Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Matt Roloff referencing Spiritswander -- Response

Usually our site passes along news and happenings regarding the Roloffs and the show Little People, Big World, however, we have sort of become part of the news -- as Matt Roloff and those connected to him are blatantly referencing this site: Spiritswander : Keeping Up With The Roloffs.

So this is the perfect time to respond and explain a few things.

When we published our article about the cancellation of Little People, Big World where we passed along insider information: what people within the industry and people who work on the show are saying about what really happened -- they say Matt's subsequent comments are "total spin" -- we knew some people were not going to be happy (starting with Matt Roloff himself).

That's unfortunate, but our site is not a fluff site and we have no agenda. We are about passing along information to fans, followers and people interested in the Roloffs and LPBW for people to determine for themselves what they believe.

Since we published the article, Matt is now blatantly referencing our site (Does anyone still believe Matt doesn't read "blogs" and simply relies on staff to occasionally pass along items to him?) both on his website and his Fan Facebook Page.

Matt Roloff = Wow... strong words on my forum (see last post). Jolie... Thank you... but who are you?

Matt Roloff = Amy and I ... and the entire family would like to Thank Everyone for such kind words of support. I guess the negative distractors are hiding behind their lies with their tails between their legs. :)) Thank You .. Thank you.. Thank You. Now that we're free.. We'll keep you VERY updated on the facts.:)) Family dinner tomorrow night.

Well, we aren't hiding (I suppose Matt wanted us to respond with a couple of hours of his posting?) and we told no lies. Over on Matt's website forum, where Matt is attempting to direct his Facebook fans towards, the person that first posted on our site -- "Jolie" is posting about Spiritswander and comments and "censorship" -- so hey, let's clear the air here -- it's not complicated. By the way, we'll leave it up to you to guess the mysterious "Jolie's" identity (guesses have ranged from Matt himself, to Matt's assistant - Caryn, to producer Chris Cardamone). So the fact that someone like that (obviously with the blessing or at the direction of Matt perhaps?) is blasting our site and Matt made a specific Facebook post directing his Facebook fans to it, speaks volumes about how upset they are with our site.

For anyone not aware, this is "Jolie's" post on Matt's site which was re-posted on Matt's Facebook fan page and I'll respond to what they said below and explain what should be already be logical about comments:

Originally Posted by Jolie
You are not kidding about the bloggers who really get it wrong. Not only that, there is at least one that is censoring comments to craft a real hate message against the Roloffs. I... am so frustrated with them. They say that their site “has always been about attempting to pass along the real story -- the truth as we know it” Well I know that to be a lie. I have posted several things on their blog, some have been ‘approved’ and published, but the statements that I make that criticize the blog and its creator for their unfair position, or to point out their hate message, those NEVER get approved. I know I am not the only one. They are clearly ONLY posting comments that they can work into their anti-Roloff agenda.

Below is one of the latest posts that I attempted to have published. It was rejected 3 times.
“This blog is exhausting. He said this, she said that. Let’s pick this apart line by line and see how we can twist the words to make it more hurtful and ridiculous. Honestly, I really don’t know how Matt, Amy and the kids have endured this type of scrutiny for as long as they have. Think about it. Having cameras in your home, in your face following you all the time nearly 24 hour a day for years? How do you think you would fair in the unforgiving world of public opinion if all of your life, edited together to create ‘Good TV’, was broadcast worldwide? Are you a squeaky clean saint with no blemishes? I doubt it. How many times have you made the selfish decision or did a stupid regretful thing? How many times have you misspoke or had something you said or did not come out quite right? How many times have you done something with a good intention, yet others took it the wrong way? How would you like to have those times preserved for prosperity and out there for millions of people to see, judge, comment and speculate on? How would you fair? I know I would go crazy. I would not be able to be authentic, I would want to perform so I would not look stupid and be judged. I would be too self conscious and afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing. The Roloffs really put themselves out there, warts and all and it appears that some people just aren’t happy until they pick them apart. I think it takes a special personality, a special person to put themselves out there to the public like that. And I appreciate them for doing it because their lives are entertaining. It brightens my day to watch LPBW, I smile at their joy, and my heart breaks with their sorrows. I have enjoyed watching their adventures and seeing the kids grow up. It hurts me personally as a fan and as a friend when people treat them so badly. I am appalled that this forum allows the vicious words and cruel comments, especially toward the children. There is NEVER an excuse to call or to allow someone to call a child a “Bitch” yet it happens here. I have no respect for that. This blog may be twisted fun for some malicious gossip mongers to hang out, but for those who love this family and want the best for them and for their true fans, it is not the place to be. I am sad that Matt and Amy have decided not to continue with LPBW. I am going to miss the show, but wish them abundant happiness. I know that what ever the future holds their fans do mean a lot to them and that they have created several ways to stay connected through their website. This blog is a waste of my time and a waste of yours.”


