Monday, September 13, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World Sept 13, 2010

Our next guest reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong to the person making them (Expressed)

Written by Expressed

*We open with Matt and Amy playing around in the kitchen with whip cream. Anybody else getting the feeling they were given a memo to tune down the marriage conflict with fluffy whipped cream type scenes like this?

*Matt talks to kids at schools again. It's been a long time since we've seen that. He talks about why midget is a bad word. I think it's a good for him to talk about and explain rather than just saying it's bad. He does a good job and the kids seemed to like him.

*Amy's giving a tour of the farm to people who are booking her to speak at an international university. During their visit, she takes a call from Molly. Um, Amy you might have wanted to take the call away from your employers, haha. She forgot pick Molly up from volleyball. Jake asks if Molly is mad. Amy says yes. Her employers laugh. Amy got the job! I guess the ladies from the Netherlands figure as long as it's not Amy's job to pick girls up from volleyball, all will be well! :)

*More weird timing and editing stuff. Amy says she felt bad about forgetting to pick Molly up for volleyball so she's taking Molly and Jake to a rally for children. And for ice cream. Didn't the meeting with the Netherland ladies happen in warm weather? This invisible children rally was before Christmas. Now when I watch I always try to figure out when things were actually filmed. I don't think fans are supposed to think like that but I can't help it!

*Amy's office is very surprise there. Matt and Amy argue about both booking speaking engagements that overlap. They try not to both be away at the same, Jeremy and Zach are 19 (when this was filmed)...and there's a whole production team there...

*The argument gets more intense. Amy thinks Matt wants her to still be the mom that disciplines the kids (since when??? haha) and stays home with the kids. Matt says Amy is trying to balance her speaking career and being mom, but she is out of balance. Amy says she's not out of balance...

*Random thought. 15 minutes in and no Jeremy. Next episode is about Zach and Matt. What is with the lack of Jeremy in the last 3 seasons? Jeremy hasn't been the main subject of an episode since the first episodes in season 5b when Zach and Jeremy went to Europe. Even Molly has got episodes about her since then!

*Matt is with his friend Rob in San Jose for a speaking engagement. Rob seems like a nice guy. Matt tells a story about an employer that hired him not knowing he was a little person. Matt says he was fired a few weeks later and that was the reason. I like Matt, but there is always 2 sides to every story (except when one side is a producer and star of a reality tv show!!!! lol). I wonder what the employer would have said about this. I wonder if this is the one that Matt had the lawsuit against for discrimination.

*Amy's giving her speech, I guess in the Netherlands? Her crowd looks bigger than Matt's in San Jose.

*Fashion note. I think Amy is trying to be stylish. She's wearing a fancy scarf in her barn bite interview.

*Matt is out having dinner for his birthday with the kids. So a quick search shows Matt's bday is October 7th. Yeah that makes sense, I think I remember that Amy was away from some of pumpkin season. Matt takes a phone call from Amy. It doesn't sound like it was very exciting.

*Matt talks again about how Amy is out of balance with her work and her job as a mom. Zach thinks Amy's role is changing and she's not the mom they're used to but he thinks it's cool she's doing the speaking thing.

*Matt cooks a burger with Jake. I couldn't figure out the point of the scene, but fear not. I got schooled! It will come into play later. wink wink. Drama!

*Amy is back from her long trip away for 2 weeks. It looks like Zach picked her up. Amy is home. Jeremy raises his eyebrow. It's kind of cute, but I gotta say I hate those facial expression moments they put in the show because it's obviously not done for whatever they're making it look like it was for.

*Amy is pissed. Like really pissed. The house is a mess. The kitchen is a mess. Hold on!!! Thought #1. Was the housekeeper off this week?? We know they have a housekeeper for the kitchen and main rooms. Either the housekeeper sucks and they fired her or this was staged for drama.
Thought #2. Since when did Amy care about having a clean house??? They're all acting like Amy is Mrs. Clean and she's horrified the place got dirty while she was away

*Amy is barking at everyone. Jeremy sighting again! He's on the couch! Amy tells him to do dishes. Jeremy gets up, but I don't know where he's going. Probably to call the housekeeper. haha.

