Saturday, September 18, 2010

Matt Roloff to speak at Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center September 26

We received some promotion material and information to pass along to our readers from the organizers of an upcoming event featuring Matt Roloff:

Overcoming Adversity: Surviving as a Little Person in a Big World

On Sunday, September 26 at 1:00 p.m., the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center will host Matt Roloff—patriarch of the Roloff Family on TLC's reality series Little People, Big World—for a special discussion about his advocacy for the rights of little people and how he has surpassed challenges in his life. Tickets are required for this event and can be reserved by calling 847-967-4889.

This program is presented to complement the Museum’s current traveling exhibition, Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race, which examines how individuals in professions traditionally charged with healing and public good used science to help legitimize Nazi policies. It looks at the Nazi regime’s use of Eugenics theory to define, persecute and murder individuals and people of “inferior” races – Jews, Roma (Gypsies), homosexuals, the disabled, the mentally ill and other minorities, including little people – in order to “scientifically” build a German society in which the fittest “Aryans” could thrive.

Anyone that is interested in attending can visit this link for an easy way to purchase tickets (Tickets are $20) to this event:


Lynn C said...

Matt is a good choice to speak at this event as the LPBW episode with Jeremy and Zach visiting the Dachau concentration camp illustrated.

baxter said...

Holocaust Museum? I wonder if the museum is aware of this family's anti-Semetic remarks, i.e. "kike," "sleazy Jews, " etc.

I'm sure that Dana,, will try to explain this away as fun Christian tomfoolery, but it is NOT. This is OFFENSIVE to Jews.

baxter said...

I don't think so, Lynn. Just because I visited Spain does not make me Spanish. This family has been caught spewing anti-Semetism. I think they are a poor choice.

David said...

Lynn, are you kidding? I am a Jewish man.

This is yet another example of a good organization being fooled by the Roloffs image and not their actions. What is Matt's speaking fees? $5000? $7000?

I am positive that whoever booked Matt for this program were unaware that Matt's son (and his favorite kid, I was going to call him child, but he is 20 years old) Jeremy and his friends that Matt claims are wonderful kids, use nasty anti-semitic slurs to communicate and insulting phrases such as "Sleazy Jews". Along with all the other slurs Jeremy and his friends used towards the groups mentioned (gay people, people with disabilities or as the beloved Jacob Mueller put it "cross-eyed downies" and of course the lovely "N word".

For his part, Matt didn't feel that was a big enough offense make Jeremy apologize or say "I am sorry".

Instead (I assume) they are handing over $5000 or $7000 to Matt Roloff. It's a travesty.

Carol said...

David, in fairness, I have to disagree. As much as I too was offended and lost respect for Jeremy and the Roloffs when Jeremy's language of choice was revealed, I don't think that disqualifies Matt or Amy from being a valuable speaker to a cause like this. As Lynn mentioned and as the press release indicated, little people were persecuted along with jews in the Holocaust.

I agree that it highlights Jeremy's hypocrisy and how poorly and disrespectfully Matt and Amy handled the aftermath of Jeremy getting caught.

Dana said...

Oh come on. People that hate Matt and Jeremy need to stop trying to sabotage every event Matt books by drudging that up again. Shame on you, David.

Matt and Amy have vaguely referenced it. They called it "stupid" language. Teens say stupid things. I am sure Jeremy would also admit they were stupid words to use. It's nothing more than that.

The only thing I took from that whole unfortunate mess that was stirred up was that Jeremy and his friends are devoted to God and don't approve of what homosexuals do because Jeremy is committed to pleasing the laws of God and God's plan for human sexuality.

baxter said...

Earth to Dana-- no matter what spin YOU try to put on this, it is OFFENSIVE to Jewish people. Are you able to digest this?

Judy B said...

agree Lynn and Dana.

Matt will do a great job and was the perfect speaker for this important event.

People need to have thicker skin. Teens sometimes use poor choices in the words they use. That's what Jeremy did. He's not unique. Don't make a mountain out of a molehill.