I want to warn the real Roloff fans to steer clear of this mean spirited, hate infused, censored blog. Or maybe we should band together to have them removed from cyberspace for good.

So we will leave it up to you to determine who you think Jolie is and if you believe that Matt has no idea who the person is...but we will respond to what she said and explain about comments - there's nothing to hide at all -- it is common sense.

On our site -- Spiritswander - Keeping Up With The Roloffs - all opinions about the Roloffs, about the issues our welcome. This should be obvious from the number of regular posters on our site that have been posting for years defending Matt. People that wanted to defend Jeremy during the whole language scandal that landed him in the tabloids -- those people were allowed to voice their opinion. Some didn't think it was that bad. Some did. Opinions on both sides were permitted on our site. It's like that about all issues regarding the Roloffs and the show.

Opinions on the issues are permitted. Trolls (people that post on a site for the purpose of disrupting the conversation) and people that want to have free reign to say how much they hate this site - are not welcome. "This site sucks!" -- well, good for them but we're not going to publish comments like that. Note the difference between posting about an issue and bashing the site they are posting on.

As evidence, I'll use Jolie as the example since they are posting about censorship. When Jolie, stuck to the issues and was simply stating her pro Roloff opinion her comments were published. In fact, we went a step beyond that. Jolie's comments were not only approved, but we did a completely separate item where we highlighted them and featured only her comments:

The comment that she had rejected was declined because of the last few sentences about how much the site was wasting her time, no one should read it. We're not a doormat. We encourage discussion about the issues and opinions about the Roloffs - however, people don't have free reign to bash the site for the purpose of expressing how much they hate reading (and posting!) on our site.

If Jolie had ended her post about 5 sentences before she went into the rant about this blog, her post would have been published as her previous posts were.

Let's examine what Jolie said point by point:

*They say that their site “has always been about attempting to pass along the real story -- the truth as we know it”

Correct! That is our motto and the reason why we have become the biggest and most popular independent source for Roloff information on the internet. We pass along all information about the Roloffs regardless of whether it is positive or negative or whether I personally agree or disagree.

"Well I know that to be a lie."

Jolie, that's not a "lie". You in fact confirm that we published comments when they stuck to the issues. When you were posting your version of events and the Roloff dynamics, it was not only approved but received special treatment by being featured in an item all by itself.

"I have posted several things on their blog, some have been ‘approved’ and published"


but the statements that I make that criticize the blog and its creator for their unfair position, or to point out their hate message, those NEVER get approved.

It astounds me that this is surprising to Jolie or anyone.... We have no obligation to allow people to bash our site on our site...again, note the difference between bashing the site and expressing opinions on the Roloffs, LPBW and the subjects.

"They are clearly ONLY posting comments that they can work into their anti-Roloff agenda."

Incorrect....refer to the fact that every post Jolie submitted that stuck to the topics and was not blog bashing were approved and even received the special treatment of its own separate item.

Also note, that seemingly as a directive from Matt -- he doesn't even allow the name of our site to be spoken (even when they posted our entire exclusive articles such as the Rockstar item -- they posted it without a link or without mentioning the name Spiritswander). Yet some people seem to think we owe it to them to allow them to insult our site and name call and do anything they please on our site. Things like that add nothing to the discussion of the issues. It's absurd logic.

If someone makes a very well thought out and logical argument and then they choose to end their post with "...and that's F****** what I think, losers!" -- the comment would be rejected. It is common sense. If you go into a job interview and ace the interview, they're loving you and you practically have the job on the spot and then as you are exiting you turn around and say "F you! This company sucks!!"....are you still going to get the job? Of course not, you've just sabotaged yourself.

The same applies to negative opinions about the Roloffs. People have made very thoughtful and logical points disagreeing with things the Roloffs have done or their version of events and then they end their comment with "And I hate those midgets!" -- those comments get rejected too.

Considering the above mentioned fact that the name of our site is not permitted on Matt's various websites and Pages -- even when people were posting our stories about wishing Peggy Roloff a speedy recovery from hip surgery or congratulating Jeremy on his first team all star selection in High School soccer - along with all the childish name calling that makes children in the 2nd grade proud -- it is rather astounding to me that people such as that seem to expect that they have a God-given right to bash our site on our site, and say anything they please about our site on our site and intentionally disrupt conversation --some of Matt's favorite posters on his site often attempt to post comments to our site when we promote Amy's various charity events with comments such as"Bor-ing - Boring! Who cares about Amy's charity? Bor-ing! Boring site!!!!"(Matt's favorite posters that run to other sites to cause trouble don't care much for Amy) -- comments like that don't really add anything and I feel no obligation to allow trolls to sabotage the site.

