Monday, September 6, 2010

Matt Roloff interview with The Oregonian about the end of Little People, Big World

How good is your LPBW memory? Can you remember what much discussed subject Matt and Jeremy talked about in this old scene? -- Answer at the bottom :-)

There's a pretty interesting interview with Matt Roloff that he did with The Oregonian regarding Little People, Big World ending.

You can read the full article here:

We'll highlight some of the more interesting points here:

*Matt is asked if he knew TLC would use his collapse as a cliffhanger? If you read carefully, Matt cleverly avoids committing on an answer. The real answer to that question is probably best found on Matt's own website. Back in May, Matt posted on his website (before he got really involved with his Facebook Fan Page. When someone asked him how his health was, Matt answered that he was doing good, but added that the last episode of the season would scare some people....which indicates he obviously knew well in advance that it was going to be used as a cliffhanger and that it would indeed scare his adoring viewers into thinking something terrible had happened to him.

"My health is doing very well... At the moment.. Wait until you see the very last sene in the last episode of this season.. It might scare some of you. But i'm hear to tell you i'm ok.. :) " -- Matt Roloff - May 12th

*Matt says the editors "stacked" the scene of his collapse by using video of him gripping his arm which is unrelated to the vertigo which caused his collapse.

*He says Roloff Farm is not for sale, but adds they talk about selling it from time to time.

*Asked whether the end of the show was TLC's decision or the Roloffs. Matt's answer is that it was their decision in the big scheme of things, but TLC's in the short term. Matt says they wanted to wind the show down and agreed to do a maximum 80 episodes (which would be two more full seasons). TLC then decided to only do the minimum -- 20 episodes ( half of one season).

*Matt says the whole family is ready for the show to end. Amy will miss the crew on a personal level. For Matt, his relationship with the crew is more on a business level, but Amy is more person.

*Matt suggests that Molly is happy that the show is ending because she viewed it as a distraction.

*Jacob is also happy it's ending, according to Matt.

*Jeremy and Matt will miss the show for "ego reasons". Matt and Jeremy love the attention -- according to Matt himself.

*Matt doesn't mention Zach's feelings -- it's no secret that Zach was once strongly opposed to the show, although it's worth noting that was back before Zach was receiving his own paycheck from the show directly to him (same for Jeremy). That didn't happen until Season 5.

*Matt says the family doesn't watch the show, mainly because it's weird to watch yourself on television.

*The best part about the show from Matt's perspective was educating the public about little people and dwarfism.

*The worst part was "naive", "angry" people that call Molly nasty names. I have to say, out of all the Roloffs, as a general rule, Molly has always been the least criticized and most praised Roloff. If he's referring to a frequent poster and a guest reviewer on our site -- while it wouldn't be my style or choice of words, another frequent reader of our site explains the context of the situation here:

*Matt likes other LP shows such as the "Little Couple" and "Little Chocolatiers". It helps normalize LPs and shows that LP do more things than just own a pumpkin farm.

*When asked about future plans, Matt is a little less bold than he was in his original announcement. He mentions that he's working on a book and hosting some animated projects, but cautions that things like that can take years to develop and for people not to expect something else "tomorrow". His primary focus is the farm, speaking engagements, and his accessibility stool business, but he will evaluate other opportunities as they come.

The answer is the famous discussion Matt had with Jeremy about wanting him to consider Wharton


Expressed said...

I loved Jeremy's old jeans.

As a Jeremy fan, I can say we will miss giving Jeremy that attention he likes!!!

Brandon said...

"Jeremy and Matt will miss the show for "ego reasons". Matt and Jeremy love the attention -- according to Matt himself"

Whoa, stop the presses. What is this? A rare moment of honesty from Matt?

Z to the Zee said...

One of the biggest lies Matt tells that doesn't get any attention is the stuff when he goes on about how the family loves the fan and is so touched by the support and warm wishes.

