Monday, September 13, 2010

Matt Roloff You Tube Video

Here is Matt's video message he has been promising. It was too big for Facebook, so he put it on You Tube.


Judy said...

Great! Thanks Matt!

Susan said...

In the best interest of the family, I honestly feel they made a big mistake by not sticking to the mindset that it was their 15 minutes of fame.

Trying to make a career out of being a celebrity is the wrong move, especially for the kids.

Brandon said...

"Many of you have said you feel like we've become part of your family. We feel the same way about you."

Yeah, family always charges family $300 for thirty minutes and behind their backs say they suck the unsuckable and calls them losers and to go die b*tch like the Roloffs and their friends are known for.

Shadow said...

Amy and I are very, very pleased that this journey...has been so rewarding to us.

Matt speaks the truth! LOL...

Annette said...

Susan, Why would you begrudge any of the Roloffs the means to make a living? Matt said that everyone in the family has diverse interests and goals and being on camera is not necessarily the objective. But why would continuing to work in the TV or entertainment industry somehow be inappropriate? There are many different types of jobs in that industry. Do you begrudge all celebrities in this way, or just the Roloffs? I wonder, would you, Brandon, or Shadow have a different feeling about the rewards and lifestyle the Roloffs receive from their work in TV if they were of average height? Other Reality TV stars who go on to model, continue to work in areas of TV, write books, do speaking tours don't seem to get the biased treatment I see here.

Rap541 said...

Annette - in all seriousness, wasn't the point of the entire show that people who are LP don't need special treatment and special jobs in order to make a living?

Are you suggesting that Matt and Amy, as LPs, can't make a decent living and must sell their privacy and display themselves for money?

Kate Gosselin, the Duggars, the dude on Cake Boss, all average height, all media whores (kate even defends herself as needing to sell her kids privacy to put food on the table)

If the story Matt and Amy are now telling (and to be fair, its Annette telling this tale) is that they simply can't make a living as LPs due to discrimination unless they degrade themselves on reality tv.... then really, the entire point of this show vanishes.

And suggesting that people who find fault in the Roloffs must hate little people is pretty ignorant, Annette. I dislike people based on the content of their character. I have worked with little people who were awesome. I have worked with little people who, like average height people, like to goof off and get away with stuff. They're just like average heights.... and that means not every act of the Roloffs is saintly because they are LP.

I'm also on record noting that matt's an attention whore. I know plenty of celebs of average height (Richard Hatch, Aaron Douglas) who I would say the same thing of.

Susan said...

Annette, it is ignorant of you to suggest I discriminate against lp because I said being a career celebrity is the wrong move, especially for kids.

Being a career celebrity does not earn my respect. In my value system, being a celebrity is not honorable just by itself. I'm not in awe of Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie because they've made careers out of being a celebrity. I'm more interested in good people.

I agreed with Amy when she used to say "we don't follow tv, tv follows us". But that's not what ended up happening. Instead of living their lives and being normal people, being celebrities became their lives.

That's why Jeremy and Zach still haven't developed any work ethic. They haven't learned all those important lessons that teenagers who work part time jobs need to learn that develop character. They've learned they get paid because their last name is Roloff and people give them things because they're special.

It's a horrible lesson for kids. I cringe everytime Matt says something about Molly helping with the "online" store.

Is there a worse lesson to teach kids if you're attempting to raise kids to be decent and humble people, than to teach them that people will buy their dirt? Seriously. That people will pay them to speak to them? It's very damaging. That's why so many kids that are raised in that environment eventually end up in so much trouble.

Matt and Amy aren't helping their kids to be better people by trying to live off being a celebrity.

Annette said...

Rap, It is interesting how you skew and twist my meaning to fit your skewed and twisted perspective. I get that you believe Matt is an ‘attention whore’ Even if that is the case; I am not sure why you have a problem with it, but oh well. What I don’t understand is why anyone has even a small problem with any of the Roloffs continuing in the TV and entertainment industry to make a living? What really is the big problem here? The reality show opportunity came into their lives and now more opportunity is coming their way. Short , tall, it doesn’t matter, why is it a problem for them to jump on any opportunity that may interest them? Why is it a crime for them to take advantage of what opportunities come their way? Why begrudge them what everyone wants to have, a well paying, interesting, fun and rewarding career? And why is it, at least for some people here, distasteful for Matt and Amy to enjoy the rewards of their journey? Everyone’s goal is to enjoy their journey and the rewards that it brings.

Rap, you wrote: “If the story Matt and Amy are now telling (and to be fair, its Annette telling this tale) is that they simply can't make a living as LPs due to discrimination unless they degrade themselves on reality tv.... then really, the entire point of this show vanishes.” Matt and Amy are NOT telling this story. This is your made up pile of dog crap. Why did you even write this paragraph? It is an absolute total fabrication. This is not even an acceptable statement based on my words and questions so why you mindlessly wrote gossip like this (even with that weak disclaimer in parentheses) is a testament to your total lack in understanding the responsibility of truth telling. This kind of BS is exactly how erroneous information gets disseminated. And FYI Rap, you really should consider that you yourself are an ‘attention whore.’ Isn’t that why you’re here in the first place? Isn’t that your real mission? To commentate and stir up gossip in order to get people to pay attention to you and what you have to say?

