Monday, September 13, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Disillusioned: Little People, Big World: Sept 13, 2010

Our next guest reviewer is Disillusioned. All opinions and statements made belong to the person making them (Disillusioned).


Written by Disillusioned before I start on this weeks reviews, I just kinda wanna mention something that I have been needlessly thinking about the past couple of days. What I would like to know is how long did Matt know about the show getting cancelled before he made the announcement via his Facebook page? I mean, I know that TLC most likely didnt just approach Matt and the rest of the family one day out of the blue clear sky to say "Oh hey, by the way, your little show is done. Why? Because we are cancelling it and thats all there is to that." But I was wondering about that because if I remember correctly (which, of course, I do!! Haha) Matt made an announcement, again via Facebook that suddenly the Golden Pass farm tours were being suspended (unless already booked) due to "over booking" just a week or two before saying that this was going to be the final season of LPBW.

Also, just a couple of days ago actually, I went to the families website and randomly click on items in their shop. I noticed that when I clicked on the picture that you can have the Roloffs autograph, it said that it was unavailable and the weird thing about this was that it was recently available for people to buy. So yeah...that on top of the suspension of the Golden Pass tours has gotten me thinking that they are both related to the show being cancelled. I mean, honestly I dont know so I'm just saying but it would be great if someone could shed some light on that. BUT if those things are related to the shows cancellation, I bet the next thing to become "unavailable" is Matts Facebook page. Afterall, Matt has posted several times saying in the past couple of months that "Facebook" wants him to prove that its really him or the page will be taken down. I think though that after two or more months of "Facebook" warning Matt would have already resulted in the deletion of his profile.

So heres to you Matt: thanks for those subtle hints that your Facebook page will become the next unavailable thing to us, the members of the Roloff Cult. Damned those "Facebook" people!!


*Amy and Matt start this week by eating whipped cream out of a spray can. She gives Matt a whipped cream Sanchez!! (haha!)

*Matt is shown giving a speech to a group of kids talking about the word "midget" and how bad it is to use it. Good for Matt for trying to educate the youth of the nation on how to treat people with respect. Maybe one day one of those kids will rise up and change this world!

*Amy goes to Portland to give a speech at a rally and brings Molly and Jacob with her. The speech was too scripted. Gotta lighten it up Amy. Dont go word by word off the page. When you do that it doesnt feel genuine.

*By the way...this episode is good promotion for Amys and Matts speaking career!

*Matt once again talks about how outta shape he is and how it takes a toll on him when he does his speaking tours but wait...wasn't last weeks episode all about him getting into shape? Hmm...bad contrast there huh?

*Amy goes on a speaking bli....whoops!! I fell asleep because this was a complete snooze fest.

*Jacob gives Matt some kisses during a birthday celebration for Matt. So if Jeremy is Matts favorite, why is it that Jacob is the only one that is ever shown giving love to Matt by kissing him? Someone answer that please!!

*Wait...hold on. Now Jacob and a friend help Matt cook hamburgers. Again, where is Jeremy helping out his dad? Come on Jeremy defenders, I'm talking AT you!

*By the way, this episode is supposed to be about how out of sync the family is when Amy is gone but they all seemingly acted their usual way and the house looked like it always does. There wasn't anything majorly different.


2nd Episode

*I am currently eating dinner during this episode so I'm not paying a whole lotta attention to it but we'll see what I can do with it.

*Matt gets a "new" HUGE truck. I say "new" because we all know that he most likely already had it. It kinda reminded me of the truck Mike used to drive, only on steriods.

*A flashback to the first season or two shows Matt arguing with Zach and Matt talks about how he use to run away from home. Yeah Matt...good job. Way to say, "yeah man...when I disagreed with my parents I would just run away." That actually sounds a lotta bit like something my sister did when she was younger!! No joke!

*I think this whole idea of Matt not getting along with Zach is waayy too dramatisized. Every father and son have their disagreements so it's not a real big deal here. There is totally too much scrutiny placed on their relationship just for entertainment purposes...which really isnt entertaining at all.

*Some sex talk. Anybody noticed how much adult content is being featured on the show?
Last week it was all about butts and now this week its about sex. Hmm...?