The truth? The Roloff kids and their friends hate the fans. They trash them all the time?

Doesn't anyone ever wonder why Jacob stands 300 feet away at the castle for pumpkin season? It's because he thinks fans are annoying gnats and doesn't want to be near them.

Even dear sweet Molly and her friends think fans are creeps. Not just creepy fans or fans that criticize, they mean fans like YOU and YOU and YOU! Fans that want to be nice to her. Yeah, Molly and her friends trash you.

Jeremy, Zach and their friends well, I don't think much more needs to be said about that. They were outed for trashing fans several times.

Matt can say that the family loves their fans however many times he wants, but it doesn't make it true.

Giles said...

I've always been in the minority because I've never had sympathy for the kids whining about how they didn't like the show.

Molly does get given too much slack.

Ah poor Molly. The show is a distraction? Guess what princess? Without it, you wouldn't have been traveling like you love to do. No Paris, no Rome. Those Roloff kids are spoiled beyond belief.

Justin said...

Matt's Whaton school of business conversation with Jeremy = Epic fail!

Susan said...

"Jeremy and Matt will miss the show for "ego reasons". Matt and Jeremy love the attention -- according to Matt himself."

That's the reason why I like them the least.

NJC said...

I wonder if Matt realizes that the only one on here that says "nasty" stuff about Molly is his most devout apostle? I suspect he does and is just playing the sympathy card.

Anyone with reading comprehension above first grade level knows Rap was sticking up for Molly not attacking her.

BeckyM said...

Sounds like the most honest interview yet given by Matt.

I guess my view on the fan situation is different. It was the adults/parents who decided to start this show, not the kids. In California, the kids would have had money set aside (legally) from the very beginning since they were being filmed and it seems this was not so. (see the website A Minor Consideration for details and why "child actors" are not that fond of their "jobs")

Amy and Matt sold off these kids childhoods for money. The fact that Jeremy and Zach now get a salary doesn't bother me (and I highly doubt it's the riches they think it seems to be in their account). The truth is that this money isn't much when you consider the cost of college, setting up for a career, buying a home etc...

I have no doubt in my mind that 10 years after the show ends, none of these "kids" will think filming this show contributed significantly to their life. I expect quite the opposite as we already see Jeremy using it as an excuse not to plan his future.

For the sake of them all, it's best that the show ends. Molly has never seemed that interested in filming (which is probably why she is the most "normal" of the kids) and Jacob is obviously acting out due to the attention of the cameras, making his adolescent years even more difficult. Neither, as minors in the home, had any say about the filming so again I have no problem if they don't want to interact with fans.

My biggest problem is the "scripting" of the relationships to make drama... sorry but when you compare this to Billy the Exterminator, which at least does give education about pest control, there is no reason why LPBW had to degenerate to what it did.

It could have gone a different route, but TLC is famous for making boring shows about families taking trips and fake family drama (Kateplus8, Cake Boss, etc...)

Chris said...

I hope Jeremy starts doing porn.

Shadow said...

The final spin cycle has begun. Let's just let Matt hang himself out to dry with all the tearjerking interviews we're bound to see in the next few months as he tries desperately to keep himself relevant, รก la Kate Gosselin. He's done his best to avoid exposing his family's dirty laundry over the last five years, but the dirt just stubbornly refuses to go away, no matter how hard he scrubs.

Okay, I'm out of laundry metaphors, and I haven't even finished my morning coffee. LOL...

Yeah, I particularly liked his "new" explanation of the "collapse" - "they put together some footage of me in pain, of my arm in pain, unrelated to the vertigo...That's what you do in television."

Oh. I thought this was "reality" television. You tell us that all the time, Matt. Of course, you also tell us we're ninnies who believe everything we see, but when we prove you wrong on that score, you revert back to the "it's real life" storyline. Make up your mind, Matt!

