors said and Molly starts talking about dwarf butts. Then everyone except Jacob chimes in on how big they are. Matt said that they are very firm and Jeremy says that Zach has a "cherry bottom." Both were waaayy too much information but was hilarious nonetheless!

*Matt talks more about his health issues and how doctors took out his calf muscles when he was younger just as an experiment. Thats unbelievably sad and hmm...I wonder if that has anything to do with Matts anger towards Shriners? I have always wondered why Matts legs where so skinny but now I know, so thank you Matt!

*Amy gets a trainer as her way to get in shape and she works out until she basically throws up, which has happened to me. Yay!! Go us!! But in my opinion the gagging part seemed real but the idea of Amy having a personal trainer seems a lotta bit staged. Then again, that could be just me.

*Matt says he considers skydiving a physical activity. Really? Is it a physical activity or just a hobby?

*Anyways, Matt and Jeremy go up in a plane and successfully jump out. The look on Matts face is vintage! It looks like he was about to s**t on himself!!! He doesnt back out though so way to go Matt! Jeremy on the other hand looked 100% natural. He also looked 100% natural being strapped to the front of a man but hey...I am just saying! ;-)

2nd Episode

*The thing that got my attention right from the get go of this episode was when Matt said that all the boys in the family have the same sized feet. WOW!! That must mean that either Jeremy has small feet or Jacob has huge feet...and you know what the saying goes about the size of mens feet!

*So again, the idea of the Roloffs even having a garage sale seems unbelieveably staged. They don't even seem like the kinda people who would even have the slightest interest in having one in the first place.

Anyways, Amy goes through her things and has a hard time letting go of stuff as all of us usually do. But wait...there was another golden nugget in this segment! Amy is shown acknowledging the show on the show AGAIN by directly talking to the camera man! Maybe they will make a habit of doing it since this is the last season.

*A quick shot into Jacobs room shows candy laying randomly on the floor. Amy goes in a plays around with him and Jake says he hopes they forget about cleaning his room.

*Amy and Jacob play around some more and the bam!!...she playfully slaps Jacob in the face! How many of you liked that!? I didnt...haha.

*Sven shows up to help out and help out to the Roloffs apparently means do everything yourself but then again...whats new?

*Amy said that since it was near the twins birthday she wanted to give them an early present which was a bluetooth type thing. But did anybody notice that Molly also had one?

*It doesnt matter what the Roloffs sell, people are going to buy it regardless because they are the Roloffs. I mean seriously, people buy their freaking dirt off the farm!

*I am surpised they dont sell single blades of their grass too! Hey Matt...there is an idea for you! Anyways, I wonder if they will tell us exactly how much they made. We will see...

*At the sale they showed a customer with Amy who had a freakin camera in her hand! Now, who goes to a garage sale to take pictures? I mean...really? Oh wait...they are at Roloff Farms ~which proves my point that they are there for the Roloffs and not the garage sale.

*Unsurprisingly, the Roloffs garage sale made the a bagillion dollars!...or actually $1600 but I am sure thats more money made at one garage sale than that of everyone reading this if we all had one and combined our money together! I guess that just goes to show how powerful the Roloff name really is.


Expressed said...

Good job, Disillusioned. Welcome to the reviewers club :)

"Amy and Jacob play around some more and the bam!!...she playfully slaps Jacob in the face! How many of you liked that!? I didnt...haha."

Nice description. It was funny the way it happened. I wasn't expecting that. And I disagree. I loved it! It's been a long time coming :)

Em said...

I agree the feet comment was very strange. Did Matt mean everyone except for Jeremy? It's hard to believe Jeremy has the same sized feet as anyone else except maybe Molly.

Timothy said...

Nice review, DI

I wonder how the LPA felt about the Giant Dwarf Ass conversation. That's sketchy ground they're treading on for a show that has earned high praise for not resorting to those kind of things.

William said...

Jeremy would by that wood chipper for $200? Hey Jeremy, I have a wood chipper for you!

Anonymous said...

Sue said...

I related to Amy not wanting to part with stuff at the garage sale.

I thought the butt talk was hilarious. Lighten up people.

Amy slapping Jacob was hilarious and well deserved!

I'm glad Amy got on the twins' case about not being grown up. I liked Amy a lot this episode.

Craw said...

Amy slapping Jake was by far the best scene in LPBW in a while! LOL!

I have no idea why he has a Canadian flag hanging on the wall either. What was he chewing during that scene?

Jeremy and Mueller do the work. Zach does nothing. I've seen that before.

Megan said...

I thought the Amy Jacob scene was really sweet. Haven't seen either one laugh like that in a long time. You need moments like that in life.

Melanie said...

I can't get over how big Jacob is and how old he looks.

Greg said...

I think the slap was a sound effect.

Angela said...

Talking about Jake, anybody notice Jacob is almost identical copying Jeremy's fashion choices? Notice his skinny jeans?

DJ said...

Does anyone know why Jeremy was so excited when he and Zach blew out the candles on the cake? He did some huge laugh and big mouth wide open smile? Why?

KO said...

Every male Roloff has been unconscious except for Jeremy. Go Jeremy!

Anonymous said...

DJ--I think Jeremy had that look on his face when they blew out the candles because I think he blew out both of them before Zach even had a chance to blow.

Shadow said...

DJ - Jer was "excited" because he blew out both candles before Zach was ready. What a cool bro, eh?

DJ said...

Thanks. How old is Jeremy again? Maybe that's the reason why there were only 3 candles!

Maggie said...

I stopped watching off the stupid death gimmick! They knew he was fine and it wasn't serious one little bit. But they did the last episode up so he was talking about how he was going to die soon and then the stupid cliffhanger. The Roloffs aren't real anymore, they're all about stupid gimmicks and tricks.

Phyllis said...

I think it's wonderful how Matt lives life to the fullest. Skydiving or skiing, Matt is here to live. He's an inspiration.

Rap541 said...

Disillusioned! Good recap! :)