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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541 - Little People, Big World Oct 18th

The guest episode Roloff reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong to Rap
Written by Rap

Pre- Show:

Rocky's Last Stand

As their lovable dog Rocky faces a health crisis, the Roloffs worry that they might be forced to say goodbye to him sooner than they expected. Meanwhile, Rocky has his hands full with the Roloff cats when they move in on his turf.

So its come to this. Episodes about the pets. Based on comments I've already spotted on, people are avoiding this one based on the blurb. So I am spoiling it. Rocky ain't dead. His tv career might be, though. But really, perhaps this show does need to be canceled when this is all there is to make an episode about.

Rocky lives! Rocky wandering around during pumpkin season -- October 2010

Show begins:

Rocky’s Last Stand

So we start with Matt petting Rocky. Matt voices over how Rocky can’t walk as he pets the dog. Matt notes how Rocky is only 10 and destined to live a long life. I note that Rocky is a bull mastiff and ten is old. Having owned a large dog myself, that’s unfortunately about how old large dogs get. It’s not a mystery. In fact if you look up bull mastiffs on wikipedia, the info is right there. Please note this for later.

So they are taking Rocky to the vet. He’s stiff, there’s an eye infection. Yeah, maybe you should take the dog to the vet. We get a scene of Zach strangling the dog for a bit trying to get him in the car. Really? No one on the camera crew thought “hey, that might hurt the damn dog, maybe we should help the guy who weighs *less* than the dog to get it in the van.“? Really? That’s what a dog’s pain is worth? Then Zach tries to lift him in. This fails, possibly because bull mastiffs can weigh over 130 pounds aka more than Zach. Then a female friend helps lift the dog in after they‘ve tortured the poor arthritic thing for a bit. I wonder where Jeremy was? This sure seems like a task for the only able bodied buff male….

So now we have crew cut Zach taking Rocky in. We then get full head of hair Zach talking about Rocky and some scenes from like three seasons ago where they first took Rocky to the vet over an eye issue. Amy hay bales about Rocky and thinks Rocky is old for a dog. The dog is prescribed some arthritis medicine.

Danger averted?

Oh there’s kitties. There’s Spike and Mo, and frankly they all seem to get along. (trust me, I have seen dog/cat issues, what we are seeing are dog and cats being a lil grumpy). Now Zach and Molly bring in a barn kittie to meet the housecats. This is perhaps the gentlest feral barn cat I have ever seen. Did everyone know that introducing barn cats to house cats can lead to feline leukemia? Oh hey, forgive me, if a Roloff does it, then it’s blessed by God and *perfect*. This cat diplomacy ends with hissing.

Amy sadly notes the medicine doesn’t seem to work. There is somber music. Amy hay bales how important Rocky is and pets him. This is sort of like when I knew that Flower the Meercat was gonna buy it. Except that Animal Planet doesn’t actually jerk you around like this and in fact Flower died. What with all the photos of Rocky wandering around in October 2010 pumpkin season, I am guessing this episode won’t end with a grave being dug and Rocky used to fertilize more giant pumpkins.


So now Matt calls Rocky an old goat and gives him pills. Jeremy drags him on the dog bed to the office and he is given pills. Matt, Jeremy, the rest of the lesser crap Roloffs? Put the pills in some butter. It’s that easy.

Meanwhile Spike purrs and Molly is all “oooh purrs”. Molly hay bales how Matt hates cats. Spike purrs for the camera. Its sweet.

Jake has a turtle. His voice is changing. There is a sequence where Spike hissed at Ardvark the turtle while Rocky watches. Spike seems to hiss a lot.

Matt wants the dog genetically tested to see what the problem is. What a waste of money. It’s a bull mastiff. I mean, I’m not a dog expert and I can tell it’s a bull mastiff and all a genetic test is going to tell you is what breed the dog is. And since I know its been mentioned on the show before, the Roloffs already know the dog is a bull mastiff and all you have to do is type in “bull mastiff” on wikipedia and you can get a list of common genetic disorders for the breed. I mean, I know this episode is essentially a product plasement for one of the soccer team sponsors but really, what morons take their dog for this sort of test without any sort of minimal research?