It's really difficult, when you have an army of people in your house 24/7"

But, but, I thought the camera crew was only there a few days a week? And that's why it was so important to "re-stage" events that happened when the camera crew wasn't around?

Every once in a while we'll watch an episode...but we don't typically watch."

Gee, you sure seem to know a lot about what's in the episodes and how they're put together for someone who doesn't "watch" them. Of course, this is Matt doublespeak for saying the family doesn't actually sit down and watch the broadcast show as it airs, but they do see every single episode BEFORE it airs, so they know exactly what is being shown and how it is being portrayed.

Ah, Matt. I'd say we're gonna miss ya, but a) we won't, and b) sadly, I think you'll keep popping up, just like a badly-dressed "mom of eight" who just won't walk into the light (unless, of course, it's a spotlight with a camera behind it).

mythoughtis said...

I don't think that the Roloff children had any, repeat, any, obligation to chat with, pose with, nurture, etc fans. Amy and Matt started this show, they had the obligation to protect their kids from fans (they seem to have done that by allowing the kids to ignore the fans), and to minimize the disruption to the kids lives (they so failed on that one).
Amy and Matt had obligations to appear on talk shows, etc to publicize the show. I only feel that Zach and Jeremy shuld need to acknowledge fans if Zach and Jeremy have their own show. Period.

we can only hope that all 4 kids go on to live normal lives. Jeremy, Molly and Jacob will age and appear different enough that they may not get recognized later in life and can fade gracefully. Poor Zach will be recognized forever. Let's hope they don't end up like many former child stars.

Giles said...

BeckyM, I agree with you about the scripting of the relationships. Shadow is right on about Matt's doublespeak.

One moment the show is real because the Roloffs are bravely exposing themselves in the name of LP awareness. The next it's all edited drama.

I'm sure when the episode airs about Matt's "broken" relationship with Zach he will say that's all editing for drama. Afterall, having a broken relationship with his only LP kid doesn't make Matt look like father of the year material. But if they don't have a broken relationship and they make episodes about it then the show is not real and they aren't bravely showing the "good, bad and the ugly". Anytime the "bad and the ugly" gets shown Matt whips out the editing and how stupid people are to not know that the show isn't accurate.

BeckyM, I understand your opinion on the kids. I have to agree to disagree. I cut Jacob a little bit of slack, but Molly has out grown her slack.

Molly is not a mindless child. She doesn't have a learning disability. She is intelligent and is old enough to know how the world works. She is old enough to know that without the show, without the fans, she would not be getting all of her treats.

It's like the old hen and the bread story (I might be getting my old stories mixed up, lol!) She wants to eat the bread, but she doesn't want anything to do with the making of the bread. Molly happily swipes up all over her treats from the show. I am sure she crows to her friends about what an awesome time she had in Europe, in Hawaii, in the Bahamas, in New York, etc. She has experienced once in a lifetime tourist attractions many times.

Giles said...

I expect her to show some character and maturity. If you're going to enjoy and gladly take all of that stuff, then acknowledge why you're receiving all of that. It's because they have a television show and that's because fans are interested in them enough to watch. To complain about it or to badmouth fans with her friends when she is gleefully showing all of her friends her fun pictures from all of her trips and telling them about what a great time she had with the x perk of the day.

She is old enough to understand that simply her love of travel wouldn't have made it possible for experience all of those things she loved to do. There are a lot of teenagers that would have given an and a leg to experience the things she's experienced. She's old enough and smart enough to realize that without the attention from the show she would be another kid dreaming of places she wants to see and she would be spending her evenings and weekends working in a store at the mall being treated like crap by rude customers. She's old enough to realize how it all works.

