Monday, September 27, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed - Little People Big World Sept 27

Our next guest reviewer is Expressed
Written by Expressed

*Before I start, I gotta say what a weird premise for a reality show! Can you imagine telling a friend that you watch LPBW, the reality show and they watch this episode? Yeah that's real life! lol.

*Matt says he's always wanted to film a movie, ever since he was 4 years old (no no, see I can poke fun at Jeremy's catch phrase lines too :)) It's about a couple on a pumpkin farm and the husband is a deranged psycho killer.

*It's convenient that he's filming a movie with a tv crew already there...but wait. He's hired a local film maker. Matt is directing. It's during pumpkin season. Probably not the smartest thing to do. This all happened last year? With the big deal about the county almost shutting down the farm and the stuff about Matt giving controls of the farm for half a day to Jeremy and Zach? But really, Matt was busy for 2 days filming a movie and Caryn runs the thing?

*Matt and the filmmaker have their big meeting about Matt's scary movie.They say tomorrow is filming so it can't rain. But it's supposed to rain. Oh no! I could have predicted that! Every Roloff project in LPBW starts out bad.

*They have hired actors. Caryn yells at Matt about pumpkin business. The movie crew went down to the pumpkin fields with customers to film. They are kind of rude to the visitors. Telling them they can walk here or there and need to sign a release.

*They're shooting a scene of the actress playing the wife. Matt is coming on to the actress as she shoots the scene sleeping in bed. lol.
What room is this? I have no idea? I think there's about 50 rooms in the Roloff mansion that we haven't seen. It's kind of weird if you think about it. They have a reality show filming in their home and we haven't seen like half the house/mansion in 2 years. Maybe if we did the show would have a more real feeling and it wouldn't have got cancelled?

*Zach watches. He doesn't know why Matt thinks he can direct a movie. They film a scene. The husband/farmer tries to start a truck. It doesn't start. Jeremy is watching. Matt says it's all going wrong. They need the truck to start and drive off. Of course it doesn't. Get Jeremy to fix it! I don't think Jeremy did, but someone gets it started and they shoot the I'm relieved! :) I'll say again, what a weird plot for an episode.

*Matt has cast Jeremy in the movie! Yay. Maybe Jeremy can save this episode :) Matt cast Jeremy as the "really arrogant guy".....No jokes Jeremy bashers!!!!!!!!!!! That's kind of opening up a can of worms with that casting...haha.

*Molly says Matt gets in over his head and takes on too much. That's kind of obvious this episode...

*Jeremy the actor! He's doing good in this scene I think. Or has Jeremy been reading lines and acting for 4 years :) Jeremy is the only guy that I'd watch in red pants. :)

*Matt ignores pumpin parking problems because he wants to watch and direct the movie.

*I gotta say I think filming this thing during pumpkin season is a terrible idea. I don't know how long this actually took, but I always think of it this way. If I ever traveled to the Roloff Farms for pumpkin season, I would be totally disappointed if I showed up and didn't see Jeremy because he was busy shooting a movie with Matt. Wasn't the fort building thing last year's pumpkin season too? Or was that the year before? I don't think it's smart to have things that take the Roloffs away from the pumpkin visitors.

*The final scene. Jeremy is acting. Uh oh. Jeremy's acting when he sees a giant pumpkin leaves something to be desired. Haha. But then the crazy husband pumpkin farmer kills Jeremy with a shovel to the head! Jeremy did a great job dying and playing dead!

*Months later, Matt gathers the family and friends into his huge office to watch the movie. I don't like Jeremy's facial hair. Shave Jeremy! Molly comments that she *loves* Jeremy's red pants. Jeremy says yeah that's a weird outfit. That's funny because Jeremy actually does wear those red pants in real life and Jake has the same kind of red pants.

*They all say they like it. Jeremy seemed to really like it and says it was better than he expected. Amy says she liked it but looks pissed.

End of episode. Well, that was kind of a weird episode. Did they do this whole episode as an advertisement for Matt to get this movie picked up? I guess it was kind of fun, the Jeremy parts at least, but the whole plot was kind of out of left field. I would rather see real Roloff stuff instead of them film a movie but I think the days of seeing the Roloffs live real life has sailed away long ago.


Jason said...

This was a jump the shark moment. Best part was someone hitting arrogant Jeremy in the head even if it was fake. Oh come on, who hasn't wanted to see that for a while. LOL

Brandon said...

Jeremy as a dead body was funny because I remember someone on another site once did a long post about how Jeremy should be in a horror movie as a someone that gets killed because he has that hateable factor that everyone wants to see him die (well, not for real, but in a movie is close enough).

Erin said...

I thought the movie was cute. The Jeremy parts were good.

Dana said...

The show is about the Roloffs. Matt is a creative man. He does what he dreams of doing. He wanted to make a movie. He did that. It was a good episode of Matt and Jeremy on the farm.

I don't know what is so funny about Jeremy playing a role. Have we been watching the same family? Jeremy is not arrogant.

Matt and Jeremy both did a terrific job on the film. It's because they are both willing to try things and take risks that they have more opportunities at their feet.

Cassie said...

Looking at Jeremy in those awful red Jeans really let us all see how he does not have a "Ass". All he has going for him is his musicular arms, chest and face. But as for his back side he has no "Ass", flat like a "Pancake"

Melissa said...

Cassie, imo, Jeremy's ass is much better feature than his face. If Jeremy wasn't "famous" people wouldn't give him a second glance. He doesn't have nice skin. He does have a nice ass. He had nice abs, but he is in danger of going too extreme.

Melanie said...

What is with Matt's assistants? I thought Becky was bad. She was Ms. Manners compared to Kate, er, I mean Karen? She could be Kate's clone.

How can Amy stand to have that woman in her home and on her property?

Jocelynn said...

Melanie, I'm going to defend Caryn for a second. In my opinion, she was right.

She was snapping at the crew, not at the guests. It was a disaster having the movie crew wondering around telling the paying customers to get out of their way.

Given Matt's personality, I think he needs an assistant that is tough or else they wouldn't last one week working for him.

Roxanne said...

Expressed, I'm surprised you didn't notice the part in Jeremy's room.

There was a pink sticky note taped to the wall. It had the heart symbol followed by you Jer James. "(love) you Jer James."

That must have been from one of the many girls there are rumors about but the show is too busy filming dumb make believe movies instead of showing anything real about the Roloffs.

Jer fan said...

Did anyone else notice in the scene where Jer is driving the car and he opens the door to get out he throws a cigarette down to the ground?

Michelle said...

I noticed the cigarette too. I'm sure they would say it was just a prop, but I think it's obvious Jeremy smokes (and not just cigarettes!!!)

Anonymous said...

My name sahll be-dountoothers. Coz.
Why is anyone amazed at what they find out later about smokers etc on these shows? I bet this is just the start of things to come out. We all know they are fakes, frauds & fonies. That family has one massive missing link. I think Matt thinks he's crazy smart. Everyone else is an idiot out there. Guess who's shows getting the boot.