For people familiar with Roloff site dynamics, there is no secret that there is a small group of fans on Matt's forum that lavish Matt (and basically only Matt as they are quite critical of Amy) with praise and in attempt to please Matt and gain his approval, they run to other sites they dislike and attempt to insult and disrupt the conversation. "Troll". An immature group of adults that behave like children. If they're successful in causing trouble, they run back to Matt's site and giggle with each other about how they were trolling and perhaps if they're really lucky, Matt might pat them on the head and give them a shout out for their efforts. For the purpose of all of our many visitors enjoyment -- we don't allow those kind of childish antics. Honestly, it is still shocking to me that a business person and a public figure of Matt's stature seems to encourage and condone such childish behavior.

So the "censorship" issue is not a complicated at all. If you walk into a store or someones home and start spitting on the floor and smashing're not going to be welcomed. It's the same concept. Mature people that show respect and stick to the issues and their opinion - that is perfectly acceptable and encouraged.

Even as we speak, there are people who are staunchly defending Matt's version of the night of his DUI arrest. They are sticking to the issue, they aren't reverting to "this site sucks" or vulgar language or immature name-calling of other posters - they are allowed to express themselves. If they swerve into the aforementioned habits, then their comments would not be guaranteed to be published.

We try to walk the line of allowing people to express themselves and their opinion despite the fact that personally I might not like what the person is saying or personally approve of it - but if you insist on using vulgar language - your comment will be rejected. If you viciously insult and use childish name-calling towards others, your comment will probably be rejected. If you post to express how much you hate this site, your comment will probably be rejected. However, if a person wants to post about an issue or a topic and express their opinion by sticking to the topic without the language or declaring how much they hate this site, those comments are approved and published.

In closing, I have to say that we figured Matt would be rather outraged when we posted the article sharing the information we were told about what really happened regarding the cancellation of the show as per insiders that say he is "Spinning BS" , but apparently having "Jolie" post on Matt's site and Matt directing his Facebook traffic to it is his way of responding. We're fine with that -- it was a good opportunity to say what I thought was logical about site comments.

And for any readers to our site that is shocked by all of this and I know there are many like that -- who are very supportive fans of LPBW and the Roloffs who dearly love them and love our site for providing information and keeping them informed. So if you're shocked to discover that Matt hates our site -- I think it boils down to this. As a friend of the Roloffs in Hillsboro once told us, Matt Roloff is all about control. There is no other way. Matt must be in control.

Our site is basically, the only website on the internet that provides consistent information about the Roloffs that is NOT controlled by Matt or Discovery Communications (who by the way, was very complimentary of our site and used to send us video previews to post before the episode aired). Of course there are Mainstream things like TMZ, but obviously they rarely focus on the Roloffs and aren't really the same type of site that we are.

Obviously Matt does not like that there is another popular site on the internet that people get their Roloff information from where Matt is not in control. Particularly when our information does not jive with Matt's version. We don't set out to dispute Matt. However, if someone is telling a story that you are being told is not what happened, we have no choice but to share our information and let people decide whatever they want for themselves.

If you think about it, consider that we hear that friends of the Roloffs are not permitted to speak about the Roloffs unless they ask a Roloff for permission (post Daniel Meichtry interview with us -- link in the sidebar). Jeremy and Zach don't speak on their own without Matt by their side. Most of Amy's interviews are geared towards her charity. That leaves Matt Roloff and the producers of LPBW as basically the only way the public hears information about the Roloffs on a consistent basis. So Matt is in control of everything people hear about the Roloffs (except for our site...). Which is the way Matt likes it. Hence, why Matt and those attempting to please Matt feel that our site is "evil" and "hateful" -- even though that couldn't be further from the truth -- we simply objectively pass along the facts as we know them and information regardless of if they put the Roloffs in a positive or a negative light.


Greg said...

Does anyone else think Matt is having a meltdown since TLC dropped the bomb on them?

Can you imagine what is *really* going on inside the Roloff home right now? The cash cow is pulling out.

Jocelynn said...

Spirits, I appreciate all this site provides. It's by far the best Roloff site out there.

Susan said...

I've always been alarmed that Matt fails to realize how poorly the behavior of the fans on his site reflect upon Matt and how bad Matt looks when his ego gets the best of him.

Lynn said...

In fairness to Matt, he must have been spitting bullets after seeing your article about TLC. He's only human. He wants to vent like anyone else would.

Ashley said...

It's only common sense about comments and bashing the site. Duh.

Michelle said...

I never understood why Matt or Matt's forum hated this blog. I don't think it's hateful. . They have not seen hate. LOL

The part about Matt and control makes sense.