I have no problem if Matt and Amy forced Jacob to at least make himself visible for pumpkin season. I'm sure that kid would be throwing tantrums if they couldn't afford to buy the new X Box video game system or all of the games he loves and that I'm sure he gets on a whim. The place I bought a pizza from last night is owned by an oriental family. The daughter couldn't be more than 14 or 15. She was practically running the place, taking all the phone orders, dealing with all the customers because she spoke better english than her parents. I'm sure she has been told that if she wants to continue living in the home they live in, she needs to pitch in and help with the family business. I have more sympathy for a girl like that than I do for the Roloff kids two of whom are adults. That speaks volumes by itself. Zach supposedly hated the show, but he didn't check out when he had the chance (18) did he?

When they finally start to experience a change in their lifestyle, I would bet a lot of money that all 4 of them will be whining at the top of their lungs about not being able to do something or not being able to afford something.

Molly is old enough to understand the connection between the lifestyle she loves and the show.

Brandon said...

I'm siding with Giles on this to some degree.

Jeremy and Zach definitely have a responsibility (which they haven't fulfilled) to interact with fans. They haven't been children forced to do the big bad show for 2 years. They make their own decision to do the show.

Giles makes a good point. Other kids younger than the Roloff kids (Molly and definitely the twins) need to pitch in and help with the family business. They aren't given choices or the rewards that have been given to the Roloffs.

The second that the show gets the axe all we are hearing from Matt's camp is that Jeremy and Zach are "inking deals" and are the cat's meow being courted by agents and entertainment lawyers says everything I need to know about how these poor kids were forced into it.

I think Giles makes a valid point about Molly's age too. Girls younger than Molly are working, longer hours than she does, for a fraction of the pay and rewards. They need to be polite to the public/customers. Now that the show is ending, does anyone think Molly is going to take a job at the mall like Giles suggested? I don't think so. Because it's not fun. Suddenly the show won't seem so bad.

Aside from all of that, I think it says a lot about the type of people these "kids" are if they don't have any conscience within themselves telling them that they should be appreciative to fans that support them.

Otherwise, they are just spoiled brats.

Em said...

I'm stunned that Matt admitted that him and Jer have egos and love the attention. Did Matt realize what he said? LOL! The new "honest" Matt?

Thomas said...

What Matt is saying in this latest interview is the same as he has always said.

Becky, where did you read that the kids have never had money set aside for them? That is quite an ASSumption. Just because Zach and Jeremy started to receive their own paycheck when they turned 18, doesn't mean that they never received money in the past. I am sure that the kids have had money set aside.

Ashley said...

Hopefully Matt will be more honest now that the show is ending.

I don't think it's a lot to ask of the kids to be respectful of the fans. If I got to do all the stuff they did, I'd take that trade in a heartbeat.

C'mon, it's not that bad to have people be nice to you and want to hear what you think. Nobody asks me my opinion on anything. lol

Janelle said...

I like Jeremy's red shoes in that pictures.

I think Jeremy looked better back then. He didn't need to go all muscle bound. His new look makes him look weird and not natural. It's not healthy either depending on how he's doing it.

Dolly said...


I just wanted to make my voice heard and I'd love it if Matt read this e-mail.

I have loved the show from the beginning. Why? I could so relate to Matt's life more so than anyone's. I'm not a little person, but I've been through many surgeries as a child (polio) and I care what goes on in his life.

Lately, though, the show has not been so interesting because Amy is not very kind to Matt. It shows and it makes me feel sad.

I started to watch the show for Matt and his family. . .not so much for the kids, but his life is the most interesting of all.

I hope you will keep the public posted on their lives. I'm praying for Matt and Amy that they will settle their differences.

Dolly M

Christine said...

I love that Matt finally admitted that Jeremy has a huge ego.

Janet said...