Matt is all “lets have Jeremy put him down” and like… geez. More on this later. Matt alludes to hip dysphasia, although he doesn’t say the words. There is more somber music. They take the dog for his *genetic* test. Jeremy hay bales how its sad. I wonder if he realizes what his role will be in this. You know, to take his pal Rocky to the wood shed and put his shotgun to the dog’s head and blow the dog’s head off. Everyone understands that this is what Matt wants Jeremy to do, right? Not only have I seen Old Yellar, I read the book too. Matt wants Jeremy to put a shot gun to his beloved dog’s head and splatter his brains out. Rocky manfully handles the blood test. Matt goes on about how sad it is to have the dog be put down. Easy when you’re not the one who actually has to accomplish the “do it at home” aspect, huh, big man?

So Rocky is chased down the stairs by the cats. This reminds me of my friend Static with muscular dystrophy who hates cats and who periodically messages me that the cats have taken position on his chest and are suffocating him since he can’t bat them off. Cats are evil, evil creatures. Matt clearly views cats as evil, so ok. In fairness the dog/cat stare downs are funny. So Rocky heads out to the hot tub and Zach takes him in. Then one of the *sponsors of Zach’s team is the genetic testing company* and miracles of miracles, Rocky is a bull mastiff! And they live from 9-11 and everyone in the Roloff clan is SHOCKED. Really? This wasn’t freely available information?

Matt goes on about how much pain the dog is in and the genetic testers are all “you need to consider euthanasia”. Amy hay bales that its sad and they have a lot to consider. So now Matt compares Rocky to Jake in levels of affection as they play Risk. Yeah, I can see that. Matt goes on about how Jeremy should put the dog down. Matt compares it to seeing “Old Yellar” and that it’s timeless. Amy notes that Matt wouldn’t personally do it. Matt clearly states “Jeremy and I” should do it. Amy insists on a vet handling it.

Now Matt pets the dog and hay bales how the genetic test says Rocky is near his end. Oh god there’s so much wrong with that. All the genetic showed was that Rocky is a bull mastiff. Its not a medical diagnosis and its not “what’s wrong” with the dog. Genetic testing the dog proves nothing but what type of dog you have and this is incredibly misleading.

Matt voices over how awesome Rocky is to where Rocky is his unconditional friend who he plans to have shot by Jeremy when the time comes. Ok, seriously now, what idiot has to prove how big a man he is by shooting a dog? Roloffs? If you aren’t *dirt poor* you can afford to have your pet humanely euthanized. You own two Mercedes and a 34 acre farm. Only soulless monsters have their slack jawed eldest shoot their pet to death to make a point like this. And since Matt made the Old Yellar comparison, people, that means he doesn’t plan to have Jeremy gently inject Rocky with a sedative and then the killing hypo, he means he wants Jeremy to put a gun to Rocky.


Jocelynn said...

I don't think it's bad that they have an episode about Rocky. If he had died than it would have been worthy of an episode. Viewers have seen Rocky since Little People, Big Dreams.

But an episode where they work it as though he dies, when we all know he is perfectly fine. They are running out of ideas when they need to go heavy on the drama surrounding the dog.

Rap541 said...

Poor Rocky does look old in that picture tho :(

It makes me miss my Sherman. Hard to believe an Akita could be a lap dog but he tried...

GSC said...

I loved seeing the shots of Spike and hearing him purr.

Bob said...

While the producers wanted us to think the events in this episode all occurred within a couple weeks, it's obvious they occurred over a year or more. Matt even put on Facebook today: "Tonight... my very favorite episode! They've been working on collecting footage for this show since forever."

The episode starts out with Zach having a very short crew cut type hairstyle, the hairstyle he wore when he went to high school since they required short hair there.