*Did you stay with me about the burger scene? Here it comes! Amy is pissed that the pan isn't clean. She yells at Matt. Matt yells at Jacob! This seems to be the family dynamics. Amy gets mad at Matt. Matt blames Jacob. He told Jake to clean it. Amy is blaming Matt for not being the parent and making sure it was clean It's kind of funny to watch. But again, why is Amy so grouchy about this? There's no difference when she's at home...and again, where is that housekeeper?? If you're not in on the scoop, both Matt and Amy admitted in interviews that the Roloffs (because they are mega rich!) have hired a housekeeper to clean the more "public" area of the house...aka the rooms they actually film in, basically the kitchen and the main living room area.

*Amy looks sick on the couch. That's because she is sick. Getting so pissy about the mess made her sick. Matt wants the kids to pitch in and clean to help her. Oh I guess what is coming next! The happy ending! lol. The kids jump to action and wander around the kitchen as the editors probably edit out the housekeeper. lol.

*Matt gives a final speech about how they don't like to see Amy sick, but it was a good chance for the family to rally together (except for Jeremy and Zach who are nowhere to be found!). Phew. We have our happy ending.

2nd Episode

*Jeremy pulls up in a truck. Wow, what do you know. The Roloffs got another vehicle! Crazy. How many is that now? Seriously I think they're over 15 now. You know you're rolling in money when you bring home a giant brand new flashy truck like that and it's not even a subject of discussion! lol. Amy's like, oh another vehicle. I don't know much about trucks, but I know most guys I know would love a truck like that and for the Roloffs it's not even a highlight of an entire day. I don't care that the Roloffs are rich, good for them, but in times like this I do think of the quotes from Amy about how you can only have so much stuff and that's why she does her charity stuff. Yeah Amy I agree! When the family treats buying a truck like that like most families treat buying milk, you know you might have too much "stuff" and be a little too spoiled. I got an idea. How about the Roloffs sell one of their 15 vehicles and donate the profits to CoDA and the ARFC or the Salman family? Ok, I'll shut up now. Back to the show...

*Amy asks why they got the truck? Jeremy says because they needed a big truck. Amy laughs and says Jeremy is just like Matt. Yep!

*Matt and Zach are heading out to Idaho and pick up another vehicle, a giant ATV thing! Seriously I don't really care about this stuff, but Roloff family? This is getting kind of obscene the way they're throwing their wealth in everyone's faces buying vehicles like it's a weekly grocery item.

*Matt says the trip will be a good chance for him and Zach to repair their bad relationship. Cue a bunch of clips of Zach yelling at Matt.

*Zach doesn't want to go on a road trip. Well, we're off to a great start! But I sense we will get a happy ending by the time the closing credits come up! :)

*Amy talks about how Matt and Zach hate each other,,,er,,, don't see "eye to eye". This is summer by the way. Zach is already pissy about how will start the trip driving.

*Matt talks about how it's hard to talk to Zach....silence. Matt wants to talk about sex. Where's Jeremy for this conversation? lol. Zach doesn't want to talk. Matt asks if he likes LP girls. Zach says not so much...Matt asks about other girls, Zach kind of says yes...Zach barn bites that to Matt it's weird that Zach doesn't have a girlfriend and has never had a girlfriend. I can tell Zach is more annoyed about this then he is sounding. I think this is a deep issue. Zach asks us (in the barn bite!) why does Matt ask him if he has a girlfriend when he knows he doesn't. Because Matt wants to be able to say it's weird and harass Zach for being weird. I so think this is a big issue. I think I might be starting to agree with the people that for a long time said Matt is paranoid that one of his boys are gay. That kind of what the elephant in the room about this seems to be. I don't think Zach's gay, but Matt is paranoid about Zach not having a girlfriend and it seriously pisses Zach off because he knows Matt thinks he is "weird". I think "weird" is a code word for "gay".