Z, How do you know how Jacob thinks about the fans? 'Annoying gnats' is what you wrote, did he actually say this to you? Do you speak with him personally? What about Molly? Has she told you that her and her friends 'hate' the fans? Even if Zach and Jeremy said something off handed about a fan, no doubt it was overblown and misconstrued. Possibly they encountered a weird or rude person and made some sort of comment, as we all have done in similar circumstances. I am not sure, because I was not there. But I have been to Roloff Farms for Pumpkin Season many times and every encounter with the Roloff kids has been courteous and fun. Last year I saw Jeremy helping out a couple whose car battery died and he went to extraordinary measures to help them get it started. One of the other hired help could have easily stepped in but it was Jeremy who was the man. When I have seen Zach interact with the visitors, he has always been very nice. He is a great tractor tour driver, it is very evident when you see him that he works really hard to do a good job. Molly was helping out in the old ghost town with her grandparents, also very sweet and hard working, even though it was a very cold day and she was really shivering. Jacob was at the castle and he probably was bored like any kid his age would be, but he wasn't rude. You on the other hand are. You behave like a spoiled brat yourself Z. Grow up.

Shadow said...

I suspect if Amy had any influence, there is money set aside for each of the kids, hopefully in a trust that they can't touch except for education or health care or other necessities. No toys! Of course, that wouldn't apply to anything the twins have earned since turning 18.

If Matt had any influence, each of the kids will get nada, because there will be nothing left. Unless he gives them each a Mule and a pile of old wood from a barn he had demolished.

Penny said...

Wow Giles and Brandon. Way to go and make up a bunch of BS. Are you guys serious? Just because Matt Roloff says Molly “…will be happy because she's focused on school and activities and the show is a distraction for her...”All of a sudden in your pea brains that becomes she is an ungrateful slacker who doesn’t appreciate what the show has provided her and her family? Do you even get that you are making stuff up? You two make this blog dirty with your crap.

BeckyM said...

@ Thomas... just my experience following what TLC has done to the eight Gosselin kids -- unless I see it listed as a FACT in public record, separate from Matt, Amy or TLC's SPIN, no I do not believe money was set aside prior to salaries.

BTW California law requires that a percentage of money be set aside for each payment made into a trust for the child. This is to protect children from their parents using up their earnings. These laws are not in other states and there is a legal question if it applies to "reality" actors.

If there was money set aside and the Roloffs can provide third party documentation (i.e. bank accounts, educational 401K, trust funds etc...) then okay I am more then willing to change my opinion. Considering that there is a big blank silence about this - I am ASSuming not.

RE: the kids. JMO but growing up under the scrutiny of the camera, losing your privacy, not being able to develop friendships that are in now way connected to your popularity on a tv show... I don't think any ADULT looking back to their CHILDHOOD will say it was worth it that everything be exposed.

I know from reading about other child actors, that none of them liked it and plenty of them have ended up with emotional and psychological damage because of it. Reality television has not been around long enough for us to evaulate the real damage done to children whose lives are being exposed via this medium.

When it comes to educational value, I would have enjoyed this show, and respected Matt and Amy far more, if they had shown me worthwhile parenting skills. While I did appreciate their compassion towards their kids, parenting without boundaries (i.e. cleaning rooms, doing chores, having jobs outside of TLC, working during the farm's pumpkin season as a regular employee would) showed me that these were nice enough people, but no one I would emulate or admire.

Janet said...

Christine, Get your quote right, what Matt said was "I'm gonna miss it for ego reasons. I think Jeremy is the same. It's nice to have all the attention." So you adding some 'admission of egos being huge' is just a testament on how people add and twist words into lies. BTW, there is a difference between ego and arrogance, and in case you don't know, you have an ego too, all humans do.

Julie said...

*Matt suggests that Molly is happy that the show is ending because she viewed it as a distraction.
*Jacob is also happy it's ending, according to Matt.

That doesn't surprise me. Neither Molly nor Jacob seemed to embrace the show the way camera hogs Matt and Jeremy did. I always felt sorry for those two (and Zach, in the beginning anyway).

Thomas said...