The very next scene he had very long hair. The very next scene he had medium hair, then back to short hair, etc. etc.

Same thing with Jacob. He started out so little when he showed up at the vet, looking like the Jacob from a couple years ago. The ending scene where they were playing "Risk" and Jacob was on roller blades is a scene from a show that aired last season. That part talking about Rocky wasn't on it, but the part of them playing Risk was. I remember Jacob's outfit, him on roller blades, and his strange hairstyle.

At one point in the middle of the show (kitchen scene) Amy and Matt had deep tans like they had just gotten back from a cruise or Hawaii, but the previous scene they had no tan and the following scene they had no tan. Also the seasons were changing constantly. I think we saw all 4 seasons in this episode, which was supposed to take place in just a couple weeks!

I don't like all the trickery involved in this show. Also the product placements. You can bet the genetic testing was free since the outside of the building was shown plus they got a plug in the closing credits. What was even the point of the genetic testing? Their dog was still in pain and not getting better. Instead of taking him to the vet they had him genetic tested to see what breed he was. They didn't know??? Then they learned what medical problems that breed can have. You can Google that info for free.

Lynn said...

That was a bit graphic. There is nothing about blowing the dogs brains out.

It's shooting the animal at a distance in a barn. Matt is right, it used to be done all the time. It is still done by some farmers.

Rap541 said...

Have you seen Old Yellar or read it?

And um... you do understand shooting Rocky from a distance in a barn means a much higher chance of a non killing wound where the dog bleeds and cries his last moments out from a misshot?

Lynn - your pet and money isn't an issue. Do you do as Matt Roloff plans?

Nancy said...

I would like to know was Jeremy in on this plan or did Matt make the decision?

It was unclear.

If he wasn't, Matt was being very unfair to Jeremy. If he was, I lost even more respect for Jeremy!

Brandon said...

Nancy, I assume he was. Like Expressed said, Jeremy and his friends are no strangers to killing animals to prove how much of a manly man they are.

Martin said...

I wonder how many of the people that didn't like what Matt wants to do grew up on a farm or in the city? It's a way of life for farmers, just like Matt said.

Rap541 said...

I grew up in the country. We still took our dogs and our cats to the vet to put to sleep when the time came. Because dogs and cats aren't farm animals. And Roloff Farms is hardly the back woods and Matt is hardly too poor to afford a vet. Just remember Matt's plan for Rocky is for Rocky to be shot. *Preferably* at close range by Jeremy since the further away, the more likely the beloved pet is wounded and suffering and terrorized in his final moments.

Then I assume Camarino will be sent to hose off the blood. Yeah, I did grow up in the country, trust me, there won't be a neat hole and no blood. It's a very graphic way to go.

Tucker said...

Matt is scary. Either he says what he does for shock value or he is plain nuts.

He said on Facebook Rocky us cured and doing fabulously.

I think the episode was a lie.

Kathy said...

It upset me Matt is determined to have Jeremy shoot Rocky. THANK GOD for Amy!

Brandon said...

Tucker, Matt always does that. It's the cure all reaction to criticism from the show without actually saying that the show manipulated viewers and is a bunch of lies. Whatever problem the is depicted on the show magically gets cured away.

Cat lover said...

They aren't mean cats. Rocky has been rough with Spike too. I think they made the drama seem worse than it was.

Also, barn or feral cats can be tamed, especially if caught as kittens as the one Zach and Molly had. They need to be treated with love and know that people aren't going to hurt them.

It can be done! I have a loving pet that was a "wild" cat for over a year. When he was "wild" I fed him and gave him love. Cats understand who is trying to help them. A trap and release program caught him, had him neutered, gave him his shots. Instead of releasing him, I took him. He is fine with my other indoor cats and a very loving and cuddly pet. No one would guess that he was "wild" when he is curled up purring next to me on the bed.

People need to stop giving "feral", "wild", or "barn" cats a bad rap.

I hope Molly and Zach found the kitten a loving home, but I'm not optimistic given how the Roloffs treat animals. Molly likes cats, I hope she did something.

