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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541: Little People, Big World Oct 25

The guest reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements belong to Rap541.
Written by Rap541

Little Noah
Matt pulls off a minor logistical miracle transporting an oversized replica of Noah's Ark to the farm. Amy is dead-set against it, but when a government official trespasses to investigate the giant attraction, she defends the project and her property.

So to be clear, Matt didn't make the Ark, and Amy hates the idea which means I easily predict that we'll get several scenes where Matt whines and moans about how awesome his idea is and how Amy needs to get with his mindset. I also predict that that the government official aspect will be relatively minor.


Episode begins: Noah’s Ark

So Matt is at Mt. Rainer and he’s all about a free Noah’s Ark. He checks it out because it’s a dream to make Noah’s ark. In fairness, the ark is pre made and not really an ark but a large boat. Matt is impressed by the ark but is perplexed by how to move it. Apparently this may entail destroying the barn the ark is in. Matt of course is all yeah and of course Amy isn’t in the know.

Matt tells Amy about the Ark. Amy asks on price and permits and hay bales how Matt rarely thinks about the financial end. Matt notes how its free and Amy is being dumb because its free. Because being free trumps all. Point - just because it’s free, that doesn’t make it a good thing. Amy wants to kill the plan. Matt says if Amy says she wants it killed, he will. She says “kill it.” Matt whines how the Ark is over and how he’s not laying a guilt trip. I respectfully point out how obvious it is that Amy being in disagreement will never deter Matt.

Amy hay bales about the ark. She’s trying to work with Matt and Matt is all passive aggressive about it. Amy notes that Matt doesn’t settle for the first no. Matt hay bales how right he was to wear her down.

So Matt gets his way, as the child he is, and he’s all about tearing down the barn so it won’t destroy the ark. Personally I would have liked more description as to why people built an ark. I mean, its not as though Matt himself built the ark, he’s just taking it. Why did these people go to the bother of building an ark? That is a story. The barn collapsed on the ark as Zach and Jeremy watch. Matt hay bales how awesome it was and it is all “mission accomplished!” He tells Amy how he plans to have a petting zoo. Amy wants details and Amy is both annoyed and amused and isn’t interested in caring for actual live animals. Jeremy thinks caring for animals is hot. I wonder if he understands the work involved.

Jake described the idea of moving the ark for the cameras. He seems into it. There’s construction shots and people with knowledge get things rigged so Matt can look like he helped and is the man. Now the ark is on the trailer. Its apparently super dangerous and Matt delights in describing how *serious* it all is. Point - it’s a boat being moved. Its not really that amazing.

I especially love the ominous music and Matt describing how the boat is art and precious. Insert lots of scenes of Matt watching as people work. This is actually a rather boring episode.

So now a county guy or something is outside the gate. Or inside. The editing is all over the place here because we start with the government guy outside the fence and then he’s leaving (and insisting he was told to leave) And Amy tells him to leave and he notes he was told to leave. Amy demands his camera. She declares he is trespassing, he insists he was told by her to leave. Amy hay bales how evil it was. More ominous music as Amy notes “he’s taking pictures” and he’s refusing to give her the camera. The government guy refuses to talk to her and insists on talking to her man as she is a mere wife. Amy freaks out and is super angry and gets into his car.

Woo! Amy as a female needs to learn that Matt is the man and she has no rights as she has a *vagina*. Right? I mean, her entire reasoning here is that she’s married to Matt but it’s *Matt’s land* right? Amy has no rights as a wife, right? Matt is the man and the *male* government inspector is completely within his rights to want to speak to Matt the Man and since Amy is just a *female* and a *wife* - as I have been told again and again by Matt fans, she has NO RIGHT to speak for Matt. Right?