Rap541 said...

For the record, I have had posts edited or rejected outright. So it cuts both ways.

Btw - I am on vacation tomorrow and may or may not check here for updates. My review of the new show will likely be on tuesday but spirit has my start post.

Things seem active so I am sorry I will miss it, but frankly, I really am much more obsessed with other tv shows and am spending Labor day weekend in a frenzy of scifi fun :)

This is just in case people are wondering why I am not around this weekend or why the review will be late. I am sure Expressed will do an excellent job as always

Em said...

Matt is so unlikeable when he gets like this.

Keep up the great work, Spirits! Thanks for all you do.

David said...

Em, Matt is more likable on the show because he plays a character. The real Matt let loose on the internet comes off like a jerk.

I totally understand why TLC once kicked him off their site and told him to stop posting.

Spirits, the irony in Matt's staff or Matt's friends being upset at censorship here when it is not, yet Matt proudly proclaims his site "is not a democracy".

They're throwing a hissy fit because they want to be able to ruin things like they would on an unmoderated site.

Brandon said...

Oh Spirits, I don't know. Those Frogtown articles you posted were pretty gosh darn hateful! ;)

Rap, have a good time. Say hi to Marty. Tell him you write episodes reviews for Spiritswander! :)

Anonymous said...

Exactly right. It's all about control. Matt loves to tell lies. He doesn't like anyone to have another venue to call him on the BS.

Shadow said...

Rap - Enjoy Atlanta!

Matt has obviously always been about control. He always will be about control. That's his problem, not mine, not Spirits'. Frankly, I think Spirits does a great (and exhausting!) job of monitoring this site and keeping information flowing (BOTH ways!). I'm as entitled to my opinion as any other poster, and I appreciate a site that allows and encourages discussions, but doesn't allow them to devolve into hate-filled rants.

Cathelitou said...

I really like the Roloff family as well that I love this blog. The Roloff are not perfect. They chose to be in the public eye so there are consequences. I like this blog because I know they tell the truth and that we can put our comment on recent news. Here, there are people who like the roloff, other who doesn't love them anymore for some reason and also normal fan. I think I'm a nornal fan. I like them but I don't aprove all that they do and how they act. But I continue watching the show and put some comments here. It's entertainment! Like I said before the roloff should have know (and specially Matt) that they can't control every thing that is said on the net. I think is a ''chep shot', what matt 've done on his facebook wall. Thanks Sprit Wander to continue your blog.

Anonymous said...

Spirits, If in fact Matt is the head of his own platoon of Roloff Warriors who he dispatches out into cyberspace to take down Roloff combatants as you describe, we should have him take control of the covert operations to take down the Taliban. Maybe he is ex CIA and we just don’t know it?

James said...

SW- You paint a pretty picture of your blog as being objective, and of you monitoring the posts to make sure things stay on topic. Are you not human? Even network news reporters have an opinion that comes through in their reporting, especially on topics they have strong feelings about. If a totally neutral party were to evaluate this blog and its most frequent posters comments, they would certainly determine there is a slant towards “anti-Roloff” propaganda as Jolie refers.

BeckyM said...

Keep up the good work!! In no way shape or form did I ever buy that Matt decided to end the show. C'mon it's TV-land. Everything depends on ratings and money.

Expressed said...

I think some people's complaints (Jolie's) about this site are crazy. I've always been allowed to say what I feel and I'm one of the biggest Jeremy fans. I defended Jeremy all through the language thing. I wasn't censored.

Anonymous said...

Matt hates anyone that doesn't suck up to him, agree with him and do what he wants them to do.

Peter said...

For a guy that was ranting a couple of weeks ago about "negative" people, Matt sure is quite the negative nelly, always taking his passive aggressive shots at people that don't swallow his every word and don't tell him he is the greatest and kindest person that has ever lived.

Chris said...

I wonder if Matt reads the Bible? Spiritswander is a hate site? LMAO? You have to be kidding?

Matt still hates it. Matt must not read the Bible (or about amending it to 'love those that objectively post about you'?:

Luke 6:27

But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, [28] bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. [29] If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic. [30] Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. [31] Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Matt says he is sick now. It must be all the hate boiling up inside of him.

If this site is Matt's "enemy" then I can only pray that I have such kind and fair enemies in my life!

Deb said...

Cathelitou, well said. That's how I feel too.

You said the key thing too. It's entertainment! This blog makes the show and the Roloffs much more entertaining than if there wasn't this blog. I probably wouldn't even feel the need to watch.

Diane said...

Rap and Dana talking about Molly is nothing compared to the stuff Jeremy and Mueller have said about Jeremy's fans!

"You loser "Bitch" sound familiar? Go kill yourself? Look at how ugly she is?