*Matt says Zach should get married. Zach goes to sleep....Matt voice overs about how the trip is going bad....never fear! Every Roloff trip, starts out bad but we always get a happy ending!

*Zach drinks a milkshake. Then barfs. Matt laughs. Wonderful. They show extensive footage of Zach vomiting. Last week it was Amy, this week Zach. They should rename the show to "Little People, Big Barfing". Nice.

*Amy and Jeremy! I guess they are trying to show that Amy and Jeremy have the same dynamic going on as Matt and Zach. Amy says she tries to talk to Jeremy, but he never wants to talk. She's asking him about Mueller's firefighting job. Jeremy pauses. I don't know if he's trying not to answer, drawing a blank or if he's just depressed. I think he might be depressed that Mueller was leaving for the summer. If Amy wants to know what's going on in Jeremy's life, she should read Spiritswander more! We all could have told Amy about what Mueller was doing! haha. Amy is sad because she wants Jeremy to offer to take her out somewhere so they can have time together. It sad. But never fear! Happy ending is coming!

*Zach and Matt pick up a giant ATV. I mean giant ATV. It looks like a hummer! See my rant about the Roloffs being excessive in their expensive toys. I'm sorry but it's a fact that Roloffs were much easier to like when they weren't so rich and buying vehicles like it's nothing. I'm almost getting the feeling they are all about showing off how rich they are so maybe they can impress their rich friends. This episode just seems to much of that.

*Matt tries to get Zach to talk. He fails. He talks about how they could get into an accident and die. I know Matt, talk to Zach about how much you hate Spirit! :)

*Jeremy and Amy! What do you know! Amy gets her wish. She's going on water ride thing and Jeremy volunteered to join her. The camera crew was coming too! Gee that wasn't set up to gear towards the happy ending. It looks like fun. Jer gets wet. Amy loves spending time with Jeremy. That plotline finishes with the happy ending. Amy and Jeremy spend time together. Amy is happy :)

*Zach and Matt visit the Salman family. It's sad. They talk about Saja's death :( They visit their home. Zach actually seems pretty good with the family, esp. Ali. Ali seems to like Zach. I don't think they were there long. When they were getting ready to leave Ali asked where they were going, Matt told him they had to leave. It's kind of sad. Zach and Matt go to Saja's grave site. Matt tries to talk to Zach about heavier subjects, but again Zach doesn't want to talk.

*Zach in a perfect reading voice tells us that he likes what Matt did for the Salman family.

*Zach concludes that nothing really bad happened on the trip, so it was a good trip. Matt agrees it was a good trip even though they didn't talk much but it was good to spend time together. Zach adds that some fathers and sons won't even sit in a car yeah, that gives that plot line the nice happy ending. Phew, another trip that looked like it would be failure, magically gets worked out and is a success by the ending credits :)


Bob said...

Yeah that trick editing is really getting annoying. When the Netherlands ladies were there it was summer. We then get a voiceover of Amy saying she wanted to teach the kids after having the Netherlands ladies over, next thing we know it's winter and everyone is all bundled up. Very next scene we then cut back to summer again and everyone in shorts again. Did they think people wouldn't notice this? I think the "writers" come up with a theme like "Amy and Matt speaking on the road" and then just pull together footage from over 2 years and expect people to think it all happened in a month. Do we look like fools? And if Matt's birthday was October 7 then we are now seeing footage from before last pumpkin season. Basically we're seeing leftovers from last season! And what's with all the vomiting? I don't need to see barfing dwarfs every week...although that would make a good name for a band.

Chris said...

"And what's with all the vomiting? I don't need to see barfing dwarfs every week...although that would make a good name for a band"

LOL!!!! Funniest thing I've read in a long time. you're right!

