Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Television Ratings for Little People, Big World - Sept 13, 2010

In this weeks television ratings for LPBW there was a bit of a difference between the two episodes, although the 8:30pm episode does usually receive a slightly higher ratings. As expected, ratings did drop from the premiere week.

Sept 13
LPBW: 8pm - All Talked out = 1.319 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - On The Road with Matt and Zach = 1.614 million viewers

Sept 6
LPBW: 8pm -Little Pain, Little Gain = 1.753 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - Everything Must Go = 1.791 million viewers

And for those that want to monitor Kate Gosselin's show.....

Kate Plus 8 - 9pm - 1.415 million viewers

We also receive inquiries about TLC's 19 Kids and counting

Tuesday: 19 Kids and Counting - 9pm - 1.699 million viewers


Expressed said...

Hm. How weird.

Since the second episode did better than Kate Plus 8, you can't even say it was because of the Kate crowd tuning in early.

What do we conclude? Amy speaking is boring to watch, but people want to see Zach and Matt fight?

Justin said...

Matt probably is furious that Kate Gosselin is making more money considering Kate's show is tanking (although it did better than the 8:00 LPBW episode).

I bet the cancellation did have something to do with the Roloffs getting too ridiculous in their $ demands.

Timothy said...

Once again it proves how being lazy bit TLC in the butt.

Three years ago they used to get great ratings for Monday night. They stuck with the same old same old (Minus Jon) and now they get mid 1s.

got2fume said...

Looks like the rest of this season the ratings will hover around 1.321

Bob said...

Both shows are well past their expiration dates and should have been dumped long ago.

Jan said...

The Duggars beat both the Roloffs and Kate Gosselin?