Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jeremy Roloff and friends made a You Tube video

If you're looking up "Roloff" on You Tube, you might find a new video from a username called:
"Production Barn" with the title: Songor:The Birth - OFFICIAL TRAILER -- You Loved Songor in the Garage and now it's coming to the big screen..... A creature from the depths lurking peacefully in the mines of Helvetia until one day someone disturbs it.....

Apparently that is Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller. They tagged it with all the Little People, Big World and Roloff related tags so they obviously want to be noticed.

Friends have filled us in on the details which is somewhat of a joke. As the story goes that we were told from a friend: A few days ago Jeremy took a video on his iPhone in the Roloff garage (hence "you loved Songor in the Garage") that featured Jeremy recording on his phone. Depending on your opinion it was either hilariously funny or stupid. It was just a normal iPhone camera video of Mueller doubling over in laughter while Daniel Meichtry did some flexing and growling -- it was described to us as Dan doing a cross between impressions of "Wolverine" and the "Incredible Hulk". It ended with Jeremy panning to Rocky on the floor licking his butt...

Apparently for fun they built on the idea of Dan freaking out, did a "trailer" and posted it. The You Tube video of course features Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller as "two locals" and the scary Daniel Meichtry in character from the cell phone video in the garage.

Edit: They have since removed all the Roloff and LPBW related tags. They were originally included, though.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amy Roloff Photoshoot with Levy Moroshan Photography

Amy Roloff did a photoshoot recently with a photographer from Oregon -- Levy Moroshan Photography.

They posted some pictures from the photoshoot along with some comments about how it came together on the Levy Moroshan Facebook Fan Page.

October 11th

Levy Moroshan Photography: Just wrapped on a shoot with Amy J Roloff at the Aurora Airport! Some of you might recognize the plane! Hair and makeup courtesy of Chantel Pomeroy and assisting me was Filon Moroshan! I'll be getting some of those images up in a few days! They are soooo cool!

Amy Roloff: Levy the shoot was a whole lot of fun. Can't wait to see the pics. The whole theme was awesome. Different, you know like me. Thats what I wanted. You are great to work with.

Amy Roloff: Chantel, thanks for being there too. You made me still like my hair :) Thanks for making me look better then I could. Good time. My Jeremy would have loved to be there since he is into photography - good eye - and loves your car too Levy.

Levy Moroshan Photography: Thanks everyone! Chantel did a fantastic job! Got the look I was going for. Amy, it was my pleasure to be able and put this shoot together! I'm thrilled you loved the idea and just let us go our thing! :) I've already got some ideas for the next shoot! I'll email you! :)

October 26th:

Levy Moroshan Photography: It was a fantastic shoot! Plus I've got one more with her. Kaja, I did a shoot for the shows producer a couple months ago and Amy saw the images. She then contacted me to set up a couple shoots for her that look different then all the stuff she'd had done before. Next one's really going to pop!

Amy Roloff: I love working with you Levy. Thanks so much. You make me look good. Can't wait til we do it again! :)

You can see more pictures from the photoshoot on the Levy Moroshan Facebook Fan Page or you can also visit their website:

Matt and Jeremy Roloff sighting in Hollywood

After Matt's Facebook posts that he was going to Los Angeles : "Long day in the rain. Now packed and ready to jump up at 4am to catch 6:00 flight to LA. Lots to do.. Sign nondisclosures here ...reversion agreements over there.... meet with lawyers, producers, network execs and sales team and even composers. 3 days of fun and excitement"

There have been some random Matt and Jeremy sightings in Hollywood:

"Just saw Matt and Jeremy Roloff sightseeing in Hollywood!!!!"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World - Oct 25

Our guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong to Expressed.


Written by Expressed

*Matt is driving out to the middle of nowhere...also known as some people's property in Washington state. These people have a giant replica of Noah's Ark. It's Matt's dream. Matt is in awe. Is it bad that I'm always thinking of how they must really film this stuff? I wonder if this is one of those cases where Matt looks at it, they go back out, the camera crew stays inside and Matt acts like he walks in for the first time.

*It's a giant boat. The problem is how to get it out of the old barn it's in and how to tow it back to the Roloff farm. The lady asks if Amy knows about it, Matt says no. Surprise!

*Back at the office, Matt is telling Amy and Jeremy about it. Jeremy looks amused. Amy doesn't like it. They talk about cost? What, it's not a freebie? Oh, Matt says it's free, I guess it's the cost of having the professionals tow it back.

*Matt tells Amy he will kill the project if Amy says kill it. Amy says kill it. Hm. Amy has a change of heart and comes back to talk to Matt about. This seems fake. Amy tells Matt to get the Ark to the farm. Matt says he finally wore her down.

*Matt, Jer, Zach and some of their friends and I think some pros come to tear the old barn down where the boat is sitting in. I didn't think of that. I guess the people didn't want the barn! Jeremy predicts the barn will collapse because it's so rotten. Matt begins demolishing it. Jeremy is right! Basically it all falls in on the boat, but just falls off.

*Back at the office, Matt tells Amy and Jer that he wants 2 of every animal for his Ark. He's going to have a petting zoo (that turns out to be pumpkin season). Amy doesn't know when Matt is serious and when he's kidding.

*Jake comes with Matt to watch professionals tow the boat back. Jake predicts something will go wrong. I don't, because there's professionals there. But it would have been more fun to watch if it was all Matt! :) There's a dramatic shot of the boat approaching going under a bridge, it looks like it might be too high, but it makes it.

*I think this whole episode is more guy stuff. I'm not interested, but I have an uncle that would love all this kind of stuff, how they construct and transport all this stuff. But it's not my cup of tea..

*Amy and Molly are on the porch when the Ark arrives. Amy doesn't look happy. She tells Molly that Matt has no boundries.

*Intense scene alert! Amy arrives home (still in the van) with Jake and there is some county guy on the property, his truck is parked outside of the gate. Amy goes nuts! She starts yelling at the guy about why he's tresspassing. They guy won't answer her and tries to leave. She wants his name and all that. He won't give it to her. She wants his camera that he was taking pictures with. He won't give it to her.

*I don't get this. Don't the government and safety inspector have ways to do whatever they want? Why didn't the guy just give her his card? Maybe he was intimidated by Amy because she was PISSED and I mean scary pissed. It's pretty stupid for the guy to try and leave when he's on camera. But it's not over! Amy calls Matt. The guy is trying to leave. Amy is walking ahead of him trying to block him. It's kind of amusing to watch this guy try to run past Amy. The guy wants to talk to Matt on Amy's cell phone but Amy won't let him. The guy makes his move and darts past Amy! He jumps through the fence, but Amy is on his heels! Amy jumps into his truck!!!! He pushes a little bit but not too much. Amy calls 911.

*One thing this show is the side of Amy we don't always see. She is scary when she gets angry! Amy says she becomes a Mother Bear (I guess that's where Jeremy got that saying from) when she thinks her kids or home is in danger! I kind of see why Amy was upset, but I wouldn't call it "danger". But Amy basically went psycho. I think Jeremy's, Zach's, Jacob's future wives will have nightmares if they saw this side of Amy and Molly's future husband too! If Amy feels threatened she goes psycho!

*The officer from the Sheriff's office arrives. He sounds scared of Amy too. The county guy did manage to leave. Amy says it's tresspassing. The Sheriff says it's not, because his understanding is the county don't always tell people they're coming because it would give the people the "head's up" to fix or hide anything. That does make sense. But Amy thinks the officer doesn't understand her. She's mad. The officer looks intimidated, he tells Amy's he's not saying the guy was right.

*Matt arrives. Matt doesn't seem half as upset as Amy so I kind of wonder if Matt knew the inspector guy would be coming, I still don't get why the guy didn't just give Amy is card and tell him why he was there and that he was allowed. Maybe he wasn't and that's why he was trying to run away. I don't know, something seems weird about it. Anyway, Matt didn't seem mad, he was just happy Amy was on his side and is pissed at someone other than him!

*Not another word is said about this confrontation between Amy and the county guy and no explanation is given so that kind of makes me think he was allowed to be there or else I think they would have included something about how they got the guy arrested or fined or whatever.

*Amy and Matt are looking at the Ark on the farm, all happy. Amy says it's like a garage sale, you just take stuff other people don't want. Matt says it's his finest work... Amy says he didn't do anything, he just had it towed to the farm.

End of episode

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541: Little People, Big World Oct 25

The guest reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements belong to Rap541.
Written by Rap541

Little Noah
Matt pulls off a minor logistical miracle transporting an oversized replica of Noah's Ark to the farm. Amy is dead-set against it, but when a government official trespasses to investigate the giant attraction, she defends the project and her property.

So to be clear, Matt didn't make the Ark, and Amy hates the idea which means I easily predict that we'll get several scenes where Matt whines and moans about how awesome his idea is and how Amy needs to get with his mindset. I also predict that that the government official aspect will be relatively minor.


Episode begins: Noah’s Ark

So Matt is at Mt. Rainer and he’s all about a free Noah’s Ark. He checks it out because it’s a dream to make Noah’s ark. In fairness, the ark is pre made and not really an ark but a large boat. Matt is impressed by the ark but is perplexed by how to move it. Apparently this may entail destroying the barn the ark is in. Matt of course is all yeah and of course Amy isn’t in the know.

