Monday, September 27, 2010

TLC: Little People, Big World Extra video clip: Matt and Zach Roloff talk about Saja

TLC has a video of an extra scene not televised during the episode that featured Matt and Zach on a road trip. In the truck, they discuss Saja's passing.

It's a bit surprising to hear how little Zach knew about Saja (if she passed away in Iraq or in the U.S.) considering that many fans were following Saja's plight at the hospital on Facebook pages dedicated to her and the Salman family.


Carol said...

It wasn't just Zach, Spirits. Matt didn't even know what happened. I knew from reading the news on here. It was complications after surgery involving her trachea and her tongue.

Ashley said...

Matt's hearing is really bad. Zach wasn't that hard to understand.

English = sequence?

David said...

I'm not surprised. The Roloffs don't truly care about anybody unless they can get money out of them or get good P.R from them which in turn equates to money.