*Zach throws up after drinking a milkshake. YAY!! Thats good to see and hear while I'm eating dinner! Thanks Roloffs!! :-|

*Jeremy is shown not wanting to talk. What!? Are you serious!? Thats the first time in LPBW history and I for one am super stoked that he didnt speak!

*As Matt is driving he talks about what would happen if another car suddenly swerved into their lane and crashed head on into them. He ponders what it would be like to be all bloodied and laying on the side of the road waiting for 911 to respond. Now Matt, didn't you have something similar to that happen to Jacob with the trebuchet? Maybe you should think about that and how unfun that was before saying something so ignorant.

*Amy and Jeremy go speed boating. Wasn't that a long time ago as part of Amy's first charity event?

*The long awaited reunion with the Salman family ends the show.

*It was very nice to see them again and I must say that I hope that God continues to bless them as they continue through their own personal journey.

You know...we complain a lot about the seemingly trivial things in our own lives and we forget about the fact that there are a bagillion other people in this world who have and who are currently going through much worse predicaments than we are and the Salman family is all the proof of that. So much love to all of the members of the Salman family. If any of them are reading this for some reason, please remember what I always say... TO TRULY SEE WELL YOU MUST HAVE FAITH!


Dana said...

Oh wonderful, another reviewer that is anti Jeremy and anti Matt. Spirits, I'm very disappointed. When you said there was going to be a third reviewer I hoped it would not be another anti Matt and Jeremy opinion.

Disillusioned, I will answer your questions, which aren't good questions.

"So if Jeremy is Matts favorite, why is it that Jacob is the only one that is ever shown giving love to Matt by kissing him? Someone answer that please!!"

Being immature is not an indication of being a favorite. Jacob might kiss Matt, but he doesn't demonstrate respect to him like Jeremy does on a consistent basis.

Matt respects Jeremy as a man and vice versa. Surely you don't expect Jeremy to be kissing Matt at his age. Frankly, I wasn't going to mention it, but since you did, Jacob is much to old to be kissing Matt. He is 13 years old. It's better than his usual attitude and disrespect, but I don't know many 13 year olds that would want to kiss their dad in public.

"Now Jacob and a friend help Matt cook hamburgers. Again, where is Jeremy helping out his dad? Come on Jeremy defenders, I'm talking AT you!"

You have to be kidding. Jeremy does more things with Matt than anyone else in the family. You can't expect Jeremy to be present at every meal with Matt. You're grasping at straws. Jeremy has been shown eating and cooking with Matt. Unlike Jacob who was complaining about it being "gross", Matt and Jeremy enjoyed their meals together.

"Jeremy is shown not wanting to talk. What!? Are you serious!? Thats the first time in LPBW history and I for one am super stoked that he didn't speak!"

You are just being hateful.

Brandon said...

Great job, Disillusioned!

You know if Dana is on your case you did a good a job :)

By the way, I don't think the things you mentioned are related to the show being cancelled. Matt wouldn't stop the private tours because the show is ending. He would want more. I kind of think he posted that to bring attention to it in a way that made it look like they were in demand because people were talking about how they must not get a lot of people given the $300 price tag the Roloffs charge.

Rap541 said...

Dana - are you claiming Spirit has censored you?

Or are you just whining about the work others do to provide entertainment?

" He is 13 years old. It's better than his usual attitude and disrespect, but I don't know many 13 year olds that would want to kiss their dad in public."

I assume then that you feel the same way about Jeremy kissing his father?

Come on Dana - a 13 year old is too old to kiss his father. You must agree that your criticism applies to nineteen year old Jeremy as well, as he is significantly older, kissing his father in public.

(suspects Dana will insist Jeremy should not be criticized for kissing his father in public at 19 while Jake should be criticized as "too old" to kiss his father in public at 13)

Anonymous said...

I was told that TLC got a lot of complains about the vertigo stunt and when you factor the declining ratings... well that got their goose cooked.

Anonymous said...

If I know Matt Roloff, he will use the remainder of the time pulling a disappearing act. Facebook page...gone. Twitter accounts ... gone. They should be getting plenty of money in residuals for the forceable future. Well, of course, I don't think that is enough to satisfy Matt's, and the rest of the family, expensive tastes. Imagine, no more projects, no more vacations, no more extravagant parties. He is going to have meltdown.
I am glad. Matt Roloff is and A$$hole and his family a bunch of selfish little creeps.