Come on folks, before we get all “Yay! Amy finally takes Matt’s side”, we do need to remember that a significant subset of the fandom really believes Amy as a wife should shut her mouth when a man speaks. I seriously ask that portion of fandom - shouldn’t Amy have deferred to her man as she has no rights as a wife to speak for Matt at any time? After all, she’s just a wife, aka Matt’s first child? I personally don’t agree with this view but so many of the Matt fans tell me how Amy as a wife is not an equal partner, I assume they applaud the government man “showing her her place as a wife, as someone who has no rights to her man’s property”, right? I mean… As a wife , Amy has no rights to the farm under the law and the government man was completely responsible and right to treat her as a child with no say?
Amy whines about people trespassing as she writhes on the inspector’s lap in his car. The inspector notes Matt is the Man. Amy notes that doesn’t matter. The Sheriff wanders out. The Sheriff notes its not illegal for a county inspector to inspect without a warning. Amy disagrees. Matt gets all “lets document!” and really um…. Lets all calm down. Here’s the reality - Matt has a history of doing dumb stuff on the farm. Ultimately the Ark is yet another piece of yard art that the public isn’t even allowed to touch.

Matt is pleased that Amy freaked out for him because he’s always right. Matt shows off the Ark. Matt gives a nonsensical explanation about how its worth it. Amy notes that it looks like crap. Matt gets all “OMIGOD IT’S A DREAM!! I AM A DREAMER BLESS ME AND PRAISE ME!”.


Shadow said...

I'm guessing the government aspect will involve some version of "A permit is required before you haul around giant structures on narrow country roads," or "A permit is required before you install a giant structure on your farm that is protected *as a farm* (can you say lower taxes?) by Oregon's urban growth boundary regulations that limit what you can build."

Even if it's not one of those, it will be some version of "How dare a government official tell me what I can/can't do? Those laws don't/shouldn't apply to me, because I'm special."

Matt redux...

Brandon said...

Rap, point of correction :) Jeremy didn't mean caring for animals was hot. Matt said he was dress as Noah with a white beard....Jeremy said "that's hot". Doesn't everyone think Dad dressing like Noah would be hot?

Katie said...

I don't understand. Was that the same man that inspected the height of the railing for the deck?

Why was he shown? Why wasn't he blurred out? I can't believe he gave his permission to be shown on television.

Why would the county want to look like fools on the show?

If he did give permission to show his face on the show, I don't know why. If he didn't, I would expect him to sue.

Shadow said...

Well, once again, Matt crows about how Amy stood up to defend him and his ark, when really she was just totally super-pissed that someone came onto the farm without permission. She didn't care what he was there for. But we know it's all about Matt, all the

And yeah, I loved it when they were discussing the "ark" in the office and Amy asked about permits and Mat was basically, "It's cool! Why do we need a permit? Everyone will want to see it!" And then when Amy said "Kill it," I could *see* what was coming. Whiiiinnnnneeeee...

Glad the county has their eye on the farm, though, even if it pissed Amy off. If Matt wants to go live where there are no zoning or safety regulations, he's free to do so at any time. He chooses to live in Oregon, and he chooses to open his property up to anyone for six weeks every year, so whether he likes it or not, he needs to obey the laws. Can you imagine what that place would be like if Matt were allowed to do as he pleased?

Rap541 said...

I'd more expect Matt to be dancing with glee over how *he's* suing the county for the violations.

If we in any way saw something illegal tonight... which I don't think we did.

I of course await to here matt tell us the truth.

Anon401 said...

It's almost the end of the series and I'm excited to have found this blog but I'm also disappointed after reading this 'recap'.

I thought this episode actually had a bit of 'drama' for once and thought the county inspector's behavior was ridiculous (as was Amy's).

He should have given her ID when requested, should not have refused to give his name, acted like a child trying to run away from her, etc. Whether he had a legal right to inspect the property or not, his behavior was juvenile and in no way professional.

