Monday, September 27, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Disillusioned - Little People Big World Sept 27

Our next guest reviewer is Disillusioned
Written by Disillusioned

*"Lights, camera, action" starts off this weeks episode as Matt is directing a movie. Whoever that man is walking through the "rain" at the beginning of the show reminded me of the killer in I Know What You Did Last Summer! Very creepy looking to begin with and it already looks like this would be the perfect episode if it were used closer to Halloween.

*Matt looks to be serious with making this movie, which he said would be about 6 minutes long. He has storyboards and everything drawn up! I must admit, I thought it was some kind of joke when I heard about it last year via this blog but tonight I was proven wrong!

*Matt says he wants to finish the film in two days due to a strict budget and the first start filming on the pumpkin patch...during pumpkin season. Will problems arise? We shall find out soon. Well, actually we will find out now because they are having problems with the Roloffs customers getting into the camera views for the movie.

*Maybe those people thought they were being filmed for LPBW and not a freakin movie! The movie is completely filmed on Roloff Farm and all the while Matt is saying "quiet on set" while he is yelling out directions IN THE MIDDLE OF FILMING!!

"It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion" as stated by Zach seems to be a perfect description of whats been shown so far of Matts movie making process.

*Jeremy says Matt hired him to play a part in the movie as an arrogant person demanding to see this huge pumpkin. Ha!! He plays an arrogant person on his own TV show!! What a stretch of the imagination!

*During the filming of his movie, Matt "looses control" of his pumpkin patch as they run out of places to park and the cash registers stop working. Now, my problem with that is: with all the people Matt hires to help run the farm, why is it that if Matt isn't directly involved with everything that goes on, everything goes wrong? That's the question of the day, I think.

*Now the last scene of the movie is upon us and lets be honest, Jeremy does look good in black!! Unfortunately (for some) Jer gets killed at the end of the movie after (getting his way as always?) he gets to see that huge pumpkin. He gets hit over the head with a shovel and Roloffs into a ditch, getting buried. :' (

*Matt brings the kids and some of their friends into his office for a viewing of the film. Jeremy says if they didn't change the way it was put together before, he didn't think he would like it. And a commercial that is!! The final moments reveal that...Molly likes the red pants Jeremy was wearing in the movie and Jer says he wasn't the right person for the part. Everyone ends up saying that they liked how the movie came out...even Jeremy!!! And all is well that ends well!


David said...

It must have been a clever joke orchestrated by someone to have Jeremy on camera say "I'm playing a really arrogant guy".

Jeremy probably didn't even get it...

William said...

Did they actually pay people to do this? Do they not have better things to do with their money?

Jocelynn said...

Did anyone else notice the little calico kitten Jacob was carrying when he rushed into the room to watch the movie? The Roloffs have another cat?