Sunday, September 5, 2010

Previews for Season 6 of Little People, Big World

Tomorrow (Sept 6th) is the big day - the premiere of Season 6 of Little People, Big World. TLC released some written previews for the new season and some video clips.

Sep 06, 8:00 pm

(30 minutes) Little People, Big World (Season 6)
Little Pain, Little Gain

As Matt recovers from a vertigo collapse, he realizes that he's got to do something about his health before it's too late. Alarmed by Matt's scare, Amy gets herself checked out and discovers that she's clinically obese.

Sep 06, 8:30 pm

(30 minutes) Little People, Big World (Season 6)
Everything Must Go!

The Roloffs have reached max capacity - there is literally no place left to store their junk. Matt decides to have a big Roloff garage sale, but is met with resistance by the whole family.

Sep 13, 8:00 pm

(30 minutes)
Little People, Big World (Season 6)
All Talked Out

Matt and Amy's hectic public speaking schedules take their toll on the family. The Roloffs are used to Matt being gone, but when Amy's travel takes her away for weeks at a time, it throws the family out of whack.

Sep 13, 8:30 pm

(30 minutes)
Remind Me Little People, Big World (Season 6)
On the Road with Matt and Zach

Zach and Matt have their differences - and that's putting it mildly. Matt realizes it's time to reconcile with Zach, so he takes him on a road trip. Will father and son find enough common ground to mend their broken relationship?

Matt's collapse:

Amy is a "hoarder"

Matt gives Zach fatherly advice about getting a job:

Matt the Party Animal:


Dana said...

TLC's previews always mislead and exaggerates, but it's disappointing that Zach hasn't matured yet and doesn't reflect upon how poorly he treats Matt. He should start counting his blessings how lucky he is to have Matt as his father.

"Reconcile" with Zach? You would think Zach was abused or Matt was a dead beat dad with that kind of description!

It's disappointing because Zach has a good example of how to show respect to his dad in Jeremy. Thank God that Matt has Jeremy.

Susan said...

The sad part about the "Fatherly Advice" clip is that conversation usually comes when the kid is 15 or 16.

Proof that the show has been detrimental to the development of Jeremy and Zach.

Dana, that's your opinion. I think one of Zach's better qualities is that he does call Matt out on the stuff he pulls. Sometimes it is too much disrespect, but sometimes it is warranted.

As for Jeremy, he's in it for himself. He loves anybody that spoils him and gives him treats. He knows that sucking up to Matt earns him rewards.

Jeremy is also not stupid when it comes to being on camera. I guess I don't need to ask if you buy Jeremy's dramatic speeches about how when he's struggling he looks to Matt and finds inspiration deep within his soul, then and only then does he find the strength to carry on....Give me a break if you think Jeremy really thinks and talks that way. He knows what earns him praise and what sounds warm and fuzzy.

Michelle said...

Not another "met with resistance by the whole family."...

Expressed said...

You can never trust the previews, but doesn't sound like there is a lot of Jeremy in these episodes :)

Amy is clincally obese?? She doesn't look like it.

Most of the things in these previews were all filmed recently, things Matt mentioned on his facebook this summer, except for his fall of course, that was two summers ago (2009).

Chris said...

The clips should be inter-mingled. Matt's fatherly advice to Jeremy was probably about partying and drinking... ;)

I hope just once, before the series end they come clean and admit that Jeremy and his "buds" aren't so sweet and innocent. Just once, finally admit it!

Deb said...

Rocky is looking old.

Lynn C said...

Love the old picture Amy found. Going through old stuff can be scary sometimes when you find old photos!

Diane said...

I hope they don't try to make it look like Matt's skydiving happened the week after his dizzy spell.

It was over a year between those two things!

Betty said...

Susan, I know that I have currently had similar conversations with my kids (17 & 20) and many times in the past starting when they were 14 or 15. It isn't like you have a talk with them about how to best present yourself for employment and then, check, that's done. I am sure they have heard that speech many times before in one way or another. You saying that it is proof of anything is just plain stupid.

Chloe said...

Can anybody believe that was real? Molly yelling "father?" Give me a break!