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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541 - Little People, Big World - October 4th

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Written by Rap541

Little People, Big World (Season 6)
Micromanager Matt
When Matt tries to "help" Jeremy and Amy on a couple of their projects, he's met with a mountain of resistance.

I thought Jeremy always loved it when Daddy came to help him (despite episodes in previous seasons where he complained about it) . Matt micromanage? But Matt is perfect in all ways and always makes the best decisions! How could any Roloff not smile and say "Yes, Matt" since Matt is the Father and therefore always to be obeyed???


So we start with Jeremy’s BMW. It's totally torn apart after an entire year. Jeremy notes how he thinks Dad hates it but he wants to fix it up. Zach notes that Jeremy took it all apart and doesn’t seem to know how to put it back together. Dani laughs at Jeremy’s mess and he goes on about how to pay for it. I’m guessing that we’re all pretending Jeremy doesn’t get paid to do the show? Oh yay, we’re pretending the Roloffs are poor this week. I assume Matt will gripe over the assumption that the Roloffs need to watch their pennies and all and remind us how he was a millionaire before the show. Again.

Matt and Jeremy argue over the car. Matt gives advice while Jeremy rolls his eyes and smirks. Yeah, this pretty much the magical relationship I suspected. Matt notes how he’s restored cars. Jeremy is all “*now can I tell you*” and “Let me finish!. Gosh do I hear the snippy tone of a brat who doesn’t like being contradicted by Daddy? Jeremy notes he’s right, but “the MR” is micromanaging. Matt lectures more while Jeremy smirks. Gosh this wasn’t a rude little snip fest, now was it?

Amy notes Matt micromanages. Matt denies it. This goes back and forth, and in fact is a hilarious episode theme as Matt micromanages and condescends to pretty much everyone in this episode. Amy hay bales how Matt micromanages and she doesn‘t like doing projects with him because of it. Molly is interrogated and says Matt micromanages. Matt gets all pissy with Molly, and in a hay bale and says anyone who says he micromanages is simply not doing things correctly. Well, apparently Matt does think Matt is perfect. Since he’s apparently never wrong and all. Meanwhile the argument goes on and on and Matt basically throws a hissy in the kitchen.

Amy orders blueberry bushes. She is considering a project and asks Matt as its also his farm. So in other words, even though she doesn’t like including him, she does out of respect. Interesting. She notes that it makes her anxious to include Matt since he pretty much throws fits and insists on having his way and anyone who disagrees is wrong. Matt gets all um… demanding. Amy hay bales like how she doesn’t like being treated as one of Matt’s staff.

Meanwhile we’re back to the pile of crap in the garage. Matt notes how Jeremy isn’t an expert so Matt has called a car painter for Jeremy. Because really, that’s not micromanaging… Matt wants Jeremy to put “elbow grease” into the car. Considering Jeremy has been at it for a year and has next to nothing accomplished, I am guessing *someone* isn’t all that motivated to put “elbow grease“ into the project. Jeremy goes on and on in the hay bale how Matt takes over projects and Jeremy just has to grin and bear it. I note that Jeremy does not seem to be saying “I love it when the MR comes and gives me his gentle wisdom” but in fact seems thoroughly annoyed. Matt notes in a voiceover how he thinks Jeremy will fail.

So Jeremy wants it painted before the engine works. I actually agree with Matt on this. Getting the paint job done is really the final step, because the engine reconstruction and body work should come first. If you make a mistake, and the car’s already been painted, you can wreck the paint job. I mean, I’m a girl, and I know this. Jeremy talks about bonding with the car. This is clearly staged but Jeremy notes how its all his project and he doesn’t have to worry about Matt bothering him with it. Sure sounds like he wants Daddy Matt at his side, doesn’t it?

Cue Matt entering the garage. Oh TLC you never fail at the obvious. Matt notes how Daddy always steps in. We get a montage of Matt being a demanding ass in the garage. Jeremy notes Dad never lets him do anything by himself. Well, of course not, Jeremy. He doesn’t even trust you to be home alone without a parent.

Amy is planting blueberries. Oh wait… Matt is helping. Amy disagrees with the holes he’s dug. He asks how many different kinds of blueberries, and expresses surprise when Amy notes he only ordered one type. Matt gripes that Amy would rather fail than let him take over and boss her around. Amy is all “Matt isn’t my boss”. We get another montage of Matt micromanaging. This would be more amusing if there wasn’t an unpleasant undercurrent of hostility running through the whole debate.

Molly hay bales how both parents are stubborn and don’t work well together. Well, she’s the smart one. Matt watches as Amy and Molly work. I know Matt has physical issues, but I will admit, after a while it would grate to have Mr. “if its not done my way, its wrong and you’re an idiot” sitting there playing the condescending overseer.

Jeremy and Matt head to the garage to see how his car was painted by that guy he paid to do it. Its as bright as Jeremy’s pants. Matt hay bales how dumb Jeremy is to do the painting first. Matt goes on and on about how Jeremy will give up and fail. You know, I have to ask, for all that Matt says he’s proud of his various family members, he sure does publicly express doubt over any of them ever doing anything right or finishing anything. It’s not just this episode either. Over and over, we get Matt on the hay bale griping how everyone in his family quits or lacks confidence or needs help because they can’t do x,y, or z without his help…. Its helped that I am finishing this recap up and watching the rerun of the garage sale episode where Matt bitches and moans how no one every does anything up to his personal standard.

Jeremy and Mueller go car part shopping. Basically this is expensive. Jeremy notes how things cost money and he had no idea. It apparently finally occurs to him that restoring classic cars costs money. Considering how little thought or effort went into this project I am not shocked. And again, we’re all just going to ignore the elephant in the room of how Jeremy is paid to do the show.