Laura said...

I wish the way people treat animals would come back to them.

Hear that Matt!? Next time you complain about your aching bones and pain, have Jeremy take you out back to let you go out with "dignity"! What a joke.

Dana said...

People are so judgemental of Matt. Did you not all hear the emotion in Matt's voice? He loves that dog. He is right. That is what they used to do and it's still what some people in the country do.

It's not that hard to shoot something from several feet away. Rap is over the top in his description.

Jeremy is a hunter even if the show hasn't said he is. I am sure he could shoot Rocky. It takes a strong person to do that. They are doing it out of love to put the beloved pet out of its misery and pain.

Matt loves Rocky. People should be more sympathetic to the emotion he was feeling before judging.

M said...

All the talk about putting him down themselves was upsetting!
If they want to do it at home they can do what my family did with our late shepard/Akitia(he was 16) and have the vet come to the house and put him down. I believe it was what my dog wanted then taking him to some animal hospital. We then burried him in out in the backyard. If they want to do it at home then do it like that and not have the image of shooting your dog with a shotgun for the rest of your life!

Glad to know the Roloffs haven't shot the dog yet. He looks like he's holding on.

Shadow said...

What I heard on that show was Matt practically *shouting* the "storyline" - "I love Rocky! Rocky's going to DIE! What a GREAT OLD GOAT! Oh, he's going to DIE!" If Matt had been any more "over the top" with his comments, I would have expected Carol Burnett to show up. It was that hammy...Matt just can't *do* subtle.

And where in heavens' name did "goat" come from? That cracked me up. "Great old DOG" isn't emphatic enough? You have to change his species?? LOL...

All that aside, I have NO idea if Matt really loves Rocky as much as he was portrayed last night, or if he was just going all out for the cameras. No way to tell with Matt, as he's over the top about EVERYTHING (hmmm, kinda reminds me of someone else...who would that be?).

Rap541 said...

Dana - have you ever killed an animal? Because I assure you, the closer you are, the more the blood splatters.

Do you think Amy is wrong to want this procedure done by the vet? Would you personally, in Matt's situation - a beloved pet, a farm, plenty of money, opt to "Old Yellar" your aged pet?

Personally, I don't care how manly it makes Matt feel to say things like this. A pet dog is not a farm animal, and an aged pet dog who is becoming too physically uncomfortable is not the sort of *emergency* where its more humane to put the animal down via weapon than further injure it on the way to a vet. The Roloffs aren't poor (although they sure do act trashy at times) and they have no need or reason to violently kill their dog via "gun in the barn".

Its called humane treatment. People who geniunely love their animals do whats best *for the animal* and not *what makes them feel more like a big man*.

Jocelynn said...

"is not the sort of *emergency* where its more humane to put the animal down via weapon"

Good point, Rap. That would be another justification for doing it (aka shooting the animal) at home. If it was something sudden that was causing pain, like an accident or being hit by a car, but still twitching and barely alive. Then I can understand how shooting the animal could be seen as humane.

That wasn't/isn't Rocky's situation.

My question is I wonder what will eventually happen when the time does come for Rocky to be put down? Will Matt once again go behind Amy's back do what he wants?

Chris said...

It was quite the editing hatchet job on Spike!

Rap541 said...

Well, truthfully I have always suspected Spike of being the evil mastermind...

2Anon said...

Just because something is done/has been done, doesn't mean there isn't a better way. They have the financial means--a vet assisting seems much more appropriate for a family pet. We had a vet come to our home for under $100 for to euthanize our beloved cat with a catheter/injection. The kids were present and I held the cat.

We were able to then bury here. I can't imagine the kids burying a bloody gunshot pet let alone having participated in the shooting.

abstractdaisy said...

Here's some food for thought: Is "Dana" really Matt (maybe) or Amy (doubtful) or a Roloff employee (probable)--every single comment she makes is "nuh uh...; nope...; that's not true...;