Matt tells Amy about the Ark. Amy asks on price and permits and hay bales how Matt rarely thinks about the financial end. Matt notes how its free and Amy is being dumb because its free. Because being free trumps all. Point - just because it’s free, that doesn’t make it a good thing. Amy wants to kill the plan. Matt says if Amy says she wants it killed, he will. She says “kill it.” Matt whines how the Ark is over and how he’s not laying a guilt trip. I respectfully point out how obvious it is that Amy being in disagreement will never deter Matt.

Amy hay bales about the ark. She’s trying to work with Matt and Matt is all passive aggressive about it. Amy notes that Matt doesn’t settle for the first no. Matt hay bales how right he was to wear her down.

So Matt gets his way, as the child he is, and he’s all about tearing down the barn so it won’t destroy the ark. Personally I would have liked more description as to why people built an ark. I mean, its not as though Matt himself built the ark, he’s just taking it. Why did these people go to the bother of building an ark? That is a story. The barn collapsed on the ark as Zach and Jeremy watch. Matt hay bales how awesome it was and it is all “mission accomplished!” He tells Amy how he plans to have a petting zoo. Amy wants details and Amy is both annoyed and amused and isn’t interested in caring for actual live animals. Jeremy thinks caring for animals is hot. I wonder if he understands the work involved.

Jake described the idea of moving the ark for the cameras. He seems into it. There’s construction shots and people with knowledge get things rigged so Matt can look like he helped and is the man. Now the ark is on the trailer. Its apparently super dangerous and Matt delights in describing how *serious* it all is. Point - it’s a boat being moved. Its not really that amazing.

I especially love the ominous music and Matt describing how the boat is art and precious. Insert lots of scenes of Matt watching as people work. This is actually a rather boring episode.

So now a county guy or something is outside the gate. Or inside. The editing is all over the place here because we start with the government guy outside the fence and then he’s leaving (and insisting he was told to leave) And Amy tells him to leave and he notes he was told to leave. Amy demands his camera. She declares he is trespassing, he insists he was told by her to leave. Amy hay bales how evil it was. More ominous music as Amy notes “he’s taking pictures” and he’s refusing to give her the camera. The government guy refuses to talk to her and insists on talking to her man as she is a mere wife. Amy freaks out and is super angry and gets into his car.

Woo! Amy as a female needs to learn that Matt is the man and she has no rights as she has a *vagina*. Right? I mean, her entire reasoning here is that she’s married to Matt but it’s *Matt’s land* right? Amy has no rights as a wife, right? Matt is the man and the *male* government inspector is completely within his rights to want to speak to Matt the Man and since Amy is just a *female* and a *wife* - as I have been told again and again by Matt fans, she has NO RIGHT to speak for Matt. Right?

Come on folks, before we get all “Yay! Amy finally takes Matt’s side”, we do need to remember that a significant subset of the fandom really believes Amy as a wife should shut her mouth when a man speaks. I seriously ask that portion of fandom - shouldn’t Amy have deferred to her man as she has no rights as a wife to speak for Matt at any time? After all, she’s just a wife, aka Matt’s first child? I personally don’t agree with this view but so many of the Matt fans tell me how Amy as a wife is not an equal partner, I assume they applaud the government man “showing her her place as a wife, as someone who has no rights to her man’s property”, right? I mean… As a wife , Amy has no rights to the farm under the law and the government man was completely responsible and right to treat her as a child with no say?
Amy whines about people trespassing as she writhes on the inspector’s lap in his car. The inspector notes Matt is the Man. Amy notes that doesn’t matter. The Sheriff wanders out. The Sheriff notes its not illegal for a county inspector to inspect without a warning. Amy disagrees. Matt gets all “lets document!” and really um…. Lets all calm down. Here’s the reality - Matt has a history of doing dumb stuff on the farm. Ultimately the Ark is yet another piece of yard art that the public isn’t even allowed to touch.

Matt is pleased that Amy freaked out for him because he’s always right. Matt shows off the Ark. Matt gives a nonsensical explanation about how its worth it. Amy notes that it looks like crap. Matt gets all “OMIGOD IT’S A DREAM!! I AM A DREAMER BLESS ME AND PRAISE ME!”.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Matt Roloff and the Dixie Chopper

There is another article about Matt Roloff and the Dixie Chopper lawn mower. It explains the process of how Matt approached company for equipment to use on the show (aka. trade outs).

"Matt Roloff became acquainted with Dixie Chopper mowers because of his association with the local New Holland farm equipment dealer, who has provided machinery used at the Roloff farm. The Portland area dealer also handles Dixie Chopper mowers, and it was there that Roloff became infatuated with "The World's Fastest Lawn Mower." Matt wasted no time incorporating the mower into the operation of Roloff Farms, where it is being used constantly by the family and their staff.

How did this all come about?

"Actually, Matt Roloff himself called last April to say he was interested in getting a Dixie Chopper mower to use on the show," Dixie Chopper Communications and Public Relations Director Eric Bernsee explained. "Interestingly enough, as we were discussing the possibilities, he was walking into NBC studios in Hollywood to go on 'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno and talk about the new season."

Agreeing to provide a mower was the easy part. Getting it to the far Northwest was another story..."

You can read the full article here:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TV ratings for Little People, Big World and Roloff family and TLC: October 18th, 2010

The Rocky episode of 'Little People, Big World' on Monday Oct 18th drew a 1.232 rating.

'Cake Boss' was 1.209 and 1.407.

It appears TLC's new hit show is 'Sister Wives'. On Sunday night it received ratings of 2.670 and 2.744 million viewers.

This is the full list of ratings for 'Little People, Big World' Season 6 thus far:

Sept 6 (Premiere)
LPBW: 8pm -Little Pain, Little Gain = 1.753 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - Everything Must Go = 1.791 million viewers

Sept 13
LPBW: 8pm - All Talked out = 1.319 million viewers
LPBW: 8:30pm - On The Road with Matt and Zach = 1.614 million viewers

Sept 20
LPBW 8pm - Camp Roloff = 1.142 million viewers
LPBW 8:30pm - Zach Rides On = 1.362 million viewers

Sept 27
LPBW 8pm - Matt's Massacre = 1.069 million viewers

Oct 4
LPBW 8pm - Micromanager Matt = 1.060 million viewers

Oct 18
LPBW 8pm - Rocky's Last Stand = 1.232 million viewers

Did Rocky the Roloff family dog die? How is Rocky doing?

We are getting a lot of inquires today with questions such as:

Did Rocky the Roloffs dog die? How is Rocky the Roloff dog doing? Is the dog on Little People, Big World still alive? Did Matt and Jeremy Roloff kill Rocky the family dog?

Just like with the cliff-hanger regarding Matt's health, viewers have apparently been scared into thinking the subject died. Just like Matt, Rocky is alive. Visitors to the Roloff farm this month have been snapping pictures of Rocky. These are from two days ago and the weekend prior. Rocky is wandering around amongst the people as always.

Matt also posted this on his Facebook fan page last night

Matt Roloff = "Tonight... my very favorite episode! They've been working on collecting footage for this show since forever. Thank goodness the Rock is alive and well even though he went through a real rough spell. The injections and meds even have him back outside the house again playing with the skunks. Just like old times :)). "

Monday, October 18, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World: October 18

The guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong to Expressed.


Written by Expressed

I'll admit I don't have high hopes for his episode. An episode where they want to trick people into thinking Rocky is dying ...mmm. I can already see Matt's dramatic speech about how it's time to put Rocky down...cue commercial, and then Matt's happy speech at the end that Rocky showed that old Roloff resliency and kicked death in the butt!

Plus I think there is something fundamentally wrong when Rocky gets more screen time than Jeremy, but enough complaining. The episode starts!

*Matt is on the floor with Rocky. Matt says Rocky can't walk. It's a good thing Matt exagerrates everything! :) Rocky is 10 years old.

*Zach enters Matt's office in one of those scenes that you can almost hear the producer saying "Matt, Zach, talk about Rocky in the office". For the second episode in a row, Dani makes another appearance. With the subtitle "Zach's friend". The producers aren't giving up on the whole Zach is dating Dani failed story line are they? Hey TLC, Dani is engaged to Brendon now!

*Matt, Zach and Dani take Rocky to the vet. Rocky won't get into the van for Zach. I get the feeling Rocky doesn't like Zach much. Just saying.

*Amy, Molly, and Jake arrive at the vet. The whole family is there except for Jeremy. Rocky is actually Jeremy's dog, at least he picked him out. Matt says call the next of, Rocky Matt is a little too into this whole 'It's time for Rocky to die' theme.

*The vet notices another spot in Rocky's eye. She says they'll give him some pills for it. The vet seems very, very unconcerned. Hmmm. TLC and Matt are acting like Rocky is ready to drop dead any minute. The vet doesn't seemed concerned. Who to believe??

*Matt isn't a cat person. They show two Roloff cats. The veteran Spike and the black and white cat Mo.

*Zach and Molly apparently caught a poor little barn kitten and brought into the bathroom. They get the good idea to introduce him to Spike. It goes well for about 2 seconds until Spike swats and hisses. I'm worried for this little kitten. We never see it again and given what we hear later about how the Roloffs deal with animals, I don't think I want to hear what happened to the kitten. Did Jeremy take it to the barn with a gun?? I wouldn't be surprised!