However, I found this recap to be a poorly disguised attempt to ridicule the Amy and the viewers. I understand you've been Roloff family (as do all long time viewers), but IMO it's no excuse for an 'opinion piece' be passed off as a recap. (And, yes, I see the disclaimer at watching and possibly recapping LPBW for a long time and may have a historical opinion of the the top.)

David said...

Anon401, as a reader, I can tell you that while Rap's style may not be for everyone and does sometimes tend to veer into past arguments, Rap's review (it is Rap's opinion of the episode) was not a bash on Amy, but a shot at people Rap has argued with in the past. Some of Matt's biggest fans. You can look around anywhere, here, Matt's board. His biggest fans often slam Amy for not supporting her man. For not doing as her husband wants. For not giving her husband more credit.

Rap is obviously pointing out the similarities between the issue that Matt's fans have with Amy and the inspectors disregard for Amy, but noting that most are finding fault with the inspector.

Fred said...

The whole county inspector thing seems bogus. The sheriff came out and told them point blank the county has the authority to make surprise inspections so it wasn't tresspassing. This is a perfectly common authority and reasonable. For instance if you notify a landlord about an inspection to dtermine if he is violating the max residency laws, the landlord can just hide the "extra" people. The inspector's behavior is indeed made to seem odd, but consider it may just be editing. With Amy going all psycho, I'd want to speak to someone more rational or get the heck out as well. Certainly he would not be surrendering county property (the camera) to anyone without an offical order and there is just a snippet of dialog where there is mention of a subpoena - it seems like the inspector may have been much more forthcoming with Amy but was severly edited before fleeing when Amy went off the deep end.

Peter said...

Fred, exactly. See the explanation about the editing of the "No Trespassing" sign after the inspector (correctly, actually) states there is no sign.

The editors went to a totally different gate, showed the sign on that gate, all for the purpose of making the inspector look like a liar.

Not very moral, you Christian Roloffs. Tisk tisk tisk.

Jason said...

I think it's another case of the Roloffs getting SPECIAL treatment. If a normal citizen behaved like Amy did to a government official, they would be fined and arrested.

Mike P. said...

I'm with Shadow, above.

Ever the strutting jackass, Roloff made the whole inspector thing all about himself.

". . . Amy had my back," he claimed.

Guffaw! And, uh, no.

Amy found an unannounced inspector taking photos on the property. She demanded to know his name and his business. He ignored her and tried to walk away. She stayed with him, blocked his way, prevented his departure, insisted that he explain himself.

In the moment, she was angry: first, at the intrusion and then, second, at the arrogant behavior of the inspector. If you were anywhere on her mind, Roloff, it was marginally. Very marginally.

Roloff's ego aside, no doubt this episode will be heavily viewed and talked about in Washington County offices, as it should be. If it is accurate, i.e. free of editing skew, it's a miserable example of arrogance.

No doubt the inspector had a technical right to be there. But when confronted, he had an equal obligation to state his business and identify himself.

He chose to run away; his behavior said "guilty, guilty, guilty."

Worse, his actions said that your concern about intrusion and privacy are not worth my response. And even worse, he placed himself above a citizen, asserting by his silence that he'd be on the property when and where he desired, no explanation offered. Not smart.

That said, however, I'm with the county on this. Roloff is a scofflaw; he has created this situation. The inspector, clumsy as he was, represents the Roloff neighbors. (And Oregon land-use laws.)

If I lived near Roloff, if my view were assaulted by his fantasies, if roads I too had to use were clogged routinely by visitors to his fantasies, and if my concerns for peaceful enjoyment of my own property were openly ignored, I'd want a referee to help.

That's what the inspector represents. He's a referee between the Roloffs and their neighbors. More power to him.

Rap541 said...

Thanks David.

Personally, I just find it laughable that people are praising Amy for being indignant... when these same people are very very quick to encourage Matt to treat Amy as the inspector was treating Amy.

If Matt "made the farm" and "is the man" and "its Matt's property, he earned the money" when Amy wants to do something on the farm... Why was the inspector wrong to treat Amy as though she's not an equal partner?