Jeremy and his friends are not good people, imo. I hope Jeremy stops getting a free ride that coasts off fans.

Anonymous said...

Spirits, It is fascinating how much you seem to be riled up about having your blog scrutinized. It must be difficult to have something that you created be judged by people whom you feel do not have all the information or are as you say getting their information from a non credible source. Really, I can hear the sweat dripping from your temples and see the vein popping from your neck. Calm down, this too shall pass…

Rachel D said...

People are going to believe what they want. They will find evidence to support the position they want to take and in some cases people will manipulate here and there to create that evidence. I think that is true for Matt Roloff and I also think that is true for Spirits Wander. Spirits has his/her defenders and so does Matt. Are we looking for a winner here?

Anonymous said...

I have posted before where a sentence or two was taken out of my post. Why did you just not take that last part out on Jolie's post and let it be published?

C1rca said...

"They are clearly ONLY posting comments that they can work into their anti-Roloff agenda."

Jolie obviously has no idea what shes talking about. Expressed, Sheri and Dana are the biggest Roloff fans I've seen and they post about it all the time and defend the Roloffs.

Matt has no control over the blog and he cant stand it. It proves how immature HIS fourm / memembers are. Theres a reason why this blog is the most popular Roloff blog.

Jocelynn said...

C1rca, great point.

"Jolie obviously has no idea what shes talking about. Expressed, Sheri and Dana are the biggest Roloff fans I've seen and they post about it all the time and defend the Roloffs."

I was scolded by Dana when I submitted my report to SpiritsWander after attending the CoDA charity BB game in Troy, Michigan. Dana scolded me for including my eye witness account of Jeremy declining an autograph request from two little boys at halftime. Dana wasn't censored, although I wish she had been! Well, not really, I recognize she has a right to her opinion, that is why I enjoy this site.

Megan said...

Wow, I think Spirits does a great job. I like hearing what people are saying about the Roloffs.

Ron said...

Oh yes, Matt and his staff are sitting around the room at various computers trolling the internet, logging onto blogs and forums to dispel rumors about him and his family. What a colossal waste of time. I am not sure what is more pathetic, the thought of Matt and his staff doing that or us spending our time discussing it. Who really cares?

Anonymous said...

Spirits, All I have to say is “standing ovation” for Matt Roloff. If he actually did orchestrate this whole Jolie thing, brilliant. Gotta hand it to him, he really stirred up a lot of buzz. Got a lot of people talking about him, his family his show, and right before the new season premier of LPBW. Sometimes even negative press can be good. Nothing like a bit of controversy to get the people watching. Ratings will soar. Hats off to you Matt! Brilliant!

Dana said...

I believe Matt has every right to dislike this site.

Rachael makes an excellent point as does Anonymous 7:52. Matt is only human. It must be hard for him to have his integrity and honesty questioned.

Matt has always said the thing that is hardest for him is when people criticize his kids. Jeremy is the most criticized person on this site, especially by Rap. I have asked Spirits and I know others on this site has asked for Rap to be banned. I'm disappointed Rap is still allowed a voice and to review the episodes.

Unlike some of Matt's other fans, I choose to stay and fight for what's right and defend Matt and his son Jeremy. I respect how some Roloff fans feel if they would rather only read Matt's message board or Matt's facebook, but I don't believe anything is accomplished by that. I choose to stay and make things better by evening out the comments by defending Matt and Jeremy.

I believe Matt is picked apart because he is the creative genius behind everything. People criticize risk takers and those who are successful in life. I believe Jeremy is the most criticized of the kids because it is well known that he is the most vocal in words and actions that shows that he loves Jesus Christ. In our society, people that are proud Christians such as Jeremy, are maligned.

I don't run away from what I dislike. I strive to make it better as I believe Christ teaches in all aspect of life. I point out what I feel is relevant to defend Matt and Jeremy and give them the respect they so richly deserve and have earned.

Myndi said...

Dana, Jeremy is criticized because he is a pseudo Christian and has often failed to demonstrate respect and kindness towards others.

I form my own opinions. That's why I like this blog. I would feel like I was in the dark if I restricted myself to reading what only Matt wanted me to read.

David said...

Ron, you're incredibly naive if you don't think Matt is aware and bothered by what people say about him. Matt passive aggressively vents about it on Facebook all the time.

Matt has backed himself into a corner by claiming he doesn't read, so he needs to dispatch people like Jolie to be his voice and do his venting for him.

Anonymous said...

I think this whole discussion should be taken as a learning experience. All of us need to take a step back and look at our behavior. This is a gossip forum, all blogs are. People who gather like this are gossiping, bottom line. Everything on here is hearsay and conjecture. Objectivity is an illusion. People always have an agenda; to say otherwise is delusional.

