Friday, September 3, 2010

Matt Roloff collapse on Little People, Big World -- Cliffhanger conclusion

TLC released the video preview for the premiere Sept 6th; the conclusion of the scene they ended Season 5 with (Matt on the floor).


Brandon said...

That was pathetic! So FAKE!

Amy "I had a sense something was very very wrong here"

Yeah sure Amy. Watch Amy and Jeremy's reaction. Totally fake liars. Way to be Christian guys!

David said...

If it even happened at all it was re-staged obviously.

Michelle said...

I hope that was fake because if it wasn't Jeremy is even more of an idiot than I thought he could ever be.

Dad's unconscious on the floor and that's his reaction????

Jenny said...

Dumb publicity stunt. Roloffs should be ashamed of themselves. Anything for money, huh?

Natalie said...

What an insult to all the people that have had the horrific experience of really walking in on a loved one who has collapsed and not something staged to get tv ratings. The Roloffs have no morals. Shame on Matt, Amy, Jeremy, all of them.

Chris said...

LOL! That was so fake it hurts! At least they didn't repeat Molly's hilarious "Oh Father?? Father??"

Will they tell the truth that Matt was prancing around Europe a little while later?

Jocelynn said...

Are we really supposed to believe that? Matt is unconscious and Jeremy can't even be bothered to bend over or get down on his knees. He stands up, totally calm with his hands by his said calmly saying "Uh Dad? Dad?"

A new low for sure.

It's a good thing they are ending the show even though I'm sure it will succeed in getting good ratings.

Good ratings don't equal good taste or good morals.

Greg said...

Amy is really into the lies too.

"Recently Matt had a major collapse"?

Recently? June 2009? When you're pretending like it's October pumpkin season? Disgraceful for all involved.

Esme said...

The reason why we all reacted and was upset with how they ended season five with Matt fallen was because we all knew he was fine in the end. If TLC and Matt and Amy as excutive producers of their show would have only had aired this last episode in the sequence order as it had origninaly and truly had happen which would have been after Jeremy and Zach travel back packs had arrive and shortly there after Matt had the fall in his home office and we all across the entire world would not have been mad at the situiation with him fallen at the end of the last show. If you all remember during their overseas trip once Matt arrive and had join the family he was truly sick.

Remember they went on a tour and he was to sick to start out with them on the tour and there for he stayed in the tour van.That sequence that took place went inside with Matt having a dizzy spell back at home way long before they all left for their overseas trip.

So the point that I am trying to make is that I truly believe deep down in my heart if they would have allowed that scene to happen as it was but at the begining of the season and not edited it out and save it for a stupid and pointless cliffhanger to the point where it did not make any sense at all and up set the entire world. With that being done start a media frenzy along with the pointless cliffhanger and not making Matt and Amy who never went to motion picture school ever in their live have full "creative and editing control" over their once top rated reality tv series, season six might not have been their last season.

Some times fame and fortune gets the better half of us to the point we lose all morals and respect of our selves which in the case here that is what happen. The show started off as little people parents raising four kids with all of them being of average height except with one of them being a little person like Matt and Amy and going thru their daily lives as normal as can and having ups and downs thru life as we all have.

This was a nice simple and simple concept for a family oriented show. But when you let greed get in the way and you lose all self respect for your self and let money be more of a focus and buy and over buy pointless stupid items that will then put a bitter taste in a lot of people mouths and in this case that is what the Roloff family did us, they let fame, greed,and fortune take over their lives and lively hood and with that they started to change and most of us was no longer able to relate to them as a family and and a tv show, they started lossing their loyal fan base along with losing ratings on their tv show and that is why I belive the TLC network decide to pull the plug.

Jocelynn said...

Esme, very well said. You said it all.

I also suspect that if Matt really did have a dizzy spell and fell, the cameras were not in the office, the cameras were not on Jeremy's heels as he went into the office. I think the re staged it and that's why their reactions look so unreal and unlike how a real family would react in a situation like that.

Em said...

Brilliant post, Esme. You nailed everything spot on.

Jolie said...

Matt and Amy have never said that they had ‘full editing and creative control’, what they said is that they decide what gets filmed and how it is presented. You have to understand, the production company has a goal to make engaging TV that people will want watch. Many of hours of video are shot to create just one episode. Matt and Amy do not sit through thousands of hours of raw footage; they see parts of edited episodes as they are being produced for approval. The production company and the network determine the order of the episodes for programming.

Jolie said...

And that fainting spell was not the first one Matt had. He had others in the months prior. The reason Jeremy and Amy didn’t react in a huge frenzy panic is because they had been experiencing the spells with Matt and the panic over them had already passed. The spell that airs is the only one that the crew actually caught on tape.

Allison said...

I don't believe that scene was really what happened. I think it happened and but they didn't film it and did it again for the cameras like the soccer ball scene with Jeremy and Zach that Matt admitted was filmed again for the cameras and the boys were told to act like it was the first time.

Allison said...

Matt knew about the cheap trick TLC was doing with editing and making it the cliff hanger. He said on his board at the beginning of the season "wait until you see the end of the season! or something like that when someone asked about his health.

That's what was immoral about it. They never told the truth. They didn't say that it happened before the Europe trip. They made it sound like it was at pumpkin season and even had Matt talking about his impending death.

In Matt's interviews after the episode aired he never confessed that it happened before the Europe trip. It was a cheap and sick trick but that's what happens to people when they become all about money and ratings.

Esme made a great post about it.

Shadow said...

...that fainting spell was not the first one Matt had. He had others in the months prior."

Then, why, Jolie, would Amy say "Matt recently had a major collapse."? Why wouldn't she say something like "Matt has been having dizzy spells and fainting spells for some time, and last spring, one of those episodes occurred during the filming of our show."?

Oh, wait, because then the audience wouldn't be fooled into thinking Matt was dying (unless, of course, they read Spiritswander, in which case they would already know that Matt was just fine and dandy and flying all over Europe that summer).

Bleah. If I hadn't stopped watching long before this episode, I certainly wouldn't have continued past it.