Becky, Why don't you simply ask the Roloffs? Why did you choose to make a defamatory statement as if it were a known fact without any real facts at all? You wrote "In California, the kids would have had money set aside (legally) from the very beginning since they were being filmed and it seems this was not so" Okay, what documentation do you have to substantiate your statement? Is this just a guess? An opinion? Or do you have credible proof? Do you realize how many under age kids in America work long hours in their family businesses and don't ever get an actual paycheck or who are sorely underpaid? Maybe you should spend your time advocating for those kids. I think the parents in this case have and will provide for their children quite nicely. Not to mention anybody in their right mind would never hand over their financial records to you, even if it would prove you wrong.

Julie said...

"Ah poor Molly. The show is a distraction? Guess what princess? Without it, you wouldn't have been traveling like you love to do. No Paris, no Rome. "

And? Believe it or not, it is entirely possible that Molly would rather have given up those trips for the chance to live a normal life. For me, while the idea of traveling the world does sound rather fun, it doesn't sound so fun that I'd be willing to forsake my privacy the way the Roloffs have. Not to mention, the shine of vacationing/traveling can wear off quickly when you go on a vacation every few months. I like going on trips, but that's partly because I DON'T get to do it all the time. If I traveled all the time, then it wouldn't be as special. I don't get how Molly is being some spoiled brat princess for wanting the show to end. If I were in her position, you can bet I'd have been praying for cancellation from season 2 onwards, lol.

"RE: the kids. JMO but growing up under the scrutiny of the camera, losing your privacy, not being able to develop friendships that are in now way connected to your popularity on a tv show... I don't think any ADULT looking back to their CHILDHOOD will say it was worth it that everything be exposed."

Exactly, BeckyM. I don't get criticizing those Roloffs who are happy that the show will be ending. And, please, it's not like Molly has said, "Everything about the show sucked, there was nothing good about it at all! I hated every single second of it!" All we know is that she's happy that the show is ending, via Matt. Nothing wrong with that. Some people are reading stuff into the statement that isn't there.

Shadow said...

Janet, if I thought for one nanosecond that Matt understood (and was using) the Latin definition of ego, I would also fervently believe in the Great Pumpkin. The rest of us ALL know EXACTLY what Matt meant when he said "ego." But thanks for the etymology giggle of the day!

Janet said...

Shadow, can you even think for one nanosecond? When you say the rest of us are you referring to you and your two brain cells? No matter how many dictionaries and thesauruses you meander through, the rational people here know that Matt Roloff enjoys the attention because it simply makes him feel good. As it would anybody, even you. Only people who feel inferior would suggest otherwise.

One more thing: You had better hang onto your hat Charlie Brown, because the Great Pumpkin is coming to town.

Peter said...

Shadow, The Great Pumpkin episode is still a few weeks away.

Dana said...

Shadow, what is your problem with Matt and Jeremy?

I'll take a guess. You've said you're from the area and I believe you from some of your other posts.

I think you're one of the Roloffs jealous neighbors.

Shadow said...

Dana, that's right! How did you know? Now, what's your problem with Molly and Zach and Amy and Jacob? Why are you fixated on a 13-year-old boy? And his 20-year-old brother?

Peter - I shudder at the thought, but it's my own fault. I just handed TLC the tagline for the show.

Janet, perhaps you would "feel good" to have TLC hand you buckets of cash and fly you around the world in exchange for letting your family becoming the "butt" (See, I read the new reviews before I came here) of jokes. Not I, thankyouverymuch. That's not what would make me "feel good" (what a Freudian reference there, BTW). Anyway, Noli me vocare. Ego te vocabo.

Z to the Zee said...

Janet, you will believe what you want to believe. I know what I know is fact from someone that has spent a lot of time with the Roloffs.

Something tells me you were the person that was still in denial calling everyone liars about how Jeremy talks and the words he uses until Matt finally was forced to admit it was true.

There is a big difference between how they feel about fans and how they act with cameras on them. I didn't say they were stupid. They don't trash people to their faces. I said they hate the fans and they trash them with their friends. That's the truth.