No one is perfect, ever. Everyone tells themselves that they have the best intentions, that they are the good guy, but by what and whose measuring stick? Perception is reality. And just like all normal human beings, Matt doesn't want admit to manipulating public perception toward his point of view and Spirits Wander doesn't want to admit that he or she is doing the same."Hey, be on my side, no be on mine." I think we should all take our balls and leave the playground.

Cartwright said...

Your right Anon, perception is reality. No one sees the exact same way as another person. Heck, even your own eyes have different perceptions from one another. I don’t think Matt is a bad guy at all. From what I see on the show, and disregarding the bashing tales of the people who claim to know somebody who knows somebody who knows the kid that his kids go to school with, I think he is a man who wants to entertain us, he wants his fans to have a good experience when they watch and read about the Roloffs. That is the whole premise of entertainment. I applaud him for at least attempting to protect that perception.

Susan said...

Spirits, what was the intention of starting this blog in the first place? I mean there are a lot of passionate Roloff fans that didn’t start a blog about them. Usually people start blogs about things that they are passionate or really experienced at. Why did you start this one? Was it because you were a fan of the show, or maybe it was the opposite? My experience has been that no one voluntarily continues to do something they don’t want to do. I think it is apparent, you are not a fan of the Roloffs (if you ever were), so why continue with this blog? Just curious.

Christine said...

Spirits wander, the site is awesome as it is. I don't want to hear only want Matt Roloff thinks I should hear. If you need to keep out trolls, then keep out trolls. I agree with Shadow. I think you do an awesome and exhausting job.

Matt's entire family talks about how he plays people, Matt even brags about it, how he walks over people who are all "yes Matt, whatever you say Matt". Why would anybody believe what Matt says about himself or his family?

This site is the popular Roloff blog for very good reason. It's NOT controlled by Matt or exists to suck up to him like everyone on his on site.

Julie said...

So, Dana, you want Rap to be banned? And yet, I somehow get the feeling that if YOU were banned, you'd be crying foul.

*I* don't want you to be banned, btw. I think your opinions and posts are quite often absolutely ridiculous, but you should be free to say them. I guess that's the difference between you and me.

(Although of course the First Amendment doesn't apply here, as this is a private blog. But I digress.)

Anonymous said...

Poppycock. Christine I agree this site is awesome but I disagree that it's the only way to hear what matt Roloff doesn't want us to hear. For gods sake don't you ever read the TLC Message board? Imdb, tvwop? The list goes on. Even the lpbw show does always show matt is a positive light. I think they put themselves out there. They get paid well and enjoy, possibly even egg-on controversy. Good for them. If they want to have one site that's only positive I support that. But don't say this is the ONLY site that represents both sides. Simply not the case.

Christine said...

IMDB, TWOP, TLC are not the same type of sites. They don't have almost daily stories and information.

TLC is censored. Try saying Jeremy was wrong to use racial slurs on TLC or hypocritical to use the gay slur. They'll delete it. IMDB can be ruined by trouble makers too because there is no real moderator. I think everything that is reported gets deleted. TWOP is only about what is seen on the show and not the Roloffs as a whole. They can go months without a new post.

Spiritswander said...

A lot to respond to, I'll try to address a few things here in a series of comments.

"I can hear the sweat dripping from your temples and see the vein popping from your neck. Calm down, this too shall pass..."

No sweat dripping, no veins popping :-) I welcomed the chance to have a make shift “State of the Union” item.

Obviously anytime you have a site on the internet that attracts attention, you’re going to have detractors and people that don’t like it. Particularly when things are said that some people won’t appreciate.

On the flipside, after doing some items about Amy’s charity last year, I recall receiving emails from persons who strongly disliked the Roloffs and accused the site of becoming “soft” and a “fluff site” and had lost our edge and might as well be a puppet for the Roloffs and were angry at the site for promoting the Roloffs various events and endeavors. The point is you’re never going to please everyone.

"I'm disappointed Rap is still allowed a voice and to review the episodes."


Episode reviewers were an open invitation to anyone willing to volunteer their time. It is something anyone is allowed to volunteer for. It takes work and time to watch an episode while it airs with the intention of writing a review and then submitting it for publishing in a timely fashion. We are very appreciative of the efforts of Rap and Expressed. You’ve been offered the chance to review and have not submitted your review. Heck, if Jolie wanted to write a review (as long as she followed the rules ) she could voice her opinion about the episodes and have it be featured. It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s review or not like their opinion, but to complain that they are reviewing when you are given the same option, but elect not to accept it, well, I don’t think you have much right to complain that someone isn’t going a good job if you won’t do it yourself.

Spiritswander said...

