Monday, October 4, 2010

Guest episode Roloff Review by Disillusioned - Little People, Big World - Oct 4th

This is Disillusioned's episode review. All statements and opinions belong to disillusioned.
Written by Disillusioned

*Before I start with my review, I have noticed on my TV recording schedule that LPBW doesn't come on next Monday. Does anybody know why that is?

*Jeremy starts off the show talking about the BMW he bought about a year ago. Hey look, there's Dani! She hasn't been seen in a while. Wasn't there some sort of controversy about her real relationship with Zack? Anyways, the entire motor of the car is gutted. Jer says that he doesn't know how he is going to pay to have it fixed. Then Matt and Jer have an argument about how to restore the car. Matt says that Jer is in more than he bargains for?

When I know I'm right I really push that hard," Jeremy says which sounds typical of him. Matt says, "this isn't Extreme Makeover. Its real life!" Was that a cheap shot on another family oriented Christian show whose host was also arrested for drunk driving? Maybe Matt is the right person to make a comparison to that show afterall!

*Everyone seems to agree that Matt is a micro-manager. Matt says something about people not reading his mind right during a haybale and I was like, "Dang Matt! Not everyone is psychic!!"

*Amy states that she is going to start growing blueberries and has trouble deciding if she wants to tell Matt about her project or not because she is worried about how he will respond. A role reversal? Isn't Matt usually the one saying he does like to tell Amy about his projects because she nags about the price of everything?

*Jer is still fixing up his ride. Matt brings in an auto painter to give them in estimate for some reason. Its funny how Jer refers to his dad in this episode as "Matt" and "The MR." People talk of how disrespectful Jacob is but I think Jer calling his dad by his first name is a little disrespectful! Just saying...if you throw stones towards one person, you have to do it towards everyone.

*Jer says he determined to prove Matt wrong by painting the car before having the motor put in because Matt thinks its a bad idea. I agree with Matt on this one. What if the paint job gets scratched? That would be a total waste of money that they "apparently" don't have.

*Jer actually goes to the repair shop and does a little work on the car by sanding, welding, etc. Good for him on that! But uh~oh, Matt shows up and starts to micro-manage once again. I can see how that can seriously get annoying now!

*Back on the farm, Amy says that she and Molly are personally going to
hand plant each seed for the blueberries.

Needless to say, Matt shows up and takes over that project causing Amy to say that it is suppose to be hers and Molly's project. Matt calls up to the house to enlist the family to help out though no one else ever showed up. Amy says that Matt should treat her more as family than like an employee when they do projects together and who can blame her for that?

*I have noticed that the Roloffs do love their red! Matt and Jer are wearing red sweaters and Jer even has on red shoes! WOW!! THAT IS A LOTTA RED!

*The buds are back as Jer and Mueller go into an autoshop for car parts. The employee starts to spew prices at Jer and he seems surprised that everything costs so much. I give him the benefit of the doubt that he genuinely doesn't have the money for it because when I go to McDonalds for two Big Macs where I live, it costs me around $12. That's a lot for a simple burger and fries when minimum wage here is only $7.25.

*Jer and Matt are back in the office and Jer voices over that his budget is off...just like every other Roloff project budget seems to be. They always gotta overdo everything but Matt agrees to fork out about $1000 to help Jer out. Now Jer (and Mueller) are shown doing random projects around the farm to help pay Matt back. Yeah, like everyone believes that!

*A closeup of Jer shows that he has some really white teeth! Random? Yes but still!

*Jer finally gets the motor dropped in his car and says that he cant wait to let his daddy see it. Then...commercials!

*All these commercials do is show that TLC sends the people on their programs to the same places. The Roloffs go to Italy...and so does Cake Boss. Yippie! Nobody cares! Its disgusting! Just like 19 Kids and Counting and that hideous show Sister Wives. Storm Chasers on Discovery seems like a good show though.

*Back from commercial, the final minutes show that Jer is happy to prove Matt wrong by actually finishing a project and off drives Jer in complete and utter passion back towards the house to show everyone his new car. Amy comes out with a camera to take picture but hey...looky is Jacob!! The whole family is out to gawk at it. But really...its just a car! Oh wait! When my sister bought a brand new 2005 Mustang straight from the showroom floor, me and the rest of my family went to gaze at it too so I guess there's nothing weird about that! :-D


Shadow said...

Caught the very last scene - Did Jer really drive an unlicensed, unregistered, uninsured car around MY town? Oh, wait, what am I thinking??!! He's Jeremy Roloff, son of Matt - he don' need no steenkeen papers!

Rap541 said...

I have to be fair Shadow. I don't know about insurance or license plate..... but I am positive we saw an episode where Jeremy bought the car and then Mommy took him to register it, because it was one of those episodes where Amy had to hand hold him and help him thru the process and then he "forgot" to bring his money to register it and whined on the way home that Amy only loaned him the money.

mythoughtis said...

We don't know that it wasn't insured or titled or that there were not license plates at home or applied for.

I found it interesting that the scenes were mostly old (Jeremy's various hair styles, etc)
Lots of Mueller when we know he spent the summer firefighting.

no idea which year Amy planted blueberries, etc

Shadow said...

What I saw was a car with no plates, no tags, no temporary trip permit, or any other sign it was registered. I remember him registering it when he got it, but if it's been a year and a half, I'm guessing that registration lapsed. Jer doesn't strike me as the kind to keep up with petty details like that. However, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, just (as you say) to be fair. But if I see a red-orange BMW driving aorund town, I'll give it the once-over.