Barfing Dwarfs! You should file the copyright before the next big band steals it on you, Bob.

mythoughtis said...

what I found amazing was that Matt gave Amy grief for YEARS about her houskeeping (or lack there of) skills. She's gone for two weeks, perfect chance for Matt to keep the kids on top of it, and the kitchen looks the worst it ever has. then he spouts off about Amy's lack of balance. Hello, Matt... there are lots of stay at home Dads these days, and others that accept they have to help out some.

Dana said...

My Thought, there is no comparison between Zach's disrespect towards Matt and Jeremy's treatment of Amy.

Jeremy did not raise his voice at Amy several times like Zach did in those clips. I saw a difference between the silent treatment Zach gave Matt and Jeremy with Amy. Matt was trying so hard to bond with Zach. He offered up many different subjects. Zach wouldn't give Matt an inch.

Jeremy and Amy looked much more like selective editing. While Amy was talking to Jeremy, he was already texting on his phone. Jeremy was distracted because of that, it wasn't the same as Matt tossing out a handful of subjects and Zach not saying a more than one word.

Jeremy did do as Amy wanted. He did spend time with her. He was pleasant. He didn't give her the silent treatment ala Zach.

Every teenager is going to have times where they give one word answers as Jeremy answered Amy, but there is more to it than that with Zach and Matt. There is a hostility and a blatant disrespect.

Rap541 said...

Dana - did you really want to hear about Zach's sex life that much?

Maybe instead of talking about what Matt likes... Matt should talk to Zach about what *Zach* likes.

I thought it was pretty obvious that Matt had a filming agenda in "spending time with Zach".

Aimee said...

The Roloffs are so spoiled, selfish and materialistic it turns my stomach.

If they are really Christians, they must not read the Bible carefully. They should read what Jesus said about rich men that want into heaven.

Austin said...

I don't often agree with Expressed but I agree about why the tension between Matt and Zach about girls.

There is an elephant in the room and he's gay. No, I don't think Zach is gay but I think it's a fear for Matt and it affects how he treats each of his sons.

Jeremy makes him proud because Matt is a "manly man". Matt loves that Jeremy will have five him about bagging girls. Matt loves telling "That's my boy!" stories about how girls will throw their phone numbers at Jeremy.

Then there's Jacob. I think that's why Matt had a problem with him. Jacob's love of stuffed animals and penchant for crying and not being a tough manly man pissed Matt of and caused him to worry that he might have a sissy boy (Matt's own words!)

Then there is Zach. Zach explained it well without actually saying it. That's why Matt makes an issue out of it.

I have no doubt Matt would be a father that would disown one of his sons if they were gay. Matt is terrified about it.

Its Okay said...

Are you kidding me? How does no one suspect that Jeremy is gay? I'm always baffled no one on this site ever brings it up. Or are they being censored?

Anonymous said...

Really, its been discussed numerous times.

Greg said...

Its Okay...people bring it up all the time.

I don't think so. I agree Jeremy and Mueller have a weird dependency thing going on, but I don't think they are gay. I think they are both jerks that feed off each other, honestly. I think they are both homophobes and Jeremy is too into hanging around far religious right friends to be gay. If he was, he would be drifting away from that scene as he got older. The Roloffs and Jeremy are more Focus on the family religious, anti-gay than they ever let on...except when Amy put the Focus on the family link on her website.

I think the more realistic whispers about Jeremy is that he is a "slut player" that has a stable of girls he uses whenever it's convenient. They don't show it because the show is fake, not personal and hasn't dealt with the Roloffs personal lives in several years.

I did notice what someone else said about the walls in Jeremy's (and Zach's) room. It wasn't just one sticky note that said "I heart you Jeremy James", behind him there was a large neon green poster on the wall that also said something like "I love you Jeremy James". That Jeremy is so modest. Plaster the room with "I love you" posters from his various girl friiends?