He Matt, How does it feel??? LPBW was cancelled. I say it and I can't believe it. I am so happy... I am in heaven.

Dana said...

Rap, I didn't say I was censored. I said I wished Spirits would employ people that were not anti Matt and anti Jeremy in their beliefs.

It's bad enough that you are allowed to say what you want here, now there is another anti Matt and Jeremy reviewer. It is disappointing.

You can't compare those pictures. Jeremy's picture with Matt is clearly being done as a joke.

Rap541 said...

I'm not paid. Spirit doesn't employ me. You are free to write a review.

So indeed you feel that photo of Jeremy was a joke? You didn't say:

"Emma, I agree people should appreciate how good this picture is but the reason why it is so good is because it accurately depicts a loving father/son relationship. Pictures are best when it captures a feeling or emotion. This picture captures the wonderful relationship Matt and Jeremy have achieved."

I'm pretty sure you were this Dana. I don't get the impression that you thought 19 year old Jeremy was having a laugh.

I do note - Jake is "too old" at 13 to be publically affectionate, but Jeremy at 19 is to be applauded.

Double standard Dana :)

Hate Jake for kissing his dad!
Love Jeremy for kissing his dad!

Dana said...

I didn't say it was a paying job. You are asked and do write reviews on a weekly basis. I think to maintain a balance site, one anti Matt and Jeremy opinion is more than enough.

The Jeremy picture does capture their relationship. They were joking around because they have such a good relationship. You can see by the smiles in their picture that it was a joke.

Shadow said...

It's bad enough that you are allowed to say what you want here

Dagnabbit, Dana, ain't that the truth! lol...

Since all the "reviewers" are volunteers, it appears that anyone who *wants* to write a review is welcome, and I believe Spirits has stated that on many an occasion. Perhaps you *are* the only one who thinks the way you

Rap541 said...

Spirit *never* asked me. I volunteered.

Step up or shut up. I thank both expressed and disillusioned for doing reviews even tho I don't always agree.

And btw - the put up or shut pertains to your petulant "why is there *another* anti-Matt reviewer". Disillusioned is volunteering time, something you are unwilling to do. You concede Spirit won't censor you or any one else who wants to write a pro-matt review.

Put yourself on the line so we can all express our gratitude as *nicely* as you have done to disillusioned. Learn some manners.

Jeremy was kissing his dad at 19 as a *joke* and you love it. Jake kissed his dad with geniune affection at 13 and you throw stones. You're hateful, Dana.

I don't normally directly insult you, but your childish petulant, disrespectful attitude over Disillusioned's review really takes the entitlement cake. You can't be bothered to do a review yourself but you will publically deride the newest reviewer because Baby Dana isn't getting what she wants! You're childish and immature and unwilling to step up and do your own recap and instead hatefully try to make others feels small since Dana Baby isn't getting her way.

You owe Disillusioned an apology for how rude you've been.

Sandie said...'re killin' me, smalls :D Love your style.
More and more, Matt's trying to be "entertaining" just seems bizarre to me. Laughing while his son is puking up his milkshake? huh? Maybe I just don't get his kind of humour.
I dunno, it's all really hard for me to watch; everthing just seems so disingenous.
Bah, humbug.

Carol said...

"Jeremy is shown not wanting to talk. What!? Are you serious!? Thats the first time in LPBW history and I for one am super stoked that he didnt speak!"

Love it, Disillusioned. That's our Himbo boy!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I saw tonight's episode and I couldn't believe that MAtt continues wasting money like there is no tomorrow. He only got that new truck to drag that new Mini passenger vehicle he just got. Oh, it it looks quite expensive for a farm transport.
Did you guys notice that Matt and Amy keep trying to insinuate that the twins are actually going to school. mmm I live near them and I was told that they are only taking high school remedial classes. You know math, writing essays, study skills. That is pathetic. Those 2 parents should be ashamed of themselves. They traded their education and future to be the jesters of a TLC freak show.
I guess of all the people in that family, Matt got the most benefit of them all. He got to do so many unnecessary crazy projects around that farm. What a waste of money.

Have you guys noticed that since the show is winding down they decided to introduce the causes. Like their obsession with getting rid of the word midget. He is also probably trying to fix they burned bridge with the DAAA group. He burned that bridge pretty good so I guess you will see Matt and Amy trying to show their concern with causes. Well, between vacations, of course.
These people are ghastly.