She is just Matt's first child to a lot of folks, with no say in how *he* spends *his* money on *his* farm. So why is the male inspector wrong to insist on speaking to Matt?

Oh right, because in this rare situation, the perception is that Amy is supporting Matt... Amy has rights as a person as long as she is agreeing with Matt. If Amy *isn't* agreeing with Matt... Matt is the man and Amy should shut up and support her man.

Yes I am going to point out that either you believe Amy has rights as a married adult, or you don't. If you believe she has no right to "Matt's property" and owns nothing as Matt is the one who earned the money... then why, realistically, would you expect the inspector to listen to her? Why *wouldn't* the inspector disregard the *wife* and ask for "the man"?

Personally, that's not my view... but I am told again and again by matt's fans that Amy is a nothing who owns nothing and earns nothing and should have no say in Matt's affairs.... So why is the inspector wrong?

And the editing arguement *really* needs to be made. Personally, I'd love to have heard the county's side of this little fiasco.

Sandie said...

Excellent points, Fred. I imagine the inspector was trained how to handle disgruntled landowners; it seems he wanted to disengage (a wise choice) or, like you said, talk to someone more rational at the moment (Matt, if he was on the phone)... I didn't take it that he was being chauvanistic, just calm and rational. I'm not sure why he didn't show her I.D. though; but with the editing, it's unclear what actually happened.

John said...

Good for Amy for sticking up for her property rights. At least she has the balls to do so. Not like a lot of you hairless liberals who allow the government to do what ever they feel fits their best interests.

Susan said...

The inspector should have answered her and shown her ID (as others are saying, we don't know because of the biased editing), but I don't feel he was being sexist.

I think he was the same inspector Matt dealt with about the deck and many other "projects". If we are to assume he has been dealing with the Roloffs structures and "projects" for years, reaslistically, how many times do you think he has dealt with Amy instead of Matt? None?

I also get the impression from Matt's reaction that the inspector coming was not a surpise. Maybe the inspector and Matt had spoken about the details of the ark. Another logical reason why the inspector wanted to speak with Matt.

Shadow said...

"hairless liberals"

Hey, John, not sure what having hair (or not) has to do with politics, but thanks for the laugh. So if I become a raving property rights fanatic, will my hair be long and lush? (Sign me up!!) Or is long hair a sign of some other "undesirable" political perspective? Apparently I wasn't paying attention when this was taught in Social Studies...

mythoughtis said...

If the inspector had pre-arranged his visit with Matt, why didn't he just say so... rather than saying "let me talk to Matt ... as if Amy was beneath his notice? All he had to do was say... I'm so and so, Matt and I agreed I would come out here and take pictures of..... He was a jerk.

As to the ark.... this farm is 34 acres, I beleive. Just how much land is now used up with various lawn ornaments, pumpkins, barns, etc? How much open space is left?

phillip said...

bottom line I think its bullshit that the inspector can enter private property with out warning.

the inspector should have atleast identified himself and stated his business and acted like a professional instead of just walking away.

Rap541 said...

Phillip = the problem, unlike say with the scene where Matt clearly tells Amy his intention to kill Rocky with no voiceovers or scene cuts - is that its very very obvious we watched a hacked and edited scene. I mean, we even had the editors cheerfully cutting in a scene of the front gate with signs when its pretty clear the situation took place at a different gate... that had no signs.

I'm satisfied that the police officer assessed the situation correctly if only because even a vilely corrupt dept isn't going to *go on camera* with their corrupt behavior. Also if the police are so corrupt that they'd allow the county inspector to abuse the Roloffs... don't forget that Matt was recently praising the same police dept.

Matt says *now* that he's considering legal action. Seems like the time to start that process would have been back in June when it took place.... but I suspect its just a lot of bluff talk for his facebook fans.

To me, the deciding factor is the cop on camera saying its not illegal.