Jacob avoids the fans at pumpkin season by standing at the castle because he thinks they're annoying. Yeah, annoying is Jacob's word for fans. Gnat was my word.

Talking to a person like you is pointless because your image of what the Roloffs and their friends are like is so far off from reality, it's laughable.

Yeah, Molly and her best friends call fans creeps. They don't mean trespassers...they mean fans like the ones on Matt's facebook page. People that wish Molly well and congratulate her on honor roll and volleyball. Sorry to break it to you, but Molly and her friends do call fans like that creeps.

I can't even continue this conversation with you when you say "if" Jeremy and Zach said something about fans, it was misconstrued. What a joke. The truth of what they're like with their friends are so far from the dreamworld you're living in and the Disney family portrait of love that Matt paints.

Diane said...

Janet, you're fighting a losing battle on this one. Jeremy and Zach and their friends have been caught insulting fans so many times it's unbelievable. It's all lies? Get real.

Janet said...

Shadow, No worries, calling you couldn't be further from my mind. BTW your convoluted response sounds like a bunch of sour grapes to me. You really need to check yourself into rehab to help rid yourself of the green eyed monsters lurking in your head.

And Z, thanks for letting us know that the core of your opinions are based on gossip and rumor. Good to know that you are a person whose credibility is questionable at best.

Z to the Zee said...

Right Janet, directly from someone that has been hanging out with them. Keep on believing what you want, that their true feeling for the fans is how they act with cameras on them to the faces of the fans and Matt's Disney style PR letters, instead of all the ugly stories and nasty comments they make. If you're a fan and not someone working for them as I suspect you are, you are exactly the kind of fan that they trash and laugh their butts off at.

Christine said...

Shadow, thanks. Can't believe there is even one person debating what Matt meant by missing the show for ego reasons and the attention. I was trying to give Matt some credit for honesty for once in his life!

No, not everybody would miss it for "ego" reasons and attention. I wonder why he didn't say Zach will miss it for those reasons. If you ask most people, Matt and Jeremy are the two that are the most arrogant and the most cocky. It's not surprising that their egos will miss the attention.

About the kids and their friends and fans? In this internet age, it's not that hard to find out what they are like with their friends and what their friends are like. They do bash the fans. Their Faith Bible senior trip classmates and the twins were mocking and insulting fans that saw the Roloffs in a restaurant that they stopped at and were excited to meet them.

Btw, the things Jeremy and Zach and Mueller and those kind of friends have said about fans are not things that can be misunderstood!

Greg said...

Z, don't even bother. You're exactly right about Janet being the person that was screaming "lies!" all through the whole Jeremy language saga until the evidence was over whelming and couldn't be denied even by the Roloffs. If a person even has limited knowledge of some of the Roloff friends and how they act, you quickly figure out what a complete fraud their nice lil image is.

Diane said...

Jeremy and Zach have a history of acting in front of people and then bashing fans when they think no one is watching or listening. It's happened many times. They're brats. I can't believe anyone is stupid enough to believe Matt's BS that the entire family loves their fans. lol.

Anonymous said...

Leave Molly and Jake alone!!!!
Zack were would you be if not for the show!! In a small house that is filthy playing video games sponging off mom!! You are not helping the little people cause.
Jeremy leave the house make your own way!! not on TV but as a real working person.
Amy!! Get help kick Jeremy and Zack to the curb, learn from your mistakes with zack and Jeremy. Now clean your house and go save Molly and Jake.

Matt your heart is in the right spot at least you try. I see no down side to that. you are not perfect. But try to do your best. Hell give me the farm you built. My grand kids would think I was the best grandpa in the world. A pool ,boat, castle, western town and a pumpkin chunker. Atv. To name a few things. Matt, Remember it take some kids till they are about 30 years old to understand what they had as a child. 10 years to go.