Julie said...

LOL, Dana, are you for real?! Nobody is too old to kiss his or her parents in public! In fact, considering how so many teenagers these days are embarrassed to show any type of familial affection lest they be considered uncool, I think it's refreshing to see Jacob kissing Matt.

And hey, I still kiss my parents (and grandmother!) on occasion, and I'm in my twenties.

What, are you going to decry public hugging next? If Jacob hugs his parents, are you going to say that he's too old?

Timothy said...

The editing and timelines are all lies.

Amy said Jeremy is a busy young man with school, activities and friends. Mueller got his fire job in the summer. Jeremy didn't have school. What activities does he have? Playing with friends.

But all that was a lie anyway. They made it look like after that conversation Jeremy came around and did something with Amy. No.

It was obviously long before that. Look at Jeremy's hair for the jet boat. His hair wasn't that long until much later in the summer when Mueller was already doing the fire fighting thing.

Trucker said...


Children learn what they live. The Roloff's disrespect each other quite often. The blame doesn't lie at Jacob's feet, but his parent's IMO.

There is NOTHING wrong with a 13 year old son or daughter kissing their Dad...or an adult child for that matter. Why would you think this is wrong???

Zach barfing on the side of the road was gross. Kindof like I picture this whole family in "real" life.

Dana, here you go...I think Molly is smug and disingenious. Amy thinks she has some great speaking and motivational skills which she does not and always wears a skowl on her face.

JerBer is featured more because he has his own contract and is making his own money. Smart move for a kid who barely made it thru HS. Same with Zach.

If I were Matt and Amy, I would not feel too proud.

Trucker said...

I read here often and commented a couple of times. I just want to see how filthy disgusting there home is allowed to get especially the kitchen. Clutter is one thing, but these people live in filth. And that Amy and Matt have allowed it is purely disgusting. It is sheer laziness. Can you imagine the bathrooms??? How many people do you personally know who live in this filth? What do you think about them? How are they are people? Yea, enough said.

I think the Roloff's are just a money hungery family, selling dirt, autographs, etc...glad the show is being canceled. I will give LPBW this...I have learned a lot about LP's and dwarfism and that has made me much more comfortable when I see them or interact with them.

Anon20 said...

These episodes have been snooze fests. TLC did the right thing by hitting cancel.

It's all about watching the Roloffs spend money

mythoughtis said...

I think TLC probably decided to cancel last year... remember that Matt posted his Christmas letter saying they were on break, and that it was one of the longest breaks they had had in the entire 6 years? TLC knew then they weren't renewing.

Anonymous said...

That long break happen because Matt was negotiating for more money. This whole thing has been all about money. The roloffs were exposed to the Goselins (is that the correct spelling?? who cares) One of the discussion that Matt would probably had was about how much they were making. Once he found out that they were making way more than they were making per episode... well that was it. You see, network executives don't travel anywhere unless they are in doing something worth while for the network. They don't just waste trips to Oregon to show anybody their respect. Hell, who the hell Matt think he is... a king of the Nomes? The only way those guys went there is if he was playing hardball with the local TLC guys and they had to send the top negotiators. That's all. Then he probably thought that he could do the same to the out of town guys too and got a big surprise. This is what he found out. Many networks have this policy that once a talent starts demanding more money and/or starts making threats of non performance then that's is, they need to be cut loose.
Bye bye Matt. Enjoy obscurity. You 15 minutes of fame are over.

Anonymous said...

Hey Trucker, All I learned about Little people from watching the Roloffs is that LPs are a bunch of selfish controlling a$$holes with a Napoleonic complex and deep psychological issues. I hate to say it but every LP I ever meet has been like Matt. A total douche bag.
LPBW has only work to reinforce that and teach me that they are also greedy and dirty too.

Thanks Matt and Amy. They are my favorite jesters.

Anonymous said...

These people are a disgrace. They should have cancel that show after season 2. Right now their kids are already screw ups. Those twins are as lazy as they can be and going nowhere fast.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dana, What are you 12? How can you be so naive?

Anonymous said...

For all of you that is disappointed with the show, you can dvr the show as it is currently showing season 1 on TLC at 6am eastern time. Now this was when the Roloffs was true to their values. This was good tv then.