*Rocky is laying in his bed on the floor. The Roloffs determine Rocky can't move and is ready to die. I think Rocky is just being a dog...

*Amy gets into the act and talks about the day Rocky is gone...poor Rocky, only the Roloffs are ready to bury him!

*Matt gets an idea to give Rocky his arthritis meds because he doesn't think the stuff the vet gave him were working. Jeremy! Jeremy pulls Rocky's bed with Rocky on it to Matt's office. Jeremy actually is talking very sweet to Rocky. I'll admit it's kind of surprising given some of the stories I've heard about Jeremy and his friends and animal cruelty (killing squirrels, chipmonks and birds for kicks), but I guess that doesn't apply to dogs! I admit that's the one big realization I've come to about Jeremy "for real" that I don't like.

*Anyway, Rocky likes Jeremy! A lot more than he likes Zach. Jeremy calls him and he comes.

*Matt tells everyone and Molly that he doesn't like Spike. Matt says Spike has always been nasty to Rocky. I remember the scene when Rocky was chasing Spike around in the second season....even Matt jumped in back then.

*Jake has a turtle...he named it Ardvark...he decides to introduce it to Spike and Rocky. They looked like they were chilling with each other. He puts it on the floor and seems to walk away. It's going good until it moves. Rocky barks, Spike hisses!

*Matt is again going on about how bad Rocky is doing and how he's in so much pain. Matt says it's time to put Rocky down. But he gets more graphic than that. Matt is planning to have Jeremy take him outside and shoot him! He's serious too. This is kind of shocking. Could Jeremy really do that? It is Rocky, so I don't think so, but see the above stories, maybe he could. I remember my Mom telling me about her dad who was a great big strong macho guy who when the old barn cat that had been around for years and years got old and sick, he took it out to the barn to "Matt Roloff" it and came back inside and couldn't do it. But that was years and years ago! But the Roloffs are kind of hillbilly country in some of their ways.

*Matt gives the' Roloff Farm will never be the same without Rocky' speech.

*I gotta jump in here. Seriously I think this is all true for people that have pets that they love (except for being able to shoot them to death!) it's just it seems so out of place since Rocky doesn't seem that bad. It's like they wanted to do the "Rocky dies" episode before the show goes off the air but Rocky wasn't co-operating by not dying.

*They show Rocky at the top of the stairs looking like he can't get down...until Spike jumps out from around the corner and attacks him! Spike gets Rocky to move down the stairs. Good job Spike! He's like Rocky's personal trainer :)

*They play great music in a scene of a showdown between Spike and Rocky. Spike wins. Rocky wanders outside. Zach says Rocky is demoralized because the cats own Rocky. Jeremy in a hot tub! Zach tries to get Rocky inside. Rocky once again won't move for Zach. Like I said, I really think Rocky doesn't like Zach much. I don't think this scene had much of a point except to show Jeremy in the hot tub. Thanks producers! :)

*Matt was determined to get genetic testing done on Rocky. One of the sponsors works at the genetic testing place or something. They come out to tell the Roloffs that Rocky is a Bull Mastif. Matt asks how long they live, she says between 9 and 11 years usually. Since Rocky is 10 and the Roloffs are being kind of morbid on this subject, they take that to mean it's time for Rocky to die.

*The Roloffs tell this dog person about how bad Rocky is and ask when is the right time for...the end to come. She gives them good advice. Wait until you see obvious signs of pain like wimpering, then you'll know that the humane thing to do is euthanasia....but Matt wants Jeremy to shoot Rocky with a shotgun!

*By the way, some of this Rocky stuff is really old. They have a whole scene talking about Rocky's impending death during the Risk game with Jake. I think they showed us this Risk game about 2 seasons ago. It's the one with Jake wearing a white shirt and for some reason he reminds me of John Travolta (don't ask why!)

*Matt and Amy get into a serious discussion about Rocky's death during the Risk game. Matt is determined that they're going to kill Rocky. He thinks it's the way to die with dignity. Amy says no, the humane thing to do is let the vet give him a needle. Jake doesn't seem to get it because he's asking Matt how would they do it at home (He means he's going to have Jeremy kill Rocky with a shotgun, Jake!!!!) Suddenly Jake is on Matt's side and wants to do kill Rocky at home. Matt says it's the way they did it in the old days. Amy says things aren't done that way anymore. They are getting intense. This is an issue. Matt is set on him and Jeremy shooting Rocky. Amy says "I said we shall do it the humane way and take him to the vet". I totally agree with Amy on this one. Unless it was financial and it's obviously not for the Roloffs, I can't understand why anyone would want to shoot their pet at home instead of letting the vet give it a needle. Actually I can understand not wanting to take your pet to the vet because it makes it all nervous, but for people with money, there are vets that will come to your home and put your pet down at home (with a needle, not a shotgun!)

*But wait! I'm getting caught up in this faux storyline. Should we remember that Rocky doesn't actually seem to be dying and any of the animal professionals didn't act at all like Rocky was in bad shape.

*It's a commercial for the rest of the season of LPBW. Matt says something like "I/You should get a way from the farm for a while", they show Amy in the doorway. Amy says "Sometimes you have to move on"...oh yay, more marriage drama crap that the Roloffs say is all fake anyway.

*In an anti climatic close to the episode, Matt says they decided to let Rocky live out his life for a little longer. Matt talks to Rocky about who will be his faithful friend when he's gone as Amy watches.

My final word? I think this whole episode was a plot line, let's do an episode about Rocky dying, that's something regular people can relate to...except Rocky isn't actually dying. What did we actually see? Rocky lying down being lazy. Shocking for an older dog! Matt saying Rocky can't walk, but we did see Rocky walk a lot and he's been walking around the farm this last weekend!

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541 - Little People, Big World Oct 18th

The guest episode Roloff reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong to Rap
Written by Rap

Pre- Show:

Rocky's Last Stand

As their lovable dog Rocky faces a health crisis, the Roloffs worry that they might be forced to say goodbye to him sooner than they expected. Meanwhile, Rocky has his hands full with the Roloff cats when they move in on his turf.

So its come to this. Episodes about the pets. Based on comments I've already spotted on, people are avoiding this one based on the blurb. So I am spoiling it. Rocky ain't dead. His tv career might be, though. But really, perhaps this show does need to be canceled when this is all there is to make an episode about.

Rocky lives! Rocky wandering around during pumpkin season -- October 2010

Show begins:

Rocky’s Last Stand

So we start with Matt petting Rocky. Matt voices over how Rocky can’t walk as he pets the dog. Matt notes how Rocky is only 10 and destined to live a long life. I note that Rocky is a bull mastiff and ten is old. Having owned a large dog myself, that’s unfortunately about how old large dogs get. It’s not a mystery. In fact if you look up bull mastiffs on wikipedia, the info is right there. Please note this for later.

So they are taking Rocky to the vet. He’s stiff, there’s an eye infection. Yeah, maybe you should take the dog to the vet. We get a scene of Zach strangling the dog for a bit trying to get him in the car. Really? No one on the camera crew thought “hey, that might hurt the damn dog, maybe we should help the guy who weighs *less* than the dog to get it in the van.“? Really? That’s what a dog’s pain is worth? Then Zach tries to lift him in. This fails, possibly because bull mastiffs can weigh over 130 pounds aka more than Zach. Then a female friend helps lift the dog in after they‘ve tortured the poor arthritic thing for a bit. I wonder where Jeremy was? This sure seems like a task for the only able bodied buff male….

So now we have crew cut Zach taking Rocky in. We then get full head of hair Zach talking about Rocky and some scenes from like three seasons ago where they first took Rocky to the vet over an eye issue. Amy hay bales about Rocky and thinks Rocky is old for a dog. The dog is prescribed some arthritis medicine.

Danger averted?

Oh there’s kitties. There’s Spike and Mo, and frankly they all seem to get along. (trust me, I have seen dog/cat issues, what we are seeing are dog and cats being a lil grumpy). Now Zach and Molly bring in a barn kittie to meet the housecats. This is perhaps the gentlest feral barn cat I have ever seen. Did everyone know that introducing barn cats to house cats can lead to feline leukemia? Oh hey, forgive me, if a Roloff does it, then it’s blessed by God and *perfect*. This cat diplomacy ends with hissing.

Amy sadly notes the medicine doesn’t seem to work. There is somber music. Amy hay bales how important Rocky is and pets him. This is sort of like when I knew that Flower the Meercat was gonna buy it. Except that Animal Planet doesn’t actually jerk you around like this and in fact Flower died. What with all the photos of Rocky wandering around in October 2010 pumpkin season, I am guessing this episode won’t end with a grave being dug and Rocky used to fertilize more giant pumpkins.


So now Matt calls Rocky an old goat and gives him pills. Jeremy drags him on the dog bed to the office and he is given pills. Matt, Jeremy, the rest of the lesser crap Roloffs? Put the pills in some butter. It’s that easy.

Meanwhile Spike purrs and Molly is all “oooh purrs”. Molly hay bales how Matt hates cats. Spike purrs for the camera. Its sweet.