Jason said...

Annette, because celebrities suck. They are spoiled and the most self-asorbed people you can ever meet. There are very few exceptions. Their whole lifestyle is all so selfish and disgusting.

Then some of them like the Roloffs, try to convince themselves they are living "for God". What a joke.

I'm so not surpised Matt and Jeremy are trying hard to milk their LPBW celebrity.

Rap541 said...

To be honest Annette, I am geniunely offended that you think "Susan must dislike little people" based on her well thought opinion.

I see no one judging the roloffs as "little people" and the fact that you throw that accusation out is ignorant. Explain why. Why do you think people who don't think the Roloffs are good parents for displaying their children have a problem with little people being successful?

" I wonder, would you, Brandon, or Shadow have a different feeling about the rewards and lifestyle the Roloffs receive from their work in TV if they were of average height?"

What did you mean by this if you weren't publically suggesting that Susan, Brandon and Shadow weren't bigots against LPs? Why did the Roloffs medical condition even get mentioned if you weren't suggesting bigotry?

Come on Annette. Were you saying Susan, Shadow and Brandon are bigots or not?

I mean, it's pretty obvious what you mean... what did you mean if you weren't suggesting that these people were somehow angry that little people were successful?

Em said...

Annette, I don't agree with what it sounds like your priorities are. I agree with Susan.

I don't think life is about how many "fans" you have or how much you can charge people and still have them buy what you're selling or how many freebies you can get because you're "famous". I don't think being famous makes someone a good person. It's usually the opposite, imo.

It seems like the less famous someone, the nicer and more down to earth a person is.

Look at Jeremy. There's so many instances of him getting caught trashing people or being smug or a snob to people.

I think the big question is not about how much money they have made or can make or how many cars they can own, but are the kids nicer people for doing the show? I think the answer to that is definitely not.

I find it really hard to believe the Roloffs are Christian. Not that being Christian makes someone moral and kind, but it's just that everything I think the Bible teaches, the Roloffs go against. They are all about fame and celebrity and money and materialism and doing whatever you can to make a buck. That's not what I was taught how a Christian should live life.

I think they would have been much nicer people if they weren't celebrities and weren't trying to stay celebrities.

kia said...

how can they make a media career job out of fort building?

and roloffs animated? like a kids show? i dont think the roloffs are popular enough to have an animated show about themselves.

Slayer Fan said...


I'll let you in on a little secret about reality TV: it's all fake, what you see on Reality TV isn't real it's all a contrived and idealized version of reality, a reality that doesn't and will never exist, a reality that is designed to fool you and make you feel small and insignificant.

You have the choice to believe it and live in a dream world or to see it for what it really is...A Grand Illusion.

Those who seek fame for the sake of being famous are not famous they are opportunistic attention seekers who are willing to do what ever it takes to attain "fame" even if it means selling the privacy of others (children) losing personal relationships and alienating all those around them.

What the Roloffs have been enjoying for the past several years is not true fame but a form of infamy where one is remembered not so much for what they've done or created but simply for being famous.

They will be forgotten in a year or two and that's what scares Matt the most.

Jake said...

The thing I find most annoying about the Roloffs is how they always act like they are doing people a service by getting rich off their celebrity fame.

It's all about money. They should be honest, but the Roloffs always talk like they are allowing it to happen to benefit people who help make them rich.

Susan said...

Slayer, your post is totally out of left field.

Heather said...

I agree that celebrity can affect a person, but I don't agree that being a celebrity is an inherently negative thing. I think a huge influence on celebrities is not the Fame in their mind, but in the minds of the people who encounter them. Celebrities are treated differently by non celebrities and it makes it difficult for the celebrity to know what is real. Who can they trust? How do they navigate relationships? It would be very difficult because people start to want things from them. They want to get close to a celebrity for their own status, that would be weird to have that happen to you, think about it. I think most times when celebrities become stand offish or appear arrogant it is actually them trying to guard themselves or their family from people with unknown motives and intentions.

Christine said...

Heather, I honestly don't believe that. Every celebrity thinks they don't change. Have you ever heard a celebrity say "oh yeah, I became a real stuck up jerk since I got all the attention money."

No, the person themselves never think they change for the worse.

I don't excuse celebrities for changing, but I understand it. It's very hard for someone to have so many people who become "yes men", and who suck up to them or give them special treatment just because of who they are, and not let it go to their heads.

Stories like the one about Jeremy and Zach on the cruise are very revealing. When celebrities get treated a certain way they begin to think they are way up there and the rest of the people are below them or less than they are as people.