Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Matt Roloff interview with Radar Online about Divorce Rumors and Gosselins

Matt Roloff did an interview (video) with the celebrity gossip/news site Radar Online. They ask him about the end of the show, the divorce rumors and the Gosselins.

Matt says he is relieved that the show is ending. (If you haven't read already, you can read our article about the end of Little People, Big World and what industry insiders told us about the end of the show and Matt's subsequent comments (basically, we are told Matt's M.O. is spin --

Back to the the Radar Online interview -- Matt laughs off the divorce rumors. He tells them that "Amy and I are still sleeping in the same room, in the same bed, with all the goodies that come with that!"

Matt discusses the heart attack rumors. His explanation is the editing showing his vertigo related dizzy spell combined with footage of him grabbing at his left shoulder. Of course, I think it's worth mentioning that probably the entire episode had something to do with fans getting that impression -- the episode featured Matt talking about his own death, where he wanted to be buried and how his death might come sooner than Amy expects. Then they went back in time, all the way to June of 2009 (most of those scenes were from October 2009) to finish season 5 with the dramatic collapse -- when actually viewers had been seeing Matt that entire season post collapse (the Europe trip, Molly's birthday and driving episodes and the pumpkin season stuff - all came after the collapse was filmed).

He's asked about the Gosselins. Matt talks about why the Roloffs survived reality show stardom and the Gosselins crumbled. He cites age and maturity as the main reason. He says when they met Jon and Kate he liked them very much, but could sense that they had problems.


Brandon said...

The Gosselins and the Roloffs have a lot in common. They are both "fame whores".

Look at how desperate the Roloffs are to stay in the spotlight.

Matt lies so much it's unbeliebable. These mainstream "celebrity gossip sites" are a joke because they don't do their homework on the Roloffs. Anybody that takes Matt's word about something is a fool.

Yeah, he's relieved the show is ending, that's why he was telling everybody a month before TLC cancelled it that they would be doing the show for more than two more years.

Susan said...

Matt is so full of himself. I'm not a Gosselin fan, but really? Acting like the Roloffs are some sort of shining example of reality stars doing it right?

They haven't divorced, but I don't believe they have a happy marriage.

The true test to see whether the Roloffs "survived" will be answered by how the kids do in life after the show. Considering Jeremy and Zach are 20, living at home with no job (all due respect to Zach's job at the soccer place), I wouldn't be so quick to annoit the Roloffs as an example to all "reality" families.

Christine said...

These popular gossip sites like TMZ and Radaronline should stick to Tiger Woods and his affairs. They don't know anything about the Roloffs.

The most accurate take on the Roloffs are from Spiritswander and the blog xoxoJes, the girl that interviewed Matt and Amy separately.

David said...

Susan, well said.

I am thinking that some of Matt's trips to L.A are strictly for these gossip sites. They want to keep their stardom going.

Notice Amy's budding friendship with the "entertainment" personality Jason Kennedy from E! He helped out with her charity foundation. I bet he is using his contacts to get them in that whole circle of Celebrity Entertainment gossip shows.

Matt obviously forgot that he used to tell everybody they didn't want to be celebrities. But now that the show is ending, they are doing the TMZ, E and Radar Online circut.

Timothy said...

I love how Radar takes Matt word for everything, but along the sidebar they have these headlines:

REAL OR FAKE: Truth about Kate Gosselin's boob job

KATE GOSSELIN shows off sexy bikini body

KATE GOSSELIN spotted with bodybuard in Mexico

KATE GOSSELIN trades Mom duty for a Mani-Pedi

Gee, would Radar interview Kate and take her word for what she has to say about those things?

Rap541 said...

Well, I still don't understand how Matt is a)happily pursuing spinoff opportunities and telling us the show isn't over and b) Is relieved the show is ending.

Why would he be even contemplating a spinoff if he's so relieved and the family so happy the cameras are gone?

After all, I have been told again and again that Matt was a successful businessman and the show provided just a small portion of his income... Or were those comments from Matt not true?

Jocelynn said...

Where do these sites get their info from? The Roloffs themselves? Do they befriend them and then write what they want?

"Critics claim the end of the show coincides with a breakdown in Roloff’s marriage to wife Amy".

I don't see that a lot. There is speculation about the marriage, but not the reason the show was cancelled. Most speculation about that is because of the declining ratings.

Jim Beem said...

Rap, Matt is relieved to be done with the cameras in the home, but that does not mean he would not be interested in new, different kinds of tv opportunities that would be less intrusive in terms of the family's privacy in their own home. I think it is as simple as that. Does that make sense?

Rap541 said...

It's the terminology that its the issue. Matt isn't saying he's open to new, different kinds of opportunities, he's specifically using the term "spin off".

What opportunities *other* than reality shows does Matt really have? Unlike say, Jeremy or Zach, or Amy, I do actually think Matt could work as an actor. *But* lets not ignore the elephant in the room, he's a dwarf with serious mobility issues. He'd be difficult to cast.

Could he host a talk show? I could see something like that as a novelty but the world is loaded with D list celebs hawking talk shows and Matt doesn't strike me as all that interested in talking about other people.

In the reality show genre, there's not a lot of options that wouldn't involve the same level of intrusion into his private life. Is he interested in being behind the camera? Maybe.... but frankly Matt doesn't seem like the type to step away from being the star.

And if its not a lie that Matt was a successful businessman making millions of dollars before LPBW, why wouldn't he want to return to that successful lifestyle?

Anonymous said...

The way Matt spends money, he better have another income stream picked out.