It was teens using bad words to communicate. They should have found other words to use, but they didn't. However they weren't in way sending a hate message, they weren't saying let's eliminate the blacks, Jews, Mexicans from the world! As I remember, most of it was them referring to themselves as those slurs trying to sound cool and funny like stupid kids often do. As people mature, they grow out of it.

baxter said...

Judy, please refrain from telling David and I to "get a thicker skin." You are NOT Jewish I assume.

Try putting yourself in OUR places. I have no idea what religion or ethnic group you belong to, but try looking at it from a perspective known to you.

To say such things to groups who have experienced such things is pure ignorance.

Dana said...

Baxter, you and David are not doing the Jewish community any favors by trying to make an issue out of Jeremy's comments that were made when he was a teenager.

The only reason why some people won't let it die is because gays are too sensitive and they have a grudge. It does not reflect well on them that they are like that and David and yourself are not doing any favors to the Jewish community by being over sensitive.

Becky M said...

Scratching head.... don't see why Matt would have been the top choice for an event of this nature.

Switching things around, let's say conference by the NAACP was considering a speaker whose child (a public figure on a popular tv show) had used racial slurs with no public apology or service given. Yeah, no his father would not have been a top choice of anyone who had a lick of sense.

Don't see Mel Gibson being considered either...

Anne said...

I don't see a problem with Matt being a speaker for this. They are incorporating different groups that were victims of the Halocaust. LP are among them.

Realistically, what other LP speaker would you contact other than Matt or Amy?

Jade said...

Matt will give a great speech. He will reference how going to Dachau affected Zach to realize he would have been tortured and murdered too.

People shouldn't bring up the Jeremy thing at every corner. I'm sure he's embarrassed about it. Like Matt said, let it go and focus on positive topics, like Matt speaking about this good event.

Shadow said...

" I am sure Jeremy would also admit they were stupid words to use."

Ah, but there's the rub. Jeremy has NEVER admitted or apologized for ANYTHING. Perhaps if he did, this issue would lessen in significance. Until he does, we have to assume that he still believes that the language he used was appropriate and that we're all just "too" PC (amusing, considering how Daddy spends all his time berating the world for using the "wrong" words to describe him). But I guess Matt should just get a thicker skin, y'know?

baxter said...

Dana, you STUPID, IGNORANT IDIOT...Jews and homosexual are NOT interchangeable,.

My Lord, but you are a dumbell. And you're not Christian either.

Rap541 said...

I am sure Jeremy would also admit they were stupid words to use.

Where has he done so?

Oh right, he's not man enough to speak for himself because Matt makes all his decisions for him. Since he's still a manboy.

The important thing is that Jeremy certainly has never expressed any regret over his nasty racist comments. He's a grown up. I doubt TLC would sue him.

Oh and Dana - stop twisting arguments. Yes, it is still offensive that you and Jeremy hate homosexuals and think Jesus blesses your namecalling hate, but thats not the issue here.

The issue is Jeremy and his friends using the terms "kike" and "sleazy jew" to reference *Jewish* people. You seem to need this spelled out so let me explain, Dana.

Dana - Jewish people are NOT homosexuals. Jeremy does not have a Jesus blessed right to use racial slurs about *Jewish* people.

Jewish does not mean homosexual. Jeremy and his friends used racial slurs like "kike" and "sleazy jew". There are no "wassup kike" or "hey sleazy jew" friendly usages. Jewish people think these words are offensive.

I *highly* doubt Matt will start his diversity speech with "Hey kikes and sleazy jews! My son says this is how all the cool kids talk now" - and really, until Jeremy grows some balls and speaks for himself on the topic, yes, people are going to continue to bring up how he and his friends using ethnic slurs against Jews and his daddy does diversity speeches at Holocaust museums.

Jeremy really should think about how his family would have gone into the camps with "the kikes and sleazy jews" when he and his friends uses such nasty words.