Jake has a turtle. His voice is changing. There is a sequence where Spike hissed at Ardvark the turtle while Rocky watches. Spike seems to hiss a lot.

Matt wants the dog genetically tested to see what the problem is. What a waste of money. It’s a bull mastiff. I mean, I’m not a dog expert and I can tell it’s a bull mastiff and all a genetic test is going to tell you is what breed the dog is. And since I know its been mentioned on the show before, the Roloffs already know the dog is a bull mastiff and all you have to do is type in “bull mastiff” on wikipedia and you can get a list of common genetic disorders for the breed. I mean, I know this episode is essentially a product plasement for one of the soccer team sponsors but really, what morons take their dog for this sort of test without any sort of minimal research?

Matt is all “lets have Jeremy put him down” and like… geez. More on this later. Matt alludes to hip dysphasia, although he doesn’t say the words. There is more somber music. They take the dog for his *genetic* test. Jeremy hay bales how its sad. I wonder if he realizes what his role will be in this. You know, to take his pal Rocky to the wood shed and put his shotgun to the dog’s head and blow the dog’s head off. Everyone understands that this is what Matt wants Jeremy to do, right? Not only have I seen Old Yellar, I read the book too. Matt wants Jeremy to put a shot gun to his beloved dog’s head and splatter his brains out. Rocky manfully handles the blood test. Matt goes on about how sad it is to have the dog be put down. Easy when you’re not the one who actually has to accomplish the “do it at home” aspect, huh, big man?

So Rocky is chased down the stairs by the cats. This reminds me of my friend Static with muscular dystrophy who hates cats and who periodically messages me that the cats have taken position on his chest and are suffocating him since he can’t bat them off. Cats are evil, evil creatures. Matt clearly views cats as evil, so ok. In fairness the dog/cat stare downs are funny. So Rocky heads out to the hot tub and Zach takes him in. Then one of the *sponsors of Zach’s team is the genetic testing company* and miracles of miracles, Rocky is a bull mastiff! And they live from 9-11 and everyone in the Roloff clan is SHOCKED. Really? This wasn’t freely available information?

Matt goes on about how much pain the dog is in and the genetic testers are all “you need to consider euthanasia”. Amy hay bales that its sad and they have a lot to consider. So now Matt compares Rocky to Jake in levels of affection as they play Risk. Yeah, I can see that. Matt goes on about how Jeremy should put the dog down. Matt compares it to seeing “Old Yellar” and that it’s timeless. Amy notes that Matt wouldn’t personally do it. Matt clearly states “Jeremy and I” should do it. Amy insists on a vet handling it.

Now Matt pets the dog and hay bales how the genetic test says Rocky is near his end. Oh god there’s so much wrong with that. All the genetic showed was that Rocky is a bull mastiff. Its not a medical diagnosis and its not “what’s wrong” with the dog. Genetic testing the dog proves nothing but what type of dog you have and this is incredibly misleading.

Matt voices over how awesome Rocky is to where Rocky is his unconditional friend who he plans to have shot by Jeremy when the time comes. Ok, seriously now, what idiot has to prove how big a man he is by shooting a dog? Roloffs? If you aren’t *dirt poor* you can afford to have your pet humanely euthanized. You own two Mercedes and a 34 acre farm. Only soulless monsters have their slack jawed eldest shoot their pet to death to make a point like this. And since Matt made the Old Yellar comparison, people, that means he doesn’t plan to have Jeremy gently inject Rocky with a sedative and then the killing hypo, he means he wants Jeremy to put a gun to Rocky.

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Disillusioned: Little People Big World Oct 18

The guest reviewer is Disillusioned. All opinions and statements belong to Disillusioned.


Written by Disillusioned

The past couple of weeks have been very reflective for me personally. I have been reflecting on past events in my life and have come to some important decisions for the future.

The famous golden rule is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." We adults all understand what that saying means, yet where do the problems arise? Why do we understand it yet still ignore it and treat people anyway that we want? Is it truly because we grow to just not give a damn anymore?

Instead of writing a review for this weeks episode, I have decided to take this time to simply announce my withdrawal from writing weekly reviews. You can find me on Twitter @illusion_spirit or email me at

Thank you to Spirits for giving me the opportunity to write for the blog and thank each of you for reading everything I had to say :-)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Little People, Big World Roloff previews for the next few weeks

Little People, Big World returns Monday at 8pm for one half hour episode on October 18th at 8pm. If you're wondering, LPBW wasn't on last week due to TLC running a 'Cake Boss' Marathon.
Below are previews or titles of some of the upcoming new episodes for Season 6 of LPBW.

Oct 18
Rocky's Last Stand

As their lovable dog Rocky faces a health crisis, the Roloffs worry that they might be forced to say goodbye to him sooner than they expected. Meanwhile, Rocky has his hands full with the Roloff cats when they move in on his turf.

Oct 25
Little Noah

Matt pulls off a minor logistical miracle transporting an oversized replica of Noah's Ark to the farm. Amy is dead-set against it, but when a government official trespasses to investigate the giant attraction, she defends the project and her property.

Nov 1

Get Off My Turf

Nov 8

Dating Daze

Nov 15

Take A Hike

The 2011 Dixie Chopper Silver Eagle 2760HP will be featured in an upcoming episode of TLC's "Little People Big World."

The half-hour episode will feature Matt Roloff acquiring the Dixie Chopper mower to use on the 34-acre Roloff Farms, a pumpkin patch operation north of Hillsboro, Ore. For six seasons, TLC has chronicled everyday life for Roloff, his family, and their experience of running a farm.

Roloff and his staff aren't strangers to Dixie Chopper mowers. But the new mower arrived by special delivery. Dixie Chopper Marketing Manager Kraig Richmond, Territory Manager Tom Metz and Marketing Assistant Bryon Hurst delivered the Silver Eagle 2760HP to Roloff by truck and trailer, driving 5,000 miles round trip from the company's headquarters in central Indiana to the Portland area.

The model features a new roll bar and retractable aircraft-style seatbelt. And while Roloff might be small in stature and unable to reach the floor, he can operate the zero-turn mower without any modifications because its steering, acceleration and braking are done with hand levers.

The new Dixie Chopper can be seen in action in the upcoming episode "Take a Hike," which is scheduled for 8 p.m. Monday, Nov. 15 on TLC.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Roloff Farm Pumpkin Season 2010

Updated October 16th
The third week of reports and reviews we're getting from readers and visitors that went to the Roloff farm this weekend (with Sunday still to go) have been a little more mixed than the previous two weekends.

As usual, as it gets closer to Halloween, the Roloff Pumpkin Patch/farm gets busier and busier. That is the dominant comment today. The super long lines and the amount of waiting people are doing. Still, I'd say the response has been probably 70% to 30% in favor of being positive. Most still saying they had a nice time in spite of the long wait. Others are saying it didn't live up to all the hype.

The long lines being the main complaint, some saying they would never wait 40 minutes to an hour to get from the road to the parking area. Some that are reporting they didn't enjoy it seemed to mostly base it on the fact that the lines for everything was so long that they didn't wait -- the lines for the tours, the lines to talk to the Roloffs or get a picture.

It seems to be rather random as to which Roloffs people see. Pretty much everyone except for Molly (apparently at a volleyball tournament) was spotted by different visitors. Zach and Jeremy are driving the tractors so it depends on which tractor people get as to whether they see Zach or Jeremy. Most people we heard from today met Matt, Amy, Jacob and one of either Zach or Jeremy. As noted before and as Matt mentioned, the biggest change this year in that regard is Jacob being out with the guests as opposed to waving from a distance in Molly's castle. The soccer game challenge appears to be an excellent idea to get Jacob more involved while still keeping it fun for him.

Most of the feedback we're getting from teenage girls are raving about the cuteness of Jeremy and Jacob. So the decision to put Jacob more "on the front lines" seems to have pleased the teenage girl crowd.

As we passed along yesterday, today was also the day the parents of the missing boy - Kyron Horman, were at the farm selling t-shirts, bracelets and buttons to go towards the search efforts. A local station did a story about it.

Updated October 11th

We will keep updating this item as more stories pour in from pumpkin season.

2nd weekend of pumpkin season for the Roloffs is in the books. The most interesting story we heard was from Sunday -- a near miss at Roloff Farms! Tragedy avoided. Apparently an elderly woman was parking her car near the food area. She accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake and plowed into the fence. Witnesses say she narrowly avoided hitting a couple of families. Those that were close apparently were shaken and frightened by the near miss, but otherwise alright.

Once again, the majority of stories we've heard this weekend have been positive. It was rainy and muddy this weekend, but most telling us they enjoyed themselves.

As Matt mentioned on his Facebook page, They set up something new for Jacob to be more involved with the guests. Basically it's one of the pumpkin signs with a painted pumpkin faces with holes in it that people normally pose with by sticking their head through -- except the contest for people is to try to kick the soccer ball into the openings. One of the people we heard from whose daughter tried it out said Jacob seemed to be having fun.

Some people were reporting Sunday that Jeremy was their tour guide. Others said Zach drove their tractor.

One of the trends we're noticing in the reports are that pretty girls are saying that Jeremy was flirting with them and they were quite pleased about it. One visitor told us that when there was a pretty girl around it's actually Jeremy that approaches and says "Hi, what's your name? I'm Jeremy".

