Monday, September 27, 2010

Matt Roloff interview about end of Little People, Big World, Jeremy's height and selling the farm

There is a video interview with Matt Roloff from New York.

In this one, Matt is asked why the show is ending. He says the Roloffs have been wanting to end the show and were looking forward to have the cameras gone because they can be a disruption. He says TLC came to them and wanted two more years, but then came back and said they could wrap it up now. Matt claims they were happy about that.

Among other things discussed, the frequently asked question among fans...How tall is Jeremy Roloff? Jeremy and Matt have previously said he's 6 foot. Some people that meet Jeremy in person say that's about right, some say it's not. The interviewer when discussing Zach being and dwarf and Jeremy not having dwarfism, she asks if Jeremy is 5'9? Matt answered "Yeah, Jeremy is 5'10 or something like that."

The host asked Matt if they were selling the ranch (or farm)? She asked like they were really selling it. Matt said they've always talked about it and didn't expect to be there for 20 years. He said they now joke that they're going to need to sell the farm just to get Jeremy and Zach to move out. Matt says that's the big challenge. Jeremy and Zach are too comfortable living on the farm. They have the big house and all their shops and rooms and their friends come and go as they please, Amy keeps the fridge stocked for them and their friends. Matt also said Jeremy has shown some interest in taking over the farm one day.


Christine said...

It's kind of funny if Jeremy lies about his height to say he's 6 feet tall considering the show is about dwarfism and how height doesn't matter.

I remember seeing pumpkin visitors post their pictures. One guy said after he got home and printed out the picture he realized Jeremy was standing on his tip toes to look taller for the picture. LOL!

Ryan said...

I would say by looking at his skinny jeans and feet he is around five feet nine inches.

Sandie said...

The contradictions are flying. Selling the farm or Jeremy will run it? Always talked about it, didn't expect to stay 20 years, on the show in past seasons Matt wanted it all for the kids? Maybe it's just me. This family has become those we used to call "believing their own press". I wish they had always stayed authentic; I do think they were more sincere at the beginning.

rock creek said...

I live near the farm and have been there many times (even bought peaches before the show started). I'm 5'8" and my guess is that Jeremy is about 6'.

Expressed said...

Thanks Rock Creek. It's strange. Sometimes I think people don't know their height. People say different things about Jeremy's height. I've seen people that say their boyfriend is 6' and Jeremy was shorter than him but a lot of people say what you said.

Have you only ever met Jeremy during pumpkin season or have you seen him around town?

BeckyM said...

Just me but I don't know my kids' heights. They are still growing and each appt. it changes. I consider this to a small issue but I guess people are so gun-shy about Matt's exaggerations and lies that Jeremy's height becomes a gauge of Matt's ability to tell the truth.

Matt is just covering all his bases with a bunch of PR baloney - saying really nothing that later he can't easily contradict and then say, "that wasn't what I said."

JMO but their marriage is not safe and secure. People ooze out their real feelings in the snipes and jabs, and it's clear that Matt and Amy are living two separate lives with a lot of contempt from Amy and a lot of dis-respect from Matt. Not a marriage I would tout as exemplar.


Jocelynn said...

Becky, I think the height thing gets mentioned because Jeremy says he is 6 feet. Matt saying he's 5-10 makes it sound like Jeremy was lying to make himself sound taller than he is. It's not a big issue, but interesting that it might be something important enough to Jeremy to lie about.

Brandon said...

"secure. People ooze out their real feelings in the snipes and jabs, and it's clear that Matt and Amy are living two separate lives with a lot of contempt from Amy and a lot of dis-respect from Matt."

BeckyM, as always, well said. It's amazing or scary that people expect Matt to be truthful when he's asked about this. Do they expect Matt to say "Yep, we have a terrible marriage!"

Defer to the honest Roloff. Zach. The thing Matt Roloff cares about most in the world is Matt Roloff's reputation. Matt likes it when the world thinks he has a successful marriage and is showing the rest of the reality world how to keep a happy marriage.

Rap541 said...

Well, I would not be shocked if Matt didn't know how tall Jeremy was.

Its been reported that Molly is 5'8-5'9, and Mueller is 6'4-6'5. since Jeremy is a half head shorter than Mueller, and just a little bit taller than Molly... So 5'10 for Jeremy sounds about right with the obvious caveat that it depends on the heights for Molly and Mueller being accurate.

jeanoholic said...

Like it or not, it is official that Little People, Big World is coming back in Oct this year. Let's see whether Jeremy has grown taller ;-)

Johnny Reb said...

Someone tell Matt that Herman Cain bankrupted Godfather's Pizza through his gross incompetence as a manager when he was CEO and that he was also fired from the Federal Reserve for gross incompetence (it takes a special kind of stupid to get canned from the federal reserve).

His economic "plans" are pure bs that rely on the old neo-con stand by policy of "trickle down economics" and deregulation that didn't work thirty years ago and won't work today.

Herman Cain and the Tea Party are a sad joke being pulled on the ignorant and simpleminded white nationalists like Matt and co.

And I say this as a southerner.