Monday, October 4, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World October 4th

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Written by Expressed

*Jeremy and his BMW. Jer is talking about how he loves it and loves fixing it up. He bought it to fix it up. He says he thinks Matt hated it when he first bought it.

*So Jeremy is taking it all apart. Zach walks in to say he thinks Jeremy is in over his head and won't be able to get it back together. Typical LPBW plot! I bet he does! Oh look, Dani is there? Are they trying to make viewers think Dani and Zach are still an item? Brendon will be mad since Brendon and Dani are now engaged!

*Jeremy is working on the BMW but now his hair is totally different. It's short now. It was longer in the opening scene. Matt is telling Jer how to restore it.

*Jer says he has a budget. lol. Yeah it helps when you're a rich tv star that gets freebies! Just so nobody misunderstands, I'm glad Jeremy has money to spend it on what he wants and if they can get free stuff, go for it! I'm just sick of them pretending like they actually have budget and money problems or that they're actually paying for this stuff that is obviously being comped for the advertising on the show or that Jer doesn't have money when he's being paid big bucks for LPBW.
But I guess we're supposed to pretend like we're stupid...

*Matt tells Jeremy that restoring the BMW will take years, it's not like Extreme Homemaker. It's real life. Yeah right! Yeah, real life. All my 20 year old friends that don't have jobs (since they won't admit that Jer is raking in the $ for the show) have money to buy and spend to fix up vintage BMWs. That's real life!

*Amy says Matt is a micro manager. Matt disagrees. Molly agrees with Amy. Amy wants to order blueberries to plant. Matt micromanages. Tells her how many and what to order. Amy barn bites that she hates being treated like one of Matt's employees and she won't do that.

*Back to Jeremy's car. Jeremy's hair is different again. Is this back in high school when he dyed his hair, during that speech episode?

*Jeremy talks about having pride in restoring it and doing the work on it Matt brings in a professional. Hmm. Jeremy is standing in the empty trunk.

*Matt worries that Jeremy will lose interest and go play soccer or hang out in his fort with his buddies. Oh gosh. This is exactly what Spirits was talking about in the party video from Belfast. So PG fake! They make Jeremy sound like he's 10 years old instead of attending wild college parties like he's really doing.

*Jeremy wants to paint it before they start. Matt doesn't like that idea. Jeremy goes to the professional's shop. The pro shows Jeremy what to do. There is a close up on the sign for the business. This is obviously being comped. I think all the talk about Jeremy's budget is a crock and a lie.

*Matt comes to look at it at the pro shop. Matt micromanages but I think some of the looks they are using from Jeremy is editing.

*Back to the blueberries....Matt dug holes. Amy didn't want him to. Amy wanted this to be an Amy and Molly project. Matt says Amy would rather fail than have him involved. Molly thinks they're both stubborn and Matt and Amy don't work well together.

*Another plug for the auto shop. That obviously solves Jeremy's cost problem! lol

*Jeremy is really excited as they show him his nicely painted BMW. I don't get this really. So a professional painted it. What about all that stuff about Jeremy having pride in doing it himself?

* Matt thinks Jeremy will lose interest in it. I bet Matt is wrong! This is the Roloff family. They always succeed at the end of 30 minutes!

*Now we're at another professional. Jer's local BMW shop. Uh, yeah, reality. The local BMW shop. Ok. The lady at the place (and I bet it truthfully bugged the hell out of Jer that there was a woman working in this shop, lol) reads off the price list. $55 for this, $168 for that, $105 for this.
Jeremy is pretending like he doesn't have the money. This is the part of the episode that gets all dark and depressing looks like it's going to turn out bad. Jeremy talks about how he might have made a mistake, he put this money into it and now he might never be able to drive it because he doesn't have the money to finish it.

*This is bad! He's rich! I wish they would stop pretending like he doesn't have money. Seriously I wonder how much Jeremy gets paid per episode for LPBW? What do you say? $2000? Lets go low and say $1000. In season 5 that's $40,000. But he doesn't have a couple of thousand? He gets that in two weeks at least.

*Jeremy and Matt are supposed to be having a serious talk about it being over Jeremy's budget in Matt's office. Again, good thing freebies help with the budget. lol. Matt ponders how Jeremy will fund it. Jeremy smiles. He knows! Freebies! Oh, and the fact that he's rich. But Matt says he will loan Jeremy the money in exchange for work on the farm. They show a montage of what seems to be the last 3 years of Jeremy doing different jobs around the farm. lol.

*Jeremy arrives at the BMW place. They pros put the motor in. I'm confused. What is Jeremy actually doing? What about the whole plot at the beginning about Jeremy wanting the satisfaction of doing it himself.

*I don't know how much of this Jeremy actually did, but I can say Jeremy looks great in those shorts! :)

*Jeremy tells us that he's been working on his BMW for a year and a half. I wonder how much money it cost or how much it would have cost if not for the comps?

*The pros tell Jeremy what they did. Jeremy is really excited. It's cute. I still don't get where the satisfaction is for Jer that he talked about. That he had the money to pay for it? But it's cool to see Jeremy so excited. The pros tell Jer to start it up.

*Everybody comes out of the house to take pictures of the BMW when Jeremy proudly drives up. Amy says she's very proud that Jeremy stuck with it. By that does she mean kept signing the TLC contract? :)

*Matt gives his typical touching end of episode speech about how it warms his heart to see Jeremy stick with something and succeed on his own (I'll just ignore all the professionals we just saw do the work :)

End of episode.

I'm mixed on this episode. Lots of Jeremy which was good, but it wasn't the best Jeremy episode that's for sure. I don't think we ever see the real Jeremy anymore. I agree with what people were saying last week about how he seems so much more guarded than in the early years. But the main thing about this episode that I didn't like was the fake money problems. I wish they would just acknowledge that the Roloffs are rich.


Timothy said...

My question is how much work did Jeremy actually do? My impression is he the work he did was minimal. Most of his work was writing a check to the BMW place.

It's too bad. He probably would have more of a feeling of pride if he had done it himself and learned what to do even if it didn't look as good as the experts work.

This episode was a peak into the family dynamics and how Jeremy feels about himself. Basically, he wrote a check. But he's so proud of himself and acts like he did it. Then the whole family celebrate Jeremy like he actually did something himself.

Susan said...

It's terrible that Jeremy gets paid to do chores. These kids don't do anything without getting paid. They are seriously so spoiled.

Jeremy gets paid to clean up trash and mow the lawn. If he even did that and it wasn't Camerino.

Also, Jeremy is learning from Matt how to rip people off. Did you hear what Matt told Jeremy? "You get your friends to help. Pay them the minimum and I'll pay you x"

Bob said...

At the beginning of the episode when Jeremy said "I don't know how I'm going to pay for all this" I said to myself "Matt will pay for it", and sure enough at the end of the episode Matt paid for it. What a shock. Slacker Jeremy continuing to leech off his parents. At least Zach has a job at the soccer place. I don't think Jeremy has worked a day in his life. And no, working around the farm is not a job and he shouldn't be paid for it. It's the family farm. He is SUPPOSED to do work there and not get paid. Did Matt pay Amy for her work planting the blueberries? Don't think so!

Michelle said...

Jeremy has red shorts to go with his red pants from last week.

Brandon said...

Bob, I agree. I even doubt how much work Jeremy actually does. We all know Camerino and the rest of Matt's employees do most of the hard work around the farm.

jen said...

who cares if he gets paid jeremy is hot

mythoughtis said...

Matt was not only micromanaging his own family... he was attempting to micro manage the body shop owner/worker. Trust me, that guy knows how to do his job, he doesn't need Matt telling him what to do.