One guy we heard from said "The prices suck", but he seems to be in the minority as most seemed to have a good time.


Original item posted October 4th

It's another season of Roloff Farm pumpkin season! We will attempt to keep this article going and add to it so people can comment if they wish, much like we do with the item about Matt's Fan Facebook page.

Opening weekend of Pumpkin Season is over and reviews and reports are coming in. All reports that we have heard thus far have been extremely positive. Pretty much everyone who visits and has wrote about it on the internet or sent us a note about it have said they had a great time at Roloff Farms. Most people we're hearing from are families with young children.

Some visitors that have been coming for years and years do report that they feel the farm has lost some of the charm it used to have because now it's structured to handle thousands upon thousands of people.

Others that have been there in the past are pleased to mention that they have some new attractions.

They added a hay pyramid. More animals to the petting zoo, including a baby lion and a baby tiger that play with each other. There are blow up play centers for kids and a slide.

Here is a good article about the attractions and the Roloff Farm experience this year:

Here is video of the baby lion and tiger:

One thing that we're hearing that viewers might be surprised to hear is about Matt's assistant Caryn. Viewers watching Little People, Big World, generally have been rather negative about Caryn as she is portrayed on the show. "Kate Gosselin-esque" is a description some viewers have used. However, the visitors to the farm this year (at least the ones more familiar with the Roloffs that know who Caryn is) have told us they've been very impressed with Caryn, going out of their way to compliment her in saying how nice she was and made sure they had the most enjoyable experience possible.

As always seeing the family is the highlight for most visitors and who you see always varies. Most people so far are saying they saw three or four Roloffs. Every Roloff has been spotted and had their pictures taken with people. Some people that missed some Roloffs said they were told Jeremy and Zach were in school, another said Molly was at volleyball, Matt was running errands, Jacob was in the house or Zach was at his job at Indoor Goals (the soccer facility). Some people have got pictures with Jacob, meaning he was out and about. Last year, he spent the majority of the season standing off in the distance at Molly's castle with his friend Levi, waving to the wagon riders as they drive by. Some people won't like this, but hey, we aim to pass along what we're told is the true story -- if you're wondering why that was, we're told the inside story is Jacob finds fans to be annoying so last year the compromise was that he would just stand back in the distance and wave because he didn't want to need to talk to people and pose for pictures. However, on opening weekend, some people did have pictures taken with Jacob, so perhaps that's changing.

As usual, a lot of visitors are very complimentary towards Matt's parents, Ron and Peggy in the western town (especially if they agree with Ron's politics), but overall people comment about how nice they are in the western town. Amy also gets a lot of positive comments about how she interacts with people, especially couples with young children.

More than one person that we've heard from said they went later in the day. They report that was the best time to go because it wasn't busy. One couple reported that they were the only one on the wagon, so they got the private tour on the "mule" with Muel (Jeremy's best friend, Jacob Mueller, is apparently one of the tour guides).

Everyone likes to see pictures, so here is a smattering of pictures that are trickling in:

As you can see in the first picture, Jacob has a brace on the wrist that he fractured a couple of years ago. The kid that posed with Jacob for the picture said he asked Jacob what happened to his wrist; Jacob told him someone stepped on it...

One visitor had a sense of humor in capturing his pictures. A heterosexual man taking a picture of his girlfriend with Jeremy in the background, captioned his picture this way:

"Courtney had a crush on this normal sized son. He has a nice ass. I can't lie."


"Zach hollerin' at one of his women..."

Friday, October 15, 2010

Saturday October 16th at Roloff Farms is "Community day" for Kyron Horman

You might recall that about a month ago Matt posted about attending a lunch at a local Godfather's pizza where some of the proceeds went to the search for a missing boy from Oregon, Kyron Horman that has made national headlines. At that pizza location, Matt met Kyron's parents and offered to let them use the farm to raise money for search efforts.

Saturday October 16th is the day.

October 16th only

Roloff Farms and the family of Kyron Horman would like to invite the community to "Community day" at the Roloff Farm. Parking is $2.00 and admission is free.

The Kyron Horman foundation will be selling t-shirts, bracelets, and buttons, and there will be a silent auction which will include a private tour of the farm. Digital finger printing will be available to children at no cost.

Please bring your family and have fun while enjoying one of Kyron's favorite holidays.

Matt Roloff commercial for Fitzpatrick Painting

Matt Roloff did a commercial for Fitzpatrick Painting -- who apparently painted the barn that Matt uses for his business offices.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Matt Roloff on radio station -- Golden Pass tour contest

Matt Roloff was a guest on the morning show for Portland radio station (country station) 98.7 KUPL Wednesday morning. Matt had posted on his fan Facebook page Monday night the he would be doing a series of radio interviews the next day discussing his messages referring to the Roloffs being stalked and the victims of threats and harassing phone calls.

Fans have been anxious to hear more details and are interested in seeing if there is confirmation of what Matt said from someone or some organization other than just Matt himself.

Unfortunately, the only radio station appearance we have heard about in the last couple of days was on the above mentioned station. A reader of our site that is loyal listener of KUPL apologized for not having a more thorough recap, but said they didn't recall Matt talking about stalking, bullying, police involvement or anything along those lines. The listener said all they remember Matt talking about was the radio contest.

He was on the station to promote Roloff pumpkin season. The radio station gave away a prize -- 4 free tickets for the Roloff Golden Pass Private Tour.

The going rate the Roloffs charge their fans for the private tour (a party of 4) is $350 for the 30 minute tour with one of Matt, Amy, Jeremy or Zach.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A word about bullying and the Roloffs

As most of you probably know, Matt Roloff has been posting on his Facebook Fan Page earlier this week, claiming that he's been contacted by "national news agencies and the FBI about cyber-bullying and how it applies to "reality people".

Although Matt has this hang up that he doesn't actually say the name "Spiritswander", I don't think it's any secret what he is referring to when he rants about "bloggers".

These are some of Matt's Facebook posts about it earlier this week:

Matt Roloff: Got contacted today from several national news agencies and the FBI re: Cyber bulling situations.. and how it applies to "reality people". Sounds like fantastic and significant investigation going on. Finally those sour pusses that hide behind ghost identity gonna get exposed. :) Gotta love that. Hope investigation only last couple years and I not a life time. :)

Matt Roloff: Cyber Bully is a crime. People says things that are NOT rooted in any facts. It's a very real problem.

Christine: "Can I ask a question Matt? Why do people think it's ok to tell lies about one another? Your family is a good inspiration to people, I want to be just like you. Why are there so many liers out there?

Matt Roloff: Christine... We're trying to figure that out as well. We think its only people that hide behind their keyboard. Nobody has come forward with their real name as yet. They're afraid of the truth I guess.

And some counter good counter points:

Micah: "What's the difference between cyber bullying and someone just being critical of something as it applies to reality people? I can understand that if people were harassing or threatening your your kids, for instance, but how is that different than saying "Boy you should clean up your messy house" or "that was not the best way to handle that situation"? I am just not sure where one can draw that line is what I am asking about when people put their personal lives out there, they invite at least some scrutiny. I am sure you also get some psychos in the mix and that I understand that. I guess I am wondering what the difference in your eyes are between a "Cyber Bully" and a "Sour Puss".

Peter: "Matt, I've seen your kids and their friends on Facebook groups that ridicule 16 year old Justin Bieber (I was a member of one of them, haha)

But the point is maybe you should talk to your kids and their friends that you like so much about not being "cyber bullies".

You are both public figures. Micah made a great point above.

Look at what happened when you mentioned Kate Gosselin on here? People were very vocal and mean spirited and blunt about bashing her and what they think of her. If you think you're a victim of cyberbullying then your own fans cyberbully another reality person way worse than anything you face.

The idea that our site is somehow "cyber-bullying" the Roloffs is too ridiculous to even rationally discuss -- but I'll try. The Roloffs are public figures, television stars, authors, participants in "celebrity" basketball games, stars of "celebrity cruises", guests on The Oprah Show, The Rachael Ray Show, Good Morning America and The Today Show. When you're a public figure, people are going to comment about you. Sometimes, those comments are going to be negative.

It appears as though, in Matt's mind, when people don't agree with him, or his opinion on events and issues -- in his mind they are lying and bullying him and his family.

We've stated our goal with this site many times, to provide fans with an up- to-date and almost daily place for people to hear what is going on with the Roloffs. We aim to be informative and fun. We post all information, promote their public events and charity activities, articles that put the Roloffs in a good light, articles that put the Roloffs in a bad light, reports and sightings from other fans -- some of those are positive, some of those are negative. We pass it along to fans and everyone can form their own opinions.

However, it was never our goal to become Matt Roloff's best friend. It was not our goal to "earn" personal phone calls or shout outs from Matt by always agreeing with him or posting content that only he approves of. Our allegiance was to fans and followers of the Roloffs and Little People, Big World to post whatever is going on with the most accurate and truthful information. Sometimes I pass along my personal opinion on the subject as well, and sometimes I disagree with the Roloffs. In reader comments, we try to allow people freedom to express their opinions - although I don't personally agree with them - this site isn't just about one person's personal opinion - so we try to allow people to express those opinions -- some readers like Amy and don't like Matt, some like Jeremy and don't like Jacob, some like Matt and don't like Zach. However, one of the lines I've always tried to not to cross because I find it to be destructive is personal comments on appearance of the Roloffs or the friends on the show (the making fun of Zach's dwarfism related features that sometimes occurs on LPBW message boards or making fun of the weight of Jeremy's ex girlfriend) -- you don't see that on our site.