And just like all normal human beings, Matt doesn't want admit to manipulating public perception toward his point of view and Spirits Wander doesn't want to admit that he or she is doing the same."

We don’t have an agenda. Certainly not an “anti-Roloff” agenda. Our “agenda” is to provide the best Roloff related site on the internet – a sort of “one stop” site where people interested in the Roloffs could visit once a day and know they are getting all the relevant information about the Roloffs and LPBW and where they could be informed of the current “buzz” about the Roloffs and the issues and topics that people are talking about.

We pass along all information and stories, positive or negative. I don’t consider our site in competition with Matt’s sites at all. We promote the heck out of Matt’s sites. It has value. People want to hear directly from Matt and hear what he is saying.

However, I think most people recognize that you’re not going to hear everything about the Roloffs if you restrict yourself to only Matt Roloff controlled sites. I certainly don’t expect Matt to pass along stories that put the Roloffs in a negative light or something that may have contradicted something he has said. It’s a business for the Roloffs. He has no obligation to share everything that is going on when it is something he would rather not have people know or discuss.

Our site has no agenda – positive or negative, it gets featured – if we think people are interested in it, it gets published. People in general don’t like information to be censored. They want to hear whatever is going on and decide for themselves. That’s precisely what our site is about.

Additionally, I don’t look at our site as being in competition with the LPBW message board sites like IMDB or TWOP. I’m not here to knock those sites, but there are a lot of people that use the internet who are not into the whole message board environment. They don’t like searching through pages of threads and off topic conversations that sometimes happen. When people want information about a Roloff related subject they search for it on Google or another search engine. A site like ours brings it up for them. Yes, there are these comments attached to them for people to become interactive and to hear what others feel, but I don’t think it attracts all of the same type of people who use message boards. Anyone can read our site and pretty much find information about any LPBW or Roloff related subject and that was our goal.

Spiritswander said...

There has never been a single item that I have shot down and declined not to publish it because I thought it was too “pro-Roloff” or thought 'I don’t want people thinking that'. We pass it all along.

Of course I have personal opinions on some of the subjects. If it’s an issue I feel strongly about, I will interject my opinion on the information.

A good example of this is the issue for the last couple of years re: Roloffs and fan interaction online. Fans inquired how and where they could talk to the Roloffs online. We did an item about it. An overview of the Roloffs presence online re: Fan interaction. We passed along the facts of what Matt (and Jeremy) had said online about it.

Then I interjected my personal opinion. I was skeptical of them saying they rarely used computers and didn’t go online much and were simply too busy. I felt they should have been doing more to show some appreciation to their fans. That was my opinion and stated as such.

Some readers, such as Joanne, stated her opinion on the matter – she felt the Roloffs didn’t have any obligation to do anything extra. She explained her point of view well. Note that she did not say “I hate this site and it’s a waste of my time! You’re a loser and everybody on this site sucks! Stop hating on the Roloffs!!” No, she maturely explained her point of view even though it disagreed with my personal opinion on that subject. Others added their opinions on the issue.

Then when Matt began using his Fan Facebook page, we passed that information along too. I added my personal opinion to that – that I personally felt Matt was going a good thing and was impressed that he was actually using it and posting pictures, etc.

That’s a good example of how the site works.

Spiritswander said...

"I have posted before where a sentence or two was taken out of my post. Why did you just not take that last part out on Jolie's post and let it be published?"

The level of disrespect. It takes added time on my part to do that. I have a choice of approving or rejecting a comment. I have the added option of rejecting the comment and re-posting it after editing the objectionable portion out. However, that takes time. On occasion, if I felt that comment was really adding something but had one part that wasn’t able to be published, I would do that as a courtesy.

However, if someone is going to be so rude and disrespectful to write something like “this site is a waste of my time and no one should read it” – I don’t feel an obligation to put myself to work for them.

It’s the same as my previous example of walking onto someones property and proceeding to spit and smash things. Then they say 'If you don’t like me smashing things, why don’t you clean it up?' It’s ridiculous. If you don’t show maturity and respect, you’re not guaranteed to have courtesy extended to you.

Spiritswander said...

Spirits, All I have to say is “standing ovation” for Matt Roloff. If he actually did orchestrate this whole Jolie thing, brilliant. Gotta hand it to him, he really stirred up a lot of buzz. Got a lot of people talking about him, his family his show, and right before the new season premier of LPBW. Sometimes even negative press can be good. Nothing like a bit of controversy to get the people watching. Ratings will soar. Hats off to you Matt! Brilliant!

Perhaps this isn’t what you meant, but if you’re implying that that in any way upsets me, it doesn’t. Matt and those close to him may view us as the enemy working against the Roloffs, but I certainly don’t.