But he's a shallow rude little boy in a man's body who still isn't trusted to speak for himself. Considering his witless inability to not use ethnic slurs, I can see why Matt won't let the big boy do an interview without special handlers.

baxter said...

Right on, Shadow. By their (il)logic, midget Matt should grow a thicker skin too.

And I doubt that dolt Jermey would admit in private something he'd refuse to do for PR sake alone, in public. But all the time professing to follow that well-known kike and sleazy Jew, Jesus.

Sheri said...

It's sad how hateful negative people can take a positive subject like this and turn it ugly.

You should all follow Matt's advice and focus on the positive.

baxter said...

Matt's "advice" is shallow since he himself has proven to be a liar and quite negative himself. Therefore, why should anyone follow it?

You are naive if you think otherwise. BTW, I have a bridge that's for sale. Interested?

Rap541 said...

You should all follow Matt's advice and focus on the positive.

Which of course is why Matt's stated book plans including devoting an entire chapter of his upcoming tell all book to "hater blogs". That's why he's got his staff gathering and analyzing blog entries.

Because he's focusing on the *positive*. ;)

Vic Rattlehead said...

Why would they invite someone like Matt to speak about something he knows nothing about when there are people who actually survived the holocaust like Elie Wiesel that could be so much more enlightening on the subject?.

The answer is simple: Matt has created this image of being someone who is so concerned with the suffering of others (which is the biggest crock I've ever heard) and so full of compassion for those who are different (as long as they are different in the way he is) that he's fooled an organization that is dedicated to educating people (something that he and Amy obviously don't believe in judging by the sorry standards of that joke of a school they send their kids to) about the dangers of hatred and bigotry into believing that he cares about the holocaust when he doesn't.

Em said...

Vic, I think most of your post is accurate, but it's a little too much to say that Matt doesn't care about the holocaust.

Matt might be hypocritical and doesn't tell the truth about a lot of things, but he's not a monster or an evil person.

Rap541 said...

"Why would they invite someone like Matt to speak about something he knows nothing about when there are people who actually survived the holocaust like Elie Wiesel that could be so much more enlightening on the subject?."

In fairness, Elie Wiesel probably costs more, and WW2 did end in 1945. A 20 year old survivor would now be 85. A five year year old survivor would be 70. They're not so easy to find.

Second, dwarfs (along with gays, and gypsies,and Russians and pretty much anyone not germanic caucasion) were targeted by the Nazis. Thats part of why Jeremy - member of a dwarf family, should understand that it is just a hop skip and a jump from his family being namecalled to his family being slaughtered for their genetic issues.

Thats why name calling is wrong. Its a gateway to violence and thats why, while it can be forgiven, it shouldn't be excused or worse, praised.

Vic Rattlehead said...

While I don't think that Matt is an evil man it is exceptionally hypocritical to be giving one of his little talks about inclusion and diversity at a place dedicated to the memory of those six million innocent people who were so cold bloodedly murdered by the Nazis when his ignorant son (Jeremy) spews homophobic racist and ignorant language in so called "innocent conversations" with his equally ignorant friends.

Matt should leave these types of engagements to those who actually understand real persecution and violence because of their being different.

Matt & Jeremy obviously don't comprehend that intolerance be it homophobia or racism are the first stepping stones to horrific acts of violence and brutality done in the name of purging those who are "inferior" from society for whatever imagined reason that can be justified by the mob. "The work of a thousand wise men can be all but undone by the words and actions of a few fools"

Anonymous said...

You should all follow Matt's advice and focus on the positive.


BeckyM said...

Vic Rattlehead - agree. People who think this stuff is "innocent" really don't understand how "namecalling" transitions into a beating, or even political agendas.

ntvnat said...

Matt likens himself to the suffering Jews during the WW? What an egomaniac he is! He literally repulses me.

Matt, Amy and Zach's life the past 6 insufferable seasons is NOT the way *everyday* LP live.

Matt's a inhuman con artist.

Deb said...

Matt is the speaker. Not Jeremy. I think it's ok.