I don't think it's any secret that the original reason why Matt deems our site to be evil and "hateful" is because we posted about Jeremy's language scandal and I stated that I felt Jeremy was wrong, hypocritical and it was disappointing considering the message of the show. Even more disappointing was the fact that Jeremy never -- to this day -- felt it important enough to use it as a learning moment to apologize or say that he realized he was wrong.

From that moment on we were....not on Matt's Christmas card list to state it mildly. No matter how many positive articles we have about the Roloffs or promotion we provide the Roloffs -- we went against Matt's wishes and had a different opinion on the matter than the Roloffs did. And then on many subsequent events, when Matt states something that we know or hear to not be accurate, we voice that too. Obviously Matt doesn't like to be contradicted. And that's fine. As I stated, it was never our goal to be a Matt Roloff lackey or a fluff site. That's what official sites are for. On official sites you don't expect to hear all the news about the Roloffs or the show, you're only going to hear what fits their agenda and that is perfectly understandable.

It's always been our goal to be a thorough, fair and objective site that fans can visit and feel that they are "in the loop" regarding what is happening with the Roloffs and Little People, Big World.

So back to the issue -- Matt's posts about cyber-bullying -- I have to personally say I think it's disappointing, perhaps bordering on distasteful, that Matt chose to take an issue that is in the news recently for very tragic reasons and make it about himself and his issues with our site or perhaps other LPBW message board sites.

If you don't pay attention to the news, the reason why cyber-bullying is in the news right now, is not because television celebrities are occasionally having people make comments about them that are negative or that they don't agree with.

It is because of the number of recent stories of teenagers who were gay that committed suicide. Talk show host Ellen Degeneres had a very poignant and heartfelt message about this subject.

To quote Ellen: "There are messages everywhere that validate this kind of bullying and taunting."

I find it very sadly ironic that Matt would use this issue to make the Roloffs into the victims when one of the primary reasons why Matt dislikes this site: Spiritswander: Keeping Up With the Roloffs -- so much is because we took a stand -- unlike Matt's staff and moderators that take their orders from Matt that said things like "Words can't hurt" -- and we said Jeremy was wrong to use racist and homophobic slurs, perceived mocking actions, and derogatory phrases such as "I had a great soccer game. Not to be a gay bragging f*ggot but I completely raped their defense, I scored 3 goals..."

And we said that was wrong because of the deeper message it sends and spreads. Yet now Matt is seemingly using this issue to make the Roloffs sound like victims and the Spiritswander site are the bullies? Ridiculous. And distasteful.

Lastly, we do have a positive Roloff connection and the *real* reason why this is an issue in the news to pass along. People have alerted us, that they noticed Jeremy's ex-girlfriend - Sarah (seen primarily on the first season of LPBW) supports Facebook events that are dedicated to bringing attention and awareness to the homophobic bullying the led to these teenagers taking their own lives.

Speaking Out Against Intolerance

On Oct 20, 2010, wear purple in honor of the 6 boys (I am sad to say now the count is at 8 suicides) who committed suicide recently due to abuse and bullying. This is for every kid who was or still is tormented because they are different in anyway. The boys' names were Tyler Clementi, Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase, and Billy Lucas. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s what we’d like all o...f you to have with you: spirit. Please know that it gets better and that you will meet people who will love you and respect you for who you are, no matter your sexuality. Please wear purple on Oct 20th. Tell everyone.

There is a Youtube channel called the It Gets Better project. There are videos from all kinds of people who let you know what they've gone through and to give anyone going through this sort of thing advice. If anyone is interested in checking it out, here is the link:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Matt Roloff Fan Facebook updates -- August 2010 and beyond

Nov 2
Nutter travel blitz coming up.. Soon as I get this flu bug completely behind me

Nov 2
Life is so wonderful. The entire Roloff family is Totally enjoying our new adventures. Thank you everyone for all the love and support

Oct 30
Everyone is out tonight all dressed up having fun... I'm too pooped to party. Bed time for this 'ole goat'. Me and my friend Rocky crashin' early. THANKS Everyone for another great Pumpkin Season!!

Oct 30
It's nice to know so many... have fun on the farm. Another Great season almost under our belts. Today is the last day!

Oct 28
Both our red 66 and yellow 67 vws made the front cover of Hot VW December issue just out. Check out the spread. They featured the red 66 in this issue. A dream come true :))

Oct 26
So nice to have Jeremy here with me in LA. We had dinner tonight at the Palm. Soooo good. Now off to bed cause big day tomorrow

Oct 26
Thanks everyone for so many messages supporting Amy. Most of you are right. The county did violate our 4th amendment rights of illegal search. The officer was dead wrong. Our legal options are being explored. Thanks again for all the well wishes I have passed them on to pitbull Amy. :)))).

Oct 24
Long day in the rain. Now packed and ready to jump up at 4am to catch 6:00 flight to LA. Lots to do.. Sign nondisclosures here ...reversion agreements over there.... meet with lawyers, producers, network execs and sales team and even composers. 3 days of fun and excitement

Oct 23
Giants !!

Oct 22
So excited about my new project I can't see straight. :))). Staying focused on pumpkins today tomorrow And Sunday. ... Then in LA Mon, tues, wen. ... Then back to pumpkins for final week. Btw. The famy knocked it out of the park again today. I soooo proud of everyone

Oct 21
Nice break from all the action last few days... Back to Pumpkin business tomorrow. I have serious case of happy feet.

Oct 18
Tonight... my very favorite episode! They've been working on collecting footage for this show since forever. Thank goodness the Rock is alive and well even though he went through a real rough spell. The injections and meds even have him back outside the house again playing with the skunks. Just like old times :)).

Oct 17
Unbelievable day at the Farm. Record setting attendance. Met sooo many people from all over the world. Just got back from taking Amy and the kids to dinner. What a great weekend and nice time tonight. Now time to rest.

Oct 16
Whoa.. too much to even think about.

Oct 14
A M A Z I N G !! I had soooo much fun reading all these cool experiences. We just spent the last 2 hours logging many of these ideas. I'll keep you posted as I progress on this plan I've had for past 3 years. THank You all!! I'll keep reading and logging as they come in.

Oct 13
Doing research for one of my new projects.... Post what you did "outdoors" as a kid.. that kids don't seem to do anymore... i.e. play kick the can... Build a tree house. etc.. Plz Don't post these experiences on my wall but rather as a comment to this post. Thanks! I look forward to reading how you had fun outdoors... back in the day..

Oct 11

Getting up very early to do radio tour. Gonna discuss stalker/bully issue (this is just one of several issues we have open cases on) and pumpkin patch... Off to bed

Oct 11
Sorry... I didn't get the live video FB message out this weekend. Haven't forgotten... just distracted by the crazy events of the weekend. Crazy life... We can make a show about the process of having a show ... ya know.?

Oct 11
Thank you! to our Sheriff, Washington DC office of the FBI, TSA, Port of Portland, Discovery Security for identifing and thrawting the efforts of a long term stalker/harasser to the Roloff family. After receiving hundreds of emails/phone messages dating back to 2006 we are pleased with the outcome. The individule who made scary threats and trirades is now out been identified and will not be visting our farm anymore.

Oct 11
I'm thinking about flying to Sydney this November. Never been there before. Any ideas on what to do??

Oct 10
...Even Jacob is working this year. He's running the Pumpkin Kicker-- You kick a soccer ball through the eye of a giant pumpkin and win a prize. Man Jacob has come a long way in the last 6 months.

Oct 10
A nutter fun day at the patch... I just snuck in the office to share a quick fact. So far this October we've had guests from 42 states and 18 counties.

Oct 9
Wow! another GREAT day at the Roloff Farm Pumpkin patch. I couldn't believe all the brave souls that still came out in the pouring rain. Another record day! Thanks everyone. I had to change my clothes twice today to get dry.

Oct 7
It's my bestest birthday ebber so far. Thanks to all the warm wished on my facebook page. :)))))))))

Oct 6
Got contacted today from several national news agencies and the FBI re: Cyber bulling situations.. and how it applies to "reality people". Sounds like fantastic and significant investigation going on. Finally those sour pusses that hide behind ghost identity gonna get exposed. :) Gotta love that. Hope investigation only last couple years and I not a life time. :)

Oct 6
I'm feeling a nutter video message coming on soon--- maybe even LIVE from the pumpkin patch this weekend??

Oct 6
A sweet young family of 4 came up to me last Sunday... "Matt, we're not wealthy. we're thankful to Roloff Farm, it only cost us .50cents each ($2,00 parking) to come in and enjoy the ENTIRE day. We saw tigers, lion many exotics, played on the chair, Hay pyramid, face painted, and got autographs and photos with all the family." I tell that story to give the criticizers something to keep them busy criticizing about. :)

Oct 5
...oh wait a minute.. I just remembered my 49th Bday is the day after tomorrow. I take it all back... Slow down der baby.. Stop da clock...