From maintaining the site, it’s put me in position to communicate with several people associated with the show and the Roloffs. Again, just because Matt feels a certain way, doesn’t mean you should assume everyone associated with the Roloffs or LPBW feels the same way. If they tell us information that they don’t deem to be too private, we pass that along and sometimes it contradicts Matt’s story regarding that certain issue. It’s not our goal or what we set out to do. It’s part of reporting and maintaining a site that is interesting and informative for our visitors.

I don’t think Matt or those close to Matt or those that try to win Matt’s affection by hating what Matt hates realize just how negative or “hateful” this site *could* be if that was our agenda instead of attempting to be informative and fair. We don’t need to pass along things that put the Roloffs in a good light as we do. We could leave that to Matt, but we do. And there have been certain things we decided against publishing because I deemed them to be too personal or too embarrassing to some Roloff family members.

I’ve often said the only people that make money on our site are the Roloffs and Discovery for the promotion we help provide. People have emailed asking for information about the Roloff private tours. I’ve passed along the information to them. We promote almost every event the Roloffs hold. If the site was “against” the Roloffs, the smart thing to do would have been to close the site. Anything that keeps people interested and talking about the Roloffs and the show is something that is good for their business. We’ve had many people say they’ve remained interested in the show and the Roloffs because they enjoy keeping up with this site. TLC obviously recognized that, which is why, as previously mentioned, they were very cooperative with the site and very complimentary.

"I really like the Roloff family as well that I love this blog. The Roloff are not perfect. They chose to be in the public eye so there are consequences. I like this blog because I know they tell the truth and that we can put our comment on recent news"

Thank you, Cathelitou, Shadow, Becky, C1rca etc –and all that understand what the site is about and enjoy it or have emailed about it.

Spiritswander said...

"Gotta hand it to him, he really stirred up a lot of buzz. Got a lot of people talking about him, his family his show, and right before the new season premier of LPBW. Sometimes even negative press can be good. Nothing like a bit of controversy to get the people watching. Ratings will soar."

Personally, I will be shocked if the premiere on Sept 6th (notice the plug :)) does not generate great ratings for LPBW -- and it has nothing to do with our site.

The cliffhanger ending attracted a lot of attention -- the most media attention the Roloffs have received since Matt's DUII arrest which was a ratings success.

Combine the cliffhanger hype with the more recent media news of the final season and it all points towards a ratings winner on September 6th. If it doesn't bring in strong ratings after all that attention, it will be a huge disappointment.

Rap541 said...

Ron said...
Oh yes, Matt and his staff are sitting around the room at various computers trolling the internet, logging onto blogs and forums to dispel rumors about him and his family. What a colossal waste of time. I am not sure what is more pathetic, the thought of Matt and his staff doing that or us spending our time discussing it. Who really cares?

I was away when this post was made so yeah, I'm dredging something up. Sue me.

Ron, do you know that Matt on his own forum said this?

"Yes-- I can't wait to get the 'behind the scenes' book out. One whole chapter dedicated to setting the record straight from bloggers who constantly get it wrong. Our staff has identified 5 individual bloggers that seem to always get their facts twisted. We will be responding to every single one of their accusations/hypothesis over a 4 month period of time. That is so much fun."

Matt actually outright states he has staff dedicated to finding blogs and tracking comments, all so he can, at some point, devote a great deal of time and energy to respond to them in a *book*. He's got *staff* analyzing posts for him

So clearly Matt is devoting a great deal of energy to a colossal waste of time that is somehow very very important to Matt... He's devoting an entire chapter of a book to whining about how he's right and the bloggers are wrong... and he's *talking about it* which means, Ron, its not some blogger making it up.

Clearly Matt, as you put, is pathetically using his staff to scour the net for mentions of his family. He's admitted it, and he plans to devote a book in his chapter to complaining about it.

If Matt was wise, he would realize he's the one throwing fuel on the fire. As another poster said, he can deny it all he wants but if he's writing an entire chapter of his tell all book and using his staff to track comments, he's clearly VERY bothered. Hot and bothered.

If he geniunely didn't care what "haters" thought, he wouldn't be gleefully posting about his plans to exact revenge in a tell all book.

I mean, think about it.

Moonster said...


I think people need to remember that it is entertainment. It's just a glimpse into people's lives. I think if people respectfully disagree about what the family does's fine.

People have to remember as well.. no one is perfect, especially a teenager (Jer). ..and yes, one would think that by now, he would know how to treat people and whatnot - he's still a kid in my opinion. One day he'll grow up and realize the mistakes he's made. As do we all. I don't think people should challenge his faith though - in reality, that's between him and God.
Could he be a better person? Yes, I'm sure he could be/can be. Who are we to judge?

Luckily, we don't get scrutinized for everything we do and say... I'm sure things would be different if that were the case.