Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Video: Roloff family welcomes Make A Wish Foundation

The Roloffs hosted a young a boy through the Make-A-Wish Foundation whose dream it was to come to the Roloff Farm and play soccer.

A Portland TV show filmed the visit and released it on You Tube.


Sheri said...

Thank you. This proves once again what a caring family and wonderful people the Roloffs are despite what the naysayers say.

Before anyone says it, when the host was talking to Matt, that was Jeremy driving the same family arund on the ATV. I anticipate the Jeremy detractors commenting that Jeremy was not shown on camera in the little soccer game.

God Bless that boy, his family and the Roloffs.

Susan said...

Wow, I am sorry, but I don't agree with this.

Let me clarify. Make a wish is a great thing. I'm glad the Roloffs are involved (although anyone with a heart would if asked).

But I am very put off by the attention the Roloffs receive for it. Are the Roloffs to blame for it? Maybe, maybe not, I don't know.

But I do know this is about the 4th or 5th time that the Roloffs have either had their Make A Wish visits filmed or had newspaper writers in document it and write articles about it.

I don't like it at all. It's like, "Look at us! Hey everybody! Look at what wonderful people we are!"

Charity and good deeds are not supposed to be about receiving good publicity for yourselves.

Why did a television show film this? Why did another Portland affiliate film another visit for their segment last year? Why did one of the Pregon newspapers visit the farm for an article on the exact day of another "Wish" visit?

The kids are always too shy and nervous to like or enjoy the cameras being there. It's hard emotionally on the parents to talk about it.

In my opinion, it's all about personal "Look at me" publicity.

The link for the Roloff family website is very tacky. They are using ill children as an opportunity for personal promotion. And that's how I feel.

Mike P. said...

Susan: I absolutely agree with you.

Charity is most sincerely done IN PRIVATE. Quietly. Anonymously.

Roloff has never done this, nor has his wife. Their grandstanding appalls me.

Janet said...

I think the deed is what is important, not whether the public knows about it or not. The Roloffs gave of some of their time and Timothy got his wish. That's what matters.

I doubt the Roloffs contact the media to publicize these M.A.W trips. It could be initiated by the Make a Wish Foundation to bring more publicity to the foundation.

JustSayin' said...

You do realize that when a kid from the Make a Wish Foundation goes to see a celebrity, there's often some kind of article or news clip about it, right? And you also can't judge what the Roloffs intentions were. It is ridiculous for you to try to give reasons why the Roloffs do what they do. You don't know all that they know, nor are you in their situation(s), nor are you THEM! Part of not bearing false witness is giving people the benefit of the doubt. This applies to all people. I assume that none of you know the Roloffs personally, so you really do need to give them that benefit. We are on the outside looking in on moments of their lives. We don't have the full picture. Why can't you just comment on what you did or didn't like and why? It's really no one's place to pass judgement on them so harshly.

Greg said...

There are many of Make A Wish wishes granted where the "celebrity" chooses not to receive publicity for it.

mythoughtis said...

There are many celebrities (Nascar comes to mind) where the 'event' is filmed. Did you ever think that the filming is part of the 'event' for the child? The reason the child picked the Roloffs is because of the Roloff's celebrity, and their TV show. If some of the footage gets on the show, it will be a highlight for that child. As is the newspaper coverage.

Susan said...

Thanks, Mike P.

"If some of the footage gets on the show, it will be a highlight for that child"

I don't believe that to be the case. Most times the child is too shy/too sick to want anything to do with television cameras. If I recall correctly, I don't remember any of the children that the media has done stories on with the Roloffs have ever been heard on camera or looked like they enjoyed the extra attention. The dream is meeting the celebrity, not being on the news as the sick kid visiting said celebrity, in my opinion.

Mike P. said...

I think the larger problem is that Roloff is utterly tone-deaf, and that he believes his own publicity (which he apparently writes). He has all but destroyed the show.

Think back. What was once a sweet and charming show about an unusual family is now, since Roloff has taken control of its content, a show about quarreling, rivalry, fake dilemma and manipulative cliff-hanger endings.

Seriously. Next time there's a Roloff marathon (unlikely now), be sure to catch the early episodes: you will be astonished by how light and lovely and engaging the show once was, compared to what it is now.

Roloff owns a Saturday-morning, nail-biting, cliff-hanging view of what the show should be, and thinks that the public agrees. He thinks the public responds most favorably to conflict, and so he's thrown conflict by the gallon into his show. Worse, he portrays himself as a hero, a clear-eyed, self-made man of wisdom beset by a fool wife and stupid children (Jeremy excluded), and small-minded others--such as neighbors, police and county planners. And he bolsters all this fantasy with extravagant gestures of charity, orchestrated by himself and his wife.

But it's all cardboard, to significant numbers of viewers. Roloff expects us to be engaged by his heroics, by the spitting and clawing within his marriage, and by the absolute tomfoolery of his older children, but in his tone-deaf self-absorption doesn't see that our jaws simply drop. The show is a ruin as a result.

Maybe it's just me. I distrust public charity, and since Roloff first publicly used another person for his own purposes (the dwarf orphan whose obviously uncomfortable adoption he arranged and who was never mentioned again), I've seen him a crass manipulator and as an object of suspicion. I have not yet been proved wrong.

ntvnat said...

Susan, Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie are the SAME way. They don't do *any* charity work w/out tooting their own horns about it before, during and after. A rather half-hearted effort from the equally as phony Roloff family. In fact, I will go as far to say they're doing only FOR the attention!