So now Jeremy has to ask Matt for money and advice. Ahem. Except that this seems to be the same conversation from before, at the beginning of the episode, so really, this is somewhat um… not real, now isn’t it? Matt explains how Jeremy can screw his friends with chores, because Matt will pay Jeremy a certain amount to do chore x but Jeremy will tell his buddies they get paid less and Jeremy gets to skim the profit. Matt will also “loan” the money to Jeremy to get the car fixed. We get a montage of Jeremy working but I note how several of these are from years past. I mean, I am pretty certain I spotted the curly haired fro of yesteryear. Again, we’re apparently ignoring Jeremy’s paycheck from TLC to goof on the couch for the cameras.

Now Jeremy “has earned the money” and is getting the car worked on. Essentially he’s watching and paying a pro to do it for him. Jeremy notes how he likes the car. Matt and Amy discuss the blueberries. Matt notes AGAIN how she wants to do it on her own. This ends up being another bitchfest from Matt on how he’s not allowed to help. Matt tells her how to farm. it’s a bit condescending. Amy hay bales how she doesn’t really like doing projects with Matt because he takes over. AGAIN.

So Jeremy heads to the shop to pick up the BMW he paid to get restored. Its been a year and a half, and Jeremy is ready to show dad how he completed the mission. Jeremy says his typical “I’m excited”. He voices over how his original plan of doing it himself was hard so he went with paying to have it done. Everyone takes pictures of the car. Amy praises Jeremy for blowing a lot of cash on a car. Matt hay bales how awesome of a dad he was for not getting involved and letting Jeremy be a man and do it all on his own. Except of course, we just saw the complete opposite. And we end with a lot of snippy comments from Matt and the amusing comment that in fact, the car still needs a lot of work.

Really, Jeremy earned the money to have a seventies BMW restored by… doing chores for Daddy. I’d expect to see Caryn wearing a mink coat if that’s how well working at Roloff Farms pays.


Dana said...

Matt never said he's perfect in all ways. The point of the show is that they are human and make mistakes. It's ok that Matt and Jeremy don't always agree.

I will be surprised if Jeremy is blatantly disrespectful to Matt.

Ashley said...

I was going to say the samething. The conversation they used between Jeremy and Matt was the same conversation, but they used it at the beginning of the episode and then at the end.

Kyle said...

Look at the difference in Jeremy's build from the first time they showed him with the car (opening scene) to more recent. IMO, no way is that natural.

Greg said...

Typical Jeremy and typical Roloff.

When he walked into the BMW repair shop. "It's almost like a full restore".

But Jeremy and the rest of the Roloffs sure are quick to give Jeremy credit for getting it done like he actually accomplished something.

BeckyM said...

"This would be more amusing if there wasn’t an unpleasant undercurrent of hostility running through the whole debate."

It's why I've stopped watching this show. There is an undercurrent of nastiness that I believe comes directly from Matt, that spoils any fun in watching this family.

It's like sitting at a restaurant with another couple and listening to them demean, bicker and snipe and at each other. Totally uncomfortable.

Despite Matt saying this is "only a show", none of them are that good of an actor to put on something they are not. To me, it's obvious that Matt is arrogant, bossy and demanding in real life also.

Rap541 said...

Greg - agreed, although I have noticed that Matt and his kids tend to take the stand of "If I paid for it, and I had the origanal idea to do it, then I am the one who did all the skilled work" on projects.

Becky -

To me, it's obvious that Matt is arrogant, bossy and demanding in real life also

We're in agreement. Clearly Matt lacks some self awareness - the "It's not micromanaging, I'm just always right, and no one does anything right but me" moment pretty much rings the bell there. I honestly felt bad for all the kids last night as I listened to Matt snot to the camera how certain he was that Jeremy would fail, because I bet that is the level of support they all get from Dad when they aren't following Dad's orders. No wonder the twins are an infantile immature mess, any time they veer away from doing something Matt's away, Matt undermines them and assumes control.

Not that I found Jeremy especially respectful or clever... I think last night we got a small look at what he's like to be around. I really enjoyed the fiction that he paid for a fully restored BMW by doing chores for daddy.

Or more specifically, hiring his friends to do chores for daddy at minumum wage, and skimming the extra off the top for his project. Really, if I were one of the roloff buddies, I'd rethink being helpful.

Mike P. said...


Agree with everything.

The typically charmless Roloff was utterly without charm last night, casually insulting every person in the family.

"I left the project in Amy's hands, and
I didn't have very high expectations."

And so on and on, one sneer after another. Jaw-dropping.

I'm no fan of Amy; I think she's a self-martyred nag. But I cheered last night when she stood up for herself in a proper fashion (although not in direct confrontation with her husband).

"I lose too much of myself when I get into a project with Matt."


What once were sweet episodes of an unusual family has soured finally into a show about quarreling (we've seen that for 2-3 seasons), about Roloff's megalomania, and about his full absence of anything like self-insight.

Bye-bye, Mattzoid. Don't let the door hit hit you on the way out.

mythoughtis said...

Matt wouldn't have paid Jeremy's buddies any more than minimum wage, either. And, let's face it, Matt actually paid the buddies, and then gave Jeremy the extra.

DJ said...

"I am pretty certain I spotted the curly haired fro of yesteryear"

I'm glad I wasn't the only one that noticed that. He was throwing hay down. It was Jeremy's hair before his first big haircut on the show.

What does it say about the lack of work Jeremy has done around the farm if they need to go back to 2006 to put a montage together of Jeremy working on the farm?