Oct 5
I love my life! It's so interesting, fun and rewarding! Say Hooray... everyday! God is good if you have faith.

Oct 1
Lets the fun begin! Opening day a huge success. Thanks to all our wonderful pumpkin customers. ... And to ALL my facebook fans... I hope to meet you all one day as well.

Sept 30
I just posted on our new "official" Roloff Farms FB page. Check it out.

Sept 29
Home at last.. Travel blitz over... nuff said... Nite.

Sept 29
Looking out over Beverly hills. Notice downtown LA in the background

Sept 28
Thanks everyone for kind remarks about my pumpkin movie ,,, you might not be so kind once you see it. Lol I do plan to publish it at some point. You all will be the first to know when/where/if/how. Very very busy day in LA working on much more significant projects. Still have one last dinner meeting tonight then a series of meetings tomorrow before finally flying back to the farm tomorrow night. Can't wait.

Sept 28
Just landed in LA

Sept 27
Matt Roloff = Just met laura innes from ER. And now on The Events. Very cool

Sept 27
Matt Roloff = Hey everyone. I just found out that this next piece they want me to do a live chat online go to live at 5-6 in NY area but apparently the chat questions can come from all over. Oh boy. This will test my typing skills. Arrrg

Sept 27
Matt Roloff = Just finished segment on Better TV With fabulous host Audra. Now off to do sixth and final interview of the day. . Then race to JFK to catch long flight to LA and do it all over again tomorrow. I'll try and keep you all posted on air dates

Sept 27
Matt Roloff = In NYC. It's pouring rain. Errrr.

Sept 24
Matt Roloff = Up up ...and away. I caught up on reading everyones comments last night. Thanks for all the kind messages. I appreciate every one of you. Sorry I can't respond to all. Pumpkin season starts oct 1st. I'll be there !! Read under FARM for details

Sept 23
Matt Roloff = Just finished speaking at Radford . What a wonder group of young people. Love speaking to colleges and universities. Hope I don't miss my very early flight back to Portland tomorrow. Cause I'm only home for 27 hours before catching flight to the windy city then on to NYC then LA

Sept 22
Matt Roloff = Many of you have sent me private messages asking where/when one of my talks might be open to the public. Here is an event that that i'm very excited about and YOU are all welcome. I look forward to meeting and answering your questions personally.

Sept 22
Matt Roloff = For those that asked.. I'm heading to Roanoke Virgina. Then I'll be back at the farm for big event and pumpkin employee orientation on Friday and sat. Then I leave again on final but longest trip of this blitz. Back again just in time for opening day of pumpkin season.

Sept 22
Matt Roloff =Back in Portland this afternoon. But not for long .. Only 12 hours. Leave on early 6:30 am flight to east coast. At least got to flip my bag and sleep in my own bed tonight :))

Sept 21
Matt Roloff = Leaving Memphis .. Heading next to Dallas

Sept 20
Matt Roloff = Amy and I had a great time in Los Angeles together. Even if it was for only 24 hours. Oh well. We take what we can get together these days. Now I'm off to Memphis on more business

Sept 20
Matt Roloff = Taking off.. Heading to Memphis next

Sept 19
Matt Roloff = Just landed in LA beginning travel blitz.

Sept 16
Matt Roloff = Too much going on to even facebook last couple days. Hopefully I'll fill in some details tomorrow

Sept 13
Matt Roloff = Facebook couldn't seem to handle the length.. So published it on youtube. ...and without further a due ... Hope you like the update...

Sept 12
Matt Roloff = Rats! .. Flew back to Portland today with Jer and Zach..... Only to be met with long laundry list of must do filming .. Just finished marathon barn bites. Now going to wrap good-bye party for majority of crew. I'll have to do my video tomorrow. Sorry everyone.. but I'll try and make it worth the delay. Number one priority tomorrow!

Sept 12
Matt Roloff = A huge thank you to billings Montana! You really came through for CoDA.

Sept 10
Matt Roloff = Up at 4:30 am to catch flight to Billings. Planning on taping and sharing my video on Sunday afternoon. Today was a great day of heavy filming. I'm beat. Now better go pack and get to bed.

Sept 9
Matt Roloff = Took Molly out shopping last night for a few things.. Went and got an ice cream too. Most interesting things she told me..... "Dad, People really do buy those little jars of Dirt from our farm alot"... "I thought you were crazy and laughed when u suggested it.. but now I know never rule out someones ideas... no matte...r how crazy." :)) ahhhhh I Love my little Girl.

Sept 9
Matt Roloff = Thoughts and prayers to all my friends in San Bruno. My home town. That stupid fire is burning the homes adjacent to my High School. Many friends are loosing their homes or their parents homes. I terrorized that neighborhood 30 years ago... but this is bad!

Sept 8
Matt Roloff = Whoa!! ...Now this was a wild day.

Sept 8
Matt Roloff = Spent all morning on the phone with peeps in LA. If even a fraction of this stuff comes to pass I won't be fulfilling my goal of starting to slow down.. Errrr.. TLC execs flying up and dropping by the farm later today to pay respects. What a class network they are.

Sept 6
Matt Roloff = Last post of the night.. I promise. :) This article answers a lot of the questions he have been asked in recent weeks.

Sept 6
Matt Roloff = Remember a few weeks ago I opened my big mouth and promised everyone I'd do a facebook video if I ever reached 20,000 fans??? ...Oh boy... What to say?? I plan to keep my promise. Just might be sooner than expected.

Sept 6
Matt Roloff = Thxs everyone for posting comments under my previous post ..."Duck and Run". I enjoyed reading your comments under there... and posting while the eps played out. :) Let do it again.

Sept 6
Matt Roloff =LPBW On tonight. Duck and run.

Sept 5
Matt Roloff = Had to postpone a portion of this months travel Blitz to midwest.. due to this crazy cold that beat me up... But now I'm back! Next Stop Billings MT on Sat the 12th for CoDA basketball game. Taking Jer and Zach to play with Marty at MSU gym. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE. $10.00 a ticket.. MT won't be too crazy so plenty ...of time to greet and photos with all. Print and bring this post so i know you're a friend. :)

Sept 5
Matt Roloff = Only Filming 'wild' for LPBW another week or so...Then doing sound bites, pick-ups, voice overs etc thru Dec 5 :)) Even though still pushing hard to wrap things up... I can already feel the family's mood starting to return to some sense of normalcy ahead. Ever been on the best rollercoaster ride of your life... but then glad when you finally get off. Ahhh..What a Ride!...Oh geeze there's another ride over there. lol

Sept 5
Matt Roloff = Trying to catch up on all the wonderful facebook messages sent while I was down-for-the-count. Wow... Hope sweet of you all to send me such nice well wishes. I'm so sorry i won't be able to respond individually But please know I appreciate every message and post. Thank you.

Sept 4
Starting to feel better. Cold kicked by butt. Errrrrrrrrrrr. Only got up today to do absolutely necessary filming to wrap up season.

Sept 2
Matt Roloff = I'm on the radio... Talking to Detroit..Breen Bay.. West Palm Beach... Central PA / Harrisburg, Sacramento... Toledo.. Las Vegas, and Chicago.
via the radio ....all these markets one by one until 7:30am PT (Warning:some are taped for later most are live.)

Sept 2
Matt Roloff = Laying bed someone sent me this old interview.

Sept 2
Matt Roloff =Oh geeze. I better get some sleep I pushed too hard today and should have stayed in bed. I just realized I have a early morning radio tour. Gotta be up at 5:30am. Here I come tomorrow scratchy voice and all

Sept 2
Matt Roloff = Doc gave me antibiotics and heavy dose of steroids today. Said my throat was 'very angry'. Feeling a bit better already. Thanks for all the tips. And wishes.

Sept 1
Matt Roloff = I have the worse sore throat. Errrrr. So hard to do another big family dinner when feeling totally miserable. My hips killing me to boot.. Off to bed.

Sept 1
Matt Roloff = BTW-- Facebook STILL has this crazy paragraph on my page... errrr

Sept 1
Matt Roloff = My 30 year HS reunion coming up ... How fun! I'm so looking forward to see all the gals I had a crush on in HS. :))

Sept 1
Matt Roloff =Jeremy, Zachary and I just got back from a Kyron Horman fundraising lunch. Keep this family in your prayers. BRING Kyron HOME. Very heart wrenching.
Aug 31
Amy and I ... and the entire family would like to Thank Everyone for such kind words of support. I guess the negative distractors are hiding behind their lies with their tails between their legs. :)) Thank You .. Thank you.. Thank You. Now that we're free.. We'll keep you VERY updated on the facts.:)) Family dinner tomorrow night.

Aug 31
Wow... strong words on my forum (see last post). Jolie... Thank you... but who are you?

Aug 31
A little thank-you video to to all of you! Amy asked Caryn to print/save all the kind notes your sending us.. so we are. We'll be reading them at our family dinner tomorrow night. THANK YOU ALL!

Aug 31
A little thank-you video to to all of you! Amy asked Caryn to print/save all the kind notes your sending us.. so we are. We'll be reading them at our family dinner tomorrow night. THANK YOU ALL!

Aug 30
Matt Roloff = Fun little interview

Aug 29
Matt Roloff = What a great day! Our Bikes-for-dwarfs program went better than I could ever have imagined. Now i'm off to have dinner with my sister Ruth... who is visiting from California. Then home for late night barn-bite session.

Aug 28
Matt Roloff = Do you ever feel so many doors you don't know which one to walk through? Gotta focus on the ones already decided. One more week until major Travel blitz.

Aug 28
Matt Roloff = I better start working on my big video message I promised when I hit 20,000 fans. I'm getting close. I'll give you all a true heartfelt update.

Aug 27
Matt Roloff = Sooo Excited... This Sunday ..We (CoDA), give all the free custom Bikes we had built for Little People out to the recipients. They are gorgeous. Thanks Marty, Rob, John for helping make this a reality.

Aug 27
Matt Roloff = Congratulations!!! my friends Rob and Amy... Today finalizing the adoption of their son Aiden.

Aug 26
Matt Roloff = Just finished a marathon barn-bite session. (interview). I fielded many fan questions that TLC must have been saving for years. :)) How fun!

Aug 26
Matt Roloff = If you live in Oregon- I urge you to support Senator Bruce Starr. The future of Roloff Farms and (the 45+ jobs we represent) depends on his policies.

Aug 26
Matt Roloff = I'm soooooo excited... I hate waiting for press releases to get approved by everyone... Just say it. :))))

Aug 26
Matt Roloff =Our family meetings always yield the most interesting results. New deals.. spin-offs?? what could that be? :)))) I love life's twists and turns.

Aug 25
Matt Roloff = I see a light at the end of the tunnel. They won't have Matt Roloff to kick around anymore. lol lol

Aug 24
Matt Roloff = Wow. So much to do.. So little time. I need a good nite sleep to hit it hard again tomorrow

Aug 24
Matt Roloff = Thank you everyone for all the many well wishes... and may God Bless all the people that truly understand Amy and I and our family.. and what we stand for. ...and to all the others.. May God Bless too.

Aug 24
Matt Roloff = Many have never seen this.. My second of 3 trips to Iraq. This is on the tarmac Camp Liberty, Baghdad. Notice the Red and Blue Stretchers in the BlackHawk. That's Ali and Bara' Salman being taken back to their home after their life changing operations at a base camp in southern Iraq.

Aug 24
Matt Roloff = Our friend Rossi. The Pit Bull Man. :) Love this guy!

Aug 23
Matt Roloff = Just FYI. facebook still has the "you must authenticate ". Message on my wall page. They have yet to take it down. Oh well I've submitted everything I could. Now it just.. wait for the faceless facebook people to believe me

Aug 22
Matt Roloff =Bam.. bamm...bang.. bang.. pow.. pow.. kaapoo. ..your dead! Oops.. sorry I forgot the movie was over. I agree with John.. Lots of action but story line ... not so much. The Boy's loved it.. and I loved being with them. :))

Aug 22
Matt Roloff = Off to see the Stallone film (expendables) with Jacob and Zachary. Jeremy at youth group. I LOVE Stallone !! I'm so excited. !!

Aug 22
Matt Roloff = Zach and I gettin' it done. Delivering a presentation.

Aug 21
Matt Roloff =ahh... Houston... We have a problem

Aug 21
Matt Roloff = A nother shot of Ms June Bug.. a friend of mine... and Rocky's. Spike.. not so much.

Aug 21
Matt Roloff =An acquaintance of mine wrote this book Blood, Money, Power. By Michele Maria Tate
A partially true and riveting story had me on the edge of my seat. I love these kinds of stories. Check it out on I honestly couldn't put it down

Aug 20
Matt Roloff =

Aug 20
Matt Roloff =Talk about meeting interesting people.. and people that do interesting things... On one of my tours yesterday.. I met a prison guard that looks after Charles Manson. Fascinating!

Aug 19
Matt Roloff = Thanks for all the great questions. Here is answers to 2 of them.

"Hi to all my Facebook fans, thanks for all your wonderful questions. I've decided to answer two of them tonight. One was what is my favorite sweet treat? The answer is easy -- Baklava, at my favorite Greek Deli. I love the honey dipped baklava. The other question was what to expect from Season 6? I'll give you a one word answer to that -- shenanigans. Lot of shenanigans. So hopefully you will enjoy what we have ready for you in Season 6. "

Aug 19
Matt Roloff = I feel a nutter video message coming on.. Fire me some fresh questions ... And I'll answer one on video ... Just to tie us all over till the cows come home.

Aug 18
Matt Roloff = You ever feel like things are spinning out of control?? In a good way! Jeremy and Zach are taking charge and inking deals... just like I was at their age.. Only they're benefiting from more experience then I ever had. :)) Gotta love life! Especially the part where you prove nay sayers wrong. lol

Aug 18
Matt Roloff = ANNOUNCEMENT: Private tours of Roloff Farm are temporarily suspended.. due to over demand/booking--Unless you are already confirmed. I'm sorry I made the mistake of publicly announcing this option and triggered more requests then we can schedule. A tour of the farm is still available for $6.00 per person during our ...normal Pumpkin season. We look forward to seeing you then. :)

Aug 17
Matt Roloff = Wow... Must be peek summer travel time. I just completed 8 private farm tours already this week.. 12 more scheduled between now and the weekend. I love getting to meet fans from all over the country/world. Very interesting.

Aug 16
(additional comment added by Matt)
Matt Roloff = and BTW-- whoever sent me a private message suggesting that this was all just a 'ploy' to get attention.... is an idiot. !! First class. lol There.. sorry.. I said it. I't UNBELIEVABLE how ignorant some people are. lol Thanks to the rest of you all for being so kind... Thanks to YOU i still believe in humanity. BTW-- I don't need any more attention than i already get. I do this facebooking as a service to keep our fans updated and also for fun. Simple as that.

Aug 16
Matt Roloff = I think we found a solution.. Now we are racing to bring our new family website ... complete with facebook links.. up to speed earlier than planned. Hope to get it on line in the next few days. It might not be completely ready... so i'll use all you folks to help flush out the kinks... :))

Aug 15
Matt Roloff = Here is what is now on my Wall from Facebook:
You must confirm this Page's affiliation with the brand, company, person, or entity that it represents. Please take one of the following actions:
1. Link to your Facebook Page from your official website.2. Add an email address to your account. If you are unable to authenticate your Page in the next three weeks, you may lose the ability to publish stories to your Fans.

Aug 15
Matt Roloff = Oh boy-- Facebook doesn't believe this page is REALLY me! They say if I don't authenticate my fan page it will be taken down within a week. I've ran through the options they give... but noting seems to work. It this page disappears.. at least you'll know why. Crazy stuff.

Aug 15
Matt Roloff = Long, long day of shooting... I'm beat. I think This season of LPBW is going to be the best ever.

Aug 13
Matt Roloff = Advertisement: :)) Jeremy and I are proud to represent Green Grease.. as the very BEST and ONLY truly waterproof Grease on the market. We'll be making appearances at future AutoZone shows on behalf of this product that Roloff farm now uses in all our cars and equipment. We fell in love with this product a year ago..... and then they asked us to share our opinions. we are....

Aug 11
Matt Roloff = Errrrrr. I was going to show you all my most favorite new video on YouTube ...but they took it down to fix something on it.. errrr arggg. I'll share it soon as it is back on-line. As anyone who know's me.. I'm petrified of heights... Can't even be 8 ft feet up with out freaking out.. Wait until you see the fear in my face. I'm a white as my wedding day.

Aug 9
Matt Roloff = Oh.. I found this crazy old photo ... I wanted to share it. This is from my Freshman Year in HighSchool. I was 'somehow' voted as Freshman class president... crazier things have happened in my life for sure... The beautiful and wonderful young ladies around me are all the real deal and ran the show... Sound familiar??

Aug 9
Matt Roloff = That settles it !! Based on the response.. I'm going to tape and share a 90 second video message on this page updating everyone in a way never done before... as soon as I hit 20,000 fans... Gives me time to think bout what i might say. :)) BTW-- That's a firm promise

Aug 8
Matt Roloff = Crazy busy weekend trying to catch up on a vast number of chores around the farm.. and starting some new projects as well. Only 7 weeks until Pumpkin Season which starts Oct 1st.. Time to focus like a fool.

Aug 8
Matt Roloff = If Anyone ever doubted that this page was indeed the real Matt Roloff-- Check out this little "Hello" to you all. Kinda fun... Maybe I should send video message (re: what's going on) more often??

"Hi there all my Facebook fans. I wanted to see if this video recording was a good way to communicate so I thought I'd give it a try. Hi there."

Aug 6
Matt Roloff = Home at last-- Happy feet tonight for sure... in my own bed!

Aug 4
Matt Roloff = I'm tired. Too many airplanes today... Who would have thought that a few days on a friends boat would turn into such a productive and rewarding time. Now Waiting for jeremys flight to arrive can stand trying to Facebook on this iPhone

Aug 3
Matt Roloff = Business meeting was good in the bvi for both Jeremy and I ... You just never know how fast life... and your future can change. Networking is powerful indeed... Leaving the islands in the morning for jeremy and i meeting in DC. Then fort Bragg nc


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